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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 26th November, 1988 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that rates matches on a fairer level than Dave Meltzer! Another edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, focusing on the aftermath of The 1988 Survivor Series. A WWF Championship match between Andre & Savage, Hogan talking with Brother Love and The Ultimate Warrior in action too!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs The Super Ninja I W/ Mr. Fuji

Ninja starts out chopping and kicking Warrior, Warrior shrugs off Ninja’s attacks. Ninja misses a clothesline and eats a boot, Ninja rolls to the floor. Military press slam into the ring, Ninja is rammed into the turnbuckles. Irish whip and reverse elbow from Warrior, clothesline from Warrior. Military Press Slam and Ultimate Splash, this match is over!

Nice squash for Warrior in his first SNME appearance, a little rough around the edges but you cannot deny the popularity of The Ultimate Warrior. DUD!

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Super Ninja via Ultimate Splash!

Hercules Hernandez vs Virgil W/ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase

Bobby Heenan sold the contract of Hercules to Ted Dibiase, Dibiase referred to Hercules as a slave which bothered Hercules tremendously. Dibiase sends Virgil after Hercules in this match. It begins with Virgil and Dibiase double teaming Hercules before Hercules double clotheslines both men. Back body-drop from Hercules and clothesline knocks Virgil to the floor. Hercules chases Dibiase around the ring, they enter the ring and Hercules nails Virgil with a clothesline and reverse elbow.

Mounted punches from Hercules, Dibiase is on the apron distracting Hercules but it is to no avail. Irish whip and a knee lift from Hercules, stiff clothesline from Hercules. Another clothesline, Hercules wants a piece of Dibiase but Dibiase wants no part of Hercules. Right hands by Hercules, Virgil rakes the eyes of Hercules. Right hands by Virgil, Hercules counters an Irish whip for a clothesline. Running powerslam from Hercules and this match is over.

Another squash as Hercules batters Virgil around the ring, went on a little long for my liking if it was just going to be a squash. However, I want to see Hercules and Dibiase get it on in the ring, I am sure Dibiase’s selling would make that an incredible match. Virgil staggers and falls multiple times trying to make it backstage, a nice little touch from Virgil who sells like Hercules destroyed him inside of that ring.

Winner: Hercules over Virgil via Running Powerslam!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) Randy Macho Man Savage © W/ Miss Elizabeth vs Andre The Giant W/ Bobby Heenan

Andre starts out hot, headbutts and chops to the chest. Savage battles back with elbows and jabs, Andre coconut crushes Savage with ease. Front chancery from Andre, knees in the corner and shoulder thrusts. Butt bumps from Andre, Savage blocks with his knees. Andre chops down Savage, another front chancery. Andre chokes Savage with his singlet, the referee cannot see it as Heenan is distracting this foolish Hebnar.

Savage fights out of the hold but Andre clamps the hold back on, Savage is trying to escape with everything that he has, the referee is arguing with Elizabeth. Savage shoves Andre to the corner, shoulder thrusts from Savage. Andre pushes off Savage, leaning down with an elbow. Headbutt floors Savage, Savage back to a knee, tries battling Andre. Blatant choke from Andre, Savage jabs Andre in the throat to escape a hold. Rights and lefts but Andre is far too strong, choke in the corner cuts off Savage. Running axe handle by Savage, middle rope axe handle on Andre. Andre is down to one knee, Jake The Snake Roberts is here at ringside. Jake hides his snake, Heenan and Andre spot Jake.

The referee wishes for Jake to leave, Heenan is on the apron and Andre is panicking about the possibility of a snake being thrown at him. Savage pleads with Jake to leave, Jake has a little chat with Savage as we cut to commercial. Savage axe handles Andre again, Andre chops Savage but Savage battles back with boots to Andre. Andre is stalling, shouting at Heenan to find that damn snake. Savage is grabbed by Andre, Andre puts the knees to Savage. Headbutt by Andre, Andre drops all his weight on Savage. Savage chases off Heenan, Andre chops Savage back into the ring from the apron. Heenan has found the bag with Damien but here comes Jake Roberts. Savage pummels Heenan, Andre is stuck in the ropes. Savage tosses Heenan to the floor and Andre is stuck in the ropes with Jake coming into the ring with Damien. Andre escapes just in time from the attack of Damien.

This was a whole lot of fun from everyone involved, Andre appearing over-confident against Savage, Heenan predicting victory in a matter of minutes. It all comes crashing down as Jake Roberts brings Damien to ringside, leading to Andre freaking out. Great story-telling with a finish that makes me dying to see Andre vs Jake, hope it lives it up to the hype.

Double Disqualification!

(Winner Gets Flag Raised Match) Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Boris Zhukov

This seems to be in the middle of a program between Duggan and Bravo, Duggan starts off with an atomic drop and clothesline. Lock-up, Zhukov nails a few right hands and goes for an Irish whip. Duggan reverses but lowers his head, Zhukov smashes Duggan in the face with a boot. Duggan rallies though, big rights and lefts before a missed elbow drop. Zhukov bites the head of Duggan, Irish whip to the corner but Duggan explodes out with a clothesline. Irish whip and a scoop slam from Duggan, Three-Point Stance Tackle from Duggan for the win. Old Glory is raised as this match was pure squash!

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan over Boris Zhukov via Three Point Stance Tackle!

Brother Love & Hulk Hogan Segment

Slick comes down to the ring despite Hogan being the advertised guest, Hogan will not be standing idle for long though. Brother Love insults Hogan over and over, leading to The Hulkster getting more irritated by the second. Hogan steals Brother Love’s microphone, Hogan is in ass-kicking mode. Brother Love and Slick go too far, Hogan tosses Slick to the floor and Brother Love makes the mistake of attacking Hogan. Scoop slam from Hogan, Hogan poses and pulls handcuffs from his kneepad. Hogan clotheslines Brother Love over the top rope, embarrassed by The Hulkster.

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Wild Stallions

Jacque and Powers start us off, side headlock from Jacque. Shoulder block and dropkick from Jacque, Powers holds his head in pain. Tag to Raymond, side headlock from Powers. Jacque is back in, Powers nails ten punches in the corner but Jimmy Hart nails Powers with his megaphone in the knee. Jacque tags Raymond. Assisted gutbuster from Jacque, Raymond forearms Powers in the back. Tag to Jacque, flying reverse elbow from Jacque.

Irish whip to the corner is reversed by Powers, Jacque tries a middle rope crossbody and Powers tags Roma. Elbow to Raymond, powerslam to Jacque. Missile dropkick on Raymond for two, Jacque and Powers are brawling. Raymond rakes the eyes, Roma is caught for The Fabulous Rougeau’s finish which wipes out Roma. Another match that is far too quick to get a rating out of it, at least The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers are getting some heel heat.

Winners: Fabulous Rougeau Brothers over Wild Stallions!

Standard Saturday Night’s Main Event, no major moments here but all the major angles are advancing, Jake vs Andre is looking like a stellar feud heading into 1989 and Hulk Hogan vowing revenge against Slick and The Big Bossman looks like another solid feud heading into 1989. We have another Saturday Night’s Main Event before we reach The Royal Rumble, let’s keep the positivity going! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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