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WCW Superbrawl 2001 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that lacks more star power than TNA! WCW is dying but it just won’t die, it is time for WCW’s Superbrawl 2001! Headlined by Kevin Nash vs Scott Steiner for the world championship, we also have DDP vs Kanyon in a match that has been months in the making and we see some other returns to WCW like Dustin Rhodes and Rick Steiner. No Animal? We are deciding the commissioner again? Damn this company, let’s just get this show on the road!

(Six-Man Cruiserweight Elimination Match) Evan Karagias vs Jamie Noble vs Kaz Hayashi vs Yang vs Shannon Moore vs Shane Helms

No, fuck you WCW you are freaking kidding me? It’s another match I have seen for every pay per view for the last 6 or 7 months! How dare they put on this match, these six motherfuckers have had the same type of match for months on end, I refuse to review this match as it is an insult to everyone watching the company at this time. How did they think they could get away with this? They have chemistry, I would never deny that but even I have a limit. I have no desire to see these wrestle anymore, this might be one of the longest running feuds in wrestling as these losers fought back to back more times than any other wrestlers in existence. I understand the intention, you want to make the cruiserweights mean something like they did back in the years of 1996 to 1998 but making me watch the same match with the same spots does nothing for my interest as a viewer.

What I will say is the match is fun, a lot of big bumps and oohs and awws rain down from the crowd but it is nothing we have not seen a million times by this point. The big knock on the match for me is the rapid eliminations back to back, I have barely time to react when so many wrestlers are kicked out, it does not help the flow of the match and I think it could be built better if there was time and we were given time to breathe in between the madness.

Winner: Shane Helms over Kaz Hayashi via Vertebreaker!

Hugh Morrus vs The Wall

Finally, thank God the MIA is no more. General Rection was a moronic name, the gimmick did not warrant a push for the united states championship, Rection should have never beaten Lance Storm but its one of many mistakes this company would make during its lifespan. The Wall jumps Morrus in the ring, huge shoulder block. Huge chest chops by The Wall, Morrus sends The Wall into a guard rail. Morrus kicks steel steps into The Wall’s head. Morrus slaps and smacks The Wall, Morrus takes his time to deliver a huge elbow drop, huge slaps from Morrus. The Wall boots Morrus for two, huge punches by The Wall. Morrus eats headbutts, The Wall misses a massive leg drop. Morrus rallies but a spinebuster ends that, two for The Wall.

Morrus hotshots The Wall, two for Morrus. The Wall kicks out and bites Morrus? Not sure due to camera angle, The Wall stomps Morrus. Flapjack by Morrus, so much laying down in this match. The Wall kicks Morrus over and over, The Wall tries a powerbomb but Morrus back drops The Wall for two. They trade blows on their knees, German suplex by Morrus. No Laughing Matter and it’s over.

It was trash, I have never ever seen the appeal of Morrus and The Wall simply could not work without smoke and mirrors to cover up his weaknesses, neither man looked like they were interested in this match, they phoned it in for a match that should have been heated but was simply not interesting enough for anybody to care. DUD!

Winner: Hugh Morrus over The Wall via No Laughing Matter!

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match) Chuck Palumbo & Sean O Haire © vs Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak

Sweet Jesus they have broken up and are now feuding against one another, it seems like Sanders is gone too which sucks. As for these four, I do not see much in any of them by this point. They start off brawling, Palumbo eats a huge clothesline. Stasiak clotheslines O Haire twice, Jindrak is in the ring. O Haire nails a stungun, tag to Palumbo. Jindrak takes a pounding from O Haire, tag to Palumbo who pins for two. Sleeper by Palumbo, Palumbo takes down Jindrak with a weird armbar. Right hand by Palumbo, catapult into Stasiak. Stasiak saves Jindrak, huge clothesline by Jindrak. Double team by the challengers, Stasiak and Jindrak continue to beat up Palumbo.

Palumbo fires back at Stasiak before a clothesline and bulldog from Stasiak. Clothesline by Jindrak for two, tag to Stasiak. Palumbo is sent into the corner hard, Stasiak chokes the life out of Palumbo. Small package by Palumbo for two, Stasiak clotheslines Palumbo. Tag to Jindrak who uses a sleeper and the ropes, the referee catches Jindrak. Palumbo fights back before a huge knee from Jindrak. Stasiak tags in and works the arm of Palumbo, Palumbo counters for another small package but Stasiak kicks out at two.

Tilt-a-whirl-sideslam by Jindrak for two, tag to Stasiak. Right hand by Stasiak, Stasiak climbs to the top rope and misses a splash, Palumbo nails Stasiak with a jawbreaker. Tag to O Haire, O Haire runs wild with lariats and throat thrusts, Stasiak clotheslines O Haire but Palumbo makes the save. O Haire superkicks Stasiak and floors Jindrak, Stasiak eats a Superkick from Palumbo. Swanton Bomb and O Haire picks up the win for his team.

They did the best they could with the circumstances but I was super bored during this match. I had seen these men fight side by side for months by this point, they were developing but it was a very slow process. Stasiak was nothing like his father unfortunately and Jindrak looked like a headless chicken running around that ring but that’s what WCW had by this point, many wrestlers who were fresh out of the powerplant who had no business being so highly represented on the card.

Winners: O Haire & Palumbo over Stasiak & Jindrak via Swanton Bomb!

(WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match) Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero ©

Two veterans of the division, these two should be tearing up this ring given their history. Chavo had left MIA while Mysterio was mostly tagging with Kidman being wasted really as neither were near the tag team championships. Mysterio and Chavo start off hot, lots of acrobatics before Chavo gutbusters Mysterio and hangs Mysterio across the top rope. Two for Chavo, chops by Chavo. Clothesline, hard Irish whip by the champion. Chavo places Mysterio on the top rope, Mysterio pushes off Chavo but Chavo crotchres Mysterio and hangs in the tree of woe. Chavo misses as Mysterio pulls himself up, roll-up for two. Clothesline by Chavo for two, Gory Special from Chavo but Mysterio counters with an armdrag.

Mysterio runs into a Gory Buster though, Chavo only gets a two count. Chavo hurls Mysterio to the floor, Mysterio tastes the guard rail. Chavo is caught in the ring for a backbreaker, Mysterio tries a springboard but Chavo nails a dropkick for the counter. Knees across the throat by Chavo, STF from Chavo. Mysterio fights out, spinning wheel kick. Mysterio is spilled out to the floor by Chavo, Mysterio is dropped across the guard rail. Chavo mocks Mysterio by placing an old Mysterio mask on the man he is beating up in the ring. Back suplex by Chavo for two, reverse chinlock by Chavo. Scoop slam by Chavo, Mysterio crotches Chavo, the mask is placed on Chavo. Top rope hurricanrana by Mysterio for two, headscissors by Mysterio.

Chavo is out on the floor, Chavo grabs his championship. Mysterio nails a huge hilo, springboard senton by Mysterio. Mysterio misses a moonsault as he botches, Chavo covers quick for two. Chops by Chavo, Mysterio clotheslines Chavo to the floor off an Irish whip. Chavo has a chair, Mysterio is hotshotted onto the ropes, Chavo has the chair once more. Chavo wedges the chair between the ropes, Mysterio elevates Chavo to the apron. Mysterio hurricanranas Chavo to the floor, Mysterio knocks Chavo down and nails his springboard splash for two. Mysterio nails a tornado DDT, bronco buster by Mysterio.

Mysterio points to the chair, Chavo rolls out to the floor. Chavo has another chair, the referee takes Mysterio’s chair. Mysterio grabs Chavo but eats a steel chair to the head, Chavo nails a slingshot hilo and a huge Brainbuster for the end of the match, Chavo retains his championship.

Not the match I thought it would be, Chavo and Mysterio can be great, they can be fantastic with one another but this was not the match. Mysterio had a lot of sloppy moments in this match, surprising for somebody who is top notch and incredibly smooth in the ring. Perhaps a bad night, perhaps Mysterio did not care anymore but this was a let down like everything this company has done for the majority of its run.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero over Rey Mysterio via Brainbuster!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Rick Steiner vs Dustin Rhodes

Rick Steiner and Dustin Rhodes are back in WCW, they took the championship off of Shane Douglas, I have no idea why. I just watched Douglas’ hard work pay off as he won the championship and now you are telling me that it is held by Rick Steiner? Anyways, Dustin is battling Flair’s Magnificent Seven stable. Rhodes attacks Steiner who enters the ring second, huge rights and lefts by Rhodes. DDT by Rhodes for two, leaping clothesline and Steiner rolls to the floor. Right hands by Rhodes, Rhodes misses a flying forearm. Steiner bangs Rhodes off the announce table for two in the ring, Steiner clothesline for two.

Knees by Steiner, belly to belly suplex by Steiner for two. Reverse chinlock by Steiner, back suplex by Rhodes to counter but Steiner avoids an elbow drop. Single leg Boston crab by Steiner, Steiner continues to kick Rhodes while he is down. Reverse chinlock by Steiner, jawbreaker by Rhodes. Rhodes counters a powerslam for a clothesline, right hands by Rhodes. Rhodes slams Steiner into the mat, inverted atomic drop and clothesline by Rhodes for two. Bulldog by Rhodes, Steiner is bounced off the announce table and guard rail. Rhodes has a chair but the referee takes the chair, Steiner undoes a top turnbuckle. Rhodes ten punches on Steiner, Steiner flapjacks Rhodes on the exposed turnbuckle, feet on the ropes and Steiner steals the win.

Rick Steiner has the build and the personality to pull off the heel role but after the match Steiner is cutting a promo with catchphrases, having a good time which is weird. The match was solid but there was nothing special or unique about it, this stripped-back approach may have been nice on another show but there is nothing that could make this match standout on a show like this, we are an hour and a half in, I just want this to end but my prayers will not be answered.

Winner: Rick Steiner over Dustin Rhodes via Exposed Turnbuckle!

Totally Buffed vs Kronik

Ah fuck my luck, here we have Bagwell and Luger taking on Kronik. In theory, Bagwell and Luger should be the most hated men in the company due to their hand in getting Goldberg fired but the fan reaction is not what the company had hoped for, Luger and Bagwell attack Adams as Clark was missing before the match. Clark appears only to be cracked with a steel chair, Clark is out-cold on the floor. Blatant low blow by Bagwell on Adams, Luger back suplexes Adams. Double back elbow by Totally Buffed, Adams is thrown to the floor. Luger wallops Adams in the spine with forearms, Luger has a camel clutch on Adams. Luger tries to drop his weight on Adams, Adams blocks with his kness.

Powerslam on Luger, clothesline to Bagwell. Atomic drop for Bagwell, right hands for Totally Buffed. Bagwell is thrown onto Luger, the double team takes down Adams before Adams comes back with a clothesline. Luger clotheslines Adams, Adams back suplexes Luger. Bagwell jumps into a full-nelson before Clark attacks Adams but hold on, it is Mike Awesome. Luger has Adams in The Torture Rack, Blockbuster by Bagwell. Totally Buffed win the match and our the new number one contender’s to the tag team championships.

That was quite clever from WCW, I am impressed by the thought that went into this match. Awesome had the tan and is the same size as Clark, I had not a clue I genuinely thought it was a heel turn, a swerve for no reason but no, they actually got me, I am in shock. Fair play, I am not going to take the piss out of a match that fooled me hook, line and sinker.

Winners: Totally Buffed over Kronik via Blockbuster!

The Cat W/ Ms. Jones vs Lance Storm

Lance Storm is commissioner, it is not like we have seen enough bullshit involving the commissioner position with Mike Sanders and The Cat. Storm won the commissionership and here we are with The Cat fighting for the position that he continues to lose on a weekly basis. Seriously though, are we really rehashing the same angle we did with the less talented Sanders? Are you telling me that The Cat is one of the top babyfaces in the company? How far thy company has fallen, Storm and The Cat lock-up with Storm outwrestling The Cat. Armdrags by The Cat, nice drop toehold and a huge kick from The Cat. Storm is stalling on the floor, The Cat is pulled out to the floor and The Cat tastes the guard rail.

The Cat nails Storm with a bottle of water, Storm is choked with a camera cable. Storm ties up The Cat in the ropes, wrenching at The Cat’s knee. Storm knees The Cat’s leg, ankle lock from Storm. The Cat reaches the ropes, Ms. Jones looks super concerned for The Cat. Storm smashes the leg with kicks but The Cat fires up with karate chops before a dropkick from Storm ends that shenanigans. Storm slaps The Cat, The Cat takes down Storm before an eye rake, Storm scores with a scoop slam. Storm gets caught on the top rope, The Cat yanks Storm off the top rope. Storm sends The Cat’s foot into the ringpost three times. The Cat counters a sunset flip for a punch and elbow drop, uppercut, Feliner is blocked for a Maple Leaf, The Cat reaches the ropes. Jawbreaker by The Cat, enzuigiri.

Mike Sanders is here, Ms. Jones whacks Sanders down like a bitch. Storm is distracted by Ms. Jones, walking right into The Feliner which leads to The Cat winning the match, winning the commissionership AGAIN, having the same match that The Cat has with everyone in that ring. Best part is watching Ms. Jones dance around the ring.

They kept it short, I have no problem with keeping a match with The Cat in it a short match that I do not have to sit through. A waste of Storm but they ruined Storm when Storm was demolished by Awesome in Canada, stopping his momentum dead when Storm could have been so much more in the company. As for this match, it was as best as you could hope for from The Cat.

Winner: The Cat over Lance Storm via Feliner!

DDP VS Kanyon

Jarrett was meant to face DDP, Jarrett chickened out as DDP said that he would fight Kanyon anywhere and at anytime. Jarrett has laid the trap, Kanyon is back to fight DDP. Nice bit of continuity here with DDP moving on from his feud with The Insiders to fight his former best friend who cost him an ambulance match against Mike Awesome back in the days of The New Blood. Unfortunately, Kanyon did not have his DDP copycat gimmick anymore due to being injured and being off tv. Kanyon hides under the ring and attacks DDP, it does not work as DDP dismantles Kanyon with clotheslines and right hands until Kanyon low blows DDP with no disqualification I might add. DDP meets the guard rail, Kanyon rocker droppers DDP onto the steel steps.

DDP is busted open, huge suplex by Kanyon for two. Kanyon stomps his former friend, DDP escapes a sleeper but eats a neckbreaker for two. DDP sunset flips Kanyon but a right hand ends that, DDP nails a clothesline on Kanyon. Rights and lefts before a discuss lariat by DDP, uranage slam by DDP for two. Kanyon catches DDP for a sit-out Alabama Slam for two. Kanyon eats a knee, huge sit-out powerbomb for two by DDP. DDP calls for a diamond cutter, Kanyon low lows and Kanyon Cutters DDP for two. Kanyon calls for Jarrett, Kanyon is sent into Jarrett, DDP rolls-up Kanyon for two. Jarrett nails The Stroke on DDP, Flatliner by Kanyon for the win.

Solid match, Kanyon emerging victorious over DDP. My problem with the match is that these two could showcase so much more in the ring, they had the feud from their time in The Jersey Triad, they had the storyline of Kanyon turning on DDP but its all secondary to Jarrett vs DDP, the only interesting part of the feud is the curtain jerker, the side-show to the main event and that quite frankly, sucks.

Winner: Kanyon over DDP via Flatliner!

DDP vs Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett looks to pick up the scraps, DDP is sent into the crowd before turning the tide on Jarrett, DDP DDTs Jarrett on the table before Jarrett uses a chair to take control of the match. DDP is stomped hard, Jarrett taunts on the turnbuckle. DDP nails his discuss lariat out of nowhere, jawbreaker and clothesline by Jarrett. Sleeper by Jarrett, DDP does not die and brings the fight to Jarrett. Sleeper by DDP, huge DDT to knock down Jarrett.

Right hands and clothesline by DDP, Jarrett is bounced off the turnbuckle. Back suplex by DDP for two, belly to belly suplex by DDP for two. Kanyon returns from ringside to pull out DDP, Jarrett waffles DDP with a chair to the head as Kanyon distracts the referee. DDP kicks out at two from the chair shot, Jarrett has his guitar, DDP walks over to Kanyon. Jarrett cracks Kanyon by mistake, DDP covers Jarrett for a Diamond Cutter and the win.

Bleh, surprised Jarrett went down to the diamond cutter, his name has not been the main event for quite some time now, you would think it was time for another championship run. Anyways, it was every finish you would see from Double J, either the guitar leads to Jarrett’s win or Jarrett’s downfall. There is nothing new here, these two have faced one another dozens of time without any real magic. Let’s just rebrand the company already.

Winner: DDP over Jeff Jarrett via Diamond Cutter!

(WCW World Championship Match) Scott Steiner © W/ Midajah vs Kevin Nash

Having done the JOB for The Insiders thanks to a tonne of interference, Kevin Nash is back in the title picture in WCW. To give you an idea of how great this company was at this point, you have Flair and Steiner talking shit for about eight minutes before we get to see Kevin Nash. We have an extra stipulation as Flair states that the loser of the match has to leave WCW forever. Nash was attacked by Steiner on Nitro with a lead pipe, Nash is wheeled to the ring by two lovely women. Nash’s leg is in a cast, Nash looks at Steiner. Steiner turns his back showing that it is all a ruse, Nash can walk and is here to kick some ass. Nash smashes Steiner with the championship and pins Steiner, Flair freaks out at ringside. Did they really just kill their big monster heel in five seconds? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!

Flair announces it as two out of three falls, DDP is attacked by Totally Buffed. Corner clotheslines by Nash, two for Nash. Steiner is knocked to the floor, a bloody mess. Midajah trips over attacking Nash, Steiner wallops Nash with a lead pipe. Flair says falls count anywhere as Steiner cannot life dead weight Nash into the ring, Nash is now a bloody mess. Right hands by Steiner, belly to belly by Steiner for two. Clotheslines and elbow drop for two, backbreaker and an t-bone suplex for two. Nash ducks a brass knuckles shot to nail a sidewalk slam, Flair hands Steiner a chair. Nash is nailed, Nash survives a Steiner Recliner.

Right hands by Nash, chokeslam by Nash. Midajah jumps the referee for no reason, snake eyes and big boot by Nash. Nash undoes his straps, Jacknife Powerbomb and Midajah eats a sidewalk slam but Flair pulls out the referee and decks Lil Naitch. Nash has Flair, low blow by Steiner who no-sells the powerbomb. Steiner has a chair thanks to Flair, another chair shot and a new referee to see The Steiner Recliner. Nash is out of WCW, Steiner is still WCW Champion.

What a crock of glorious shit, I mean first you have Nash getting one last fuck you over the company by pinning Steiner, the very man built up as a crazy maniac who mows down everyone in five seconds after one chair shot. Of course, Nash takes like three chair shots, Flair and Midajah hitting him and the more I think about it, wasn’t this like the bullshit I sat through with Jarrett? Fuck you Nash, put over Steiner like a monster. You were leaving, do what had to be done and do the right thing. It was nonsensical, overbooked and a complete mess, terrible main event and pay per view.

Winner: Scott Steiner over Kevin Nash via Steiner Recliner!

That was WCW’s Superbrawl 2001 or as I will refer to it as now WCW’s “Put us out of our misery” on pay per view. Let me be clear, there were absolutely no positives in this show, not one thing I could point to and go that was great or even that it was very good. You have cruiserweights who have wrestled a billion times, you cannot expect anyone to watch that match and care, it’s at least 4 pay per views straight where we have seen that match. The tag team scene is in a horrible way with green and generic wrestlers finding their feet in the ring on a national platform, I feel for them but they were not ready. Wrestlers being wasted like Storm and nonsense matches featuring Jarrett and Nash. Terrible show but they had one more left, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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