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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event July 29th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that is more bizarre than a Teddy Hart and Maria Manic video! Hulk Hogan vs Honky Tonk Man, Brutus Beefcake vs Macho Man Randy Savage and a rematch for the WWF Tag Team Championships as The Brainbusters take on Demolition. It’s time for another WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, mere weeks away from WWF Summerslam 1989. Let’s get it on!

(WWF Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs The Honky Tonk Man W/Jimmy Hart

Honky attempts to smash Hogan with the guitar but Hogan dodges and begins pummelling Honky with right hands. Irish whip and an axe bomber, massive right hand followed by an atomic drop. Right hand floors Honky, Irish whip to the corner with a clothesline. Jimmy Hart is pulled into the ring who tried saving Honky, both of their heads are knocked together. It is all Hogan as both Honky and Hart roll to the floor, Jimmy cracks Hogan with the guitar on the floor. Hogan rolls back into the ring with Honky slamming his knees into the back of the champion.

Seated chin-lock from Honky, Hogan powers up and Honky hits the turnbuckle hard. However, Honky is to his feet first with a big clothesline, Shake Rattle and Roll in the middle of the ring from Honky. Honky dances for everyone in the arena, wasting valuable time. Cover, 1….2… Hogan powers out! You know the drill boys, Hogan begins to Hulk Up! Right hands have no effect, big right hands with a big boot. Honky is on the floor, Jimmy Hart is cracked with a guitar as is Honky. Atomic Leg Drop back in the ring, Hogan retains the championship.

Fun little match, very short in the length. Not sure about the referee missing Jimmy Hart cracking Hogan with the guitar, it was right in front of Hebnar. Anyways, it is so fun to see everyone being over with the audience, Honky gloating and dancing is great stuff as the fans just despise the ground that Honky walks in, Jimmy Hart is tremendous too as an annoying little twerp. Fun stuff for all of us!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Honky Tonk Man via Atomic Leg Drop!

Greg The Hammer Valentine vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka (Ronnie Garvin - Special Guest Referee)

Valentine jumps Snuka to start the match, Garvin is your referee after retiring due to a match with Valentine. Valentine elbows and knees Snuka, choke against the middle rope. Right hands from Valentine, Snuka leapfrogs and ducks Valentine’s attacks. Big chop and flying headbutt from Snuka, middle rope headbutt is blocked as Valentine puts up his knees. Elbow drops from Valentine, two for Valentine. Valentine kicks Snuka out of the ring, Gravin begins his count. Snuka is on the apron and Valentine kicks Snuka back down to the floor, Valentine does it for a second time.

Make it three times, Garvin and Valentine are having words. This could result in a fight, Valentine takes a massive right hand from Ronnie Garvin. Snuka is on the top rope, Snuka lands on a dazed Valentine with a Diving Crossbody for the win. Valentine is sent tumbling over the top rope by Garvin, this may be the end of Garvin in the WWF.

Another terribly short match, more of an angle between Garvin and Valentine with Snuka being interchangeable with any WWF Superstar. DUD!

Winner: Jimmy Snuka over Greg Valentine via Diving Crossbody!

Macho Man Randy Savage W/ Sensational Sherri vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake

On WWF Superstars, Savage assaulted Beefcake and cut his hair. Finally, Beefcake got a taste of his own medicine. Savage also plans on taking out Beefcake due to his friendship with The Hulkster. Sherri makes some incredible phases while Savage cuts a promo, looks like she is off her head, it’s fun stuff. Savage lures in Beefcake but Beefcake outsmarts Savage, Savage is tossed to the floor. Beefcake chases Sherri, Savage makes the save with an axe handle. Beefcake blocks the right hand, down goes Savage. Beefcake chokes Savage with his jacket, right hand. Irish whip, Savage tries a boot but Beefcake catches the boot and nails an axe handle for two.

Boot by Savage, Beefcake meets the turnbuckle. Left jabs by Savage, Irish whip to the corner. Savage misses a corner splash, Beefcake nails a flying crossbody for two. Sherri is on the apron, Beefcake’s attention goes to Sherri. Savage’s sneak attack is thwarted, Irish whip but Savage reverses. Beefcake ducks the clothesline and nails a crossbody for two again. Savage puts a thumb to the eye, Beefcake is laying across the middle rope. Savage misses his leg across the back, a high knee sends Savage crashing to the floor. Beefcake is in pursuit, Savage uses Sherri as a shield. Beefcake bypasses Sherri, Savage is tossed into the ring. Beefcake’s leg is caught by Sherri, axe handle by Savage and Beefcake is on the floor.

Top rope diving axe handle from Savage, Sherri gets in some kicks before nailing Beefcake with her high heel. Sherri distracts the referee as Beefcake has a small package on Savage, the visual pin-fall for Beefcake but no referee. Reverse elbow from Savage for two, backslide pin from Beefcake for two. Savage begins choking the life out of Beefcake, Sherri takes off her stockings and chokes Beefcake. Top rope axe handle is blocked by Beefcake, clothesline by The Barber.

Beefcake nails a jumping elbow, Irish whip but Beefcake ducks his head. Savage boots Beefcake, Sherri grabs Beefcake from the apron. Savage goes for the high knee, Beefcake dodges and Savage wipes out Sherri. Beefcake elevates Savage to the floor with a back body drop, Savage calls for Sherri to go get the man with the Z. In the ring, Beefcake is pummelling Savage. Savage drops Beefcake on the top rope, neck-first. Here comes Sherri with Zeus, Savage gets a two in the ring. Sunset flip by Beefcake for two, Irish whip and Beefcake has The Sleeper. Here comes Zeus, chopping blow to Beefcake and the match has been thrown out. Here comes Hogan, Hogan and Zeus are going to go at it in the ring. Zeus shakes off everything that Hogan does, Bearhug from Zeus. Top rope axe handle from Savage, Beefcake is back on his feet. Beefcake saves Hogan, Hogan returns the favour with a steel chair to Zeus. Stand-off but Savage and Sherri calm Zeus down.

That was a great match for TV, Savage and Sherri are growing on me as a pairing, they are finding their feet with Sherri being so easily unlikeable and Savage being Macho like only he can, Savage does a great way of luring you into believing that Beefcake can pull off the upset. Not a fan of Beefcake’s work but that comeback was good stuff and in front of the right crowd, anyone can be a tremendous force. Also, Zeus is more unstoppable than Andre at this point, two men with chairs could not stop this beast.

Winner: Brutus Beefcake over Randy Savage via DQ!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Brainbusters W/ Bobby Heenan vs Demolition © (Two Out Of Three Falls Match)

These two teams had an awesome match at the last main event with the match being thrown out due to Demolition tossing around the referee like a child, The Brainbusters have deservedly gotten their rematch and I look forward to some awesome tag team action. Blanchard and Ax to start, we begin with a cheap shot to Smash, Ax shoves Blanchard off an Irish whip with Blanchard sliding to the floor. Sadly for Blanchard, it is front of Smash, Smash throws Blanchard back into the ring, Blanchard is pin-balled between Demolition. Blanchard eventually, backs Ax into his corner. Brawl on the floor with Ax winning the war before Smash comes in to even the odds.

Brainbusters powder, we reset with Smash and Anderson. Smash trips Anderson, Anderson is placed on the top rope. Tag to Ax, double beatdown from Demolition. Anderson drives his knee into Smash’s knee, Anderson tags Blanchard. Smash out-punches Blanchard, bear-hug from Smash. Blanchard thumbs the eye, tag to Anderson. Smash eats a dropkick/flying crossbody combination, Blanchard chokes the life out of Smash in the corner. Tag to Anderson, massive Spinebuster with Smash kicking out at two. Tag to Blanchard as Anderson holds onto Smash, double Irish whip. Clothesline misses, Ax pulls Blanchard down by the hair, stun-gun by Smash on Anderson and Demoliton take the first fall.

Fall two begins with Smash teeing off on Anderson in the corner, tag to Ax. Clothesline from Ax, Anderson meets Smash’s boot. Tag to Smash, beatdown from Smash. Chin-lock from Smash, tag to Ax. Stun-gun from Ax, snap-mare into a chin-lock. Anderson wriggles free to tag Blanchard, Blanchard hits a rope guillotine on Ax, Smash is with the referee as Anderson gets in a cheap shot. Whip to the corner, Ax meets Anderson’s knee. Tag to Anderson, Heenan slaps Ax, Smash is going berserk as The Brainbusters double team Ax. On the floor, Blanchard kicks Ax in the ribs, Anderson clamps on a camel clutch. Tag to Blanchard who ducks his head off an Irish whip, big mistake.

Kick to the chest, tag to Smash. Clotheslines and scoop slams, Smash military press slams Blanchard. Smash sends Heenan into the ring-post, Andre The Giant is here at ringside. Demolition Decapitation on Blanchard, the referee is calling for the bell but it is not a pin-fall, what could this be? I assume it was because Heenan was attacked, they cut to commercial so it is not exactly clear. So, we are tied for now, who is leaving with the championships?

Ax clotheslines Blanchard, tag to Smash. Blanchard is thrown to the floor, Ax goes after Blanchard. Tag to Ax, reverse elbow from Ax. Blanchard rakes the eyes, Anderson and Ax bang heads. Tag to Anderson, Ax and Anderson trade blows. Ax nails an atomic drop but Anderson hits the turnbuckle and cracks his head off of Ax. Both men are down, Anderson tags Blanchard. Ax tags Smash, more right hands. Irish whip to the corner with a clothesline for Blanchard, Ax and Anderson are on the floor. All four wrestlers are in the ring, Andre throws Blanchard a steel chair, Blanchard nails Smash in the back of the head and Anderson covers for the win.

Not as good as their first encounter, I preferred the drama and story-telling of that match. This was a little odd to me in places, The Brainbusters trying to go toe-to-toe with Demolition in a brawl and fist-fight? Was a very odd first fall and then, I do not know where the disqualification came in the second fall, had to have been the attack on Heenan but I mean that might be the first time in a while if ever I saw something like that, just strange. Happy for Anderson and Blanchard, they were phenomenal and head and shoulders above the rest in terms of story-telling inside of that ring.

Winners: The Brainbusters over Demolition via Chair To The Back Of The Head!

This was a good edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, you had your nothing match and your Hogan match but you also had an awesome build to the main event of Summerslam with Zeus looking unbeatable in the process and a good tag team match to close the show. Could not ask for much more, was a breeze to sit through and I am all ready for some Summerslam 1989! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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