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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event January 7th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that believes in conspiracies more than an anti-AEW fan! It’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event of January 1989, days away from the 1989 Royal Rumble. Deceit, deception and lust in your eyes brother! Randy Savage is starting to suspect all is not well with his alliance with The Hulkster, The Ultimate Warrior looks to wipe out The Honky Tonk Man once more! Rambling promos, bright colours and neon lights, you do not want to miss this! Let’s get it on!

Outlaw Ron Bass vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake

The loser of this match will lose some of their precious locks, this feud began with The Barber attacking Bass who was having his way with a jobber. Bass would have his revenge, busting open Beefcake with the spurs of his boots. Quite the intense and bloody angle for the mid-card but I dig it, Bass jumps Beefcake to start the match. Bass uses his whip before Beefcake backs Bass into the corner, Beefcake has the whip now with Bass running out of the ring. There is this comic-like sound effect for the whip, so strange and unnecessary.

Beefcake and Bass reset, Bass nails knees to the ribs. High knee by Beefcake off an Irish whip reversal, Bass is knocked off the apron multiple times by Beefcake. Beefcake begins strutting which leads to Bass slowly re-entering the ring. Lock-up, the two trade blows with Beefcake gaining control with massive right hands. Fist drop and mounted right hands from Beefcake, Bass is being hammered by The Barber. Beefcake rams Bass into the turnbuckle, Bass counters Beefcake’s punches with an inverted atomic drop. Gutbuster from Bass, Bass kicks Beefcake in the ribs as The Barber is laying across the top rope. Beefcake is out on the floor, Bass scores with a forearm to the ribs. Massive kick to the  mid-section from Bass, Beefcake is taking a beating at this stage of the match.

Another knee to the ribs, right hands from Bass to the ribs of Beefcake. Devastating piledriver from Bass, Bass gets a two-count as Bass stops the referee’s count. Beefcake is dropped throat-first on the top rope, Bass toys with Beefcake some more. Bass nails a clothesline, Beefcake kicks out at two and a half. Bass is frustrated with the referee, Bass misses a clothesline and runs right into The Sleeper. Bass begins to fade as Beefcake clamps on the hold in the middle of the ring, Beefcake is victorious and it looks like The Outlaw will be losing some hair.

That was enjoyable, I like The Outlaw’s work. The way he moves, the way he attacks and backs up from his opponent, everything seems to be perfect for The Outlaw character. One mean looking son of a gun too, the over-confident heel is always a fun thing to see, Beefcake is growing in popularity with each and every show, not much of a worker but popular with the fans. A note on this shaving, Beefcake cuts the absolute life out of Bass’ hair. Bass gets one of the most complete hair shavings I have ever seen in a wrestling ring. Bass resembles Buzz Sawyer by the end, maybe he just wanted a free haircut.

Winner: Brutus The Barber Beefcake over Outlaw Ron Bass via Sleeper!

Akeem W/Slick & The Big Bossman vs Hulk Hogan W/ Miss Elizabeth & Randy Macho Man Savage

The Twin Towers vs The Mega-Powers, Hogan throws Slick at Akeem to start this match, right hands from Hogan to Akeem. Hogan goes after Slick and Bossman, Slick is thrown onto Bossman. Crowd is going nuts, this is quality. Big right hands, Akeem blocks the slam, too early for The Hulkster. Akeem struts, getting funky like a monkey in public if you will! Hogan rams Akeem off opposing turnbuckles, right hands and a clothesline staggers Akeem. Clothesline to Bossman on the apron and a clothesline floors Akeem.

Akeem drags Hogan down by the hair, the referee does not see Akeem breaking the rules. Hogan is fighting out of the arm-wrench, right hands by Hogan and a shoulder tackle. Axe handle to the head, Akeem is sent crashing into Bossman who bumps to the floor. Hogan pummels Akeem in the corner, Bossman is on the apron once more. Hogan whips Akeem to the corner, Akeem pulls the referee in the way, Bossman clubs Hogan with the nightstick. Akeem holds Hogan while Bossman attacks, Savage is not rushing out to help Hogan. Akeem nails his splash, Bossman lands a follow-up splash. Elizabeth runs backstage to get Savage, Akeem lands another splash.

Elizabeth is looking for The Macho Man as Hogan lays in the middle of the ring after a series of splashes, Akeem is on the middle rope. Hogan dodges Akeem’s splash, Elizabeth is unable to move Savage. Hogan begins Hulking Up, right hands and chops. Clothesline floors Akeem, punches to Bosman & Slick. Slick is tossed into Bossman again, Hogan nails the big boot. Scoop slam from Hogan, Bossman nails Hogan from ringside with his nightstick. Elizabeth is looking for Savage who is nowhere to be seen. The Twin Towers are decimating Hogan, Elizabeth is pleading for mercy for Hogan. Bossman has his handcuffs, Elizabeth is in big trouble now.

Bossman is cuffing Elizabeth, here comes The Macho Man Randy Savage with a chair. Savage has saved Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan, Ventura plants the seeds of doubt in the minds of everyone, stating that Savage only moved to save Elizabeth and not Hulk Hogan. Savage puts his hands on Elizabeth, Savage is not a happy WWF Champion. Savage looks pissed as Elizabeth helps Hogan to the back, The Mega-Powers are victorious in this battle but is there trouble in paradise?

Super fun match, nothing better than classic Hogan. Punches, slams and the heels bumping like absolute Gods for The Hulkster. And, something of substance here as Savage does not help Hogan, Savage trusts Hogan to stay alive in the match. Why? Why would Savage act in such fashion? The Macho Man seems to be changing before our very eyes and I am all in on this feud.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Akeem via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Honky Tonk Man W/ Jimmy Hart

The Warrior snorts, growls and shouts his way into this match, Honky is as cool as a cucumber as Warrior does his thing, Honky is so unlikeable a tremendous heel in his day. The match starts on the floor, Warrior pummels Honky. Honky is pressed into the ring with ease, leapfrog and boot from Warrior. Hart is on the apron, noggin-knocker from Warrior. Irish whip and elbow from Warrior, throat toss from Warrior. Warrior pummels Honky with right hands in the corner, Irish whip to the opposite corner and we have a shoulder thrust from the champion.

Another Irish whip but Honky dodges a turnbuckle splash, Jimmy Hart distracts the referee as Honky nails Warrior repeatedly with a megaphone. Axe handles to the spine as Honky dances a little, confident in his handy work. Warrior is stomped in the corner, Jimmy Hart chokes Warrior behind the referee’s back. Honky continues to stomp Warrior, right hands to the skull of Warrior. However, Warrior is shaking it all off. One massive slam from the champion but Honky dodges an elbow drop. Honky is in control, Honky wants to send Warrior into the turnbuckle but Warrior reverses and Honky meets the turnbuckle about eight times. Clothesline from Warrior, splash is blocked though by Honky.

Honky raises a smile before covering Warrior for two, a big powerful kick-out from Warrior. Clothesline misses from Honky, flying shoulder tackle from Warrior after ducking the clothesline, it finds the mark and Honky has been defeated, Ultimate Warrior is still your WWF Intercontinental Champion.

That was a lot of fun too, liked the touch of Honky having to use The Megaphone to keep down Warrior, Warrior was shown as so strong you had to find alternative methods of taking down The Ultimate Warrior. Honky also seemed to have scouted the offense of Warrior which added to the drama of the match, Honky seemed to have it all together but one shoulder tackle later, all the hard work was undone, good stuff and a competitive match from Warrior for what feels like is the first time.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Honky Tonk Man via Flying Shoulder Tackle!

Tito Santana vs The Red Rooster W/ Bobby Heenan

If you are a fan of Mid-South Wrestling or The UWF, you will know Terry Taylor as quite the talent and commodity. Memorable matches with Chris Adams if you want to see the best of Taylor. However, in the WWF Taylor was called The Red Rooster and had an irate Bobby Heenan as his manager who often berated his client. People say Taylor fancied himself as Ric Flair, it’s super apparent in the start of this match. Santana smashes Rooster in the face to begin, nice leapfrog sequence from both which leads to a dropkick from Santana. Foot on the rope from Rooster, Santana tries a splash but Rooster blocks with his knees. Double foot stomp and a beautiful jaw-breaker from Rooster, choke from Rooster.

Santana is firing up, right hands to the ribs and face. Double leg take-down from Santana, Rooster is caught on an Irish whip. Sunset flip countered by Santana, right hands from Santana. Rooster is rammed into the turnbuckle, Irish whip and polish hammer to the ribs. Santana drives Rooster into the mat, big back body-drop from Santana. Figure four is countered by Rooster, Heenan and Rooster have words on the floor. Rooster shoves back at Heenan, the crowd comes up big for that. Suplex back into the ring by Santana, Irish whip by Santana. Santana lowers the head, boot to the head from Rooster. Knee drop from Rooster, two for Rooster.

Back-breaker from Rooster for two, suplex from Rooster is countered for a small package. Close two for Santana, neckbreaker is turned into a backslide pin from Santana for two. Knees by Santana, Irish whip to the corner. Santana comes running in, boot from Rooster. Massive piledriver from Rooster, two for Rooster. Rooster and Heenan continue to have words, Rooster is hot now. Santana has his eyes raked, Irish whip and stun-gun by Rooster. Rooster looks for a sharpshooter, Santana escapes. Santana ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Rooster to the floor. Heenan throws Rooster into the ring, Santana takes advantage and rolls up Rooster from behind, the unbeaten streak is over! Heenan and Rooster continue to have words, Heenan slaps Rooster in the face. Rooster snaps, huge right hands from Rooster to Heenan. Irish whip and Heenan is down, the crowd comes alive for Rooster.

It goes on a bit long for my liking, the original crowd reaction is long gone by the time it ends but it looks like Rooster had every chance of being a big star in the WWF. It will be interesting to see exactly where it goes wrong in the WWF.

Winner: Tito Santana over The Red Rooster via Schoolboy!

Mr. Perfect vs Koko B. Ware

Perfection oh yes! Mr. Perfect has a perfect record in the WWF and Koko is in the perfect one’s way. Quick start with Koko dropkicking Perfect to the floor, lock-up and Perfect brings Koko to the corner. Knees and knee-lift brings down Koko, chops from Perfect. Irish whip reversal from Koko, arm-drag from Koko. Side headlock from Perfect, leapfrogs from Koko. Arm-drag, knee from Perfect. Clubbing blows to the back of the head, Koko blocks having his head rammed into the turnbuckle but Perfect elbows Koko down. Standing dropkick sends Koko to the apron.

Koko battles back, massive headbutt on Perfect. Clubbing blow to the back, clothesline from Koko. Koko’s corner attack misses as Perfect dodges, Perfect Plex in the middle of the ring and this match is over with a perfect finish. Quick squash showcasing the hot new star in Mr. Perfect. DUD!

Winner: Mr. Perfect over Koko B Ware via Perfect Plex!

A meaningful edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event as it is a big tease of dissent in The Mega-Powers, it seems Savage only came down when Elizabeth was in danger, Savage might not care for Hogan after all. A small little addition to the angle but it is all building and my God, it is going to explode and it will be tremendous! Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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