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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 1: WWF In Your House Unforgiven 1998 Review

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 Welcome one and all to another edition of Seanomaniac's Wrestling Reviews and boy, do we have an interesting project on our hands this time. The Attitude Era, the greatest era in American wrestling for many fans, great characters, great storylines and great memories. Here at Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, we have taken it upon ourselves to go through every pay per view of this era and see do these pay per views live up to the high standards that we have in our nostalgia filled minds. Many mark Wrestlemania 14 as the birth date of The Attitude Era so there is no better place to start than the pay per view right after Mania, Unforgiven. Let's get into the action and enjoy some Attitude Era fun!!!

Opening Promo

Undertaker and Kane are the focus as Classy Freddie Blassie reads quotes from Dante's Inferno, hyping up the inferno match between the two and the title match between Dude Love and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Pyro bursting from the stage in the Greensboro Colosseum.

The Nation of Domination vs Faarooq/Steve Blackman/Ken Shamrock

The story here is that Faarooq was removed from the nation by The Rock who is teaming with D Lo Brown and Mark Henry in this big 6 man tag match. Big Rocky sucks chants to begin the match. Blackman and Brown kick it off with Blackman showing off some impressive kicks to Brown. Shamrock gets in there and starts stretching D Lo with submissions before Faarooq tags in as he wants The Rock. Spinebuster by Faarooq before he takes out his belt and whips that boy like there is no tomorrow.

Henry enters the fray and throws around Blackman like he is a ragdoll. Blackman plays face in peril as Brown hits the Sky High to halt his momentum. The Rock finally comes into the ring as he takes it to Faarooq, it is crazy to see how hated The Rock was so early into the year, he was just so good there was no denying his presence and charisma.

Henry starts demolishing Faarooq before Blackman gets the tag. Blackman is dominated for several minutes, The Rock hits The People's Elbow on Blackman with the crowd responding to the move, I forgot it was even over before it start killing people left right and center. Blackman tags in Faarooq who cleans house before it breaks down to just The Rock and Faarooq. Rocky taunts Faarooq but his overconfidence is his downfall as he gets planted with the Dominator. Faarooq got his revenge and the crowd loved this opener, the Nation was hated and Rock was such a good heel.

Winners: Faarooq's Team over The Nation following a Dominator!

(WWF European Championship Match) Triple H vs Owen Hart

European Championship is on the line as Helmsley takes on The Sole Surviving Hart. Before the match begins, Chyna is placed in a cage and hoisted above the ring. Hart takes the fight to Helmsley on the outside as they brawl around the cage and the stage. Suplex on the concrete by Owen Hart. For the first five minutes, it is all Owen as Helmsley assumes the role of a human punching bag. Owen eats the turnbuckle as Helmsley takes control of the match. Neckbreakers, spinebusters and knees to the face are on the menu for Owen. Meanwhile, Chyna tries to escape from the cell as she is suspended 20 feet above the ring. Repeated dragon sleepers by Triple H, a lot of rest holds in this match.

 Hart reverses the reverse suplex into a german suplex, Chyna bends one of the bars of the cage as Owen runs through his signature offense setting up for the sharpshooter. Chyna tries climbing down from the cage but she is dangling as Owen watches on from the ring. Road Dogg lowers the cage while the referee is distracted before Owen hits a pedigree on Triple H, Owen has the match won before X-Pac interferes and smacks Hart with the title belt leading to Triple H winning the match. It was an alright match, possibly a bit long but the opener was much better.



Winner: Triple H retains the European Championship thanks to X-Pac!



The New Midnight Express vs The Rock And Roll Express



Cornette comes to the ring as he introduces the new midnight express. Bombastic Bob and Bodacious Bart, just the best names of all time aren't they? Yeah moving on here come Ricky and Robert, The Rock and Roll Express. Rock and Roll beat the hell out of Bob Holly who's mullet is incredible. Bart comes in and starts beating down Ricky Morton, Cornette threatens the referee Tim White who responds by chasing him out of the ring.



 Midnight Express dominate until Ricky tags in Robert who cleans house before Bombastic Bob hits the bulldog on Robert and Bart gets the win. Pretty standard tag match with The Midnight Express going over the veterans.

Winners: The New Midnight Express over The Rock N Roll Express!

Evening Gown Match Sable vs Luna

Ah yes, the women were represented in a special way during these days, Luna is dressed like a witch she was an awesome heel and should have been champion. Mero interferes and costs Sable the match. Afterwards, Sable powerbombs Luna and strips her. It was what it was, it was basically filler.




Winner: Sable over Luna!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) New Age Outlaws (C) vs LOD

Lod 2000 come out with Sunny, their new manager and their new look which they showed the world at Wrestlemania 14. Animal and Billy Gunn kick us off with Gunn thinking it would be smart to piss off Animal. Big mistake as Animal kills the poor boy. Hawk comes in and starts wrecking everything in sight. All four men are in the ring with LOD looking to hit the doomsday device but Billy Gunn chop blocks Animal who goes down clutching his leg. Road Dogg enters the ring and starts working on the leg. Gunn raps Animal's leg around the post while Road Dogg continues to taunt Hawk. Animal is beaten black and blue before hitting a dragon screw leg whip to create separation, he tags in Hawk who takes care of business by running wild.

Billy hits Hawk with the belt but only gets a two count before Road Dogg grabs the belt and tries to hit Hawk but he hits Billy. Hawk executes a german suplex and gets the pin on Road Dogg. However, Hawk's shoulders were on the mat and the outlaws retain the titles. To send the fans home happy, LOD hit a Doomsday Device on the referee over the controversial call. Following the match, we get a performance from Double J Jeff Jarrett and it goes as well as any concert during a wrestling show, it's annoying and I wish it was not here. Steve Blackman attacks Jarrett before Jarrett's manager Tennessee Lee clocks him with a guitar. Jarrett does the figure four on Blackman.

Winners: New Age Outlaws over LOD 2000 follopwing Shenanigans!

  Undertaker vs Kane (Inferno Match)

One of the great rivalries of The Attitude Era, brother vs brother, demon vs phenom. This match feels big and it is nice to see these two go out and fight. Punches from Taker to Kane but Kane battles back only to be reversed by Undertaker. Seeing the flames shoot up anytime a big move takes place is cool as Undertaker hits old school. Kane is such a monster back in these days that he barely sells any offense from Taker. Taker helps Kane look like an absolute monster in this match with his selling. Kane grabs Undertaker by the hair trying to push his face into the flames a really graphic image right there. Kane powerslams Undertaker, assuming control of the match. Paul Bearer throws a chair into Kane who unleashes a brutal shot on the head of The Undertaker. Kane devastates his older brother but undertaker hits a russian leg sweep and a legdrop but it barely fazes Kane as he sits up.

They grab each other's throats but Kane is younger and more powerful and he hits a chokeslam. Kane finds himself on the recieving end of a chokeslam from Undertaker but he sits up immediately. Kane and Taker big boot one another. Sidewalk slam by Kane who is simply a monster in this match. Kane ascends to the top rope but eats a suplex from Taker. Once more, Kane sits right up he is insane in this match looking this strong. Undertaker throws Kane over the top. Kane tries to leave the ringside area but Vader comes out swinging from the back, they battle to ringside before Undertaker performs his dive onto both men. Undertaker grabs a chair from Paul Bearer, attacks Kane and Bearer runs off.

They end up on the music stage before Paul Bearer gets hit with a drum and a mic stand. Bearer is bleeding and selling on the stage. Kane grabs the chair, preparing to smack his older brother but he eats a boot and his arm catches fire. Undertaker has won the war while Kane runs to the back burning. A good match between these two telling a story of how Kane is an absolute monster but Undertaker had the brains to survive the onslaught and walk away the winner.

Winner: Undertaker over Kane following Fire!

(WWF Championship Match) Stone Cold vs Dude Love

Dude Love shocked the world when he interrupted Austin's match against Mcmahon on Raw. Nobody could have predicted he would attack Austin and become number one contender. Vince would be at ringside for this match with the feeling he would screw Austin out of the championship just like he did with Bret Hart at Survivor Series. Dude jumps Austin to begin the match before Austin stumps a mudhole and walks it dry. Elbows and knees to the head follow the mudhole stomping. To the outside we go, Austin smashes Dude's face on the railings, big clothesline before the make it to the band's stage.

 Scoop slam and big hiptoss from Austin to Dude Love. Looked like a nasty bump for Foley but that's what he is known for.  Austin goes to the well one too many times as he eats canvas after a knee attempt. Running elbow to the heart of Austin. Bodyscissors by Foley who is wearing down The Rattlesnake.

 The stooges Patterson and Brisco accompany Vince to ringside. Vince keeps staring at the timekeeper telling him to make sure he rings the bell. Clothesline by Austin, he smacks Dude's leg off the ringpost. Vince looks at Austin with pure hatred and disgust as he send Dude to the outside. Vince taunts Austin telling him to get into the ring as Dude attacks Austin from behind. Austin tries to suplex Dude over the top rope but to no avail as Dude hits a cutter using the rope. Abdominal Stretch by Dude which makes Vince tell the timekeeper to ring the bell. Austin reverses and suplexes Dude on the steel steps.

 They go into the crowd as Austin pummels Dude. In the ring, a neckbreaker puts Dude in the driver seat. Sweet Shin Music ends in failure as Dude misses and takes the referee's head off. Mandible claw but there is no referee, Austin battles back but he eats a low blow. Austin in desperation backdrops Dude over the top rope. Mcmahon and Austin struggle over a steel chair. Austin smacks the chair into Dude's face who falls into Vince's arms. Austin grabs the chair and levels Mcmahon.

 This leads to a stunner on dude and Austin counts the pin himself for the win? Strange that it counted as the ending but I guess we can call it a no contest? Dude is declared winner by disqualification. Anyways, that was a good first title defence match from Austin. For those who did not watch Austin in his WCW days, he was one hell of a worker, after the neck injury he was robbed a lot of his ability so this match was a lot of punches and clotheslines which I would have preferred more moves but Austin does what he does best and that is kick some ass.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over Dude Love via Stone Cold Stunner!

In conclusion, this was a solid pay per view to start that Attitude Train off well, some of the matches were good such as the opener, the inferno match and the main event but other matches were largely on the uneventful and boring side with a lot of referee distraction finishes. A good start from the WWF and we will see what happens next time at Over The Edge. I will see you there good night and good fight!

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