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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 4: WWF Fully Loaded 1998 Review


It must be time once again to dive into the midst of the attitude era and we have for you this time WWF Fully Loaded 1998. With Austin and The Undertaker making an uneasy alliance to combat Mankind and Kane and The Rock defending his championship against Triple H, we should be in for a good night of wrestling so let us waste no more time and dive into the action.

Jeff Jarrett vs Val Venis

  Jarrett's strut is awesome as ever, Yamaguichi San is possibly the greatest commentator of all time(He is the manager of Kaientai). I am not sure if this is after we choppy choppy your pee pee but from what Yamaguichi is stating I guess it is just before the "incident". Jarrett hits a big powerbomb on Venis and gets the heat on Val. Tennessee Lee piles on the punishment on Val as Venis is not fairing to well in his pay per view debut. A chop war ensues between the two men, ddt from Double J plants Venis.

 Val hits a belly to belly suplex and starts his comeback with clotheslines and an inverted atomic drop. Going for the money shot, Jarrett pulls the referee in the way and the referee takes a bump. Tennessee Lee shoves Val on the turnbuckle while Double J hits a suplex from the second rope. Two count as Venis reverses a figure four attempt by Jarrett. Lee is up on the apron and Venis smashes Jarrett into Lee and rolls up Jarrett. Venis is still undefeated and this was a solid opener. The crowd hated Double J so it made the match better.

Winner: Val Venis over Jarrett via roll-up!

     D'Lo Brown W/ Godfather vs X-Pac W/ Chyna 


D'Lo Brown had beaten Triple H on the previous raw for the European title after The Rock interfered in the match. D'Lo is massively hated by the crowd. Unfortunately, it is a non title match. These two had great chemistry, the match starts of at a quick pace before D'lo lays out Pac with a calf kick. D'Lo grabs a sleeper after a stiff clothesline, Pac fights back before D'Lo sends Pac flying into the turnbuckle. Snapmare and signature leg drop by Brown, only a two count for the champion.

 Diving elbow from the second rope by Brown connects, only two so Brown locks in a chinlock. D'Lo misses a moonsault, he eats a spinning heel kick form Pac who hits the bronco buster. Pac looks like he is back in the match before Godfather rises up to the apron and clubs Pac in the back. X-Pac gives Godfather a receipt but he walks into the sky high by D'Lo for the victory. A good match from these two, not the best but they will go on to have better matches down the line.

Winner: D Lo Brown over X-Pac following a Sky High!

Bradshaw and Terry Funk vs Too Cold Scorpio and Faarooq

  Before this match begins, it is announced Undertaker has not yet arrived to the arena, fueling the rumour that Austin may be left alone in the ring tonight facing Mankind and Kane. Faarooq and Scorpio have apparently been undefeated on Shotgun Saturday Night for the last couple of weeks so they go to face Bradshaw and Terry Funk. Funk announces that this will be his last match in the WWF as he wishes to take a break after his battles with and against Mankind. Bradshaw is pissed by Funk's announcement, crazy seeing Faarooq and Bradshaw on opposite sides of the ring as they were partners for many years after this as the Acolytes and the APA.

 Scorpio uses his speed to take down Bradshaw, Faarooq comes in before the younger Bradshaw gets the upper hand on the veteran with a diving shoulder block. Funk comes in to a good ovation from the crowd a neckbreaker follows for Faarooq. Bradshaw goes for another diving shoulder block but gets caught in a powerslam by Faarooq. Funk dishes out punishment to Scorpio on the outside as Bradshaw watches on. Through the crowd Funk battles Scorpio before coming back to the ring.

 Scorpio starts beating on Funk with leg drops and splashes before hitting the 450 splash for the victory. Bradshaw snaps post match with lariats to Funk and Scorpio before decimating Faarooq with a steel chair shot to the head. Ok match nothing more to be said.



Winners: Scorpio & Farrooq over Bradshaw & Funk via 450 Splash!

  Vader vs Mark Henry

  As a fan of All Japan Pro Wrestling, I am well aware of Vader's run as champion and path of destruction. To me, the timeline is a bit hazy but I am sure Vader got to All Japan by 1998 which is true but my god, he was in WWF for a longtime in 1998. I thought he was gone after his match with Kane, I was wrong. Didn't Vader lose a mask vs mask match against Kane?

 Perhaps I am losing it, anyways this match is like most big man vs big man matches, slow plodding and quite dull at times. For the first three minutes, it is an extended squash as Henry dominates Vader. Vader hits one splash on Henry but Henry kicks out and Vader is soundly beaten by Henry who ends it with a splash of his own.

Winner: Henry over Vader following a big splash!

 DOA W/ Paul Ellering vs LOD 2000 

   A bit of history here as LOD's former manager Paul Ellering returns to beat the hell out of the team he used to manage on their initial path to success. No Droz nor Sunny but Sunny may have gone to ECW by this time. Hawk and Animal exchange quick tags as Skull or 8-Ball gets worn down. Hawk hits the ringpost hard as he clutches his shoulder on the outside.

 Ellering attacks Hawk on the outside behind the referee's back. Hawk is isolated and looks absolutely out of it as the crowd continues to chant LOD. Animal gets the hot tag and runs wild for about 10 seconds before it is time for the doomsday device. LOD hit their move but DOA pull a twin magic as they switch places, Animal gets planted with a ddt and DOA steal the win. Standard tag match with heels winning the match.

Winners: DOA over LOD 2000 via a DDT!

   Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock(Lion's Den Match)

   Before this match starts, Vince announces that Taker may not make it for the main event but fear not wwf fans for Vince has a suitable replacement, the great and almighty Brooklyn Brawler. Severn is the special referee what a beautifully ridiculous match this is so it starts off relatively well, Shamrock a UFC and Pancrase legend by this point shoots for a takedown and pummels Hart like a bitch.

 Submission counters galore as these two make it seem like a real fight. It goes down hill very quickly as they start hitting frankensteiners and irish whips on one another losing that real fight feel. The match ends after Shamrock clobbers Dan Severn by accident so Hart grabs a dumbbell from the wall and smacks Shamrock across the head. Shamrock is out cold and the King of Hearts is victorious! Quick match and fun!

Winner: Owen Hart over Shamrock due to Shenanigans!

The Rock vs Triple H (Two out of Three Fall Match) (WWF Intercontinental Championship Match)

Rock dominates early portion of the match with punches and kicks. Helmsley takes over as they battle up and down the entrance way. Rock whips Hunter into the steel steps, kicks to the midsection by the champion. Inside the ring the champion chokes the challenger as the crowd chants Rocky sucks!Triple H battles back with a suplex and a knee drop, a chop battles ensues between champion and challenger with Rock sending Hunter over the top rope. Henry interferes and crushes Triple H, the damage has been done as Billy Gunn makes the save for Triple H. The Rock hits Triple H with the intercontinental championship but Triple H kicks out.

 Neckbreaker by Rock who wears down Triple H with a sleeper hold. Hunter fights back but Rock cuts him off again. Rock spikes Helmsley with a ddt but only gets two. Rock grabs another sleeper as JR mentions The Rock may be trying to waste time for the time limit to expire in this two out of three falls match. Rock has Hunter well scouted as he continues to cut off Hemley's offence. Big knee by Hunter it leaves The Rock reeling, but Rock sends Hunter into the ropes. Godfather tries to interfere but the new age outlaws come to ringside and prevent any interference. The Rock distracts the referee as D'Lo tries to interfere but it backfires as Hunter catches D'Lo and smacks him with the European championship right over the head.

 Unfortunately, Hunter walks right into a Rock Bottom as The Rock takes the first fall in this match. They battle on the outside with Rock catapulting Hunter into the Spanish announce table. People's Elbow from The Rock but Hunter kicks out at two, frustration is building inside of the champion. Desperation clothesline from Hunter as both men are down, D'Lo appears on the apron once more but Chyna takes him down this time as he crashes into the guardrail. Referee is distracted as X-Pac nails Rock with the X Factor. Hunter goes for the win but Rock kicks out. Hunter grabs a chair with Chyna distracting the referee but Rock takes the chair from Hunter, he wings for his head but hits the referee. Chyna enters the ring hits the low blow on The Rock and plants him with a ddt. Chyna removes the evidence as Hunter pins Rock.

 It is 1:1 as both men recover. Hunter gets a pin on Rock but it is only two. Two minutes are left as they exchange punches. Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but Hunter counters and hits the pedigree! Hunter goes for the pin but the time has expired, Rock retains the title. Great match from these two who will make their star presence felt as next month's Summerslam but take nothing away from this match, this was a great fun match. Rock was great as a heel escaping with the championship but just barely. I like subtle hints showing that Rock's reign is coming to an end, Triple H had his number here if it was not for the time limit expiring. Hunter will have his day.

Winner: The Rock due to time limit expiring!

  Bikini Contest Sable vs Jacqueline

    Well does this need a review? I guess it is my job to cover everything on this show. It had a promo package my god they really loved Sable didn't they? So lots of name calling such as skank whore slut etc.  Well yeah Jacqueline strips and looks fantastic so yeah Sable has to strip. Sable cuts a long promo which is hilarious in the context of this bikini contest. And then Sable reveals the handprints on her breasts bikini.

 How did they get away with this? It is so crazy to think that this happened on pay per view, but they were targeting that audience so yeah it works I am not complaining! Vince comes out and covers up Sable acting like this was too much for him and being apologetic when he is the man who booked this crap! Yeah it was what it was. T&A for every horny adult who watched 

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Kane & Mankind vs Stone Cold & The Undertaker)

  Excellent promo package here setting up the main event. The big story is where does The Undertaker's allegiance lie? Will he be on the side of Stone Cold who will face at the next month's pay per view or will he side with his brother Kane? Austin enters to a monstrous pop and Undertaker confronts Austin on the rampway. Mankind and Kane take the fight to Undertaker and Austin. Austin takes a part Mankind before a thumb to the eye turns the tide in Mankind's favour. Kane comes in and wrecks Austin before Austin hits a Lou Thesz press and an elbow. Kane bails out of the ring before Austin hits the stunner. Austin tags in Undertaker who flips off Austin and goes after Mankind.

 Old school by Undertaker, right hands by the phenom who is whooping Foley's ass. Mankind makes the blind tag and Kane enters the fray and chokeslams his brother. Kane shows no remorse for his brother, Mankind comes into the ring and dominates Undertaker. Cactus Jack clothesline by Mankind and Taker is sent flying to the outside. Austin involves himself by attacking Mankind, Undertaker is at a two on one disadvantage as Kane and Mankind pummel Taker. Taker creates separation with a big ddt, Austin comes in and knocks down Kane with a big chairshot. Kane kicks out at two and big boots Austin into oblivion. On the outside Austin is dropped onto the guardrail repeatedly. Kane and Mankind keep making tags staying fresh while wearing down Austin. Austin is assaulted as Undertaker watches on from the apron.

 Chokeslam by Kane on Austin, Mankind tells Kane to go for the tombstone. Double stunner from Austin he nails Kane and Mankind. Austin reaches for the tag to Taker but Taker does not look the slightest bit interested before saying screw it and Austin makes the tag. Undertaker cleans house and chokeslams Kane and gives a tombstone to Kane. Austin takes out Mankind as Taker pins his brother Kane. Crowd was hot for this match, Austin was white hot as usual and Taker was over big time here too. Not a lot of technical wrestling but you cannot expect that from these four brawlers. Exciting match with a good finish as Taker and Austin are the odd couple tag team champions. Roll On Summerslam!

Winners: Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Undertaker following a Tombstone!

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