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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 2: WWF Over The Edge 1998 Review


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the second edition to a journey through The Attitude Era as we come into Over The Edge. Stone Cold takes on Dude Love with Vince stacking the deck against the champion. We have Kane taking on Vader in a mask vs mask match due to his interference in the inferno match with The Undertaker, The Rock takes on former Nation leader Faarooq for the Intercontinental title and we see the beginnings of The Nation and D-Generation X feud on the undercard. So, let us get this started!!!

LOD 2000 with Sunny/Droz vs Disciples of Apocalypse

An opening match that pits Hawk and Animal versus Skull and 8-BallWeird seeing Hawk with a full head of hair and Animal in shorts, it just does not feel right. Droz is in the corner of LOD and Chainz is supporting the disciples aka Ron and Don Harris. Match breaks down early on with everyone fighting on the outside.Basically, this match is ten minutes of Animal getting the snot beat out of him before Hawk gets the tag and runs wild. LOD were still over and Sunny definitely helps get the crowd going in this match. As stated earlier Hawk is running wild before Chainz steps onto the apron and clubs Hawk in the back but 8-Ball only gets a two count. 8-Ball goes to hit the ropes but Droz smacks him into the head and Hawk gets the victory pinning 8-Ball. An ok opener, LOD deserve better as they were still over and had a lot to give back to the business. Perhaps Hawk's problems held LOD back but I cannot say for sure.

Winners: LOD 2000 over DOA via a roll-up!

Jeff Jarrett with Tennessee Lee vs Steve Blackman

A continuation of the feud that started last month at Unforgiven when Jeff Jarrett laid out Blackman with the help of Lee, we see Blackman get his attempt at revenge. Jarrett gets introduced by Tennessee with giant double J letters exploding with pyrotechnics for Jarrett. Out comes Blackman with a purpose, that being to kick Jarrett's ass all the way back to Memphis. Slow match with Jarrett working the legs of Blackman to soften him up for the figure four and Blackman busting at dropkicks and suplexes that I thought I would never see him do. It is amazing how you can stereotype one person so much when you see them do the same thing for so long.

 After seeing Blackman compete in hardcore matches all through 2000, it is nice to see him wrestle even if he did not get much opportunity to do so. The match comes to and end when Jarrett tries to clobber Blackman with his martial art stick but fails as Blackman knocks Jarrett out cold. Sensing danger Tennessee gets involved distracting Blackman. Jarrett recovers but eats a kick from Blackman who climbs to the top rope. Jarrett occupies the referee while Tennessee recovers and grabs the stick smashing Blackman over the head and Jarrett gets the pin. Both men were protected here as both were relatively new to the company, Jarrett had returned after being in WCW and Blackman debuted at Survivor Series which was roughly 6 months before this pay per view.

Winner: Jarrett over Blackman following a guitar shot!


Marc Mero vs Sable

Marc Mero was jealous of Sable's male attention and the reactions she was receiving so he cost her matches and wanted to rid himself of her so he asked Sable to find a man to fight for her freedom. Instead Sable chose to fight Mero herself, Sable was insanely popular due to her sex appeal and Vince loved Sable but she had absolutely no wrestling talent so this match was great due to the fact that it lasted 20 seconds. The stipulation for Sable if she lost was she would have to leave the WWF. Mero lays down in the ring and says he will let Sable pin him, Sable goes for the pin and Mero pulls her off at 2 and gets the cradle for the win. Sable is out of the WWF and Mero celebrates as he is now rid of the awful wretched woman who was stealing his spotlight. Yeah this was boring and a dud, Sable showed no emotion as she was leaving WWF. Sadly, this could be considered the highlight of Mero's WWF career.

Winner: Mero over Sable following shenanigans!

Kaientai(Dick Togo, Men's Teioh and Sho Funaki) vs Taka Michinoku and Bradshaw

A three on two handicap match pitting Kaientai against Taka and Bradshaw. Quit a funny match considering Taka was a member of Kaientai in Japan in Michinoku Pro where they would feud with the likes of Super Delphin Great Sasuke and Gran Naniwa. A lot of great tag matches there if you wish to search them up. This match is not worth staying up for as the match begins with Taka being dominated while Bradshaw is avoided like a plague by Kaientai because it is clear he will kill all of them.

 Taka takes a licking but keeps on ticking before tagging in Bradshaw who runs wild. The match breaks down with Taka being isolated from Bradshaw and this does not go well for our light heavyweight champion as Dick Togo hits a senton on Taka for the pinfall. Match was like any tag match you would see on Raw, this pay per view is not feeling too special at the moment.

Winners: Kaientai over Taka & Bradshaw following a Senton!

  (WWF Intercontinental Title Match) The Rock (C) vs Faarooq

Earlier in the night, Faarooq had attacked The Rock injuring him in the process with The Rock hoping that he would not have to defend his championship at the pay per view. Unfortunately, Sgt. Slaughter has other ideas and forces The Rock to defend his championship. The Rock enters the ring feigning injury but soon it becomes clear that The Rock is able to compete. The Rock gets planted with the Dominator but Nation members come to ringside and The Rock beats Faarooq with a school boy with his feet on the ropes. The Rock escapes with the championship once more. Faarooq will have to wait for his revenge. Short match so again, I do not have a lot to say on this match.

Winner: The Rock over Faarooq following shenanigans!



 Kane vs Vader Mask vs Mask

Two big monsters swinging for the fences is the best way to describe this match. Kane is a monster so he does not sell much of Vader's offense even though Vader is throwing bombs left right and center. Out of nowhere, Kane hits the tombstone for the win and Vader's career in the WWF comes to an end. It was a disaster as Shawn Michaels effectively ruined Vader's monster title win but Vader got the last laugh as he went to All Japan, teamed with Stan Hansen and destroyed the best of the best while winning the Triple Crown Championship on several occasions. Kane wins and continues looking like a monster.

Winner: Kane over Vader following total destruction!

Nation of Domination(Owen Hart/Kama Mustafa/D'Lo) vs Dx(Triple H/Billy Gunn/Road Dogg)

Ah yes, the beginnings of the feud that turned both stables into talking points in the WWF and made stars of everyone who was involved. D Generation X was at this point turning face and becoming the juggernaut that so many people love and adore while Owen Hart had just joined the Nation increasing the star power and the quality of the matches. The Nation are in control throughout the whole match as Owen Kama and D'Lo take turns dismantling Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Every time Dx got things going, they would be cut off by The Nation. The match breaks down with Chyna getting on the apron, Mark Henry grabs Chyna on the outside which results in X-Pac attacking Henry.

The referee is on the outside, distracted by the chaos. Triple H turns the european championship in the ring and with Billy Gunn, spikes D'Lo with the piledriver. The match is over but there is no referee, Triple H is pinning D'Lo but Owen Hart breaks up the pin and delivers the pedigree on Triple H onto the european belt as the referee counts the pin. The Nation strikes the first blow but this war is nowhere near over as these two factions have a feud over the course of the summer that I cannot wait to re watch. Good match as the heels win the first battle.

Winners: The Nation over DX following Shenanigans!

(WWF Championship Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Dude Love

Nobody does pay per view like the world wrestling federation and you better believe it as the roof comes unglued as Austin walks down to the ring. Patterson as guest announcer, Brisco is guest timekeeper and Vince as the referee. Austin's chances are slim to none. The Undertaker's music hits as it looks like Undertaker is making sure this is a fair fight. Perhaps just maybe Austin has a chance with Undertaker at ringside. Chain wrestling from our gladiators as Austin gets pinned to the mat and Vince gives a fast count. Crowd does not like that one bit so Austin tells Vince that he is number 1 using sign language. Dude's fake teeth are knocked out as Austin hammers Dude with right hands.

 Austin tastes the steel steps multiple times as Mcmahon continues admonishing him. Dude bites Austin's forehead while Vince cheers on the challenger. Austin fires back with clotheslines before Dude applies the mandible claw, Austin reverses the move sending Dude into the ropes. Patterson reminds the crowd there is no dq in this match as Vince is changing the rules to suit the challenger. Dude chokes Austin before Austin sends Dude into Brisco who is sent flying over the guard rail. Vicious clothesline from Austin to Dude. Austin makes a mistake as Dude dodges a knee, Austin hits the outside concrete after a neckbreaker. Mcmahon makes it a falls count anywhere match as Austin finds himself with his back against the wall. Right hands from Austin with his never say attitude, Dude is knocked loopy until he stumbles before a car.

 Austin tries a clothesline but he is back dropped onto the hood of a car by the stage. They battle onto a pile of cars by the stage before Dude launches Austin onto the floor. Sunset flip by Dude for the two count, Austin has been busted wide open due to hitting the car with is face. Snap suplex on the floor by Dude, Dude tries an elbow from a car but Dude eats concrete as Austin pins Dude but he only gets a two count. Patterson grabs Austin's leg as Dude takes over again. Turnbuckle pad is removed, and Austin hits it head first. Punches and a knee to the face from Foley, Austin is in dire straits he tries to fire back but eats the exposed turnbuckle once more. Patterson hangs Dude Love a chair, Austin is clobbered and a double arm ddt connects on the chair. Austin kicks out and smacks the chair into Dude's face and hits him right in the face with the chair. Looks sore and to think of the concussions Foley has had it makes me wince seeing such a shot. Vince refuses to count the pin as Dude love is out.


Vince gives Austin the finger before Dude sneaks up with chair in hand but he cracks Vince by mistake, Stunner by Austin, referee Mike Chioda runs down to count the pin 1...2.. Patterson breaks up the pin, Dude applies the mandible claw. Austin's shoulders are on the mat, Patterson tries to count the pin but Undertaker intervenes with a chokeslam through the announce table, Brisco tries to count the pain but meets the same demise through the Spanish announce table. Austin staggers to his feet, Dude tries for the claw but eats a low blow and a Stunner while Austin grabs Vince's hand and makes the three count. I loved this match, all the drama, all the stipulations, it was just a lot of fun and rightly so. Austin was white hot and the crowd hated Mcmahon it was great entertainment and just a great match.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over Dude Love following forced three count!


Overall, another solid ppv from the WWF. Mcmahon and Austin were phenomenal on this night and the crowd were into the whole match. Some matches specifically the Kaientai match and the Jarrett match could have been on Raw and nobody would have really noticed. Although it was brief, I enjoyed The Rock on this show as the squirmy heel who was terrified of Faarooq kicking his ass and The Nation vs Dx was great to see aswell. Next up is The 1998 King Of The Ring I will see you there!!  

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