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TNA Final Resolution 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is heel because it speaks a foreign language! Dia Duit! Here we are for TNA Final Resolution 2007, the first TNA pay per view of 2007. Angle and Joe, Abyss and Sting intertwined with quotes from Muhammad Ali, Christian is also involved with a hell of a lot of focus on Abyss. So, we have hyping for the biggest two matches of the night and it is not bad, I hope they can knock this one out of the park but it’s TNA and you never know what is around that corner ladies and gentlemen! Not going to look up the card beforehand, hoping for a rundown at some point before we begin, let’s get it on!

(Last Man Standing Match) AJ Styles vs Rhino

AJ’s heel turn began with his feud with Rhino, Styles is wearing long pants too this is the beginning of that look, that’s a crazy thing to see for the first time. I for some reason see that change as the beginning of the end of the TNA that so many and I held dear. Notably, I do not believe Styles is affiliated with Christian and Tomko just yet, no Christian Coalition for now. Rhino charges to the ring and chases Styles who runs for his life, big clothesline in the ring from the War Machine. Make it two, Irish whip and back body drop from Rhino, “Who’s The Man?” asks Rhino to the Impact Zone.

Crowd seems split, Irish whip is reversed by Styles, Rhino lands in the corner and elevates Styles to the apron. Styles is rammed into the turnbuckle and falls to the floor, plancha from Rhino. Rhino talks trash before brining Styles into the ring, two for Rhino. Irish whip, Styles slides through the legs and sets up his beautiful dropkick. Rhino is rammed into the turnbuckle, right hand from Styles. Rhino is shaking off Styles’ offence, right hands from Rhino. Styles cuts off Rhino with a kick to the ribs, Irish whip from Styles. Drop toehold from Styles, Styles uses his wrist-tape to choke Rhino, nice little heel work there. Rhino fires back with right hands, Styles throws his tape to distract the referee, Styles low blows Rhino and nails a springboard dive for the pin. Now, we need a ten count to see if Styles can win.

Rhino makes it to his feet, stiff kicks and chops from Styles. Rhino alley oops Styles into the top turnbuckle. Styles throws Rhino to the floor, Styles nails a massive tope con hilo. Styles crashes into the mat hard though, very little space between ring and guard-rail. Two for Styles, right hands from The Phenomenal One. Elbows by Styles, forearms to the face. Rhino reverses the Irish whip, Styles attempts a middle rope crossbody but eats a spinebuster from Rhino. Rhino pins Styles, will Styles make it to his feet? Styles is on his feet we have a nice stare-down before the two begin trading right hands.

Flying clothesline and Polish Hammer from Rhino for two, Styles is placed on the top rope. Styles fights back looking for a sunset flip powerbomb, Styles connects and gets two. Irish whip from Styles is countered into a TKO, cover for two. Rhino pulls out a table, Styles atomic drops Rhino onto the edge of the table. Springboard Flying Forearm by Styles for two, Rhino crotches Styles this time and plants Styles with a snap powerbomb pin for two. Rhino eats a Pele kick, discuss clothesline misses for Styles, we have a massive Gore from Rhino! No pin for Rhino, Rhino wants to deliver another Gore. Second Gore, Rhino pins Styles but can Styles answer the ten count?

Rhino looks to grab his table, Styles is moving very slowly. Rhino is signalling for a piledriver, Rhino is looking at Styles preparing himself for that piledriver but Styles looks Rhino in the eyes and says “Screw You”. Styles slides down to his feet and Rhino wins this match by Styles losing on purpose. Rhino brings Styles back to the ramp, Rhino Driver on the ramp but Styles dodges the Gore which leads to Rhino crashing through his own table.

Well, that was not fun at all. I wondered why they had to include pin-falls in a Last Man Standing Match. Rhino is a wrestler I am unsure how to feel about, Rhino seems awkward at times as a babyface, things just clicked in ECW and Rhino was never able to regain that momentum but then again, those were clipped matches, maybe Paul E made Rhino look amazing. Anyways, I am not feeling the feud, an anti-climatic ending with a big match stipulation which means this feud probably is not over which makes me feel sad.

Winner: Rhino over AJ Styles via Last Man Standing!

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) Jerry Lynn vs Chris Sabin vs Christopher Daniels ©

The past, the present and the future of the TNA X-Division. While Styles has moved onto a heel feud with Rhino, Daniels is back in the X-Division as the top babyface. Chris Sabin is a newly minted-heel after finding an actual persona and some charisma which is good for Sabin after watching him do Jackass stunts with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal. Jerry Lynn is an icon, from ECW to TNA To ROH, Jerry Lynn has wrestled anyone and everyone who was worth a damn in high-flying reason. Similar to Jushin Liger in Japan, I would argue though that Lynn does not get enough credit, just my two cents.

Sabin hides from Daniels and Lynn to begin the match, Daniels wants Lynn. Sabin tries to jump both, inverted atomic drops and arm-drags for Sabin who rolls to the floor embarrassed by Lynn and Daniels. Daniels rolls up Lynn for two, Lynn sweeps the legs. Big dropkick by Lynn, Sabin grabs a side headlock by Lynn, we have all three men running the ropes. Daniels stands tall with a neck-breaker and STO combination. Irish whip and a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker from Daniels to Sabin, Sabin is tossed to the floor. Enzuigiri for Lynn, Daniels chokes Lynn with a head-scissors before Sabin boots off Daniels’ head. Sabin chokes Lynn in the ring, reverse elbow by Sabin.

Daniels is kept out of the ring by Sabin with an elbow, Daniels recovers and takes down Lynn with a Koji Clutch. Not for long as Sabin breaks the hold, Lynn is tossed to the floor. Sabin clamps on a submission on Daniels as Lynn is kept out of the ring, Sabin starts slapping Daniels’ head and gives him a wet willie. Daniels begins to fight back, spinning sole butt and dropkick to the face from Sabin. Daniels is placed in the tree of woe, hesitation dropkick by Sabin but Lynn saves the match. Lynn nails a missile dropkick to Daniels and Sabin, right hands and clotheslines by Lynn.

Lynn nails a middle rope hurricanrana on Sabin, flying head-scissors by Lynn on Daniels. Cradle Piledriver is blocked by Daniels, massive STO. Sabin clotheslines Daniels down, Lynn clotheslines Sabin down, everyone is down. BME on Sabin with Lynn making the save, Lynn tries to steal the pin but Sabin kicks out at two. Sabin rakes the eyes to avoid a powerbomb, Lynn blocks the boot and nails a sit-out powerbomb for two. Lynn and Daniels trade shots, Lynn blocks the blue thunder bomb, air-raid siren from Lynn for two as Sabin dives in for the save. Daniels and Lynn trade counters, Lynn nails Daniels with a Cradle Piledriver but Sabin rolls up Lynn with a handful of tights, we have a new champion.

A good championship match, I thought the constant Lynn is old, he’s 43 look at him by God he’s doing this at 43 was very annoying and overdone. We get it, Lynn might be a step lower, there are more clever ways to tell us and tell that story. Like for example, the finish! Lynn had Daniels beat but Sabin was a little quicker, Sabin stole it from Lynn. That builds to a match between those two, an entertaining story for sure and a solid match.

Winner: Chris Sabin over Everyone Else via Handful of Tights!

(PCS Championship Match) Austin Starr vs Alex Shelley

A long running angle with Nash initially aligning with Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine to go after The X-Division before Nash becoming a supporter of X-Division wrestlers due to his status as a pioneer of the division. Shelley felt the pressure though as Nash began to favour Austin Starr, the two fighting for Nash’s affection. The two collide tonight to be crowned champion, we have special judges for this match. Big Oily Guy, Samolian Joe and Bob Backlund, beautiful.

Two heels going at it is always an awkward choice, Nash is fantastic on commentary though and I suppose Shelley is a face as Nash favours Starr but we do not have ourselves a fully-fledged babyface. The two trade arm-wringers and front chanceries, stale-mate between the two. Kick from Starr and side headlock, Shelley reverses the side headlock. Shoulder blocks between the two, clothesline by Shelley. They trade holds again with Starr nailing a dropkick before Shelley answers with a leaping calf kick. Shiranui is blocked by Starr, that close from Shelley before Starr eye rakes Shelley.

Dragon screw from Shelley, Starr low-bridges Shelley who lands on the floor. Slingshot tornillo from Starr, Starr is in the faces of the judges. Shelley kicks Starr in the chest who is across the middle rope. Diving top rope knee drop from Shelley, Starr is rocked. Suicide dive from Shelley, springboard moonsault in the ring from Shelley for two. Starr spits water in Shelley’s face, brainbuster is blocked though. Enzuigiri by Shelley, running corner forearm. Drop toehold into the middle turnbuckle, Shelley dropkicks Starr in the ass. Schoolboy for two, Shiranui is blocked as Starr clotheslines Shelley.

Massive running corner dropkick, jacknife cover from Starr for two. Starr climbs to the top rope, Starr wants the 450 Splash. Shelley crotches Starr, Shelley blocks a boot, kick to the hamstring. Rope assisted lung-blower from Shelley, slingshot DDT from Shelley for two. Kick to the ribs, one more time. Shiranui is blocked for a facebuster from Starr, Starr drops his weight on the back of Shelley, camel clutch from Starr. We shall go to the judges for the winner, JB will read out the winner. We have a tie before Backlund decides who his winner will be, Backlund talks trash for what seems like forever. Backlund calls it a draw, what a drawn out piece of garbage and Nash calls for five minute sudden death. Shelley catches Starr looking for his brainbuster and with a rolling cradle, Shelley is your winner.

Bullshit with Backlund aside, this was a good match between the two. Shelley’s work and Starr’s credibility as Aries in ROH lead us to a match that the fans never gave up on, the whole thing is pretty bizarre. I mean I am happy that the x Division guys had something to do because they always seemed to be a revolving door of challengers for the championship with no real character development. With this, they showed personality but I wonder what is next?

Winner: Alex Shelley over Austin Starr via Cradle!

James Storm W/ Gail Kim vs Petey Williams

Gail Kim chose James Storm so she is with a douchebag who treats her as such because nobody would take her in possibly? Like Petey Williams would not be a total hero and take her by his side? Suppose Petey is nota super babyface then, poor Petey is just a sacrificial lamb for Storm’s push. Williams uses his speed to take down Storm with ease, hurricanrana and dropkick from Williams. Williams tries a slingshot but Storm has it scouted, double underhook slam from Storm for two. Reverse chin-lock by Storm, Williams fights out. Roll-up for two before Storm turns Williams inside out with a clothesline.

Storm nails a massive powerbomb, Eye of The Storm. Two as Williams stays alive in this match, big kick to the face from Storm. Camel clutch from Storm, Storm uses the ropes to choke Williams, Storm distracts the referee so Gail can attack, Gail does not attack. What was Storm expecting? Forearm and spinning heel kick by Williams, tornado DDT is changed into a hot-shot. Diving crossbody and a tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep. Williams wants the destroyer, Storm shoves Williams into the corner. Falling reverse DDT for two, Storm throws Williams to the apron.

Shoulder block by Storm, Williams tries an apron sunset flip. Storm blocks but Williams nails a dropkick and a slingshot double knee facebuster. Storms sends Williams into the middle rope, Storm wants his superkick. Williams ducks but Storms tries for catatonic. Storm blocks the destroyer and trips Williams using the ropes for leverage for the win. Storm handcuffs Williams, Gail saves Williams. Storm grabs Gail, Gail slaps Storm. Storm has Gail by the throat, Gail low blows Storm and beats up The Cowboy. Gail has the beer bottle, Jacqueline comes out and attacks Gail. DUI by Jackie and Storm on Gail.

It was alright, baby steps for Storm finding his feet as a heel and a singles star. Kind of confused by Storm’s logic of trying to cheat with Gail’s help, she clearly was forced into staying with him, Storm treats her like shit before the match even starts and then, is surprised she does not want to help him? Silly logic! Having Jackie come in as a credible wrestler is great for Gail as the company will have a women’s division in the near future, a great addition and a feud for Gail. A sign of exciting things to come, let’s see where things go from here.

Winner: James Storm over Petey Williams via Roll-Up!

Christy Hemme & VKM Segment

VKM shoot on WWE, Michaels and Triple H, even Vince and on and on and on. It’s never going to lead to anything, it never did. Hemme comes out and starts talking about Lita and Chyna, women not getting enough respect in wrestling. Hemme in any correct world, would be the babyface but Hemme is the heel here. No real reason for her to attack VKM, no real reason to voice this to these two shitheads. It comes out of nowhere, she gets boring chants. Kip James calls Hemme a slut and says she used to work in a strip club. Kip gets slapped by Hemme, I love the visual of Kip James wanting to murder Hemme. This was bizarre!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) Team 3D vs LAX ©

No Konnan at ringside, Team 3D took out the mouthpiece. Also, seems to be an angle going with Brother Runt becoming an alcoholic. Side headlock from Devon, shoulder block but Hernandez does not go down. Devon stands and takes Hernandez’s shoulder block. Leapfrogs and Devon comes out on top, shoulder block, arm-drags and a dropkick for two. Arm-wringer and a tag to Brother Ray, Hernandez backs off away from Ray. Ray spits gum at Homicide, Homicide take the bait and jumps into the ring. Lock-up, side headlock from Homicide and Ray shoves off Homicide.

Right hands by Homicide, monkey flip is blocked by Ray. Clothesline from Ray, Homicide ducks a clothesline but eats a massive uranage for two. Front chancery and a tag to Devon, double Irish whip and a sidewalk slam/leg drop combination for two. Homicide goes low and tags Hernandez, assisted stun-gun from LAX. Two for Hernandez, chops traded between the two. Knee from Hernandez, tag to Homicide. Reverse chin-lock, Devon breaks free and nails his spinning elbow. Tag to Ray, big chest slap in the corner. Rights and lefts from Ray, Homicide is thrown to the floor. The two are smashing one another on the floor, Devon is tagged into the match but Homicide gains control, Hernandez tags in and we have shoulder thrusts.

Ray is knocked off the apron, splashes in the corner by LAX. Two for legal man Homicide who quickly tags out to Hernandez. Chin-lock from Hernandez, Hernandez drags Devon to his corner. Tag to Homicide, Irish whip but Devon comes flying out with a clothesline. Spinebuster for Homicide, neckbreaker for Hernandez. Clothesline for Homicide, Hernandez eats a flying clothesline for two. Devon gets caught with a knee from Homicide, sidewalk slam by Hernandez and a middle rope diving elbow drop from Homicide. Hernandez covers for two but Devon reverses an Irish whip and clotheslines Hernandez. Wassup Headbutt on Hernandez, 3D on Homicide. Hernandez is hurled to the floor, here comes Brother Runt! Brother Runt attacks Homicide and we have a DQ.

What in the name of God was that about? Brother Runt as an alcoholic? Had nobody learned from Scott Hall or Hawk’s angle? We are really doing this again? What in the name of God is going on? I just… no this is not funny or interesting. Fuck this company!

Winners: LAX over Team 3D via DQ!

(Ironman Match) Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle

What happens when you take the biggest babyface in your company’s history and turn him heel within a month of his debut? You make me angry, Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe in their first encounter, refusing to shake Joe’s hand but leaving with pride intact. Joe came back and defeated Angle, scoring the win over Angle that if it happened a month earlier would have made Joe a mega-star but the execution has been sloppy. Regardless, Angle is your heel as Angle could not beat Joe the second time around and has sacrificed everything in his pursuit of showing Samoa Joe that Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler in the world today.

Takedown from Angle, Joe is in the corner. Clean break, lock-up with Joe backing up Angle. Clean break once more, arm-wringer from Angle. Side control with a headlock from Angle, Joe wriggles his hips and is on his feet. Off the ropes and a shoulder block from Joe, Angle powders as Joe wants Angle back into the ring. The two trade holds with a clean break, Joe gets the upper hand with Angle powdering again. Side headlock from Angle, massive shoulder block from Angle. European uppercut from Angle, make it two. Joe is sent to the mat with a third, foot choke from Angle.

Irish whip from Joe, clothesline takes down Angle. Joe stuns Angle with lefts, whip to the opposite corner. Forearm and enzugiri by Joe, two for The Samoan Submission Machine. Angle escapes a submission and backs Joe into the corner, Angle chokes Joe with his foot. Angle jaw-jacks with the referee before delivering a back suplex for one, Angle clamps on a choke. Joe breaks free but Angle drives a knee into the ribs, down goes Joe. Snap-mare into a body-scissors with a head choke. Uppercuts from Angle as Joe manages an escape, Joe is stomped into the ground.

Angle looks for a suplex, Joe blocks and delivers his own suplex. Joe side-steps Angle who tumbles to the floor, suicide elbow from Joe. Two for Joe, Angle lures in Joe for an uppercut. Joe reverses an Irish whip, powerslam by Joe for two. Irish whip to the corner, Joe misses a corner elbow. German suplex release throw from Angle for two, Joe reverses an Irish whip and has Angle for The Muscle Buster. Angle rolls through for an Ankle Lock but Joe counters for The Coquina Clutch. Angle taps quickly, deciding it would be better to lose the fall and not suffer a lot of damage. 1:0 to Joe with 16 minutes left on the clock.

Joe kicks Angle down in the corner, Angle rakes the eyes. European uppercuts from Angle, Joe is staggering around the ring. Angle clamps on a choke, Joe escapes. Angle Slam is countered with an arm-drag by Joe, Joe nails a massive flying knee. Coquina Clutch but Joe was over-eager, Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring and we have a tie! 1:1 with 13 minutes left on the clock. Angle stomps all over the left leg of Joe, European Uppercut takes down Joe. Rear-naked choke with a body-scissors, Joe escapes but Angle catches Joe again in The Ankle Lock. Angle has caught Joe twice in The Ankle Lock, Angle is winning 2:1.

Ten minutes left on the clock, Angle and Joe are trading blows before an eye rake from Angle. Right hands from Angle, Joe digs down deep for a clothesline off an Irish whip in the corner. Strikes and a high knee in the corner, Joe wants muscle buster. Angle rolls through for two, Angle Slam for two and a half! Angle pulls down the straps, Ankle Lock is on but Joe uses his leg strength to shrug off Angle. Joe delivers The Muscle Buster and we have a tie again, 2:2.

7 minutes remaining, Joe strikes Angle in the corner. Irish whip but Angle ducks and chop blocks Joe hard, Angle uses a heel hook to free up Joe’s ankle, Ankle Lock from Angle. Middle of the ring, Joe shoves off Angle to the apron. Angle climbs the top rope, Joe catches Angle looking for a German suplex but Angle rolls through into a victory roll and Angle gets the fall. 3:2 to The Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle is on the verge of victory.

Joe rushes Angle, Angle is out on the floor. Back in the ring, Joe catches Angle with a uranage out of the corner. Joe places Angle on the top rope, Angle fights off Joe, wrapping Joe’s ankle around the ring-post. Angle decides to brawl on the floor, wasting more precious time on the clock. Rights by Joe, Angle rakes the eyes. Irish whip to the corner, Joe chest slaps Angle. Angle eats an enzuigiri, Muscle Buster but Angle’s foot is on the ropes. No pin-fall for Joe, Joe looks at the clock simply a minute left.

Angle is blocking his neck like a mad man, Joe rains down with punches. Anything to avoid giving up his back and neck, massive elbows from Joe. Joe has an ankle lock on Angle, Joe grapevines the leg. Angle is trying to survive the hold, the seconds are ticking down and Joe cannot believe it as Angle has survived, Angle is your winner after this war.

After seeing three of these, I do not know if this carried the big match feel. The work was excellent from both men, Joe’s work is always very believable while Angle carries the same vibe. The submission work and the spirit both men show is good stuff but I did not feel the struggle at the end or the weight of this match. That could be the commentators not doing their jobs, it seems to always be the knock on TNA. West and Tenay kick and scream their way through their matches but were they selling the story? I do not know, I do not think they even mentioned that Angle is challenging the winner of the next match, they cut away so fast to a Sting promo. I still think Joe should have gone over in their first match, I think both should be babyfaces who would meet 6 months down the road but that is not what they did and we will see where Joe goes from here.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Samoa Joe via 3:2!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Abyss © W/ James Mitchell vs Sting vs Christian Cage (Three-Way Elimination Match)

Abyss has a dark secret that Christian & Tomko wish to reveal, this has caused great fear in Abyss. Also, James Mitchell is losing control of his monster Abyss as Sting looks to set Abyss free from the manipulation of his abusive father. Tomko will be placed in a cage at ringside for the duration of the match. Now, I could talk about the similarities between Angle and Christian turning heel when there is no real point for it but I am over it now, Christian is on his way to recapturing the steam he lost from his turn. Abyss’ matches are as formulaic as a Hogan match, tacks are coming out and they have no meaning at this stage, I am expecting Abyss to have tacks stomped into this face. Another thing these men have in common is criminally short title reigns due to poor booking.

Anyways, Sting clotheslines Abyss to the floor, Christian chops and punches Sting but Sting shakes it off and pummels Christian with right hands. Abyss pulls down Sting, Sting’s groin is sent into the ring-post. Abyss rams Sting off of Tomko’s cage. Christian tries a plancha but Abyss catches Christian and dumps him on the guard-rail. Christian lays against the ring-post, Abyss charges while Christian ducks, bulldog on the ramp by Christian. Christian scoop slams Sting on the floor, Abyss flapjacks Christian in the ring. Shock Treatment is avoided, Unprettier is avoided before Abyss nails Shock Treatment!

 Irish whip, Christian ducks the clothesline and dropkicks the knee of Abyss. Frog Splash is countered by Abyss with a Chokeslam. Two for Abyss, Sting is knocked off the apron. Tomko is choking Sting through the cage, Black Hole Slam on Christian in the ring. Tomko has saved the match for Christian, Christian is dragged back into the ring. Massive low blow by Christian, Sting shoves Abyss into Christian and Sting nails The Scorpion Death Drop on Abyss for the elimination. We will have a new champion tonight in this match, either Sting or Christian.

Abyss chokes Sting before leaving the ring, Christian stun-guns Sting. Missile dropkick from Christian for two. Right hands from Christian, snap-mare and a stiff kick to the spine. Reverse chin-lock from Christian, Sting escapes from the hold but Christian regains control with a massive elbow to the face. Christian begins slapping Sting in the corner, Sting shakes it off. Sting takes the right hands, Christian is floored. Back body drop, Christian is hoisted into the air. Stinger Splash connects, Christian dodges the second splash.

Sting nails a superplex on Christian, James Mitchell reappears on the ramp distracting Sting. Christian misses a dropkick, Scorpion Death Lock from Sting. Mitchell opens the cage for Tomko, Tomko slides into the ring with Mitchell distracting the referee. Spinning neck-breaker from Tomko, Christian covers Sting. Two, Tomko is clotheslined to the floor behind the referee’s back. Abyss attacks Tomko, Christian has the championship. Sting ducks and drops Christian with The Unprettier but Christian manages to kick out! Christian clotheslines the referee, Mitchell attacks Sting.

Sting has Mitchell for the Scorpion Death Lock, Abyss clocks Sting in the back of the head with a chain. Christian watches on in shock, Christian has a massive grin on his face. Frog Splash on the back of the head, Sting is motionless. 1…2….3! Christian is your new world heavyweight champion!

Wow,  not even the absence of Jeff Jarrett will allow the main event not to be filled with over the top ridiculous bullshit. I am all for Abyss attacking Sting because protecting his secret is more important to him than breaking free from Mitchell, I am fine with that and happy to see where it goes. I did not however need 3 referee distractions, a championship shot to the head attempt, a referee bump and a chain shot to get there, it’s like a kid on Christmas morning that cannot decide what toy to play with, it’s simply too much. Too many false finishes that when the actual finish comes along, there is no drama. Abyss’ title reign was trash, pointless. The monster Abyss winning the championship by DQ and proceeding to lose it by being pinned first in a three-way dance, total trash.

Winner: Christian Cage over Sting via Frog Splash!

That was TNA’s Final Resolution 2007, TNA’s first effort of 2007 and what an effort it was. This was a tough watch at times, I have to be honest and the booking makes me question what the goal of TNA is, let’s dissect a lot of this. Styles vs Rhino, Heel Styles is a tough sell. Arguably one of the best babyfaces of the last number of years, Styles is TNA’s golden child. Athletic, charismatic it is hard to boo the man and when you are asking Rhino who works a very different style to be the babyface against Styles, you are going to have issues. I think more could have be done, the finish did nothing for me as Rhino won but still failed to get his heat back or revenge as Styles dodged his Gore, leaving him laying in the process. The three-way for the X-Division championship built upon the last pay per view but the commentary sucked me out of this match, 43 is not ancient and Jerry Lynn does not look like your average 43 year old. I do not need to be reminded of Lynn’s age every 5 seconds, Lynn is a superb athlete and hung in there with Daniels and Sabin. Sabin stealing it from Lynn was a great touch but this leaves Daniels, the former champion as out of the picture as Lynn will face Sabin.

Christy Hemme and VKM was atrocious, how Hemme can be considered the heel is ridiculous. Being called a slut and told to work back at the strip club really shows how far we have come since those days, terrible segment. Shelly and Starr was good and the angle made more people care about the X Division guys who were doing nothing, good on them and Nash is too funny on commentary. James Storm is establishing himself as a heel and we will have a women’s match in TNA for the first time in a while, all positive here. Brother Runt being an alcoholic I have no time for, it is in poor taste, does nothing for the feud. The argument for who is the best tag team is overshadowed by Runt being a drunk mess? No thanks! Joe and Angle was a solid wrestling match, one of two on this show with an outcome that like their first match hurts Joe in the long run, cannot understand why Joe did not come out on top, makes TNA look second rate to WWE. The main event was bleh, over-booked nonsense. The main event scene is very WCW like at the moment, I’d rather avoid it. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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