Wednesday 6 January 2016

Shinsuke Nakamura And AJ Styles to WWE?

Could These Two Be in WWE?

         With the confirmation of Kenny Omega being placed as the new leader of The Bullet Club, it seems that AJ Styles could be on his way to WWE along with Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. However this is not all that could be joining the WWE as it is also rumored that Shinsuke Nakamura could also be heading to WWE. In terms of going all out, WWE could be starting 2016 with a bang which could many fans feeling extremely excited about the product/ Styles is finally getting his shot in WWE which so many people feel he deserved and in Nakamura's case, hopefully he can end the trend of Japanese wrestlers being portrayed so poorly in the WWE(Let us hope Hideo Itami does the same) so tonight I will be reviewing their match from Wrestle Kingdom 10.

         The story of this match is simple: a dream match between two competitors that the fans both love. AJ Styles has arguably had the best year of his career in 2015 while Nakamura has been tearing it up with awesome matches throughout the year like business as usual. This match was out in jeopardy due to Styles' herniated discs in his back(He withdrew from the Tag League due to the injury) but he battled through the pain and competed against Nakamura in this match.Styles enters the arena first wearing an awesome mask and the fans are posing along with them. He badly needs a haircut and a shave(just my opinion) but looks to be in great shape despite the pain he must have been going through. The champions enters next and a surprisingly low key entrance from Nakamura on the big stage. As soon as the bell rings this match has a big match feel and the fans' excitement is infectious(I am watching with English commentary and I am regretting this decision)

               The match starts out with both men circling one another and locking up with Styles gaining the initial advantage which is followed by Nakamura grabbing the arm and releasing on a clean break. Both men continue to trade holds until both men attempt their respective finishers which are both countered leading to a stand-off between the two. The crowd eat this up as they continue to cheer on both men. In an awesome spot, Nakamura once again gains control leading to another clean break, signalling for Styles to bring it who does the bullet club pose, pointing his fingers at Nakamura like a gun and firing for Nakamura to bite the bullet and eat it(A fun spot that went down well with the crowd and shows the charismatic side of Nakamura who if you haven't noticed it, just oozes charisma)

                 Nakamura grabs a headlock on Styles who shoots him into the ropes, ducks under and hits one of the best dropkicks in the business, catching Nakamura right on the chin. After posing, Styles goes to press his advantage on Nakamura he gets caught by Nakamura who snapmares Styles, followed by a knee drop to the face and in another great spot, Nakamura mocks Style's pose. Transitioning to the corner, Nakamura attempts  his knee lifts but his countered by Styles who prepares for a dive on the turnbuckle but Nakamura violently pulls Styles off who crashes into the mat clutching his back in agony. Nakamura backs away as it seems Styles has injured himself badly only for Styles to reveal he was playing possum and attack Nakamura from behind(Great idea working Styles' injury into the match as it looked very realistic due  to Nakamura's attack and Styles' acting, I love it!)

                  Styles is firmly in control and begins to soften up Nakamura's legs and neck for the Calf Killer and Styles Clash respectively. An Indian Deathlock and corner clothesline show Styles intent on systematically breaking down Nakamura. However, Nakamura is not going to take anything lying down and fires back with kicks and a nasty looking backbreaker. Styles rolls to the outside and is met by a spear from Nakamura into the barricade, Styles back is now being targeted Nakamura who brings the pain with more kicks to the head and ribs of Styles. Styles falls victim to Nakamura face wash as he prepares for his Boma Ye. Nakamura charges in as Styles avoids the Boma Ye but cannot avoid more knees to the mid section. Styles finally breaks free with a series of forearm shots which ends with a springboard forearm smash. Styles' selling was impressive as he sold his injured back, trying to suplex Nakamura which resulted in Nakamura almost gaining the advantage until Styles snap suplexed Nakamura into the turnbuckle.

 Styles locks in the Calf Killer but Nakamura is too near the ropes and escapes. Nakamura gets to his feet and kicks the hell out of Styles and hits a lungblower and half suplex, setting up for the Boma Ye again. Nakamura is thwarted as Styles reverses into the Calf Killer in the center of the ring, Nakamura cannot break free as Styles continues to wrench back with the submission. However, Styles becomes frustrated allowing Nakamura to counter into an arm bar. Releasing he is in dnager, Styles pokes Nakamura in the eye to regain control. The crowd have been great so far cheering on both men but the match really clicks for me and the crowd during the next sequence.

                   Styles applies the torture rack and slams Nakamura into the mat with a powerbomb. Styles signals for the Styles Clash but it is reversed as Nakamura attempts the Boma Ye but that is also reversed as Styles plants Nakamura on the second rope only for Nakamura to hit a diving Boma Ye onto Styles, the Dome goes crazy as Nakamura covers.. and Styles kicks out at two. Both men rise to their feet and begin exchanging blows, mostly forearms until Styles goes for a spinning backfist which Nakamura counters with a kick to the head, Pele kick from Styles and Boma Ye from Nakamura. 1...2.. kick out, the place is rocking now as Styles uses a crucifix pin where Nakamura kicks out and gets hit by a Boma Ye from Styles!!! 450 Splash from Styles as Nakmura just will not stay down. Styles hits a backfist and goes for the forearm shot but Nakamura latches on a cross arm breaker.(A great reversal that is pleasing on the eyes) Styles looks to be fading as Nakamura applies a triangle choke only for Styles to hit a one armed Styles Clash!!!That looked awesome and the crowd are buying into all the near falls. Bloody Sunday from Styles, Nakamura is on dream street, great camera work shows how Nakamura is reeling from Styles' combination of moves. 

Styles signals for the clash but decides it is not enough to put the warrior that is Nakamura down so he drags the lifeless body of Nakmura to the corner for a super Styles Clash. Nakamura fights back and gains the advantage with a kick to the head, Styles is in trouble and Nakamura hits the Landslide(Modified Michinoku Driver) from the second rope, 1.. 2.. and Styles will not stay down! Going for broke, Nakamura hits an Enzu Boma Ye to Styles which looks nasty as he nearly took his head off and Nakamura is not finished yet, he adds one more to the face of Styles and 1...2...3.. Your winner and still IWGP Intercontinental Champion.. Shinsuke Nakamura
Your Winner Ladies and Gentlemen

               Fantastic match from both men and we received exactly what we expected. Nakamura brought his A game like we knew he would and not even herniated discs could stop Styles putting on an excellent match. From the little things such as playing up the back injury and Nakamura's mocking of Styles to the bigger moves like the one armed Styles Clash and the second rope Landslide, this was a great match by two of the best wrestler on the planet. If the rumors are true and both men are WWE bound, there is a high possibility we will be seeing a lot of awesome matches in the future. This has been my review and I hope you liked it. Until Next Time See Ya!

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