Thursday 25 August 2016

Ruairi Reviews WWE Main Event January 12th 2016

Here at Seanomaniac Reviews we are always looking at expanding our content by reviewing as many shows as possible. We look forward to adding Smackdown and Raw Reviews each week so to keep those of you who follow the blog entertained, we thought we would take a look a Main Event, one of WWE’s many B Shows in the same vein as Heat, Jakked and Velocity etc. So enjoy this review of WWE Main Event!

Opening Promo

Mark Henry is starting us off. Henry speaks about his 20 year tenure with the company. He talks about his numerous titles but he has never won the Royal Rumble. Suddenly the Ascension arrive but don’t care much for Henry stating that they eliminated him at the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. The Ascension start pounding on Henry but Jack Swagger comes out to even the. It looks like we have a tag team match for our main event.
Stardust vs Fandango

Stardust may have been unsuccessful last week but he hopes to put away a new and improved baby face Fandango. They both lock up as we get underway. Fandango with a dropkick to Stardust. Stardust hits a cheapshot on Fandango as the crowd start to chant Cody. Stardust continues the beat down on Fandango. A quick cover and a kick out a 2. Fandango seems to fight back but Stardust counters. Atomic drop by Fandango followed up with a spinning heel kick. Stardust fakes an eye injury luring Fandango in. Stardust sends him into the turnbuckle before hitting the Queen’s Crossbow for the victory. I think it was a good match but the crowd were not up for it so it felt a bit dead but then again, it is Main Event.

Alicia Fox vs Tamina

The first diva match of the new year is the two forgotten divas in the diva revolution. Two jobbing divas going at it this will be an interesting contest. They lock up. Alicia is going to have to use that speed to her advantage. Tamina is bossing Alicia around with strikes before hitting a powerslam. Tamina chokes her in the ropes and rubs her face in the mat. A headbutt by Tamina and now Tamina is standing on the hair of Alicia. Alicia is still struggling but she is trying to get something going. Alicia with two dropkicks but the momentum is stopped by Tamina as she tosses her into the corner. Tamina goes for a hip attack but Alicia dodges and rolls up Tamina for the 3 count. I think it was a good match. Tamina looked like a human wrecking ball for most of the match but as I said before Alicia used her speed to her advantage to get the victory.

Mark Henry and Jack Swagger vs The Ascension

Henry and Swagger had been doing a whole lot of nothing for the past year except for jobbing to Rusev. The Ascension had a lot of momentum coming up to the main roster but the push slowly died due to poor booking and Legion of Doom comparisons. We get this match underway with Swagger and Viktor as the legal men. Swagger shows off his wrestling ability at the start of the match. Viktor now gains control but one shoulder block later Viktor is down. Viktor runs Jack into the turnbuckle and stomps down on Jack. Off the ropes goes Swagger but Mark tags himself in. Mark with a headbutt to Viktor and tags in Swagger. Jack hits a clothesline and tosses Viktor across the ring but Konner lures him to the outside into a clothesline. A short break and the Ascension are still in control. A sleeper by Konnor on Jack. Jack tries a sunset flip but a tag was made to Viktor who kicks Swagger in the back of the head. More quick tags by the Ascension. It looks like it might be the end for Swagger. Jack still fighting to get to Mark, Viktor cuts him off. A belly to belly and Jack makes the tag. Henry proceeds to powerslam the Ascension. Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb to Viktor. Mark is distracted by this and Konnor turns him around but Mark had this well scouted, turning it into a World Strongest Slam for the pin fall. A good effort from both teams but at the same time it felt kind of short for the main event match.

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