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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 27: WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Review

Hello dear friends, welcome back to the series which embarks on a journey through the much loved Attitude Era, a period in wrestling where it was seemingly at its peak. We loved, we laughed we groaned we moaned and even sometimes cried and I am here to take you on a nostalgia trip while also criticizing and analysing the era of wrestling that you love more than your first born child. Ok maybe not that much but you get the point! Here we are, the showcase of the immortals, Wrestlemania where it all begins again, yes all of everyone’s hard work the matches and the storylines culminate at this pay per view. Stone Cold Steve Austin was not around but business was booming, The Rock was killing it on Saturday Night Live, and it seemed Rock was to ascend to the top of the mountain of the WWF. There was a problem though, Shane Mcmahon prevented Rock from headlining WrestleMania, Big Show, Shane and Triple H frustrated The Rock until The Rock could take no more, Vince Mcmahon helped Rock gain his way back to the main event and then, Linda Mcmahon reinstated Mick Foley so the main event was a fatal four way elimination match with a Mcmahon in every corner. The match was all about the wrestlers right? Ha you naïve fool! It was all about The Mcmahons because you see anything that involves The Mcmahons overshadows everyone else and you will see that leads to a disappointing Mania ending. But all hope is not lost, there could be a strong card that could hide the main event flaws, wait nope, there is one singles match…. And it is between The Kat and Terri… Yeah this Wrestlemania 2000, I am your host and I wish I was somewhere else.

Opening Package

Lillian Garcia sings the national anthem and kills it as usual, promo fixating on the main event, a fatal four way elimination match, a mcmahon in every corner. I just want to say Vince’s return helping The Rock win the title was a great moment as was the tag match on Raw with Rock and Vince facing Shane and Big Show.

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown vs Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan

Godfather and D’Lo are accompanied by Ice T who raps over their entrance, I really could not care less, Hos looking good for Mania and it is sad to see D’Lo reduced to a joke due to the Droz incident. Bossman had lost Albert to Trish Stratus so Bossman found a new bald man to be his protégé, that being Bull Buchanan. D’Lo nails Bull with right hands and then a calf kick, Godfather cheap shots Bossman as Bossman tries to take out D’Lo. Tag to Godfather, scoop slam and a legdrop. Elbow by Godfather misses, Bossman is in, rights and uppercuts to Godfather. Godfather fires back, right hands and a clothesline. Kick by Godfather, tag to D’Lo. Bossman takes over with a thumb to the eye, Buchanan comes in but D’Lo ten punches Bull in the corner. Irish whip by D’Lo goes awry as Bull leaps to the top rope and clotheslines D’Lo.

 Blind tag to Bossman leads to D’Lo eating a double punch from both opponents. Big boot by Bossman and he tags in Bull. Scissor kick by Bull, two count for Bull. D’Lo is tossed to the outside, Bossman puts the boots to D’Lo. In the ring, Bull hard irish whips D’Lo. Tag, Bossman and Bull double elbow D’Lo. Bull Buchanan squeezes D’Lo with a bearhug, D’Lo fights and fights but eats another elbow from Bull. Bossman and Bull double axe handle to D’Lo. Bossman plants D’Lo with a ribbreaker. Tag, Bull is in double axe handle to D’Lo.

 Another rib breaker to D’Lo, Bull goes high but Godfather shakes the ropes, D’Lo recovers and scores with the frankensteiner. Hot tag to Godfather, back body drop to Bull, right hands to Bossman. Ho Train on Bossman, tag to D’Lo. D’Lo was thinking Lo Down but he is pushed off his feet by Bull. D’Lo lands on his feet but D’Lo tastes a Bossman Slam and it is over as Bull legdrops D’Lo into oblivion.

 That was a bit strange for an opener, you would think Godfather would win to get the fans into the show but the heels get the win. Also, I do believe that is D’Lo’s last pay per view appearance until appearing at No Mercy with Chaz as Lo Down. To put it simply, D’Lo’s relevance ended here at this pay per view and after watching his rise in the summer of 1999, that sucks!

Winners: Bull Buchanan & Bossman over Godfather & D'Lo!

(WWF Hardcore Title Match With A 15 Minute Time Limit) Viscera vs Tazz vs The Mean Street Posse vs Kaientai vs Hardcore Holly vs Crash Holly © vs The APA vs The Headbangers

The Houdini of Hardcore Crash Holly defends his championship in this shambles of a match. 15 minutes, the match ends after 15 minutes, whoever is holding the belt after this time is the champion. You have to pin the champion to win the championship which makes it a little more difficult to win the match. Tazz pins Crash in a matter of seconds before Viscera takes out Tazz. Poor Tazz who did he piss off? That ECW mentality must have carried over into WWF. Everybody starts cracking Viscera with weapons, it is like a mugging. Crash is a bloody mess, Viscera takes out both Acolytes.

 Bradshaw tees off on everyone before Tazz floors the big Texan. More weapon shots than anyone could handle, Viscera randomly climbs to the top and is slammed by The APA, 2x4 across the back by Faarooq, clothesline by Bradshaw. The APA toss Kaientai on top of Viscera, I presume they paid the APA for protection. Funaki is champion but Taka is upset so they all brawl to the back. In the back, Rodney, Pete Gas and Thrasher all hold the championship. Pete Gas becomes champion who is a bloody mess, Tazz grabs Pete Gas. Tazzplex on Pete and Tazz is champion. The Hollys isolate Tazz, Tazz tries fighting off both Hollys, it is to no avail. Crash and Hardcore try pinning Tazz but screw one another over multiple times. Hardcore and Tazz are in the ring, dropkick and a two count for Hardcore. Crash cracks Tazz in the head with a tray and Crash is champion.

 Tazzmission on Crash, Crash is holding on as Hardcore Holly waits for his cue. Poor Hardcore, the clock was off so it screwed up the finish. Hardcore cracked Tazz with a glass jar, the time was meant to expire with Crash retaining but Hardcore pinned Crash for the three one second before time expired. Crash would regain the title as planned the next night on Raw and Hardcore Holly would call Michael Cole a shithead live on air in an interview later in the night so that is a bonus.

Winner: Hardcore Holly over Everyone Else!

T&A W/ Trish Stratus vs Head Cheese(Al Snow & Steve Blackman)

Head Cheese, the greatest tag team name I have ever seen, this is undisputable. Ok I am having a little fun can you blame me? We see clips of the fans meeting the wrestlers which is always great to see, a lot of wrestlers first Wrestlemanias so that must have been cool for them. Steve Blackman was too serious so Snow needed to lighten him up, this led to some funny segments where Steve Blackman tried to show some personality. This led to the formation of this odd couple. This is the pinnacle as we have Chester McCheesieton introduced, the official mascot of The Head Cheese team. Trish Stratus leads her men to the ring and she looks stunning. Poor Test what happened to a face fighting against Stephanie for stabbing him in the heart?

 Test and Blackman kick us off, Blackman floors Test with a kick, Snow is in wishbone split on Test. Test and Albert double team Snow, big boot by Albert. Snow counters Albert with a clothesline, enzuigiri takes Albert off his feet. Test makes the save so Blackman is tagged in, shoulder block by Blackman, right hands by The Lethal Weapon. Albert counters Blackman but he cannot capitalise, Snow is tagged in and Test big boots Snow. The match breaks down quickly, Test is on the floor. Snow and Albert are now the legal men, suplex by Snow and cheap shot to Test. Double Elbow, diving headbutt by Blackman. Albert is isolated by Head Cheese, low headbutt by Blackman.

 Snow with the axe handle on Albert, double underhook suplex by Albert, Test comes in and cleans house, big boot and sidewalk slam. Albert tosses Blackman to the floor. Double powerbomb by T&A, Snow springboard moonsaults on Albert. Backbreaker and legdrop combo by Head Cheese, Albert breaks the pin. Albert plants Snow with The Baldo Bomb. Scoop slam and assisted splash by T&A. Snow breaks up the pin, Chester advances toward Trish, this distracts Blackman. Gorilla press slam by Albert and Test scores with the elbow. Not sure what to give this match, the crowd was almost silent, I don’t know if they didn’t care or were burnt out by the hardcore match. Snow and Blackman dismantle poor Chester as they are now a serious team.

Winners: T&A over Head Cheese by Elbow Drop!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardys Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz © vs Edge & Christian(Triangle Ladder Match)

For me, one of the more interesting element of this match was an interview Edge & Christian gave a week before Wrestlemania, they let Edge & Christian voice their opinion as the seemingly forgotten team in this match. Edge and Christian would argue that they are here and it is bullshit that they are being ignored. Besides that, this match put all three teams on the map as the future of the tag team division, the match may not be called the first TLC in name but I like many believe it is the true first TLC match. Edge and Christian jump The Hardys and all three teams brawl on the floor.

 Edge and D-Von end up in the ring, spinning heel kick by Edge, Bubba and Jeff trade chops, whisper in the wind by Jeff, moments later Jeff takes a back drop and a Bubba bomb. Christian sets up a ladder while D-Von brings in another ladder. Edge and Christian take out D-Von while Matt and Jeff beat up Bubba. Ladders to the face of The Dudleys from Edge and Matt. The Hardys are left standing, Matt slams D-Von on the ladder, elbow by Matt Hardy. Jeff misses a 450 splash on Bubba, landing directly on the ladder. Bubba drops on Jeff with a senton on the ladder(nasty move there). Edge uses a ladder to crush Matt with another ladder in another painful looking spot. Bubba Ray picks up a ladder and begins doing the helicopter before being floored with a dropkick courtesy of Edge and Christian. Double flapjack to D-Von into a ladder by Edge and Christian. Christian climbs a ladder and dives onto Matt and Bubba on the outside/ Jeff begins climbing the ladder but Edge spears Jeff off the ladder.

 Edge pays for it as Matt powerbombs Edge to the mat, it is Matt’s time to climb but D-Von pulls Matt down hard. D-Von is dropped by Christian and now Bubba and Christian are close to winning the gold. Bubba climbs behind Christian and nails him with a Bubba Cutter. The Hardys drag Bubba to the centre of the ring and score with the Omega splash, their legdrop and splash combo. Christian and D-Von climb a ladder in the corner, Edge joins the fray and D-Von is suplexed from the ladder by both Edge and Christian. Edge and Christian begin climbing the ladder with Jeff and Matt, all four men fall to the mat after neckbreakers and facebusters. All six men climb ladders, Jeff and Christian fall to the outside, Bubba is knocked off and throws Edge and Matt onto the ring ropes. Bubba and D-Von sandwich Christian with two ladders, 3D on Edge and The Dudley Boyz are standing tall. Table time!!!

 The Dudleys grab over 4 tables, they place a table on top of two ladders in the ring as everyone ponders what those damn Dudleys are planning. The Hardy Boyz are not happy with The Dudleys so they start fighting Bubba and D-Von. Bubba has Matt on the outside while D-Von has Jeff in the ring. D-Von lays Jeff on the table while climbing a ladder, Bubba has Matt on an announce table. D-Von dives and misses Jeff but Bubba puts Matt through a table on the outside. Jeff tries taking out Bubba but Bubba throws a ladder in his face, Bubba grabs a huge twenty foot ladder with evil intentions for Jeff Hardy. Bubba sets up a table by the huge ladder, dragging Jeff towards certain doom. Jeff is smacked onto the table before Christian makes the save with a ringbell. Bubba is now on the table, Jeff looks at the ladder and says hell yeah I am going to jump off that and thus, we have an iconic Mania moment, Jeff nails Bubba with a huge swanton bomb from the ladder. That was insane but that is Jeff Hardy for you, absolutely crazy. Matt lands a twist of fate on D-Von, Matt and Christian stand atop the table placed on the two ladders, Edge follows the two men up, Matt is shoved through a table by Edge,

 Edge and Christian win the tag team championships. Crazy match with not much wrestling just huge bumps but boy, they did deliver, this was the first match of this kind that the people saw and everyone earned their paycheques on this night. Scary knowing the matches would get even more insane!

Winners: Edge & Christian by retrieval of the belts!

Terri vs Kat(Special Guest Referee Val Venis)

This is called an actual catfight, to win you must throw your opponent to the outside. Terri and The Kat are looking amazing but this is the match that represents the women’s division at Wrestlemania? Not sure if this is worse than Sable the year prior. Mae Young is in the corner of The Kat while The Fabulous Moolah is in the corner of Terri. Did you know this feud continues for 6 months? Nope I am not kidding, on and off for 6 months this feud would take place. Both women try playing Val and this match is on, rugby tackle by Terri, Val breaks it up and Terri kisses Val, Kat kisses Val, the referee is seeing the most action. Terri drags Kat by the hair, Terri poses and eats a spear for her troubles.

 Mae is trying to strip, The Kat tosses Terri to the outside but Val is distracted. The Kat is nailed from behind, Mae attacks Terri, Mae kisses Val and The Kat won the match twice but Moolah drags Kat out and pushes Terri in the ring. Terri wins the match but The Kat strips Terri for being ac cheating bitch, Moolah takes a bronco buster from Mae. Kat strips Terri and the world rejoices seeing Terri’s ass. DUD just T&A it is fine but fuck that this is wrestlemania.

Winner: Terri over The Kat by throwing her out!

Chyna & Too Cool vs The Radicalz

Eddie was beginning to show off his personality with his Latino Heat gimmick, Chyna rejects Eddie’s advances as he is simply a slimeball. Funny story from Perry Saturn about Wrestlemania, Chyna threw out Saturn’s shoulder attempting a powerbomb on him so Saturn does fuck all in his only Wrestlemania appearance. Scotty and Eddie start it off, Eddie kicks Scotty to the gut, Scotty sends Eddie flying with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Chyna is tagged in and Eddie runs for the hills, Chyna clotheslines Malenko before Grandmaster Sexay and Chyna nail a double suplex. Chyna and Sexay dance before Sexay scoop slams Malenko, Eddie tags in and eats a back suplex.

 Sexay goes high but Saturn pushes him to the mat with a distraction from Malenko. Saturn comes in briefly and hits a few stomps, Eddie is in, snap suplex by Latino Heat. Sexay tags Scotty but it does not go to plan. Stungun by Eddie, back suplex scores on Scotty. Springboard by Eddie, Guerrero shows Chyna some Latino Heat and smashes her head onto the turnbuckle. Sexay suplexes Guerrero to the floor, Sexay wipes out Malenko with a superkick and Scotty puts Saturn down with a facebuster. Double Worm by Scotty, right hand to Eddie, Eddie grabs the referee while Malenko and Saturn wipe out Scotty. Superkick by Saturn, elbow by Saturn before making a quick tag to Eddie, Scotty crotches Eddie, superplex plants Latino Heat.

 Scotty tags Chyna, Chyna wipes out Saturn and Malenko, scoop slams all over, handspring elbows and double low blow. Eddie nails Chyna from behing, could be a powerbomb, Chyna counters with a powerbomb of her own. Testicular claw by Chyna, gorilla press slam and a sleeper slam. It is over Chyna pins Eddie! Poor Chyna her pants have ripped and are falling apart, Too Cool and Chyna powder quickly out of the ring, must have gone long. Decent match from these two over acts!

Winners: Chyna & Too Cool over Radicalz via NeckDrop!

(European and Intercontinental Championship Match) Kurt Angle © vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho

Less than six months in the WWF and Kurt Angle was a double champion, it is crazy to detail his rise, it was remarkably fast but he was that damn good. Ok so this match works like this the first fall is for the intercontinental championship, the match will continue after the first fall as the second fall is for the European championship. Benoit starts quick out of the gate, Jericho takes over and dropkicks Angle. Benoit floors Jericho before taking a springboard dropkick from Y2J, Angle and Benoit are down. Baseball slide by Y2J, Angle slows down Jericho with a stungun into the steel steps. Belly to belly suplex by Angle, Benoit breaks it up, vicious clothesline by Benoit. Jericho and Benoit chop one another viciously in the corner, backbreaker by Jericho on Angle, Benoit pushes Jericho to the floor from the top turnbuckle.

 Snap suplex and back suplex by Benoit, chops and punches on Angle. Jericho gets caught with a boot from Jericho, Benoit takes down Jericho. Angle lands a snap suplex on Benoit, Angle and Jericho brawl before Jericho scores with a facebuster. Two count for Y2J, Jericho and Benoit continue to wage war on one another, Angle scores with a back suplex on Benoit but Jericho breaks it up. Jericho locks in a camel clutch on Benoit, Jericho smacks Angle down, suplex by Jericho and Benoit tries to steal the pin. Angle fires back on his feet, belly to belly by Kurt, Benoit starts hammering Angle, Angle is able to take down Benoit briefly. Jericho is floored by Angle with a crossface chickenwing, I forgot Angle was teaming up with Bob Backlund in a manager like role so Kurt began using the chickenwing before settling on the Angle Lock. Benoit tosses Angle out of the ring and Benoit scores with a diving headbutt on Jericho. Benoit is your new Intercontinental Champion.

European championship is on the line, Angle is irate at losing his title and not being pinned, Angle climbs to the top and is crotched by Jericho, Benoit crotches Jericho and all three men are up top, Benoit drops Jericho with a back suplex, Angle misses a moonsault on Benoit and eats the canvas. Angle misses a clothesline, Jericho has The Walls of Jericho on Kurt, Benoit makes the save, right hands by Angle on Benoit, Jericho floors Angle and Benoit, Benoit is on the floor. Jericho kicks Angle in the guts, double powerbomb by Y2J, Benoit breaks the pin, german suplex by Benoit make it three with a bridge but Angle saves the day. Dragon suplex on Angle by Benoit, referee is wiped out by Y2J, Benoit locks in the crossface and Jericho taps. Benoit had the match won so it makes him look strong as he did have the match. Jericho locks the walls on Benoit, Angle grabs a belt from ringside, belt to the face of Y2J.

 Benoit pulls out the referee so Angle cannot win, back suplex by Benoit, Benoit climbs high Benoit misses the headbutt and Jericho scores with the lionsault. Jericho is your European Champion. Angle lost without being pinned which gave him a lot of ammunition as a heel to bitch and moan which was good for his character, Jericho seemed simply weird as a European champion, the title in all honesty was below all these men, these were stars on the rise and the intercontinental title was fitting of these three. Jericho would lose the championship the next night to Eddie Guerrero so he would feud with Benoit for the IC Title. And of course, what a great moment for Benoit, first Wrestlemania and he has the Intercontinental Championship. The match was a great highlight on a largely boring show.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Benoit as Angle loses his titles!

DX W/ Tori vs Rikishi & Kane

Oh the Run DMC version of the DX Theme, sounds good to hear it and yes it is X-Pac and Road Dogg against Kane and Rikishi. Kane and X-Pac’s feud was on its last legs way before this but at least this would be the final chapter. Also, the final chapter of Pete Rose vs Kane would be written on this night, Kane had tombstoned Pete for two Wrestlemanias in a row. Road Dogg jumps Rikishi, bad idea and one stinkface later, the Road Dogg is pretty much dead, Tori is in the ring with Rikishi but X-Pac saves Tori from the dreaded stinkface. DX tries leaving, Kane uppercuts X-Pac while Rikishi grabs Road Dogg. Spinning heel kick by X-Pac bronco buster time and X-Pac makes the tag to Road Dogg, Road Dogg tries taking down Rikishi with right hands but he needs a flying forearm to floor the big man.

 Rikishi takes X-Pac’s kicks, samoan neckbreaker by the big man, Kane is in, Big boot to Road Dogg, back body drop to X-Pac, clothesline in the corner and Rikishi is thinking stinkface, Tori saves X-Pac but X-Pac cannot save Tori from RIkishi’s stinkface. Tori is officially the first woman to take the stinkface, a trend which the likes of Lita, Chyna, Stephanie and Trish would probably not be happy about. One tombstone later to X-Pac and it is all over. Too Cool sprint to ringside and it is dancing time, Kane looks at the San Diego chicken, the costume Pete Rose usually wears when attacking Kane. Kane inspects the chicken costume but it is not Pete Rose, Pete tries attacking Kane but takes a chokeslam and it is stinkface time for Pete Rose. Well that could be considered a DUD, all it came down to was Kane killing X-Pac in matter of seconds while Rikishi stuck his ass in everyone’s face.

Winners: Rikishi & Kane over DX via Tombstone!

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock W/ Vince Mcmahon vs Triple H © W/ Stephanie Mcmahon vs Mick Foley W/ Linda Mcmahon vs The Big Show W/ Shane Mcmahon (Fatal Four Way Elimination Match)

A Mcmahon in every corner, unfortunate that the focus was not on who would be the next WWF Champion but when you have an ego like Vince, it would never happen. So before I describe the match, let me fill you in on the backstory so you can understand the madness. Shane Mcmahon had left the WWF a face, he stood by Vince after what Stephanie did and left Raw, AT No Way Out, Shane returned to screw The Rock out of the this match at Wrestlemania. Shane’s reason for doing this? Unknown he was siply a heel now and with The Big Show, Triple H and Big Show screwed The Rock for a number of weeks until Rock laid his career on the line for a chance at wrestling for the championship.

 Triple H and Big Show the opponents at this time for the main event are all best pals with each other because their hatred for The Rock is greater than focusing on their title match. Shane tries screwing Rock but Vince returns to help Rock because if there is anyone that can take down Triple H for taking Stephanie away from him, it would be Triple H ‘s greatest rival The Rock. This I can make sense of, Vince hates Triple H and Stephanie and helping The Rock would stick it to them big time. However, things get illogical as after Rock is now officially the number one contender again, Shane announces it is a triple threat match. Just like that, Shane makes the whole series of events pointless from the Rumble as he just adds Big Show.

 Ok so the week before Mania we see our proposed main event happen on Raw, yes the title was defended on Raw a week before in a triple threat, Triple H walked away with the victory. So, Linda returns out of the blue and announces Mick Foley is back and in the match. To clarify, I am happy for Foley, he had his Wrestlemania main event but it destroys the image of his retirement a month prior, it was so emotional and now it means less as he is back for another match. Not to forget, adding Foley to the mix with his lifelong dream storyline of wanting to headline a Mania would be perfect if he had a chance of winning! But Foley has no chance as everyone and their mother knows this match has been building to The Rock reclaiming the championship. There was some stellar matches and moments leading up this match, Rock’s match where he put his career on the line and Vince returned to save the day still gives me chills to this day, Rock’s tag match with Vince against Shane and Show with the two referees was a great match for crowd noise while Foley’s return was also cheer awesomeness.

 What is strange is Foley is making his way to the ring and I haven’t seen the promo package for the main event? Perhaps this have removed it from the network? I cannot imagine why, just a little strange to see the entrances without the story. Stephanie is your women’s champion at the time, the title was essentially irrelevant until Lita wins it about 3 months from this match. Mick Foley pairs off with Triple H while Show squares off with The Rock. Show gets angry and wipes the floor with everyone, tosses for everybody, gorilla press slam for The Rock, one for The Rock, headbutt to Mick Foley. Mick Foley is squashed by Show, Show sidewalk slams Rock.

 Big Show was going to take out Triple H but Foley low blowed the big man. All three men punch out Show, it takes three clotheslines to knock Show off his feet. Foley floors Triple H, Rock and Show remain in the ring. Mick Foley drives a chair into the ribs of Triple H. Rock nails Big Show with a Rock Bottom after Mick Foley smacked Big Show with a chair. Disappointing participation for Big Show who was considered a disappointment by the company for a majority of his first three years with the company.

Down to three, Rock “N” Sock Connection are in there with Triple H, Triple H does not have good odds, Triple H tries convincing both men to side with him at different times. Triple H is double teamed by Foley and Rock, Triple H is bounced around by the former tag team. Double clothesline by Rock “N” Sock, Rock has a ringbell and accidently nails Mick Foley. Triple H sends The Rock into the steel steps, Tripe H drops Rock on the barricade. Mick Foley picks up a 2x4 wrapped in barbwire, Triple H looks as if he has seen death at his door, Triple H low blows Foley and smacks him with the 2x4. Rock saves Foley from more punishment, Triple H sends Rock crashing to the floor.

 Foley plants Tripe H with the double arm DDT. Foley pulls out Socko, Mandible Claw to The Game, Rock nails Triple H with the WWF championship. Rock was thinking People’s Elbow but Mick attacks Rock with The Mandible Claw. Triple H recovers with a double low blow. Rock fires up on Triple H, clothesline on Triple H but Mick clotheslines Rock. Right hands by Foley, Rock’s head meets the turnbuckle, double arm DDT by Foley, two count and The Rock was almost gone! Foley has a chair but it is kicked back into his face by Rock, DDT by The Rock. Clothesline by Triple H on Rock, Triple H and Mick discuss teaming up and to my surprise, it happens. Foley and Triple H double team Rock, pin by Foley, still a two count, Rock is hanging on in the match. Double suplex, kneedrop and Rock is still surviving, Rock reverses Mick sending him into the steel steps, Rock hammers away on Triple H.

 Mick Foley has the steel steps and wham, right across the head of The People’s Champion. Triple H places Rock on the announce table, Mick Foley climbs to the top, elbow onto Rock, Triple H decides Rock must go through the table and takes it upon himself to break the table. Foley missed by quite a distance and gets caught in the ring, pedigree by Triple H, Mick Foley kicks out of the pedigree, Triple H snaps. Chair shot by Triple H, pedigree on the chair and just like that, Triple H has put away Mick Foley. Another loophole in this match, why bring Foley back for one last shot if you have him lose and not only lose but being eliminated before we know the final two, just really stupid booking. He could have forfeited the championship the next night on Raw, you could have gave him the moment but no, you did something lacklustre.

Mick Foley grabs the barbwire and nails Triple H, one last shot to Triple H to help The Rock, Rock climbs into the ring and covers the champion. 1…2.. Kickout by Helmsley, damn you even that would have been fitting of Foley. The match continues, Triple H takes rights from Rock, Rock clotheslines Triple H to the floor. Rock and Triple H near the entrance way, suplex by The Rock on the concrete. Into the crowd, Rock takes down Triple H, Triple H tastes the timekeeper’s table. Triple H grabs a chair and beats The Rock who is laying under steel steps, Triple H decides enough is enough and piledrives Rock on the steel steps. Sick move there by Triple H, two count though, The Rock survives, Rock tries Rock Bottom, it is blocked, Triple H tries Pedigree but Rock blocks and elevates Triple H over the top rope. Back into the crowd, they come back to ringside, spinebuster by Rock on the floor.

 Rock suplexes Triple H through the announce table, drop toe hold by Helmsley onto the steel steps. Triple H puts his hands on Vince, bad idea Vince nails Triple H. Shane reappears and attacks Vince, right hands and a monitor to the face by Shane. More stupid focus on The Mcmahons instead of The Rock and Triple H. Vince no sells Shane’s attack and hammers Shane. Shane is down due to Vince’s attacks. Chair shot by Shane on Vince, crowd is not really into it and I cannot say I am either. Vince is helped to his feet by Patterson and Brisco, Shane is now at ringside. Rock drills Triple H with rights, DDT by Rock, tilt a whirl slam by Rock. Facebuster by Triple H, Triple H hits The Rock with the 2x4 in the face, Shane is in the ring, Rock catapults Triple H into Shane. Rock Bottom, Shane is up with the chair, Vince returns to ringside, Shane is knocked out of the ring. Vince has the chair and nails The Rock. Triple H makes the cover but Rock kicks out, Vince is in shock. Vince nails The Rock with the chair again and Triple H walks away with the win. Yeah well that is how you screw over your fans, Rock was screwed by Vince and Vince is reunited with Stephanie and Shane, his son who he just beat the hell out of for the last month.

 Rightly, the fans toss a bunch of shit in the ring because they knew this made no sense and Wrestlemania is where the good guys always win. Rock comes to his senses and decides to kill all three Mcmahons including poor Stephanie who receives a People’s Elbow. Still does not make up for a terrible main event which made no sense, why would Vince screw Rock, why would he fight Shane and Triple H to team with them? Why would Vince have Shane bust him open and knock him out with a chair if they are all on the same page? Why is Vince ok with Triple H fucking Stephanie now? Why did Wrestlemania end badly? Why was there only one singles match?

Winner: Triple H over Everyone Else due to Shenanigans!

Enough, you can see why it is considered terrible, from the matches to the storylines, it was simply bad. The Mcmahons overshadow everything they are involved in and it was Rock’s time to be champion, that main event was so disastrous in terms of booking. From Mick Foley being eliminated second in a match where they had the potential to make a great story but it is wasted on one of the most nonsensical heel turns in memory as Vince screwed The Rock. Only highlights are the triangle ladder match and the triple threat for the European and Intercontinental Championship Match. So maybe the fondness of the WWF allowed this a pass but I truly think this was one of the worst I have reviewed so far and Wrestlemania 2000 was greatly overshadowed by Backlash for the second year in a row. Backlash is up next so strap in for a good pay per view that delivers, I will see you there!

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