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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event February 3rd 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that ignites more debate than a Marko Stunt match! It is time for Saturday Night’s Main Event, February 3rd 1989. This is all about The Mega-Powers vs The Twin Towers, Bossman assaulted Hogan on Brother Love’s show while both Hogan and Savage have fallen victim to assaults from The Twin Towers. Tensions have been brewing between Hogan and Savage, Savage does not seem to have Hogan as his main priority, only saving Hogan when Elizabeth was in danger also. Meanwhile, Hogan had dumped Savage out of the Royal Rumble, adding more tension between the two. Will The Mega-Powers explode? Let’s find out!

The Twin Towers W/ Slick vs The Mega-Powers W/ Miss Elizabeth

The formation of The Mega-Powers could be said to be Wrestlemania IV as Hogan helped Savage capture the WWF Championship but the two united formally on an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event battling The Mega-Bucks and now The Twin-Towers. Two of the WWF’s brightest stars, surely they could overcome any odds?

Savage is starting this match with Bossman, Bossman wants Hogan. Bossman says just bring it to Hogan, Bossman just spat on Hogan but Savage calms down the situation and wait, Hogan is starting with Bossman. Lock-up, rake the eyes from Bossman. This fires up Hogan, Hogan nails Slick, Akeem and Bossman is atomic dropped to the floor, fans lose their minds at this sight and this is peak WWF. We reset, knees from Bossman, Bossman takes Hogan to the corner but it is Bossman who eats the turnbuckle multiple times. Irish whip from Hogan, Bossman holds onto the ropes to avoid a big punch, Savage nails an axe handle on Bossman on the floor while The Twin-Towers recover.

Bossman tags in Akeem, lock-up with Hogan and Savage nailing Akeem with right hands. Chops from Hogan, Irish whip and an axe bomber does not floor Akeem. Tag to Savage, diving top rope axe handle from Savage. Savage whips Akeem to the corner, reverse elbow and left jabs from Savage. Akeem meets Hogan’s boot, tag to Hogan. Middle rope axe handle, Akeem rakes the eyes and clubs Hogan. Tag to Bossman, Irish whip but Hogan reverses. Hogan does not see the clothesline of Bossman, piledriver from Bossman. Hogan lays down in the middle of the ring, Akeem is now the legal man.

Quick clubbing from Akeem before a tag to Bossman, Bossman is back-dropped to the floor. Bossman drags out Hogan, the two brawl on the floor. Slick holds onto Hogan at ringside, it allows Akeem to splash Hogan. Bossman brings Hogan to the ropes, Irish whip and spinebuster from Bossman. Two for Bossman, tag to Akeem. Akeem lays in the right hands to Hogan, tag to Bossman. Akeem holds Hogan as Akeem lands big rights, Bossman winds up for a big punch and Hogan ducks, Bossman wallops Akeem by mistake. Hogan tags Savage, Savage clotheslines Akeem. Diving crossbody from Savage for two, Savage goes off the ropes and Slick nails Savage in the back with his nightstick.

Bossman is the legal man, quick punch from Bossman before a tag to Akeem. Double reverse elbow from The Twin Towers, Akeem whips Savage to the floor. Elizabeth checks on a downed Savage, Akeem hurls Savage to the floor and Savage wipes out Elizabeth. Hogan looks on distraught, Elizabeth is knocked unconscious. Savage is staring at Hogan but Akeem pulls Savage back into the ring, Bossman is now the legal man. Elizabeth is not moving, Hogan picks up the unconscious Elizabeth as Savage clears the ring of The Twin Towers. Savage is looking on, Bossman clobbers Savage with a kick to the back of the head. Hogan helps Elizabeth to the back, Savage is all alone in the ring.

Back in the ring, Savage is looking for a tag as Akeem is destroying The Macho Man. Akeem chokes Savage in the ropes, Hogan is making his way back to the ring. Bossman lands a huge right on Savage, Bossman mounts Savage delivering multiple blows to the head. Tag to Akeem, quick slam before a tag to Bossman. Double backbreaker from The Twin Towers, Akeem and Bossman are thinking splash. Both men miss though, Savage is throwing The Twin Towers out on the floor. Hogan and Savage are having a few words, Savage slaps Hogan for abandoning him, Bossman pulls Hogan into the ring.

Savage is thinking of walking out on Hogan, Akeem whips Hogan into the corner. Bossman and Akeem miss their double splash, right hands from Hogan on The Twin Towers. Savage takes his WWF Championship and walks out on Hogan, Akeem and Bossman double splash Hogan. Irish whip and splash from Akeem, 187 Splash on Hogan for two. Hogan is Hulking Up! Akeem’s punches have no effect, Hogan says not today brother. Right hands and an Irish whip, boot from Hogan. Hogan lands The Atomic Leg Drop on Akeem for the win but Bossman jumps Hogan after the bell, handcuffs are in play but Hogan escapes, handcuffing Slick to Bossman.

However, this is not over as Hogan goes back to comfort Elizabeth and speak to Macho Man, The Mega-Powers are going to explode before our very eyes ladies and gentlemen. Hogan is looking for Savage, Savage is telling Elizabeth that everything is Hogan’s fault. The two begin screaming at one another, Elizabeth is trying to talk the two. Savage starts telling Hogan that Macho Madness is number one, Hogan is jealous of Savage as WWF Champion. Finally, Savage says there is lust in Hogan’s eyes, Hogan turns to Elizabeth which is all the opening that Savage needs, Savage smacks Hogan with the championship and Savage tosses aside Elizabeth. Beefcake looks to make the save before the officials save Hogan from a beating from Savage.

Fucking tremendous angle, I knew about it going into the show. We all know about, even if we did not watch during the time, we know all about this match and angle. To see it, is still perfection. The crowd is like molten lava for this tag match, they are that rapid and hot for The Twin Towers vs The Mega-Powers. Hogan comes in, Akeem and Bossman bump all around for Hogan and Savage, every bump is perfect and then we have Elizabeth being wiped out. She sells it like death, Savage wipes her out and just wow, Hogan is caught in two minds and ultimately, decides to get Elizabeth to safety. It backfires for Hogan as Savage sees it as the straw that broke the camel’s back, lust in his eyes oh yeah brother! Savage abandons Hogan and rationalizes it all in his head as Hogan wanting Savage’s WWF Championship. Hogan manipulated Savage, looked to steal Elizabeth and then, his WWF Championship. Of course, these are the rantings and ravings of a very paranoid WWF Champion but its all played out for us to see, The Mega-Powers are no more, never again can they team. Awesome!

The Mega-Powers over The Twin Towers via Atomic Leg Drop!

Hercules vs The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibaise W/ Virgil

Match starts with Hercules dragging Dibiase into the ring, massive atomic drop to Dibiase. Virgil is on the top rope, Hercules slams him into the ring and down with a two-handed choke toss. Dibiase is on the apron, Virgil is sent crashing into Dibiase and crashing to the floor. Hercules calls for a military press slam, tremendous bump from Dibiase. Dibiase begs off, Dibiase tries a sly kick but Hercules atomic drops Dibiase to the floor, it is all Hercules thus far. Hercules gets caught though, too much taunting leads to Dibiase snap-maring Hercules to the floor. Big right hands from Dibiase, clothesline from Dibiase.

Multiple fist drops from Dibiase, knee-lift from Dibiase. Dibiase is on the middle rope, axe handle rocks Hercules’ world. Two for Dibiase, Hercules blocks the suplex and lands a suplex of his own. Dibiase is rammed into the turnbuckle by Hercules, Irish whip and powerslam from Hercules. Hercules attempts a shoulder block but Dibiase side-steps and Hercules hits the turnbuckle hard. Behind the referee’s back, Virgil wraps the chain around the turnbuckle. Dibiase wants to send Hercules into the chain but Dibiase is sent crashing into the chain.

1…2… Dibiase manages to kick out of the pin attempt. Virgil distracts the referee, Hercules has Dibiase in the Torture Rack. Hercules has the match won but the referee is distracted with the chain, Virgil pulls down Dibiase and distracts Hercules. Dibiase rolls up Hercules for the win, Dibiase is sent packing by Hercules, getting his heat back from the lost.

Once again, Dibiase shows how much of a badass he is with his selling, the first two minutes of this match were gold as Dibiase along with Virgil did everything to make Hercules look like the most unstoppable force in the wrestling finish, it was beautiful as Dibiase flew all around the ring making Hercules look amazing. More Dibiase please!

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Hercules via Handful Of Tights!

Arguably, the most memorable Main Event/Saturday Night’s Main Event of all-time. The fall-out of Randy Macho Man Savage and Hulk Hogan is one of wrestling best angles, it was so simple and yet so brilliant. Savage’s paranoia comes pouring out as Hogan carries Elizabeth to the backstage area, Savage decides then and there that The Mega-Powers are done, all the doubts in his mind have been justified as Hogan cares not for the duo, Hogan cares about becoming champion and stealing Elizabeth, Hogan is jealous of Savage’s accomplishments and that’s why The Mega-Powers came to be: because Hogan wanted to get close to Savage to eventually get the WWF Championship. Now, we must go to Wrestlemania, Hogan must confront that man he thought was his best friend, his partner, his brother. Savage looks to prove that Hogan could never beat him in a fair one on one match, this was brilliant. I would tell any fan to seek this out, it’s great! Just remember: There’s always another night!

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