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WWE Vengeance 2002 Review


Welcome one and all back to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews which guarantees to get your knickers in a twist every time we post! That’s right, we are back and back with a Vengeance! That being WWE’s Vengeance 2002 and possibly the worst pun of all-time. Anyways, WWE and 2002 were not getting along, the brand-split was proving awkward to manage and the stars were not forming naturally and the big names were not drawing. Stone Cold Steve Austin had left, walking out on the company due to differences with creative and this led to The Rock returning to the company. The Rock challenges The Undertaker for The Undisputed Championship with Kurt Angle thrown in because Angle is Angle. We also have the return of Chris Benoit to pay per view and some guy named John Cena? You never heard of him? Me neither so let’s rock!

Opening Promo

 Biblical quotes which describe the main event and the major angles going into tonight’s pay per view. Rock, Angle and Undertaker quote the same passage that Samuel Jackson quotes in Pulp Fiction and it ends. Decent stuff with Michael Cole and Tazz calling the first half of the pay per view, this was the beginning of the Smackdown commentators being incorporated onto pay per views. Before this, they would do brief setups to the Smackdown matches on pay per view while JR and Jerry Lawler called the action.

(Tag Team Table Match) Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley

Bubba Ray had helped Ric Flair defeat Eddie Guerrero at King of The Ring to help Eddie get out of the angle, Benoit had returned after a year out from a neck injury. Benoit and Spike begin, Benoit nails a back suplex, clothesline and a backbreaker on poor Spike. Spike reverses a hiptoss and tags Bubba, Benoit drop toeholds Bubba and Latino Heat comes in to put the boots to Bubba. Double back elbow to Bubba and cheap shot to Spike, clothesline by Benoit. Snap suplex by Benoit, tag to Guerrero. Guerrero stomps on Bubba before tagging in Benoit. Scoop slam and an elbow by Benoit.

Bubba smashes Guerrero off the apron but Benoit nails a German suplex. Guerrero slingshots and lays in some rights on Bubba’s face. Guerrero wrenches away at Bubba’s face. Benoit scores with a back body drop on Bubba, stomps by Benoit. Bubba fires back but the damage done by Benoit and Guerrero is too much, Guerrero chokes Bubba behind the referee’s back. Bubba clubs both Guerrero and Benoit but Benoit rakes the eyes. More stomps by Benoit, hard Irish whip and a cheap shot to Spike. Guerrero grabs a table, looking for the win. Guerrero eats a tope from Spike, Benoit smashes Spike into the barricade and the steel steps.

Bubba comes back at Benoit before Guerrero trips up Bubba and Benoit maintains control. Guerrero tees off on Bubba and sets up the table. Benoit and Guerrero prepare for a superplex through the table, Spike moves the table and punches Benoit and Guerrero. The table is placed in the corner, Guerrero and Benoit prepare to Irish whip Spike through the table. Bubba intercepts to tackle Spike to the ground, Bubba clotheslines Benoit twice. Back drop on Benoit and one for Guerrero. Sidewalk slam on Benoit, Guerrero is hurled off the top rope by Bubba. Double stomp by Spike on Benoit, Bubba nails Guerrero with punches and a huge elbow. What’s Up? headbutt by Spike and Bubba, Spike was going for a table but Benoit applies The Crippler Crossface. Bubba makes the save with a Samoan Drop on Benoit.

Bubba places Benoit on the table, Bubba tries for a senton and Benoit dodges the incoming Bubba. Guerrero elbows the bejesus out of Spike, headscissors takedown by Spike. Benoit clotheslines Guerrero to the floor by mistake. Spike tries reviving Bubba, Spike and Guerrero are fighting by a table. Guerrero is looking for a suplex, Spike blocks for a Dudley Dog through the table. That is one down and one to go for Spike and Bubba! Benoit picks up Spike right away and grabs a table. Spike tries a Dudley Dog, Benoit blocks and military press slams Spike through a table on the floor. Benoit and Bubba are the only two remaining in the match.

Bubba has a table setup, Benoit was looking for a German suplex but Bubba reverses for a Bubba Bomb through the table. Exciting fun match from The Raw Brand, Benoit looked great in the ring and the tag team of Benoit and Guerrero would be short-lived when they would move to Smackdown but I did enjoy their bullying of Spike and Bubba in this match. Table matches are always fun for the fans and it was a good choice of opener.

Winners: Spike & Bubba over Benoit & Guerrero via Bubba Bomb through the table!

Eric Bischoff Promo

Eric Bischoff and Stephanie Mcmahon had been unveiled as the mangers of Raw and Smackdown respectively, it was a big shock especially to see Bischoff on WWE tv after The Monday Night Wars and Bischoff being on the WCW side. You think of all people who would be blacklisted from WWE, it would be Bischoff but nope, you would be dead wrong. Anyways, Bischoff and Stephanie are competing for the services of Triple H. Triple H walks into Stephanie’s office to negotiate and Bischoff groans at the thought of losing Triple H.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Jamie Noble © W/ Nidia vs Billy Kidman

Kidman earned his opportunity by pinning the champion in a tag match, Noble is outwrestled by the quicker Kidman in the beginning, Noble powders and talks with Nidia. Headscissors takedown by Kidman, leg drop across Noble’s neck. Noble dodges a slingshot plancha, tosses Nidia into Kidman and nails a single arm DDT. Noble lawn darts Kidman shoulder first into the ringpost. Hammerlock northern lights suplex by Noble, Kidman is in a bad way as Noble continues weakening the arm of Kidman. Kidman battles back and goes for a spinebuster but the challenger’s arm gives out and Noble takes control by hurling Kidman into the ringpost. Hammerlock submission hold by Noble, Kidman battles back with one arm. Clothesline and a hurricanrana by Kidman. Nice dropkick and a fireman’s carry with Kidman using his knee to smash the head of Noble. Two count for Kidman.

Noble catches Kidman with a single arm DDT and a Fujiwara armbar, stomps to the head by Noble. Noble goes for a powerbomb and Kidman counters with a facebuster. Two count for Kidman, enzuigiri by Kidman. Kidman climbs for The Shooting Star Press, Noble climbs to the top to stop Kidman. Kidman drills Noble with a spinebuster Sky High like move for a close two count. Kidman goes for a tornado DDT, Noble hangs on to the ropes so Kidman hotshots Noble. Perfect setup for The Shooting Star Press, Kidman dives and Nobles dodges! La Magistral by Noble and a two count for the champion.

Noble stomps Kidman, Kidman slides out of a suplex. Noble nails a Tiger Bomb for the win. Good match that is hurt by an out of nowhere ending. Kidman sold the arm well throughout, Noble worked the arm throughout the match but the finish with the tiger bomb did not show the arm work that Noble had put into the match. So, a little disappointed by the finish but a good match overall.

Winner: Jamie Noble over Billy Kidman via Tiger Bomb!

(WWE European Championship Match) Jeff Hardy © vs William Regal

Hardy put himself on the map in WWE with a standout performance against Undertaker in a ladder match for The Undisputed Championship. It is a great Raw main event and Hardy was rewarded for his hardwork with the European Championship. Regal lost the title to Hardy and Regal has his rematch here tonight.

Regal shoulder blocks Hardy hard, Regal blocks a sunset flip and drives his knee into Jeff’s back. Irish whip in the corner by Jeff, Regal puts up a boot and Hardy is knocked down. Regal misses a knee drop and Jeff kicks the leg of Regal before nailing a jawbreaker. Hardy catapults Regal to the floor, Regal catches Jeff off a baseball slide, Hardy turns the move into a headscissors. Hardy runs up the barricade and looks for a crossbody. Regal ducks the oncoming Hardy, Whisper in The Wind by Hardy. Regal eats a mule kick from Hardy, leg drop to the groin by the champion. Hardy climbs to the top rope, Regal counters The Swanton Bomb with his knees. Half-nelson suplex by Regal gets a two count.

Regal backbreaker and a stiff kick by the challenger, Hardy floors Regal out of nowhere and rolls-up Regal for the win. What a quick match, not much to say about it, the ending was more abrupt than the last match’s finish. I cannot exactly call it bad considering it was over in a flash. Cole and Tazz put over Jeff Hardy as a huge deal, sad when you think Jeff would be out of the company before Wrestlemania.

Winner: Jeff Hardy over Regal via roll-up!

Jeff is put over even more!

Hardy shakes the hands of Flair and Hogan and they say that kid is the future of the company, endorsements do not come much bigger than Flair and Hogan. Hogan and Flair debate about Bischoff and Stephanie claiming it could be a great thing or bad thing. Sly digs at Bischoff and WCW throughout the segment.

Chris Jericho vs John Cena

Chris Jericho is facing young talent and it is not Chris Jericho from the last few years? Just kidding, Jericho could not beat Cena who debuted with ruthless aggression and slapped the shit out of Kurt Angle. Jericho seems to be at his most douche-looking, Cena walks to the ring and Jericho has a steel chair, Cena grabs the chair and wallops Jericho in the spine. Jericho vows to ends Cena’s career but can the rookie upset Jericho?

Hard Irish whips and a clothesline by Cena, Jericho powders with Cena in pursuit. Back elbow and spinebuster by Cena for a two count. Jericho hotshots Cena, back suplex and a dropkick to the back of the head by Y2J. Jericho is exposing the top turnbuckle, roll-up by Cena and the rookie gets a two. Jericho slaps and punches Cena, hard Irish whip by Jericho. Breakdown by Y2J, Jericho climbs up to the top rope, Cena catches Jericho off-guard and scores with a superplex. Two count for Cena, right hands by Cena. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Cena and another two, Jericho catches Cena running in for a splash with a dropkick to the ribs. Cena catapults Jericho onto the middle rope, Jericho looks for the dive and Cena nails a belly to belly.

Jericho outsmarts Cena but misses The Lionsault. Flashback by Jericho, Jericho uses the ropes for leverage but Cena powers out of the hold. Irish whip and bulldog by Y2J, Lionsault by Jericho. Jericho decides not to pin Cena, Jericho tries for The Walls of Jericho but Cena cradles Y2J.

A good showing for Cena, Jericho is at his best as a heel in my book. Jericho was over-confident and full of himself which led to the rookie gaining the big victory over the veteran. A timeless story that more often than not, does the trick. Cannot say much more about it but it looks good for Cena.

Winner: John Cena over Chris Jericho via Small Package!

Eric Bischoff Promo

A lawyer knocks on Stephanie’s door with a contract. Bischoff fears the worst as it looks like Triple H is going to sign for Smackdown!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) RVD © VS Brock Lesnar W/ Paul Heyman

Lesnar is going to Summerslam to face the undisputed champion. RVD would lose to Lesnar in The King of The Ring final and RVD is not happy about Lesnar winning the match. Good bit of history between Heyman and RVD, Heyman makes it very clear that RVD is Heyman’s creation and Lesnar is going to destroy that creation.

Lesnar shoves off RVD to begin the match, in steps RVD with punches. Lesnar grabs RVD and dumps RVD in his head, clubbing blows by Lesnar. RVD fires back with forearm shots and kicks, drop toehold and Lesnar eats the turnbuckle. Spinning heel kick and Lesnar is out on the floor, Lesnar shoulder thrusts RVD. RVD looks for the legs, dropkick to the knee and a dropkick to the face. Lesnar shoves off RVD who was looking for a back suplex. RVD dodges a clothesline from Lesnar, Lesnar is on the floor. RVD tries the slingshot plancha, Lesnar catches RVD.

 Lesnar is pushed into the ringpost by RVD, RVD tries an apron moonsault and Lesnar catches RVD once more. This time, RVD is powerslammed into the floor by Lesnar. Backbreaker in the ring by Lesnar, more clubbing blows by Lesnar. Another backbreaker by The Next Big Thing, belly to belly by Lesnar. RVD nails a step-over heel kick by RVD. Kick to the head by RVD, forearm shots by the champion. RVD was trying for a monkey flip but Lesnar overpowers RVD and hurls the champion to the floor. Lesnar rams RVD back first into the ring apron, RVD tastes the steel steps. Bearhug by Lesnar in the middle of the ring. Lesnar pushes RVD spine first into the corner, abdominal stretch by Lesnar.

Irish whip by Lesnar, RVD dodges Lesnar. Diving thrust kick by RVD, dropkick to the face by Van Dam. Slingshot leg drop by RVD and a leaping thrust kick from the top rope. Rolling Thunder and Lesnar powers out at two. Superkick by RVD and the champion is up top, Lesnar is right back up. Lesnar looks for The F-5, RVD counters for a DDT. Five Star Frog Splash by RVD, cover and Heyman pulls out the referee. Heyman saves Lesnar but the referee disqualifies Lesnar. Charles Robinson attacks  Heyman, Lesnar throws off Robinson and RVD goes after Lesnar. RVD is looking for The Van Terminator, Heyman holds onto RVD’s leg and Lesnar suplexes RVD on the steel chair before F-5ing RVD on the chair.

Good match with a finish that hurts neither man. RVD was rising so quickly in popularity and so different to everyone else on the roster in terms of style. RVD had Lesnar beat while Lesnar gets back his heat with The F-5 on the chair. I must say, early Lesnar can sell when he needs to in that ring. The kicks looked great as Lesnar would jump back for them while Lesnar throwing around other people is always fun. Brock was such a bully and time had been put into The Next Big Thing. Brock would either sink or swim in next month’s Summerslam.

Winner: RVD over Lesnar via DQ!

Stephanie & Bischoff

Triple H signed but it was divorce papers. Triple H will either go to Smackdown or Raw, Triple H continues to be an awkward babyface in the changing landscape of the WWE.

Big Show vs Booker T (No Disqualification Match)

Ah good old Big Show, my choice for biggest disappointment since debuting in the company. Booker T had joined The NWO before being kicked out by Shawn Michaels and was now a babyface alongside his comedic partner Goldust. Show had been doing a piss poor job of being a monster in The NWO before Shawn Michaels kicked out Show and the group crumbled with Hall’s release and Nash’s quad injury.

The match begins with Booker T throwing kicks at Show but Show catches a leg and throws Booker T to the ground, huge toss by Show. Booker is trying to shake Show, headbutt by Show. Club across the back by Show who steps across Booker’s back. Booker slides out of a scoop slam, enzuigiri by Booker. Clothesline by Show, chest slap and a clothesline to the floor by Show. Booker grabs a chair, Show blocks with his fist. Booker is rammed into the ringpost, Show sandwiches Booker against a ringpost. Booker dodges the second clothesline, Booker chops Show. Grabbing a cable, Booker chokes Show before battling by the Spanish announce table.

Booker drills Show with a monitor and climbs up on the other announce table. Booker runs across and puts Show through the Spanish announce table with a Scissors Kick. In the ring, Booker keeps kicking Show. Low blow and a Scissors Kick, Booker reels back the years with a Houston Hangover. Booker pins Show and wins the match.

That felt like a squash, Show got in a bit of offence but Booker dominated for the last portion of the match. Table spot was cool, thought it would be given more love or impact from the announcers but they quickly moved on from that. Harlem Hangover looks beautiful, Booker could not have nailed it more perfectly if he tried. Poor Show, I really do feel for the guy the more I watch him, I have never seen such a giant jobbed out so often.

Winner: Booker T over Big Show via Houston Hangover!

Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson at WWE New York

The two Smackdown Divas argue over the golden thong award which Torrie won and the main event. Torrie picks Rock and Dawn picks Undertaker. Torrie is obviously on the booking team….

Triple H chooses……

Triple H is a free agent but Eric Bischoff and Stephanie Mcmahon both want the exclusive services of Triple. Stephanie and Bischoff come out to make their pitches to The Game. Triple H likes neither one of the general managers and the tide turns when Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring and tells The Game that it is time to reform D-Generation X. Triple H was initially choosing Smackdown but HBK’s offer is quite enticing. Bischoff is beyond happy when Triple H chooses Raw, Bischoff rubs it in Stephanie’s face. Bischoff claims to have balls before Stephanie slaps the shit out of Bischoff.

Fine segment, nothing special. Nice to see HBK and Triple H back together, the idea of DX coming back was crazy as well but stranger things have happened in the WWE. Little did we know, there is something big coming around the corner for Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Triple H chooses Raw!

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Hulk Hogan © vs The Un-Americans

Hogan and Edge won the titles in a memorable match on Smackdown with Billy & Chuck. Edge’s stock continues to rise as he was paired with Hulk Hogan. The Un-Americans were not impressed by Mr. America Hulk Hogan and fellow Canadian Edge. The Un-Americans were getting a lot of tv time as Vince was a huge fan of the gimmick. Storm had a tough time since entering the WWE with little opportunities coming after his initial Intercontinental Championship reign. Christian had not been on pay per view since Wrestlemania so I’d say these two were glad to sink their teeth into this angle.

Hogan starts the match with Christian, huge Hogan chants. Hogan shoves Christian to the floor and Hogan invites Christian into the ring. Storm whacks Hogan from the apron, Christian jumps Hogan. Hogan takes a double suplex and is back up, double clothesline and double noggin knocker. Axe bomber by Hogan on Storm, right hands by Hogan. Corner clothesline by Hogan, tag to Edge. Edge hammers away on Storm, flapjack by Edge. Flying forearm and stomps in the corner by Edge, Christian pushes Edge off Storm behind the referee’s back. Calf kick by Storm and tag to Christian, right hands by Christian.

Backbreaker by Christian, cover and a two for Christian. Christian slaps on a sleeper, Edge fires up but Christian uses the hair to ground Edge. Edge dodges a second rope elbow from Christian, enzuigiri by Edge. Facebuster on an interfering Storm and a tag to Hogan. Hogan punches both Un-Americans, Christian dodges the big boot and nails a reverse DDT. Hogan hulks up, right hands to Storm and Christian. Big boot on Christian, Leg Drop and a cover. Storm drags off Hogan, Christian rakes the eyes. Storm hotshots Hogan and Storm measures Hogan for a Superkick. Christian mounts Hogan and pummels away at The Hulkster. Storm is legal, right hands to Hogan.

Christian chokes Hogan in the corner, Edge is with the referee while Hogan takes a beating. Double Irish whip, Hogan clotheslines Christian and Storm. Everyone is down except Edge, Hogan makes the tag to Edge. Right hands and back body drops by Edge, Spear in the corner on Christian and Storm. Edge O Matic on Storm, Christian makes the save and Hogan brawls with Christian on the floor. Edge Spears the referee as Storm leapfrogs Edge, Edgecution on Storm but there is no referee. Here comes Test, Hogan is out cold thanks to Test. Test annihilates Edge with a Big Boot, Storm covers but Edge kicks out at two. Rikishi and Test battle to the back.

Edge Spears Storm, the referee is with Christian. Here comes Jericho and Jericho nails Edge with the tag team championship. Storm covers Edge and the match is over.

That was another quick match, crowd was hot for Hogan and Edge. Jericho comes in and I believe would become a part of the group before things would go south and the group would be broken up. Christian and Storm did well, working with Hogan is easy and the match had a bit of drama going for it near the end with Test and Jericho interfering. Hogan has won only once on pay per view since returning to the WWE and would soon leave the company after putting over Brock Lesnar on an episode of Smackdown. So, I will say this much about Hogan. His match with The Rock was a classic, Hogan could not do a lot by this stage in his career, the matches after The Rock were nowehere near as good but the man still got huge reactions.

Winners: The Un-Americans over Hogan & Edge via Shenanigans!

(WWE Undisputed Championship Match) The Undertaker © vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle

Rock returned to WWE after Stone Cold took his ball and went home. Rock would be having problems with Undertaker the moment The Rock returned with a confrontation at the end of King of The Ring. In the meantime, Kurt Angle challenged Undertaker for the undisputed championship on Smackdown which ended in controversial fashion as Angle tapped out Undertaker at the same time Undertaker pinned Angle. Angle was added to the match and we have a triple threat for the championship. I love this promo package, The Rock was my favourite wrestler as a child so I was obviously in high spirits but the build-up had me intrigued and the package was just great stuff with all three men beating the crap out of one another.

Rock and Undertaker get in one another’s faces with Angle being the odd man out, Taker and Rock stomp all over Angle and Angle eats a big boot from Taker and a clothesline over the top by Rock. Taker jumps Rock, right hands to The Great One. Rock blocks the back body drop, mat slam by Rock. Irish whip and a leaping clothesline by Taker, Taker knocks Angle off the apron. Angle wipes out Taker by sending Taker into the steel steps, Angle drops Rock with a German suplex. Angle chokes Rock in the corner, hard chop by The Olympic Hero. Rock returns the favour with chops before Angle catches Rock with a belly to belly suplex.

 Irish whip into a belly to belly by Angle, Rock blocks the third and nails a DDT for two. Angle powders and Rock gives chase. Angle is rammed into the steel steps, Angle whips Rock into the barricade. Angle clotheslines Rock and Taker clotheslines Angle. Taker wallops Rock with thunderous rights, Taker stomps Rock. Slow measured right hands by Taker, Rock blocks and lays in shots to Taker but Taker sidewalk slams Rock for a two count. Taker attacks Angle and Rock nails Taker with a Chokeslam, Angle breaks up Rock-s pin-fall. Rock clotheslines Angle and applies The Ankle Lock to Angle. Angle escapes and Rock Bottoms Rock. Taker saves his championship by breaking up the pin-fall.

Angle was looking for The Angle Slam, Taker drills Angle with The Angle Slam. Rock breaks up the pin, Rock eats a back elbow from Taker. Rock kips-up, clothesline to Taker and Angle is thrown to the floor. Spinebuster on Taker and The People’s Elbow finds the mark. Angle drags out Rock and tries to steal the pin, Taker kicks out at two. Angle puts the boots to Taker, foot choke by The Olympic Hero. Taker corners Angle with big right hands, corner clothesline. Angle reverses an Irish whip but runs shoulder first into the ringpost, Taker smashes Angle up against the barricade. Angle tastes the ringpiost too, Rock sprays water in Taker’s face. Taker and Rock battle by the remaining announce table.

Taker pummels Angle who has been opened up by the ringpost. Apron leg drop by Taker, headbutt by The Deadman. Old School by Taker, cover and Rock makes the save. Right hands by Rock, running DDT by Taker. Rock kicks out at two and a half, Angle has a chair. Taker poised for a Chokeslam, Taker smacks the chair out of Angle’s hands. Angle is pinballed between Rock and Taker, Taker cannot connect with The Chokeslam. Low blow by Rock, Angle decimates Taker with a chair shot, Angle Slam on Rock. Angle is so beaten-up that he cannot capitalize right away. Taker kicks out after the chair shot and Rock kicks out of The Angle Slam. Angle measures Rock, Rock catches Angle’s leg, scores with a dragon screw leg whip and applies the sharpshooter.

Taker saves his title, The Last Ride on The Rock. Cover and Angle pulls off Taker for an Ankle Lock. Taker rolls through and kicks off Angle, Taker motions for The Last Ride. Angle grabs a triangle choke on Taker, Taker powers up Angle and drops Angle to the mat. However, Angle does not give up on the triangle choke, Taker is fading and Rock makes the save. Rock Bottom but no, Angle wiggles free and has The Ankle Lock. Rock rolls through for a victory roll, two count for Rock. Taker Chokeslams Angle, Rock scores with The Rock Bottom on Taker and Taker kicks out of The Rock Bottom.

Angle rolls-up Rock for a two count, big boot by Taker on Rock. Angle Slam on Taker by Angle, the straps are down and Angle is measuring Rock. Rock recovers and catches Angle with a Rock Bottom. Despite Taker’s efforts, The Rock pins Angle with The Rock Bottom.

An awesome main event, there may not have been much story but that final stretch of finishers and false-finishes was great. The crowd were so into the match and JR was selling this match like the greatest triple threat he had ever seen. Angle was tremendous, Rock was tremendous and Taker was too. I cannot tell you how much I loved the last five minutes of the match. So much drama, so much uncertainty and so much excitement. So, Rock comes back and walks away with the championship so we have our main event for Summerslam as Brock Lesnar takes on The Rock.

Winner: The Rock over Everyone Else via Rock Bottom!

That was WWE’s Vengeance 2002, a mostly average show with one or two noteworthy moments. The problem I had with this pay per view was that a lot of matches ended without establishing any sort of story, the matches finished before they ever got going. You think about the European Championship match, the Tag Team Championship match and Booker T vs Big Show, they were all over in a matter of minutes which made it hard to give them a proper rating.

Matches like Jericho vs Cena and Kidman vs Noble were good for the stories they told like Noble working the arm and Jericho being too arrogant and underestimating Cena. The main event was so much fun, it brought me back to watching the match live, the drama and excitement was great. This had been WWE’s best showing since the brand split, we will see next time if they could maintain the momentum heading into one of the big four pay per views, that being Summerslam. That’s been another review, thanks for reading and remember: There is always another night!

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