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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 30: WWF Judgement Day 2000 Review

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Welcome one and all back to the Journey Through The Attitude Era with thrills, spills and everything in between, that’s right, the WWF at its finest in many people’s opinion so let’s take a look at another pay per view and analyse why the WWF would so damn entertaining during this time period. Tonight’s stop is WWF Judgement Day 2000, The Rock is the WWF Champion but Triple H and The Mcmahons are pulling out all the stops to prevent Rock from walking out champion. Triple H had goaded The Rock into a 60 Minute Iron Man Match with Shawn Michaels as the referee. Shawn Michaels screwed The Rock out of the WWF Championship the last time they were in a ring together, will lightning strike twice? Other matches include Benoit and Jericho’s war continuing in the WWF while Shane Mcmahon looks to put an end to the fun loving Big Show. So grab a coffee and let’s take a look at what was WWF’s Judgement Day 2000.

Opening Promo

The opening promo details the amount of things that could happen in an hour such as people dying, thinking about sex and your eyes blinking. Yeah so onto the good stuff, Triple H and The Rock vow to punish one another and destroy one another for one hour in their Iron Man Match. The night starts off with DX ordering Brisco, the hardcore champion to get everyone coffee. Vince runs through all the matches that DX and his son Shane will take part in on this night. The Headbangers jump Brisco and I have no recollection of any of this.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs Edge & Christian & Kurt Angle

The opening match is perfect, Kurt Angle was just great as a goofy heel who thought he was the man while Edge & Christian were finding their feet as a heel duo while Too Cool and Rikishi were simply the ultimate good time fun time team in the WWF. Also of note, this is where Kurt Angle and E&C would become friends, a friendship that would last until King Of The Ring of the next year. I like my continuity you see, these guys would team on and off throughout the year so it made sense for Kurt to help Edge and Christian retain their tag titles when he could and it would be the same when Edge & Christian would protect Kurt during his days as WWF Champion.

 Edge & Christian do their five second pose with Angle while Edge pulls the greatest hillbilly face I have ever seen. Edge, Christian and Kurt jump Too Cool and Rikishi but it backfires. Sexay and Edge kick us off, shoulder block by Sexay and an enzuigiri for good measure. Sexay signature dropkick and in comes Scotty for some dancing and a double hair pull. Thumb to the eye by Edge and Christian is in, Scotty outwrestles Christian, suplex by the master of The Worm. Moonwalk by Scotty who taunts too long as Christian starts whooping his ass in the corner, Scotty battles back due to the help of Grandmaster Sexay. Edge tries saving Christian but it goes wrong. The crowd want the big man Rikishi, Grandmaster Sexay dances in the ring and his pants fall down randomly.

 Scotty makes fun of Sexay saying his package is quite small. Christian takes down Sexay before Rikishi kills all in his way. Rikishi misses Kurt with his ass (greatest line I have ever written). Angle throws rights at Rikishi before the big man battles back, Scotty facebusters Christian looking for the worm but there will be no worm tonight as Angle clotheslines Scotty. Edge is in and starts knocking Scotty around the ring, Angle is in and chokes Scotty with the rope. Foot choke by The Olympic Hero. Scotty fights bravely before Angle flattens Scotty with a clothesline. Christian is in, he attempts a powerbomb, Scotty alley oops Christian. Rikishi has the hot tag, punches for all and a few headbutts. Rikishi rams his posterior into all three opponents and Angle falls in the corner. Rikishi backs that ass up with a Stinkface on Kurt Angle (Crowd pooped huge for that). Double DDT on Rikishi but there is no effect on the big man, Edge spears Rikishi and begins doing The Worm. Scotty says screw that, this is how it is done, Scotty nails The Worm on Edge.

 Scotty drops a second Worm on Kurt Angle. Christian nails Rikishi with the ringbell, Grandmaster Sexay drops a legdrop on Edge and Rikishi pins Edge. Kurt Angle tried to break up the pin and it almost looked like it was a botched finish but I think it was planned. Great opening match, crowd popped huge for Too Cool and Rikishi. It would be their peak due to their championship success they would achieve over the next month and the bad booking that broke them up way too soon. Rikishi and Too Cool dance after the match as Judgement Day might have kicked off with the most fun and over opening match I have seen during this series.

Winners: Rikishi & Too Cool over Team ECK via Leg Drop!

(WWF European Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero © W/ Chyna vs Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko

The Radicalz had broken up, going their separate ways, Dean and Perry had fought after their match at Insurrextion while Benoit was pursuing Jericho and the Intercontinental Championship. Eddie Guerrero was the heel that everyone cheered due to Mamacita Chyna. Eddie had found his niche in his Latino Heat persona while Malenko and Saturn were struggling to find their feet in the WWF. Malenko still uses The Radicalz music at this point. Thank God because I would not be able to last through his Double OO7 theme.

 Malenko and Saturn remain friendly in the beginning as they dismantle Eddie with a backbreaker elbow drop combo. Saturn breaks the team by clotheslining Dean, jumping calf kick by Dean, right hands by Dean before tasting a flapjack courtesy of Perry Saturn, Gorilla press slam by Saturn on Eddie. Hurricanrana by Eddie on Dean, Hurricanrana on Saturn by the champion. Dean sidewalk slams Eddie, Saturn breaks up the pin. Eddie blocks Saturn and tornado DDTs Saturn. Cover and Malenko breaks up the pin. Chyna looks on worried at ringside, Malenko catches Eddie and nails a Tiger Driver.

 Two count for Malenko, Malenko swats away Saturn, powerbomb is countered by Eddie who is countered by Malenko. Texas Cloverleaf, Saturn saves Eddie, Malenko clotheslines Saturn and it is all Malenko right now. Guerrero battles back who tries a suplex from the top, Saturn hangs up Guerrero and Malenko. Belly to Belly by Saturn, Guerrero has Malenko before Malenko counters into a gutbuster. Saturn kicks Malenko out fo the ring. Frog Splash by Saturn, Malenko breaks up the pin. Texas Cloverleaf by Saturn on Malenko, Eddie brainbusters Saturn and Malenko attempts the Rings of Saturn on Saturn.

 Eddie sends Saturn to the floor, back suplex by Malenko, splash by Malenko who sees Saturn coming to break up the action. Saturn suplexes Malenko and Eddie before Chyna nails Saturn with a bouquet of Flowers. Eddie sunset flips Malenko, Malenko holds on and Chyna tries hitting Malenko with the flowers. Malenko grabs the flowers before being tripped onto the flowers. Eddie rolls up Malenko and it is revealed that the flowers had a lead pipe in them. Decent match from these three great workers.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero over Everyone Else!

Shane Mcmahon vs Big Show

We cut to Gerald Brisco in the back, Brisco won the Hardcore Championship off a sleeping Crash Holly, Crash will be after Brisco all night. Shane Mcmahon had pushed the friendly Giant over the edge. Big Show was seen as a joke by Shane, Show was eliminated from The Wrestlemania main event first. Shane tried getting all sorts of advantages over Big Show including picking Show in Gauntlet matches and Chokeslamming The Giant. Shane dives over the top rope right into the arms of The Big Show.

 Back first goes Shane into the ringpost and the steel steps. Show steps on the arm of Shane and Shane is knocked into the crowd. Gorilla Press Slam by Show, Shane is tossed into the ring and kicked in the ass multiple times. Bossman runs down to the ring and starts whacking Show with his nightstick, Bossman is powerbombed into oblivion before T&A come down with chairs. They apy for their interference. Trish is in the ring and Show chokeslams her into T&A. Show tosses Shane into the entrance props, Show dismantles some of the stage, with the intent of maiming Shane. Shane dropkicks the Big Show while T&A rough up Show. Shane rams a metal case into the head of Big Show, Show is pissed and starts laying out everyone. T&A are down while Shane tries climbing away up the stage structure. Bossman’s protégé Bull Buchanan attacks Show with a nightstick while Shane drops an amp speaker on Show’s leg.

 Shane grabs a cinder block over the head of Big Show. Shane wins the match, that was fine, lots of interference to cover for Shane’s inabilities in the ring and the angle was good to write off Show from television as Show would go to OVW to lose some weight. Show would return as a part of The Conspiracy by Shane’s side with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit before disappearing to lose more weight.

Winner: Shane Mcmahon over Big Show due to Cinderblock Shot!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Submission Match) Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit ©

A submission match between these two? This is going to be simply awesome. We get a promo package highlighting the referee between these two men and how deadly both of their submissions are but only one can reign supreme. For some reason, Hardcore Holly laid out Benoit and crippled his knee so Benoit, the heel is taped up and injured going into this match against Jericho. Tie up in the corner, clean break, knees by Benoit, chops and right hands. Chops by Y2J, irish whip and a fujiwara armbar by Y2J. Benoit rolls through and attempts a tombstone piledriver but it turns into a shoulder breaker by Benoit.

 Benoit nails his signature headbutt. Head and arm choke by Benoit, Jericho regains his vertical base. Jericho attempts his Walls of Jericho, Benoit counters, forearm by Jericho. Springboard Dropkick by Y2J, Val Venis is watching on backstage as he will challenge the winner of this match. Benoit takes over on the outside, Jericho reverses Benoit and slams him knee first onto the steel steps. Jericho nails a backbreaker and charges Benoit in the corner. Benoit dodges and Jericho tastes the ringpost. Jericho eats the exposed turnbuckle as Benoit works on the arm. Chop war and Benoit short arm clotheslines Jericho.

 Rolling armbar by Benoit, Jericho reaches the ropes. Benoit knees Jericho in the face with his knee brace, Benoit knees the top turnbuckle and eats a flapjack from Jericho. Jericho tears off the knee brace and smacks Benoit with it. Jericho was looking for the figure four, Benoit fights out of it but Jericho dropkicks the knee. Lionsault by Y2J, Jericho locks in The Walls Of Jericho using the ropes. Benoit powers out, nasty boots to the face. Jericho goes back to the knee, Benoit rolls through, german suplex, make it two. Jericho attempts the Walls, Benoit uses the knee brace to clean Jericho’s clock. Crippler Crossface on Y2J, Jericho fades. Benoit drags Jericho into the centre of the ring away from the ropes, Jericho will not die. Benoit wraps his arms around the neck of Y2J, Benoit chokes out Y2J. Benoit refuses to break the hold but he is still the champion.

 Great match from these two as if they would not deliver, Benoit and Jericho showed hard hitting action, nice reversals and clean crisp bumps. Jericho is protected by not tapping. Instead he passes out and looks like a badass in the process.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Chris Jericho via Crippler Crossface!

(Tag Team Table Match) D-Generation X W/ Tori vs The Dudley Boyz

The misadventures of Gerald Brisco, our hardcore champion continue as he was attacked by The Headbangers, thought the referees were going to attack him and Brisco beats up two popcorn venders. Ah Bubba Ray and his love of putting women through tables, The Dudleys need to put Tori through the table. The Dudleys run to ringside, Road Dogg vs D-Von to kick us off. Road Dogg hammers away on D-Von, shoulder block and reverse elbow by D-Von. Road Dogg makes the tag to X-Pac who the crowd shits all over, the poor bastard.

 D-Von tags in Bubba who knocks the seven shades of shit out of X-Pac before X-Pac catches Bubba with a spinning heel kick. Bubba prevents X-Pac from grabbing a table and nails him with a flying clothesline. Cheap shot to Road Dogg and we have the What’s Up diving headbutt on both members of DX. Road Dogg and X-Pac try leaving but The Dudleys are not done beating down DX. Bubba floors X-Pac at ringside and D-Von battles away with Road Dogg. X-Pac cheap shots D-Von from the apron and the heels have the advantage, double stomps to D-Von. Bronco Buster by X-Pac before tagging in Road Dogg, double foot choke as the referee distracts Bubba.

 Road Dogg has a front facelock while D-Von tries to make the tag to Bubba. Road Dogg makes sure the referee misses the tag. X-Pac nails D-Von with a spinning heel kick, D-Von turns the tide with a double clothesline. Bubba is in, sidewalk slam to X-Pac, Bubba Bomb on D-Von and a final samoan drop on X-Pac. Dudleys grab the tables and they are set up in opposite corners. D-Von is sent into the steel steps by Road Dogg. Road Dogg pumphandle slams D-Von through a table on the outside, Bubba nails Road Dogg for taking out his partner. Bubba goes after X-Pac, X-Pac tries to hurricanrana Bubba through a table, it backfires as Bubba powerbombs X-Pac through the table.

 Bubba and Road Dogg remain as they put the referee through the table. Hardcore Champion Gerald Brisco comes to ringside, the referee is down as The Dudleys 3D Road Dogg through the table. Tori is in the ring and that is the worst place you could be as Bubba says “Table Time”. Brisco low blows Bubba and X-Pac nails an X-Factor through the table from the second rope. There you have it as DX win as the referee is revived by Brisco, good match as the rivalry would continue, the heels cheat to win but the Dudleys get their heat back by driving Brisco through the table with a 3D.

Winner: DX over Dudley Boyz thanks to Gerald Brisco!

(WWF Championship Iron Man Match) The Rock © vs Triple H (Special Guest Referee is Shawn Michaels)

The Rock had won the championship at Backlash in a truly memorable moment as Stone Cold Steve Austin helped Rock defeat Triple H and The Mcmahons. Tonight, we will see who is the man as we have a 60 minute Iron Man Match for the WWF Championship. There is one factor to this match which tilts the odds in Triple H’s favour, that being Shawn Michaels as the referee. Shawn Michaels is the WWF Commissioner but he is a close friend of Triple H, they were partners in DX and Shawn Michaels cost The Rock the WWF Championship on Smackdown. Triple H had threatened to end their friendship if Shawn Michaels does not do what is right. Will Shawn Michaels call the match right down the middle? Can Rock battle off The Mcmahons? Can the match hold our interest for 60 minutes? I guess we will find out now!

The Mcmahons accompany Triple H to ringside while Shawn Michaels watches on from the ring, Triple H gets on the mic and states he wants to do this alone. Nice touch for the match as Triple H wants to do this on his own which is true to his character as a narcissist who believes he is better than The Rock in every way possible. The arena goes apeshit for The Rock which almost brings a tear to my eye after watching Ambrose vs Ziggler from Summerslam as the crowd simply died for their match. An hour of wrestling between the two best at the time.

We begin with a little trash talk, face to face and Rock pushes Triple H and we have a lock up. Both men battle for the advantage, Triple H and Rock reverse one another in the corner, shoving contest and we reset with some more trash talk. Side headlock from The Rock wearing down The Game, knee to the midsection and a hammerlock by Triple H. JR builds the suspense as he talks about the endurance and how mentally and physically draining an iron match is as we hear statistics about both superstars longest matches. Double shoulder block by Rock and a school boy from The People’s Champion. Helmsley bails and wastes a minute or two, Triple H slowly makes his way into the ring and we lock up once more, Triple H with the advantage, shoulder block by The Game, Rock hammers Helmsley with another right hand, knocking Triple H to the floor. More time wasting from Triple H as the clock ticks on, side headlock by Rock. Triple H tried for a leapfrog but Rock hammers the challenger. Triple H blocks Rock in the corner and delivers a thunderous clothesline. Triple H works over the arm of the champion. Right hands by Helmsley in the corner, arm wringer by The Game, Rock hits the mat hard as Triple H continues working over the arm. Rock fights out of the hold but Triple H takes Rock down with a single arm DDT. Armbar by The Game as we hit the Ten Minute Mark.

Rock backs The Game into the corner, Rock starts whooping Triple H’s ass, Rock Bottom by the Champion and Rock takes the first fall! Triple H rolls out of the ring, Rock takes Triple H to the barricade and ringside area. Triple H and Rock battle to the entrance way, Triple H tastes the barricade. Triple H reverses the champion, Rock is dropped on the barricade, Triple H misses a knee on the floor but regains the advantage. Rock knocks Helmsley off his feet as The Game tries to climb into the ring. Suplex from the apron to the ring by The Champion. Rock goes after Triple H’s leg, will this play into the match? More leg work from The People’s Champion. Figure four by The Rock in the centre of the ring, Triple H is screaming in pain, trying to use Shawn Michaels for an advantage. Triple H reverses the figure four after an hour of writhing around in pain, we have a double rope break. Into the crowd we go, Rock is back dropped to the ringside area. Another ten minutes have passed and Rock is still winning 1:0.

Triple H kicks Rock and drops knees on the champion while clutching his leg, good selling from Helmsley showing the effects of the figure four. Triple H tries multiple times to pin The Rock meeting failure each time. Rock is sent flying to the outside, Triple H breaks the count, Triple H pays for his eagerness to destroy The Rock as Rock sends Helmsley crashing into the steel steps. Rock continues the leg work on The Game. Grapevine hold on the challenger by the champion, Rock tried for the figure four too many times as Triple H counters with a pedigree and we are tied at 1:1. Triple H uses a blatant choke on the champion, right hand from The Game, inside cradle by Helmsley which looks pretty bad. JR covers for the move saying Rock was still reeling from The Pedigree. Regardless, it is 2:1 to Triple H. Right hands by The Rock but Triple H pulls Rock to the floor, Rock is out of it, Triple H cannot take advantage though as Rock staggers around avoiding Helmsley’s assault. Rock tastes the concrete floor courtesy of Helmsley after a nasty suplex. Triple H is up to 2:1 as half the allotted time has expired.

Triple H is caught with a back suplex by The Rock, back drop on the floor by The Rock. Rock stomps on Triple H in the ring, right hand floors The Game. Rake to the eyes by Triple H and a facebuster, piledriver on The Rock by Triple H and it is 3:1 to The Game. Triple H lays out The Rock with a nasty piledriver. Triple H stomps The Rock in the corner, Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline but Rock cannot capitalise. Triple H lays out Rock with a clothesline. Triple H climbs to the top rope, it is a huge mistake as Rock jerks Triple H to the canvas. Rock and Triple H trade blows before Rock goes for a la magistral on Helmsley, two count for The Rock. Triple H scores with his leaping knee but Rock kicks out at two. More trading of blows between the two, Irish whip is reversed by Triple H, Triple H locks in the sleeper. Triple H uses the ropes to gain some extra leverage on The People’s Champion, Shawn Michaels catches Triple H and Rock battles back on the challenger. Rock counters the sleeper into a belly to belly suplex as there are only twenty minutes left in this match. The score remains 3:1 to Triple H.

More right hands from The Rock, floatover DDT and it is 3:2 off the Maivia Hurricane DDT. We are back by ringside as Rock smacks Triple H around the announce table, Triple H grabs the steel chair and Shawn Michaels prevents the chair shot. Triple H tastes the steel steps once more, neckbreaker on the floor by The Rock. Triple H nails Rock with the chair to make 3:3 but Triple H had a plan as he knew off the chair shot, Triple H could gain back his lead. It is 4:3 to the challenger as Rock is a bloody mess thanks to the chair shot. Another sleeper attempt by Helmsley, Rock survives twice which is kind of disappointing as it would make sense for Rock to collapse after the abuse and we have already seen the spot twice. Incredibly, Rock goes for it one more time and Rock does not get back to his feet. 5:3 to Triple H but I am not sure if the third sleeper was needed if Rock was just going to pass out in the hold. Triple H and Shawn Micheals have a lover’s tiff before Rock lays the smackdown on the challenger. Triple H crashes to the floor. Triple H is perched on the top turnbuckle, Rock is kicked off by The Game but The Rock battles back and delivers a superplex. As we reach the last ten minutes, Triple H leads 5:3.

Triple H kicks out of the superplex at 2 and a half, elbow by The People’s Champion, more right hands before Triple H is clotheslined to the floor. Triple H is catapulted into the ringpost by The Rock, time is ticking and The Rock needs two falls to even up the score. The Rock is hurled into the steel steps, both men are extremely fatigued, Triple H attempts a Rock Bottom on the announce table but The Rock counters and nails a pedigree. Rock rolls into the ring and Triple H is counted out of the match, It is 5:4 to Triple H while Triple H is a bloody mess by ringside. The Mcmahons appear at the ramp to help Helmsley, Rock beats on Triple H in the corner but The Rock needs a pin or submission. DDT by The Rock, Shane is on the apron, right hand, Vince is on the apron, right hand and there is a spinebuster. People’s elbow and it is 5:5! Shawn Michaels nails Vince and Shane, DX are at ringside. Shawn Michaels is knocked to the floor by The Rock accidently but fear not as The Undertaker is back, Undertaker comes into the ring and knocks down all of DX. Chokeslam to Shane and right hand to Vince, X-Pac and Road Dogg are taken for a ride, Stephanie is at the mercy of Taker but Triple H saves Stephanie. Undertaker chokeslams Triple H and lands the tombstone. However, Shawn Michaels is back to his feet and saw the interference! Triple H wins the fall. Triple H is your victor winning 6:5 over The Rock.

Winner: Triple H over The Rock thanks to Undertaker's Interference!

Overall, a great match. Iron Man matches are always difficult, to hold a crowd’s attention for that amount of time, to have a hot enough crowd for it, to have two superstars to pull it off, there are so many variables and you really need them all if you want to pull it off. While this was no Dory Funk vs Jack Brisco or Steamboat vs Flair, this match was very entertaining. You have to hand it to the crowd, they stayed red hot throughout the match, there were no dull moments and I certainly did not feel like I was wasting my time watching this or that it was boring. My only complaint was the sleeper thing but that was just me being a dick. Great match with the added bonus of The Undertaker’s return. Man. Undertaker did not look good coming back here, The American Badass looked more like American Fatass but Undertaker ran through all of DX and The Mcmahons and made you want to tune into Raw the next night! This match along with the opener and Benoit vs Jericho Match gave this pay per view a very high value and Judgement Day was an excellent follow up to Backlash. Can the WWF keep the train going with King of The Ring? We shall see next time !

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