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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 29: WWF Insurrextion 2000 Review

Welcome one and all back to the Journey Through The Attitude Era with thrills, spills and everything in between, that’s right, the WWF at its finest in many people’s opinion so let’s take a look at another pay per view and analyse why the WWF would so damn entertaining during this time period. Tonight’s stop is WWF Insurrextion 2000, WWF’s first pay per view of the year live from the UK. Triple H has lost his WWF Championship to The Rock and tonight, Shane and Triple H would have their shot at The Rock in a triple threat for the championship. Could Rock survive or would the Mcmahon-Helmsley Regime come to blows?

Opening Promo

Three men, one championship who is going to walk away with the gold? Would it be The Game? Would it be Shane or would The Rock retain the WWF Championship? Short promo as JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action.

Too Cool vs The Radicalz(Malenko & Saturn)

On commentary, JR teases that there may be conflict between Shane and Triple H as to who will pin The Rock to win the championship(This is important and will be played up more during the show). Radicalz jump Sexay, miss of a double clothesline. Sexay powerslams Saturn, tag to Scotty, double neckbreaker and elbow on Saturn. Right hands by Scotty, Saturn takes the air out of Scotty with a reverse elbow. Malenko is in, side Russian legsweep by Malenko, right hand and tag to Saturn. Double reverse elbow on Scotty, cheap shot to Sexay, Saturn wears down Scotty with a low blow. Second cheap shot to Sexay, double clothesline. Back suplex is blocked by Scotty who rolls up Malenko. Saturn pulls out the referee as Scotty had Malenko beat.

 Malenko and Saturn have words as Saturn shoves down his partner(there had been a few moments of tension between The Radicalz). Malenko is crotched by Scotty, right hands and a superplex by Scotty. Tag to Sexay, scoop slams to both Saturn and Malenko. Leaping double clothesline by Sexay, superkick on Malenko, Scotty nails the facebuster. It is time, the greatest move of our generation, Double Worm! Saturn pairs off with Scotty, Malenko with Sexay, Saturn accidently knocks down Malenko, classic comedy spot where Malenko falls head first into Saturn’s groin. 

Sexay scores with the hip hop drop and it is all over. Good choice for opener, super over with the crowd and Too Cool were close to peaking at this point as they would soon win the tag team championships. Saturn and Malenko break up The Radicalz as both men fight one another. Would have been good if they had plans for either man but The Radicalz would later reform in the year. Unfortunately for Malenko, he was winding down in the ring and with no credible light heavyweight division, Malenko’s taste of a push was all but dead.

Winners: Too Cool over The Radicalz via Hip Hop Drop!

Bull Buchanan vs Kane W/ Paul Bearer

Vince cuts a promo before the match proclaiming, that The Rock would not have beaten Triple H one on one in a fair match, the odds are in the favour of The Mcmahons and Vince simply states that the winner will be a Mcmahon family member which raises the question who is he backing? His son-in-law or his son? Bull cheap shots Kane, big clothesline by Kane.

 Story is that Bull smashed Kane’s arm with a chair on Raw and Kane I angry naturally enough. Kane uppercuts Bull on the outside and back body drops Bull. Bull lands on his feet and DDTs Bull. Kane sits up, Bull does his athletic jump to the top rope, scissor kick and Kane is right back up. Bull’s right hands have no effect, Bull is smashed by Kane, big boot by Kane. Bull jawbreakers Kane but moments later, he dives into a chokeslam and it is over. Quick match, nothing to really say about the match.

Winner: Kane over Bull via Chokeslam!

Road Dogg W/ Tori vs Bradshaw

Oh sweet Jesus, a Road Dogg singles match(Avert your eyes dear child!) I have made my feelings clear on Road Dogg and singles matches before, he has his punches and knee drop, that is all. His finish is the pumphandle slam but I cannot tell you anyone who he has beaten with that move. This formula works well in a tag match as Billy Gunn would unleash hell after Road Dogg sold. But Road Dogg by himself, is awfully boring. Tori looks great though, shorts are really high showing off her ass. Bradshaw takes out Road Dogg in a matter of seconds, Faarooq double teams with Bradshaw and is sent to the back. Road Dogg continues smashing Bradshaw in the back, club across the back by Bradshaw.

 Suplex by Bradshaw, floatover and a two count for The Big Texan. Big kicks by Bradshaw, hard Irish whip and a swinging neckbreaker. Road Dogg fires up and Bradshaw flattens the DX member. Knees in the corner, Road Dogg boots Bradshaw and scores with a DDT. Powerbomb attempt is blocked by Road Dogg, he dropkicks Bradshaw before Bradshaw comes back with a spear. Jabs from the Road Dogg, Bradshaw is still on his feet, flying forearm and knee drop. Bradshaw nails the Clothesline From Hell, Tori distracts Bradshaw, roll up by Road Dogg only two.

 Road Dogg nails the pumphandle slam and WINS CLEAN?? What??? I am in shock, I cannot believe it. I do not know what to say, I am at a loss for words.

Winner: Road Dogg over Bradshaw via roll-up!

(Arm Wrestling Match) The Kat W/ Mae Young vs Terri W/ Fabulous Moolah

So this feud continues from Mania, Terri had messed with Kat’s hair conditioner which led to The Kat wearing a number of wigs including green, red and white to cover up that the hair had supposedly fallen out. If you are wondering, Stephanie is the women’s champion and the title is dormant.

 They lock up with Terri pulling the classic heel routine where she will not lock up for a variety of reasons. Terri has to do stretches and drink some water, accuses The Kat of cheating, the usual heel shtick. Kat begins playing mind games with Terri. Terri spits in the face of Kat trying to win but Mae poors water all over Terri and The Kat wins. DUD simple T&A. How did they continue for 6 months?

Winner: The Kat over Terri!

Rikishi & Showkishi vs The Dudley Boyz

I assume The Dudleys were in a slow burn towards a face turn as they were being cheered despite putting women through tables because Vince thought that would make them great heels(Silly Vince). So before facing DX, The Dudleys must take on Rikishi and the new persona of The Big Show, Showkishi. D-Von punches Show but it has no effect on the big man, big boot by Show. Elbow to the back of the head of D-Von, clothesline in the corner by Show. Double headbutt by Rikishi and Show, Rikishi and Bubba now brawl.

 Samoan drop by Rikishi on Bubba, D-Von comes in and we see a double noggin knocker. D-Von drop toeholds Rikishi and The Dudleys take over on Rikishi, Rikishi fires back but D-Von rakes the eyes, cheap shot by Bubba. Bubba rams Rikishi into the corner, corner splash and a DDT. No effect on Rikishi, superkick by Rikishi. D-Von makes the save and they double shoulder block Rikishi. Diving headbutt to Rikishi by D-Von, Rikishi knocks down both Dudleys and in comes Showkishi, sidewalk slam to Bubba, D-Von makes the save.

 Dudleys are squashed in the corner by both Show and Rikishi. Double stinkface, Bubba pulls out Rikishi and brings out a table. Bubba clotheslines Show. Edge & Christian come to ringside, Edge spears Bubba and Showkishi plants Bubba with a chokeslam for the win. Fine match to entertain the crowd with The Dudleys joining Too Cool for a dance. Bubba goes back to his ECW days as he rolls back the years.

Winners: Rikishi & Showkishi over The Dudley Boyz via Chokeslam!

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

The first pay per view singles match from these two who would go on to have some of the best matches of 2001,2002 and 2003. Crash Holly comes out to the ring stating he has no challengers for his Hardcore Championship. Benoit has a bruised eye thanks to Jericho. Snap suplex and chops by Benoit take down Angle before Angle goes right after the messed up eye of Benoit. Right hands and rakes to the eye by Angle, Benoit meets the turnbuckle.

 Stomps to the face by Angle, more right hands, Benoit comes back but Angle drops him with a belly to belly suplex. Angle irish whips Benoit, clothesline, Angle tries again but he misses, triple German suplex with Benoit, last one with  a bridge. Two count for Benoit, inside cradle and two once more for Benoit, Angle finds the mark with a boot to the face of Benoit but rolls into The Crippler Crossface, Angle uses the referee’s arm to smack Benoit in the face, back suplex by Benoit and Benoit goe top rope, misses the diving headbutt and Angle goes back to the eye.

 Angle Slam and Kurt Angle walks away with the win. I did not remember this match being on pay per view when they were both heels, wasn’t the technical masterpiece that we would see in the later encounters but it still told a good story with Benoit losing due to his eye injury.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Benoit thanks to Angle Slam!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) The British Bulldog vs Crash ©

Bulldog runs down the ramp with a referee in his home country as the crowd cheers on their hero, Crash tries running but it does not go to plan. Bulldog starts off beating Crash down before Crash changes the momentum with an Irish Whip into the steel steps.

 Crash grabs some weapons and chokes the Bulldog before Bulldog beats Crash with chairs and kendo sticks. Running powerslam on Crash and we have a new Hardcore Championship. His last match on pay per view, Rest In Peace British Bulldog.

Winner: Bulldog over Crash via Running Powerslam!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian ©

Matt and Christian kick us off, Christian continues the mind games with Matt, shoulder block by Matt, Christian nails a dropkick. Matt and Christian trade blows with Jeff and Edge being tagged in after their brawl. Swinging neckbreaker by Edge before Jeff Hardy drops Edge out of the ring with a headscissors takedown. Edge drops Jeff with a right hand, ramming his head into his turnbuckle, Jeff battles back, Matt is in and tries a roll up on Edge, two count. Christian is in, chop in the corner on Matt, Matt fires back, mean right hand on Christian, double leg drop by The Hardys.

 More tag team moves by The Hardys, poetry in motion. Jeff takes his eyes off the ball and pays for it as Edge smacks Jeff to the floor. Double headbutt by the tag team champions, powerslam by Christian two count for Christian. Reverse chinlock by Christian. Edge illegally enters the ring to prevent Jeff from making the tag to Matt, Jeff counters the powerbomb of Edge with a sunset flip but Edge almost decapitates Jeff with a clothesline, front facelock by Edge who is keeping Jeff grounded. Christian distracts the referee so Jeff’s tag goes unseen, the champions continue dominating Jeff, irish whip is countered by Jeff and we have a mid-air collision. Matt drops an elbow on Edge while Christian is knocked to the floor by Matt. Matt is dying to get in, Jeff kicks Edge in the face and could it be time for the tag? Yes it is, clothesline by Matt on Edge and Christian, Side Effect and neckbreaker by Matt. Matt is crotched by Edge, assist superplex by the tag champions. Jeff saves the match for his team. Jeff counters the double flapjack into a dropkick, Christian is alone with both Hardys.

 Edge saves Christian by pulling out Matt, The Hardys fight back and have the match won as they nail The Twist Of Fate and Swanton Bomb but Edge grabs a ringbell and smacks both Hardys with the bell for the disqualification. Afterwards, The Dudleys are out for blood, Christian eats a 3D and Bubba powerbombs Edge through the table. Decent match, good tag team psychology with the crowd just dying for Matt’s hot tag and we were close to seeing the titles change hands. Too soon to take the belts off Edge & Christian so the right team walk away with the win.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over Edge & Christian via DQ!

(WWF European Championship Match) Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero © W/ Chyna

Now this is interesting, I never thought this had a follow up. Chris Jericho had been feuding with Chyna over the intercontinental championship for months prior to Wrestlemania. Jericho would win the championship at Royal Rumble with Chyna remaining by his side until the night after Wrestlemania. Eddie had been making sleazy advances towards Chyna and Chyna semmingly, rejected all advances. However, Chyna would double cross Jericho to side with Eddie allowing Eddie to defeat Jericho for The European Championship that Y2J had won at Wrestlemania.

 Eddie feuded with Essa Rios while Jericho feuded with Benoit directly after their match on Raw so it is interesting to see Y2J seek his revenge on these two. A coin toss will decide which championship will be defended, Eddie cuts a short heel promo on the people of England saying they should leave Europe (Possibly the most relevant promo in the history of wrestling right now). Jericho and Eddie brawl in the beginning with Jericho elevating Eddie into the ropes with a leapfrog like move. Eddie tries leaving but Mamacita Chyna does not let the champion leave, Eddie powerslams Jericho and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Jericho drops Eddie with a stungun and a clothesline, snapmare and submission by Jericho. Eddie bridges up and runs into some knife edge chops, Jericho tries for a suplex, Eddie blocks with an inside cradle. Stalling vertical suplex by Jericho and his trademark cocky posing pin.

 Sleeper hold by Y2J, spinning heel kick by Jericho, Jericho misses a baseball slide and Chyna takes Jericho’s head off with a huge clothesline. Eddie climbs to the top rope with Jericho meeting him up there, superplex by Y2J. Referee Tim White has a ten count going before Jericho drapes an arm over Eddie, two for Y2J. Eddie blocks Jericho and starts laying in some right hands before nailing a hurricanrana. Gory special is applied by Eddie in the centre of the ring, into a pin by Eddie, Jericho and Eddie trade pins before Eddie emerges victorious after a vicious clothesline. Eddie locks in an abdominal stretch before Jericho fights back, rake to the eyes by Eddie, forearm to the face and chest by Eddie Guerrero. Y2J counters with a flapjack, Jericho is on top of Eddie, Eddie counters a powerbomb with a sunset flip.

 Uppercut by Guerrero, submission move by Eddie where Jericho is being stretched upside down but Jericho counters and reverses the move onto Guerrero. Y2J plants Eddie with an electric chair drop move, Jericho scores with the running bulldog, cover and a two count for the challenger. Flying forearm by Y2J, Jericho was attempting a pop up powerbomb before Eddie reverses the move into a hurricanrana. The referee has Eddie on the outside while in the ring, Chyna drops Jericho with  a DDT. Eddie only gets a two count off of the DDT by Chyna. Double powerbomb and a lionsault by Jericho, Chyna has the referee distracted, Eddie Guerrero has the European Championship and lets Jericho have it in the face, Eddie steals the win.

 Good match from these two close friends, not their best but Eddie needed the win while Jericho needed to remain strong as the Intercontinental Champion so the screwy finish was expected and handled quite well.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Jericho due to Shenanigans!

(WWF Championship Match) Shane Mcmahon vs Triple H vs The Rock ©

Austin had returned to help Rock win the WWF championship at Backlash but there is no Austin on this night, Shane and Triple H are out to take the championship from The Rock. However, it is not as simple as that, dissention is in the ranks of The Mcmahon-Helmsley Regime. Vince claimed a Mcmahon would walk away with the Championship tonight, Triple H and Shane can both claim to be members of the family so who does Vince really want to win the championship? His son or his son-in-law?

 It is a glorified handicap match, The Rock is at a disadvantage from the very get go as Triple H pretends to want a fair fight with The People’s Champion but Shane involves himself immediately. Triple H and Shane bounce Rock around the ring like a pinball, right hand by The Rock on Triple H and Shane. Triple H and Shane are sent to the floor in the early going, clothesline by Rock on Triple H, Rock crowns Shane with a right hand. Triple H drops Rock on the guard rail, Shane lays in some nice body shots to The Rock. Shane is clotheslined by The Rock before Triple H neckbreakers the champion. Stomps in the corner by The Game, foot choke by Helmsley and a mean right hand floors the champion. Shane jabs and jabs The Rock. Triple H and Shane have their fun before Rock explodes on both Shane and Triple H before nailing the bionic elbow.

 Triple H turns the tide with a facebuster and Shane tidies up with a clothesline. Vince chokes The Rock. Vertical suplex by The Game and second rope elbow by Shane. Knee drop by The Game, sleeper by Triple H while Shane watches the action. Rock fades fast in the sleeper, it looks like Triple H could be champion but Rock is powering out, Rock applies a sleeper on Shane before Shane jawbreakers Rock and Triple H. Crowd comes alive for Rock, right hands to The Game, knee to the face by Triple H and a clothesline. Triple H goes for the pin and Shane breaks up the pin. Dissension in the ranks as Shane nails Triple H, Shane lands on his feet from a moonsault? Wow was not expecting that from Shane! Rock DDTs Shane and Triple H but Stephanie distracts the referee, Shane and Triple H are tossed into the corner, Shane tries a pedigree on Rock. Rock reverses and catapults Shane into the referee, Triple H has the WWF Championship and nails Rock right between the eyes.

 Vince motions for a referee, here comes Gerald Brisco and Rock kicks out after the belt shot. Shane starts to move on the floor and reaches for a chair. Triple H holds Rock in position and accidently smashes Triple H. Rock stomps Triple H in the corner, Vince is in the ring and nails Rock in the back. Vince has the chair but Rock catches Vince, low blow by Triple H and pedigree by The Game. The Rock kicks out of a low blow and a pedigree? Wow I am shocked once more, second pedigree on The Rock. Vince takes the shirt off Gerald Brisco and is now the referee. Earl Hebnar sprints down to the ring, Vince’s plan is stopped. Vince tries punching Earl and hits the ringpost.

 Rock is staggering to his feet, Triple H is crotched on the top rope. Vince walks into a Rock Bottom, Triple H is punched to the floor, spinebuster to Shane. People’s Elbow by The Rock and the champion retains. That was fun, a lot of shenanigans, a lot of focus on Mcmahons but it was fun and that is what you always want from a match.

Winner: The Rock over Everyone Else by People's Elbow!

Overall, I think fun is the best word to describe this show, not a huge show in terms of quality matches but you had a lot of stars on the show like Rock, Triple H and Kane while you also had rising stars like Rikishi, Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho. Benoit and Angle would have better matches while Jericho and Eddie had better matches in the past but the show was fun!

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