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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event November 23rd, 1990 Edition Review

Saturday Night's Main Event XXIX | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that baffles the mind more than a Ken Shamrock tweet! It’s another big edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event with Ultimate Warrior defending his WWF World Heavyweight Championship against The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, we also have Sgt. Slaughter vs Nikolai Volkoff, Big Bossman vs Mr. Perfect and Rick The Model Martel vs Tito Santana. High stakes for sure, cannot wait for this!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Ted Dibiase W/ Virgil

Following their battle at Survivor Series, these two will do battle once again as Warrior defends against Dibiase, a match that could easily take place on pay per view. Sadly, it seems Rhodes vs Dibiase is dropped for now. The two lock-up, Warrior shoves back Dibiase. Dibiase is shoved back again by Warrior, top wristlock does not work for Dibiase as Warrior shoves him down again. One-way traffic at this stage, knee and clubbing blows from Dibiase. Right hands and chops from the challenger, Irish whip with Dibiase missing a clothesline. Warrior answers with a clothesline of his own, another clothesline brings Dibiase to the floor. Noggin knocker to Virgil and Dibiase, Warrior hurls Dibiase into the ring. Warrior is on the top rope, diving axe handle.

Dibiase begs for mercy, right hands and chops in the corner. Whip to the buckle, Dibiase blocks with a knee and delivers a massive clothesline. Middle rope axe handle from Dibiase for two, piledriver for two. Dibiase tries a second piledriver but Warrior back drops Dibiase, two clotheslines as the momentum shifts in Warrior’s favour. Warrior goes for another clothesline but Virgil grabs his foot, distracted by this Dibiase knocks Warrior to the floor. In the ring, diving fist drop from Dibiase for two. Side headlock takedown, Warrior shoves off Dibiase. Dibiase manages to deliver a clothesline to floor Warrior, Irish whip with Dibiase lowering his head. Backslide counter from Warrior for two, Dibiase rakes the eyes and lands a big suplex.

Two for Dibiase, another suplex is blocked. Sunset flip from Warrior for two, Dibiase kicks Warrior in the head to escape. Warrior is thrown to the floor, Dibiase rams Warrior into the steel steps. In the ring, right hands from Dibiase on a kneeling Warrior. Warrior is shaking it off, Dibiase’s suplex is blocked with Warrior answering with a suplex of his own. Warrior and Dibiase collide in the middle the ring with both men nailing clotheslines, Dibiase tries a middle rope axe handle but a might right hand from Warrior floors Dibiase. Warrior is clubbed and kicked but Warrior is shaking off every attack, Dibiase is in shock. Right hand, clotheslines from Warrior. Flying shoulder tackle, Virgil attacks Warrior for the DQ.

Solid match from these two, they run through all their familiar spots. Dibiase is more than capable of getting an interesting match out of Warrior, crowd is on fire for the match and we even get a Macho King attack on Warrior after the bell to add to their feud. Dibiase does not get pinned which I think is a good idea, Dibiase could easily be inserted to a top feud due to his character, there is money to be made there for sure. Warrior has been growing on me since winning the championship, I think he is growing in his role as the top guy in the WWF. Warrior definitely sells a lot more and I want these two to do battle for sure.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Ted Dibiase via DQ!

Sgt. Slaughter W/ General Adnan vs Nikolai Volkoff

These two were opposing captains at Survivor Series where Volkoff’s team emerged victorious due to Slaughter being disqualified. They come out here with their respective flags and Slaughter attacks Volkoff from behind whipping him with his riding cane/stick. Slaughter continues to lay a beating down before Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes to the ring with his 2X4, Slaughter leaves the ring with General Adnan. An angle as the bell never rings, an interesting one for sure.

Mr. Perfect W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Big Bossman

Heenan had continually insulted Bossman’s mother, Rude had joined in the act before leaving the WWF and now the job has fallen to the new key man in the Heenan Family Mr. Perfect. We begin with Perfect slapping Bossman, Bossman gets angry and slapped again. Bossman’s temper is already high, Perfect runs away from Bossman. Bossman catches Perfect and slams him to the mat. In the ring, clothesline by Bossman after Perfect tried a cartwheel to escape. Whip to the buckle, make it double. Perfect flips out of the corner, Bossman calls for the end. Perfect is dragged around the ring by his hair, Perfect is thrown across the ring where he lands groin first on the ring-post.

Back-breaker from Bossman, Bossman is on the top rope for a splash. Bossman leaps and crashes hard as Perfect rolls out of the way. Rolling neck-snap from Perfect, Bossman powers out at one. Perfect kicks Bossman who is on his knees, chops from Perfect. Small package for one, Bossman tries firing up but Perfect batters down Bossman. Perfect drops all his weight on the back of Bossman, Perfect exposes the turnbuckle behind the referee’s back. Perfect tries sending Bossman into the buckle but Bossman blocks, Perfect is smashed off the buckle. Massive right hands by Bossman, Perfect manages to reverse an Irish whip and send Bossman into the exposed buckle. Here comes Heenan to ringside, Perfect-Plex is countered for a small package.

Two for Bossman, Bossman and Perfect slug it out before Perfect connects with The Perfect-Plex. 1…2.. Bossman manages to power out, Heenan wants Perfect to send Bossman over the ropes, Bossman reverses the Irish whip with Perfect tumbling to the floor. Bossman grabs Heenan, Heenan slaps Bossman. Bossman chases after Heenan backstage with Perfect returning to the ring while Bossman is counted out.

Another solid match, Bossman injures his back off the top rope splash. That leads to Bossman holding his back throughout the entire match, Perfect works over the back for the entire match and I thought it was great. Having Heenan not there hurt the match as Heenan is such a heat magnet that having him there instantly improves the quality of a match. Good angle, here is to hoping that Bossman gets his hands on Heenan at the rumble.

Winner: Mr. Perfect over Big Bossman via Count-Out!

Rick The Model Martel vs Tito Santana

A match that has been over a year in the making, the former Strikeforce members finally go at it one on one in a big match. Martel turned on Santana and became The Model, Martel assaults Santana to start the match. On the floor, Martel runs into the ring-post and Santana is in control. Santana works the arm before Martel grabs the hair, small package from Santana for two. Santana is back on the arm, Martel goes to the throat with a thrust. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock before Santana slips out for a hammerlock. Martel pulls Santana into the buckle, foot choke from The Model.

Choke from Martel, throat thrust from Martel. Martel chokes Santana as the referee cannot see the cheating act of Martel. Santana fights back on his knees before an eye rake stops that, back-breaker by Martel. Martel teases climbing high before nailing another back-breaker, Martel admires his handy work. Martel is too slow climbing the top rope, Santana crotches Martel. Martel begs for mercy as Santana stomps the life out of Martel, rights and lefts. Whip to the buckle and clothesline, dropkick from Santana.

Back-breaker by Santana, Santana climbs high and nails a diving clothesline for two. Martel ducks a right hand, atomic drop is blocked by Santana who counters for a figure four. However, Martel counters with a small package for two. Santana is headbutted in the ribs by Martel who sweeps the legs and applies The Boston Crab for the win.

As the years go by, I will never understand why they did not continue to push Tito Santana, Santana often garners some of the biggest reactions on WWF TV anytime he is inside of that ring. The man can go and work a crowd and a match with any heel in there, Santana stole the show with Mr. Perfect and he stole the show with Martel. Martel I enjoy a lot and this feud with Jake Roberts could be a launching pad to greater things for Martel in the WWF. Glad to see these two one on one, a few more minutes and I am sure I would have loved it even more.

Winner: Rick Martel over Tito Santana via Boston Crab!

So that was another edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event in the bag and I have to say it was a good edition! You have a championship match with is enjoyable and it builds to Savage vs Warrior which should be excellent, Savage has been on a warpath since turning heel, Savage is just one of my all-time favourites based on this heel run alone. Slaughter vs Duggan is an easy match to do because of the USA vs anti-USA gimmick, easy money and easy match that I expect to take place sooner rather than later. Perfect and Bossman was good too, Bossman sold his ass off during this match and we have Martel vs Santana which could have been really good had it a few more minutes, next is Royal Rumble 1991! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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