Wednesday 24 August 2016

Ruairi Reviews WWE Main Event January 5th 2016

Here at Seanomaniac Reviews we are always looking at expanding our content by reviewing as many shows as possible. We look forward to adding Smackdown and Raw Reviews each week so to keep those of you who follow the blog entertained, we thought we would take a look a Main Event, one of WWE’s many B Shows in the same vein as Heat, Jakked and Velocity etc. So enjoy this review of WWE Main Event, the first of 2016!This will also be the first review of Ruairi so be kind and keep this in mind as we have a new writer on board at Seanomaniac Reviews!

Opening Promo

The  Social Outcasts came out to talk about how they found a light which will bring them to the top of the top of the WWE. After about 5 minutes of rambling the Usos come to interrupt them. The Usos proceed to make fun of The Social Outcasts but Slater attacks the Usos which leads to a tag team match later in the night.

Titus O Neil vs Stardust

Titus hopes to start off 2016 with a big win over Stardust. Titus had defeated Stardust previously on Raw and it looks like another victory for him as he dominates in the early going. Stardust tries to get some momentum going by taking out the arms of Titus. The fans are behind Titus but Stardust stays on Titus. Titus counters and sends Stardust into the ring post and Titus starts to build momentum. Titus splashes Stardust and Titus gets him up for a Clash of the Titus. Titus covers Stardust for the victory. An average opener from both men. I think Titus should have sold the arms more but other than that the match was fine.

Tyler Breeze vs Zack Ryder

In 2015 Zack Ryder had spent most of his time in NXT teaming with Mojo Rawley but now 2016 is his time to shine. His challenger on the other hand Tyler Breeze hasn’t been on the main roster for very long. Maybe 2016 is the year of Prince Pretty. We get under way with Tyler Breeze getting control but not for long as Ryder with hip toss. Zack with a dropkick and a quick pin. Tyler kicks out and gets Ryder in the corner. Ryder is in trouble but he finds an opening and is destroying Breeze. He goes for the Broski Boot but Breeze rolls to the outside. Ryder gets him back in the ring for another Broski Boot but Ryder’s leg was pulled into the rope setting him up for an Unprettier by Tyler who gains a victory. I enjoyed the match. Tyler showed off his charisma and ability in the ring and Zack also put up a great fight.

The Usos vs Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

The Usos are out to prove that 2016 is the year of the Usos who also let’s not forget tag team of the year in 2015. The cocky Social Outcasts are sure that they are better than the Usos let’s see if they can prove themselves. Jey starts off by striking the shit out of Curtis. Tag to Jimmy and he hits a few elbows. Axel stomps on Jimmy in the corner. He tags in Bo but Jimmy counters and the Usos are back in control. Jey now has Bo but Bo hits a knee and slides out of the ring to do a victory lap. The Usos don’t seem happy and dive on to Bo and Curtis. A short break and Curtis is assaulting Jimmy. Bo now is legal and is making quick tags with Curtis. Slater gets a cheap shot while the referee is not looking. Jimmy is trying to get to Jey but Curtis has a sleeper hold on. Jimmy still can’t get the tag as Axel makes fun of the Usos. Another sleeper on Jimmy but he counters with a kick to the head of Curtis. Jey is in and he hits some brutal chops. Curtis comes and catches a superkick so does Bo. Uso Splash is coming up but Slater distracts Jey. Bo goes for a roll up but Jey counters it into another roll up to get the victory. I think this was a good match. Its shows that the Usos are not a team to be taking lightly going into 2016.

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