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WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 Review

Hello and welcome to another ghostly edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that books Kane like a monster as if it was 1997 all over again! Today's review will be none other than WCW's Halloween Havoc 2000. As you have seen, WCW is in the toilet and my decision to try to run through these last few pay per views was a terrible choice, I feel my sanity slowly slipping away, I question everything and wait for interference or a swerve in every match. WCW has taken everything out of me yet I am still here and judging from the title of this review, they were still there and not ready to throw in the towel. The main event of this show is a handicap match between Kronik and Goldberg, truly main event calibre match right there. Also on the card are the likes of Booker T vs Scott Steiner and Sting vs Jeff Jarrett, expect bullshit in that match ladies and gentlemen. Without further interruption, let's dive knee deep into Halloween Havoc!

Opening Promo

Creepy Halloween style promo featuring the top matches of the night, the event was sponsored by WCW's awful Backstage Assault, do not ever play that game unless you wish to annoy yourself. Yeah, it is pretty piss poor.

(WCW Tag Team Championship Match Three Way Dance Match) The Boogie Knights vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O Haire (C) vs The Filthy Animals

Ok, Disco left The Filthy Animals which had been teased previously to reform The Boogie Knights with Alex Wright who we had not seen since the failed Berlyn gimmick. Kidman is in The Filthy Animals, no idea why and I do not really care. This match is worked as a triple threat with tags, this idea is ridiculous. Kidman and Wright combine to take down Jindrak, Jindrak is knocked to the floor, Wright attacks Kidman before Kidman delivers a headscissors and a dropkick. Tag to Mysterio, Wright blocks the bronco buster. In comes Disco who nails Mysterio with a neckbreaker, Jindrak wipes out Disco with a springboard splash. Jindrak nails a sidewalk slam on Mysterio, O Haire is in the ring and both Disco and Mysterio are wiped out by clotheslines.

DDT by Disco on O Haire, drop toehold and leg drop combination. Inverted atomic drop and dropkick combination, splash by Mysterio on O Haire. Splash on Disco but O Haire breaks up that pin attempt, Russian legsweep by Disco on O Haire. Kidman tags in, Wright dropkicks O Haire for two, Wright suplexes Kidman. Jindrak and Wright flapjack Kidman, high knee by Wright for two. Tower of Doom spot with Wright surviving pin attempts from Kidman and Jindrak, O Haire and Mysterio get hot-tags, springboard leg drop by Mysterio but Disco interferes, O Haire throws Mysterio to the floor. Shuffle sidekick by O Haire on Disco, Jindrak and O Haire toss Kidman into the ring.

Disco bulldogs Kidman, Jindrak pulls out Disco. Disco is dropped on the guard rail, Wright dives onto Jindrak. Mysterio and Kidman control the ring, Kidman dives onto everyone while Mysterio takes out O Haire. Disco and Wright combine to take down Jindrak, Kidman nails The Unprettier on Wright. Mysterio drops Disco with a top rope hurricanrana, bronco buster on Disco. Wright is sent to the floor, Mysterio is tossed onto Wright by Jindrak. Last Dance by Disco on Jindrak, Mysterio nails a springboard leg drop on Disco and Jindrak but O Haire nails The Senton Bomb on Disco to retain the championships.

Solid tag team match, was not a fan of the triple threat stuff, it looks ridiculous under the setting. O Haire and Jindrak were fine in short bursts, that is what's best for them but they are the champions so they will be under pressure like Stasiak and Palumbo to step up to the plate. Disco continues to be a goofball that entertains like no other, I much prefer Disco being Disco as opposed to Filthy Animals Disco. Disco was one of the highlights of the many terrible pay per views I have had to watch so it is a nice return to form while Mysterio and Kidman brought all the excitement that they could bring, showing that they could have been big deals if booked properly.

Winners: O Haire & Jindrak over Everyone Else via Senton Bomb!

(WCW Hardcore Championship Match) Reno (C) vs Sgt Awol

The match starts withe a kendo stick shot and a flapjack through a table, good start for Reno. They brawl to the floor and Reno continues to dominate with weapon shots, trash cans and kendo sticks are on the menu. Awol fires up, exploding with a kendo stick shot, Reno is dropped on the guard rail. Reno eats a huge kick to the head from Awol, Awol nails Reno with another huge head kick! Awol and Reno battle to the ramp, low blow by Reno. Roll of The Dice on the ramp, impressive bump. Reno brings out the tables, taking longer than anyone in the history of the world to setup these tables. The beautiful part is Awol springs up and back suplexes Reno through both tables, that is not the finish though.

We are backstage for backstage assault, Awol has a monitor but Reno dodges the monitor. Fire extinguisher to the face by Reno, Awol is thrown through a conveniently placed table for two. Awol ducks the laptop, Reno is tossed onto a table that does not break. Monitor to the back of the head, Reno meets a garage door. Reno is tossed down the ramp, Reno is cracked with two trash cans. Awol pulls out another table, the man's creativity knows no bounds! Reno nails a Roll of The Dice on the table and mercifully, it is over.

Sweet Jesus do you think they used enough tables? Thank God for the weapons really, this match was trash and you think it would hold up against the other WWF hardcore matches but no, WCW still could not pull off a decent hardcore match, Awol and Reno are awful, I never want to see them touch in a ring again. However, WCW was at the end of its run and these were the types of wrestlers left in the company so they did the best they could I suppose, there is something nice hidden in all that complaining even if it is a backhanded compliment. I am sure both men would take it if they saw this review.

Winner: Reno over Sgt. Awol via Roll of The Dice!

The Perfect Event vs Misfits In Action

Why did they leave the ring only to re-enter the ring for entrances? They attacked Awol after the hardcore match and they left the arena even though their match was next? Fuck it, Loco starts off dropkicking and chopping Stasiak, clothesline by Loco. Cheap shot to Palumbo, Stasiak catches Loco with a knee lift. Palumbo rushes in to eat a drop toehold, dropkick and an armbar, tag to Cajun. Middle rope elbow by Cajun, floatover suplex for two. Chops by Cajun, middle rope clothesline and a tag to Loco, Loco is sent tumbling to the floor as a result of a stungun from Palumbo. Right hand by Palumbo, tag to Stasiak. Palumbo and Stasiak are having issues, they clothesline down Loco and Cajun.

Double flapjack for Chavo, gutwrench sitout powerbomb by Stasiak before a save from Cajun. Palumbo comes in illegally, fallaway slam by Palumbo. Belly to belly suplex by Palumbo for two, tag to Stasiak. Loco counters a military press for a facebuster, tag to Cajun. Stasiak beheads Cajun with a clothesline, boot/clothesline combination by The Perfect Event. Sleeper by Palumbo on Cajun, Cajun nails a springboard facebuster. Hot tag to Loco, dropkick and clothesline, MIA are stomping The Perfect Event. Stasiak wants a superplex in the corner, Palumbo superkicks Stasiak into a Tornado DDT from Loco.

Looks like they were going to do a split between Palumbo and Stasiak but The Franchise's music plays and it looks like they had to rush out of the ring. More than likely the best summary of that team, they just have nothing to do them. I am so impressed than within two years, Palumbo had matured into a competent wrestler with Billy and was entertaining with a fun gimmick. Loco was the only good wrestler in that match, Loco was so above everyone else in that match Loco deserved better.

Winners: MIA over The Perfect Event via Tornado DDT!

Tygress & Konnan vs Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson

Torrie is dressed as Wonder Woman, this is fantastic. Tygress takes on both by herself with Konnan injured earlier in the night by O Haire and Jindrak, I think it is great that Mysterio and Kidman did not volunteer to save Tygress, what great babyfaces. Konnan runs down to the ring and clotheslines Torrie and Douglas, Torrie being super green misses a spot for a double baseball slide. Torrie yanks down Tygress, Konnan chases Torrie. Double axe handle by Tygress, Konnan chops Douglas and chokes Douglas with the boot. Tag to Tygress, why would Konnan do that? Double stomps by The Filthy Animals, Torrie has not a clue of what to do in this match. Tygress bites Douglas, Douglas wallops Tygress in the face, did I really just see that?

Torrie is in the ring, Tygress kicks Torrie in the ribs. Facejam on Torrie but Torrie kicks out, Torrie rubs Tygress' face into the mat. In comes Douglas, camel clutch by Douglas. Crossface chickenwing by Douglas, Tygress sends Douglas to the floor and a tag to Konnan. Low dropkick and a DDT for two, Tygress has Torrie. Torrie uses the referee to block a bronco buster, bronco buster by Tygress. Douglas stunguns Konnan, Torrie nails Konnan with a Franchiser, Tygress saves the match. Double Facejam by The Filthy Animals while Torrie sits in the corner and watches the pin.

Torrie looks amazing but that was awful, Torrie had not one clue of what to do in that ring, she missed spots and stood around completely lost, it was laughable. Men punching women square in the face was pretty crazy too, would not be allowed in the slightest in today's world. Honestly, this might have been the worst match I have had to cover in WCW history, everything about it I hated and we are not even near the main event.

Winners: The Filthy Animals over Shane Douglas & Torrie via Facejam!

David Flair vs Buff Bagwell

DNA match motherfuckers! David Flair's girlfriend Stacy was pregnant, Flair was not the father so Flair was on a mission to find the father. Flair cannot wrestle and wears jeans and a t-shirt like always, they botch immediately before a neckbreaker from Bagwell, Flair flip but Flair clotheslines Bagwell. Bagwell unloads with clotheslines, poses some more and begins ten punching Flair. Flair flop, Bagwell makes Flair do his pose before a low blow by Flair.

Bagwell is tossed to the floor, scoop slam on the outside. Flair rips up the protective mats, Bagwell blocks the piledriver. Bagwell is sent into the guard rail, Flair misses a chair shot. Bagwell cracks Flair in the head with the chair, more Bagwell posing. Flair is bleeding, Blockbuster from Bagwell and the referee calls for the bell. Lex Luger clotheslines Bagwell and sends Buff into the ringpost, how many times is Luger going to turn on people sreams Schiavone, lovely to see Luger.

Winner: Buff Bagwell over David Flair via Blockbuster!

(Martial Arts Match) Mike Sanders vs The Cat

The Cat becomes the hero by shouting simply Bitch I am gonna to whip your ass, The Cat has Ms. Jones in his corner while Sanders has The Perfect Event. How many Natural Born Thrillers are on this show? I can only take so much generic people, the match has rounds and knockdown rules, this is going to be awful. The Cat floors Sanders, Sanders is up at nine. Sanders is taken down by The Cat, Sanders is still alive. We finish round one, I wish there was only one round. Sanders takes another leg sweep, The Cat rocks Sanders with a huge right hand. Stasiak and Palumbo continue to have disagreements, Sanders is on his feet.

Shane Douglas is here, Sanders looks half-dead while the referee argues with The Perfect Event. Sanders covers up in the corner, cartwheel kick by The Cat. More punches by The Cat, Douglas decks The Cat with a chain to the face. Sidekick by The Cat, The Cat goes after Douglas on the floor. Sanders wins by count-out.

After all the shenanigans, you did not pay off either The Cat killing Sanders or Sanders cheating due to Douglas' help. Instead you tease it and give us a count-out finish to save The Cat from doing the JOB? Come on, The Cat has always been a walking joke but he won't lay down for Sanders? Eh I do not even care anymore.

Winner: Mike Sanders over The Cat via Count-Out!

Vampiro vs Mike Awesome

This has the potential to be a great big man match, Vampiro has not blown me away since joining WCW but there were glimpses, there is a chance with a big athletic man like Mike Awesome. Love The Marilyn Manson look of Vampiro, the company might have no faith in the man but Vampiro looked like he was given his character 100%. Awesome is dressed in 70s clothes, his hair looks fabulous. All jokes aside, either of these men could have been world champion, especially Awesome if they were handle properly. Vampiro wants Awesome number one contendership for the world championship, Awesome shoulder blocks Vampiro out of the ring.

Suicide dive by Awesome, Awesome back drops Vampiro into the crowd. Awesome leaps into the crowd, the two brawl in the crowd before some fan headbutts Awesome. Big mistake as that fan gets annihiliated, the two professionals get the fuck out of the crowd asap. Vampiro dives off the announce table onto Awesome, Vampiro and Awesome have chairs, Vampiro is whipped to the ropes. Van Damnator by Vampiro, chop by Vampiro. Awesome fires up, boot to the face by Vampiro. Clothesline by Vampiro, Awesome kicks Vampiro in the head. Awesome is crotched on the top rope, Vampiro nails a huge belly to belly superplex for two.

Vampiro calls for the end, Vampiro climbs to the top rope. Awesome counters a hurricanrana for a powerbomb, it looks awful with both men falling over in hilarious fashion. Good way to recover is to bring a table into the ring, Awesome has his table. Nail In The Coffin by Vampiro, Vampiro looks for and does not find whatever he was looking for, huge clothesline by Awesome. Awesome Bomb on the outside for two, did not know this was falls count anywhere match. Awesome is on the top rope, Vampiro meets Awesome on the top rope. Awesome recovers and Awesome Bombs Vampiro for the win from the top rope.

That finish was awesome, the match not so much but if only and only if WCW would have seen the raw potential of Awesome who was a seasoned veteran in Japan after years in FMW. Awesome kicked all sorts of ass in ECW, had a great debut in WCW attacking Nash and they squandered it all away. Nevermind all that though because this match sucked!

Winner: Mike Awesome over Vampiro via Awesome Bomb!

(WCW United States Championship Match) Lance Storm (C) & Jim Duggan vs General Rection

Jim Duggan turned his back on Rection and The USA by showing his true colours and becoming Canadian Duggan. Rection and Duggan brawl, knees by Duggan. Right hands by Rection, Duggan is sent to the floor but here comes Storm. Back drop by Rection, clotheslines for Storm. Storm takes control with cheap shots, chops by Storm but Rection fires back at Storm. Ten punches by Rection, inverted atomic drop by Storm. Tag to Duggan, punches to Rection. Tag to Storm, Rection elevates Storm to the floor, Storm lowbridges Rection.

Storm puts the boots to Rection, Duggan pummels Rection. Duggan stomps Rection, Rection meets Storm's boot for two. Jawbreaker and Superkick for two, Duggan is in and nails a huge slam. Three Point Stance but Rection clotheslines Duggan at the same time, Storm is in and applies the sleeper. Rection counters for a back suplex, tag to Duggan. Storm clotheslines Duggan by mistake, slams for both men. Corner splash on Duggan, Storm's Maple Leaf is blocked, high knee on Duggan. The referee, Storm and Rection bang heads, piledriver by Duggan on Rection for two. Duggan lands on the referee, Major Gunns wipes out Elix Skipper, Storm is distracted by Major Gunns. Rection drops Duggan with a Russian legsweep, No Laughing Matter Moonsault on Duggan for the win.

They could have had something huge for Storm, the gimmick was something unique and Storm could have covered up Major Gunns and continued to be a huge asshole dropping the title to another big star but well, General Rection of all people is the US champion. They do not even show half the celebration, we cut to Schiavone looking bored out of his skull, I feel this could have been something but nah, it as ridiculous at the end of the day. Storm deserved much more, this company deserved much better.

Winner: General Rection over Lance Storm & Jim Duggan via Moonsault!

Jeff Jarrett vs Sting

Oh boy an overbooked mess is what I need in my life right now and there is nothing better when it comes to Jeff Jarrett, Sting dominates the early portion which he should, I cannot believe they are putting Jarrett in Sting's league, inverted atomic drop by Sting and a clothesline to the floor. There is a fake Sting on the ramp, Sting begins to pummel fake Sting who is Sting circa 1989. Scorpion Death Drop on the ramp, Jarrett comes in for an attack. Sting gains control and throws Jarrett into the crowd, here comes Sting from the early 1990s. Sting beats the piss out of early 90s Sting, another Scorpion Death Drop on the ramp.

Wolfpac Sting is here, Sting attacks Wolfpac Sting. Scorpion Death Drop on Wolfpac Sting, Jarrett uses the bat to take down Sting, suplex on the ramp. Sting is smacked around with chairs and against the guard rail, back elbow by Jarrett for two. Sleeper by Jarrett, Sting fires up but Jarrett nails a back suplex on Sting. Sting fires up with Jarrett's offense proving to be weak, Jarrett misses a dropkick. Scoprion Death Lock, a Sting comes from the mat and drags Sting through the ring. Sting beat the piss out of fake Sting, Stinger Splash, make it two. The lights go out, a Sting is coming down from the ceiling. Fake Sting eats a Scorpion Death Drop through the table, Scorpion Death Lock but a fake Sting nails Sting with a guitar, Sting no sells it to kill Fake Sting but Jarrett grabs another guitar to nail Sting and gets the win.

Do I even have to get into how ridiculous this was? Multiple Stings which had more action than Jarrett, I usually do not feel any sympathy towards Jarrett but Jarrett looked like a total joke in that ring with Sting. Such an overbooked mess with a finish that makes you think fuck this company, Sting survived and shook off a guitar shot literally seconds before the Jarrett guitar shot, why could Sting not shake it off? Fuck this shit!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Sting via Shenanigans!

(WCW World Championship Match) Scott Steiner W/ Midajah vs Booker T (C)

Finally, Steiner gets his chance at the world championship, there is arguably nobody as over as Steiner has been throughout the year since his return in early 2000. Steiner cut the most insane entertaining promos, Steiner has the beautiful women and a gimmick that had the fans cheering despite Steiner's heel status. Big Poppa Pump was world champion material while Booker T had worked his ass off to hold that championship, I enjoy both men inside the ring even if Steiner's match quality would see-saw from week to week but by God, Steiner was an awesome son of a bitch.

Lock-up, Steiner pushes back Booker. Elbow by Steiner, Booker is floored. Massive kick to the head by Steiner, stomps in the corner by the challenger. Flying forearm by Booker for two, Steiner powders. Steiner intimidates some fans and gets back to business, knees and clubbing blows to Booker, huge boot to the ribs. Spinning heel kick by Booker, clothesline by Booker for two. Ten punches by Booker, Midajah grabs Booker's foot and Steiner takes control. Booker meets the guard rail, Steiner chair shots Booker and we are now in the crowd. Steiner introduces Booker to the steel steps, scoop slam through the makeshift announce table. Steiner is in Stevie Ray's face, beautiful stuff from Steiner as Stevie Ray looks on at Booker in a heap on the floor.

Clothesline and theatrical elbow for two, surfboard stretch by Steiner. Steiner taunts Stevie Ray, Booker nails a neckbreaker out of desperation. Steiner avoids a scissors kick with a clothesline, Steiner has Booker and nails a massive middle rope Samoan drop. Stomps by Steiner, Booker fires back before a low blow by Steiner. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner for two, Steiner is sent to the floor as Booker dodges a clothesline. Steiner meets the guard rail but clotheslines Booker like it was nothing. Sunset flip out of the corner by Booker, two for Booker. Booker nails a kick to the face, Booker is on the top rope. Booker is crotched by Midajah, Steiner is headbutted off the turnbuckle. Missile dropkick for two, Scissors Kick! Midajah hands Steiner a pipe and Booker is cracked with the pipe. The referee is slammed by Steiner, tigerbomb by Steiner and Steiner applies The Steiner Recliner. Steiner continues to attack referees and applie The Steiner Recliner.

That would not be such a weak finish had Steiner not been such a dipshit and that Steiner could have been disqualified a thousand times before the eventual DQ. Steiner had no reason to attack the referee, Steiner has the match where he wanted as Steiner had Booker for The Steiner Recliner. Why would Steiner attack the referee? Steiner has the match won, it was simply idiotic on the part of Big Poppa Pump. On top of that, Steiner used low blows, lead pipes and Midajah with no DQ punishments but touching a referee led to a DQ. Do you want me to take the rules eriously? Or do you enfocre them when you feel like it ? The match was exciting, Steiner looked like amonster and I was looking forward to see Booker rallying and trying to overcome the odds.

Winner: Booker T over Scott Steiner via DQ!

Kronik vs Goldberg

Haven't we seen enough handicap matches for one pay per view? Goldberg's career is on the line, Goldberg is not at his full capacity as he injured himself on Thunder. Kronik are now heels which sucks as they were the hottest tag team in the company two months before but they decided it was best to squash that momentum for no reason. Kronik pound away on Goldberg, double shoulder block by Kronik. Adams has a table, Goldberg avoids High Tide through the table, Goldberg Spears Clark through the table for the win but no, Adams has to be pinned too. Goldberg Spears Adams, Jackhammer and goodnight! DUD!

Winner: Goldberg over Kronik via Jackhammer!

Well, that was WCW's Halloween Havoc 2000, another terrible showing on the part of WCW but that is not news. It was astounding the level of bad matches one after the other on this show. Way too much Natural Born Thrillers, they are as generic as generic can be, Sanders is the only one with personality. The Flair match was awful, the mixed tag was even worse and there was not one match I could say I was overly happy with at the end of the night. Jarrett and Sting was a clusterfuck, the main event if you could call it that wold have been a poor end to Nitro nevermind a pay per view. Thankfully, it is almost over for WCW, thanks for reading and remember: There's always another night!

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