Monday 6 April 2020

WWF Royal Rumble 1991 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more baffling than wrestling with no crowds! It’s WWF Royal Rumble 1991 where Vince names all the rumble competitors without somehow his voice exploding. Saba Simba, The British Bulldog, The Mountie seems like there a lot of new fresh faces here in the WWF. We also have The Ultimate Warrior defending his WWF Championship against Sgt. Slaughter which should be an interesting match for sure. Also, we do get a conclusion to Dibiase vs Rhodes as we have a big tag match to settle that feud, looking forward to this one as the first pay per view of 1991. Oh Roddy Piper is on commentary again, that’s erm well let’s just continue…

The Rockers vs The Orient Express W/ Mr. Fuji

A new Orient Express as Sato is no longer here, The Rockers continue to be a super popular team with the fans, their tag team moves continue to be creative and exciting for sure. Tanaka jumps Jannetty, sending Jannetty to the floor to begin this match. Back drop to Michaels from The Orient Express. Jannetty saves Michaels from a double team with a dropkick, superkick to Tanaka. Double gorilla press slam, double suicide dives onto the Orient Express. Jannetty and Kato kick us off, Jannetty holds onto a side headlock to maintain control. Kato throws rights to the ribs, leapfrogs and duck downs. Counters galore before a hip-toss from Kato, Jannetty counters for a head-scissors as we have more counters and a standoff.

Kato backs Jannetty to his corner, Tanaka distracts Jannetty and Kato takes control. In comes Tanaka who is shoulder blocked by Kato as Jannetty leapfrogs the attack, Fuji is livid. Jannetty applies an arm-wringer, tag to Michaels. Top rope axe handle, nice slam from Michaels. Tanaka eats a shoulder block, flying cross chop from Tanaka as Michaels kicks out a two. Reverse chin-lock from Tanaka, Michaels elbows but Tanaka tags Kato. Michaels bangs their heads together, Michaels hits Tanaka with a running knee. Two for Michaels who applies a reverse chin-lock, Tanaka escapes but runs into a sleeper. Kato nails a diving chop attack on Michaels behind the referee’s back, Michaels is clutching his neck.

Michaels tries a kick but Tanaka sweeps the legs, massive chop to the forehead. Big chop, right hands from Tanaka. Michaels turns the tide and tees off on Tanaka, Jannetty nails Kato before Michaels moonsaults onto Kato and punches him. Rockers nail double dropkicks on the Orient Express before diving with crossbodies onto both members of the express again. Exciting start for sure, snap-mare from Michaels on Kato for two. Tag to Jannetty, Irish whip and double elbow for two. Michaels is tagged in, Kato eats a big right hand. Michaels suplexes Kato, Tanaka makes the save with a kick. Whip to the buckle, Michaels wants the monkey flip but Tanaka stun-guns Michaels.

Kato stomps Michaels over and over, Tanaka attacks Michaels behind the referee’s back with Fuji caning Michaels. Massive throat chop from Tanaka, Kato tags in with some great double team manoeuvre as Tanaka leapfrogs Kato and drops his weight on Michaels’ back. Jannetty saves Michaels from being pinned, Tanaka is legal again. Throat thrust from Tanaka, shoulder clamp from Tanaka. Michaels fades with Tanaka covering for a close two, Tanaka continues to chop the head of Michaels. Tag to Kato, big chop. Michaels is in the corner, Kato whips Michaels who flips to the apron, superkick from Tanaka. Kato and Tanaka nail a double clothesline for a close two.

Irish whip and Tanaka ducks his head, Michaels drives Tanaka’s head into the mat. Kato knocks Jannetty off the apron, Michaels is thrown to the ropes. Kato and Tanaka bang heads as they tried to used a belt to beat up Michaels, Michaels tags in Jannetty. Right hands, dropkicks too. Powerslam to Kato for two, whip by Jannetty. Flying reverse elbow, Tanaka saves Kato. Michaels and Tanaka are on the floor, Tanaka kicks Jannetty in the face allowing Kato to score with a backslide, close two. Kato whips Jannetty, Michaels trips Kato who Jannetty covers for two.

Double Superkick on Kato, The Rockers celebrate but they realize they have to finish this. Rocket Launcher is setup but Tanaka shoves Michaels off the top rope and to the floor, Kato catapults Jannetty into Tanaka for a massive throat chop. They go to nail it again with Michaels nailing Tanaka with a massive right hand, Jannetty is catapulted and counters Tanaka with a sunset flip for the win.

Crowd was hot for this one for sure, the action breezed by in this match. The Rockers are so exciting inside of that ring, so different from every other team in the tag division. LOD, Demolition and such are nothing like The Rockers inside of that ring, Orient Express do their part also which makes for a fast-paced exciting match. Finish was a little rushed and compared to some of the double team manoeuvres that I saw in there, I was hoping for something a little more exciting but it pops the fans big and I was cheering on when it happened so great opening match, setting the tone for the show hopefully as I have my fingers crossed.

Winners: The Rockers over The Orient Express via Sunset Flip!

The Big Bossman vs The Barbarian W/ Bobby Heenan

Before this match, Sherri begs Warrior to grant Macho King a championship match to which Warrior refuses, an irate Savage throws a tantrum due to Sherri’s failure to secure the match. Bossman wants to murder Heenan due to Heenan’s comments about Bossman’s mother, Barbarian is the latest member of the family to do battle with Bossman. To begin, Barbarian nails big knees and uppercuts. Irish whip but its reversed by Bossman, massive boot and elbow with Barbarian spilling to the floor. Heenan regroups with Barbarian, Bossman slides out to the floor. Barbarian is sent crashing shoulder-first into the ring-post, Heenan is cowering at ringside. Barbarian eye rakes Bossman, Barbarian is on the top rope. Bossman catches Barbarian in the ribs, both men spill to the floor off a clothesline. Bossman spits on Heenan who is disgusted by this behaviour, Barbarian is chopped in the ring. Barbarian lands a suplex on Bossman, beautiful suplex.

Massive clothesline from Barbarian, Bossman is caught in the ropes. Barbarian boots and pummels Bossman who is all tied up, Barbarian rips at the face of Bossman. Barbarian rams Bossman back first into the ring-post, Heenan cannot wipe the smirk off his face. Back-breaker from Barbarian for two, Bossman is hanging on in this match. Bearhug from Barbarian, Bossman begins clubbing back at Barbarian. Big Mongolian style chop from Bossman, throat thrust from Barbarian sends Bossman down. Elbow drops from Barbarian, two for Barbarian.

Another bearhug from Barbarian, Bossman is using the cheers of the crowd to will himself on, Barbarian squeezes harder with Bossman fading fast. Bossman manages to hold on though, giant headbutt. Make it three, Bossman bites the nose of Barbarian. Bossman holds his back in pain, whip with Barbarian catching the boot but Bossman nails an enzuigiri. Bossman rolls Barbarian over for two, Bossman whips Barbarian to the corner with Barbarian dodging the splash for a schoolboy. Two for Barbarian, Bossman ducks a clothesline and nails a stun-gun for a close two, did Barbarian forget to kick out? Bossman picks up Barbarian and whips him off the ropes, both men bang heads. Barbarian climbs to the top rope, Diving Clothesline connects with Bossman surviving with his foot on the ropes.

Barbarian drags up Bossman, whip with Bossman reversing and Bossman connects with his Bossman Slam. Bossman says it is over, cover with Bossman almost winning as Barbarian reaches the ropes with his fingers. Eye poke and big right from Barbarian, piledriver from Barbarian. Barbarian climbs high once more, Bossman has no idea. Barbarian lands the crossbody but Bossman rolls over and steals the win over Barbarian with Heenan fleeing the arena as quick as possible.

This match was hit and miss for sure, Heenan at ringside adds atmosphere to any match and the people do care about the angle with everyone wanting Bossman to murder Heenan but I thought this match was sloppy and exposed both men when it comes to working inside of that ring. Barbarian works best when throwing someone around which he cannot do with Big Bossman, Bossman works best when he is allowed to wreck house, Bossman had to sell which he does well again to his credit but when Bossman hit the stun-gun, it should have ended there and then. It seemed to drag on for too long and it was more of a relief when this match was done.

Winner: Big Bossman over Barbarian via Roll-Up!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Sgt Slaughter W/ General Adnan

Iraqi Sympathizer Sgt Slaughter is your challenger for the WWF Championship held by The Warrior. This match starts with Warrior sprinting to the ring and clotheslining Slaughter and Adnan to the floor before destroying the Iraq flag. Irish whip and clothesline from Warrior, loud USA chants. Warrior shoves the flag down the throat of Slaughter, Irish whip and a knee-lift. Slaughter hits the ring-post hard, more choking with the flag.  Whip to the buckle into a back body drop, chops and right hands. Whip to the buckle with Slaughter hitting the ring-post hard, corner clothesline from Warrior. Slaughter is sent crashing to the floor, very one-sided contest so far. Wait a minute, here is Queen Sherri.

Warrior chokes Slaughter some more, shoulder blocks from Warrior. Sherri grabs the leg of Warrior, Warrior chases Sherri before Savage comes out of nowhere with a clothesline, Warrior is sent into the guard-rail and smashed with one of the lights by the stage. The referee was distracted by Slaughter, loud USA chants. Slaughter stops the count, a count-out will do nothing for Slaughter. Warrior is hurt badly, the sneak attack has left Warrior a weakened mess. In the ring, Slaughter batters Warrior over and over. Back-breaker from Slaughter, Slaughter is spitting on and trash-talking Warrior. Warrior meets the heeled boots, whip off the ropes. Warrior ducks the clothesline and nails one of his own, both men are down.

Slaughter clamps on a bearhug, Warrior breaks free and lands a scoop slam. Warrior crumbles though, his back is hurting bad. Slaughter takes control with elbows to the spine, back-breaker from Slaughter. Stomps to the spine from Slaughter, Camel Clutch from Slaughter. The referee tells Slaughter that Warrior has his feet under the ropes, Slaughter argues with the referee as Warrior begins to recover. The punches are having no effect, Warrior blocks the right hand. Clotheslines all around, flying shoulder tackle. Sherri is here again, Sherri her high heel and she spits at Warrior.

Warrior grabs Sherri, dragging Sherri into the ring. Warrior military presses Sherri onto Savage at ringside, beautiful. Slaughter knees Warrior in the spine, Savage has his sceptre and waffles Warrior in the head with it. Warrior is not moving, elbow drop from Slaughter and we have a new WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

So, this was a good match for me. Warrior selling fantastically, putting over the attacks of Savage from the get-go. Warrior never stopped and I was hooked, I was willing on Warrior to overcome the odds and batter the devious Slaughter. The booking of Slaughter has been questionable but here we have a justification for it, the loud USA chants rang out in the arena for this match. When Slaughter won, the crowd were chanted BS it was great heat for what happened despite the questionable gimmick of an Iraqi Sympathizer. D not get me wrong, evil foreigner gimmicks are all too common but a guy who supports the enemy where your countrymen are being killed on a daily basis, that’s a lot for a wrestling angle. Anyways, Savage costing Warrior builds so much for this match which will be tremendous, I want to see Warrior takedown Savage so badly. I really thought this was a standout performance for Warrior and Slaughter played this one masterfully.

Winner: Sgt Slaughter over The Ultimate Warrior via Sceptre To The Face!

The Mountie W/ Jimmy Hart vs Koko B Ware

The Mountie is here, a new recruit of one Jimmy Hart. It is Jacques Rougeau formerly of The Rougeau Brothers. Mountie misses a right as Koko is too quick, Koko is dancing and getting the crowd into this one as Mountie shows frustration across his face. Gut shot and big right from Mountie, whip and an elbow miss as Koko lands a dropkick. Mountie rolls out, frustrated by these events. Arm-wringer from Koko, Mountie leapfrogs twice before Koko pops Mountie right in the mouth.

Arm-wringer from Koko, Mountie punches back before back dropping Koko to the floor. Mountie recovers, Koko is knocked to the floor again. With the cattle prod, Mountie is in firm control. Mountie face claw, Jimmy Hart talks trash at ringside. Mountie uses a full-nelson to slam Koko’s head into the buckle, blatant choke from Mountie. Irish whip with Koko countering with a sunset flip for two, Mountie has a pump-handle. Koko is tossed to the floor with ease, Mountie steps around the ring. Mountie tries a piledriver but Koko back drops Mountie off. Mountie re-assumes control with a snap-mare and a kick to the ribs, whip with Mountie ducking his head.

Big neck-breaker counter from Koko, Koko rallies and catches the boot of Mountie. Headbutt, flying headbutt too. Scoop slam, Koko is going to the top rope. Beautiful missile dropkick for one, Jimmy Hart distracts Koko. Koko lures in Mountie with a right hand, Mountie eats a middle rope crossbody from Koko for two. Koko ducks a clothesline and leapfrogs Mountie before a chokeslam like manoeuvre from The Mountie.

Dull and lifeless, the perfect comedown after a big match. However, for a reviewer, it was brutal. Nothing about this match comes off as good, it is just far too slow and Mountie either has no interest in getting the crowd ramped up or does not know how because this was as slow as Christmas.

Winner: The Mountie over Koko B Ware via Chokeslam!

Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase & Virgil

There have been issues between Virgil and Ted Dibiase with Dibiase abusing Virgil to the point where it looks as if Virgil is going to destroy Dibiase. However, fuck that noise because I am here for Dusty murdering Dibiase. Survivor Series did not give me what I wanted but the WWF has redeemed themselves as Dusty gets his hands on Dibiase after Dibiase took away sweet Sapphire and bloodied Dusty’s son Dustin.

Virgil and Dibiase jumps the Rhodes, Dibiase & Virgil are whipped into one another. Rights and elbows from the Rhodes, Dibiase & Virgil recover on the floor. Dibiase commands Virgil to take out Dustin, lock-up. Tied up in the ropes, Virgil cheap shots Dustin. Big chop, whip with Dustin ducking and landing a massive clothesline, dropkick too. Virgil is on the floor, Dibiase is not happy. Dibiase berates Virgil, knee and clubbing blows from Virgil. Irish whip but Dustin counters with a shoulder block, Virgil leapfrogs but eats a boot to the face and is clotheslined to the floor.

Dibiase is fuming, Virgil tags in Dibiase. Knee and chops from Dibiase, clothesline from Dibiase. Right hands to Dustin, Dustin meets the buckle. Chop from Dibiase, whip off the ropes into a back body drop. Dibiase mocks Dusty before delivering a fist drop, Dibiase ducks his head off an Irish whip. Dustin slams Dibiase’s head into the mat, the Rhodes nail elbows on Dibiase. Back into the ring, Dusty is legal. Dusty wants a piece of Dibiase, big chops and elbows from Dusty. Irish whip and a sleeper from Dusty, Virgil makes the save. Tag to Dustin, big right to Dibiase. Irish whip into a dropkick, Virgil makes the save.

Eye rake from Dibiase, Virgil is now legal. Whip to the buckle reversed by Dustin, Dustin smashes his knee off the buckle. Dusty is concerned as Virgil stalks his prey. Massive kick to the hamstring, Virgil and Dibiase take turns smashing the leg of Dustin off the ring-post. Leg-snap from Dibiase, Dibiase laughs in the face of Dusty. Dibiase is magnificent thus far, Virgil clotheslines Dibiase by mistake as Dustin ducks the attack. Virgil looks to apologize with Dibiase attacking Virgil and tossing Virgil to the floor. Dustin tags Dusty, right hands and elbows. Corner clothesline, Dibiase dodges the second clothesline and rolls up Dusty for the win. Dibiase berates Virgil after the win, asking him to bring him the belt and place it around The Million Dollar Man’s waist. Virgil does not place the belt around Dibiase’s waist, Virgil drops the belt. Virgil picks up the belt and waffles Dibiase with the championship.

Granted, this crowd reaction for Virgil is a beautiful thing. Years and years had gone into these two as characters with Virgil breaking free from Dibiase being just magnificent, underrated when it comes to huge pops in wrestling I believe. That being said, I was shocked when I saw how this match ended but then I read on and discovered that this would be the end of Dusty in the WWF which means you are doing the JOB on the way out pal. Which is tremendously disappointing considering how much I had invested into their feud, for it to serve as the backdrop to Virgil’s moment is well frustrating.

Winners: Ted Dibiase & Virgil over Dusty & Dustin Rhodes via Roll-Up!

(Royal Rumble Match)

30 participants, one way to end and it is by tossing your opponent over the top rope with both their feet touching the floor. Two participants begin with competitors entering at regularly timed intervals. Number one is none other than The Hitman Bret Hart, number two is Dino Bravo. This should be interesting for sure!

Numbers 1 to 5

Side headlock by Bret, Bravo shoves away Bret. Forearm by Bret, dropkick too. Atomic drop, Bravo is clotheslined almost out with Jimmy Hart cheering on his superstar. Bravo fights his way out, Irish whip and big kick by Bravo. Inverted atomic drop, stomp to the face. Scoop slam and elbow drop misses for Bravo, right hands by Bret. Number three is Greg The Hammer Valentine, the black hair is gone. Axe handles from Valentine, Bravo and Valentine go at it in the middle of the ring with big shots. Jimmy Hart is on the apron, Valentine is distracted and clotheslined into the ropes by Bravo. Bravo is rammed into the buckle, Valentine manages to toss out Bravo.

Dino Bravo Has Been Eliminated By Greg Valentine!

Valentine takes out Jimmy Hart before Bret lands an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline, Valentine is almost tossed out as number four Paul Roma comes to the ring. Roma goes after the back of Bret, Valentine and Roma attack Bret with elbows. Roma attacks Valentine once Bret is down, elbows and kicks all around. Bret atomic drops Roma, Bret knocks Valentine and Roma together. Bret is double-teamed by Valentine and Roma, hanging on by a thread. Valentine and Roma begin swinging at one another, number five is Texas Tornado. Massive punch floors Roma, the same comes for Valentine.

Tornado and Valentine face off in the corner, Bret misses a middle rope elbow on Roma. Tornado attacks Roma with Valentine, Slick is looking nervous at ringside for sure. Roma and Tornado square off in the corner, Bret battles Valentine. Roma dropkicks Tornado down, Bret is foiled by Roma.

Entrants 6 to 10

Number six is Rick Martel, Martel goes right after Bret. Bret is saved by Roma, Martel almost dumps out Roma. Tornado and Bret double team Valentine as Bret goes back after Martel. Huge gut punches and an eye rake, Martel is close to being eliminated by The Hitman. Roma saves Martel and Martel nails a middle rope axe handle on Bret. Roma wipes out Martel with a clothesline as number seven is Saba Simba. Tony Atlas is swinging at everyone in sight, Simba comes out to little fanfare a real who the fuck is that kind of reaction. Tornado almost atomic drops Martel to the floor. Simba and Valentine are going at it as the ring is starting to fill with WWF Superstars.

Bret almost throws Martel over the top rope, Tornado misses his right hand on Roma who begs for mercy. Martel eye rakes Bret and survives, Tornado claws Roma. Number eight is Bushwhacker Butch, Butch stomps around the ring before Valentine chops at Butch. Simba picks up Martel but dumps Martel dumps out Saba Simba. Poor Tony Atlas.

Saba Simba Has Been Eliminated By Rick Martel!

Martel takes it to Tornado in the corner as Bret goes after Roma, number nine is Jake The Snake Roberts. Martel and Roberts are swinging like crazy, Roberts is jabbing away at Martel. Gut-buster from Roberts, Martel is slammed into the mat. Short-arm clothesline, Roberts calls for the DDT. Martel rolls under the rope, Roberts goes through the middle rope. Valentine goes after Roberts, The Snake will have to wait for his prey. Martel is on the apron, Roberts hammers Martel with rights. Roberts bites the hand, Martel fights back from elimination. Number ten is Hercules, Power & Glory are in the ring. Roma and Hercules immediately work together against Bushwhacker Butch.

Entrants 11 to 15

Bret and Martel almost tumble over with Valentine giving the duo a push towards the floor, Roberts makes the save though. Roberts has Martel to himself while everyone is paring off. Martel ties Roberts in the ropes, Tornado starts pounding on Martel. Power & Glory are chopping away at Valentine, number eleven is Tito Santana. Roma tries a crossbody attack on Roberts but Roberts ducks and Roma goes sailing over the top rope.

Paul Roma Has Been Eliminated by Jake Roberts!

Santana has Martel, there are two people in there now who want to murder Martel. Tornado claws Roberts, strange to see babyfaces and heels attacking one another. Martel is almost thrown over by Santana, Valentine is looking for the double elimination on both but Bret makes the save. Number twelve is The Undertaker with Brother Love, business has just picked up. Taker headbutts Bret and tosses Bret over the top rope with ease.

Bret Hart Has Been Eliminated By The Undertaker!

Taker chokes Tornado, headbutt from Taker. Roberts tries stunning Taker, no effect on the big man. Tornado is floored by The Deadman, Martel and Roberts attempt to eliminate one another. Number thirteen is Jimmy Snuka, unlucky 13 for Superfly. Taker grabs Butch and hurls Butch to the floor!

Bushwhacker Butch Has Been Eliminated by The Undertaker!

Taker chokes Tornado in the corner, Valentine is going after Santana before Taker begins choking The Hammer. Tornado will not leave Taker alone, Valentine nails an elbow but Taker is still on his feet. Santana is swinging at Taker, three men are attacking Taker. Number fourteen is The British Bulldog, Bulldog goes after Valentine and Martel. Santana and Tornado are going after Taker, Taker is hanging on by a thread. Bulldog atomic drops Martel, Roberts and Bulldog have Martel in the corner. Number fifteen is Smash of Demolition, axe handles are incoming.

Entrants 16 to 20

Smash eats a massive clothesline from Davey Boy, Snuka is attacking Taker to little effect. Santana has Valentine, we get a bad camera cut but it appears Martel has outsmarted Roberts and The Snake is out of this match.

Jake Roberts Has Been Eliminated by Rick Martel!

Number sixteen is Road Warrior Hawk, Hawk clubs everyone in sight with intensity. Hawk is battered by the heels following his explosive entrance into the rumble. Hercules unloads on Hawk before Hawk begins chopping back and smashing Hercules. Everyone is pairing off in corners now, the ring is very full. The rumble needs someone to come in and clear house, number seventeen is Shane Douglas. Douglas comes in and starts teeing off on Smash, Taker has eliminated Texas Tornado while I believe Valentine eliminated Jimmy Snuka.

Texas Tornado Has Been Eliminated by The Undertaker!

Jimmy Snuka Has Been Eliminated by Greg Valentine!

Taker chokes Bulldog in the corner, Smash has Santana. Hawk and Hercules are clotheslining one another while Douglas is looking to eliminate Valentine. Number eighteen is ??? It seemed like someone was going to come through but nobody is coming down to ringside, what’s the deal there? Number nineteen is Road Warrior Animal. Animal starts attacking everything in sight, axe handles to everyone. Animal looks to aid Hawk against Taker, Taker is being battered against the ropes, double clothesline and Taker has been thrown out before Martel and Hercules dump out Hawk.

Undertaker Has Been Eliminated by LOD!

Hawk Has Been Eliminated by Rick Martel & Hercules!

Santana goes after Martel who manages to survive, everyone is in a corner once more. Number twenty is Crush of Demolition, Bulldog gets a double clubbing from Demolition. Valentine has Douglas in the corner, Douglas manages to hang on while Martel teases being eliminated once more, Martel is the MVP of this match so far.

Entrants 21 to 25

Number twenty-one is Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Duggan charges to the ring. Smash eats rights from Duggan, Martel is Duggan’s next target. Before we have corner wars again, Douglas is battered by Hercules. Santana and Animal double team Crush, number twenty-two is Earthquake. The ring has a good chance of emptying now, Animal looks right at Earthquake and they are going at it before Earthquake is clotheslined by Animal and staggered before Earthquake backdrops Animal to the floor.

Animal Has Been Eliminated by Earthquake!

Duggan and Earthquake are trading blows, choking one another. Bulldog almost tosses out Martel before Smash ends that attack. Number twenty-three is Mr. Perfect, Perfect and Duggan square off with Duggan smacking down Perfect. Duggan tries a clothesline on Perfect but Perfect ducks and sends Duggan to the floor.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Has Been Eliminated by Mr. Perfect!

Valentine and Smash are bouncing around Perfect, Santana is taking it to Martel. Number twenty-four is Hulk Hogan, Smash wants Hogan. Perfect comes in too, Hogan begins teeing off. Boot to Smash who is tossed to the floor by Hogan, Hogan wants Earthquake.

Smash Has Been Eliminated by Hulk Hogan!

Hogan is thwarted by Perfect, Earthquake begins clotheslining Hogan in the corner, Hogan is almost dumped over by Earthquake. Number twenty five is Haku, Hogan tosses out The Hammer as Haku hits the ring.

Greg Valentine Has Been Eliminated by Hulk Hogan!

Entrants 26 to 30

Lots of corner action going on, Earthquake has Bulldog in a corner. Douglas saves Bulldog, Crush is choking Hogan in the corner. Number twenty-six is Jim Neidhart, Santana is throwing everything at Earthquake before Earthquake stops that nonsense with a headbutt and dumps Santana to the floor.

Tito Santana Has Been Eliminated by Earthquake!

Earthquake is choking Douglas in the corner, Haku and Hercules want to throw out Hogan. Perfect is on the apron talking strategy with Heenan, number twenty-seven is Bushwhacker Luke. Hogan and Earthquake are battling before Earthquake tosses out Bushwhacker Luke.

Bushwhacker Luke Has Been Eliminated by Earthquake!

Hogan and Earthquake are squaring off, Earthquake has Hogan in the air but Bulldog makes the save with Douglas. Number twenty-eight is Brian Knobbs, Knobbs attacks Martel and Haku. Perfect shuts that down as six people club down Knobbs. Hogan bashes Perfect’s head into the buckle, Smash saves Perfect. Knobbs manages to toss out Hercules, number twenty-nine is The Warlord.

Hercules Has Been Eliminated by Brian Knobbs!

Crush is dumped out by Hogan after attempting some corner punches, Knobbs and Perfect attack Hogan.

Crush Has Been Eliminated by Hulk Hogan!

Hogan is pummelling The Warlord as Neidhart goes after Knobbs. Hogan reverses an Irish whip and dumps out Warlord with a clothesline. Number thirty is The Tugboat.

Warlord Has Been Eliminated by Hulk Hogan!

Tugboat goes after Earthquake, it’s revenge time. Shane Douglas has been tossed out, camera missed it.

Shane Douglas Has Been Eliminated!

Bulldog elbows Knobbs, Haku is attacking Neidhart and Perfect. Earthquake has Hogan in the corner, big choke from Earthquake. Tugboat and Bulldog almost dump out Martel, Tugboat attacks Hogan almost dumping The Hulkster. Hogan does not forget that and dumps out Tugboat, Bulldog places Perfect on the top rope and dropkicks out Perfect.

Tugboat Has Been Eliminated by Hulk Hogan!

Mr. Perfect Has Been Eliminated by British Bulldog!

Jim Neidhart Has Been Eliminated by Rick Martel!

Haku Has Been Eliminated by British Bulldog!

Martel scoop slams Bulldog, Martel wants to nail a top rope diving attack but Bulldog is up, Martel is stuck as Bulldog crotches Martel on the top rope and clotheslines Martel on the floor. Knobbs and Earthquake attack Bulldog and dump out Bulldog!

Rick Martel Has Been Eliminated by British Bulldog!

British Bulldog Has Been Eliminated by Earthquake & Brian Knobbs!

Knobbs and Earthquake clothesline Hogan, elbow attack and Earthquake Splash. Hogan no-sells it though and boots Knobbs over the top rope, big right hands and boot to Earthquake. Jimmy Hart has been knocked to the floor, Hogan rakes the eyes and tries a slam but Earthquake is too strong. Earthquake nails an elbow, make it double. Running powerslam connects from Earthquake, no pins in this match. Hogan begins Hulking Up, right hands to Earthquake. Big boot, Earthquake stumbles around the ring before Hogan slams him. Clothesline and Earthquake spills out to the floor!

Interesting Rumble match for sure, so the concept is still relatively new having only taken place for 3 years at this point. There seems to be an idea around having moments in there to get the fans rampant and engaged but the execution is still lacking at this point. Strong showing for Martel, the constant teases for his elimination built up for that wonderful moment where Bulldog clotheslined him to the floor. Yes, it was very camp and cheesy with Martel begging not to be crotched on the top rope but the fans bought it and the roar for his elimination was great. Shocked by Undertaker and Earthquake not clearing the ring, it was a real hit on the match. The ring was filled with wrestlers constantly and there never was one clear moment where a monster heel or babyface through everyone out, it was scattered and somewhat random which I think hurt the match as it felt very long with not much in between but also I do not know if they got across how difficult it would be to dump out Earthquake or dump out Undertaker. Bulldog shines with the eliminations given in this match, expect big things moving forward for Davey Boy and then we have Hogan ending his battle with Earthquake once and for all. Definitive no coming back for Earthquake, Hogan was the only real choice to face Slaughter as Hogan bleeds red white and blue at this point. Overall, it had its moments but a lot of was a tedious slog, not a super strong rumble.

Winner: Hulk Hogan by Eliminating Earthquake!

That was WWF’s Royal Rumble 1991, another mixed bag from the WWF on pay per view. We kick off with an exciting tag team match that breezes by with Michaels and Jannetty showing great tag team offense and chemistry leading to a match that has the fans going nuts from start to finish. The finish was out of nowhere but it can be overlooked when compared to what we have next with Bossman vs Barbarian. I like Bossman, I like Heenan and this feud was personal but this match just kept going and it did not hit a homerun for me. Thought it was too long and just flat at times, props to Bossman when it comes to selling, that’s two matches where I have thought this man knows what he is doing inside the ring.

Slaughter vs Warrior was awesome, Savage weakens the Warrior forcing Warrior into an uphill battle against Slaughter. Even so, Warrior tosses Slaughter around that ring and it builds and builds until Savage strikes again costing Warrior the championship. The outrage from the fans as Slaughter is declared champion is awesome, I think Slaughter could have done more to rile up the crowd when in control but the reaction justifies Slaughter’s main event push. The gimmick is questionable but the response is 100% spot on, the fans hate Slaughter and want to see him destroyed forever. We also have Warrior having a reason to murder Savage at Wrestlemania. Mountie vs Koko did nothing for Mountie, I have no faith in the character as this was torture. Dibase & Virgil vs The Rhodes had a great angle once the match had finished, the match did not give me the match I wanted in Dusty defending his son by battering Dibiase. I am not happy about it and I do not think Virgil turning babyface salvages what I envisioned but you cannot deny that the fans loved it. Finally, I thought the rumble was very long in parts, never having that big name to clear house. There were some interesting interactions like Martel vs Roberts, Hogan vs Earthquake but the majority of the action was corner stuff with eliminations coming at random. Hogan won and should have, we shall see if Wrestlemania can kickstart 1991 with more positivity. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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