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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event February 1st, 1991 Edition Review

Saturday Night's Main Event XXIX | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more cinematic than the Boneyard Match! It’s time for another big Saturday Night’s Main Event as Sgt Slaughter defends his WWF Championship against Hacksaw Jim Duggan, we also have a massive tag team match as Earthquake & Dino Bravo take on Hulk Hogan and Tugboat! Let’s do this!

Earthquake & Dino Bravo W/ Jimmy Hart vs Hulk Hogan & Tugboat

A chance at revenge for Tugboat who had been taken out by Earthquake and Bravo, forcing Bossman to be in Hogan’s corner for Summerslam. Hogan had battles for months with Earthquake but Hogan toppled the giant at The Rumble and now we have the chance to end this feud once and for all. Bravo shoves back Hogan before posing, Hogan regroups. Lock-up, Hogan shoves back Bravo. Back body drop, Jimmy Hart is knocked off the apron. Earthquake too, Bravo eats an atomic drop and pinballed between Tugboat and Hogan. Arm-wringer from Tugboat, Tugboat whips Bravo to the buckle. Bravo blocks with a boot, inverted atomic drop on Tugboat.

Tag to Earthquake, Earthquake misses an elbow. Hogan is legal, scoop slams for Bravo and Earthquake. Cheap shot from Tugboat, corner clothesline by Hogan. Hogan delivers punches in the corner, Hogan bites the head of Earthquake. Tag to Tugboat, double boot on Earthquake. Tugboat runs into a boot from Earthquake, massive axe-kick from Earthquake. Earthquake brings Tugboat to the corner, in comes Bravo. The duo double team Tugboat, headbutt from Earthquake. Snap-mare into an elbow drop from Earthquake, two for Earthquake. In comes Bravo, multiple elbow drops and Bravo spits on Hogan.

Double clothesline on Tugboat behind the referee’s back, Earthquake steps on Tugboat. Middle rope choke from Earthquake, bearhug from Earthquake. Tugboat reverses a whip to the buckle, corner splash by Tugboat. Clothesline and down goes Earthquake, Bravo clocks Tugboat with Hart’s Megaphone. Jimmy Hart had the referee distracted, elbow from Earthquake. Two for Earthquake, tag to Bravo. Earthquake chokes Tugboat behind the referee’s back, side headlock from Bravo. Earthquake distracts the referee and the referee misses Hogan’s tag, the fans are mad now.

Earthquake looks for his splash but Hogan interferes and clotheslines Earthquake. Hogan receives the tag, right hands to Bravo. Big boot and a roll-up with Hogan stealing the win just like that.

The finish was abrupt for sure, no leg drop in a Hogan match is crazy! Hogan is as popular than ever and this is a much appreciated change of pace from the Rumble of the previous review. Again, it’s not super definitive in terms of a finish with a roll-up but this feud is well and truly done now. Earthquake took out Hogan like nobody else and got 3 pay per views out of that one angle, I am sure he made a lot of money but I wished the matches could live up to the Tenta I saw in All Japan.

Winners: Hulk Hogan & Tugboat over Dino Bravo & Earthquake via Roll-Up!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sgt. Slaughter © W/ General Adnan vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Slaughter’s first defence comes against Mr USA Jim Duggan, this should be loud at the least. Lock-up, Duggan pushes back Slaughter. Gut-kick and right hands from Slaughter, choke in the corner. Side headlock from Slaughter, Duggan reverses an Irish whip. Kicks and right hands from Duggan, whip to the buckle and back body drop. Slaughter is clotheslined to the floor, Duggan looks to suplex Slaughter back in the ring but Adnan trips up Duggan. Close two for Slaughter who lands on top of Duggan, Duggan grabs Adnan. Adnan reverses the hold, Slaughter clotheslines Adnan by mistake.

Corner elbow from Duggan, whip to the ropes and Duggan lowers his head. Boot by Slaughter, Slaughter punches Duggan around the ring and chokes Duggan using the bottom rope. Slaughter elbows Duggan and waffles him with his own 2X4. Back rakes from Slaughter, Duggan meets the buckle. Duggan is rallying though, massive right hand from Duggan. Rights and lefts, whip with Slaughter meeting the ring-post and falling to the floor. Slaughter meets the ring-post, Adnan attacks Duggan from behind. Slaughter, the coward cracks Duggan with the chair for the DQ! The assault continues after the bell, Hogan tries to make the save but Slaughter takes out Hogan with the chair.

Solid match that never leaves second gear, carried by Duggan’s charisma and the crowd’s hatred of Slaughter. The angle comes after the match with Hogan sealing Slaughter’s fate and there is simply no way you get away from attacking The Hulkster. Could Slaughter have used the win? Absolutely, apart from his gimmick the man has got barely any noticeable wins to his name. He could not beat Tito, he could not beat Warrior and now he could not beat Duggan.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan over Sgt. Slaughter via DQ!

Legion Of Doom vs The Orient Express W/ Mr. Fuji

Animal and Kato begin the match, eye rake from Kato but Animal shoves off the front chancery. Lock-up with Kato chopping Animal, no effect on Animal. Animal gives chase, Kato jumps Animal. Leapfrogs from Animal, powerslam on Kato. Tanaka eats a double back body drop, Animal tags Hawk. Tanaka is not thrilled about facing Hawk, shoulder block by Hawk. Side headlock with the same result, Kato grabs Hawk’s foot. Double whip to the buckle, Hawk clotheslines down Tanaka. Kato is whipped to the ropes, Kato bails but Animal presses him back into the ring. Hawk clotheslines Kato to the floor, Animal nails a clothesline on the floor.

Kato tags Tanaka, side headlock from Animal. Shoulder block, Tanaka tries a hip-toss but Animal flips Tanaka with a clothesline. Kato and Tanaka double team Animal as Fuji climbs the apron. Animal is blinded, superkick from Tanaka. Kato and Tanaka combine as Tanaka leapfrogs Kato and lands on Animal’s back, Animal recovers to clothesline both members of the express. Tag to Hawk, Hawk clotheslines everyone. Animal splashes Kato, Doomsday Device and it’s over.

Nice squash match to put over LOD, they are huge stars and were popular from the second they stepped into the WWF. Interested to see the showdown with Demolition and more from Hawk & Animal.

Winners: LOD over The Orient Express via Doomsday Device!

That was Saturday Night’s Main Event with an eventful end for sure as Jack Tunney decides who will be the next challenger for Sgt. Slaughter’s WWF World Heavyweight Championship. LOD look good in a quick squash match, Slaughter and Duggan was entertaining despite my issues with the credibility of Slaughter during his run in the WWF. Hogan & Tugboat beating Earthquake & Bravo puts that to bed so let’s see what the WWF has to offer in 1991. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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