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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event May 27th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is a better locker room leader than Seth Rollins! Saturday Night’s Main Event is here and what a night, Hulk Hogan is our WWF Champion after Wrestlemania V and his first defence will be against none other than The Big Bossman inside of a steel cage. Can The Hulkster overcome The Big Bossman inside a 15 foot high steel cage? Let’s get it on!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Ravishing Rick Rude © W/ Bobby Heenan vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Intercontinental Championship is on the line, Duggan is the king of the WWF defeating Haku for the honour. Lock-up, Duggan is backed into the ropes. Cheap shot from Rude, Duggan reverses an Irish whip. Sunset flip by Rude but Duggan does not go down, huge right hand. Rude is clotheslined to the apron, suplex from the apron into the ring. Two for Duggan, massive clotheslines from Hacksaw. Rude collapses to the mat, massive scoop slam and a knee drop. Two for Duggan, headbutt to the ribs by Rude. Forearm shots by Rude, Irish whip to the corner from Duggan. Rude blocks with a knee, Rude climbs to the top rope.

Diving brain chop from Rude, Rude swivels his hips for everyone in attendance. Rude grabs Duggan by the head, inverted atomic drop from Duggan. Lefts and rights from Duggan, piledriver from Duggan. Duggan calls for the end, Rude places his foot on the ropes to survive. Haku is here at ringside, Duggan is focused on Haku. The referees are trying to get rid of Haku, Rude has been given so much time to recover, this cannot be good for Duggan. Duggan re-enters the ring to a right hand from Rude, beautiful dropkick from Rude. Snap-mare and elbow drops to the face, shoulder thrusts in the corner.

Snap-mare into an elbow drop again, two for Rude. Reverse chin-lock from Rude, Duggan is using the energy of the crowd to rally. Elbows by Duggan, right hands stagger Rude but a knee to the ribs downs Duggan. Rude is on the top rope, diving fist drop and pose for the camera.

Duggan is rammed off the turnbuckle, no effect on Duggan. Duggan sends Rude into the turnbuckle, Duggan is shaking it off. Rude’s punches had no effect, lefts and rights from Duggan. Irish whip and a big back body-drop from the challenger, Three-Point Stance Clothesline by Duggan and Rude is on the floor. Duggan wins the match by count-out, the championship does not change hands on this occasion.

What a match though, the crowd is red hot! Duggan is super over, Rude is super over. Everything they do garners a reaction from the fans, wrestling is so much easier to watch and enjoy when everyone is having fun, a novel concept but it is true. This match was simply awesome, I loved it.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan over Ravishing Rick Rude via Count-Out!

Jim Neidhart vs Macho Man Randy Savage W/ Sensational Sherri

Savage has a new manager and she is Sensational! The chemistry is not there just yet but this will be quite the pairing, I love the idea that Savage simply replaced Elizabeth, claiming that Elizabeth was nothing special. The magic will be the same with Sherri according to The Macho Man. Interesting to see Neidhart in a singles match, looks like a fun contest between two personalities. Savage takes his time, posing and winding up the fans, we have our first lock-up. Neidhart out-powers Savage, Sherri interferes immediately grabbing the leg of Neidhart.

Knee from Savage but the sunset flip does not go his way, Neidhart counters for two. Irish whip and bear-hug from Neidhart, Savage rakes the eyes and knees Neidhart in the back. Clothesline by Savage, kicks to the ribs. Sherri chokes Neidhart as Savage distracts the referee, Savage chokes Neidhart with his boot. Savage distracts the referee again as Sherri chokes Neidhart, Neidhart eats a top rope double axe handle, two for Savage. Savage tries a scoop slam, Neidhart is too heavy. Two for Neidhart, Savage kicks Neidhart to the apron. Slingshot shoulder block from Neidhart, shoulder blocks by Neidhart.

Two for Neidhart, dropkick to the floor. Sherri checks on Savage who is in pain, Neidhart is in pursuit. Neidhart makes Sherri back off, standing dropkick on the floor by Neidhart. Anvil Flattener for two, Savage is tied up in the ropes. Sherri frees Savage as Neidhart misses a spear, spilling out to the floor. Top rope double axe handle with Neidhart smashing his throat off the guard-rail, Diving Elbow Drop from Savage and The Macho Man is back in the win column.

A whole new dynamic has been added to Savage’s character, Sherri is enforcing herself from the beginning, allowing Savage to heel it up. Neidhart gets a lot of offence in there and the crowd reacts to everything going on in that ring, just a great crowd that’s making this show a stand-out show.

Winner: Randy Macho Man Savage over Jim Neidhart via Diving Elbow Drop!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs The Big Bossman W/ Slick & Zeus (Steel Cage Match)

My goodness! Zeus is here! Hogan’s enemy from the film No Holds Barred, solid bit of co-promotion right there. Hogan and Zeus lock eyes with Zeus not budging one inch, Zeus kicks back Hogan and The Hulkster is taking an ass-whipping early on, Hogan has been left knocked down by this monster. Bossman decides to go after Hogan, Hogan is looking vulnerable. Bossman chokes Hogan with his vest, right hands from Bossman. Hard Irish whip and Hogan crumbles to the mat, Hogan explodes out of the corner with a clothesline after an Irish whip. Hogan rakes the eyes, boot from Hogan.

Big boot by Hogan, Hogan is trying to escape. Kidney shot by Bossman, Hogan is down on the mat. Scoop slam by Bossman, massive splash from Bossman. Bossman is going to walk out the door, Hogan stops Bossman with right hands and an eye rake. Irish whip reversal by Bossman, massive spinebuster leaves Hogan laying. Bossman is trying to escape, Hogan is stirring. Bossman is almost out of the cage, Bossman is so close. Bossman is choked through the cage, Hogan pulls Bossman back to the top of the cage. Hogan is looking for a superplex, sweet Jesus! That’s one spot I did not expect to see Hogan and Bossman do, wow what a move!

Both men are laying and not moving, the referee has decided to enter the ring and start counting, Hogan crawls towards the door to escape and win the match. Bossman is showing signs of life, Bossman dives and catches the legs of Hogan. Eye rake by Hogan, Irish whip but Hogan ducks the head, clothesline by Bossman. Slick throws a chain to Bossman, Bossman chokes the life out of Hogan. Bossman wraps the chain around his hand, Hogan blocks and comes back with right hands. Bossman and Hogan ram one another’s heads into the steel cage, Bossman looks to escape through the door. Hogan prevents Bossman leaving the cage, Hogan has the chain.

Hogan smacks Bossman with the chain on his right hand, Bossman falls to the mat. Hogan sends Bossman into opposite sides of the cage, Atomic Leg Drop by Hogan. Hogan begins climbing out of the cage, Slick takes out the referee. Slick catches the foot of Hogan, Hogan kicks off Slick. Bossman is climbing the cage and Hogan crotches Bossman on the top rope. Handcuffs, Hogan takes them from Slick. Bossman is handcuffed to the cage, Hogan is climbing over the top, it is a race as Slick looks to release Bossman from the handcuffs but Hogan makes it to the floor first, Hogan retains his championship.

This was great, we start with establishing Zeus as a force to be reckoned with, Hogan makes Zeus look like the strongest man in the WWF. Hogan is a wounded man going into the match and Bossman takes full control. Bossman batters Hogan, believably and in an entertaining fashion. The superplex oh my God, I was not expecting it! It’s a great spot and the way they lay down not moving for a minute adds to the drama, they milk the spot for all its worth. The finish is great too, a race to see who will escape first with the drama at a fever pitch, this might be the best Saturday Night’s Main Event I have ever seen!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over The Big Bossman via Escape!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) The Brainbusters W/ Bobby Heenan vs Demolition ©

This should be a good match, Blanchard to start for The Brainbusters. Smash starts for Demolition, they lock-up with Smash out-powering Blanchard. Clothesline from Smash, Blanchard powders to the floor. Smash clamps on a bear-hug, Heenan distracts the referee allowing Anderson to interfere. Irish whip to the corner but Smash wipes out The Brainbusters, tag to Ax. Reverse elbow from Ax, scoop slam on Anderson. Eye rake by Anderson, Ax clotheslines Anderson in the back of the head.

Tag to Smash, double beat-down. Side headlock by Smash, Anderson shoves off Smash. Blanchard nails Smash in the back from the apron, Anderson takes control with a suplex. Smash is on his feet, double scoop slam and atomic drops from Demolition, the champions control the ring. Ax and Blanchard are in the ring, chops by Blanchard. Ax takes them all in and tees off on Blanchard. Irish whip to the corner, Blanchard blocks Ax with a boot. Blanchard looks for a middle rope axe handle but Ax clamps on a bear-hug. Irish whip to the opposite corner, Blanchard flips to the apron. Ax sends him to the floor, Blanchard is clotheslined onto Heenan.

Ax drags Blanchard in from the apron, Irish whip and shot to the ribs by Ax. Snap-mare, neck crank from Ax. Tag to Smash who gets taken down by Anderson with a kick to the hamstring, The Brainbusters are working that leg. Quick tags galore, Spinebuster by Anderson for a close two. Tag to Blanchard, kick to Smash’s ribs, Blanchard struts around the ring. Elbows to the neck, Ax is with the referee as The Brainbusters stretch Smash. Tag to Anderson, snap-mare with a knee drop for two. Blanchard comes in and throws Smash to the floor, Blanchard distracts Ax. Axe handle from the apron by Anderson, quick tag to Anderson.

In the corner, Anderson and Smash trade blows. Smash is winning the fist-fight before we have double knockdown. Blanchard drops off the apron and sneaks up on Ax, Ax is tripped by Blanchard so Smash cannot make the tag. Anderson knocks Ax off the apron, Ax has had enough. 4 way breakdown, clothesline by Ax. Ax throws the referee down, Smash pummels Blanchard. Demolition throw The Brainbusters to the floor, we will have to wait another time for a conclusion to this feud.

Man, this was a good match. Anderson and Blanchard work Smash to perfection, every movement and motion is not wasted, their work is just top notch. I love the way they cut the ring in half, they way they work the match like its an actual fight, so many tag teams could steal from this match alone and their work would improve dramatically. I am dying for a rematch, hope we get to see it!

Winners: The Brainbusters over Demolition via DQ!

Boris Zhukov vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Returning at Wrestlemania V, it seems Snuka is back to wrestling in the ring. Well, this is a surprise. Boris jumps Snuka, Snuka is rammed into the turnbuckle. Snuka sends Zhukov into the turnbuckle, Zhukov eats a flying axe handle. Rib-breaker and Snuka goes to the top rope, Snuka is going for his Snuka Splash. It connects and we are done! DUD!

Winner: Jimmy Superfly Snuka over Boris Zhukov via Snuka Splash!

That was one of the most action packed editions of Saturday Night’s Main Event, the crowd is hot on this night and it makes everything so much better. Rude and Duggan is excellent, Jim Neidhart and Savage is fun, Hogan vs Bossman is a tremendous cage match and Demolition vs The Brainbusters was a great tag team match, I want to see the two do battle once more. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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