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WWF Survivor Series 1989 Review

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Hello and welcome to a thanksgiving edition of Seanomanaic Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that loves Canada more than Jeff Hart! WWF Survivor Series 1989, big teams, big names and a whole load of fun for the WWF. Roddy Piper gets his hand on Ravishing Rick Rude, Hogan gets his hand on Zeus and Dibiase and Warrior get his hands on Andre. I love the intro, it is just such cheesy perfection. Team names galore, Rude’s Brood, 4x4s, Heenan’s Family, The Dream Team and The Hulkamaniacs just to name a few. Traditionally, I despise Survivor Series, I love the concept but a card consisting of only 30 minute plus tag team matches is not my idea of a fun time of reviewing. Let’s get it on!

The Enforcers (Big Bossman/Bad News Brown/Rick Martel/Honky Tonk Man W/ Slick & Jimmy Hart) vs The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake/Tito Santana/Red Rooster/Dusty Rhodes)

Oddly, when it came down to Saturday Night’s Main Event, we had Akeem involved in this match with Bad News Brown nowhere to be seen, do not know the reason for the switch. Possibly injury, these two teams had a massive stare-down and brawl at the last Saturday Night’s Main Event. Santana to start with Honky, Martel tries to distract Santana. Honky jumps him, Irish whip but Santana leapfrogs, scoop slam and arm-wringer from Santana. To the ropes, Santana ducks his head off an Irish whip and Honky kicks Santana down. In comes Martel, leapfrogs before a beautiful dropkick from Martel. Big right hands from Martel, atomic drop is blocked by Santana and a big atomic drop from Santana. Roll-up for two and we have a stand-off, lock-up with top wristlock from Martel.

Hammerlock reversal from Santana, elbow by Martel. In comes Bossman, arm-drag by Santana. Tag to Rhodes, rights and lefts. Big knee from Bossman, rights and lefts. Irish whip reversal from Rhodes, big elbow and a tag to Beefcake. Bossman rakes the eyes, clubbing blows and Honky nails Beefcake. Back rake and a sleeper from Bossman, tag to Honky. Snap-mare and a fist drop misses, Beefcake fights back with rights and lefts. Martel tags in, clubbing blows and a rib-breaker downs Beefcake. Knees to the spine for two, Beefcake hammers Martel with a right hand.

In comes Rooster, big back body-drop for two. Irish whip to the buckle, Rooster runs into a knee. Tag to Honky, right hand from Honky who dances after his punch. To the buckle, tag to Bossman. Big kicks and clubbing blows, shot to the throat of Rooster. Rooster trades right hands with Bossman, bad idea as Bossman floors Rooster. Bossman pulls at Rooster’s face, tag to The Model. Martel lands a snap-mare and two knee drops, two for Martel. Small package out of desperation from Rooster for two, Martel tags Honky. Honky prevents Rooster from making the tag. Irish whip, sunset flip from Rooster but two. Right hands from Honky, Rooster reverses. Side headlock and a shove off, both men bang heads.

Martel is tagged in, Rooster tags Santana. Santana dropkicks Martel after a leapfrog, scoop slam to Martel. Middle rope elbow to the head, right hand by Santana. Irish whip to the buckle, big back body-drop. Figure four is blocked as Martel pulls Santana’s hair. Scoop slam by Martel, Santana dodges the elbow drop. O Connor roll from Santana, Martel counters with a handful of tights and Santana is eliminated!

Tito Santana Has Been Eliminated By Rick Martel Via Handful Of Tights!

Elbows and a dropkick from Rhodes, Bionic Elbow for two. In comes Beefcake, arm-wringer before Martel pulls the hair. Leapfrog, monkey flip is countered with a stomp to the head by Beefcake. Tag to Rooster, side headlock with a shove off. Back-breaker by Martel, in comes Bossman. Right hand, Irish whip and a back elbow. Irish whip again, bear-hug from The Big Bossman. Rooster is in the middle of the ring, this will be tough to escape. Rooster headbutts Bossman and Rooster bites his head. Bossman tags in Brown, knee lift from Rooster.

Irish whip by Rooster, Rooster ducks his head and Brown brings the hammer down. To the buckle, big right hand and elbow to the face by Brown. Irish whip and a chop takes down Rooster, Brown talks trash to Rhodes. Bossman nails Brown with a right hand by mistake, Bossman is sorry for his mistake. Brown shoves Bossman, Bossman shoves back as The Enforcers try to come together but Brown says screw this and walks out on his team for a second year in a row.

Bad News Brown Has Been Counted Out!

Bossman and Beefcake are in the ring, Beefcake drills Bossman with rights and lefts. Whip to the buckle and Bossman turns the tide with a counter punch, flooring Beefcake. Tag to Honky, elbows to the neck. Belly to back suplex, two for Honky. Ten punches in the corner from Honky, Beefcake pummels Honky with a flurry of punches before an eye rake. Beefcake reverses an Irish whip, Honky eats a massive high knee and it’s over for Honky!

Honky Tonk Man Has Been Eliminated By Brutus Beefcake Via High Knee!

Martel comes in, choking the life out of Beefcake. Reverse chin-lock from Martel, Beefcake fades before coming back to life. Elbows to the mid-section, shoulder block but Beefcake tries a second block and Martel knees Beefcake in the gut. Rib-breaker from Martel, Beefcake rolls to the apron. Beefcake meets the buckle twice, Martel poses for the fans. Knee from the apron, sunset flip from the apron by Beefcake, Martel counters but uses the ropes for leverage. The referee catches Martel and Beefcake scores with the sunset flip and The Model is gone! Rooster comes in with a flurry before Bossman nails his Bossman Slam to take out The Red Rooster!

Rick Martel Has Been Eliminated By Brutus Beefcake Via Sunset Flip!

The Red Rooster Has Been Eliminated By Big Bossman Via Bossman Slam!

Bossman begins smacking Rhodes, Rhodes comes into the ring with right hands. Tag to Beefcake, rights by Beefcake. Chops that rock Bossman, Irish whip but Bossman reverses, high knee by Beefcake. Beefcake tags Rhodes, rights and lefts by Rhodes. Eye rake by Bossman, Irish whip but Rhodes ducks and lands a massive crossbody for the win. Bossman wipes out Rhodes and Beefcake after the bell. Rhodes is handcuffed to the ropes, nightstick shots and choke to The American Dream. Beefcake makes the save with his clippers, we are done.

So, as I said, The Survivor Series can be a tough slog to sit through with tag matches all over the card and no variety but a year can be a long time in wrestling and even looking at this first match, there is so much star-power and good workers in this match, twenty-five minutes breezed by. I would have liked more time between eliminations towards the end, we sprinted through that ending but I did enjoy it, never a dull moment and plenty of quick tags to make for some interesting action.

Winners: Dusty Rhodes & Brutus Beefcake over Big Bossman via Flying Crossbody!

The King’s Court (Macho King Randy Savage/Earthquake/Dino Bravo/Greg The Hammer Valentine W/ Sensational Sherri & Jimmy Hart) vs The 4x4s (Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Bret Hart/Ronnie Garvin/Hercules Hernandez)

What I love about this early Survivor Series pay per views is everyone has a feud going with an opposing member of a team. Canadian Earthquake’s pay per view debut, Bravo and Earthquake are a package deal with Bravo being pushed solidly over the past year. The match starts with Duggan and Savage, Hercules jumps Savage after Duggan throws Savage in the ring. Clothesline and military press slam, Savage tags Valentine. Rights and lefts by both men, duck from Hercules and a massive atomic drop. Arm-wringer and a tag to Bret, arm-drag and knees drops to that arm by The Hitman.

Tag to Duggan, elbows to the arm. Duggan sends Valentine arm-first into the buckle. Arm-wringer and tag to Garvin, chops and a big sleeper. Valentine falls to his corner and trips up Garvin, tag to Bravo. Bravo stomps the bejesus out of Garvin, inverted atomic drop and a massive chop. Garvin avoids the elbow drop of Bravo, here comes Hercules. Clotheslines and knee lifts, Bravo to the buckle. Irish whip reversal by Bravo, Hercules hits the corner hard. Tag to Earthquake and with an Earthquake, Hercules is eliminated!

Hercules Has Been Eliminated By Earthquake via Earthquake!

Duggan comes in to tackle Earthquake, the shoulder blocks do not knock Earthquake. Bret comes in and trips Earthquake, in comes Garvin. Garvin stomps Earthquake before a massive headlock takes Garvin to the heels’ corner. Earthquake tags Valentine, Valentine headbutts Garvin’s lower regions. Figure four is blocked but Garvin is taken down by Valentine. Tag to Savage, diving axe handle and a knee drop for two, tag to Bravo. Garvin backslides Bravo for two, Bravo drags Garvin to his team’s corner.

Savage gets in a few cheap shots before Valentine comes into the match. Valentine trades blows with Garvin, both men chop one another for what seems like an eternity. Blind tag by Garvin to Duggan, Valentine is whipped into the ropes and eats a Three-Point Stance Clothesline from Duggan for the elimination!

Greg Valentine Has Been Eliminated By Jim Duggan via Three-Point Stance Clothesline!

Duggan is waffled by Bravo and later Savage before Earthquake works over Duggan. A missed elbow drop allows Duggan to tag Garvin, Garvin batters Earthquake before Earthquake tags Bravo. Bravo eats a Garvin Stomp, Bravo rakes the eyes to stop a sharpshooter possibly. Savage tags into the match, Garvin tags in Bret. Huge pop, Savage is backing away from Bret. Eye rake by Savage, Bret answers with an inverted atomic drop, stomp to the gut. Savage tags Bravo, they lock-up with Bret backing Bravo to the 4X4s’ corner. Snap-mare into a middle rope elbow drop for two, tag to Garvin. Garvin tries an Irish whip but Bravo reverses and plants Garvin with a Sidewalk Slam!

Ronnie Garvin Has Been Eliminated By Dino Bravo Via Sidewalk Slam!

In comes Duggan, loud USA chants! Big right hands from Duggan, arm-wringer with elbows before a tag to Bret. Bret and Duggan nails a clothesline, Earthquake tags in Savage. Savage is weary of Bret, Duggan grabs Savage from the apron. Bret nails a big kick to the mid-section, shot from Duggan. Savage is stuck in the ropes, all tied up with Bret and Duggan taking their shots. Savage is released by the referee, eye rake by Savage but the knee drop misses. Back-breaker by Bret for two, small package by Bret for two.

Irish whip with a reversal by Savage, Bret boots Savage down but misses the middle rope elbow drop. Savage crawls and tags Bravo, knee drop by Bravo. Scoop slam and an elbow drop, bear-hug from Bravo. Bret rakes his way free, tag to Earthquake. Big headbutt, two-handed choke toss from Earthquake. Elbow drop with a cover for two, Earthquake stomps all over Bret before tagging Bravo. Irish whip to the buckle does not work for Bravo as Bret trips Bravo, Bravo brings Bret to his corner. Tag to Savage, knee life from Savage. Macho King has Bravo hold Bret, Bret ducks as Savage knees Bravo. Bret manages to tag Duggan, clotheslines to Savage.

Savage begs off, Duggan scoop slams Macho King. Duggan misses an elbow drop, Bret tags back into the match. Savage drags Bret to Bravo, Bravo is whipped to the corner. Bret rams his shoulder into the ring-post, missing a clothesline. Shoulder-breaker from Bravo, tag to Savage for a massive Diving Elbow Drop, The Hitman fought well but that’s the end of Bret’s night.

Bret Hart Has Been Eliminated By Randy Savage Via Diving Elbow Drop!

Duggan is all alone but Duggan wipes out Savage, Earthquake and Bravo. Duggan stomps around the ring like a massive God-Damn Star! Savage and Bravo look for a clothesline, Duggan ducks and clotheslines both men. Earthquake interferes illegally with a massive clothesline, scoop slam. Massive elbow drop but Duggan kicks out, tag to Bravo. Shot to the ribs and a tag to Savage, diving top rope axe handle to the head. Duggan avoids an incoming Savage, massive atomic drop to Savage. Duggan has Savage but Sherri pulls down the rope as Duggan looks to hit a clothesline, Earthquake squishes Duggan on the floor and we have a count-out! Duggan gets his 2x4 and waffles Bravo and Savage, Duggan stands tall despite his loss.

Another fun match from the Survivor Series, such a difference a year makes. What I really loved about this is the crowd support for Duggan and Bret’s time inside of the ring. The crowd were beginning to really rally behind The Hitman and Savage backing up away from Bret was a really nice touch, it felt like a big moment for Bret and it did take a lot to put away Bret in this match. Bret continues to shine for me during this year, creating some of my favourite matches of this year!

Winners: The King’s Court over The 4x4s via Count-Out!

The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan/Jake Roberts/Demolition) vs The Million Dollar Team (Ted Dibiase/Zeus/The Powers Of Pain) W/ Virgil & Mr. Fuji

A lot of feuding coming into this match, we have Demolition continuing their war with their former manager Mr Fuji and his new team The Powers of Pain. The feud has spanned a year at this point with Fuji turning on Demolition at the prior year’s Survivor Series! We also have Jake The Snake and Ted Dibiase coming to blows once more, Dibiase had claimed to have ended Roberts’ career only for Roberts to come roaring back in typical Roberts’ fashion seeking revenge on The Million Dollar Man. Finally, we have Hulk Hogan and Zeus. Zeus who was jealous of Hogan’s top billing in The No Holds Barred Movie comes for revenge with a new ally in Dibiase to wipe out Hulkamania.

Zeus and Hogan to kick us off, we have a little shoving contest with Zeus knocking Hogan. Hogan backs up and assesses the situation, boot and right hands by Hogan. Clothesline does not work, high knee does not work. Big right hand, Hogan rakes the eyes and scoop slams Zeus. Zeus pops right back up, Barbarian nails Hogan from the apron, Zeus neck cracks Hogan. Choke from Zeus, the referee cannot get Zeus off so Zeus is disqualified for choking Hogan.

Zeus Has Been Eliminated Via Disqualification!

Dibiase goes to work on Hogan, vicious knee drops to the back of the head. Middle rope choke from Dibiase, Barbarian cheap shots Hogan from the apron. Hogan is crawling in pain, Dibiase bangs Hogan off the buckle. Measured right hands by Dibiase and chops too, Irish whip to the corner. Hogan boots Dibiase down, tag to Roberts. Roberts goes after Dibiase, rights and lefts. Irish whip to the opposite buckle, clothesline to the floor. Dibiase is sent into the ring-post, arm-wringer and a tag to Ax. Beatdown by Ax, tag to Smash. Double beatdown, Dibiase meets the buckle. Irish whip to Ax’s boot, tag to Hogan.

Middle rope axe handle, Dmeolition and Hogan helps beatdown Dibiase. Mounted punches from Hogan, scoop slam and a tag to Ax. Irish whip, clothesline from Ax for two. Another Irish whip with Dibiase ducking Ax’s elbow and nailing an elbow of his own, tag to Warlord. Clubbing blows by Warlord, tag to Barbarian. Jumping headbutt to the spine of Ax, Barbarian nails a shoulder-breaker, middle rope elbow drop misses for Barbarian. Warlord tags in, bringing the hammer down on Ax’s back, Ax comes back with a boot and Ax looks for a clothesline but Fuji trips up Ax. Warlord nails an elbow drop for the elimination!

Ax Has Been Eliminated By Warlord Via Elbow Drop!

Smash clobbers Warlord before a tag to Hogan who nails a few arm-wringers and a scoop slam, tag to Roberts who does more of the same. Tag to Smash, arm-wringer is reversed with an Irish whip. Warlord drops down and Smash clubs Warlord. Scoop slam attempt by Smash, eye rake by Warlord. Tag to Barbarian, boot is blocked. Smash trips up Barbarian but misses the elbow drop, boot by Barbarian. Tag to Dibiase, middle rope axe handle by The Million Dollar Man. Fist drops by Dibiase for two, reverse chin-lock from Dibiase. Dibiase misses his middle rope elbow drop, Smash has his eyes raked but reverses an Irish whip for a stun-gun. Smash does not see the tag as Barbarian tagged in off Dibiase, Diving Clothesline and it is over for Smash!

Smash Has Been Eliminated By Barbarian Via Diving Clothesline!

Roberts comes in, DDT attempt but Barbarian shakes off Roberts backing into his team’s corner. Tag to Warlord who whips Roberts around the ring, stiff Irish whips. Tag to Barbarian who does more of the same, headbutt into Roberts’ back. Back-breaker by Barbarian, tag to Warlord. Irish whip to the opposite corner, Roberts crumbles to the mat. Dibiase is the legal man, smacking Hogan to stop the tag. Middle rope chop by Barbarian, Dibiase stomps on Roberts’ face. Knees to the back of the head from Dibiase, piledriver from Dibiase with Roberts placing his foot on the ropes for two.

Tag to Barbarian who nails a falling headbutt, snap-mare and a chest chop from Barbarian. Barbarian misses a diving headbutt, Roberts has moved out of the way and Roberts manages to tag Hogan. Right hands to all of The Million Dollar Team, Irish whip and an axe bomber to Barbarian. Elbow drops for two, suplex for two. Warlord enters the ring attacking Hogan, The Powers of Pain eat a double clothesline from Hogan. However, they recover for a spike piledriver, the referee has disqualified both members of The Power of Pains for their actions.

The Powers Of Pain Have Been Disqualified!

Dibiase is all alone, Million Dollar Dream on Hogan. Hogan is beginning to fade, Roberts knees Dibiase to save Hogan from elimination. Another attempt at The Million Dollar Dream, Hogan rams Dibiase back first into the buckle. Dibiase misses a middle rope axe handle, Hogan tags Roberts. Rights and lefts by Roberts, Irish whip to the buckle into a back body-drop, hot-shot using the top rope and repeated knees to the head of Dibiase. Short-arm clothesline by Roberts, Virgil is on the apron. DDT on Virgil, Dibiase capitalises on Roberts with a fist drop and a leverage pin using the ropes, Dibiase eliminates Roberts.

Jake Roberts Has Been Eliminated By Ted Dibiase Via Leverage Pin!

Hogan can hardly lift his arm, Dibiase is grinning from ear to ear. Massive lariat for two, reverse chin-lock from Dibiase. Elbows from Hogan to escape, massive double clothesline in the middle of the ring. Belly to back suplex from Dibiase but Hogan shakes it off, right hands and a big boot, Atomic Leg Drop from Hogan and we are done!

While an enjoyable match with a lot of fun moments sprinkled throughout, I cannot help but feel this match was a disappointment. First, we have Zeus being disqualified as The Survivor Series was not the big pay per view but The No Holds Barred pay per view is the big one so let’s save Zeus vs Hogan for that show, an absolute waste of Zeus in this match. Disqualifying The Powers of Pain on top of Zeus is overkill, they could have given Roberts an elimination or two in this match because Jake feels like such an afterthought in this match, should have been Roberts beating Dibiase but Roberts is a mere pawn in The Hogan game of chess. Fun to watch, a breeze but the booking leaves me thinking this could have been done a lot better.

Team Hulkamaniacs over The Million Dollar Team via Atomic Leg Drop!

Rude’s Brood (Ravishing Rick Rude/Mr. Perfect/The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers) W/ The Genius & Jimmy Hart vs Roddy’s Rowdies (Roddy Piper/The Bushwhackers/Jimmy Snuka)

I have been waiting for this showdown since it was first teased, Piper vs Rude. It is going to happen and I am stoked! Things kick off with Perfect and Luke, Perfect jumps Luke and scoop slams The Bushwhacker. Perfect misses an elbow, all members of Piper’s team tag in and out biting Perfect on the leg, arm and ass. Snuka is now the legal man, Jacque tags into the match. Jacque stalls for a few minutes before kicking Snuka in the ribs. Irish whip reversal from Snuka, Jacque slides over the back before a flying headbutt from Snuka.

Snuka leapfrogs and chops Jacque, back-breaker from Snuka. Massive knee drop, scoop slam from Snuka. Snuka is climbing to the top rope, Jacque is in deep trouble. Superfly Splash and it is all over for Jacque Rougeau!

Jacque Has Been Eliminated By Snuka vis Superfly Splash!

Rude tries jumping Snuka, Snuka headbutts Rude after Rude leapfrogs and swivels his hips. Rude pulls down the rope off an Irish whip but Perfect is the one who falls over the ropes. Noggin knocker for Rude and Perfect from Snuka, Piper tags in for a knee lift before tagging Luke. Snap-mare and a knee drop from Luke, tag to Butch. Right hands and a quick tag to Snuka, headlock and punch from Snuka. Tag to Luke, Luke bites Perfect. Tag to Butch, right hands and an Irish whip. Butch lowers his head, boot from Perfect. Butch regains control before a tag to Piper. Atomic drop from Piper, Perfect tags Raymond.

Right hands from Raymond, Piper tries a piledriver but Raymond back drops Piper. Sunset flip counter from Piper for two, headbutt from Raymond. Irish whip to the buckle, Raymond nails a savate kick to take down Raymond. Raymond whips Piper but ducks his head, massive piledriver from Piper and Rude’s Brood are down to two.

Raymond Has Been Eliminated By Piper Via Piledriver!

Frustrated, Perfect enters the ring and batters Piper with a flurry of punches. Snap-mare into his neckbreaker from Perfect, two for Perfect. Neck-snap from Perfect, Piper and Piper trade blows as Perfect grabs a front chancery to keep Piper away from his corner. Piper trips Perfect, catapult into the corner. Tag to Butch, fist drop for two. Boot to the head, make it two from Butch for a close two. Tag to Luke, throat chop. Perfect reverses an Irish whip to the corner, Luke is kicked down before tagging Piper. Piper batters Perfect, massive right hand floors Perfect. Tag to Butch, Irish whip to the corner. Ass biting from Butch, O Connor roll from Perfect as Butch was taunting for the elimination.

Butch Has Been Eliminated By Perfect Via Roll-Up!

In comes Snuka with big chops, Snuka tags in Luke. Boot to the ribs, rights by Luke. Headbutt to the ribs for two, Perfect answers with a right hand. Rude comes in off the top rope, Luke counters the first drop attempt. Head biting from Luke, Luke whips Rude but Rude leapfrogs Luke and nails a kick to the ribs before delivering a Rude Awakening to even the numbers!

Luke Has Been Eliminated By Rude Via Rude Awakening!

Perfect and Snuka are the legal men now, knee-lift from Perfect. Perfect rams Snuka into Rude’s knee, chops in the corner before a tag to Rude. Throat chop from Rude, hip swivel in Piper’s direction. Tag to Perfect, Perfect kicks Snuka in the head with Piper taking a cheap shot from Perfect. Piper is with the referee as Rude and Perfect choke Snuka. Irish whip into a dropkick from Perfect for two, Irish whip and Perfect lowers the head. Snuka nails a massive kick to the chest, Perfect tags Rude. Rude applies a chin-lock, Snuka elbows his way out before repeated eye rakes and a back rake from Rude. Throat thrust from Rude, another tag to Perfect.

Small package reversal from Snuka for two, Perfect regains control with a stiff right to the head. Boot laces to the eyes from Perfect, Snuka begins fighting back and a headbutt rocks Perfect. Flying headbutt from Snuka, Perfect is quicker up than Snuka. Snuka begins fighting back once more, the two bang heads with Rude and Piper tagging into the match. Finally, Rude and Piper in the ring. They trade shots, Piper wins that war all day. Irish whip, big back body-drop. Shot to Perfect on the apron, Piper and Rude spill out to the floor. They both get counted-out, you motherfuckers I just knew you would BS your way out of this match.

Roddy Piper & Rick Rude Have Been Counted Out!

Perfect and Snuka are the final two, arm-drags and dropkick from Perfect. Perfect suplexes Snuka into the ring, two for Perfect. Shoulder block by Snuka, Perfect side-steps Snuka for an O Connor roll for two, they trade pin-fall attempts with both men coming close. Snuka whips Perfect to the buckle, massive chop. Snuka whips Perfect but Perfect reverses the whip, Snuka jumps to the middle rope for a crossbody, Perfect rolls through and hooks the tights for two. Irish whip by Snuka, lowers the head and Perfect nails The Perfect-Plex, thank you and goodnight!

Not a big fan of this one, Bushwhackers and Rougeaus were cannon fodder to the big match that would be Snuka & Piper vs Perfect & Rude. I am fine with that as long as we get Rude vs Piper but we did not get that, Piper and Rude comes in the form in a few punches and both men getting counted-out! All that build-up for that? Come on, that just breaks my heart as this pay per view is just breezing by and a whole lot of fun. Perfect continues to gain heat as an undefeated superstar but damn, I was not the biggest fan of this one when all was said and done.

Winners: Rude’s Brood over Roddy’s Rowdies via Perfect-Plex!

The Ultimate Warriors (Ultimate Warrior/The Rockers/Jim Neidhart) vs The Heenan Family (Bobby Heenan/Andre The Giant/Arn Anderson/Haku)

We start off early with Neidhart attacking Heenan, The Rockers attack Haku and Anderson before Andre takes out everyone before Warrior runds down to the ring. Clotheslines to Andre, Andre is knocked to the floor. Andre has been counted-out, his physical condition was worsening with each day and this was for the best.

Andre Has Been Eliminated Via Count-Out!

Things settle with Neidhart and Anderson, shoulder thrust from Neidhart. Anderson kicks out the leg of Neidhart, tag to Haku. Neidhart nails Anderson on the apron but Haku jumps Neidhart from behind. The two trade blows, eye rake from Haku. Tag to Anderson, body shots from Anderson. Heenan chokes Neidhart from the apron behind the referee’s back, Haku tags into the match. Anderson distracts Neidhart off an Irish whip, Anderson is knocked to the floor with a right from Neidhart but Haku nails a Superkick to the back of the head of Neidhart and we are all-square!

Jim Neidhart Has Been Eliminated By Haku Via Superkick!

In comes Michaels with right hands, Haku rakes the eyes. Side headlock with a shoulder block, Haku misses a headbutt. Arm-wringer and a tag to Jannetty, The Rockers work the arm with middle rope axe handles over and over to Haku’s arm. Double arm-wringer and chops, Jannetty gets caught by Haku but Michaels dropkicks Jannetty onto Haku for two. Haku tags Anderson, Jannetty lowers his head off an Irish whip, Anderson gains control with a clubbing blow. Anderson and Haku combine for a suplex but Michaels saves Jannetty, Double Superkick. Jannetty tags in Warrior, Haku rakes the eyes. Irish whip, Warrior reverses for a back drop, Warrior misses the elbow drop.

Anderson comes in, Warrior arm-wringers Anderson and a tag to Jannetty. Anderson pulls down Jannetty by the hair, drop toehold brings Jannetty to The Heenan Family corner. Tag to Haku, Jannetty escapes the corner and applies a side headlock. Haku backs Jannetty into the corner, shots to the ribs and face from Haku. Jannetty reverses an Irish whip but misses a corner splash, quick kick from Heenan who leaves the ring. Anderson and Haku trade tags before a kick to the spine from Anderson from the apron before a Superkick from Haku flattens Jannetty for two. Heenan tags in and delivers a knee drop to eliminate Jannetty.

Marty Jannetty Has Been Eliminated By Bobby Heenan Via Knee Drop!

Anderson and Warrior in the ring, they lock-up. To the ropes, Irish whip reversal from Warrior and a massive bearhug. Anderson rakes the eyes and tags Haku who runs into a bearhug. Inverted atomic drop from Warrior, tag to Michaels. Irish whip and dropkick for two, eye rake from Haku. Michaels is thrown to the floor, Warrior protects Michaels. Headbutt by Haku on Michaels, tag to Anderson. Heenan chokes Michaels behind the referee’s back, stomps in the corner from Anderson. Irish whip to the buckle, Michaels leaps over Anderson. Drop toehold and Anderson eats the mat, tag to Warrior.

Double punch from Team Warrior, Anderson begs for mercy. Irish whip to the buckle, arm-wringer and tag to Michaels. Warrior rocket launches Michaels onto Anderson for two, knee to the ribs from Anderson. Tag to Haku, Irish whip to the buckle with Haku missing a middle rope crossbody. Top rope crossbody from Michaels and Haku has been eliminated!

Haku Has Been Eliminated By Shawn Michaels Via Top Rope Crossbody!

Heenan and Anderson double team Michaels, Michaels is thrown to the floor. On the apron, Michaels looks for a sunset flip, two for Michaels. Heenan and Anderson have words, Anderson tags in Heenan. Stomps from Heenan, Michaels fights back with Anderson tagging back into the match. Irish whip and both man clash heads in the middle of the ring. Anderson and Michaels trade shots, knee cut-off from Anderson. Monkey flip for Michaels is blocked, Irish whip with a duck from Anderson, Michaels walks into a massive Spinebuster for the elimination.

Shawn Michaels Has Been Eliminated By Arn Anderson Via Spinebuster!

Warrior comes in, mowing down Anderson with shoulder blocks before Anderson side-steps Warrior. Tag to Heenan, rights and lefts by Heenan. Warrior looks to rally but a tag to Anderson allows The Heenan Family to maintain control. Warrior grabs Anderson by the throat, headbutt from Anderson. Anderson is Irish whipped into Heenan, Gorilla Press Slam and Ultimate Splash for the elimination.

Arn Anderson Has Been Eliminated By Ultimate Warrior Via Ultimate Splash!

Heenan is confused, where is Anderson going? Warrior has Heenan all alone, Heenan spots Warrior. Heenan pleads for mercy, Warrior whips Heenan to the buckle. Hard Irish whip, Heenan meets the buckle. Heenan tumbles to the floor, Heenan tries leaving but Warrior throws Heenan back into the ring. Flying shoulder tackle and The Ultimate Splash for the win.

With Warrior standing tall at the end of the show, I can see why this was given the main event spot on the night, sad to see Andre eliminated so quickly but as I stated, best thing for his health at the time. What a legend Andre was to even come out and do what he did, made Warrior look so special on this night. The Rockers have been a lot of fun in the tag team division, their offence is exciting and they sell their asses off for whoever they are in the ring with, I would like to see them vs The Fabulous Rougeaus or another power team like The Twin Towers again, they are just great. Strange to see the coming to the end of The Heenan Family, Heenan being the centre-piece heel in the WWF for so many years at this point and now it’s coming to an end. Heenan was tremendous selling his fear of Warrior and bouncing around like a pro for Warrior. A fun end to an entertaining pay per view.

Winners: Team Warrior over The Heenan Family via Ultimate Splash!

That was WWF Survivor Series 1989, an entertaining pay per view from what has been a great year for the WWF. The roster is exploding with star-power at this stage, every match on this card had big names rounding out each match and it made for an exciting watch for any WWF Fan. The pace was set in the opening bout with the crowd buying into Santana vs Martel, Dusty Rhodes taking on Bossman and Brutus struttin and cuttin! All matches on the night lasted 20 minutes and they were breezable with very little dull moments. Some matches had spread out eliminations which I favour as opposed to the rapid quick-fire eliminations we often see. Particular highlights include a stand-out performance for Bret Hart on his own, you could just see Bret was going to break-out sooner rather than later, another big win for Mr. Perfect proving to be a force to be reckoned with, a great debut for Earthquake on pay per view and Warrior getting his hands on Heenan. I did take issue with the lack of Piper vs Rude and Jake The Snake Roberts’ booking on this night. Roberts felt like an afterthought despite his heated feud with Dibiase and Piper getting counted-out alongside Rude left me disappointed rather than exciting for another confrontation, I thought this was the time for the two to trade blows, why tease me? Regardless, 1989 has been my favourite year of the WWF Golden Generation and Survivor Series finishes the year on a high, this is fun and easy to watch if you want to watch some classic WWF! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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