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WCW Greed 2001 Review

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Hello and welcome to another spoiler-free edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to place itself in the main event scene when they are nearly 50! Honestly, didn’t that Survivor Series finish remind you of this company? Yes, that’s right it is WCW time, the journey is over as I will finish watching WCW: From NWO Until The End with WCW’s Greed 2001! With the end of this arc on the blog, I intend to go to the land of extreme and view every ECW pay per view from beginning to end. So, sit back and relax as we look at a company that was dead but did not know it just yet, it is a sad night in the company’s history but all good things must come to an end and with that in mind, here is WCW’s final pay per view ever.

Opening Promo

I am still standing, DDP’s words to Scott Steiner. DDP is the last hero in the company, no Goldberg, No Sting, No Kevin Nash. They have all fallen, it is almost over but DDP stands in Steiner’s way. Decent stuff compared to the crap they usually fed us over the years.

Jason Jett vs Kwee Wee

Jason Jett has been here for a week…. Ok, Jett is formerly EZ Money of ECW, Kwee Wee is back from the edge of the universe as Kwee Wee has not be seen for months. Jett is knocked to the floor by Kwee Wee, Jett fights back with a superkick and dive to the floor. Lovely camera work which shows a largely empty arena, slingshot leg drop by Jett for two. Camel clutch by Jett, Jett grabs a hold before elbowing Kwee Wee for two. Flying forearm by Kwee Wee, Jett elevates Kwee Wee to the apron but Kwee Wee yanks Jett by the hair to the floor.

Kwee Wee misses an ugly dive, Jett nails a lovely DDT using the ropes for balance. Clothesline and standing moonsault by Jett for two, Jett is elevated to the floor by Kwee Wee. Kwee Wee chokes Jett with the camera cable, Kwee Wee wants a pin on the floor? Jett is tossed into the guard rail, slam by Kwee Wee. Jett fires up before a Lou Thesz Press by Kwee Wee for two. Jett is rammed head first off the mat, sleeper into a slam by Kwee Wee for two. Suplex for two, Kwee Wee stomps all over Jett. Jett is placed on the top rope and we see Jett recreate his famous powerbomb reversed into a hurricanrana spot from Kid Kash. Kwee Wee gets a two of course, huge facejam by Kwee Wee for two.

Piledriver screams Kwee Wee, Jett lows blows Kwee Wee. The fucking babyface low blows Kwee Wee, handspring elbow with a kip-up, Jett tries for crash landing but Kwee Wee escapes for a sunset flip for two. Northern lights suplex by Kwee Wee for two, Kwee Wee and Jett bang heads. Jett asks the crowd to be quiet and plays possum, is this a fucking house show? Did that really happen on pay per view? Kwee Wee is on the top rope missing an elbow, Jett calls for The Crash Landing and wins the match.

Not bad, Jett seemed to have something to him if only he could slow down and sell a bit more, Jett showed off a lot of impressive moves at times. The low blow was bizarre though, you are a babyface like what are you thinking? Also, that lying down spot was very jokey and corny, how did Jett get away with that kind of spot? Nonetheless, I was entertained despite the erratic wrestling and selling by Jett, there seemed to be a bit to Jason Jett.

Winner: Jason Jett over Kwee Wee via Crash Landing!

(WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Match) Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper vs Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

No Tygress? Bollocks to this company! This was not what I had in mind when I said let’s make the best of Mysterio and Kidman, they should be kicking ass for the tag team titles not the cruiserweight titles. Anyways Romeo comes out of nowhere to be in this match, Romeo and Kidman begin the match. Slingshot headscissors by Kidman, alley oop bomb by Romeo. Skipper gets the tag, splash for two. Hurricanrana and dropkick by Skipper, Skipper eats a knee and a guillotine leg drop from Mysterio. Skipper forearms Mysterio, hurricanrana by Mysterio. Skipper is sent tumbling to the floor, Kidman nails a baseball slide. All four men brawl on the stage, Skipper is hiptossed into Romeo. The Filthy Animals dive onto Skipper & Romeo.

Romeo attacks Kidman from the apron, Skipper knocks Kidman to the floor which leads to an assault from Romeo. Tag to Romeo, huge clothesline by Romeo which leaves Kidman down.  Chops by Kidman and a huge clothesline, wheelbarrow into a bulldog by Romeo who smacks Mysterio off the apron.  Reverse chinlock by Romeo, Romeo takes down Kidman with a front suplex. Skipper comes in, Skipper chokes Kidman on the middle rope. Romeo attacks Kidman using the ropes, Skipper nails a huge forearm to Kidman. Skipper has Kidman on the top rope, Kidman counters for a sit-out spinebuster. Mysterio gets the tag, springboard crossbody. Tornado DDT, Mysterio sends Skipper to the floor.

Back suplex by Kidman, senton on Romeo by Mysterio. Suicide dive onto Skipper, Romeo dives onto Mysterio and Kidman dives onto everyone with a shooting star press. Mysterio is crotched, sunset flip powerbomb by Mysterio for two. Skipper has Mysterio in a full-nelson, Kidman saves Mysterio. Reverse suplex to Romeo, Skipper saves Romeo. Kidman is sent to the floor, tiger suplex/leg drop combination on Mysterio but Kidman saves once again. Bulldog by Kidman on Romeo, powerbomb/splash combination for two. Bronco buster by Mysterio on Skipper, Mysterio sentons Romeo. Skipper and Kidman tumble to the floor, Romeo catches Mysterio off a springboard moonsault for The Last Kiss.

Emerald Flowsion = pure beauty. Those championships are ugly and when the company was rebranding, it was not the smartest idea for new championships to be introduced. Mysterio seem super motivated for this as did Kidman, those two had so much potential it was ridiculous. I would enjoy Mysterio and Kidman chasing for the championships so the finish made sense to me but we would never see a conclusion on pay per view.

Winners: Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper over The Filthy Animals via Emerald Flowsion!

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Shawn Stasiak W/ Stacy

So, Stacy finally returns after her pregnancy angle which was never truly paid off thank God as nobody gave a damn. You know what else nobody gave a damn about? Shawn The Star Stasiak, mecca of manhood. Call him what you will, there is not enough hot women in the world to make Stasiak interesting or entertaining in the ring. Best part of Stacy and Stasiak is that The Rock had a segment on Smackdown with these two where Rock basically hit all over Stacy and Stacy wanted The Rock. Bigelow looks like shit wearing a sleeveless shirt instead of his regular gear.

Stasiak smacks Bigelow twice with right hands, Bigelow has Stasiak in the corner before Stasiak grabs a headlock. Right hand by Bigelow, Stasiak rolls to the floor. Stacy comforts Stasiak, Stasiak continues to stall while Bigelow gets frustrated. Lock-up, Stasiak cheap shots Bigelow multiple times, stomps in the corner. Bigelow takes control, back body drop and corner clothesline. Stasiak dropkicked to the floor, Bigelow gives chase to Stasiak.

Jawbreaker on the floor and Bigelow meets the steel steps, crossbody and pose by Stasiak. Bigelow fights back but Stasiak low blows Bam Bam, right hands in the corner. Bigelow is choked with the top rope, Bigelow snapmares Stasiak. Bigelow is on the top rope, Diving Headbutt for two. Stacy is on the apron, Stacy distracts Bieglow. Stacy throws Stasiak hairspray and Stasiak nails a neckbreaker for the win.

Hairspray finish is appropriate for a failed Rick Rude gimmick, Stasiak might be one of the most boring wrestlers inside of the ring, nothing could save this match with a boring Stasiak and a Bigelow who is phoning it in for the money. Crowd was silent not only for the finish but the whole match too. DUD!

Winner: Shawn Stasiak over Bam Bam Bigelow via Neckbreaker!

Team Canada vs Hugh Morrus/Konnan

Awesome chopped off the mullet, it is a truly sad day. Awesome and Storm should have stayed in ECW with the way their careers turned out in WCW as they face Konnan and Hugh Morrus. Morrus sprints to the ring to battle Storm, Konnan comes in to batter Storm. Awesome and Morrus start the match officially, clothesline by Awesome. Tag to Storm, chops by Storm. Morrus no-sells Sting style, eye poke by Storm. Morrus nails a powerslam for two, Storm jawbreakers Morrus and tags Awesome. Big boot and leg drop for two, corner splash by Awesome. Konnan argues with the referee, Storm and Awesome nail a double clothesline. Front chancery from Storm, Morrus escapes and bangs heads with Storm.

Tag to Konnan, right hands and rolling clotheslines all around, Storm is saved from a K-Factor by a clothesline from Awesome. Tag to Awesome, splash for two. Tag to Storm, foot choke and choke from Awesome. Morrus is with the referee, Konnan fights back smacking Storm’s head off the top turnbuckle. Storm elbows Konnan down for two, tag to Awesome. Storm puts the boots to Konnan on the floor, small package by Konnan but Awesome mows down Konnan with a clothesline. Knees by Storm, right hands by Konnan but another knee floors Konnan.

Diving clothesline by Awesome, tag to Storm. Dropkick for two, leg drop by Storm for two. Awesome distracts the referee to block Morrus’ tag, Awesome piledrivers Konnan with Morrus making the save. Scoop slam by Storm, Storm misses a diving elbow. Double knockdown, tag to Morrus. Right hands, spinning heel kick for two, corner splash. Storm Superkicks Morrus, Awesome Splash but Konnan saves his partner. Morrus German suplexes Awesome, Morrus is too slow for no laughing matter as Awesome nails The Awesome Bomb for the win.

I think Storm was tied to Morrus for the majority of his WCW career, it is crazy how many times these two faced one another on pay per view. Anyways, best use of the two at this point, Storm being a cowardly heel hiding behind the big bully of Awesome. They might have had something to them but of course, WCW would be gone soon and this match meant absolutely nothing. Morrus has never done anything for me inside that ring while Konnan I have always compared to Road Dogg, a great talker but nothing special in the ring, he just sells well in a tag match setting.

Winners: Team Canada over Morrus & Konnan via Awesome Bomb!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Sugar Shane Helms vs Chavo Guerrero ©

Shane Helms broke away from Three Count, being the best out of the three man group. It is all about the vertebreaker which is Helms’ devastating finish and the name of his theme song which he dances to with his Sugarbabes. This has been a few months in the making, this is a big test for Mr. Helms. They lock-up, side headlock by Chavo. Chavo holds on tight, using the hair to control Helms. Snapmares from both men, some nice mat wrestling which ends in a stalemate. Lock-up, side headlock by Helms. Huge clothesline by Chavo, stomps in the corner by the champion.

Helms avoids a back suplex for a gutwrench suplex, diving fist drop for two. Chavo blocks nightmare on helms street, exploder suplex by Chavo for two. Foot choke and facewash by Chavo, STF by Chavo. Helms struggles as Chavo changes holds to frustrate the challenger, Helms grabs a headlock before Chavo nails a back suplex for two. Jacknife cover by Chavo, Helms escapes and eats a DDT for two. Dropkick in the corner by Chavo, pumphandle suplex for two. Chavo sends Helms to the floor, Helms drops Chavo off the apron. Helms is dropkicked by Chavo, Chavo dives off the top rope to the floor with a crossbody.

Helms escapes a suplex for his knee facebuster, neckbreaker by Helms. Two for Helms, Helms elevates Chavo to the apron, huge superkick by Helms. Chavo ducks a superkick in the ring, sit-out reverse DDT by Chavo for two. Helms blocks the tornado DDT, Nightmare on Helms Street with Chavo getting a foot on the ropes for two. Helms whips Chavo to the floor, huge crossbody to the floor by Helms. Another crossbody for two, scoop slam but Chavo crotches Helms off the top rope. Chavo places Helms on the top rope, Chavo attempts a vertebreaker but Helms counters for The Vertebreaker, we have a new champion.

For all the building and fan support that Helms built up in his work with Three Count, I must say that this was one disappointing match for Helms to become champion. I thought it was very dull at point, no real intensity or passion to the whole thing, felt like a normal match. What I did like was the finish, Chavo was meant to be a cocky piece of crap so trying the vertebreaker makes sense for his character. Anyways, I found this disappointing for the amount of build-up that went into Helms chasing the championship.

Winner: Shane Helms over Chavo Guerrero via Vertebreaker!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Totally Buffed vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O Haire ©

Totally Buffed became number one contenders by beating Kronik with help from Mike Awesome at Superbrawl, the gimmick had a decent amount of heat to it with two big jacked up morons talking down to everyone while also retiring Goldberg. There was potential there, there was also potential when The Natural Born Thrillers split up and the best two members stayed together to form a decent tag team.

Luger and Bagwell caught a long-winded promo, it goes for far too long. Something seems off here, the champions run into the ring with Bagwell taking one punch and staying down before Luger clotheslines Bagwell by mistake. Superkicks for Bagwell and Luger, we have two Swanton Bombs and this match is over. Bagwell and Luger stay down in the middle of the ring, they do not move and it becomes clear that the two were being punished and decided to be unprofessional little bitches who did not want to job to the young talent. In fairness, Luger has become much nicer over the years as evident in his shoot interviews while Bagwell is still a bitter piece of shit but this was a disgrace. Shame on those two for making a mockery of the business that made them rich.

Winners: Sean O Haire & Chuck Palumbo over Totally Buffed via Swanton Bomb!

Kanyon vs The Cat W/ Smooth/Ms.Jones

Kanyon had beaten DDP at the last pay per view and now must face one of the other top babyfaces in the company, that being The Cat of all people. I love The Cat for his dancing and his hilarious promos but as a top babyface due to the stretching of your roster come on it’s ridiculous. Anyways, Kanyon has attacked what is near and dear to The Cat as Kanyon nailed Ms. Jones with a Kanyon Cutter. The Cat wants revenge, Kanyon takes an ass whooping in the beginning, huge electric chair drop by The Cat. Kanyon is powerbombed by The Cat, kicks and Kanyon is tossed to the floor. Kanyon meets the guard rail, hotshot by Kanyon to cut off The Cat.

Diving clothesline by Kanyon for two, suplex with slingshot elbow drop for two. Rocker dropper by Kanyon for two, back suplex by The Cat to escape the sleeper. Right hands by The Cat, neckbreaker by Kanyon to end Cat’s momentum. Kanyon is crotched on the top rope, superplex by The Cat for two. Sunset flip does not work for Kanyon, right hand and elbow drop by The Cat. Gut kick and uppercut, huge roundhouse for two. Low blow by Kanyon, Kanyon uses the ropes for leverage, referee does not count the pin.

The Cat is up, Kanyon reverses a piledriver for a Boston crab, The Cat reaches the ropes. The Cat reverses an Irish whip, massive Feliner but Kanyon places his foot on the ropes. Kanyon hurls The Cat to the floor, The Cat re-enters the ring but Kanyon nails The Cat with his cast. Kanyon knocks out the referee, Ms. Jones is in the ring. The Cat grabs Kanyon, Ms. Jones nails The Cat by mistake. Kanyon has Ms. Jones, Ms. Jones kicks Kanyon, Feliner and The Cat wins.

Typical Cat match, nothing new and nothing different from the first time I laid eyes on The Cat. Feel for Kanyon, a fantastic performer that always seemed to be close to a push or something of note but it never ever came to be, there was no reason for Kanyon to lose to The Cat, The Cat was never going to rise above lower card comedy style matches.

Winner: The Cat over Kanyon via Feliner!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Booker T vs Rick Steiner ©

Booker is back after dropping the world championship to Scott Steiner at Mayhem, Rick Steiner picked up the championship from Shane Douglas which was disappointing because Douglas was just beginning to really click with everyone in WCW. Steiner and Booker were fighting as Steiner does not respect Booker, Steiner plays a douchebag quite well but let’s hope the match has a bit of intensity to it considering Steiner bored the hell out of me in his match with Dustin Rhodes at Superbrawl.

Steiner wants no part of Booker, Steiner has the referee check Booker before cheap shotting the challenger, Booker is tossed into the crowd. Right hands by Steiner, Booker has his face raked by the champion. Steiner talks trash to Booker, clothesline for two. Eye rake from Steiner, tigerbomb by Steiner. Reverse chinlock by Steiner, surfboard stretch by Steiner. Booker nails an Angle Slam before Steiner scores big with a belly to belly suplex, Booker does a sunset flip out of the corner for two, huge clothesline in retaliation by Steiner. Reverse chinlock, Steiner uses the ropes for leverage.

Booker fires up, elbows to the mid-section. Flying forearm by Booker, spinebuster which looks like shite. Scissors Kick by Booker, flapjack with a Spinaroonie. Booker nails the referee by mistake, German suplex by Steiner. Speaking of Douglas, Douglas knocks Steiner with the cast, Book-End by Booker and we have a new champion.

Well, could that have been the start of a face-run for Douglas in WCW? That would have been entertaining to see, this match was not entertaining to see though. Steiner did absolutely the bare minimum in the match, taking a lot of the offence with rest holds and clotheslines, Booker did his best to make it seem important but it was trash.

Winner: Booker T over Rick Steiner via Book-End!

(Tag Team Kiss My Ass Match) Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett

Considering Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair are in this match, I can safely say that Jarrett is in the perfect spot in this match as a mere afterthought, this makes me tremendously happy. Also, we have Dustin Rhodes in this match as himself which means Dustin will be an afterthought as he should be, a great worker but as himself, Dustin is not the kind of wrestler you pay to see in the ring. Flair says he will not wrestle, do not know why Flair said that and Animal is at ringside doing fuck all, Animal has now been sent to the back.. What was the point of Animal in The Magnificent Seven?

Dustin and Jarrett start, right hand by Dustin. Make it two, uppercut and ten punches in the corner. Jarrett meets the ringpost groin first, Jarrett blocks a top rope dive from Dustin. In comes Flair, chops galore from Flair. Eye poke, Flair punches Dustin down. Dustin holds onto the ropes form an Irish whip, Dusty is in the ring with Flair. The place explodes, this is what people wanted to see. Shoulder block by Dusty, chops by Dusty. Elbows for Jarrett and Flair, right hands and Bionic Elbow. Tag to Dustin, Jarrett knees Dustin from the apron. Dustin suplexes Flair, Jarrett eats an inverted atomic drop. Dusty is with the referee, Flair low blows Dustin. Jarrett works the leg of Dustin, stomps to the head.

Jarrett has the sleeper on Dustin, shinbreaker and Jarrett works the leg some more. Flair tags in, Dustin tries small packages and backslides for two, Flair tags Jarrett. Figure Four by Jarrett, Dustin reverses the hold but Jarrett reaches the ropes. Back suplex by Dustin, Dusty is in the match. Right hands and elbows to Flair and Jarrett, double punches to both. Bionic Elbow on Flair, Jarrett saves the match, Dusty clotheslines Flair and Jarrett. Dustin is the legal man, Jarrett low blows Dusty, Flair low blows Dustin. Flair and Jarrett try figure fours but both Rhodes kick off Jarrett & Flair, Dustin rolls-up Flair and Jarrett kisses Dusty’s ass.

It is a sad day when the most over people in the match had their heyday almost fifteen years prior to this match. It says a lot about the popularity of those in the match and the shape the company had been in for a long time. Dusty Rhodes with his fat ass hanging out got a bigger reaction than 90% of the in-ring talent and matches. Crowd only cared for Dusty and Flair and that did not last too long, it was just a whole wave of nostalgia as everyone in attendance felt like there were teenagers again.

Winners: The Rhodes over The Magnificent Seven via Roll-Up!

(WCW World Championship Match) Scott Steiner © W/ Midajah vs DDP (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Steiner had run through everyone, Nash, Sting, Goldberg and Booker T to name a few. DDP stood up to battle the unstable and unstoppable monster that was Scott Steiner. DDP starts hot with neckrbreakers, atomic drops and right hands. Steiner knocks DDP to the apron early, Steiner jaw-jacks with fans and walks into a diving clothesline from DDP. Steiner whips DDP into the guard rail and nails a clothesline, Steiner jaw-jacks more with fans. DDP hotshots Steiner using the top rope but Steiner comes back strong sending DDP into the guard rail and into the crowd.

We get to see Steiner steal a crutch from a DDP fan and batter DDP with said crutch, Steiner has a table. DDP’s fan throws the other crutch to DDP, Steiner is on the table and DDP drops an elbow through the table for a two. Steiner smacks around a plant who was actually Paul London, that was cool. DDP and Steiner enter the ring, Midajah distracts DDP which leads to a clothesline and elbow drop from Steiner.

Steiner is bleeding, forearms to the back of DDP. DDP mounts a comeback before an exploder suplex from Steiner for two. Bearhug by Steiner, DDP smacks his way out before a huge belly to belly suplex from Steiner for two. Stomps by Steiner, foot choke from the champion. DDP comes back to life, right hands before a boot and belly to belly suplex from Steiner. Surfboard stretch by Steiner, clubbing blows to DDP’s back. DDP nails a DDT out of nowhere, discuss lariat from DDP. Steiner is rammed off the turnbuckle, Steiner uses the ropes for leverage off a pin, DDP kicks out at one.

 DDT by DDP, Steiner blocks the diamond cutter with a low blow and DDT. Diamond Cutter but Rick Steiner pulls out the referee, DDP planchas onto Rick Steiner. DDP has the referee back in the ring, Scott is sent into Rick. Roll-up by DDP for two, Steiner cracks DDP with the championship. DDP kicks out at two, DDP is bleeding everywhere. Boston crab by Steiner, DDP reaches the ropes. Steiner Recliner, DDP reaches the ropes. Midajah distracts the referee, Steiner batters DDP with a lead pipe. Another Steiner Recliner and DDP is out.

Solid main event, overbooked towards the end. I mean we had belt shots, lead pipes and Rick constantly whooping DDP but the action beforehand was solid. DDP showed a lot of heart, rallied quite well when he needed to and showed the fire that had people believe in DDP. I also like the story told of Steiner being an unstoppable monster, I would have liked a conclusion to that story but sadly, we would never see one but as a final pay per view match to end on, yes this was good compared to a lot of what I had to sit through doing this series, I did enjoy this match and with that comes an end to this arc on this website.

How do you condense four years of pay per views into one final conclusion? Well, I am just going to take a look at where WCW went wrong in my eyes and how they could have bounced back when the WWF was kicking their ass big time. The first thing that led to WCW’s implosion was the older stars not moving aside for younger talent, there was nowhere for the likes of Raven, Jericho, Guerrero, Mysterio, Kidman, Benoit, Booker T, Saturn to go when it came to moving up the card. Hogan had such a strangehold on that position along with Savage/Piper/Luger etc. Those stars all had value but 1998 should not have been the year of Hogan vs Savage/Hogan vs Warrior/Hogan vs Jay Leno or Hogan vs Karl Malone. Sting should have been kicking ass as the opt babyface, Goldberg and Bret Hart should have been kicking ass at the top of the card, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash should have been established over Savage and Hogan but none of it happened and this leads to problem number two.

Roster quality and lack of credibility: WCW’s roster in 1997 and 1998 was incredible from top to bottom, it is ridiculous how far it fell come 1999. The older stars left and grew stale so you had unproven young guns floundering instead of flourishing when the company needed them the most. 2000 was the worst year with The Natural Born Thrillers/MIA/Jung Dragons/Three Count always seeming to be scattered all over the card while David Flair was wrestling for God knows what reason and you had the returns of stars who were past their prime and had little value to the company like Bigelow/Brian Knobbs/Rick Steiner/Jim Duggan like why were these people brought back? Because you fired so many youngsters because they could not hack it in your eyes but you never gave them the chance.

Finally: There is the question of terrible management decisions. From Bischoff to Sullivan to Russo to Ferrera, there was no shortages of piss poor decisions. Sting’s title win over Hogan was executed horribly which some people feel was the moment WCW peaked, Goldberg’s streak ended by taser, Russo’s car-crash style of booking that had swerves, gimmick matches, nonsensical finishes and dwindling pay per view numbers. Jarrett on top as champion, 26 championship changes in one year, turning Goldberg heel and not capitalizing on Scott Steiner’s rise until it was too late. Making everyone seem lame in comparison to The NWO, not having a clear end goal for the angle of The NWO, letting everyone join The NWO.

So, there were many reasons for WCW’s decline during The Attitude Era, I have named a few like poor management, not building for the future, falling into old habits and relying too much on stars of the past. It was a journey to finish this arc, I saw what made WCW a great alternative and its rise from number two to number one, those shows in 1997 and 1998 may not have been stellar pay per views but there was always something with The NWO or a great cruiserweight match or something special with Benoit or Raven or The Outsiders. I also seen the lowest of lows like pay per views featuring Mike Enos and Jerry Flynn because nobody else was available, DDP being swerved for like three pay per views in a row, Russo’s nightmarish booking which had pay per views featuring 12 matches with 11 ending with interference. It was amazing and saddening all at the same time but that’s wrestling and looking back on everything, I am sure glad that I decided to do this arc. That was WCW’s Greed 2001, a show that was awful at points like WCW throughout the years but still had one or two moments that were positive, I recommend it only if you are a big fan of WCW. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and remember: There’s always another night!

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