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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 22: WWF No Mercy 1999 Review

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Welcome one and all! Another day passes and it is time for another instalment of our Journey Through The Attitude Era series where we look back at The Attitude Era through the pay per views of each month and ask the question: do these pay per views hold up today or can their greatness be chalked up to only nostalgia? I’ll give my review but ultimately, it is you the fans who have the final word on what passes for good or bad. Tonight’s time machine drops us at none other than WWF’s No Mercy of 1999, Triple H and Austin would brawl it out for The WWF Championship while The Rock would look to settle the score with The British Bulldog and The Hardy Boyz would battle Edge And Christian in the finals of Terri Invitational Tournament in the first ever tag team ladder match, let’s get it on!

Opening Promo

Clips of various bombs show as the story of Triple H and Steve Austin play out, Triple H had become champion, he had attacked all who stood before him, it was not about DX, it was not about Chyna, it was about Triple H it was his time. Stone Cold Steve Austin had not wrestled since Summerslam, his neck injury was catching up with him and we all know what happened when Austin needed surgery. However, tonight he will challenge Triple H for the WWF Championship.

Godfather vs Mideon W/ Viscera

Revenge is on the mind of The Godfather as Mideon and Viscera had put a hurting on our beloved Godfather on Smackdown. Feel bad for Mideon here as I believe this would be his last pay per view appearance or his second last(he might appear at the Survivor Series the next month) before changing to the gimmick known as Naked Mideon. Fear not young wrestling fan for the great Naked Mideon will have a pay per view match at No Mercy the following year so you will get to see me review that. Lock up and a shoving contest ensues, Godfather starts hammering away on Mideon, powerslam and some stomps from Godfather. Side kick from Godfather, Godfather sets up for The Ho Train but Viscera has the Hos(Viscera was always The World’s Largest Love Machine Fool).

 Viscera squashes Godfather while Mideon distracts the referee, jawbreaker by Mideon cover and not even one for Mideon. Godfather fights out of a sleeper and scores with a sunset flip, Viscera distracts the referee while Godfather gets a visual pinfall. Mideon chokes poor Godfather in front of the Hos. Viscera gets in a few cheap shots much to the dismay of the Hos, Godfather strings together some offence, he tries for The Ho Train but Mideon has it well scouted and catches Godfather coming in with a boot. More choking by Mideon and right hands to the face, more cheap shots by Viscera, Godfather falls in a heap on the outside, scoop slam for Mideon but Mideon misses a second rope elbow, clothesline from Godfather, scoop slam and a legdrop.

 Pin and a two count for Mideon, another scoop slam for Godfather. Godfather misses a splash and rolls to the floor, Mideon tries to set up Godfather for a splash from Viscera, Viscera hits the ringpost and Godfather scores with The Ho Train and a schoolboy for the win. That was an ok match, I never found Mideon interesting as a singles wrestler and he always gets beat so how can anyone take him seriously.

Winner: Godfather over Mideon via schoolboy!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Ivory © vs The Fabulous Moolah

Ah poor Ivory, a few months back I was hopeful for Ivory’s reign as champion, she took the belt off non-wrestler Debra, Ivory had Tori, Luna and Jacqueline to work with and the matches were decent, the pick of the bunch was The Summerslam match with Tori. Ivory fought in some hardcore matches and minute long matches, the usual standard treatment for women  matches, then and now sadly. Tonight, she faces Fabulous Moolah, a female wrestling legend who could barely move in the ring and this was a complete joke. Ivory had a great gimmick too, it was a pre-cursor to her RTC gimmick, she was the upper class member of the women’s division, she was not bra and panties she was about wrestling and to her credit, a very annoying heel.

 Ivory cheap shots Moolah with a dropkick and a legdrop but the legend battles back, Moolah misses a bottom rope splash, Mae Young gets up on the apron and gets knocked to the floor. Ivory throws Moolah to the floor and dropkicks poor Mae again. Ivory bounces Moolah off the announce table after a suicide dive. Ivory dives from the barricade on top of Moolah, Mae Young gets knocked down again. Ivory grabs her belt and tries whacking Moolah, Mae gets the belt across the head but Moolah schoolgirls Ivory for the championship. Ivory begins crying in the ring and it is perfect as the young upstart got what was coming to her but by god, it is hard to get invested in a feel good moment like this when Moolah and Mae should be nowhere near a wrestling ring.

 It would be the beginning of a downfall for Ivory’s hopes for women wrestling as the next number of pay per views will be mostly The Kat vs Terri which while it was nice on the eyes the wrestling was beyond pathetic and that is being nice. At least Ivory had this title reign and the RTC reign to look back on, a fantastic women’s wrestler who deserves the hall of fame just as much as Jacqueline Lita or Trish.

Winner: Fabulous Moolah over Ivory via schoolgirl!

The New Age Outlaws vs The Holly Cousins

The New Age Outlaws had reformed, they had won the tag team titles and thanks to The Holly Cousins, they loss the titles back to The Rock and Sock Connection. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn would be out for revenge. We begin on the ramp as The Outlaws attack The Hollys. Road Dogg is in the ring with Crash, Crash attacks Road Dogg before Billy Gunn comes out of nowhere and blindsides poor Crash. Road Dogg is in and we have a double team clubbing to Crash. Right hands from Road Dogg and knee drop from Road Dogg cover and two count for The Road Dogg. Road Dogg lands hard on the outside and Hardcore puts the boots to Road Dogg, kicks to the ribs in the corner follow by Hardcore. Standing vertical suplex by Hardcore Holly, cover and a two count for Hardcore. Snapmare and a reverse chin lock by The Hollys, Road Dogg is isolated by Crash through his own sleeper hold, Crash uses the ropes for extra leverage before tagging in cousin Hardcore.

 Hardcore stands on Road Dogg’s back, scoop slam and Hardcore goes to the top rope. Road Dogg catches Hardcore on the chin with his boot and it could be hot tag time. Crash cheap shots Billy Gunn and there is no tag, snapmare and a dropkick by Crash Holly. Clothesline by Hardcore Holly, two count for Holly. Road Dogg fights back against Hardcore but Hardcore nails Dogg with a tremendous dropkick. Mr. Ass breaks up Holly’s pin attempt, Crash is tagged in and knocks Road Dogg with a right hand. Billy Gunn gets smacked right in the mouth by Hardcore, Hardcore wastes too much time as Road Dogg crotches Hardcore on the top rope, superplex off the top rope. Hot tag to Billy, Billy throws right hands and gorilla press slams with ease, splash in the corner for both Hollys, jackhammer on Crash, referee is distracted, Hardcore grabs a steel chair and throws it to Crash, Billy Gunn plants Crash with a FameAsser and the referee sees Billy use the chair. The Hollys win by disqualification but the Road Dogg scores with a pump handle drop on Hardcore Holly.

 It was an alright match, it was similar to a match that The Outlaws did a year prior with The Headbangers with Billy getting so frustrated that the match ends in disqualification, while this time the dq was accidental, the match played out extremely similar to The Headbangers match. And any DQ finish on pay per view is cheap!

Winners: The Holly Cousins over New Age Outlaws via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Chyna vs Jeff Jarrett © W/ Miss Kitty (Good Housekeeping Match)

Now as I said before, this feud is so underrated in my opinion, it is so easy to get absorbed in this story, Jarrett is a male pig he believes that women are inferior including Chyna. Jarrett attacks all women wrestlers and announcers and even fans. Perhaps it is because of Chyna’s track record with the WWF but this was one hell of a feud. Before the match, Jarrett marches to the ring with the kitchen sink proclaiming that Chyna will be beaten with every appliance known to women. Jarrett gets a lot of hate but he does know how to work a crowd and a good hand in the ring, never a world champion but a great midcard wrestler. Chyna comes to the ring fighting for respect not just for her but for all women who are told they are not good enough or as good as a man. Jarrett is suckered in by Chyna and we begin fighting on the outside, Chyna kicks Jarrett in the ribs and tosses his Tennessee ass back in the ring.

 Huge knockdown by Chyna, inverted atomic drop and a vertical suplex by the challenger. Chyna grabs a trash can and cracks Jarrett in the head, Jarrett powders to the outside, Chyna grabs a broom and a stick of salami, Jarrett is smashed across the back. Jarrett tastes a toilet seat across the head as Chyna is destroying the champion. Chyna shoves a banana down Jarrett’s throat(no..just no… do not even think like that..). Chyna continues beating Jarrett with everything before attempting an elbow through the table, Chyna misses as Jarrett dodges, Jarrett is quick to capitalize with a pin, only two for the champion. Trash can and fish is thrown at poor Chyna, hard irish whip by Jarrett sends Chyna over the top rope. Jarrett and Miss Kitty begin making a cake at ringside while Chyna recovers. Miss Kitty is thrown in the ring and dumps a pot of mix on Miss Kitty. Jarrett locks in the figure four on Chyna, centre of the ring and Chyna is in a lot of trouble. Chyna crawls to the ropes so Miss Kitty gives Jarrett some tongs, Jarrett misses with the tongs and Chyna low blows the champion, tongs to the champ’s jewels, pots and pans to the head of the champion. Chyna grabs two pies and lets Jarrett have a taste, Chyna has the kitchen sink and levels Jarrett. Two and a half after the shot from the kitchen sink, pedigree attempt on a cake, counter by Jarrett and Chyna is catapulted in the referee.

 Jarrett asks for his belt and he lets Chyna have it across the head. Jarrett retains and it seems Men are superior! But no it is not true, referee Teddy Long declares that the intercontinental championship is not a household item so the match will continue. Jarrett grabs the referee but Chyna has the guitar and she cracks Jeff Jarrett. 1…2..3 Chyna makes history she proves she belongs and she is the first ever and to this day the only woman to win the intercontinental championship.

 What a fun match that was, not much wrestling, a lot of brawling you could feel two ways about that but it was fine here and what a satisfying end to the storyline with Chyna conquering Jeff Jarrett. There was a bit of drama backstage as Jarrett’s contract had expired the day prior and the rumour is Jarrett held up Vince Mcmahon for 300,000 dollars to wrestle that night. Either way, Jarrett left in all in the ring that night and what a good way to go out before helping destroy WCW.

Winner: Chyna over Jeff Jarrett following a Guitar Shot!

British Bulldog vs The Rock

British Bulldog had returned to the WWF with one goal and that was becoming WWF Champion. Bulldog would cost The Rock the WWF Championship on several occasions, the rivalry would be settled tonight, Rock had previously on Raw dropped British Bulldog with a Rock Bottom onto a pile of dog shit. The Attitude Era, for all that is good, there is equally some bad. Exchange of right hands between both men, Rock clotheslines Bulldog over the top rope, and tries sending Bulldog into the timekeeper’s area, Bulldog reverses The Rock and maintains control for all but 4 seconds.

 Rock tosses Bulldog into the steel steps. Rock sends Bulldog flying into the turnbuckle with great velocity, swinging neckbreaker by The People’s Champion. Bulldog takes over with a stalling vertical suplex, floatover and a two count for the man from Manchester. Bulldog applies the sleeper to The Rock, Rock fades with the arm dropping twice, Rock recovers and battles back to a vertical base, right hands, back body drop by Rock. Bulldog retreats to the corner, Rock shoves the referee and Bulldog takes full advantage, low blow from British Bulldog. Rock is tied up in the ropes, Bulldog tries for a big boot, big miss for Bulldog, Rock plants him with a DDT. Bulldog slams Rock with his signature powerslam, Rock is by the ropes and puts his foot up on them.

 Bulldog creates another running powerslam attempt but it does not pay off, Rock Bottom and A People’s Elbow and The Rock wins in decisive fashion. That was a decent match, a lot less physical and intense than I imagined and on the short side but Bulldog was just back from WCW after walking out on Vince. Vince never forgets and while Rock’s victory would have never been in doubt, you can imagine Bulldog was booked less than fairly in his return to the WWF.

Winner: The Rock over British Bulldog by People's Elbow!

(Tag Team Ladder Match for 100,000 And Services of Terri Runnels) Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz

Wow it is weird seeing The Hardys as heels and being introduced as The Brood, how times have changed. Anyways. First ever tag team ladder match, the predecessor to the epic TLC matches, this is history in the making and this match would help make these two teams. Edge and Christian double back body drop The Hardys, Edge and Christian attempt to grab the ladders on the entrance way but The Hardys block their path. Gangrel assists The Brood before referee Tim White ejects Gangrel. Edge attempts bringing a ladder in but Matt takes him out, Christian flies over the top onto Matt. Jeff and Edge drag one another off the ladder in the centre of the ring. Matt tips over Edge, Christian uses a ladder to pin Jeff in the corner, dropkick using the ladder onto Jeff. Edge tries a springboard onto Matt but Matt dodges and Edge meets the ladder.

 Jeff tries climbing the ladder but Christian drops Jeff with a falling reverse DDT. Christian climbs the ladder but Matt drops Christian with a back suplex. Matt begins to climb but he is powerbombed by Edge, Edge climbs high but Jeff from the turnbuckle dropkicks Edge off the ladder. Edge is placed on the ladder and Jeff nails a swanton bomb on Edge(Crazy Spots everywhere). Matt and Jeff use the ladder as a battering ram and take down Christian, Matt sets up the ladder in the corner, Jeff climbs to the top rope and leapfrogs the ladder and scores with a legdrop on a prone Christian. Christian is placed inside the ladder and Matt moonsaults onto Christian. Edge crawls back into the ring and starts nailing Matt and Jeff with the ladder. Edge catapults Jeff into a ladder and begins to climb towards the monet. Matt recovers and knocks Edge, Matt and Jeff go back to using the ladder as a battering ram but it backfires as Christian knocks both Hardys down. Edge and Christian dropkick a ladder into Matt’s sensitive bits.

 Matt’s bad day is not over as Edge and Christian flapjack Matt into a ladder. Jeff drops Christian with a twist of fate. Edge and Jeff meet atop a ladder before Edge drops Jeff with a downward spiral. Edge recovers but Matt scores with a neckbreaker from the ladder, Christian and Jeff Hardy struggle to the top of the ladder, hiptoss by Christian. With each move the pop from the crowd gets louder as they appreciate these four men’s efforts. Edge and Christian place Jeff on top of the turnbuckle, it could be a double superplex, Matt saves his brother, Christian and Matt brawl before Jeff uses his own body to catapult a ladder into Matt and Christian’s face. All four men stand atop two ladders, blows are exchanged before both ladders fall with one tipping right and the other tipping left. The four competitors climb once more, Edge shoves off Matt, Matt shoves into the ladder holding Jeff and Christian, Jeff jumps onto Edge’s ladder and knocks down Edge.

 Jeff climbs and unhooks the money and win the money and services of Terri Runnels. What a hell of a match, a lot of innovative spots with the crowd appreciating every effort and applauding Edge And Christian at the end was a fitting touch. This would be a start of a new push for these teams as they would go on with The Dudleys to create some of those most epic tag team matches of the early 2000s. On this night, these two teams staked their claim to the tag team throne and earned their spots on the roster.

Winners: The Hardys Boyz over Edge & Christian by retrieval of the contract!

Mankind vs Val Venis

After brushing aside The British Bulldog, The Rock challenged the winner of Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWF Championship match. Rock would not be able to walk away after making this statement as Triple H would assault The Rock with a sledgehammer four times across the ribs. Rock would be brought to a nearby hospital due to his injuries. Val Venis comes to the ring with Mick Foley’s autobiography, this feud started over this autobiography as Foley wished to give it to The Rock but Val Venis would steal it and attack Mankind in the men’s bathroom. Val would also steal Rocko, Rock’s version of Socko which was gifted on the “This Is Your Life” segment on Raw. Just a sidenote, Val might have been enjoying the best month of his career, he would work a Smackdown main event with Stone Cold, main event Raw against Rock and Mankind and now, have a pay per view match with Mankind.

 This match starts on the outside, Val tries slamming Mankind, Mankind reverses and stomps away on the former pornstar. In the ring, Val jumps Foley and lays in some mean rights, Mankind shakes it off and catches Val with a kneelift. Punches in the corner are on the menu for Val, Mankind runs full speed and smacks Val with his knee, legdrop to the groin to poor Val. Mankind tries to take Rocko from Val but Val refuses to let go of Rocko. On the outside, Val whips Mankind into the barricade before Mankind floors Venis with a clothesline. Mankind grabs a chair and sets it up, Val meets the chair with his head. Foley was attempting a bulldog but Val backdrops Mankind on the chair. Mankind in desperation locks in the mandible claw, Val counters by ramming Foley’s head into the ringpost. Val’s frustration reaches boiling point as he introduces a chair to the match.

 Referee Teddy Long intervenes and takes away the chair, Val gets the last laugh as he plants Foley with a side Russian legsweep. Val uses his elbow to weaken Foley’s neck, Foley’s DDT attempt is countered by Val who continues punishing the neck of Mankind. Cover and a two count for Val, clothesline to the back of the head by Val, two count for Val again. Scoop slam and a kneedrop on the back of the head, Money Shot time but Mankind sees it coming, Mankind grabs Val’s foot, corner clothesline and bulldog by Val.

 Second rope elbow on the neck of Mankind. Money Shot attempt, Val crashes and burns, double arm DDT, cover one arm and it’s two and a half for Foley. Mankind reaches for Socko, Val reaches for Rocko, they meet, Mankind goes mandible claw, Val goes testicular claw, Val falls on Mankind and gets the win, what a stupid way to win. Val gets the win by squeezing Mankind’s testicles forcing Mankind to pass out. Damn you Attitude Era, it is truly frustrating as Val targeted Mankind’s neck throughout the match, there was psychology there and then the finish is a damn claw to the balls?

Winner: Val Venis over Mankind by Testicular Claw!

(Four Corner Elimination Match) X-Pac vs Kane vs Faarooq vs Bradshaw

Not too clear on the story of this match, Bradshaw and Faarooq are a tag team known as The Acolytes, X-Pac and Kane are a tag team also but they are fighting one another in this match? Why would it not be a tag team match? Is there tensions between the tag team partners? The announcers hint at problems between Kane and X-Pac but there is no mention of a problem between The Acolytes. X-Pac and Bradshaw brawl on the outside, Bradshaw sends X-Pac into the ringpost, Acolytes double team Kane in the ring, double shoulder block, Bradshaw and Kane officially kick us off, Kane nails a clothesline but Bradshaw shakes it off and tags in Faarooq, enzuigiri on Faarooq by Kane. X-Pac tags in to fight Kane, his partner, Kane looks hesitant in the beginning but attacks his partner X-Pac.

 Bradshaw tags in off Kane and X-Pac tags in Faarooq. The Acolytes stat fighting in the ring what is going on here, Bradshaw nails a clothesline from hell on X-Pac, Kane saves X-Pac in the fatal four way elimination match. Bradshaw tags in and beats the piss out of X-Pac, referee is distracted by Bradshaw and Faarooq decimates X-Pac on the outside. Cover in the ring by Bradshaw, two count for the big Texan. Anytime X-Pac is in danger, Kane helps his partner even though it is every man for himself. Faarooq grounds X-Pac with a sleeper. Bradshaw tags in with the goal of squeezing the life out of X-Pac, bearhug by X-Pac. X-Pac fights back briefly before eating a big boot.

 Tornado DDT by X-Pac on Bradshaw, X-Pac tags in Kane, clothesline on both Faarooq and Bradshaw. Kane chokeslams Bradshaw and Bradshaw is eliminated, X-Pac takes advantage and scores with a spinning heel kick on Kane. X-Pac upsets Kane as Faarooq attacks X-Pac. The final two are Faarooq and X-Pac, X-Pac DDTs Faarooq on the floor, kicks in the corner and could it be time for a bronco buster? Nope spinebuster by Faarooq, Faarooq attempts a samoan drop form the second rope, X-Pac fights out, Faarooq tries for a shoulder block, bad move as X-Pac nails The X-Factor for the win.

 Match was fine nothing memorable, biggest thing to come from this is what would happen for X-Pac, it would be the last time he would appear as a face on WWF pay per view, with the reformation of DX, X-Pac would go on to create what is refereed to X-Pac heat. Poor X-Pac would not be booed because he is a bad guy but rather that he was boring and the fans wished he would disappear from their television screens. A sad fact for X-Pac as it would be all downhill from here for X-Pac in the WWF. A shame as he seems like a really friendly guy with his demons.

Winner: X-Pac over Everyone Else via Survival!

(WWF Championship Match) Triple H© vs Stone Cold Steve Austin(No Holds Barred Match)

Austin had lost the championship at Summerslam, Austin did not drop the title to Triple H but rather Mankind as Triple H defeated Mankind the next night on Raw(Think of that what you will). Austin had been hell bent on regaining the WWF Championship, Austin and Triple H had brawl all over the country leading up to this including a neat little angle where Triple H fooled Austin into believing a rattlesnake had bitten Triple H’s face. Triple H would have his face looking disfigured due to a great makeup, Triple H would hand the belt to Austin and then brutally assault him declaring he had killed The Rattlesnake and he would kill Austin at No Mercy.

 Triple H comes to the ring with a sledgehammer that injured Rock, Vince gets in Triple H’s face and takes away the hammer. Vince pays for it with a punch to the face, Triple H was beginning to mess with the wrong boss but that feud will continue later, It is about Austin now and the WWF Championship. Austin clothesline Triple H, they brawl on the entrance way, bin across the head by Stone Cold. Guard rail across the head by Austin, main event time so you know what is coming right? Crowd Brawling!!! Several minutes later, they emerge on the entrance way, Austin is whooping Triple H around the arena. Helmsley is planted grapefruits first onto the guard rail and clotheslined out of his boots by Austin. Back into the crowd, Austin tries a piledriver, it does not go to plan and Triple H backdrops Austin to the floor.

 Triple H tries for a pedigree, Austin catapults Triple H into the referee, Austin meets the steel steps and announce table courtesy of Triple H. Finally, we enter the ring, Triple H chokes Austin, Triple H misses a clothesline and Austin scores with a Stunner. Austin had the title won, Austin drags the referee back into the ring, Triple H and Austin brawl, Austin is shoved into the referee again, pedigree by The Game. Earl Hebnar speeds down to ringside, two count off the pedigree, Triple H shoves the referee twice stupid mistake as Austin capitalizes, Lou Thesz Press and an elbow from Austin. Triple H is sent flying over the top rope, Triple H is busted open after being tossed over the announce table. Austin chokes Triple H with JR’s headset, right hands on the champion. Tossed to the floor once more, Triple H is fading, the champion is in trouble, Triple H tastes the steel steps. Triple H escapes the clutches of Austin with a bell to the face, suplex onto the announce table by Hunter.

 Stomps in the corner by Triple H, right hands by the champion, they find the mark but they do not budge Austin, Triple H cuts Austin off with an elbow, Triple H misses a knee drop but Triple H chop blocks Austin’s knee, Triple H slams Austin’s leg into the ringpost, Triple H looked for a figure four, reversal from the challenger. However, Triple H goes right back to the leg of The Texas Rattlesnake, Austin battles back against The Game, facebuster by Triple H stops Austin dead in his tracks, two count for The Game, Austin will not stay down for the three. Right hands rain down on Austin’s head, Helmsley grabs a chair from ringside, Austin sees it coming, right hands, Austin grabs the chair but Triple H blocks Austin, clothesline by The Game. Triple H climbs high, Austin crotches his rival, superplex, one arm over The Game, two count for the challenger. Both man tangle over the chair, Austin wins the war chair over the head and the back and the legs, Austin is destroying Triple H.

 Crowd roars with approval, Austin tastes a low blow from Triple H. Rock comes to ringside taped up, Rock nails Austin with a sledgehammer by accident, Triple H pedigrees Rock and pins Austin off the chair shot. Triple H survives Austin. That was a good main event, there was a lot of brawling in the crowd, I am not the biggest fan of it and it went on for quite some time. When they got in the ring, it got a lot better for me personally, Triple H worked Austin’s injured leg and made the match a lot more enjoyable as we felt sympathy towards Austin as Triple H tried to destroy his legs. Ending followed up on what had occurred earlier with Rock looking for revenge against Triple H. The accident set up a very nice main event for the next pay per view as it would be The Rock vs Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin or would it ?.......

Winner: Triple H over Stone Cold Steve Austin due to The Rock's accidental sledgehammer shot!

Overall, this show was all about the tag team ladder match, that match was a star making performance for all involved and carried the whole pay per view. The other matches ranged from fine to laughable in the case of Ivory and Moolah, the pay per view is worth a watch due to the tag team ladder match but without that, you could go ahead and give this pay per view a miss. Well, we will be back next time with the 1999 Survivor Series I will see you there and until next time, be safe good night and good fight.

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