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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event April 27th, 1991 Edition Review

Saturday Night's Main Event XXV | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is in more hot water than Velveteen Dream! It’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event and sadly, this is one of the last ones for a while as we won’t be seeing this until around Wrestlemania. Some have been great, others have been awful but I would not change viewing them for a second. So what do we have here? Well, it’s time for a 20-Man Battle Royal as well as The Ultimate Warrior looking to take out Sgt. Slaughter as well as The Nasty Boys defending their WWF Tag Team Championships against The Bushwhackers.

Sgt. Slaughter W/ Colonel Mustafa & General Adnan vs The Ultimate Warrior

What has changed? Rematch time as Slaughter takes on Warrior, Randy Savage is on commentary due to his career ending. We start with Warrior slamming Slaughter to the mat, clothesline and back body drop. Slaughter is punched to the floor, massive right in the aisleway. Back to the ring, Slaughter is begging for mercy. Eye poke by Slaughter, Slaughter tosses Warrior to the floor. Mustafa attacks Warrior before Slaughter assumes control, axe handles to the spine. Warrior is rammed into the ring apron, Slaughter continues to punish Warrior. Gut-buster from Slaughter, whip off the ropes and Slaughter applies the bearhug.

Mustafa is happy with the work of Slaughter, Warrior breaks free and lands a scoop slam. Warrior collapses to the mat in pain, Slaughter goes right to the spine. Bearhug once more, Paul Bearer comes to ringside with the coffin that Warrior was placed in by The Undertaker. Warrior breaks free from Slaughter’s grip but Warrior eyes up that coffin as Bearer stares a whole through Warrior. Warrior is clotheslined to the floor by Slaughter, Slaughter lands blow after blow but Warrior is shaking it all off. Right hands and clotheslines for Slaughter, flying shoulder block but Bearer opens the coffin and Undertaker is inside. Warrior and Undertaker lock eyes, Slaughter lands a blow on Warrior. Mustafa, Adnan Slaughter and Undertaker demolish Ultimate Warrior.

Man, they were high on Undertaker from the get-go, The Man From The Darkside has Warrior and Hogan backing up in fear, The Undertaker could be taking down two of the strongest forces in the WWF without so much as breaking a sweat. Warrior lands clothesline after clothesline on Undertaker and Taker takes it all in, The Undertaker has his eyes set on Warrior and this could be quite the match.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior over Sgt. Slaughter via DQ!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) The Nasty Boys © W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Bushwhackers

Butch & Luke have a shot at winning tag team gold against the newly crowned champions in The Nasty Boys. Luke and Knobbs, knees by Knobbs in the corner. Elbows and forearms, Luke dodges and pummels Knobbs before Knobbs cowers in the corner. Boot and right hands by Knobbs, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Luke reverses an Irish whip, rights and lefts by Luke. Butch saves Luke from a cheap shot, Knobbs and Sags are whipped into one another and knocked down with double clotheslines. Sags poses for the fans as Butch poses too, Sags attacks Butch from behind with a massive forearm.

Sags whips Butch, reversal by Butch. Knee to the gut and a knee-lift, running clothesline from Luke for two. Knobbs saves the match, Sags and Knobbs eat Battering Rams as The Bushwhackers are in firm control. Luke is whipped off the ropes and Knobbs nails Luke with a kick to the head, Sags steps on the head of Luke. Multiple elbow drops from Sags, tag to Knobbs who quickly tags Sags who hits a big elbow but Butch makes the save. Whip to the buckle, Luke dodges Sags.

Luke tags Butch, Sags tags Knobbs. Rights and lefts, massive clotheslines from Butch to both Nasty Boys. Cover with Sags saving the match, Luke is with the referee. Sags interferes illegally, Butch eats a clothesline from Knobbs. Luke saves the match, a near-fall for Bushwhackers as Luke trips Knobbs. Big brawl before Knobbs trips Butch and with some help from Sags, The Nasty Boys retain their championships before The Bushwhackers use their battering ram to knock both Nasty Boys out of the ring.

Fun match, Bushwhackers may be limited to what they can do after years of brawling but they have a gimmick that gets the fans on their feet and they use it to their advantage because this may be short but it is entertaining.

Winners: The Nasty Boys over The Bushwhackers via Roll-Up!

20-Man Battle Royal

A lot of your top WWF Superstars in a battle royal because why not, the big angle going into this is Earthquake squashing Damian, Jake The Snake Roberts’ snake. We have the likes of Hogan and Mr. Perfect in here too as well as Tugboat, Haku, The Rockers, Warlord, Barbarian and more. Jake has Lucifer with him, Damian’s big brother. We begin with people squaring off in corners as Mr. Perfect surveys the scene from the apron. Roberts goes right after Earthquake, Hogan chops at the behemoth too. Jannetty and Roma brawl by the ropes, Jannetty eliminates Roma before Roma returns the favour by pulling down Jannetty.

Not as choreographed as you would imagine, seems to be no rhyme or reason to who is attacking who. Warlord dumps out British Bulldog, revenge for his defeat at Wrestlemania. Snuka is gone via Haku, Tanaka was thrown out beforehand but the camera missed by who. Earthquake dumps out Roberts, all that build up for that. Roberts brings out Lucifer, scaring Earthquake and everyone in the process. We restart, Tugboat and Hogan were brawling before a bunch of heels broke it up. Bodies start being dumped out, Duggan takes out Warlord. Earthquake takes out Duggan as well as Texas Tornado, Hogan grabs Earthquake and dumps out Earthquake. Tugboat dumps out Hogan, that’s a huge elimination but Michaels dumps out Hogan with ease.

Bossman wants Perfect, Perfect and Barbarian combine to eliminate Bossman as Perfect dropkicks Bossman into Barbarian who back drops him out. Michaels manages to dropkick Haku out of the ring, we have Valentine and Michaels as well as Heenan Family members Mr. Perfect and Barbarian. Perfect and Michaels tear it up, Perfect almost flies out. Dropkick by Michaels, Michaels is whipped to the apron. Michaels ducks the first punch but Perfect elbows Michaels off the apron. Valentine is stuck in there with two Heenan Family members, Valentine knocks down Perfect and chops away at Barbarian. Perfect aids Barbarian and the beatdown continues on Valentine, Perfect dropkicks Barbarian by mistake, Valentine dumps out Barbarian.

Vicious chops in the corner by Perfect, Valentine reverses the hold. Whip to the buckle, chop sends Perfect flying. Super atomic drop sends Perfect into the buckle, elbow to the head. Wind-up elbow drop from Valentine, make it two. Perfect is tossed but holds onto the ropes, Valentine tries valiantly to toss out Perfect but Perfect reverses the scoop slam to dump out Valentine.

So, this match means nothing until the last few minutes. What is there to note? Well, Tugboat dumped out Hogan, will that lead to something? Surely, that is a massive deal. Shawn Michaels makes a name for himself, they obviously had their eyes on the future Heartbreak Kid. Valentine gets a crowd reaction that you will not believe unless you see it but yeah, this battle royal meant nothing seemingly in the long term and it was not entertaining either so very disappointing to be honest.

Winner: Mr. Perfect!

Ted Dibiase W/ Sensational Sherri vs Bret Hart

Dibiase beats down Hart to start, Hart counters with a reversal whip to the buckle and a hip-toss. Multiple clotheslines and Dibiase is dumped to the floor, plancha from The Hitman. Side headlock takedown from Hart, Dibiase reverses for a two count. Dibiase eats a shoulder block, missing a clothesline but Sherri grabs Hart’s ankle. Dibiase knees Sherri by mistake, O Connor roll up from Hart for two. Shoulder block again by Hart before a massive stun-gun from Dibiase, piledriver from Dibiase. Two for Dibiase, whip off the ropes. Dibiase misses a scoop slam, O Connor roll is countered as Hart is sent to the floor.

Sherri marvels at Dibiase’s work, Sherri gets in a slap on Hart. Sherri chokes Hart behind the referee’s back, Dibiase distracts the referee. Dibiase chokes Hart using the ropes, more attacks from Sherri. Chops in the corner from Dibiase, Hart is whipped into the buckle sternum-first. Million Dollar Dream is applied, Hart backs Dibiase into the buckle who hits his head hard. Dibiase is on the middle rope, Hart counters with a right hand. Right hands from Hart, to the ribs from Hart. Inverted atomic drop and flying elbow for two, Russian legsweep from Hart for two.

Hart is upset with the call from the referee, back-breaker from Hart. Bret’s rope elbow drop for two, Hart is frustrated now. Right hands, Dibiase ducks under Hart. Sherri grabs Bret’s foot, Sherri backs up. Hart eats an axe handle from behind, Piper has seen enough. Piper is walking to the ring, Hart slams Dibiase into the mat. Sherri spots Piper, Piper tells Sherri to get out of here, scaring her off. Piper looks under the ring, finding a broom saying that Sherri is a witch before smacking Sherri away. Dibiase rakes the eyes of Hart, Dibiase is after Piper. Hart and Dibiase brawl in the ramp, the referee calls for the bell as they are counted-out.

So, these two locked up at Survivor Series for a number of minutes and it was great. They were given more time here and they killed it again, Dibiase is great and Bret has quickly found his feet as a singles wrestler. Again, focus is Piper vs Dibiase with Virgil serving as a back drop, almost an afterthought. I just wonder how this will actually play out when it is time to do business. Exciting times in the WWF for sure!

Double Count-Out!

The Mountie W/ Jimmy Hart vs Tito Santana

Wrestlemania rematch, they lock-up. Clean break from The Mountie, Santana decks Mountie with a right hand. Atomic drop and dropkicks from Santana, Jimmy Hart and Mountie regroup on the floor before Santana comes out, sending Mountie into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Mountie goes low with rights but Santana is in control. Rights and lefts from Santana, Mountie is down in the corner. Whip to the buckle, monkey flip is blocked by Mountie. Santana holds his head, Mountie stomps away at Santana. Mountie has Santana in a hold where Santana cannot defend himself, Santana is bounced off the buckle over and over.

Santana blocks a splash with his knees, Flying Forearm from Santana. Jimmy Hart is in the ring with the cattle prod, Flying Forearm to Jimmy Hart. Hart dropped the prod to Mountie though, the referee does not see it and either does Santana. Cattle prod to the throat with cheesy electric sound effect and Mountie steals the win. Yeah, it was grand and short.

Winner: The Mountie over Tito Santana via Cattle Prod!

An alright edition, a good showcase for Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. All those three men look great, I want to see Taker vs Warrior. Not sure about Hogan vs Tugboat, will it lead to anything? Will we get Piper vs Dibiase? More questions than answers, not always a bad thing though. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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