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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 31: WWF King Of The Ring 2000 Review

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Welcome one and all back to the Journey Through The Attitude Era with thrills, spills and everything in between, that’s right, the WWF at its finest in many people’s opinion so let’s take a look at another pay per view and analyse why the WWF would so damn entertaining during this time period. Tonight’s stop is King Of The Ring 2000! Ah yes, The King Of The Ring one of the all-time great concepts that WWE got rid of because they are stupid idiots (Thanks Jericho for the catchphrase). It was possibly everyone’s favourite B pay per view before Money In The Bank. The concept was simple, an elimination tournament with the winner receiving a title match for the WWF Championship in the near future. The likes of Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin had benefited massively from winning while the likes of Mabel and Ken Shamrock not so much. Regardless, everyone loves tournaments so we have to look forward to but wait, it is not over yet as we have The WWF Championship on the line in a six man tag as we will see the climax to the awful Mcmahon-Helmsley Regime as Undertaker, Kane and The Rock team up to take on Triple H, Shane Mcmahon and Mr. Genetic Jackhammer Vince Mcmahon.
Opening Promo

Great promo detailing the importance of King Of The Ring with flashbacks and an introduction to our superstars. No clear winners here for me as Benoit, Jericho Rikishi and Kurt Angle are all over and have great chances of winning. The other half of the promo details how Vince is a mad man for making this match as the odds are certainly in the favour of the challengers as opposed to Triple H, The Boss’ son in law. JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action emanating from Boston.

Rikishi vs Chris Benoit (King Of The Ring Quarter Final)

This was Too Cool’s highest point as Rikishi is intercontinental champion and Too Cool are the tag team champions. This match could go either way as Benoit is a great heel and Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit is a match I would not mind seeing for a third straight pay per view. Benoit had lost his championship to Rikishi so Benoit starts by unloading on the big man. Big mistake as Rikishi knocks Benoit around with punches and a samoan drop and a whip into the steel steps for good measure. Benoit german suplexes Rikishi (Holy Shit!).

 Benoit kicks away at Rikishi before applying a standing crossface wearing down Rikishi. Benoit throws some knife edge chops, Rikishi reverses Benoit but misses a big splash in the corner. Crossface by Benoit on Rikishi, Rikishi makes it to the ropes but Benoit snaps and grabs a chair. Benoit is out for revenge and smashes Rikishi in the face for the DQ. Rikishi advances but Benoit takes out the arm of the Intercontinental Champion. Short, too short for a rating but it tells a story which I like, Benoit was so frustrated over losing his championship that he lost his head and just saw red when he saw Rikishi so Benoit made the big man pay big time.

Winner: Rikishi over Benoit via DQ!

Eddie Guerrero W/ Chyna vs Val Venis W/ Trish Stratus (King Of The Ring Quarter Final)

We cut to the back showing us that Vince Mcmahon is anything but cool as Vince Mcmahon is under pressure from his wife and his partners. Vince insists that he is fine but we all know Mcmahon is sweating bullets. Val had assaulted Eddie on Smackdown with a nightstick. Val Venis had his terrible dance remix of his theme music but at least he has Trish with him. Val shoves Eddie before the bell, trying to intimidate Eddie. Val smashes Eddie with right hands and boots in the corner, foot choke by Val. Hard Irish whip and a low dropkick from Guerrero, spinning calf kick by Eddie. Val fires back on Eddie with chops, Eddie counters with a monkey flip to the floor, knife edge chops from Eddie. Val turns the tide by dropping Eddie on the barricade, Val throws Eddie into the ring but Eddie catches Val as Val climbs to the top rope.

 Superplex from Eddie, European Uppercut by Latino Heat, followed by a drop toe hold and a nice submission move by Eddie. Val fights out with a rake to the eyes, Eddie corners Val smashing Val into the turnbuckle with dropkicks. Backslide by Eddie, two count for Eddie. Flapjack by Val wipes out Eddie, another rake to the eyes and elbows from Val Venis. Backbreaker and submission by Venis, Eddie counters Val with a hurricanrana and a back suplex. Eddie is feeling froggy and climbs to the top, Eddie leaps over Val as Val dodges. Spinebuster by Val and Val tries for the Money Shot, Eddie blocks with his knees up, La Magistral cover by Eddie gives a two count. Val tries for a backslide, Eddie momentarily blocks until Val secures a Russian legsweep. Val tries using the ropes to beat Eddie but Guerrero battles back.

 Eddie crotches Val on the top rope, hurricanrana by Eddie. Trish climbs to the apron but Chyna drags down Trish, Val grabs the head of Chyna, Chyna smashes Val and Eddie goes for the school boy, two count for Latino Heat. Eddie gets caught by Val who steals the win with a Fisherman Suplex. Good match from these two with both their managers being over with the crow. Eddie was so awesome here even if he was in the ring for a brief amount of time.

Winner: Val Venis over Eddie Guerrero due to Fisherman Suplex!

Crash vs Bull Buchanan (King Of The Ring Quarter Final)

We are treated to Pat Patterson selecting his dress for tonight’s evening gown match (Excuse me while I have a nice cold shower). The Houdini of Hardcore had a cinderella story going into the King Of The Ring as he kept getting the wins over the bigger men. Bull, I believe had broken up with Big Bossman by the time of this match so poor Bull was directionless again in his WWF career. Crash keeps attacking Bull who promptly swats Crash away like an annoying fly, gorilla press slam and clothesline by Bull. Two backbreakers by Big Bull. Bull hurls Crash into the turnbuckle, hard Irish whip on Crash. Illegal choke in the corner by Bull, vertical suplex by Bull and a two count for Bull Buchanan. Double ax handle and right hands by Crash Holly, big boot by Bull. Crash fights back up but Bull stops everything with his big knee, Crash counters a slam into a small package. Two count for Crash before Bull says it is over, flapjack by Bull. Bull sets up for his Scissor Kick but it is Crash who gets the last laugh dodging the kick and getting pinned by The Houdini Of Hardcore. The Cinderella story continues as Crash steals another victory, I like the story so far!

Winner: Crash over Bull via roll- up!

Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle (King of The Ring Quarter Final)

Classic Vince and Linda segment as Linda messes with the head of Vince as Vince loses his cool as Linda questions Vince’s manhood. Vince says screw you Linda, I can get this done and we shall defeat The Rock, Undertaker and Kane. Linda outsmarts Vince as Vince guarantees there will be no interference for The Mcmahons, they will go it alone against their opponents. Kurt and Chris take turns cutting promos before Kurt decides to kill Y2J for his remarks, Jericho is caught in a belly to belly by Angle, two count for The Olympian. Jericho swats Angle with a forearm, knife edge chops and a missile dropkick for two.

 Bulldog by Jericho and a Lionsault, Angle puts his foot on the rope to stay alive in this match. Springboard dropkick by Y2J, right hand by Jericho followed up by knife edge chops. Angle turns the tide by hiptossing Jericho into the crowd. Jericho is Irish whipped into the steel steps, floatover suplex and pin. Two count for Angle, sleeped hold applied by Angle, Jericho battles back. Backbreaker and it is a two count for Jericho. Catapult by Angle, back suplex and a two count for The Olympian. Clothesline by Angle, two count and Angle is frustrated. Angle chokes Jericho in the corner with his boot, Jericho is caught with a German Suplex. Another two count for Kurt, right hand by Angle but Jericho lures Angle in, Jericho’s advantage does not last as Kurt nails Jericho with a boot.

 Angle taunts for too long though, dropkick by Jericho and Jericho nails a frankensteiner. Jericho hammers away, reverse elbow by Y2J. Spinning heel kick by Y2J, two count for Jericho. Jericho attempts the bulldog and Kurt knocks down Jericho. Angle attempts an Olympic Slam, Jericho counters into The Walls Of Jericho. Stephanie runs down to ringside while Jericho makes Angle tap. The referee is distracted and misses the tap, the referee is knocked out by Y2J accidently. Stephanie nails Angle accidently with the women’s championship, Jericho kisses Stephanie but Angle gets the last laugh as Angle scores with The Angle Slam. Good competitive match between these two young rising stars, Jericho remains strong as he got the visual tap on Angle.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Chris Jericho via Angle Slam!

(WWF Tag Team Championship 4 Way Elimination Match) Too Cool © vs Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs T&A

Before this match, we see Mick Foley in WWF New York celebrating with the fans as Foley has his buzzcut which looks so strange and soon Mick will be back on our screens as The Commissioner. Edge & Christian make fun of some of Boston’s hometown heroes as they make fun of some sporting moment involving a Boston player in a World Series (Sorry for the poor explanation, I’m Irish). Scotty enters the ring wearing the championship upside down (A Rib or intentional ?). Jeff Hardy and Albert kick us off, Jeff avoids a gorilla press slam but eats a big back body drop. Albert decimates Hardy’s leg with a huge kick. Albert tries for a second gorilla press slam but fails again as Jeff Hardy lands on his feet and dropkicks Albert. Jeff outruns Albert and tags in Matt, tag team move by The Hardys floors Albert. 

Trish distracts Matt allowing Albert to get back in the match, tag to Test and Matt is flattened with a double flapjack. Test nails the big boot and throws haymakers at Matt, Matt counters a pumphandle slam. Matt was going for a Twist of Fate, Trish distracted Matt again but Lita takes out Trish. Test grabs Lita by the hair, Lita slaps Test and  Matt nails a twist of fate. Test recovers and pumphandle slams Matt taking the cover. Meanwhile, Jeff Swanton Bombs onto Test and Matt steals a pin while Jeff takes out Albert. T&A have been eliminated!

Scotty is in the ring with Jeff Hardy, side headlock by Scotty, Jeff fights out but Scotty nails a shoulder block, right hands by Scotty. Jeff catches Scotty in the corner with a boot, Scotty counters with a flapjack. Christian blind tags Scotty, Jeff tags Matt. Scoop slam by Matt on Christian, Matt drops the leg and tags in Jeff. Double team move coming up by The Hardys Poetry in Motion and double suplex by our multi-coloured hair duo. Christian assaults Jeff behind the referee’s back, Edge applies the sleeper.

 Malfunction at the junction as Jeff and Edge double clothesline on another. Jeff is laid out by Christian distracting the referee. Lita takes advantage with a hurricanrana on Edge. Two count for The Hardys, the match breaks down with Matt getting the tag, Matt nails The Twist Of Fate on Christian but Matt cannot capitalize as Edge distracts both Hardys long enough to allow Christian to recover and score with the Unprettier on Matt. The Hardy Boyz are eliminated!

Sexay comes in and neckbreakers Edge, dancing missile dropkick by Grandmaster before tagging in Scotty. Scotty and Sexay nail Edge before punching out Christian, Scotty is nailed in the back by Christian. Spinning Heel Kick by Edge, Christian is in and badly dances in front of Sexay. Neckbreaker by Christian drops Scotty, Edge is in for a moment before Christian takes over with some stiff chops to Scotty. Scotty catches Christian with an elbow, Christian makes the tag while Scotty also makes the tag. Sexay comes in and slams both Edge & Christian, dropkick to Edge lands Edge tied up in the ropes. Sexay catapults Edge into Christian knocking Christian to the floor. Grandmaster Sexay owns both Edge & Christian as Sexay powerbombs Edge for a two count. Double noggin knocker as Sexay runs off the ropes.

 Double flapjack by Edge & Christian. Edge & Christian attempt The Worm but Scotty thwarts their plans and Scotty nails The Worm on Edge. Christian grabs a tag belt and tries nailing Sexay. Sexay sees the move coming and superkicks Christian out of the ring. Sexay nails the hip hop drop on Edge but Christian comes back with the tag championship and smacks Sexay over the head. We have new champions in Edge & Christian. Good match from the four teams with Edge & Christian being the star heels of the match. Unfortunate to see Too Cool’s reign cut short since they were so over and that this would be their peak but Edge & Christian are great heels and you could make a legitimate case for those two being champions.

Winners: Edge & Christian over Everyone Else due to Shenanigans!

Rikishi vs Val Venis W/ Trish Stratus (King Of The Ring Semi-Final)

No love lost between these two as Rikishi and Val had brawled all over Smackdown for the past number of weeks. Rikishi is favouring his right arm as Benoit had mangled Rikishi’s arm earlier in the night. Rikishi starts out strong, taking Val to the outside and dropping a leg drop on Val. Val kicks Rikishi in the head and scores with a single arm DDT. Arm wringer by Val and rights in the corner, kicks to the mid-section by Val before Val slams Rikshi’s arm into the ringpost.

 Rikishi and Val duke it out in the centre of the ring, second single arm DDT by Val. Val goes to the top rope, Rikishi blocks The Money Shot and Rikishi picks up the win with a belly to belly suplex. Trish tries choking out big Kish. Bad idea, Rikishi shakes Trish off and Rikishi plans dropping his big old ass on Trish’s chest but Val saves the day with a low blow. Val grabs the steel steps and smashes Rikishi in his injured shoulder. For the second time in the night, Rikishi’s arm has been weakened. Val continues the punishment with a chair shot on Rikishi’s arm.

Winner: Rikishi over Val via DQ!

Crash vs Kurt Angle (King Of The Ring Semi-Final)

Side headlock by Crash taking down Kurt Angle, lock up and Angle with the advantage, pinning hold by Angle, Crash nails a powerslam, forearm shots from Crash rock Angle. Arm trap suplex by Kurt, stomps to the mid-section of Crash. Choke with the foot by Angle, right hands by Angle. Corner clothesline and a floatover suplex for a two count.

 Sleeper hold by Angle, Crash takes the right hands from Angle and keeps coming back for more. Stomps by Crash, back drop by Crash, rough landing for Angle. Corner clothesline by Crash and Crash scores with a missile dropkick. Two and a half for Crash, Kurt flapjacks Crash and Angle Slam ends the match. Crash’s Cinderella story is over. Quick match, was fine.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Crash via Angle Slam!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Evening Gown Match) Gerald Brisco vs Pat Patterson ©

Surreal to see Donal Trump in the crowd at Madison Square Garden with Jerry Lawler making jokes about Trump running for President. (The King has great foreshadowing). Kane and Undertaker cuts promos about being the WWF Champion, both men want it bad and we shall see who comes out on top. Now to this diabolical piece of poo. Brisco had captured the WWF Championship from Crash Holly, Patterson helped his buddy Brisco before smashing a beer bottle over Brisco’s head. Patterson hid in the women’s locker room so Brisco dressed up as a woman to get the Hardcore Championship back. Thanks to Vince Mcmahon, we have the first ever Hardcore Evening Gown Match.

 Brisco, a great wrestler in his time while Patterson was the first ever Intercontinental Champion, this is ridiculous and more than likely a huge rib on Patterson who we all know as a gay man. According to Rikishi, there was supposed to be a bra and panties match between Trish Stratus and Lita on the card but this was booked instead and we are all better off because of it aren’t we? Brisco brings a 2x4 while Patterson brings some toilet paper and teddy bears as weapons. Patterson says we should all be friends before kneeing Brisco in the balls. Patterson grabs a banana and shoves it down Brisco’s throat (Do not even make that joke). Patterson winds up for a Stinkface but first, he pulls a maxi pad out to attack Brisco. Brisco blocks the Stinkface and Brisco battles back to a vertical base.

 Hard Irish whip by Brisco and a Bronco Buster, crowd is booing this “athletic contest”. It is funny looking back because we thought all Attitude Era stuff was passable due to everyone being over but the crowd shit on this hard. Crash saves the show by killing both old men and smashing Patterson with a trash can to capture the Hardcore Championship. DUD!

Winner: Crash Holly by stealing the pin!

(Tag Team Table & Dumpster Match) The Dudley Boyz vs DX W/ Tori

Bubba wants to plant Tori through a table, The Dudleys are out for the blood of X-Pac and Road Dogg. Brisco and other DX members had saved Tori in the past. Tori had driven Bubba and D-Von through tables with dives while DX strapped The Dudleys into a dumpster and sent them flying off of the Smackdown Stage. Thus, we have this match, I believe the rules are you most put the opposing team through tables (Both Members) and only then, can you place the opposing team in the dumpster and win this match. Road Dogg jumps Bubba from behind, Irish whip by Bubba, Road Dogg dodges but runs into a boot from Bubba. Clothesline from the second rope by Bubba, tag to D-Von.

 Spinning reverse elbow by D-Von, Road Dogg catches D-Von and makes the tag to X-Pac. X-Pac and D-Von trade blows until D-Von nails a clothesline. Road Dogg cheap shots D-Von from the apron allowing X-Pac to score with the spinning heel kick. X-Pac smashes D-Von into the corner, tag to Tori who kicks D-Von right in the ribs. In comes Road Dogg who brawls with D-Von, tag to X-Pac. D-Von turns the tide with a double clothesline, Bubba is in the ring, double clothesline by Bubba, Bubba Bomb on Road Dogg. Sidewalk slam on X-Pac, What’s up headbutt on Road Dogg. Make it two as X-Pac tastes the headbutt. Tori is in the ring and it is time for Tori to take the headbutt. D-Von and Bubba simulate (well you know.. I refuse to write it but you know).

 DX send The Dudleys into the dumpster, Bubba and D-Von are rammed repeatedly into the Dumpster. Bubba & D-Von are placed in the dumpster but the referee is distracted with Tori, X-Pac and Road Dogg grab the referee but The Dudlesy sneak out the back of the dumpster. The Dudleys have outsmarted DX and crack X-Pac and Road Dogg over the head with steel chairs. Bubba and D-Von do some rearranging and we have Bubba planting Road Dogg through the table with a vicious powerbomb. Road Dogg is out of this match, X-Pac is all alone but X-Pac continues fighting. X-Pac has his own table, D-Von eats a spinning heel kick while Bubba is falttened with a back suplex. X-Pac lays D-Von on the table, Bubba saves D-Von and D-Von suplexes X-Pac through the table. Tori is all alone with The Dudleys, Tori dives into the dumpster to save herself. Road Dogg and X-Pac are back on their feet and they smash The Dudleys over the head with chairs. The Dudley Boyz have fallen into the dumpster with Tori. DX win but X-Pac cannot find Tori, The Dudleys are back on their feet. X-Pac tries saving Tori. Bad Idea because it is 3D Time!

 Road Dogg tries to save Tori but it is 3D for Road Dogg too. Tori seems to have hurt her shoulder, it is dangling by her side but Tori’s nightmare is not over. Powerbomb through the table by Bubba Ray. That was a fun match wasn’t it ? Chair shots to the head make me cringe nowadays knowing the damage they do, a few table bumps are always entertaining and Bubba finally drove Tori through a table. Good fun which made the fans happy.

Winners: DX over The Dudley Boyz via Chair shots into the dumpster!

Kurt Angle vs Rikishi (King Of The Ring Final)

Rikishi’s arm is all bandaged up, Rikishi’s arm had been targeted by Benoit and Val Venis. Chair shots and steel steps have taken their toll on the big man but Rikishi vows Kurt Angle will lose this match. Angle goes right after Rikishi on the entrance ramp, Rikishi rocks Kurts’ world with some mean rights and a scoop slam. Clothesline in the corner by Rikishi, could be Stinkface time, Kurt low blows Rikshi saving himself from the dreaded move. Clothesline by Kurt, right hands in the corner by Kurt Angle. Rikish rolls out of the ring, Irish whip by Angle send Rikishi smashing into the steel steps. More right hands by Angle, Irish whip and corner clothesline by Kurt.

 Rikishi starts throwing lefts but Kurt takes back control with a rake to the eyes. Rikishi battles back with one arm, corner clothesline and a samoan drop. Rikishi really selling the arm injury, diamond cutter like move by Rikishi. Does not get the job done as Rikishi’s arm is in tremendous pain. Stinkface by Rikishi, Angle turns serious and Angle Slams Rikishi but Rikishi kicks out! JR puts it over big as nobody has ever kicked out of The Angle Slam. Angle attempts the sunset flip but Rikishi sits and squashes Kurt. Rikishi was thinking Banzai Drop but Kurt Angle recovered quickly and scores with a belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Impressive is all I can say as Kurt scores the victory with the belly to belly from the top rope. No ceremony for the champion or presentation but Angle makes up for it by crying and screaming Woo while blowing kisses to all the fans.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Rikishi via top rope belly to belly suplex!

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock/ Undertaker/Kane vs Shane Mcmahon/Vince Mcmahon/ Triple H © (6 Man Tag Match)

The Rock, Kane and The Undertaker all want the gold, they are teammates in this match but Vince Mcmahon believes that The Rock’s team will fall apart as each man wants to be The WWF Champion. Triple H has Shane and Vince on his team but Triple H does not have to be pinned to lose the WWF Championship. No Kid Rock on The Network, I am treated to American Badass music from 2002/2003. (Copyright is a bitch). Kurt Angle is watching this match with intent from the backstage area, The Mcmahons are full of dissension as they have a fight over who will start the match. Shane opts to begin and cheap shots Kane. Kane allows Shane to have one free shot, the free shot has no effect.

 Shane throws lefts at Kane which Kane absorbs and twists the hand of the boy wonder. Two-handed choke toss by Kane, Shane continues running from Kane. Undertaker catches Shane and tosses him into Kane. Thunderous clothesline by Kane, military press slam by The Big Red Machine. Vince saves Shane from The Chokeslam, both Mcmahons are clotheslined by Kane. Rock tags himself in, Rock tells Triple H to Juts Bring It. Triple H bides his time which allows Shane to cheap shot The Rock. Shoulder thrusts by Shane, Rock punches Shane repeatedly in the corner. Undertaker tags himself in as Rock tosses Shane to the floor. Elbows in the corner by Undertaker, Shane slumps in the corner. Chokeslam by Undertaker, Rock breaks up the pin. Triple H drags Shane to the corner and tags himself in. Undertaker overpowers Triple H, right hands and a back body drop, massive clothesline and big boot combination by The American Badass.

 Huge DDT by Undertaker, Kane saves Triple H. Undertaker & Kane have words before Rock tags himself into the match. Rock cheap shots Triple H and Vince before Rock is sent flying over the top rope where The Mcmahons put the boots to The People’s Champion. Undertaker brawls with Shane while Kane and Vince square off, The Game is left with The Rock by the announce table. Clothesline by Triple H floors Rock. Swinging neckbreaker by The Rock, Triple H dodges Rock and nails The Pedigree. Undertaker breaks up the pin off The Pedigree (Taker was late and it looked sloppy so Rock kicked out). Rock and Triple H are both beaten but Triple H shakes off the assault from The Rock and begins dismantling The Rock. Kicks by Shane O Mac and a reverse elbow, Shane lays in the left hands to the face of The Rock. Shane gets too cocky though as Rock beats down Shane before a Triple H cheap shot turns the tide.

 Vince is in, right hand to The Rock. Vince immediately tags out as The Game suplexes The Rock, vicious knee drop to the head of The People’s Champion. Triple H climbs to the top rope but it does not pay off, Rock battles back but Triple H nails a neckbreaker. Big right hand to the face of The Rock by Vince Mcmahon. Rock blocks Vince’s shot before Vince low blows Rock to regain the advantage, Triple H is in the ring. Rock and Triple H slug it out, Rock Samoan drops The Game, the match breaks down as Kane and Undertaker brawl with The Mcmahons. Triple H lands a facebuster on The Rock while Kane lays out Undertaker, Rock scores with a spinebuster on Triple H, Rock’s People’s Elbow is blocked by his partner Kane, Kane Chokeslams The Rock! Triple H and Kane act like best buddies as Kane sends Triple H to hell with a tombstone. Undertaker blocks Kane from winning the championship.

 Undertaker grabs a chair from ringside and smacks Kane. After that, Undertaker chokeslams Shane Mcmahon from the top rop through the announce table (Crazy spot). In the ring, Vince decides he wants all the glory as Vince attempts The People’s Elbow. Rock gets to his feet and plants Vince with A Rock Bottom before pinning Vince for the WWF Championship. Hard to rate this one, Shane and Vince really did not add to this match which is surprising for Shane because he usually does steal the show in his matches. That being said, Shane took a hell of a bump that often comes up in hardcore moments and Attitude Era compilations.

 However, Kane and Undertaker did not oppose that much of themselves in this match. The Rock worked the majority of the match, there is nothing wrong with that but it makes me wonder would it have been the worst idea in the world to have a fatal four way between Rock, Undertaker, Kane, and Triple H for the championship or one more final confrontation between The Rock and Triple H? We will never know but the match was entertaining to say the least with The Rock taking his rightful place at the top of the mountain.

Winner: The Rock over Everyone Else via Rock Bottom!

So that is another chapter written on a journey through The Attitude Era, thank you so much for the continued support and stay tuned for more as next time, I will be taking a look at WWF’s Fully Loaded 2000. King of The Ring had a lot of matches that were short so they could fit in all the tournament matches. It was hard to rate many of those matches including the final due to their length but the concept is what carries The King Of The Ring so on that basis, King Of The Ring was a very good show!

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