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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol: 24 WWF Armageddon 1999 Review

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He is not even at the pay per view?

Hello dear friends, welcome back to the series which embarks on a journey through the much loved Attitude Era, a period in wrestling where it was seemingly at its peak. We loved, we laughed we groaned we moaned and even sometimes cried and I am here to take you on a nostalgia trip while also criticizing and analysing the era of wrestling that you love more than your first born child. Ok maybe not that much but you get the point! Tonight’s stop has us at the final pay per view of 1999 Armageddon. Tonight’s big matches include Vince Mcmahon vs Triple H in a No Holds Barred Match which title and marriage implications(Do not worry I will explain all when we get there), The Rock and Mankind challenging for the tag team championships and Big Show defending his WWF championship against The Big Bossman. Let us waste no more time and watch some wrestling!

Opening Promo

Pictures of Mcmahon and Triple H flash upon the screen, with a choir singing angelically. No use of The End is Here by The Doors which I associate with the pay per view due to its use at next year’s event. Anyways, it is all about Vince vs Triple H, the entrance stage looks like a military battlefield and JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action!

(16 Man Tag Team Battle Royal) The Dudley Boyz vs The Acolytes vs The Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs Too Cool vs The Headbangers vs The Mean Street Posse vs The Godfather & Mark Henry(Number One Contender’s Shot at Royal Rumble)

That is a lot of bodies, Rodney of the Posse is eliminated first but Joey Abs runs back into the ring so The Posse survive for the time being in this match. The Mean Street Posse are eliminated all three in quick succession so their night is over. Lots of brawling here so I cannot really cover the match except for elminiations. Mosh is clotheslined over so Thrasher has to leave. Headbangers and Mean Street Posse are eliminated.

Mark Henry is tossed over by The Acolytes. Christian tosses Scotty to the apron, Christian is placed on the apron by Scotty. Edge and Sexay remain in the ring and try to knock off the respective opponent from the apron. Sexay misses but Edge fins the mark, Sexay and Scotty are eliminated. D-Von and Christian trade blows on the floor but D-Von pulls Edge to the barricade from the floor. Edge and Christian, Too Cool and Godfather & Mark Henry are eliminated. 3 Teams remain in the match.

The Dudley Boyz nail Jeff with a reverse 3D but Matt Hardy takes out a celebrating D-Von. We are down to two teams, The Hardys and The Acolytes. Matt and Bradshaw spill out at the same time so the match continues, Bradshaw smashes Matt into the steel steps. Bradshaw turns Jeff inside out with a clothesline, the referee is focusing on Matt so the referee misses Jeff eliminating Faarooq. The Acolytes survive due to the referee’s clumsiness. Matt dropkicks Bradshaw onto the apron, Bradshaw hangs on, Jeff nails a missile dropkick but Bradshaw holds on. Faarooq sends Matt to the apron but Faarooq elevates Jeff over the top rope and Jeff crashes into the barricade. That was a fun match form all involved, crowd wanted The Hardys but sometimes it does not go the crowd’s way. The WWF were saving The Hardy’s moment for a later date.

Winners: The Acolytes over Everyone Else by eliminating The Hardy Boyz!

Kurt Angle vs Steve Blackman

I love Kurt Angle, his initial heel run as the idiotic goof who believes he is a hero but everyone boos him is just fantastic. Weird to hear no “you suck” chants in Angle’s entrance. Blackman sprints to ringside and lays some kicks and punches into The Olympic Hero. Missile dropkick from The Lethal Weapon, scoop slam from Blackman. Blackman misses a diving headbutt, Angle capitalises with a clothesline and a standing dropkick. Flying forearm from Angle, scoop slam and Angle attempts his moonsault. Angle misses and Blackman ties up Kurt in a bow and arrow. Indian deathlock by Blackman in the centre of the ring. Kurt shifts momentum with a DDT, two count for Kurt.

 Floatover suplex by Angle, two count for Angle, Angle tosses Blackman to the floor. Blackman battles back with a sunset flip, two count for Blackman. Angle takes over with a double underhook suplex. Kurt kicks and chokes Blackman in the corner. Irish whip by Angle, Blackman catches Angle with his foot, flying shoulder block by Blackman. Snap suplex and an elbow drop, add a headbutt for good measure. 

Spinebuster with a jacknife pin by Blackman gets a two count. Sidewalk slam by Blackman, Blackman misses a rope assisted splash, cradle by Angle gets a two count. Blackman misses an enzugiri and Angle gets the victory with a german suplex. Decent match and Blackman gets his heat back by attacking Kurt with nunchucks.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Steve Blackman via Angle Slam!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Ivory © vs B.B vs The Kat vs Jacqueline(Evening Gown Pool Match)

Thus, Ivory’s title reign to establish credibility for the women’s division ends in a match that perfectly describes the attitude towards women before Trish Stratus dragged the division into credibility. Lucky for Ivory, she would be back later in 2000 to make the championship relevant but this was certainly a low point for the division as two non-wrestlers were competing for the championship and it is not even in a ring but in a pool.

 All women end up in the pool and start ripping at one another’s clothes. Ivory tears off Jacqueline’s clothes in matter of seconds we are already down to three. Ivory tries climbing the tall B.B as Miss Kitty and Ivory attack the large breasted woman. Moments later, B.B is stripped down to her bra and panties. Ivory is not done though she wants to expose the massive breasts of this poor woman. Miss Kitty says hell no to this amount of nudity and starts choking Ivory.

 It is down to Miss Kitty a valet since her debut versus the reigning and defending champion. Miss Kitty starts ripping everything off Ivory and the match is over. Miss Kitty celebrates her title victory by exposing her breasts live on pay per view. Sgt. Slaughter ends the fun by dragging her off stage but Mae Young is not one to be outdone so she decides to strip. Mae begins to strip before Slaughter drags her away. My review for this match? The Pinnacle of Wrestling, yep… that is it….

Winner: The Kat by not losing her clothes!

Rikishi & Viscera vs The Holly Cousins

Rikishi & Viscera are large and in charge(Damn that could have been a great tag team name..no? Only I think that? Ok sorry). Anyways, these two are big men and The Hollys make fun of big men so yeah that is all you need to know. Rikishi starts hammering away on both Hollys while Viscera watches on motionless. Crash tries a sunset flip on Rikishi, it does not end well as Rikishi sits on the poor boy. Rikishi tries for a banzai drop, Hardcore saves his cousin, Hardcore does not fare much better against Rikishi. A belly to belly suplex squashes the Hardcore. Viscera enters the fray and squashes Hardcore with a Samoan drop. Two handed choke toss by Viscera on Crash, The Hollys are laid out in the middle of the ring as Viscera attempts a double splash.

 Viscera misses and Hardcore makes him pay with a dropkick, double elbow on Viscera, Viscera does not go down. Viscera drops both Hollys and in comes Rikishi. Samoan neckbreaker on Crash takes him out, Hardcore DDTs Rikishi. No effect on the big man and Rikishi Driver scores on Crash. Hardcore breaks it up and Viscera accidently nails Rikishi with a spinning heel kick. Hardcore pin Rikishi thanks to Viscera. The two big men look at each other like the other ate the last hotdog at the Summerslam party.

 Rikishi nails a Superkick and the men brawl until referees break up the carnage. That was a quick match wasn’t it? Anyways, it was fine Rikishi looked good even in defeat as it was a man of his size that took him out not The Hollys. Plus, Rikishi was on the verge of stardom because by the time of The Royal Rumble, Too Cool had exploded with popularity.

Winners: The Holly Cousins over Rikishi & Viscera!

(WWF European Championship Match) British Bulldog © vs Val Venis vs D’Lo Brown

D’Lo Brown has grown on me so much since starting this series and it is sad to see him punished for what happened to Droz. It was accident, it could happen to anyone. D’Lo did not deserve to be jobbed out so often and left behind and anybody who thinks D’Lo was not punished, should take a closer look at his career after the accident. But that is a story for another time, Bulldog had returned to the WWF in September after walking out due to The Montreal Screwjob. He captured the gold and was defending it in this triple threat. The match starts off typically, two men on their feet and one always down. Brown plays the man laying down until he explodes with a plancha over the top rope. D’Lo and Bulldog double team Val until D’Lo turns on Bulldog.

 Val fights back and now Val and D’Lo take it to Bulldog. Two botches in the early going of this match, one harmless and the other looking painful. Double suplex from Val and D’Lo, they fight over who will pin the champion. Crowd is all for D’Lo Brown(I agree with them damn it !). Val crotches D’Lo on the top rope, suplex from Val? No D’Lo reverses Val into a sunset flip powerbomb. Bulldog pulls out the referee as D’Lo had the match won. Bulldog clotheslines D’Lo while Val helps stomp D’Lo out of the ring. Val scores with a spinebuster taking out Bulldog. Val dropkicks D’Lo who is down ringside.

 Bulldog scores with his running powerslam, he hooks the leg but D’Lo prevents the pin by putting Val’s foot on the ropes. D’Lo runs wild on Bulldog, scoop slam and leg drop plus a Sky High. D’Lo nails The Lo Down on Bulldog but Val revives and smashes D’Lo with a Money Shot. Crowd was for D’Lo and the reaction was not great for poor Val. Ok Match though, quick and short with everyone hitting their signature spots.

Winner: Val Venis over Everyone Else via Money Shot!

(Steel Cage Match) X-Pac vs Kane W/ Tori

X-Pac has an interview before the match where he tells Kane can only win by pinfall and insults Kane’s girlfriend Tori. X-Pac should pray for God to take his soul as his ass will belong to Kane. X-Pac gets in the face of Tori and Kane climbs right over the top of the cage and Kane makes X-Pac pay. X-Pac uses the ringbell to take down Kane for all of about 3 seconds. X-Pac waits for Kane in the ring, big mistake for X-Pac as Kane just keeps coming towards him. X-Pac tries a spinning heel kick and it does not work as Kane drops him like he weighs nothing at all. Military press slam by Kane, X-Pac begs in the corner, right hand from Kane, more right hands by Kane.

 X-Pac attempts a crossbody it does not pay off. Kane signals to ram Pac’s head into the cage. X-Pac reverses Kane, Kane tastes the steel and X-Pac scores with a spinning heel kick. X-Pac attempts an escape, Kane is dropped groin first onto the ropes, X-Pac smashes Kane’s head into the steel before scoring with a legdrop from the top rope. Kane powers out immediately, X-Pac buys himself some time with a DDT. X-Pac got cocky and attempted a double ax handle, Kane turns the tide with a tilt a whirl slam. Kane fires X-Pac into the steel cage walls. The Outlaws Road Dogg and Billy Gunn come down to ringside with wire cutters opening the door for X-Pac.

 A chair is in the ring and both men are down. X-Factor on the chair, X-Pac had handcuffs and Kane is locked to the steel cage wall. Chair shots are on the menu for Kane who cannot move out of harm’s way. X-Pac begins climbing the cage, X-Pac delivers the X-Factor to Tori. Kane kicks the steel chair into X-Pac’s face. X-Pac is on top of the cage, but Kane prevents X-Pac from escaping. In a cool little spot, Kane escapes through the door and catches X-Pac as he is about to drop to victory. Clothesline from the top of the cage from Kane and it is Tombstone time for The Kid. Kane picks up the win for himself and his girlfriend Tori.

 That was good, Kane got his hands on X-Pac and we all knew once he did, the match would be all over and thankfully, it did end that way with Kane annihilating X-Pac.

Winner: Kane over X-Pac via Tombstone Piledriver!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Chyna © W/ Miss Kitty vs Chris Jericho

Jericho had snapped, he thought beating Chyna, a woman would be simple. Unfortunately for Y2J, Chyna is not any woman and she took Jericho to the limit at Survivor Series and walked away with the win. Jericho had broken Chyna’s thumb so she is injured going into this match. This amtch starts off at a quick pace and already seems better than the last match. Jericho beats down Chyna on the outside, he drops Chyna on the announce table ribs first. Jericho grabs a chair with the intent of rebreaking Chyna’s thumb.

 Chyna dodges but Jericho is relentless, Chyna flies into the steel steps and kiss Miss Kitty while he is at it( Lucky son of a gun). Kitty distracts the referee, Chyna low blows Jericho and nails a handspring elbow and a DDT. Spinning heel kick by Jericho, he ties Chyna up in the ropes and picks apart Chyna’s thumb. Chyna counters a powerbomb into a hurricanrana, Jericho powers out and lays out Chyna with a dropkick. Jericho exposes a top turnbuckle, Chyna reverses an irish whip into a clothesline. Jericho battles back though, backbreaker in the centre of the ring. Crossbody by Chyna after ducking a clothesline, Chyna battles back forearm shots before Jericho takes over again, bulldog by Jericho, scoop slam.

 Jericho misses the lionsault as Chyna puts her knees up, knee to the ribs and swinging neckbreaker by the champion. Jericho kicks out at 2, Chyna powerbombs Y2J and catapults Jericho into the exposed turnbuckle. Clothesline but Chyna gets a two count. Pedigree attempt countered into a backslide, two count for the challenger. Y2J tries for a back body drop from the top rope but Chyna counters in mid-air into a crossbody. Close two count for Chyna. Chyna attempts a sunset flip out of the corner, Jericho counters into The Walls Of Jericho, Chyna crawls and crawls edging closer but Jericho drags her back. Chyna has to tap and Jericho wins his first of his record nine intercontinental championships.

 Great match from these two and I liked their Survivor Series Match. This match was a lot better in terms of drama and they told a good story with Jericho taking advantage of Chyna’s injury. Chyna sits dejected in the ring but she accepts defeat and shakes hands with Jericho. This would begin their friends/enemy alliance. Does not take away from a great match, congrats to both, it might be Chyna’s best match in the ring so it is worth checking out for that alone due to recent tragic events.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Chyna following a Walls of Jericho!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Rock “N” Sock Connection vs The New Age Outlaws ©

Rock makes his way to the ring and is clearly the most popular person in the company. Rock and Mankind reunited to battle The New Age Outlaws which caused tension between Al Snow and The Rock as The Rock did not particularly respect Snow while Snow was obsessed with taking out The Rock. Huge Rocky chants, Mankind starts the match with Road Dogg, Mankind pushes back Road Dogg, clean break by Mankind. Road Dogg tries gaining a cheap shot, Mankind sees it coming and grabs a side headlock on Road Dogg. Shoulder tackle by Mankind and a leg drop. Hammerlock by Mankind is reversed and it comes Mr. Ass. Mankind repels Mr. Ass and we reset with The Rock getting the tag from Mankind.

 The roof explodes on the arena off a tag (I miss when people were over to such a degree that a tag could make people go nuts). Mr. Ass takes off his shirt so Rock proceeds to beat the hell out of Mr. Ass. Mankind is taken down by Mr. Ass, Road Dogg comes in and gets caught in the mandible claw. Mr. Ass saves Road Dogg, Rock and Mr. Ass brawl on the outside. Road Dogg and Mankind join them, Rock and Mr. Ass are amongst the crowd, Mr. Ass is hiptossed over the barricade by The Rock. Rock and Mr. Ass are in the ring, Mr.Ass hammers away on The Rock, Rock takes over by slamming Mr.Ass into each turnbuckle. Road Dogg cheap shots Rock and pays for it with a right hand from The People’s Champion. Rock takes his eye of the ball and pays at the hands of Billy Gunn.

 One handed facebuster by Mr. Ass Billy Gunn, Road Dogg comes in and kicks the hell out of The Rock. Outside the ring, Rock is dropped on the barricade by Mr. Ass. Right hands by Road Dogg floor The Rock, Irish Whip by Road Dogg who tells Rock to suck it, big mistake as Rock explodes with a clothesline. A second cheap shot by Mr. Ass, big boot by Road Dogg. Mr. Ass enters the ring and locks in a sleeper hold. Rock comes alive with chants of Rocky Rocky Rocky. Rock revives from the sleeper and explodes with a clothesline, Mankind gets the hot tag and cleans house. Rights and left from Foley, knees to the face of both Outlaws. Billy accidently splashes Road Dogg, Mankind nails a facebuster on Mr. Ass. Mankind decks the referee by accident. Piledriver by Mankind on Road Dogg, Rock goes to work on Mr. Ass.

 Double Arm DDT on Road Dogg by Mankind, mandible claw on Road Dogg, Al Snow smashes Foley with Head. Road Dogg makes the cover, Rock pulls out the referee and hammers Al Snow for his troubles. Mr. Ass smashes Mankind with a ringbell, Mankind kicks out after a ringbell shot. Crowd feels there is a title change coming. Mr. Ass piledrives Mankind, 1..2.. Mankind kicks out again, I do not believe it. Spike piledriver attempt fails, Mankind lays out Mr. Ass and Road Dogg. Rock awaits a hot tag, Mankind crawls, Rock gets in, right hands and a samoan drop on Mr. Ass. Spine buster on Road Dogg, Rock Bottom on Billy Gunn, Al Snow breaks up the pin and The Rock “N” Sock Connection win by disqualification. Rock remains with Road Dogg, Rock Bottom on Road Dogg and Al Snow. People’s Elbow on Al Snow and the fans leave happy.

 That was a good match from these two, super over teams. Mankind and Rock would team from time to time after this but this was their last pay per view appearance as Rock “N” Sock Connection. Foley’s run was coming to an end but Foley would leave with a feud that would help cement Triple H as the new top heel.

Winners: The Rock N Sock Connection over New Age Outlaws by DQ!

(WWF Championship Match) The Big Show © vs Big Bossman

Big Show’s dad had died of cancer(in storyline) so Bossman taunted Big Show constantly over the death of Show’s father. Show would win the championship three days after Bossman had interrupted the funeral and dragged along Big Show’s Father’s casket. Also, in the video package, Bossman made Show’s mother reveal Show was a bastard child. Very uncomfortable to watch this, a story which should not have happened and is somehow forgotten among all the bad things that people bring up about The Attitude Era.

 I have seen a lot in wrestling and there is a lot of angles which are in bad taste but this is really disgusting in comparison with a lot of storylines. Show comes to the ring and decimates Bossman, headbutts, kicks and punches to Bossman and Albert. Prince Albert is put through the announce table with a chokeslam. Bossman uses the chaos to nail Show with the steps, Show is sent into the ringpost. Big Show kicks out and kips up using the ropes, big boot to Bossman and it is chokeslam time. Huge chokeslam and the match is over.

 Show squashed the threat of the sick Bossman and that is how it should have been. Was quick and painless but damn making someone over their father dying of cancer? Damn WWF that is just dark.

Winner: Big Show over Bossman via Choke Slam!

(No Holds Barred Match) Vince Mcmahon vs Triple H

Vince Mcmahon had his battles with Triple H since September. Triple H laid his hands on Linda and Vince stood up for his wife and family. Vince screwed Triple H out of the championship, Triple H took out Test Shane and Stephanie. What would happen next would change the whole future of the WWF. Stephanie and Test were set to marry, Triple H had drugged Stephanie and they got married in a shotgun wedding ceremony.

 Triple H and Stephanie would start dating behind the scenes and yes, you know what happened so I will not bore you to the consequences of this relationship (Cough.. cough Reign of Terror). Vince would battle Triple H, if Vince wins, the marriage is annulled, if Triple H wins, he gets his WWF Championship match. Stephanie will sit at ringside. The one thing that is truly confusing about all this is why would Test, Stephanie’s soon to be husband, not fight for Stephanie’s honour? I understand Vince wanted to protect his daughter but Test was a wrestler and they were high on Test, I mean go back and watch Summerslam against Shane, they loved Test.

 So where did it go wrong? Why did Test disappear over the next couple of months and go from champ to chump. Regardless, Vince chose himself to defend his daughter’s honour because he runs the company and who is going to tell him no?

Reaction is lacklustre for Vince, not a big pop a lot less than I expected to be honest which makes me think they should have kept building Test and let him have the match. Triple H tries to attack Vince with a sledgehammer but Vince throws powder in The Game’s eyes. Rights and Lefts from Vince, Triple H takes a beating from the hands of the chairman. Stephanie cheers on approvingly, clothesline and a low blow from Mcmahon. Over the announce table we go, Vince piles on the punishment. Triple H tries sending Vince into the steps but Vince reverses. Vince is fighting so hard for his daughter, he is throwing everything at Triple H. Into the crowd we go (long time viewers of this blog know my disdain for crowd brawling after seeing it at least once in every main event of this series, Armageddon had continued the tradition).

 Vince and Triple H punch one another over and over and over again as they make their way to ringside. Mcmahon elevated Triple H to the floor. Mankind appears on the rampway with a trolley full of weapons for Vince to use. Vince accepts Mankind’s offer and this would lead to Mankind and Triple H’s feud so it is nice they were dropping hints for the future. Trash can lid shots to Triple H, six shots and finally, Triple H falls to the floor. Trash can shot to the head of Helmsley. Triple H is knocked onto Stephanie’s slap while she taunts him constantly. Crutch across the swell of the back, by Vince Mcmahon. Triple H rams Vince into the steel steps, Triple H grabs a chain and smacks Vince repeatedly in the face. Vince reverses Triple H, broom across the back and a sign to the face of Helmsley.

 They brawl to the stage, Vince goes into the helicopter prop on the stage. Knee to the groin from Triple H, Triple H rams a trolley into the head of Vince Mcmahon. Triple H has the trash can and nails Vince. Vince blocks Triple H with a trash can, right hands by Vince on The Game. They continue to brawl, they near the helicopter once more and Triple H whacks Vince with a gun prop from the entrance way. Vince. Past the helicopter they go to the back of the arena, Triple H slams Vince into a car. Vince cannot find Triple H in the parking lot, Vince goes outside, searching for Triple H. Vince wanders around the arena and Triple H tries running over Vince in a car, another hint that Triple H may have rundown Stone Cold Steve Austin. On top of the car, The Game drops elbows on Vince. Triple H bodyslams Vince on top of a limo, it is so ridiculous I love it! More brawling around the arena, Vince grabs a steel pipe and starts swinging for Triple H’s head. The Game begins climbing some scaffolding on the stage, Vince follows Triple H. They are about ten feet in the air, Triple H slams Vince into the scaffolding and Vince falls ten feet into a bunker.

 Triple H climbs down and drags Vince’s carcass from the bunker. Vince is a bloody mess, Triple H grabs the microphone and asks Stephanie about watching her daddy getting her ass kicked in front of the world. Vince staggers to his feet but Triple H meets poor Vince. Vince is knocked down again, Vince is dragged over to Stephanie. Stephanie is almost in tears as Triple H says it is goodbye time for Vince. Triple H has the pipe, Vince gives the finger to Triple H. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer, Vince low blows Triple H. Vince has the pipe, right to the ribs and back of Triple H. Triple H begs for mercy, Stephanie jumps the barricader she wants to kill Helmsley. Vince agrees and Stephanie gets ready to whack Triple H, Stephanie cannot do it she panics and Vince saves his daughter by taking a shot to the ribs and head, Triple H pins Mcmahon and Stephanie looks on in shock but wait, Triple H is going to smash Stephanie with the hammer but no Stephanie smiles at The Game and Stephanie turns her back on her father. Stephanie and Triple H are now a power couple and they own the WWF. You bastards a very underrated heel turn that I do not hear mentioned all the time, this was huge.

 Ok the match was pure soap opera gold, Triple H had to compensate for Vince’s lack of wrestling ability, they accomplished this with lots of brawling through the crowd and backstage. As I have mentioned previously, I am not a big fan of this as I see it as timewasting in a big match or they were lazy and could not come up with anything. That being said, it made sense in this match to cover for Vince so I am fine with it. The story carried this match though, Vince had taken what was most dear to Triple H the WWF Championship so Triple H had taken what mattered most to Vince, his daughter Stephanie. Vince gave everything for his daughter and was moments from vanquishing Triple H but his love of his daughter stopped Vince. Stephanie hesitated and without thinking, Vince jumped in the way of the sledgehammer shot to save his daughter as any father would for his child. Vince may have lost and the marriage would not be annulled but in his mind, he would have saved his daughter from being attacked by the monster Triple H. This is all very touching and a beautiful moment and then, they snatch it away from you.

 Vince had sacrificed himself for his daughter but it was all in vain as Stephanie was always on Triple H’s side. It takes you from feeling sorry for Stephanie having to remain with this evil Triple H to wanting to see both of them get their asses kicked. I do not know if Stephanie’s heel turn is often mentioned as one of the best but to me, it certainly does. What a great and dramatic ending to the pay per view that leaves you begging for more. Finally, I like the hints at where the plot will go next whether they were intentional or not. For example, Foley randomly helping Vince, it would be revealed that he thought very little of Triple H and Stephanie which leads to their feud over the course of the next few months and Triple H luring Vince to the parking lot trying to run him over like he did to a certain other superstar. Overall, just fantastic stuff, I loved the ending of this pay per view, you should seek out this match if you are an attitude era fan.

Winner: Triple H over Vince Mcmahon following Sledgehammer Super Shot!

I honestly cannot think of much more to say, I would watch this pay per view based alone on the drama and storyline of Triple H vs Vince Mcmahon, it is fantastic and will make you wish it is 2000 again. Next up is The Royal Rumble 2000, swimsuit competition here I come! See You There

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