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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 25: WWF Royal Rumble 2000 Review

Hello dear friends, welcome back to the series which embarks on a journey through the much loved Attitude Era, a period in wrestling where it was seemingly at its peak. We loved, we laughed we groaned we moaned and even sometimes cried and I am here to take you on a nostalgia trip while also criticizing and analysing the era of wrestling that you love more than your first born child. Ok maybe not that much but you get the point! And of course, the draft has sucked in all our attention so let us travel to a bygone era where the WWF always had our attention. The Royal Rumble, a favourite of casual and hardcore fans, returns surprises and quality matches, The Royal Rumble has it all and tonight we are looking at the 2000 Rumble. The big matches include Triple H vs Cactus Jack for the WWF Championship and The Royal Rumble Match. Let’s do this !!

Opening Promo

Mankind and Triple H describe one another as both men are incredibly tough, Triple H is in Cactus Jack’s world as this is a street fight, a match that is right up Cactus Jack’s alley. JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action.

Kurt Angle vs Tazz

Kurt Angle is our undefeated Olympic Hero but there is one pissed off man who does not agree, Angle’s unnamed special opponent. Angle lays down the challenge to his opponent asking him not to be nervous when you are in the ring with Kurt. The crowd knows who is coming but it does not mean everybody does. The music hits and it is former ECW champion Tazz!!! Right hand from Tazz, Kurt is elevated over the top rope, suplex attempt by Tazz goes wrong, Kurt counters Tazz. Forearm from Kurt to Tazz, Tazz meets the turnbuckle, choke in the corner by Angle. Belly to belly suplex, Kurt goes up top and crotched by Tazz.

 Head and arm Tazzplex from the top rope, two count for Tazz. Inside cradle from Kurt and a clothesline. German suplex by Angle, Olympic Slam is countered into a German suplex, second head and armplex. T-bone suplex and it is time for the tazzmission. Kurt passes out and Tazz wins in his debut. Impressive debut for Tazz, it would be downhill from here for The Human Suplex Machine but on this night, in Madison Square Garden near his hometown, Tazz was the man.

Winner: Tazz over Kurt Angle following Tazzmission!

(Tag Team Table Match) The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz

Terri is left speechless by The Hardys as she is told to stay backstage for this match. It is important to mention as Terri would continue to have problems with her clients The Hardys which would lead to a confrontation at next month’s No Way Out(No Spoilers here). Dudleys rip on the local sports team(Heel 101 right there) before brawling on the ramp. Bubba and Jeff square off, Bubba Bomb by Bubba. D-Von brawls with Matt, Dudleys grab a table and set it up in the middle of the ring. Matt saves his brother Jeff from going through a table by flipping the table over. DDT by Matt on Bubba, Jeff nails a plancha on Bubba. D-Von attempts powerbombing Matt through a table, Matt blocks, Matt tries putting D-Von through. D-Von blocks and nails a suplex of his own. Jeff attempts eliminating Bubba but Bubba slams the table in Jeff’s face.

 Matt is laid out on the table, Bubba goes to the second rope, Matt battles back. The Hardys attempt to put Bubba through a table with a double superplex, D-Von moves the table. Matt grabs a ladder and The Dudleys are smacked around with the ladder. Matt caves Bubba’s skull with a chair and lays him on a table, Matt climbs a ladder on the outside looking to put Bubba through. Double splash from The Hardys put Bubba through the table. Matt and Jeff set up tables against the ring apron, hoping to eliminate D-Von. Matt misses a leg drop and Jeff misses a plancha. D-Von survives, Bubba staggers to his feet and now The Hardys must pay. Bubba grabs the steel steps and place a table onto the steps. Bubba has Matt on the middle turnbuckle and Matt goes through the table with a powerbomb. Bubba acquires a chair as all four men are in the crowd. Bubba begins stacking tables, four tables with two on the bottom, two placed on top. Jeff tries helping Matt but gets his skull crushed with a chair.

 Matt is on the tables and Bubba plans powerbombing Jeff through Matt who is laying on the table. Jeff low blows Bubba and whacks Bubba with a chair, make it two and Bubba falls through two tables. Matt puts D-Von on the table and Jeff puts D-Von through the table with a Swanton Bomb from ten feet. That was fun, a lot of high risk moves and table destruction which is fun to watch. Jeff is insane as usual and was the star for the match with his death defying stunts. Chair shots are nasty due to the fact they are all to the head, unprotected of course.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over The Dudley Boyz via elimination!

Miss Rumble Swimsuit Competition

Well I have to cover everything so here goes nothing. We have a judging panel? Wow Sgt. Slaughter as usual but we also have Moolah and Classies Freddie Blassie? Awesome so yeah we are going to see some T&A. So Kat or Miss Kitty is still champion when we had the likes of Luna Ivory and Jacqueline on the active roster. Ivory is reluctant to strip down yet she looks absolutely amazing(I do believe I have a huge crush on the women). Terri and Jacqueline have no hesitation about any of this, Jacqueline goes wild as the cowgirl. Luna is reluctant and does not take part. Kat strips to a bubble wrap bikini as Jerry Lawler goes wild over his girlfriend at the time. 

Hold on one moment Mae Young is here(And Business is picking up by god!). Mae strips and it is cringeworthy but not the worst thing I have seen. Mae starts pulling off the bra and we are saved by Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry. Mark looks like he is having the time of his life. Jerry on the microphone is fantastic. As the judges are all old men who prefer a finer wine, Mae Young is the winner of the Miss Rumble 2000 Swimsuit competition.

Winner: Mae Young!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs Chyna © vs Hardcore Holly.

As you noticed, I named Chyna and Jericho as champions well they are co-champions. Yes both are champions because they pinned one another in a rematch for the title. Why is Hardcore Holly vying for the title? Because he gets a push every once in a while and this was his moment for 2000. It does not get higher than this trust me. Jericho had begun his turn from chickenshit heel to lovable face. Lot of Jerichoholics in Madison Square Garden. Holly being the ass that he is, shoves Chyna down and slaps Y2J. Chyna throws forearms at Holly before being sent to the floor. Y2J and Holly start out, beautiful dropkick by Holly on Jericho. Flying forearm by Jericho, two count.

 Holly and Y2J engage in a slap war before Holly attempts a hurricanrana. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, Chyna breaks it up. Elbow to the face of Y2J, Chyna floors Holly. Chyna takes down Holly with a baseball slide, she continues the assault, Jericho launches himself at Holly. Chyna takes advantage, handspring elbow and DDT. Holly breaks up Chyna’s pin, Chyna is tossed to the floor. Holly and Jericho fight it out before Chyna pulls down the rope, Jericho falls to the floor. Holly grabs a chair intent on smashing Chyna. Jericho saves Chyna and Chyna dropkicks the chair into Holly’s face. Jericho and Chyna dive onto Holly, double pin but Holly kicks out. Chyna low blows Y2J, pedigree on Hardcore Holly. Holly kicks out of the pedigree? Cannot believe that.

 Holly lifts Chyna onto his shoulders, Jericho nails a crossbody long two count for Y2J. Jericho and Holly are on the top rope, Chyna crotches both men. Superplex by Chyna, Holly grabs Chyna’s leg though and almost steals the win. Chyna lays out Holly with a chair shot, Chyna gets cocky and goes for a Walls of Jericho. Facebuster by Jericho on Chyna and nails the lionsault for the win. Fine match from these three, standard triple threat formula with one person remaining down for a long time.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Everyone Else via Lionsault!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Acolytes vs The New Age Outlaws ©

Acolytes are badass, no games no fancy holds just ass kickers and that does not bode well for The New Age Outlaws. Acolytes sprint to ringside and start whipping ass, Billy and Bradshaw are in the ring, dropkick by Billy does not do much, Billy eats a fallaway slam while Road Dogg eats a big boot. Faarooq is in the ring and he attempts a dominator on Road Dogg, Billy makes the save but tastes a clothesline. Road Dogg nails his punch but misses his kneedrop.

 Billy and Bradshaw brawl briefly, Billy misses his splash and gets turned inside out by a clothesline from hell. Road Dogg takes a spinebuster from Faarooq, Billy drags out the referee and the referee is taken down. X-Pac comes to ringside and whacks Bradshaw, Billy nails a FameAsser and just like that it is over in four minutes. DUD but hey not everything can be gold.

Winners: New Age Outlaws over Acolytes via FameAsser!

(WWF Championship Match) Triple H © W/ Stephanie vs Cactus Jack

With Vince out of the picture, Triple H was in control, he got his title match and defeated Big Show thanks to DX. They made Mankind retire after a match with The Rock which was a pinkslip on a pole match. They made fun of Foley in a bunch of promos. The Rock gathered every superstar on the WWF roster, they would walk out if Foley was not reinstated. Foley was back and got his match at The Royal Rumble. Triple H busted open Foley and put him through the announce table. Mankind was not ready for a street fight, Triple H was as smug as you could be but when Foley reveals Cactus Jack will be in the street fight, one of Foley’s alter egos, Triple H looked as if he saw death knocking on his door.

 They do a great job building up Cactus Jack as this maniac who can take ungodly amounts of abuse. This felt big and it needed to be big or Triple H would be in trouble. He was not solidified as a top guy, he needed credibility and Cactus Jack would help Triple H achieve it on this night. Cactus and Triple H stare one another down before Stephanie kisses Triple H and walks to the back, this will be a war and the anticipation is building. Referee Hebnar is pushing back Cactus, Cactus wants to go. Mind games have begun, Triple H looks nervous in the face of Cactus Jack. Right hands by Jack, Triple H counters Jack with right hands of his own, Cactus Jack explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, right hands from Jack, Triple H avoids the knee to the face by sliding out of the ring. Triple H eats a neckbreaker courtesy of Cactus Jack.

 Leg drop by Cactus, into the steel steps, Triple H is being beaten all over the ringside area. Triple H grabs a ringbell and lets Cactus have it right in the face. Triple H wields chair and invites Cactus to come into the ring, Cactus obliges and Triple H smashes Jack with the chair. Cactus pops up with a clothesline, Helmsley attempted exposing the turnbuckle but he could not finish the job. Cactus Jack places a chair across the champion’s face, leg drop on the chair, two count for Cactus Jack. Triple H walks right into another smack by Cactus Jack, both men roll to the outside, Triple H starts punching the challenger before being backdropped into the crowd. It is time for crowd brawling(every damn time). Suplex by Jack on the entrance way, trash can to the skull of the champion. Irish whip into the entrance way by Jack, Triple H’s head is bounced off the stage, Triple H collapses to the floor. Triple H catches Cactus Jack off guard with a back drop on a trash can. Triple H’s advantage does not last long as Cactus Jack punishes Triple H with right hands. Jack slams Triple H’s head against the steel steps using his knee. Cactus Jack unveils a barbwire 2x4 .

 Triple H low blows the challenger and makes him pay with the barbwire 2x4. Low blow by Cactus, both men are down. Cactus starts questioning the officials as they hid his 2x4, Cactus smashes Triple H with the 2x4 barbwire bat. Triple H is a bloody mess, Cactus rakes his eyes with the barbwire. Piledriver is countered on the announce table, Triple H has countered the challenger and is looking for some breathing space. Both men are in the ring, right hands by The Game. Could be pedigree time, nope Cactus catapults Triple H into the turnbuckle and a facebuster by Jack. Triple H kicks out at two. Cactus Jack clothesline, Triple H hiptosses and Irish whips Cactus Jack into the steel steps. Triple H targets the left knee of Cactus Jack. A second chop block by the champion, Triple H grabs the barbwire, wham right across Cactus’ leg. Triple H grabs handcuffs, stomp to the head of Cactus, Triple H tries putting on the handcuffs, the first attempt does not go right. In the end, Triple H succeeds and picks up the steel steps. Jack drop toeholds Triple H into the steel steps and uses his head to low blow Triple H. Triple H fires up with a clothesline. Chair to the ribs, Cactus falls to the floor outside of the ring, chair shot to the face of the challenger.

 Cactus Jack is defenceless, Cactus Jack is begging for more but The Rock saves Cactus Jack with a chair shot to Triple H. A policeman takes off the cuffs on Jack, Triple H is begging for mercy. No mercy here from Cactus, onto the announce table the two competitors climb. Piledriver on the announce table by Cactus Jack. Jack grabs a bag of thumbtacks, Stephanie is back at ringside to save her husband. Triple H backdrops Cactus Jack into the thumbtacks. Cactus Jack is right back up, pedigree by the champion. 1..2… Cactus Jack kicked out of the pedigree, Triple H is livid. Second pedigree on the tacks, Triple H retains the WWF Championship.

 What a match that was, in the same arena that Cactus made his debut in the WWF defeating Triple H, Triple H returns the favour by beating Cactus Jack for the WWF Championship. Cactus Jack did his best to make Triple H on this night and Cactus accomplished that goal perfectly. It had drama, it had excitement and it was brutal. Everything you could really want from Attitude Era WWF. Great Match!

Winner: Triple H over Cactus Jack via Pedigree onto Thumbtacks!

The Royal Rumble

30 men, an over the top battle royal to determine the number one contender to the WWF championship a Wrestlemania. To eliminate your opponent, you must throw them over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. Your best chances of winning are coming in towards the end of the match(27 being a lucky number). Participants enter every 90 seconds until all 30 men have entered. Favourites for the match are the former champion The Big Show, The People’s Champion The Rock and The Big Red Machine Kane. Howard Finkel explains the rules to the crowd in attendance and we also get a promo detailing the history of the event. I will split this into segments so it is easy to follow!

Entrants 1 to 5

D’Lo Brown is number one while Grandmaster Sexay is number twom both men trade blows, dropkick by Sexay. Snapmare, D’Lo counters Sexay and a calf kick takes down Sexay. D’Lo attemptshis running powerbomb but Sexay counters with a hurricanrana. Snapmare and dropkick by Sexay, D’Lo tossed onto the apron but he does not go down. Number three is Mosh, Mosh beats down Sexay. Kaientai who were originally in the rumble but were removed come down and start attacking the participants.

 Kaientai are thrown over quickly. Sexay nails D’Lo with a bulldog on Mosh, Mosh immediately clutches his ankle and looks to be hurt. Number 4 is Christian, Christian nails Mosh with his reverse DDT, Mosh and D’Lo go at it while Christian and Sexay brawl in the corner. Number 5 is Rikishi, Rikishi waits and eliminates Mosh and Christian and Rikishi drops D’Lo with a Rikishi driver and D’Lo is eliminated. Still in the ring: Grand Master Sexay and Rikishi!

Entrants 6 to 10

Number 6 is Scotty Too Hotty and all three members of Too Cool dance in Madison Square Garden. Rikishi clotheslines his boys and Sexay and Scotty are eliminated. Number 7 is the Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman, Blackman takes down Rikishi with kicks and right hands, Rikishi catches Blackman with the Rikishi Driver. Blackman is eliminated. Rikishi could be the dark horse of this match as we await number 8. Oh my, it is Viscera these two are going to go at it. The giants trade blows, belly to belly suplex by Viscera and a leg drop. Splash in the corner by Viscera, stomps on Rikishi. 

Viscera misses a second splash and Rikishi hits three superkicks on Viscera and clotheslines Viscera over the top rope. Number 9 is Big Bossman, Bossman waits on the outside of the ring, he is too cowardly to get in there with the 400 pound Rikishi. Number 10 is Test, Stephanie’s former boyfriend. Test and Bossman brawl on the outside before all three men are in the ring. Bossman low blows Test and Rikishi low blows Bossman. All three men are down, right hands from Rikishi on Test. Bossman starts throwing haymakers at both men. Still in the ring: Test Rikishi and Big Bossman!

Entrants 11 to 15

Bulldog is number 11, Bulldog goes right after Rikishi in the corner, Bulldog tries lifting Rikishi. Number 12 is Gangrel, sadly I think this is his last pay per view appearance. Taka and Funaki of Kaientai interefere once more but this is the last time it will happen as Bossman and Gangrel toss Taka so hard he smashes his skull off the floor being taken to the hospital in the process. Number 13 is Edge who comes smiling to ringside, the ring is starting to fill, a big star must be on their way. Rikishi squashes Bossman with a Banzai drop, Gangrel and Bossman begin lifting Rikishi in the corner but it is going to take more to take out the big man.

 Number 14 is Bob Backlund who briefly returned to the WWF to coach Kurt Angle(16 years later he is coaching Darren Young). Every man in the ring teams up to throw out Rikishi. Gangrel and Edge go out reigniting an old feud. Number 15 is Y2J, Jericho dropkicks Backlund over the top rope. Still in the ring: Bossman, Test, Gangrel, Bulldog, Jericho, Edge!

Entrants 16 to 20

Crash Holly enters at number 16, going right after Edge, Chyna is number 17, the only woman to enter a royal rumble twice. Chyna and Jericho start beating one another to death, Chyna is lifted onto the apron by Y2J, Chyna suplexes Jericho to the floor before Bossman eliminates Chyna. Chyna and Jericho start arguing as per usual.

 Faarooq is number 18, the Mean Street Posse interfere and it allows Bossman to eliminate Faarooq. 19 is the Road Dogg, loud crowd chants for The People’s Champion. Al Snow is number 20, Road Dogg eliminates British Bulldog. Number 21 is Val Venis, Funaki comes back to try and win the Rumble without Taka as Taka is in hospital. Still In the ring: Val Venis, Al Snow, Bossman, Gangrel, Edge, Crash Holly, Test and Road Dogg.

Entrants 21 to 25

Prince Albert is number 22, Edge is eliminated by Al Snow and Val Venis. Albert goes after Bossman while Test attacks Road Dogg. Val and Snow attack one another while Crash bounce around the ring getting knocked over. Number 23 is Hardcore Holly, dull point in the match, a lot of guys in there with nothing really happening. Number 24 is The Rock, thank God and business is picking up, Bossman is eliminated by The Rock, Val Venis goes after The Rock as does Hardcore Holly. Number 25 is Mr. Ass Billy Gunn.

 I was expecting Rock to run wild and throw body after body over the top, I am most surprised we still have a full ring. Rock DDTs Crash and Crash is eliminated by The Rock. Hardcore and Al Snow try to eliminate The Rock. Number 26 is The Big Show, Show and Rock avoid one another to begin with, Test and Gangrel are eliminated by Big Show. Show taunts The Rock and throws The People’s Champion over the top rope. Still In the ring: Albert, Al Snow, Billy Gunn, Big Show, Val Venis, Hardcore Holly, Road Dogg and The Rock.

Entrants 26 to 30

Bradshaw is number 27 and The Mean Street Posse try to take down Bradshaw. It fails but The New Age Outlaws eliminate Bradshaw. Number 28 is the monster Kane,Val meets Kane and it does not go well. Val is choked over the top by Kane. The Godfather is number 29, Prince Albert is eliminated by Kane. Funaki comes into the ring and is tossed to the floor. Finally, X-Pac is number 30, three members of D-X are in there so Rock chances are looking slim. Hardcore Holly and Godfather are eliminated by Big Show. Al Snow is eliminated by The Rock, Billy Gunn eliminates Road Dogg, Kane eliminates Billy Gunn but The New Age Outlaws drag Kane out of the ring, he has not been eliminated but he battles to the back briefly. X-Pac is tossed over by The Rock but the referees did not see it happen so X-Pac sneaks back in. Kane slams Big Show but X-Pac takes advantage and spinning heel kicks Kane over the top.

 Bronco buster on Show by X-Pac but Show is angry, gorilla press slam and Show has eliminated X-Pac. Rock and Show remain, two men, one will go to Wrestlemania. Rock nails the spinebuster and a People’s Elbow. Rock tries eliminating Big Show but Big Show counters and Show chokeslams The Rock. Big Show scoops up a prone Rock for a running powerslam to dump Rock over. Rock counters and holds on, The Rock has won the rumble. That was not a great rumble, it certainly was dull for a large part. Too Cool’s dance and the final moments were highlights and the pop for The Rock winning was great as it was clear The Rock was the number one star in the WWF.

 The Big Show attacks The Rock after The Royal Rumble, Show had a reason though as The Rock’s feet had touched the floor first and should have not won the match and Show would attempt to prove this and was able to granting him a rematch at No Way Out which will be our next stop.

Winner: The Rock by Survival!

Overall, a memorable show from the WWF, the only down point on the show was the brief Acolytes vs New Age Outlaws match, everything else grabbed my attention whether it was the insane table match or the Jericho and Chyna rivalry in the triple threat match. They could have had a blow off match instead of adding Holly. Cactus Jack vs Triple H delivered and then some, that was a brutal intense and physical match, I loved everything about the match. Rumble was hit and miss, largely boring but The Rock winning made up for it and the WWF started string in 2000 an we shall see if they can continue the momentum! See you next time!!!

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