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TNA No Surrender 2005 Review

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Welcome guys and gals to another throat-thrusting edition of the only wrestling internet review series that even Virgil won’t appear for: Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! Today I felt inspired, I got up early, I showered and all was right with the world. To right in fact so I have decided to punish myself by gorging on some TNA. The last time I had left TNA, we had Raven winning The World Heavyweight Championship in an interesting storyline that saw the former ECW star live up to the hype and become a world champion elsewhere. Management was not happy and Larry Zbyszko was hell-bent on taking that championship away from Raven. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe had debuted and put the whole TNA locker room on notice! Time to sit back and relax, this is TNA’s No Surrender 2005!

Opening Promo

This shit is ridiculous, we have opera type music which seems to be straight out of Episode III of Star Wars. We have everything in reverse as a voice speaks, this is ridiculous. Raven is the focus, Raven has endured all life has thrown him but can Raven surpass Abyss? Man, that was cheesy but I kind of liked it.

Matt Bentley & Alex Shelley W/ Traci vs AMW

AMW have been my favourite TNA tag team since I began covering the TNA pay per views. These guys have had nothing to do once vanquishing Triple X and Team Canada. They really have nobody to work with so they face the team of Shelly and Bentley in the opening match.

Storm and Shelley start, lock-up with Shelley and Storm trade wrestling holds. Another lock-up, shoulder block by Storm. Chop from Shelley, make it three and Shelley whips Storm. Chop by Storm and Shelley throws Storm onto the rope and Storm skins the cat. Storm loads up The Superkick but Shelley powders and tags Bentley. We reset with Harris and Bentley, Harris is backed into the corner from Bentley, Bentley takes cheap shots before Harris nails a couple of armdrags. Tag to Storm and Bentley tags in Shelley, inverted atomic drop by Harris and a nice Russian legsweep for a two count.

Harris eats a jawbreaker from Shelley, in comes Bentley. Harris catches Bentley for a stalling suplex, Storm is legal and Bentley powders. Storm chases Bentley but Shelley cuts off Storm. Harris goes after Bentley, Storm and Shelley pay off, Storm sidesteps Shelley who lands on the guard rail. Shelley is begging for mercy from Storm, Storm hurls Shelley off the stage. Storm dives off the stage onto Shelley and into security. Harris hurls Bentley into the guard rail, Traci grabs Harris’ hair. Bentley takes down Harris but Harris battles back on Bentley. Left hands by Harris before Traci nails Harris with a low blow. Harris grabs Traci after back dropping Bentley on the ramp and Traci is handcuffed to the ringpost.

Harris blocks a Superkick and tags Storm for what is The Battle of The Superkicks, Storm nails the most over-animated comeback of all-time. Storm DDTs Shelley, powerslam on Bentley by Storm. Eye of The Storm on Shelley, Bentley has Storm but Storm survives to nail a Hart Attack with Bentley. AMW set up The Death Sentence but Shelley crotches Harris, Bentley dropkicks Storm to the floor. Bentley nails Harris with a shoe but Harris kicks out at two! Bentley has the other shoe of Traci, Harris blocks and nails a full-nelson slam. Shelley is on the apron and flips over the back of Harris into a Superkick from Storm and AMW are your winners!

An alright match, was not a fan of the big brawling segment on the floor. Went on a bit too long for my taste. The finish looked great but does not fit into the story of the match, Bentley and Storm both use the superkick. They make constant references to this match as the battle of the superkicks. Bentley avoids Storm the entire match in fear of the superkick so, why did Shelley end up taking the superkick? If you are going to tell that story, please have a proper pay-off TNA. Bentley nails a superkick after the match but I mean does it matter then? No! Apart from that, it was solid.

Winners: AMW over Shelley & Bentley via Superkick!

Rhino is here!

Rhino is in TNA, that is all I got.

(Four Way Qualifier for Super X Cup Tournament 2005) Mickey Batts vs Shark Boy vs Sonjay Dutt vs Primetime Elix Skipper

The winner of the tournament will become the number one contender for the X-Division Championship, this match is to qualify for the tournament. Skipper and Sonjay begin, headscissors takedown by Dutt before Skipper nails a big spine buster. In comes Batts, Batts slaps Dutt and eats some chops for his disrespect. Dutt dropkicks and makes Batts look like a chump. In comes Shark Boy, Shark Boy and Dutts begin trading holds before Shark Boy nails a dropkick. Dropkick from Dutt and in comes Batts, Shark Boy bites Batts’ ass. Dutt clotheslines Shark Boy. Dutt suplexes Shark Boy and goes to the top rope, Skipper blind tags in and kicks Dutt’s head off.

Shark Boy and Skipper are brawling, ten punches in the corner by Shark Boy. Dutt tags in from Shark Boy, Dutt steps on Skipper. Batts tags in after Skipper nails a moonsault. Dutt drops Batts with a springboard dropkick before Skipper tags in off Dutt. Dutt nails Batts with a spinkick, Skipper does his walk the ropes hurricanrana and Skipper fucks up the move. Shark Boy and Dutt dive onto Skipper one after the other. Batts and Skipper look for superplexes but Dutt and Shark Boy nails sunset flip powerbombs. Batts grabs Dutt on the top rope and German suplexes Dutt onto Shark Boy.

Skipper nails Batts with Sudden Death, Shark Boy nails Skipper with a Deep Sea Drop. Dutt knocks Shark Boy to the floor and Dutt nails Batts with The Phoenix Splash for the win.

Honestly, I could not wait for this to end, it was like I was being hit in the face with a thousand spots, it was too much and there was little to no selling. So, it did not flow, there were botches and I was happy when it was over. Congrats to Dutt who along with Shark Boy were able to go through the match without messing anything up for everyone.

Winner: Dutt over Everyone Else via Phoenix Splash!

Simon Diamond & David Young vs Apolo & Sonny Siaki

Simon Diamond from ECW cuts a promo to state that David Young is in his stable and they are facing Siaki and Apolo. Apolo shoves away Young like nothing, Young eats a belly to belly throw from Apolo, military press slam and leg drop by Apolo. Tag to Siaki, double flapjack and Siaki keeps Young down with an armdrag. Young fires back, northern lights suplex by Siaki gets a two count. Diamond lowbridges Siaki and Young nails an asai moonsault. Apolo wipes out Diamond with a boot and dives onto everyone with a tope con hilo. Young begs for mercy from Siaki, Young slaps Siaki and Siaki slaps back. Big slap war which turns into a chop war.

Diamond cheap shots Siaki and gets the tag, back elbow from Diamond. Siaki dodges a double splash and in comes Apolo. Apolo clotheslines Diamond and Young, back body drops for both. Sky High by Apolo on Young before Diamond floors Apolo with a right hand. Siaki drops Diamond with a Cutter, Young nails Siaki with a spinebuster but Siaki is not legal. Apolo drops Young with a TKO for the win.

That was brief, I guess the gimmick here is Young is always so close to winning but something always goes wrong. At least, that is what I gather from the commentary. Decent match, I do not see much potential in either Siaki or Apolo.

Winners: Siaki & Apolo over Diamonds In The Rough via TKO!

Samoa Joe vs Chris Sabin

Samoa Joe came to TNA at the last pay per view and wiped the floor with Sonjay Dutt, Samoa Joe is on fire and everything in his way will be destroyed. Today’s unlucky victim will be Chris Sabin and he will be playing the part of the lamb which is about to be slaughtered. Begin!

Sabin chops Joe and it does not faze Joe, Joe chops Sabin and Sabin falls to a knee. Joe has hurt Sabin and we have only begun, Joe is cornering Sabin. Joe whips Sabin, shoulder block from Sabin does nothing. Sabin dropkicks Joe and Joe is down, forearms by Sabin. Sabin tries The Cradle Shock and Joe shrugs off Sabin like a peasant. Chops from Joe, massive kick to the face. Nasty headbutt from Joe, knee to the face Joe does his signature facewash. Snapmare into kicks and chops before Joe drops a knee across the throat. Joe is walking through Sabin with vice holds by The Samoan Submission Machine. Beautiful suplex by Joe, cover and a two count for Joe.

Joe punches and chops ala Tenryu, Sabin drops like a sack to the mat. Sabin lands on the apron after Joes tries elevating the high-flyer. Sabin nails a springboard dropkick and apron dropkick to knock down Joe. Sabin double stomps over Joe’s back, leg drop from the top rope for a two count. Sabin tries for the shock again, it does not work. German suplex by Joe for two, snap powerslam by Joe. Same result as it’s two, Sabin catches Joe with a kick. Springboard DDT by Sabin gets a two count, Irish whip by Sabin. Sabin runs into a knee from Joe, powerbomb by Joe and when Sabin kicks out, Joe transitions to an STF.

Another transition into a crossface, Joe transitions to hold onto Sabin’s arms. Sabin reaches the ropes with his feet, Joe is pissed off that Sabin will not die. Joe looks for The Muscle Buster, Sabin fights off Joe. Running Liger Bomb by Sabin for a two count, Sabin lifts up Joe but Joe kicks out of the hold. Enzuigiri by Sabin, Sabin climbs to the top rope. Joe crotches Sabin with a kick, Muscle Buster by Joe. Coquina Clutch by Joe and Sabin passes out from the hold.

Very good match, Sabin got a lot more offence than I thought he would receive considering Joe was killing everyone at this stage. Good stuff from both men, Sabin looked gutsy battling against Joe while Joe continued looking like a monster. The best compliment I can gave this match is it breezed by and did not drag for a second.

Winner: Samoa Joe over Sabin via Coquina Clutch!

Team Canada vs Lance Hoyt & The Naturals W/ Jimmy Hart

The Naturals suck and have come big babyfaces after their coach Chris Candido passed away, they should not be tag team champions but I digress, they have been feuding with Team Canada who have lost a tonne of steam and momentum with each passing pay per view. Lance Hoyt is over, I have no idea why but the man continues to be super popular with the fans.

Hoyt clotheslines Roode to the floor and the babyfaces control the ring. Big brawl in the ring which ends with Team Canada being knocked to the floor. Camera misses a dive by Andy Douglas, Hoyt back drops Roode in the ring. Stevens moonsaults onto Young and A-1. Hoyt dives onto Team Canada and the crowd screams Hoyt over and over. Douglas and Young are in the ring, nice neckbreaker and leg drop combination by Stevens and Douglas. Young rakes the eyes and in comes A-1. Douglas works on A-1’S arm, Hoyt is legal. Hoyt knees A-1 in the face. Tag to Douglas, A-1 manages to overpower Douglas. Running knee by Douglas, tag to Stevens.

Facebuster onto the knee, A-1 lifts Stevens into the corner and in comes Eric Young. Young stomps all over Stevens, Stevens knocks down Young and nails a crossbody before Young drags the referee away so Roode can hit Stevens with the hockey stick. Roode is a smart heel though as Roode throws Jimmy Hart the stick, pretends to be injured and Jimmy Hart is sent to the back. Stevens is manhandled by A-1 before Roode enters the ring. Chops in the corner by Roode, hard Irish whip for good measure. Young is legal and Young chokes the life out of Stevens. Reverse chinlock by Young, powerslam by Stevens. A-1 enters illegally and stomps Stevens, Roode is the legal man as Team Canada put the boots to Stevens.

Roode drags Stevens to the corner, A-1 roughs up Stevens with his knees. Chinlock by Stevens, Stevens begins fighting back and nails a dropkick. Stevens tags Hoyt, Hoyt rapes Roode and Young. Chokeslam on Roode, ten punches on Young. Hoyt drops Young with a spinebuster, Douglas blinds tag for an elbow drop. A-1 and Roode make the save but the referee is down, Roode nails The Natural Disasters with Jimmy Hart’s Megaphone. Young covers for the win.

A nothing match, Hoyt is explosive and good in short bursts. I do not see The Naturals as the future of tag team wrestling in TNA, I am not sure why they are the champions, they both seem very bland. Team Canada are entertaining, things don’t look good for A-1. The guy is jacked but treated like such a jabron. Even at this stage in their careers, you can see there is something special about Roode and Young, glad for both men who have made it to the WWE.

Winners: Team Canada over The Naturals & Lance Hoyt via Shenanigans!

3-Live Kru vs Monty Brown & The Outlaw (Street Fight)

The story continues between BG James and The Outlaw as the former tag team champions act like friends and do not attack one another. Konnan and Ron Killings are confused and sick of the actions of BG James as Konnan & Truth believe that BG is in cahoots with The Outlaw. The Outlaw changes his name to Kip James before the match and dedicates the match to his “brother” BG James. That’s good stuff from Kip as he continues to mess with the heads of Konnan and Ron The Truth. Meanwhile, Jeff Jarrett is looking for allies to take down Rhino but nobody wants to help Jarrett because Jarrett is rat.

Nice touch as everyone is in jeans for this street fight, Truth takes down Brown with a tope con hilo. Konnan open up James with a metal tray. Kip pulls the referee in front of Konnan with a metal tray, referee is down and out of this match. Truth nails a leg drop form the top rope to Brown’s groin. Clothesline by Truth, they look to repeat the leg drop spot on Kip. Brown throws Truth over the top rope and now, it is two on one in favour of the heels. Kip has a tray, shot to the head of Konnan. Cover and a two count, Brown hurls Truth into the ring apron. Truth counters a powerbomb for a hurricanrana, calf kick from Truth brings another two count. Truth drops Brown with an Axe Kick, Kip pulls out the referee to save the match. Kip hurls the referee into the guard rail.

Kip nails Konnan with a DDT on a chair, Pounce by Monty Brown on Truth and a new referee counts the pin as Brown & Kip are your winners. BG James appears on the stage as Kip calls BG his brother. BG looks confused, disgusted and like he wants a nice, dirty kebab after a night on the town. Kip wants BG to take down The 3-Live Kru, BG walks away and leaves all of us confused for another month.

It was a short match, more about the angle that the match. The angle of whether BG will reform The New Age Outlaws with Kip or stay with the Kru is an interesting one, it has been given a lot of tv time and pay per view time. I hope the payoff is a satisfying one.

Winners: Monty Brown & Kip James over Truth & Konnan via Pounce!

AJ Styles vs Sean Waltman (Special Guest Referee Jerry Lynn)

This match was setup at last month’s Slammiversary in The King of The Mountain Match, Styles and Waltman were working together until Waltman dropped Styles with an X-Factor to pin Styles and almost win the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Jerry Lynn stepped between the two men, knows both men very well and it will be interesting to see whether Jerry Lynn plays it right down the middle.

Lock-up, clean break and they lock-up. Styles slaps Waltman, side headlock by Waltman. Waltman takes down Styles with an armdrag by using Jerry Lynn for leverage. Test of strength, takedown by Waltman. Victory roll from Styles, jackknife cover and Waltman kicks out. Scoop slams by Styles and Waltman says no no, I am taking a break. Waltman sarcastically claps Styles’efforts, Waltman takes the low road and kicks Styles hard in the ribs. They begin chopping one another, backbreaker by Styles. Waltman is introduced to the turnbuckle, suplex by Styles. Scoop slam and a knee drop from Styles. Cover and a two count. Indian Deathlock into a Muta Lock from Styles, Waltman counters with elbows so Styles kicks the chest of Waltman over and over.

Dropkick from Styles, Waltman rolls to the floor and a beautiful tope con hilo from Styles wipes out Waltman. Waltman rakes the eyes of Styles and sends Styles into the ringpost groin first. Waltman beats down Styles in the ring, leg drop by Waltman. Waltman applies a chinlock, Styles fires back before Waltman drops Styles with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chops in the corner by Styles, boot across the throat and Waltman misses the bronco buster as Styles counters looking for The Styles Clash. Waltman kicks out of the Styles Clash and scores with the bronco buster, spinning heel kick by Waltman. Waltman nails Styles with a senton like manoeuvre to the floor. Waltman landed right on his neck while Styles is bleeding from the mouth. Styles elevates Waltman groin first into the ringpost.

Clotheslines and back elbows by Styles, springboard inverted DDT for two. Waltman blocks a suplex with a low blow, northern lights suplex by Waltman gets a two count. Waltman ascends to the top rope, Waltman tries a crossbody but Styles drops Waltman with a dropkick in mid-air. Backslide from Styles into a Styles Clash, cover and Waltman kicks out of the clash? Styles climbs to the top for The Spinal Tap, Styles misses and Waltman nails The X-Factor. 1…2.. Styles kicks out of The X-Factor, Waltman grabs a chair and looks to break Styles’ ankle with a Pillmanizer. Jerry Lynn saves Styles’ ankle, Styles goes for a sunset flip and Waltman holds onto the ropes. Jerry Lynn kicks Waltman’s hands and Styles nails The Styles Clash.

That match was not what I had hoped for, I guess I was expecting more from these two. It was good but nothing special, Waltman and Styles could have a great match but this was not that match. Lynn did not add a lot to the match, the ending seemed very rushed so you barely had time to register that Waltman was super pissed at Lynn. Lynn took away the chair from Waltman but there was no long face-off for confrontation. Styles popped up and Lynn kicked Waltman’s hands off the ropes so Styles could nail the Styles Clash. Waltman was not exactly playing the cheating dickhead in this match so the kick from Lynn felt out of place in regards to the match. Also, the finisher kicks out from both men seemed out of place. I can imagine pushing Styles hard but why have Waltman kick out of The Styles Clash? I cannot see Waltman sticking around so I thought it was a waste.

Winner: Styles over Waltman via Styles Clash!

Jeff Jarrett Promo

Jarrett wants his championship but Larry Zbyszko says no, Jarrett you have to wait in line. Jarrett wants a piece of Rhino but nobody can find Rhino. When will Rhino appear?

(TNA X-Division Championship Match) Christopher Daniels © vs Petey Williams

Heel vs Heel? I am not even going to go into why this is stupid. Story of this match is that Daniels believes Williams to be one-dimensional and Williams has proved in the lead-up to this match that he has more than one way of putting away his opponents. So, we have two big-mouths talking trash with not a lot of vested interest in the match due to both men being massive dickheads.

Williams sidesteps Daniels who lands on the floor, slingshot hurricanrana by Williams. Back elbow from Williams, suplex and a headscissors into a Russian legsweep gets a two count. Williams places Daniels in the tree of woe and stamps on Daniel’s dick. A-1 smacks Daniels while Williams has the referee, slingshot leg drop from Williams. Williams tries a hurricanrana from the apron but Daniel counters with a powerbomb onto the apron. Daniels is in control of the ring, back body drop by the champion. Knee to the back by Daniels, triple backbreaker by Daniels. Bearhug by Daniels and Williams is in trouble.

Daniels nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two, stalling suplex by Daniels. Reverse chinlock by Daniels, Williams fires back but Daniels pulls the hair. Daniels drops Williams with a complete shot into a Koji Clutch, A-1 drags Williams to the ropes and Williams survives. Daniels spits on A-1, hard Irish whip by Daniels. Gutwrench suplex by the champion, cover and another two count. Williams fights back to his feet, twisting reverse DDT by Williams. Clothesline by Williams and a spinning heel kick. Samoa Joe appears on the ramp! Williams and Daniels chop one another over and over. Williams takes down Daniels flying forearm and dropkick to the back of the head by the challenger. Daniels powders and wants no more of Williams.

A-1 throws Daniels into the ring, DDT by Williams ends in two. Williams attempts a floatover but Daniels drops William with a death valley driver. Daniels nails a scoop slam but taunts too long and Williams takes down Daniels for a Sharpshooter. Daniels crawls to the ropes, Daniels kicks off Williams. Running STO by Daniels for a two count and Daniels drags Williams  to his feet. Williams elbows the shit out of Daniels, Daniels blocks The Canadian Destroyer while Williams blocks The Angel’s Wings with a hurricanrana. Williams has Daniels on the top rope, Daniels fights off Williams and nails a scoop slam. Daniels misses a crossbody, both men are down. Slugfest from both men, Daniels misses a chop, crucifix pin for two and a half. A-1 tosses a chain to Williams, Daniels also has chain though and nails Williams with the chain. One BME later and Daniels has put away Petey Williams.

Not a big fan of this match, the big reason is both men are heels. It is a tough-sell and rarely done for a reason. If you want to do this, you have to think you are turning one of the participants babyface. However, this match is not doing that, it is having two cheating dickhead heels go at it and the fans are in a tough spot because they do not know who to cheer. So, the match goes on and it is fine but there is no emotion or drama to it as the fans either sit on their hands or do duelling chants because that’s cool man. Finish made sense as Daniels is a heel so naturally, he should be a rule-breaking asshole and he outsmarted Williams. Williams’ selling for being hit with the chain was ridiculous though, you have to see it as Williams sits there and looks like he is no selling it before eating a BME.

Winner: Daniels over Williams via Chain Shot & BME!

(TNA/NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Raven © vs Abyss W/ James Mitchell (Dog Collar Match)

Raven entered TNA and claimed that the world championship was his destiny. Time after time, Raven could not get what he dreamt of most but it all changed at Slammiversary. Raven was able to capture the world championship in The King of The Mountain Match. Raven was a replacement for Jeff Jarrett in the match and Jarrett is pissed and wants his championship back. Honest to God, Jarrett has been nothing but an annoyance since I began covering these pay per views. I am so glad I get to see another main event which might only involve Jarrett for a brief few moments. We also have James Mitchell aka The Sinister Minister in the corner of Abyss. Mitchell would be like a father to Abyss and also, has a past with Raven so this match has a lot of interesting factors. The backstory, Jarrett, Raven vs Mitchell and of course, Rhino!

Raven punches Abyss before the monster knocks Raven to the ground. Irish whip and a back elbow by Abyss, Abyss grabs a chair within seconds. Abyss wedges the chair into the turnbuckle, Abyss big boots Raven to the floor. Raven begins throwing chairs at Abyss, Raven pulls Abyss into the wedged chair. What? That was so stupid-looking, Abyss just ran into the turnbuckle from the middle of the ring because Raven tugged the chain a little. Raven pulls out a table, Abyss recovers and teases a Chokeslam through the table. Raven fights out but Abyss elbows the champion and hurls Raven into the ring. Abyss places a chair on Raven and dives on the middle rope with a huge splash on Raven. Raven kicks out at two so Abyss plots his next cruel move.

Abyss places Raven on a pile of chairs, Abyss tries for the splash and Raven moves so Abyss breaks his ass on a pile of chairs. Abyss recovers to choke Raven with a chain, Raven uses the chairs to get Abyss off. Chair shot to the head by Raven, Raven has a staple gun. Raven staples a dollar bill to a bloody Abyss’ head. Make it two staples in the head, Raven and Abyss roll to the floor. Mitchell distracts Raven which allows Abyss to tug Raven into the ringpost. Raven is a bloody mess, Abyss drags Raven to the side of the stage where Abyss setups tables with the intent of destroying Raven. The two climb to the top of the stage, Abyss is setting up for a Chokeslam, Raven fights off Abyss and hits a knee lift that knocks Abyss through two tables.

Raven was walking down to the ring but Abyss yanks Raven and Raven crashes through a table. Abyss chokes Raven with the chain in a quite brutal image. Raven is dragged towards the ring. Meanwhile, Abyss pulls out another table which is placed against the ringpost. Abyss turns around and Raven spears Abyss through the table. Cover and a two count, jabs and a discuss clothesline by Raven. Clothesline and bulldog by the champion, Raven nails The Even Flow DDT but Abyss powers out at two! Raven clotheslines Abyss to the apron and Raven chokes the life out of Abyss. Mitchell has his cane and saves Abyss by whacking Raven to his knees. Abyss frees himself from the collar and gets a two count. Abyss grabs his back of thumbtacks from under the ring. Abyss rips the shirt off of Raven, good strategy from Abyss.

Abyss places Raven on the top rope and begins climbing. Cassidy Riley comes out of nowhere dressed like Raven. Abyss Chokeslams Riley through a table at ringside. Abyss continues pounding Raven in the corner before Raven powerbombs Abyss onto the tacks. Of course, Abyss kicks out. Black Hole Slam by Abyss and Raven kicks out of The Black Hole Slam. Raven nails The Even Flow DDT on the tacks to retain the championship. Here comes Jarrett with guitar in his hand, Rhino is in the ring and Rhino Gores the crap out of Raven. Swerve, shock, gasp and the pay per view goes off the air.

Well, that match was packing a whole lot of things going on but not necessarily for the better. I do think it was the right way to go, Abyss is not known for beautiful matches and neither was Raven so both men do what they do best and that is brawl, use weapons and put themselves through as many tables as possible. Not too keen on Riley’s interference, it led to absolutely nothing and the tack powerbomb was wasted because that is a huge bump but it was not even the finish. They went overkill with a DDT onto the tacks. Anyways, this match is like any hardcore match you would have seen in the WWF and if you don’t mind that sort of match well, this will be a fun match for you.

Winner: Raven over Abyss via Even Flow onto Thumbtacks!

That was TNA’s No Surrender 2005 and honestly, a pay per view that while was enjoyable, offered nothing of major importance. I did not feel I was seeing much from the number two promotion in America. There were interesting storyline developments with the continued with us or against us storyline involving BG James and The 3 Live Kru, Samoa Joe turning his sights to the X-Division Championship and Raven continuing to defy the odds despite TNA’s management’s best interests. However, the action in the ring for many of the matches on the night did not suck me in, I was not thinking at any point I was seeing something special.

The commentary of Tenay and West is starting to take its toll on me, the constant screaming cracks me up every time and sometimes, they will be so low and quiet at moments which would normally require screaming. West, by all accounts is awful (God bless him, he does improve by leaps and bounds in the next couple of years). What also bugs me is anytime a match finishes, they immediately cut away to the next segment. That is fine for a nothing match but when you cut away just when Waltman is accusing Jerry Lynn of screwing him or when Daniels beat Williams and we don’t see the reaction of Joe, it hurts the matches and the storylines because you are not letting anything sink in. I want to know what Konnan and Truth thought of BG walking away again, I want to know if Waltman knocked out Lynn, I want to know has Joe promises to kill Daniels.

That’s the end of my rant, I do not want to bore you fine people, thank you for joining me for another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, thank you for your continued support and remember, there is always another night!

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