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WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that just won’t die like Impact! It’s time for WCW Halloween Havoc 1993! Headlined by Vader vs Cactus Jack rightfully so for the WCW World Championship! Jesus must hate me because I also am being treated to a rematch between Rick Rude and Ric Flair for the WCW International Championship. Bagwell & Scorpio are challenging for the tag team championships because The Road Warriors are walking their fishes or something? We also have Stunning Steve Austin vs Dustin Rhodes for the United States Championship and The British Bulldog is challenging Lord Steven Regal for the Television Championship. There are some meaty matches on the card so let’s hope this is somewhat decent.


Harlem Heat & The Equalizer vs Ice Train/Charlie Norris/Shockmaster

Equalizer continues to be passed around by the heels of the company, Booker and Ice Train start. Shoulder block by Train, clubbing blows by Booker. Train scoop slams Booker, clothesline from Train. Stevie Ray wants a piece of Ice Train, clubbing blows by Stevie Ray. Train sends Stevie Ray to the buckle, tag to Norris. Diving tomahawk chop to the arm, eye poke by Stevie Ray. Tag to Booker, Booker runs into an arm-drag and a wristlock. Tag to Shockmaster, headbutts and a leg drop to the arm. Norris and Train tag in to work the arm, Train grabs a headlock. Stevie Ray lands a kick from the apron, Booker lands a massive dropkick.


Tag to Stevie Ray, double sidewalk slam. Two for Stevie Ray, stomps to the head and neck. Equalizer comes in and headbutts Train, chops against the ropes and a face-rake. Equalizer ducks his head off an Irish whip, face-buster from Train. Norris comes in and grabs a side headlock, shoulder block does not work for Norris. Shockmaster tags in, clubbing blows by Equalizer. Shoulder blocks by Shockmaster, scoop slam and tag to Train. Double elbow to Equalizer, Norris is in the ring. Double chop for two, Harlem Heat make the save. Norris is distracted and Equalizer comes in for the double axe handle, Equalizer lands a clothesline. Tag to Stevie Ray, scoop slam by Stevie Ray.


Two for Stevie Ray, double clothesline from Harlem Heat. Booker lands a knee-drop for two, Booker misses a big move and in comes Shockmaster who lands clotheslines and haymakers. Booker is whipped to the ropes into The Bearhug into the spinebuster combination.


Thankfully, did not go too long. Not really a fan of Harlem Heat already eating pins considering they were in there with Sid and Vader one PPV before this but I am not really thrilled with WCW’s booking anyways so why not have them lose. Not sure who Equalizer is going to go with next but it’s funny how he is being passed around by everyone. Train and Norris are still a rough watch but this really did breeze by so not as bad as I thought.


Winners: Team Shockmaster over Team Equalizer via Bearhug Spinebuster!


Paul Orndorff W/ Assassin 1 vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Steamboat is not challenging Regal for the championship, Steamboat was going to face Yoshi Kwan but no we have Orndorff in there with Steamboat. Orndorff attacks Steamboat from behind, back body drop and forearm shots from Mr. Wonderful. Steamboat chops back into the match, Orndorff rams Steamboat into the buckle. Snap-mare into the elbow, Steamboat comes back with an O’Connor roll for two. Clothesline by Orndorff, Steamboat powders. They battle outside the ring as Orndorff lands elbows and right hands, Steamboat lands a chop but Orndorff lands a belly to back suplex for two. Steamboat manages to turn the tide with some nice technical work, arm-bar from The Dragon.


Headbutt from Orndorff, drop-downs before Steamboat lands a flying crossbody for two. Steamboat goes after the arm again, Steamboat sends the arm of Orndorff into the ring-post. Orndorff is down with his arm hitting the ring-post time and time again, Orndorff wants a time-out but Steamboat drags Orndorff into the ring. Elbows to the arm over and over, Steamboat is punishing Orndorff in the ring. Chops and more, Orndorff is crawling off the ramp. Orndorff is just being punished, Steamboat is on the apron and arguing with the referee. Orndorff drops Steamboat off the apron, Orndorff pummels Steamboat.


Steamboat takes a tumble into the crowd, Orndorff lands a diving elbow to the head for two. Both men collide after a crossbody attempt, Orndorff is sent to the mat. Diving chop from Steamboat, knees to the ribs. Atomic drop sends Orndorff back into the ring, Steamboat climbs high. Diving chop from Steamboat for two, double chop for two. Steamboat ducks his head off an Irish whip, face-buster from Mr. Wonderful. Steamboat blocks the piledriver, Steamboat almost pins Orndorff but Steamboat catapults Orndorff into the buckle. Schoolboy for two, belly to back suplex. Steamboat climbs high, Diving Crossbody but The Assassin distracts the referee, Steamboat is irate. Orndorff takes control, flying shoulder block by Steamboat for two.


Steamboat lands another flying shoulder block for two, Steamboat pummels Orndorff on the ropes. Steamboat and the referee are having words, Steamboat shoves the referee out of the way. Orndorff throws Steamboat over the top rope and The Assassin cracks Steamboat with a headbutt and Mr. Wonderful wins by count-out!


Is Assassin 1 going to be continuing alongside Mr. Wonderful? I was a little surprised by this finish considering Steamboat had conquered Orndorff for the championship previously and Mr. Wonderful was a substitute for Yoshi Kwan but anyways, the put on a good match here. Orndorff looks quite good in there with Steamboat but everyone could be great in there with Steamboat. Steamboat shows passion and shows a lot of fire in this one, very happy anytime I see Steamboat inside of that ring, surprised that he was not winning this match though. The finish is certainly a downer especially if it is a one time thing with Assassin 1 but I am content to let it play out.


Winner: Paul Orndorff over Ricky The Dragon Steamboat via Count-Out!


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Lord Steven Regal © W/ Sir William vs The British Bulldog

The aristocrat vs the commoner, Regal from the upper class taking on the working-class hero British Bulldog. Bit of a step down from the main event and the world championship to the television championship, you thought there would be something bigger in store for Bulldog but maybe it was all very reactionary in the way they brought in Bulldog. Regal uses a wristlock only for Bulldog to counter with his own wristlock. Regal and Bulldog continue to trade wristlocks, Bulldog and Regal are showing how good they are inside that squared circle. Shove off with more counters, Regal is perplexed by Bulldog’s style of wrestling. Perhaps Regal has forgotten that Bulldog knows Regal’s style inside and out. Regal gets caught with a monkey flip, Regal snap-mares over and over but Bulldog wriggles free time and time again.


Romero special from Bulldog, Sir William distracts Bulldog. Regal goes to work with forearms and headbutts to the ribs, Regal ducks his head off an Irish whip and gets waffled in the face with a kick. Bulldog runs the ropes and eats a knee to the ribs, snap-mare into a somersault senton for two. Rest hold from Regal, uppercuts and knees by Regal. Uppercuts from Regal, knees to the ribs. Sunset flip counter by Bulldog for two, Regal re-assumes control with knees. More rest holds by Regal, Bulldog fights out and lands a clothesline. Whip to the buckle, Regal goes for the knees. Regal stretches Bulldog again with a full-nelson like stretch, Bulldog escapes the hold but Regal maintains control with more stretches. Bulldog drops Regal on the ramp, Regal lands a forearm to the face.


More vicious kicks from Regal, two for Regal. Stomps from the champion, Bulldog manages to cover Regal for two, head-scissors from Bulldog. Sixty seconds left, clothesline by Bulldog. Suplex by Bulldog, Regal is trying to run away. Running Powerslam connects and Regal kicks out at two! Piledriver from Bulldog but the time elapses, Regal retains his Television Championship!


I cannot believe Bulldog hit The Running Powerslam and Regal kicked out at two, nothing to protect his finish. Bulldog really gave that away like nothing, shocking stuff there. Anyways, this match is alright. Bulldog’s size and issues behind the scene make it that I only enjoy when Bulldog is in that ring with Bret Hart, Owen Hart or Shawn Michaels. Regal does get good heat so if I get to see more of Regal vs Steamboat, this could be some great stuff.


Time-Limit Draw!


(WCW United States Championship Match) Dustin Rhodes © vs Stunning Steve Austin

Stunning Steve challenges Rhodes for his championship, both men who work every well with one another. Austin slaps Rhodes to begin the match, clean break from Rhodes before Austin runs away from the champion. Austin takes down Rhodes and tries a Boston crab, Rhodes rolls out of the hold. Austin begs for mercy, Austin and Rhodes look for a test of strength. Austin is tentative here, Austin could be psyching out the younger man. Elbow from Austin, right hand to the head. Stomps on the fingers, knee to the head. Austin needed one gap and took it, snap-mare into a cover for two. Scoop slam from the challenger, Rhodes counters with a snap-mare and pummels Austin. Austin escapes a belly to back suplex and applies a headlock.


Fist to the head by Austin, another side headlock. Shove off that leads to a drop-down and a dropkick from Rhodes, Austin meets the buckle hard. Austin begs for mercy on the floor, Rhodes is suckered in and kicked hard. Chop from Austin, make it double. Austin misses a corner knee and spills to the floor, shin-breaker and Rhodes works the leg. Austin pulls at the hair of Rhodes, and rakes the eyes to regain control. Austin chokes Rhodes in the corner, snap-mare into a knee-drop. Rhodes blocks being sent into the buckle, Austin tastes the buckle but Austin reverses with a knee and a scoop slam. Austin cannot lift Rhodes and is sent to the buckle but counters with a slingshot knee-drop. Rhodes reverses an Irish whip and back body drops Austin, flying clothesline for two.


Rhodes wants the bulldog, whip to the buckle and Austin places Rhodes on the top turnbuckle. Great counter from Stunning Steve, Austin has Rhodes in the tree of woe. Kicks to the ribs from Austin, knee to the head. Rhodes is rallying though, schoolboy for two. Small package for two, Rhodes lands multiple right hands after carrying the stun-gun. Right hand by Rhodes, Austin is on the floor but Austin re-enters the ring and trips up Rhodes, using his feet for leverage and pinning Rhodes. However, the referee says no I saw the feet on the ropes and Rhodes rolls-up Austin for the win but Austin smashes Rhodes in the face with the championship.


Good solid stuff from both men here, I enjoy Austin’s heel work. Vicious and to the point, lots of right hands and knees to the head. Austin can also bump around for his opponent and move much more freely than his Stone Cold days for obvious reasons so it is really interesting to see how much Austin could do back in his WCW days. Rhodes does well here, sells well here as always and gets the crowd involved in the match so solid stuff for sure. Finish leaves it open to this feud continuing and I am happy to see where it goes from here, just confused like always with WCW how Rhodes ended up with the championship and there was no PPV to showcase that event happening.


Winner: Dustin Rhodes over Stunning Steve Austin via Schoolboy!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) Marcus Alexander & 2 Cold Scorpio © W/ Theodore Long vs The Nasty Boys W/ Missy Hyatt


So Nasty Boys defeated Roma & Anderson but were then defeated by Bagwell & Scorpio who hadn’t exactly ascended up that tag team ladder or beaten anyone of note. It starts with a double championship shot to the face, I also have no idea why Teddy Long is with these two. Bagwell just kissed Missy Hyatt, poor bastard might have tasted about 80 other men.


Saggs and Bagwell to start the match properly, Saggs roughs up Bagwell hard. Knee-drop from Saggs, Knobbs lands a massive elbow drop. Forearm shots to the face, Bagwell lands a double dropkick and Scorpio comes in with a diving crossbody. Double clotheslines and the challengers are on the floor, we reset with Bagwell and Knobbs. Tag to Scorpio, drop toehold and splash. Knobbs lands two forearms, Scorpio goes for a victory roll for two. Knobbs gets caught in an arm-bar, Knobbs escapes and tags in Saggs but Saggs is rocked with a hip-toss and elbow combination by the champions. Arm-bar from Scorpio, tag to Bagwell. Bagwell works that arm, Saggs grabs Bagwell by the face and in comes Knobbs.


Knobbs and Saggs land a stun-gun on Bagwell who ends up on the floor, slap from Missy Hyatt. Knobbs lands a big suplex, Saggs comes in and works the lower back with shots. Forearms to the spine over and over, leg drop for two. Knobbs comes in and works the spine, reverse chin-lock from Knobbs. Bagwell meets the buckle sternum first, leg drop to the groin. Saggs is kicking Bagwell around the ring, slaps and spitting from Saggs. Knobbs comes in and applies a bearhug, Saggs is tagged in and lands a clothesline. Two for Saggs, Bagwell makes the tag to Scorpio but Knobbs distracted the referee. Bagwell avoids a corner splash and clotheslines Saggs, can he make the tag?


Tag to Scorpio, kicks to Knobbs. Spinning heel kick to Knobbs, dropkicks all around. Spinning heel kick to Saggs, Knobbs meets the buckle. Splash from Scorpio, moonsault for two. Missy Hyatt is on the apron, Teddy Long is fighting with her. Saggs knocks off Teddy Long, Saggs and Hyatt smack heads. 450 Splash on Knobbs but Saggs nails Scorpio with a boot and The Nasty Boys regain the championships!


Pretty dull from these two, I miss when I used to watch The Steiners murder The Nasty Boys, Bagwell just isn’t that interesting to me while I would much rather watch Scorpio in the ring by himself. Not sure why they did the title switch on TV, why not build up The Nasty Boys? Whatever, this was ok.


Winners: The Nasty Boys over 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell via Boot to The Head!


Sting vs Sid Vicious W/ Colonel Rob Parker

The second time they have fought at Halloween Havoc, let’s hope it is better than the first match. Sid jumps Sting, clubbing blows and a joke before Sting slams Sid and lands a clothesline. Apron clothesline and suplex into the ring, they fight into the crowd. Parker grabs Sting’s foot, Chokeslam from Sid. Sting is thrown into the buckle again and again, stomps in the corner by Sid. Parker chokes Sting behind the referee’s back, sidewalk slam by Sid. Sid slams Sting onto the guardrail, Sting is fighting back but Sid locks in a reverse chin-lock. Sting fights back but is planted with a powerslam, Parker is not happy that Sting continues to kick out.


Bearhug from Sid, ear clap from Sting but Sid counters with a boot and an axe handle. Ear claps from Sting, Sting trips Sid and smashes Sid’s head off the canvas. Face-buster from Sting, Stinger Splash times two. Sid drops to the mat, Parker is decked by Sting. Sid tries to get Sting, Parker is grabbing everyone’s leg and Parker grabs the leg of Sid by mistake, Sid is distracted and Sting rolls-up Sid for the win.


What a match exclaims Tony Schiavone, it was anything but because this was tame. Not as bad as their match at Halloween Havoc because that finish was so incredibly stupid it cannot be topped but how could Parker not believe that he had the leg of Sting? That’s a tough sell, Parker is looking right at Sid as he pulls his leg over I mean come on are we really meant to by that? This match never left first gear, rough stuff for sure.


Winner: Sting over Sid Vicious via O’Connor Roll!


(WCW International Championship Match) Ric Flair W/ Fifi vs Ravishing Rick Rude ©

Terry Taylor is the special referee for this very important match, this championship is a world championship billed as just as prestigious as the WCW World Championship. These two had a largely boring match at Fall Brawl, praying that this is more watchable. Rude’s airbrushed tights are a highlight once more, match starts with Rude talking to Fifi. Flair goes after the knee and chops Rude in the corner. Right hands and chops, whip to the opposite buckle. Suplex connects by Flair, Rude kicks out at two. Flair continues chopping at Rude, corner clothesline by Flair. Right hands by Flair, Rude is staggered. Whip to the opposite buckle, Rude blocks with a boot to the face. Rude misses a diving knee-drop and that sets up the knee work.


Shin-breaker and Figure Four Leg-Lock in the middle of the ring, Rude is screaming out in pain. Rude escapes but Flair continues destroying the leg, Rude’s knee meets the ring-post. Flair continues elbowing the knee, Rude grabs at the hair in desperation. Flair is kicked to the floor by Rude, shoulder thrust by Flair. Slingshot sunset flip attempt by Flair, Rude counters for two while using the ropes. Flair comes back with chops and a flying crossbody on the floor, Flair dives to the floor with a diving axe handle. Chops against the guardrail, Flair tries another axe handle but Rude counters with a massive punch to the ribs. Rude wants to use the chair but Terry Taylor takes away the chair, reverse chin-lock from Rude.


Rude climbs high, diving chop but Rude clutches the knee. Cover for two, camel clutch from Rude. Flair tries fighting back but Rude decks The Nature Boy, Irish whip and Flair flip to the apron. Flair is clotheslined onto the ramp, Rude lands a suplex into the ring. Rude lands another diving chop, two for Rude. Bearhug from Rude, knees from Rude to the ribs. Rude is caught in a sleeper but Flair is backed into the buckle, Rude climbs high again. Flair dodges the attack, Rude Awakening from Flair. Two for Flair, Rude tries a hip-toss off the Irish whip and Flair lands a backslide for two. Vertical suplex by Flair, Rude blocks the splash with his knees.


Rude whips Flair into the referee, clothesline by Rude. Terry Taylor checks on the original referee, Flair shoves Rude into Taylor. Rude pulls out the brass knuckles but Flair ducks and lands a belly to back suplex. A camera guy takes the knuckles, why did he touch them? What the fuck is that, brass knuckles to the face of Rude. Taylor was going to count the three but the original referee is back in the ring, the original referee saw Flair use the brass knuckles and this match is over by DQ!


Why the fuck did that camera guy touch the brass knuckles? What was he thinking? Rick Rude steals Fifi so Flair wants The Figure Four on the ramp. Anyways, this match was just the Fall Brawl match without the arm work so it’s better because that arm work went nowhere. Rude sells the leg work here, they repeat the brass knuckles spot and the Rude Awakening spot so it really adds nothing new, it just takes things out of the Fall Brawl match. They do not work great together, The Horsemen oddly seem like such a non-factor in WCW in 1993 and Flair’s return has not been that home-run that I thought it would be, hopefully it clicks in 1994.


Winner: Rick Rude over Ric Flair via DQ!


(WCW World Championship Texas Death Match) Vader © W/ Harley Race vs Cactus Jack

This should be a good one, a Texas Death Match featuring Cactus Jack who will probably take some insane bumps. Cactus wants to kill Vader for breaking his nose, his home, his family and his bag. They brawl on the ramp, Vader starts hitting headbutts and takes off his mask, Vader misses a clothesline and smashes his arm off the ring-post. Cactus uses a chair but Vader clubs down Cactus, Cactus brawls back into the match though. Cactus bites the head of Vader, Cactus uses a camera from a fan to deck Vader. They enter the ring and Cactus charges into a big boot, Vader lands a vicious clothesline. Vader tries to break the nose again in the corner, rights and lefts from Vader.


Cactus is clobbered to the apron, Cactus suplexes Vader to the ramp. Vicious looking bump but they are right back up, crazy. Cactus is bleeding, Race tries helping with a chair but Cactus takes down Race and cracks Vader in the face with the chair. Chair across the spine, Cactus lands right hands to the head of Vader. Vader throws Cactus in a grave, we cannot see anything. Vader comes out of the grave, bleeding all over the place. Vicious clothesline by Cactus for three, this is a Texas Death Match so there is a rest period after the painful. Cactus grabs a cactus, Vader is smashed with the cactus. So let me get this straight, you need to earn a pin-fall, there are 30 seconds of rest and then you have ten seconds to get back to your feet so you have forty seconds to get back to your feet.


Vader rolls off the ramp and Cactus lands a diving elbow drop for another pin-fall. Vader clubs down Cactus, headbutt staggers Cactus. Cactus is bringing a table into the ring, Vader clubs Cactus in the corner. Rights and lefts from Vader, Cactus reverses an Irish whip and sends Vader into the table. Cactus smacks Vader with the table, Cactus tries an apron sunset flip but it does not work. Vader misses his hip splash though, Vader is suplexed onto the guardrail. Cactus tries a somersault into Vader but Vader kind of doesn’t sell it so they brawl in the crowd. Stun-gun onto the guardrail and we are back ringside, Harley Race has a taser? Ok interesting, Vader and Cactus are back in the ring. Scoop slam, Vader Bomb is on the menu but will it connect? No it is not, it’s the damn Vadersault! Vader gets the pin-fall, Cactus makes the count. We are on the ramp, Race has a chair.


Cactus rakes at the face of Vader, Vader falls back full-weight on the ramp. That looked brutal, DDT on a steel chair. Paramedics are checking on Cactus, Cactus survives the count. DDT on the steel chair by Cactus, Race still has the taser. Race electrocutes Cactus in the leg and Vader wins because Vader survived a ten count?


There was a lot to like about this match, we kick it off with Cactus opening up Vader. All that torment, all that suffering comes back ten-fold for Vader who has never been beaten like this before, blood is everywhere. Such a fantastic visual, the unstoppable champion looks vulnerable. They smack the dogshit out of one another, stiff shots galore throughout the match. Weapons and big bumps, this is what you want from your Texas Death Match. That ramp bump is ridiculous, disgusting and Cactus suffered a ruptured kidney which I am not surprised by in the slightest. It’s hard-hitting and for a main event, it’s pretty good compared to the drizzling shits that was most of this PPV. The finish wasn’t great, I am not sure how you are meant to make a taser shot look good but shocking someone in the knee to trip them up would probably not be the way I would have went about it. Cactus is right back up and standing tall by the end so yeah super effective there. All in all, a fun championship match for a feud that has been simmering for most of the year. Happy for Cactus to get to shine after having nothing for so long in the company.


Winner: Vader!


That was WCW’s Halloween Havoc 1993, another bad PPV from WCW. We kick things off with an alright six-man tag, nobody was exposed or made to look dumb on team babyface I consider that a win. Not sure why Harlem Heat are eating pins, they looked like a hot new act and were with Sid a month ago, what changed? Why not push these two? Orndorff vs Steamboat is solid but confusing booking-wise, Steamboat loses by count-out to the man he overcame who is out of the championship picture? Why? Who keeps pushing Orndorff? Who is vouching for this man backstage? I have to know! Regal vs Bulldog is alright, it’s fun to see Bulldog wrestle a technical style but as the match progresses, Bulldog is not lighting the world on fire in there and they are clearly going for the time limit draw which is fine in one sense but I really don’t understand why I am not seeing Regal vs Steamboat II. Rhodes vs Austin is solid also I like Austin a lot and Rhodes can show good babyface fire, the finish is a bit wonky but if it leads to the two battling it out again, I can get behind it because they can work and bump, we just need a bigger reason to get invested.


The PPV gets real rough with the tag team championship match, I can accept certain matches being ok on short notice or having green wrestlers in there but this match is just so boring and Bagwell has been around for a few years now. Bagwell is not progressing at the level they need him out, he’s dragging down Scorpio and The Nasty Boys are not gelling with their opponents. When you have The Road Warriors in the company, it’s hard to see why I would care about any other babyface tag team but Bagwell & Scorpio are doing themselves no favours with these matches. Sid Vicious vs Sting is short, unimpactful and the finish is really bad. That match would have been a big part of the reason buy this PPV and it was bad, enough said. The main event lifts things up again, its violent and brutal albeit with a weak finish, they will live to fight another day and I would like to see Cactus push Vader even more. I forgot about Rick Rude vs Flair which tells you what you need to know there. It is just not a very good PPV, these are big matches with big names but the action is so dull. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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