Thursday 14 January 2016

WCW's Final Pay Per View: Greed

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       Welcome one and all to another edition of Sean's Wrestling Reviews! Today we will be looking at the final WCW pay per view,WCW Greed. Would the company that led the Monday Night Wars for 83 consecutive weeks go out with a bang or a whimper? Let's waste no more time and find out

                               Jason Jett vs Kwee Wee

         Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson welcome us to tonight's pay per view, live from Jacksonville Florida. They run through the card for the evening before announcing the first match. Jason Jett formerly EZ Money in ECW, makes his way to the ring, he had recently made his debut on the Thunder before the pay per view and now was opening the show. Kwee Wee makes his entrance with his hair spiked up in a crazy manner and wearing bright purple pants. As the match begins, Jett takes down Kwee Wee with a number of clotheslines and acrobatic manoeuvres , culminating in a cross body to the outside. The action goes back into the ring with Kwee Wee taking control of the match. using every advantage he can think of but he cannot make Jett stay down for the three count. The two spent a lot of time on the outside during this match, my notes mainly consist of they are on the outside again and again and again.

 I guess I should have expected this from WCW in its dying days. Towards the end of the match Jett and Kwee Wee collide with Kwee Wee falling to the outside. From inside the ring, Jett motions to the crowd to be quiet as he lays down and plays possum. Kwee Wee wakes up on the outside, seeing Jett laid out in the center of the ring, dives from the top looking to end the match with an elbow. Jett moves out of the way and hits his finisher The crash landing which is a throwaway vertical suplex for the 1..2..3. Jett then celebrates in the ring while the commentators hype Jett up to a future superstar in the business and in WCW. Final Verdict: It was ok, I didn't hate it so it passes, the playing possum spot was quite funny to see but a bit cartoonish in its execution.

                       Kidman&Mysterio vs Elix Skipper&Kid Romeo(Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Match)

         Ah yes, the WCW cruiserweight tag team titles, a title which lasted at the most, three weeks in its lifespan, gone but never forgotten. In all seriousness though, this match did receive a promo package which did its purpose of building the importance of this match. The referee is waiting in the ring holding the titles which quite possible could have the worst design in wrestling history.

Worst Belts Ever!!!

       Skipper enters the arena with Kid Romeo and nobody seems to give a damn about them which is disappointing as Kid Romeo's dancing is quite good. Kidman and Mysterio enter the ring and both men are over with the crowd and they come out to The Filthy Animals Theme which brought back a lot of memories for me as I haven't heard the song in so long. It is the standard tag team match with the faces dominating the heels until the heels start working over one of the babyfaces. Kidman is the unlucky one as Skipper and Romeo beat him down mercilessly while Mysterio can only watch his partner be destroyed by Skipper and Romeo. What I found strange about this match was the lack of moves which would be synonymous with the cruiserweight wrestlers. Mysterio and Kidman executed dives off the top of the ramp but that was the end of the high flying until Mysterio got the hot tag off Kidman. Mysterio is like a man possessed as he is taking out Skipper and Romeo with dropkicks, hurricanranas and a bronco buster for good measure. The match comes to a conclusion as Mysterio and Romeo are left in the ring as Kidman and Skipper have been taking out by powerbomb and splash combinations respectively. Mysterio attempts a springboard moonsault from the second rope but Romeo catches him and spikes him with a Northern Lights Driver for the victory. There was not a great reaction to the heels winning the belts and I feel it was the wrong decision but I can understand the booking in the sense that they wanted to build to Mysterio and Kidman winning the belts so there was no story if they won the belts the first time they were on the line.

 Shawn Stasiak (With Stacy Keblier) vs Bam Bam Bigelow

       Stacy Keblier is in the ring introducing her associate Shawn Stasiak who is referred to as The Mecca of Manhood and The Star. What I learned from this introduction was that Stacy Keblier used her real name in WCW and was no longer going as Miss Hancock and that these two worked together in WCW and that is why she was his manager when he appeared in the WWF during the invasion. Stasiak is handing 8x10 photos of himself to the crowd, I like it maybe Tyler Breeze should do it to draw more heat(Just a suggestion). Bigelow comes out next and rips up an 8x10 of Stasiak which infuriates our Mecca of Manhood. They start off and this match is just like a tv match. From the beginning to the end, it is your basic tv match. Bigelow takes advantage of Stasiak who powders to the outside, Stacy checks on the Star who grabs a quick kiss from him as he goes back into the ring with Bigelow. Stasiak hits a low blow right in front of the referee and there is no disqualification because I have no idea!

 Stasiak gets caught by Bigelow who smashes him into the mat and Bigelow signals for the Greetings from Asbury Parks. Stacy jumps up onto the apron and throws a can of hairspray to Stasiak who sprays Bigelow in the eyes and hits a neckbreaker for the win. A really lame match which a weak finish as Stasiak beats another major star as he had previously beaten Mr. Perfect in the year prior. Overall, it was not a pay per view quality match and you could easily skip over this match and miss nothing.

Team Canada(Mike Awesome and Lance Storm) vs Hugh Morris&Konnan

        Team Canada make their entrance, I feel bad for Mike Awesome because he got a raw deal in America, he looked like a monster and was a monster in ECW. Perhaps he did not deserve to be a world champion but he certainly deserved more than he received in his American ventures. Luckily for him, FMW treated him like the monster he was and he made a lot of money. I am getting sidetracked but there is not a lot to talk about in this match, Hugh Morris rushes to the ring to attack Team Canada while Konnan enters to save Morris from a beatdown. Team Canada beat down Konnan while Morris tries in vain to get into the ring, the heels throw Konnan around the ring. Morris finally gets the tag as he takes down Awesome and Storm with back body drops and slams. Morris takes Awesome down with A german suplex, setting up for his No Laughing Matter Moonsault. Storm grabs Morris while he is ascending the top rope as Mike Awesome grabs Morris and hits a running Awesome Bomb for the pin while Storm prevents Konnan from making the save.

Shane Helms vs Chavo Guerrero(WCW Cruiserweight Title Match)

            Helms makes his entrance with his Sugar Babies(Yeah I just wrote that and I feel disgusted too) as promo packages show us Helms' journey to this Cruiserweight Title Match. Guerrero, the champion walks to the ring. The two men lock up in the center of the ring with Chavo taking the advantage with the side headlock, both men counter each other which leads to the standoff. Guerrero takes down Helms with a clothesline and a t-bone suplex. Both hit dives onto the outside in segments of back and forth action between the two. Chavo signals for the Tornado DDT but it is countered into a Nightmare on Helms Street. Chavo reaches the ropes as Helms can't believe he did not win the match. Guerrero props Helms up on the turnbuckle and looks to finish Helms with the Vertebreaker but this did not go to plan as it is a horrible idea to try and hit someone else with their finishing move as Chavo finds out as Helms hits his own vertebreaker and wins the title.

Luger/Bagwell vs O'Haire&Palumbo(Tag Team Title Match)

           Lex Luger is followed to the ring by Buff Bagwell who talk trash about Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo, claiming they are nobodies and haven't beaten anyone. The champions stand at the top of the ramp before running to the ring and laying out the challengers in less than two minutes. O' Haire hits a Senton Bomb on Luger and Bagwell, pinning Bagwell and that is it the match was over. The champions had retained and squashed the veterans, something that was very rare in WCW. However, Luger and Bagwell did not put over the champions they didnt sell or move into position for the finish. The most disrespectful action came after the match ended as Bagwell and Luger just lay in the ring, not moving and wasting time for the next match as the commentators clearly have no idea what is going on in the ring. Eventually, Bagwell and Luger make their way put of the ring but this was bad and I mean really bad!

Chris Kanyon vs Ernest The Cat Miller (With Ms. Jones)

            Kanyon rises from the under the stage in quite a cool entrance, wearing a cast on his arm. The commentators explain he busted his arm beating Smooth into oblivion with a steel chair. Nice cover story guys! The story of this match is Kanyon is after Ms Jones who is quite the upgrade from Judy Bagwell. The Cat being the honorable man is fighting for Ms. Jones. Kanyon is simply great at bumping, he was flipping all  over the place in this match. As for the match itself, it was ok. The ref was knocked out and Ms Jones entered the ring and looked like she wanted to fight Kanyon, Kanyon grabbed her arm but she wriggled free allowing The Cat to hit the Feliner for the pin. After the match, Kanyon went to attack Ms Jones  but Smooth ran to Ms Jones' aid as Kanyon fled the ring.

                       Booker T vs Rick Steiner (US Heavyweight Title Match)

            Rick Steiner was the second last WCW United States Champion? Well I guess you learn something new everyday. The match is worked at a very slow pace with Steiner taking a lot of rest holds in between his domination spots. This match features another low blow right in front of the referee which I swear it is like the fourth or fifth time that has happened while I am watching this pay per view. I feel like I am losing my mind but no this seems to be a running theme for the night. Another match involving a ref bump as Steiner looks to have this one in the bag before The Franchise Shane Douglas appears at ringside and blasts Steiner in the head. The Franchise as a face in WCW? This pay per view is full of weird and wonderful surprises. As Steiner staggers back to his feet, Booker T drops him with The Bookend to become The United States Heavyweight Champion. Can You Dig It? 


Jeff Jarrett&Ric Flair vs Dusty&Dustin Rhodes(Kiss My Ass Tag Match)

                Damn You WCW you just will not let the torture end. Yes it is 2001, yes it is Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair and yes, not one fan in the building wants to see Jarrett or Dustin. Ric Flair comes out in a t-shirt and jeans because he is Ric Flair and you are a fatboy! Dustin and Jarrett kick off this match and to their credit, they worked hard but nobody cared as they wanted to see Dusty and Flair get it on. Flair pummels Dustin before he makes the tag to Dusty and it seems like we have time traveled to 1985 as the crowd comes alive for Dusty Rhodes beating up on Ric Flair. Jarrett takes out Dusty while Flair sets up for the figure four on Dustin but Dustin gets a roll up on Flair and now someone has to kiss some ass. Flair rolls to the outside so instead we are treated to the sight of Dusty Rhodes pulling down his pants and shoving his booty into the face of Jarrett and yeah, this was ridiculous. Let's move on to the main event please!!!!

Scott Steiner vs DDP(World Heavyweight Title Match)

             The final WCW world heavyweight title match on pay per view. I feel like this is so important as the story surrounding the match is DDP is the last of WCW's great warriors left standing against Big Poppa Pump. Goldberg, Kevin Nash and even Sting had all fallen victim to the Steiner Recliner. Steiner was the unstoppable machine while DDP was the man who just would not lay down and die. Michael Buffer introduces the wrestlers in the way that only he can as DDP waits for the arrival of the Champion. Steiner makes his way to the ring accompanied by Midajah as Steiner and Page have a staredown in the center of the ring. A slugfest begins with Page getting the upper hand before Steiner cuts him off with a monstrous clothesline. Steiner continuously loses focus as he insults the "white trash" at ringside. Both men battle through the crowd until reaching the spanish announce table which is located in the middle of the crowd(Weird right?). Steiner grabs a crutch from a planted fan and smashes Page over the head with it repeatedly. Page fights back and with an elbow, sends Steiner through the table. The action continues as Steiner throws Page into the ringside area where Steiner pushes a planted fan who is Paul London. 

Steiner unleashes bearhugs, chops and chokes Page who in an act of desperation hits a ddt to create some breathing space. Page hits the Diamond Cutter on Scott only for Rick Steiner to break up the pin attempt. The ref is knocked out as Steiner grabs his title and brings the pain to Page's face. Page is a bloody mess as Steiner continues his assault with his lead pipe that Midajah was carrying. Page is rendered unconscious before being locked in The Steiner Recliner. Steiner retains The World Heavyweight Championship while Page lays at his feet. This was a good match the crowd were into the match and this did not drag on like a lot of the matches on this card. Another ref bump and screwy finish was annoying as I am sick to death of these finishes after watching this pay per view.

                             So there you have it, my review of WCW'S final pay per view Greed. WCW was dead long before this pay per view and this pay per view proves that it was a shell of its former self in its dying days. From the characters to the finishes, this was just a pain to get through and I definitely would not have watched this if I didn't plan on reviewing it. WCW went out on a whimper with Greed but I like to think of WCW in the days where it had an exciting midcard where everyone was over and the NWO were the coolest guys on the planet. It is sad to think WCW died fifteen years ago, it could have been so different if Bischoff had been able to purchase the company but it just was not meant to be. I hope you have enjoyed this review and until next time, see ya!

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