Friday 29 April 2016

Bayley Injured: A blessing in disguise?

  Nxt's resident sweetheart appears to have torn her ACL which could see her on the injury list for anywhere between 6 to 9 months. We are not here to discuss whether the angle is a work as some claim that Nia Jax who she was wrestling at the time repeatedly worked over the leg after the apparent injury had taken place, we are here to discuss the possible positives for Bayley due to the injury for even injuries have their benefits sometimes.

                                   Not Thrust onto the main roster

     The former NXT Women's champion has done it all on NXT, being one of its longest servants and it is inevitable that one day we will be seeing our beloved Bayley on the main roster. Similarly to Finn Balor, the main roster rumours went into overdrive as Bayley dropped her NXT Women's championship to Asuka at Takeover: Dallas. It was the raw after Wrestlemania and we all expected to see Bayley dethrone Charlotte it was not to be and this could be a good thing. Bayley has all the potential to be the next big star for WWE, the closest thing they have to a female John Cena, it is not hard to see why all kids from around the world would see Bayley as their idol. Her character is such an innocent and fun loving person that you cannot stop yourself from caring about, she is just the ultimate underdog is so many ways. Triple H knows there is such huge money in Bayley but does Vince know there is money in Bayley? With the influx of NXT talent on the main roster over the years, how many have truly been successful? Kevin Owens is an example, Baron Corbin is doing well because he is tall and looks as if he will squash Dolph Ziggler on Sunday at Payback. However, there are a lot more talents from NXT which did not go down so well like Bo Dallas Adam Rose, The Ascension. The Women's Division is looking the best it has been since the days of 2003 where Lita Victoria Jazz Trish Stratus and Molly Holly were tearing it up in the ring every night. But will Mcmahon understand Bayley? Will Mcmahon know what to do with a character such as Bayley? Only time will tell but for now, with this injury Bayley will avoid the call up to the main roster.

                                  Protects Her From Over Exposure

     Bayley has done it all in NXT, she was built up from the ground to becoming the champion. The impossible dream made possible, her crowning moment coming at NXT Brooklyn where she defeated Sasha Banks for the title in a fantastic match. The question from that point would always be where does she go from here? Bayley had peaked, it would be difficult to keep that momentum train going at full speed. Bayley defeated Nia Jax and Eva Marie before battling the undefeated Asuka. Perhaps Asuka's undefeated streak was not taken into consideration as so many were legitimately surprised when Asuka choked Bayley out to win the championship. Looking towards the future, plans would have been made for a rematch with Asuka but it would not be the same as before, Bayley could not feud with Emma or Dana Brooke because it was so clear that Bayley was head and shoulders above them as she won the championship. Basically, Bayley was running out of opponents in NXT, she was not stale but it was always a possibility but this injury allows Bayley to come back fresh and challenge whoever the champion may be. Maybe Asuka will dominate the division turning heel setting up an eventual rematch with a returning Bayley which could be a great story as she never got her rematch for the title and now she's back with a vengeance and more determined than ever.

   Absence makes the heart grow fonder and this is certainly the case with wrestling. If the rumours are true, this could be a good thing for Bayley as it stops her from becoming stale in the eyes of the fans and come back strong with a good program against whoever the NXT Women's champion is. Bayley is one of the four horsewomen and is a star waiting to happen, let us hope that the WWE handle her properly and have something to do for her when she comes back if the injury is real.

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