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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol: 23 WWF Survivor Series 1999 Review

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After an extended hiatus, guess who is back? That’s right I know you missed us but we have you covered as our Journey Through The Attitude Era continues! Tonight’s stop is the Survivor Series of 1999. Disappointingly, there are no hugely significant survivor series tag matches on the card, the focus would be the WWF Championship as Triple H would defend his championship against The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin(Or so we thought, yes I will address the controversy). Other matches include Kane vs X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws defending their tag team championships against Al Snow and Mankind. So let us not waste any more time, let’s divulge into Survivor Series 1999!

Opening Promo

Yes, it is all about the triple threat match, great music and great video shots, words such as trust flash across the screen as Vince Mcmahon was feuding Triple H on and off at the time and was supposed to be the special guest referee of this match(I completely forgot that part of the storyline). One of my favourite stages of all time, I just love creative sets. On a sidenote, have you seen the cruiserweight classic commentary team of Renallo and Daniel Bryan? Just awesome I love it!

Godfather/D’Lo Brown/ The Headbangers vs The Dudley Boyz/Acolytes

I am assuming this is after Droz’s accident as D’Lo comes to the ring dressed as a pimp like Godfather and would continue this gimmick until a heel turn after Wrestlemania. To see him reduced to this is sad after seeing how over he was in the summer of 1999. Mosh and Thrasher also come out dressed as pimps with full afros. While these guys are having a good time and fun, The Dudleys and Acolytes are having absolutely none of it. Weird to see Bubba stuttering after dropping the gimmick in ECW about 3 years before this moment.

 The Acolytes come out to a theme I have never heard, I guess they started using it after the end of The Ministry. The Dudleys and The Acoltyes have words as they are not on the same page, trouble is brewing(the foreshadowing is too much for me!). Mosh and Bubba start us off, trading out hammerlocks, shoulder tackle by Bubba, hiptoss by Mosh, chop and an elbow from Mosh. It does not faze Bubba who clotheslines Mosh, D-Von comes into the ring but Mosh counters with a dropkick, Thrasher comes in and nails a dropkick from the second rope.

 Hiptoss on D-Von, jawbreaker by Thrasher before D-Von counters. Bradshaw tags himself in, he eats a dropkick from Thrasher before nailing a clothesline from Hell. Thrasher is eliminated!!

Mosh comes in and eats a big boot from Bradshaw, double shoulder block on Mosh from The Acolytes. Mosh mounts a comeback before Faarooq cuts him off with a knee, D-Von enters the match and gets caught by Mosh, Mosh chokes D-Von. D-Von makes a blind tag to Bubba and Mosh winds up being a victim of the 3-D. Mosh is eliminated!

D’Lo comes in and takes it to Bubba with a legdrop, D’Lo cheap shots Bradshaw off the apron. Bradshaw snaps and takes a chair to D’Lo’s back and Bubba’s head. D-Von tries pinning D’Lo but Faarooq stops him so Faarooq and D-Von battle to the back. Faarooq, Bradshaw and D-Von are eliminated!

Bubba plants D’Lo with a sidewalk slam, right hands from Bubba, D’Lo counters Bubba and nails the Sky High. Two and a half, right hands from D’Lo, D’Lo places Bubba on the turnbuckle, D’Lo is countered on the top rope, he was thinking hurricanrana but Bubba scored with the powerbomb. Two and a half for Bubba who cannot believe it, double clothesline in the centre of the ring. D’Lo makes the tag to Godfather, clothesline times two by Godfather, leg drop, Ho Train by Godfather and a Lo Down frog splash by D’Lo for the pin. That was a fun match, good opener as the good guys prevail, good showing from Bubba, bigger things would be instore for The Dudley Boyz and The Acolytes. Sadly, the same could not be said for Godfather, D’Lo and The Headbangers.

Winners: Godfather's Team over Bubba's Team via Survival!

Shawn Stasiak vs Kurt Angle

Oh hell yes, Kurt Angle’s debut, one of the all-time greats and he has The Patriot’s old music and a full head of hair(Believe me, I am so used to seeing him bald it is weird seeing him with hair). Kurt takes Stasiak over with a fireman’s carry and a side headlock. The crowd chant boring at Kurt Angle, if they only knew of how much they would love to hate him. Stasiak reverses Angle with an armbar, shoulder block, Kurt Angle starts taking it to Stasiak with belly to bellys suplexes before eating a clothesline from Stasiak.

 Into the corner, Stasiak stomps and chokes Angle, sidewalk slam and a snap suplex from Stasiak. Two count for Stasiak, spinning elbow from Stasiak, Stasiak locks in a sleeper and Mike Chioda tells Kurt to cut a promo on the fans booing him(Vince gave the direction to Chioda) Kurt cuts an ok promo, cannot blame him for being nervous as Vince called it on the fly. Dropkick from Angle, Stasiak locks in the sleeper once more, Stasiak continues to take it to Angle, small cradle from Angle, two count for The Olympian. Powerslam by Kurt, only two count, Stasiak hits a modified neckbreaker, and goes to the top, Stasiak misses the crossbody and Angle nails The Angle Slam for the win.

 Thus, the legend of Kurt Angle begins and it is all up here for The Olympian. The future for Stasiak would be brighter in WCW as he would defeat Mr. Perfect and steal his gimmick. It was an alright match, a lot more back and forth for a wrestler’s debut than I have seen.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Shawn Stasiak via Angle Slam!

Val Venis/Mark Henry/Gangrel/Steve Blackman vs The British Bulldog/The Mean Street Posse

Bulldog had won The European Championship and had employed Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs as his security. Slightly confused by this match as the supposed faces might not be as clear as it seems. Val was a heel at the last pay per view, Henry had turned on D’Lo Blackman was a heel the last time I saw him and Gangrel was abandoned by The Hardys by this point so I imagine he would be a heel. Despite this, Bulldog is a dick so everyone hates him more, Val and Bulldog trade wrestling moves before tagging in Pete Gas. Val taunts Bulldog into coming back into the match, vertical suplex by Bulldog before Pete Gas comes into the match. Catapult by Pete Gas and a back suplex, two for Pete Gas. Val bulldogs Pete Gas before Blackman is tagged in, Pete tries fighting back before being kicked so many times he must have wished he was somewhere else. Pump kick by Blackman and Pete Gas is eliminated!

Rodney comes into the ring and gets clotheslined by Blackman, Gangrel is in, hard irish whips by Gangrel, Rodney counters with a crucifix pin, Gangrel stops playing games and gets serious. Implant DDT on Rodney and Rodney is eliminated!

Arm trap suplex by Gangrel before Mark Henry comes in, Joey Abs was an actual wrestler so the quality of the match improves from Rodney and Pete Gas(childhood friends of Shane Mcmahon). Henry drops all his weight on Joey Abs before scoring with the big splash. Joey Abs is elmminated!

Bulldog is all alone, awkward looking gorilla press slam by Mark Henry, Gangrel tries to take advantage but Bulldog crotches and suplexes Gangrel. Gangrel is eliminated by Bulldog. Steve Blackman comes in and gets caught by Bulldog in a fisherman suplex. Blackman is eliminated!

Val comes in and is almost pinned by Bulldog, double team attempt by Henry and Val fails as Bulldog nails the double clothesline. Bulldog tosses Val to the outside and cheap shots Mark Henry, bad move by Bulldog. Clothesline and a big splash by Mark Henry, Val goes upstairs and lands The Money Shot. That was ok, more of an extended squash, The Posse were simply destroyed as they should have been.

Winners: Val's Team over Bulldog's Team via Survival!

Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young/Debra/Tori vs Ivory/Luna/Jacqueline/Terri

Ivory had lost the women’s championship to Moolah at No Mercy before regaining the title on an episode of Raw. Sadly, this feud would continue with this match, this was not even an elimination match, it is sudden death, first pin and it is over. Well I wonder how long this match will last, Ivory looks amazing as usual, Moolah and Mae assault Ivory before Luna and Mae get in the ring, Luna tosses Mae to the outside. Tori spears Luna before Tori and Jacqueline square off, double suplex on Tori.

 Jacqueline takes down Tori with a snapmare, Ivory is in with Luna they try a double team on Tori but Tori counters and tags in Moolah. Moolah and Ivory brawl in the ring, double clothesline on Ivory and the match is over. Debra rips off Terri’s top and Moolah celebrates with Ivory’s belt before they brawl for another thirty seconds. Crap simply a DUD. What women’s division? Let us keep going!

Winners: Moolah's Team over Ivory's Team via Survival!

X-Pac vs Kane

D-Generation X had reformed in late October, X-Pac turned his back on Kane in a tag team match on Smackdown against The Dudley Boyz. X-Pac rejoined Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and Triple H and X-Pac had started feuding with Tori who is Kane’s girlfriend. Everything points to X-Pac being killed by the monster known as Kane. X-Pac jumps Kane as Kane shoots off his pyro, no effect on the punches, Kane starts kicking X-Pac’s ass. X-Pac gets too smart for himself and Kane fires back with a clothesline and a two handed toss, hard irish whip and a clothesline takes down X-Pac. Kane goes for a clothesline from the top but X-Pac counters with a dropkick. Kane is rammed into the steel steps, back in the ring, X-Pac continues kicking the big red machine.

 Right hands from Kane, X-Pac counters with a spinning heel kick, kicks in the corner and X-Pac tries for the bronco buster. Kane counters attempting the chokeslam, X-Pac fights out but eats a big boot in the process. Big clothesline and a chokeslam, Kane goes for the pin but Road Dogg runs to ringside saving his buddy. Road Dogg gets knocked on his ass, X-Pac takes advantage with an X-Factor. Only two for X-Pac. Kane catches X-Pac for a tombstone but Triple H interferes and the match ends in a disqualification.

 Tori tries saving Kane, she grabs X-Pac from behind, X-Pac accidently spinkicks Tori. Kane awakens and checks on his girlfriend. Well, that was a quick match, I do not have much to say on it, it was fine for what it was and the feud continues between these two men.

Winner: Kane over X-Pac by Disqualification!

Big Show/Blue Meanie/Kaientai vs Bossman/Albert/Mideon/Viscera

Big Bossman might just be the sickest heel in wrestling history. Months after feeding Al Snow his dog Pepper, Bossman taunts The Big Show about his dead father. It gets worse as Bossman would drag away the coffin of Big Show’s deceased father. Originally, this was meant to be a four on four survivor series match but Big Show took out all of his partners. I am surprised Blue Meanie lasted this long in the WWF without Goldust.

 Big Show comes out like he means business and he takes down everyone, Mideon is chokeslammed immediately, Prince Albert is chokeslammed next, Viscera tries but eats a body slam and a chokeslam. We are even, it is only Big Show and Big Bossman, Bossman opts for the count out as he wants no part of The Big Show. DUD, I mean it lasted less than a minute it was only there to get The Big Show over strong for later in the evening. I understand why they did it but did we need to see that on ppv?

Winner: Big Show over Everyone through Domination!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Chris Jericho vs Chyna © W/ Miss Kitty

Ok so before this match, Triple H attacks Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage which leads to one of the most infamous angles in WWF history. Austin is ran over by a car as everyone freaks out about what has happened, the main event is in jeopardy and the fans would wait almost a year for Austin’s return. In reality, Austin was suffering neck problems due to his injury at the hands of the piledriver delivered to him by Owen Hart in 1997. Triple H and DX appear on the scene as Mcmahon points the finger at Helmsley.

 The whole time you see Triple H, X-Pac and Road Dogg but no Billy Gunn. Why is this worth mentioning? Well, rumour has it that the driver could have been Billy Gunn as the WWF always seemed high on Billy and the announcers mention there was no Billy Gunn at the scene.

 Instead, the WWF would go with Rikishi who had not been active on the main roster at the time, Rikishi’s would be one of the worst heel runs in company history and the WWF would later flip back and reveal that Triple H orchestrated the whole attack which should have been the story to begin with. Sometimes, you just have to be predictable for things to work out best.

The show continues as Y2J takes on Chyna. The backstory to this match is Jericho feels Chyna is a disgrace and women are inferior to men, simple story. Behind the scenes, Jericho was apparently being punished by working with Chyna due to the nuclear heat he had at the time. Jericho’s onscreen character had rubbed a number of people the wrong way so this was his punishment. Jericho shoves down Miss Kitty and pays for it as the two women stomp Jericho. Rolling to the outside, Jericho starts beating on Chyna, it backfires as Chyna shoots Jericho into the steel steps.

 Jericho sidesteps Chyna as she tastes the barricade. Jericho grabs a camera chord and chokes the champion. Punches and kicks in the corner by the challenger, loud Jericho chants from the crowd, Chyna reverses Y2J , dropkick in the corner from the champion. Jericho tries to low blow Chyna but she does not have any balls so Jericho’s devious plans fail. Chyna is sent tumbling to the floor by the challenger. Springboard dive from Jericho, toss over the announce table, Jericho peels away the barricade, Chyna is sent into the exposed barricade. Missile dropkick and a two count for the challenger. Knees to the face from Y2J, two count, Chyna is surviving barely, rib breaker is countered by the champion into an inside cradle. Jericho toys with the champion, vertical suplex and pose pin by Y2J. Chyna fires back but Jericho nails a bulldog and a springboard splash. Spinning heel kick and a kip up by Y2J, clothesline sends Chyna to the floor.

 Jericho kisses Miss Kitty and shoves her to the floor, she grabs Jericho in a sleeper but gets slammed to the floor. Spear by Chyna, Jericho tastes the barricade, powerbomb by Jericho, two count for Y2J. Lionsault misses, kicks by Chyna, elbow to the face, clothesline, springboard elbow and a DDT. Two count for the champion, Chyna accidently backhands the referee, Jericho hits Chyna with the belt in the face. Chyna kicks out at two, unbelievable, pedigree on Jericho by Chyna. 1..2.. Jericho kicks out of the pedigree, hurricanrana is countered into the Walls of Jericho.

 Centre of the ring can Chyna escape? Jericho drags her back, Chyna makes the ropes! Chyna is looking like a beast in the match, Jericho climbs to the top rope, Miss Kitty distracts the referee, low blow by Chyna and a pedigree from the top rope! Sure it did not look great but what a move, Chyna walks away the champion. That was good, a lot of people rag on Chyna and Jericho definitely made this match but Chyna had a part to play and it was a really good match.

Winner: Chyna over Jericho via super Pedigree!

The Holly Cousins/Too Cool vs The Hardy Boyz/Edge And Christian

I love JR’s constant jibes at Jerry for his son wrestling as Grand Master Sexay. Edge and Scotty Too Hotty square off with Scotty slapping Edge, they trade blows with Edge taking control, chops by Edge in the corner, spinning heel kick takes Scotty out of the action. The match resets with Matt Hardy and Crash in the ring, back suplex by Matt and an elbow drop. Two count for Matt, Matt knocks Crash to the outside and a crossbody over the top.

 Grand Master Sexay appears and powerbombs Matt to the floor. Christian appears and dives onto Grand Master. Scotty dives onto Christian before Jeff Hardy is back dropped onto everybody courtesy of Hardcore Holly. In the ring, Holly elbows Christian in the face, clothesline and a tag to Grand Master Sexay. Running bulldog and a pin, two count for Sexay. Scotty tosses Sexay his goggles, Sexay tries a second bulldog, it fails as he meets the turnbuckle.

 Edge comes in and takes down Hardcore Holly, spear on Crash and Hardcore, spear by Edge on Grand Master. Edge spears Matt by mistaker, and Hardcore Holly rolls up Edge. Scotty Too Hotty eliminates Matt Hardy with a beautiful leaping DDT. Edge and Matt are gone, it is 4 on 2.

Scotty kicks the leg of Jeff before nailing The Worm. Sexay and Scotty double team powerbomb Jeff. Two count for Sexay, hair pull by Sexay, snapmare and a dropkick to the back of the head. Another two count, Scotty and Sexay nail a Hart Attack on Jeff. The Hollys attack Christian while the others double team Jeff. Hardcore and Crash begin fighting while Terri, the manager of The Hardys get on the apron, The Hollys get distracted and Christian helps Jeff.

 Sexay falls to the outside and Jeff nails Scotty with a 450 splash for the elimination. Jeff and Christian work together double teaming Crash before Hardcore saves his cousin. Grand Master Sexay drops Jeff with a leg drop. It is one on 3.

Christian helps his chances by nailing Sexay with a falling reverse DDT. Christian tastes a powerslammed by Hardcore, backbreaker and a pin by Hardcore. Crash tags in while Hardcore is thrown to the outside. Unprettier by Christian on Crash and Crash is eliminated. Christian and Hardcore trade counters briefly before Hardcore counters a victory roll for the win. Fine match, maybe boring in parts but nothing sloppy or bad in terms of botches.

Winners: Holly's Team over Matt's Team via Survival!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Road Dogg and Billy Gunn © vs Mankind And Al Snow

Shane announces that tonight there will be a triple threat for the championship but Stone Cold will not be taking part in the match. Mankind and Mr. Ass are going to kick us off, Mankind wishes a speedy recovery to Steve Austin. Billy stomps Mankind in the corner before Mrs Foley’s baby boy fights back, cheap shot by Gunn helps him regain control in this match. Sleeper hold applied by Billy, Mankind escapes The Outlaws clutches. We reset with Road Dogg and Snow, Snow takes down one half of the champions with a jawbreaker.

 Snow knocks down Road Dogg with a right hand, two count for the unstable Snow. Foley comes in and starts laying in the right hands to Road Dogg. Knee to the face by Mankind, Snow grabs a chair from ringside and smashes Road Dogg. Snow stomps Road Dogg in the corner, Mankind and Snow play the heels in this one as they take apart Road Dogg. On one hand it makes no sense since they are the faces but The Outlaws were so popular you could get away with doing this kind of match. Match breaks down when Mankind illegally enters and takes out Road Dogg. 

Snow takes an elbow at the hands of Billy while Road Dogg attacks Snow on the outside. Snow is isolated and plays face in peril which is a clear reversal of roles from earlier. Kicks in the corner from Road Dogg backfire as Snow explodes with a clothesline. Mankind gets the tag, right hands to Dogg and Gunn, Snow comes in and the referee is distracted. FameAsser in Mankind, two count for The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg tirs for a pump handle slam, Snow nails The Snowplow on Dogg, Double Arm DDT by Foley on Mr. Ass. Mandible Claw finds the mark on Billy but Road Dogg and Billy low blow Mankind. 

Snow grabs head and nails Mr. Ass. Snow gets send into the steps and Road Dogg helps Billy spike piledriver Mankind. The New Age Outlaws get the win with the piledriver. Good match from these two teams, Outlaws remain as strong as ever. Sadly, we would not see this team that many more times on pay per view as Billy Gunn would soon injure his elbow. For now, The New Age Outlaws reign supreme.

Winners: New Age Outlaws over Mankind & Al Snow via Piledriver!

(WWF Championship Match) Triple H © vs The Rock vs The Big Show

Who will be the third man? The million dollar question on everyone’s mind. It is The Big Show, the man who was having the worst weeks of his life in kayfabe terms. What gets lost in this moment is Big Show lost his father and now he would have a shot as the WWF championship. If he could pull it off, what a moment it would be for The Big Show. Rock and Triple H try teaming up against the monster it does not work, Rock saves Triple H from a chokeslam, Rock eats an elbow for his troubles. Show chops Triple H in the corner, Rock battles back on the monster while clotheslining Big Show over the top with Triple H. Show lands on his feet but tastes the ringpost courtesy of The Rock.

 Rock drops Triple H on the barricade before Show takes down both men. Triple H is tossed in the ring as Show headbutts The Rock. Show misses a splash on Triple H side Russian legsweep by Rock. Rock positions Show for The People’s Elbow and it finds the mark. Triple H breaks up the pinfall. Triple H stomps Rock in the corner, Show comes back but Triple H rakes the eyes. Facebuster by Triple H and sidewalk slam by Show on The Rock. Show tosses Triple H to the floor, kick to the face by one of the challengers. Show and Triple H brawl to the stage, Show forgets about Rock and pays for it as Rock clotheslines Show off his feet. Triple H is punched through a table by The Rock, Rock rams Triple H into the steel beams that make up the entrance stage.

 Show comes alive and starts cleaning house, knee to the face of Helmsley and Rock grabs a fire extinguisher. Bam right to the face of Show, Rock suplexes Triple H on the floor. Show tries for a chokeslam on Rock but Triple H saves The Rock. Show rams Triple H onto the announce table but Rock begins laying the smackdown. Rock nails Show with a ringbell, Triple H attempts suplexing Show by himself, Rock realizes he needs to help take out the big man, double suplex and Show crashes through the table. Rock knocks Triple H into the crowd. Show is stirring but he is still out of this match for the time being, Rock accidently clotheslines the referee. Triple H counters The Rock Bottom, Pedigree? Nope Rock catapults Helmsley into the turnbuckle. Rock Bottom but there is no referee. Shane sprints to ringside, he counts the pin 1..2. Kickout.

 Good long pause by Shane before running in, it protects Rock’s finish. Second Rock Bottom on Triple H but Big Show pulls out Shane. Show destroys Rock on the announce table. Headbutt by Show on Triple H, huge toss sends Triple H flying across the ring. Show directs his attention to The Rock, Rock crashes into the steel steps. Triple H grabs his wwf championship but Shane disarms Triple H. He pays for it as Triple H pedigrees Shane. Rock is down, Shane is down and Triple H is down. DX come to ringside, Billy Gunn on Show and Road Dogg and X-Pac on Rock. Vince reappears from the hospital, Vince has the WWF Championship and nails Triple H right between the eyes, Show plants Triple H with a chokeslam. Big Show is your new WWF Champion!

 That was  a fun match, yes the fans wanted Rock and yes, the fans wanted a triple threat with Austin but from a storyline perspective, it is great. Big Show lost his father, had a terrible week but Big Show pulled it off, he was a last minute substitution but by god, he walked away with the title. I feel the story more than enough makes up for the loss of Austin.

Winner: Big Show over Everyone Else via Show Stopper!

Overall, it was another solid showing from the WWF, the Survivor Series of 1999 was definitely shocking enough to be a big four pay per view with the running down of Stone Cold Steve Austin. In terms of match quality, you are not missing much, the tag matches are quick and fun while Chyna and Jericho had a very competitive back and forth match and the main event had all the shenanigans and drama that you would expect from the WWF. Would I recommend watching it? Hmm it is not a must see but if you are a fan of The Attitude Era, you have to watch them all. Anyways, tune in next time for Armageddon 1999 See you There!

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