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WCW Mayhem 2000 Review

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Hello and welcome to another hard-hitting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that places itself in matches on pay per view more than Shane Mcmahon! Continue to slog my way through WCW, we are looking at WCW's Mayhem 2000! The big matches on this card include Goldberg vs Lex Luger, Booker T vs Scott Steiner and DDP returns to pay per view with Kevin Nash to take on The Perfect Event. DDP is a welcome boost to the roster, Lex Luger not so much and of course, we have the likes of MIA and The Natural Born Thrillers spread out all over the crowd to fill the cracks. Shall this be a mess? Maybe but let's get down to it!


Opening Promo

Booker T arrived and is swamped by a tonne of plants to sign autographs, we also see Steiner arrive in the building with his leather pipe. Steiner smashes up two laptops and flips a table, they are building towards a big match anyways. It is a straight-jacket cage match, the pay per view hype package is about unstable Scott Steiner, it is awesome. While we see the returns of DDP and Lew Luger, Nash is back as a babyface which makes another turn in a short amount of time. Ric Flair is back as a commissioner, this is crazy, this a whole lot of returns.

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Kwee Wee W/ Paisley vs Mike Sanders (C)

Sanders has the music from Backstage Assault as his entrance theme, Sanders has a beautifully punchable face, the only one of The Natural Born Thrillers with a bit of personality. Sanders slaps Kwee Wee, Lou Thesz press from Kwee Wee. Kwee Wee hiptosses, dropkicks and clotheslines Sanders to the outside, The Natural Born Thrillers come out to backup Sanders. Springboard clothesline by Jindrak right beside the referee,a re you telling me the referee missed that? O Haire clotheslines Kwee Wee, powerslam by Sanders with help from O Haire and Jindrak. Here comes Meng to kick ass, where did Meng come from? Meng beats up everyone like his reputation would have you believe, this is like six on one and Meng is winning.

Flair is here with security, they are presumbly here to save the six vanilla wrestlers from Meng. Sanders chokes Kwee Wee, huge boot by Sanders. Knee drop by Sanders, reverse chinlock by Sanders. Sunset flip by Kwee Wee for two, clothesline by Sanders for two. Cobra clutch by Sanders, Kwee Wee fires up for a back suplex. Right hands and a knee lift by Kwee Wee, clothesline and back drop. Ten punches, hotshot by Kwee Wee. Sanders hurricanranas Kwee Wee on the floor, countering a sunset flip powerbomb. Paisley slaps Sanders, handspring elbow by Paisley. The 3.0 for the win out of nowhere.

That was entertaining even though that finish was flat as fuck, Sanders' finish was Orton's backbreaker? Crazy that Sanders used that finish, it really is not an imapctful move, Sanders and Kwee Wee had a nice little match though, I loved that Meng part. I could watch Meng destroy nobodies in wrestling all day long.


Winner: Mike Sanders over Kwee Wee via The 3.0!


Three Count vs Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias vs The Jung Dragons

Evan Karagias was made a babyface leaving the group, I am not sure what WCW saw in Karagias when he was clearly the weakest of the group. Anyways, Jamie Noble left The Jung Dragons and Karagias left Three Count, everyone has had problems and we have this match to settle the score. Everyone brawls on the floor, Three Count take control of the match. Yang and Kaz atomic drop The Three Count, The Jung Dragons dance to mock Three Count before backdropping Three Count over the top rope. Noble planchas onto Yang, Karagias slams Kaz into the mat. Powerslam by Karagias for two, flapjack on Kaz. In comes Helms, Lou Thesz press by Karagias. Shot to Shannon and a tag to Noble, double back elbow by Noble & Karagias.

Noble works the arm of Helms, Shannon blind tags into the match. German suplex by Helms, Shannon covers but The Jung Dragons break up the pin-fall. Noble counters the rocker dropper for a powerbomb, in comes Yang. Kaz nails a springboard enzuigiri, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Shannon rebounds with a rocker dropper. Helms beats down Kaz for two, Helms suplexes Kaz but eats a massive kick off a sunset flip. Tag to Yang who comically Bruce Lee punches Shannon. Shannon covers Yang after a reverse DDT, Karagias drops Shannon with a Michinoku Driver. Brainbuster by Kaz on Karagias, Noble nails a tombstone piledriver but Helms nails The Eye of The Hurricane before everything goes crazy.

Dives galore, too many to name with planchas, moonsaults etc. The Jung Dragon's manager dives onto everyone, Yang has Shannon in the ring. Noble pulls out a ladder, the ladder lands on top of Karagias after a baseball slide. Yang DDTs Shannon, Noble crotches Yang on the top rope, Helms throws Noble off the top rope. Splash by Helms onto Noble for two, Yang dives onto Shannon for a two count. Samoan drop neckbreaker combination by Three Count on Yang for the win.

Fun stuff from these cruiserweight teams, a lot of chemistry between the three. I'd like to see the teams breakup and face other teams, it seems they have feuding since the dawn of time. Good stuff though, they have been winning me over with each pay per view.

Winners: Three Count over Everyone Else via Samoan Drop/Neckbreaker Combination!

ManCow vs Jimmy Hart

ManCow is a radio personality that is feuding with Jimmy Hart, ManCow brings his freaks while Three Count represent Jimmy Hart at ringside, Jimmy attacks ManCow with his crutch. ManCow attacks Hart with the other crutch, cast to the head and this trash is over. DUD!

Winner: ManCow over Jimmy Hart via Cast!

(WCW Hardcore Championship Match) Big Vito vs Reno vs Crowbar (C)

Vito and Reno have some history, the feud goes back to Vito's sister. Anyways, they have been feuding on and off since Reno debuts, Crowbar won the championship off Reno thanks to Vito. The champion comes running down and smacks the shit out of Reno, Vito boots Crowbar. Vito throws Crowbar onto Reno, Vito whacks both men with kendo sticks. Stomps by Vito, Crowbar and Reno are being taken down. Vito has a trafic cone, Reno gets the cone whacked into his manhood, white Russian legsweep by Vito.

Lots of weapon shots and punching, Crowbar and Reno double team Vito. Flapjack onto a trash can by the heels, Reno turns on Crowbar with a bat. Reno and Vito fight on the floor, Vito wears Crowbar and Reno out with kendo stick shots. We are backstage, Reno is smacked with a trash can. Reno slams Vito through the table, Vito's sister Marie is here. Crowbar whacks a chair into Reno's face with another chair to win the match.

Trash match with nothing going for it and an angle that will never be followed up on more than likely, Crowbar is a pimp now though. That's epic, this pay per view is off to a typical WCW start that makes me want to switch off.

Winner: Crowbar over Everyone Else via Chair Shot!

The Filthy Animals vs Alex Wright & Kronik

Disco paid for the services of Kronik for seven minutes and thirty seconds, Wright looks hilarious as a bald man dancing in all black. Still not happy with Kronik turning heel, they should be destroying heel tag teams all the time. Adams and Kidman begin, Kidman grabs a side headlock with Adams throwing off the smaller Kidman. Huge chop, hurricanrana by Kidman. Kidman throws forearms, Adams shoves off Kidman. Military press and we have a botch, sleeper by Kidman. Full-nelson, I love this love from Adams. Pin by Wright for two, Wright chops and dropkicks Kidman. Wright misses a clothesline, slingshot headscissors by Kidman.

Mysterio and Clark, Clark stomps Mysterio. Bulldog by Mysterio and a springboard leg drop, two for Mysterio. Huge slam by Clark, Clark misses a splash. Mysterio tries a senton but Clark delivers a powerbomb. Wright tags in, vertical suplex for two. Tag to Adams, big boot by Adams. Wright tags in for two, clothesline by Wright to slow down Mysterio. Spinning sole butt by Wright for two, Kronik say time is up for their services. Wright is left alone, low dropkick and bronco buster by Mysterio. Wright fires up with a belly to belly suplex, Kidman nails a sky high. Leg drop to the nuts, this match is over.

Love that Kidman has just replaced Juvi in the group. The match was fine, the Kronik stuff was funny, Disco is such a good it makes sense for Disco to be overconfident and lose track of time, Mysterio and Kidman continue to prove that they are the hope of the tag division that WCW is seemingly ignoring for some reason.

Winners: The Filthy Animals over The Boogie Knights via Nutcracker Suite!

Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson vs The Cat & Ms. Jones

Nice continuity from WCW as Douglas cost The Cat his commissioner's position at last month's Halloween Havoc. Douglas cuts a good promo before the match as always, hopefully the women's action in the ring is brief. The Cat and Douglas brawl, The Cat attacks Madden for a huge pop. Torrie attacks The Cat, Douglas suplexes The Cat into the ring. Low blow by Douglas, Torrie chokes The Cat. The Cat fights back, eye poke by Douglas. Polish hammer by Douglas, neck vice by Douglas. The Cat fires up before a knee to the gut, illegal choke by Douglas. The Cat fires back at Douglas, ten punches in the corner. Inverted atomic drop by Douglas stops The Cat in his tracks.

Butterfly suplex by Douglas, two for The Franchise. Neck vice by Douglas, Douglas tries a sunset flip but The Cat nails two punches and an elbow for two. Eye poke by Douglas, Cat reverses for The Feliner. Ms. Jones pushes The Cat on Douglas for two, Torrie attacks Ms. Jones but Ms. Jones takes down Torrie. Ms. Jones chokes Torrie. Douglas has pulled brass knuckles out of his tights, no it is a chain. Huge shot to the head and Douglas covers but The Cat places his foot on the ropes. Clothesline by Douglas, The Cat avoids a DDT but Ms. Jones gives The Cat his red shoe of death. The Cat nails his roundhouse kick and wins the match.

The best part was Madden being attacked, this match was a total shit-show like everything that WCW would do at the time. Ms. Jones and Torrie look fantastic though as they dance post match. The commentary was so not into this match though, it was hilarious. Everyone taken the piss out of Madden and this match, they could not give a shit about this company anymore and Stevie Ray might be my favourite commentator of all time.

Winner: The Cat over Shane Douglas via Kung-Fu Kick!

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sgt. Awol

Another return, Bigelow comes back after assaulting Mike Awesome, Awesome is unable to compete and the replacement is Awol. Kill me now, quickly and as painful as possible. Another thing is this show is littered with backstage segments, there are far too many to count and these are the reasons I refuse to take down each promo for these pay per view reviews, Awol and Bigelow brawl all around the ring. Middle rope clothesline for two, right hands and chops by Awol. Bigelow counters a back suplex for a crossbody, DDT by Bigelow. Bigelow misses a diving headbutt, big boot by Awol.

Bigelow clubs Awol in the corner, hard Irish whip. Awol misses a splash, Awol counters greetings for a huge clubbing blow to the heart. Awol goes to his table, right hands by Awol. Spinebuster by Awol, Awol does not nail the chokeslam as Bigelow counters for Greetings From Asbury Park for the win.

Slow, plodding and a disgrace in many ways. Bigelow looks to be very out of shape, the action reflects that and Stevie Ray jumps from the commentary table to see what is wrong with Bigelow. I think Bigelow really did collapse, that is awful.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow over Sgt. Awol via Greetings From Asbury Park!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Lance Storm (C) W/ Major Gunns vs General Rection

I thought this series was over, how could they stretch this out for another month. Major Gunns looks incredible despite how fake her body is, Storm won back the championship as Gunns turned on Rection. MIA are falling apart which is a good thing because I do not want to see them scattered all over the card. Ok, Bigelow is still by the entrance way, Bigelow leaps off the stretcher and pummels Rection. I had legitimate concern for Bigelow based on his performance. That was in poor taste, I thought the man collapsed from being out of shape. At the same time though, they got me good. Rection has been attacked by Bigelow, Storm picks up the scraps.

Storm goes for the leg, Storm cripples the leg of Rection. Storm is shoved off by Rection, Storm meets the guard rail before Storm goes to the leg once more. Variation of the maple leaf, Rection reaches the ropes. Major Gunns distracts Rection, Storm continues to slap and attack Rection. Rection fires up, Storm rocks Rection with a Superkick but Rection nails a powerslam. No Laughing Matter is stopped by Major Gunns, Storm climbs up and gets knocked down only to eat a No Laughing Matter for the win.

That's it?..... Where was the struggle? Why is General Rection a two-time champion? I thought they realized their mistake but no, they have done it again. Rection, GENERAL FUCKING RECTION how can I take this crap seriously? This program was an embarassment to that title, MIA were opening card comedy relief, there had no business near the likes of that championship. All momentum of Storm is gone, how dare they lose that for General Rection. For the love of christ they refer to Rection winning as Fly Fat Ass Fly! I just cannot take this, there are so many crimes committed by this company but this blowoff to the big story sucked on so many levels.

Winner: General Rection over Lance Storm via No Laughing Matter!

Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell

This must be the Buff Bagwell that believes he was a big star when coming to the WWF because fighting in DNA matches and forklift matches are not exactly show-stealers, Bagwell has a shot at a big match as he is facing Jeff Jarrett, former WCW champion who is being phased down the card (Thank God!). Bagwell nails a neckbreaker on Jarrett and huge right hands, Jarrett is on the defensive. Slingshot splash for two, Bagwell hiptosses Jarrett to the floor. Jarrett meets the guard rail and is choked with the camera cable, low blow from Jarrett. Jarrett has a chair, chair to the back by Double J.

No DQ as is every match apparently, Jarrett continues to use the chair. Diving fist drop by Jarrett, elbow across the throat by Jarrett. Sleeper by Jarrett, Bagwell hangs on and fights Jarrett. Flying forearm and clotheslines, Jarrett avoids the blockbuster. Jarrett runs into a boot, tornado DDT by Bagwell for two. Referee bump, Jarrett has a chair but here comes David Flair, DDT by David Flair. Jarrett kicks out of course, Jarrett almost wins off rolling through a crossbody. Reverse DDT by Bagwell for two, eye poke by Jarrett. Jarrett misses a crossbody, Jarrett has a guitar. Bagwell is cracked and Jarrett wins the match.

Of course, it never fails to impress me how Jarrett can suck the life out of a match, Flair's run-in was utterly pointless as there is nobody who can beat Jarrett unless they are a big star like Sting or Goldberg. Stupid match, stupid booking and stupid waste of time. DUD!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Buff Bagwell via Guitar Shot!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) The Perfect Event (C) vs Kevin Nash & DDP

The Natural Born Thrillers turned on Nash, Nash was saved by a returning DDP. The two dubbed The Insiders are feuding with these bunch of nobodies which will be fun considering Nash's political power. Giving credit where credit is due, Nash gets a lot of shit for his involvement with WCW but Nash was in the company far longer than Hogan and Hall, Nash almost stuck it out until the very end of the company. Palumbo powders after a powerbomb attempt from Nash, cheap shot from Palumbo. Nash fires back with knees and elbows, corner clothesline by Nash. Snake eyes and a leg across the back, Stasiak cheap shots Nash. DDP comes in and clotheslines Palumbo, The Insiders are ruling the ring.

Flair escorts The Thrillers out of the arena, Sanders stays as Sanders has a manager's licence. DDP and Stasiak square off, clothesline by DDP. Palumbo cheap shots DDP, DDT on DDP for two. Neckbreaker by Stasiak, double slingshot suplex by the champions. Right hands by Palumbo, clothesline by DDP for two. Nash saves DDP after a superkick from Palumbo, Stasiak puts the boots to DDP. Sunset flip attempt by DDP, Stasiak kicks out at two. Clothesline by Stasiak, two for Stasiak. Tag to Palumbo, reverse elbow for two. Palumbo punches DDP in his corner, DDP begins to fire back at the two. Palumbo drop toeholds DDP to cut off DDP, tag to Stasiak.

Wishbone split by the champions, elbow for two. Front chancery by Stasiak, DDP makes the tag but Palumbo distracted the referee so there is no tag. Sleeper by Palumbo, DDP escapes and nails a neckbreaker for two. Nash gets the hot-tag, sidewalk slams and big boots. Diamond Cutter on Palumbo, Jacknife Powerbomb on Palumbo. Diamond Cutter on Sanders and this match is over.

Surprisingly fun from these four, DDP and Nash were huge over unlike their opponents, this made for a fun dynamic where the fans were simply waiting for The Jacknife and The Diamond Cutter, the built up to the tag and it was perfect. The fans got everything that they wanted, they were able to send the fans home happy.

Winners: The Insiders over The Perfect Event via Jacknife Powerbomb!

Goldberg vs Lex Luger

Luger came back as a heel picking up where he left off in the latter part of 1999, Goldberg is on a streak again. If Goldberg loses, Goldberg must retire. Goldberg works the arm, Luger goes to the ropes. Lock-up; Goldberg takes the arm. Knee by Luger, clubbing blows by Luger, back suplex with no effect. Luger freaks out, eye poke by Luger. Clothesline, right hands by Luger. Luger poses, Goldberg is on his feet. Knees and right hands by Goldberg, forearm by Luger. Goldberg is clotheslined to the floor.

Luger follows Goldberg, Goldberg is thrown into the guard rail. Axe handle by Luger, kicks to the ribs by Luger. Powerslam and mounted punches by Goldberg, Goldberg Spears the referee as well as Luger, Jackhammer and a second referee calls for the bell.

So, the referee bump was pointless then right? I mean Luger did not survive the spear and Goldberg did not get disqualified. I am guessing Luger will say Goldberg should have been disqualified and had to retire in order to continue the feud? I do not know but that was a short match, hardly pay per view worthy.

Winner: Goldberg over Lex Luger via Jackhammer!

(WCW World Championship Match) Scott Steiner W/ Midajah vs Booker T (C) (Straight-Jacket Steel Cage Match)

Big Poppa Pump foolishly got himself disqualified as the last pay per view and did not become champion, this time there are no disqualifications, there are no count-outs. Steiner has everything on his side, Booker has to fight the odds and go up against the seemingly unstoppable monster. The match is essentially a hell in a cell, there are possibilities for violence, drama and excitement. Steiner jumps Booker on the floor, Booker whips Steiner into the cage. This fight is on, Booker clubs Steiner and sends Steiner into the steel steps. Booker chases Midajah, Steiner is slammed into the ring apron. Steiner knees Booker, stomps in the corner. Steiner hammers Booker, Booker boots Steiner off an Irish whip. Harlem Sidekick by Booker for two, Steiner blocks a suplex and drops Booker across the top rope.

Steiner does push-ups while mocking Booker, backbreaker by Steiner. Belly to belly suplex for two, surfboard stretch by Steiner but Booker escapes before a clothesline ends that. Steiner poses, Steiner nails a middle rope Samoan drop. Two for Steiner, bearhug from the challenger. Booker eats a massive clothesline, Booker answers with a flying forearm. Missile dropkick for two, Booker wants the jacket but Steiner nails a huge Samoan drop before reaching for the jacket. Steiner has the jacket but Booker nails an electric chair drop, huge spinning sidekick by Booker. Booker wants to place Steiner in the jacket, Booker goes against the jacket before deciding to use it again.

Booker has a steel chair, Steiner is cracked with the chair. Steiner takes some insane punishment, Steiner rips off the jacket like a monster. Booker is shocked, Steiner rocks Booker with a clothesline. Steiner Recliner but Booker escapes for a hotshot, Steiner nails a northern lights suplex. Steiner is on the middle rope, Booker nails The Book-End. Cover with one arm for two, Steiner is alive! Clotheslines by Booker, neckbreaker with Steiner back on his feet. Another clothesline for two, Scissors Kick finds the mark. Steiner grabs the chair, Booker is cracked in the head. Full-nelson slam into The Steiner Recliner, Steiner is your new champion.

A moment that was months in the making, Steiner had been over with the audience for months, the gimmick was top notch and it almost seemed like Steiner would be overlooked when it came to the championship. However, on this night Steiner was champion, Steiner overcame Booker T and all the roadblocks in his way. Steiner fought through Booker's offense and wanted it more at the end of it all. Steiner was not going to be denied and with that, Steiner had become WCW's top heel, hell bent on destorying everything in his path. Happy for Steiner, he worked his ass off for that moment.

Winner: Scott Steiner over Booker T via Steiner Recliner!

That was WCW's Mayhem 2000, a card filled with the same nonsense that makes you want to question why you are a wrestling fan. The undercard was garbage with the same nonsense you expect, somehow it feels worse. Maybe it is the payoff to Lance Storm vs General Rection, maybe it is Jarrett vs Bagwell and all the shit that comes with a Jarrett match. However, he last two matches were good, I did enjoy DDP and Nash joining forces to beat The Natural Born Thrillers, Steiner's crowning moment may have come to late but the fans still reacted, Steiner was booked like a monster and there was no question who the top man was in WCW. It was an awful pay per view but those two matches at the end had bright spots and good moments, it is not what I expected from one of these WCW shows. Thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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