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WCW Beach Blast 1993 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to be horrible on a weekly basis with no sense of direction! It’s time for WCW Beach Blast 1993 and what a card we have for ourselves on this one. The big matches on this card include The Masters of The Powerbomb Vader and Sid Vicious taking on Sting & The British Bulldog, still no sight of Cactus Jack since his battles with Vader but it seems we are also not committing to Sting going after Vader so we will dance around that issue with a tag team main event. The six-man tag at the Clash was fantastic but I am not so sure they could pull it off again. We also have The Four Horsemen Arn Anderson and Paul Roma challenging for the tag team championships held by The Hollywood Blondes, should be interesting to see if Roma can live up to the hype as a Horseman. Ric Flair will be challenging for the NWA World Championship held by Barry Windham, a win over Flair would be a big feather in Windham’s cap but I can’t see it going that way which makes me ponder where can Windham go from there? We also have Rick Rude vs Dustin Rhodes in an Iron Man Match for the vacant US Championship, Rude and Steamboat were tremendous in their iron man match but can Rhodes suck you in like Steamboat? Guess we will see, cautiously optimistic as usual with WCW but they often dash my hopes so I can’t imagine this going too well.


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff © vs Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons has chased after Orndorff for weeks at this point, Orndorff had escaped losing his championship by nefarious methods like count-out, DQ etc. This championship reign still baffles me as Orndorff came in as an ally of Vader in his war against Cactus Jack. The championship is around the waist of Orndorff and it’s a solid push but it seemed strange in 1990 when JYD and El Gigante were with Orndorff against The Horsemen but seeing Orndorff in 1993 with a championship in WCW blows my mind for whatever reason. The Paula chants are over like rover though, Simmons drills Orndorff who was jaw-jacking with fans. Elbow to the face by Simmons, dropkick by Simmons for two. Orndorff takes a breather, drop toehold by the champion but the elbow drop misses for the champion.


Simmons works the arm with headbutts and wristlocks, elbow counter to the hammerlock from Orndorff. Right hands from the champion, whip to the buckle. Simmons dodges the elbow, right hands by the challenger. Arm-bar by Simmons, Orndorff counters for a sleeper. Belly to back suplex from the champion, stomps to the head. Orndorff climbs high, diving knee drop misses so Simmons kicks the shit out of the leg. Simmons slams the leg of Orndorff into the canvas, figure four leg-lock from Simmons. Orndorff is in the ropes and on the floor now, Simmons is lured in and bounced off the announce table by Orndorff. Reverse chin-lock in the ring, Simmons escapes and lands a shoulder block before a knee-lift takes down the challenger.


Knee-drop from the champion, front chancery from Orndorff. Simmons fights out but runs into a boot, Simmons continues to rally but Orndorff continues to land right hands. Powerslam from Simmons for a close two, Irish whip and Simmons counters with a sunset flip for two. Orndorff misses a dropkick as Simmons fires up and lands rights and lefts. Clothesline by Simmons, elbow to the face for two. Snap suplex by Simmons for two, Orndorff wants to land a piledriver but Simmons back-drops Orndorff to the floor for the DQ. Simmons lands his flying shoulder block anyways but this match is over.


What a lovely average match, nothing special in the slightest. Doing no favours for Ron Simmons and I am failing to see the benefits of Orndorff in WCW during 1993. I feel for Simmons because the world championship reign came way too early and he truly was never at that level but they have done nothing to help him since.


Winner: Paul Orndorff over Ron Simmons via DQ!


2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce

We have The Godwinns before their time in WWF against a newly formed tag team in the super exciting Scorpio and the desperately in need of some sort of gimmick Marcus Bagwell. Pierce and Bagwell to begin, shoulder block does nothing to Pierce. Bagwell slides through the legs and lands a flying crossbody for two, double face-buster to Slazenger. Scorpio misses a dive and springboards onto the ramp, the babyfaces clear house again. Tex and Scorpio are in now, shoulder block by Tex. Back body drop into the ropes, slap by Tex. Scorpio kicks away and lands a diving crossbody for two, dropkick and an arm-drag. Tag to Bagwell, double hip-toss for two. Tex rakes the eyes and tags in Pierce, shoulder block by Pierce. Drop-downs and leapfrogs before a massive hip-toss by Bagwell, Bagwell works the arm.


Pierce lands a big right hand, in comes Tex who is planted with a suplex. Bagwell has the side headlock, Tex shoves off Bagwell and Pierce lands a kick from the apron. Tex lands a single arm DDT, Tex and Pierce make tags and work the arm of Bagwell. Pierce distracts Scorpio while Bagwell is tortured by Tex, snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock. Bagwell fights out but gets planted with a gut-wrench powerbomb for a close two as Scorpio makes the save. In comes Tex with the hammerlock, Pierce lands a scoop slam but misses the elbow drop. In comes Tex who stops the hot-tag, shoulder-breaker and elbow drop combination for two. Pierce misses a corner splash, hot-tag to Scorpio.


Leaping kicks, Pierce eats a superkick. Twisting Splash for two, Bagwell goes after Tex. The Texans collide in the middle of the ring, dropkick to Tex. Pierce eats a belly to back suplex into the 450 Splash and this match is over!


Very average match also, I am a big fan of Scorpio and his finish plus his other moves are over big time but the hot-tag is brief so you do not really get to enjoy it. 90% of the match here is just The Texans going through the basics with Bagwell, nothing memorable about this at all.


Winners: Team Scorpio over Team Texans via 450 Splash!


Lord Steven Regal W/ Sir William vs Erik Watts

Good God, Watts is still in WCW? Watts now has his own tights interesting as Regal walks around the ring looking disgusted by Watts. Watts mocks Regal’s mannerisms, Regal locks-up but slips away before grabbing the arm. They trade wristlocks which allows Regal to show his technical prowess. Monkey flip but Watts maintains the wristlock, they continue to trade wristlocks and control with Regal trying to break the bridge held by Watts. They continue to have holds before Regal grabs the legs and uppercuts the life out of Watts. Forearm shots too, Regal misses a knee-drop and gets kicked in the ass. Watts wants the STF, Regal can only watch on as Sir William slaps Watts in the face before Regal rolls-up Watts with a handful of tights.


Well this is one way to establish Regal, no real finisher as of yet but roll-ups with handfuls of tights seem to be his great equalizer. Watts is not horrific in the ring but I would still rather see someone else inside of that ring.


Winner: Lord Steven Regal over Erik Watts via Handful of Tights!


Maxx Payne vs Johnny B. Badd

Johnny B Badd has been rather baffling in WCW for me, Badd came in as a cocky heel with momentum before quickly losing steam, used as a jobber to the stars, became a PPV host and now is back feuding as a babyface with lower-card heels. This match starts with Badd pummelling Payne, flying crossbody for two. Payne suplexes Badd hard, hammerlock scoop slam. Irish whip and corner elbow by Payne, snap-mare into the arm-bar. Payne slaps on a Fujiwara arm-bar but Badd makes it to the ropes. Badd begins to shake off the attacks, another suplex for two. Badd tries a sunset flip for two, Payne catches Badd in a crossbody and lands a scoop slam, Payne misses the elbow drop. Badd dropkicks Payne to the floor, suicide dive onto the neck of Payne. Ugly looking middle rope crossbody for the win.


Christ it’s been an average night and it is not getting any better, they must be putting all their eggs in the Rude vs Rhodes and Flair vs Windham basket because this has been abysmal so far.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Maxx Payne via Diving Crossbody!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) The Hollywood Blondes © vs Arn Anderson & Paul Roma

Freaking Paul Roma in the Horsemen, Roma and Austin to start. Austin shoves Roma to the corner, Austin talks all sorts of shit and makes the clean break. Austin continues to frustrate Roma, they trade hammerlocks before a right hand decks Austin. Pillman comes into the match, Roma works the arm and tags in Anderson. Anderson works the arm, elbows from Anderson. Pillman clubs Anderson and lands a hip-toss, Anderson is not amused. Anderson pulls Pillman down by the hair, Pillman knees Anderson and tags in Austin but Austin runs into the arm-drag and arm-bar. Austin lands a back body drop, Austin calls for a handshake after a left hand from Anderson. Boot and clubbing shots from Anderson, more arm-work and a tag to Roma who lands a diving axe handle.


Roma continues working the arm, Austin avoids a flying crossbody which allows Pillman to come in and rough up Roma. Massive chops from Pillman, clubbing blows from Pillman. Roma lands a tow-handed choke hold and clotheslines Pillman for two. Tag to Anderson who works the arm of Pillman, Pillman backs Anderson to the corner. Chops by Pillman but Pillman tries to leap over Anderson but Anderson sends Pillman into the ropes and lands massive lefts along with rights from Roma. Roma comes in and decks Austin so Pilllman kicks Roma to the floor. Austin drops Roma across the guardrail, Roma meets the knee of Austin. Tag to Austin who lands a massive kick, gut-wrench suplex by Austin. Short-arm clothesline by Austin, snap-mare and tag to Pillman. Chops by Pillman, Roma rattles off right hands before Pillman applies a drop toehold and Austin comes in with elbows to the back of the head.


Austin and Pillman choke Roma after Austin decks Anderson off the apron, Pillman is now the legal man. Roma sends Pillman into the buckle, both men try dropkicks and smack into the canvas. Anderson comes in off the hot-tag, DDT on Pillman. Austin lands an elbow to the head but Pillman cannot cover quickly enough so Anderson kicks out, in comes Austin. Massive scoop slam and Austin climbs high, diving elbow for two. Austin drives kicks into the ribs of Anderson. Anderson kicks and clubs back at Austin, headbutts galore. Austin chokes Anderson in the corner, Pillman’s boot is rammed into Anderson’s head. Tag to Pillman cover for two, forearm shots from Pillman. Anderson fires back with lefts and headbutts, eye-rake by Pillman.


Tag to Austin, Anderson is thrown to the floor. Piledriver on the floor is blocked by Anderson, Austin is back-dropped hard. Anderson continues to fight back, Austin blocks the DDT. Foot choke by Austin, Pillman batters Anderson behind the referee’s back. Austin whips Anderson and Anderson manages to stun-gun Austin, Pillman tags in and attacks Roma. Anderson has the small package on Pillman, the referee was with Roma. Pillman chokes and mounts Anderson with punches, Pillman and Anderson bang heads off an Irish whip and drop down. Austin tags in, belly to back suplex. Anderson is on the apron, shoulder thrusts to both Blondes, Austin wants a suplex in the ring but Anderson suplexes Austin to the floor.


Anderson crawls and crawls, Pillman cuts off the tag at the last second. Pillman lands a head-scissors, Pillman tries a middle rope attack but Anderson lands a massive clothesline. Roma finally gets the hot-tag, back body drop on Austin and military press slam on Pillman. Clothesline on Pillman, Anderson throws Pillman to the floor. Anderson plants Austin with the Spinebuster for a close two as Pillman makes the save, Roma O’Connor rolls Austin but Pillman clotheslines Roma and Austin is on top for the win to retain the championships.


Obviously a step down from the Clash match but replacing Ric Flair with Paul Roma was never going to go down well, I do not rate Roma. Standing on the apron while Anderson was battered, Roma seemed utterly disinterested in the affair, maybe because he was doing the job? Anyways, I enjoy The Blondes as cheating shit-heads but I do miss Steamboat and Douglas compared to Anderson and Roma, they could work wonders with many teams but the tag team division is lacking in WCW during this time.


Winners: The Hollywood Blondes over The Four Horseman via Handful of Tights!


(WCW United States Championship Iron Man Match) Ravishing Rick Rude vs Dustin Rhodes

Rick Rude was a dominant United States Champion, defeating Sting and many other big names in WCW before having to vacate the championship due to injury, this led to Dustin Rhodes holding the championship and shenanigans eventually led to the championship being vacated which leads us to an Iron Man Match. Rude lost his last Iron Man Match in an excellent match with The Dragon, will this live up to the hype?


Rude and Rhodes lock-up and struggle across the ring, good stuff from the get-go. Rude and Rhodes trade control, another clean break where they are screaming at one another. Rude gets rough and goes for the throat and poses, Rude rubs his boot across the face. Rhodes kicks back but Rude rakes the eyes and lands forearms to the face. Rhodes reverses an Irish whip and back-drops Rude, Rhodes lands big shots and a hard Irish whip before applying a camel clutch like manoeuvre. Rhodes poses like Rude and continues to apply the hold, Rhodes continues to work the back with elbows and forearms. Rude counters and lands a clothesline before a diving fist to the head, Rude tries to pose but cannot do it because of the damage done by Rhodes. A trick that Rude has used before, Rude works the spine of Rhodes. Bearhug from Rude, elbows from Rhodes but Rude lands a belly to belly suplex, reverse chin-lock from Rude. Rhodes begins to stand-up and electric chair drops Rude to the mat, Rhodes tries a splash but Rude blocks with his knees.


Rhodes is up first surprisingly and attacks the leg of Rude, elbows to the knee and a wrenching like hold by Rhodes. Rhodes applies an Indian Death-lock hold but Rude tries ripping at the face of Rhodes, eye-rake breaks the hold. Rude kicks Rhodes down, back-breaker into the Rude Awakening out of nothing for the first-fall. Rude climbs to the top rope, looking for something big. Rhodes collapses to the mat, diving clothesline by Rude. Rude slams Rhodes’ face into the mat over and over, snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock by Rude. Rhodes fires up but runs right into a boot from Rude. Rude kicks and smashes Rhodes, the tombstone goes wrong for Rude like always and Rhodes plants Rude. Two for Rhodes, Rhodes tries a big clothesline but Rude ducks and Rhodes flies over the top rope.


In the ring, Rude rakes the eyes and lands a snap suplex, two for Rude. Rhodes manages to land a suplex, Rhodes boots Rude in the head. Measured right hands, Rude pulls Rhodes into the top turnbuckle. Rude slides out to the apron and decides to go for something huge, diving chop from Rude. “You ain’t shit Rhodes” screams Rude, lovely from The Ravishing One. Rake with the ropes by Rude, forearm shots to the spine. Knees to the ribs from Rude, Rude poses some more for the fans. Rhodes fights out of a rest-hold but is caught in the sleeper, Rhodes fades and fades but will not go to sleep. Rhodes elbows his way out and lands a jaw-breaker. Rude is more angry than anything else, Rude walks over to Rhodes. A right hand knocks down Rhodes, Rude spits on Rhodes.


Rude has Rhodes rocked, throat thrust from Rude. Rhodes blocks the buckle, Rude is spat on and smashed with right hands. Rhodes has his eyes raked, Rhodes spills to the floor. Rhodes lands his Bulldog as Rude was too cocky, we are tied at 1:1 with only 3 minutes left! A shocker here, Rude is down in the middle of the ring. Rhodes begins to climb to the top rope, Rude is groggy. Rhodes lands a diving elbow drop to the head, two for Rhodes. Rhodes wants a piledriver, it connects but Rude places a foot on the ropes. Rhodes drills clothesline after clothesline, Rude will not stay down. Less than a minute, surely they wouldn’t do another draw.


Sleeper by Rhodes, Rude is beginning to fade but Rude lands a jaw-breaker. Rude climbs to the top rope, what could Rude be thinking? Rhodes is dazed, DDT by Rhodes. 1..2.. Time expires! Rhodes is not your champion, Rude is nor your champion. Do we have sudden death? No


Well that was an interesting end, I thought the two would have a definitive conclusion to the feud you know considering we had thirty minutes of the two battling out to see who the man really was but nope, that is not what we saw here. That being said, those thirty minutes flew by. Good babyface fire from Rhodes, good control segment from Rude. I have seen it done better unfortunately when Rude faced Steamboat a year earlier and I think that is what hurting this match for me, the previous Iron man match is fresh in my mind and when it comes to babyfaces, Steamboat is hard to outshine. A good Iron Man Match but not better than the year prior’s match.




(NWA World Championship Match) Barry Windham © vs Ric Flair

Windham has his hair down and is clean shaven, why would this man erase his heelish look that he had going? Anyways, Flair wanted to strap the championship on Windham when Windham defeated Muta for the championship, Windham took offence to that and they have been brawling ever since. Windham bullies Flair with power to begin this match, Flair is sent to the floor after a shoulder block and right hands. Clothesline at ringside, both men chop one another. Shoulder block by Windham, Flair lands a sleeper. Belly to back suplex by Windham, flying clothesline by Windham for two. Flair lands a big right hand, a second right hand floors Windham. Jacknife cover for two, Windham lands a chop. Flair chops back at Windham, headbutt and uppercut by Windham. Flying crossbody by Flair, Windham goes to the floor. Windham yanks out Flair, floor-fight now. Scoop slam on the floor, Flair gains control in the ring with a snap-mare into the knee-drop.


Windham blocks the suplex, Windham wants the superplex. Windham connects! Windham tries a diving elbow drop and Flair rolls out of the way, small package by Flair for two. Windham pummels Flair with right hands, whip to the buckle and we have a Flair flip into a diving crossbody but Windham rolls through for a two. Side headlock by Windham, shove off by Flair and both men are down. Belly to back suplex from Flair, Flair kicks the knee and wants the Figure Four but Windham rolls to the ropes. Windham kicks off Flair but third time is the charm, Flair pins Windham with the Figure Four Leg-lock in an odd looking finish.


Not the drawn-out intense bloodbath I would have expected considering their history and the brawls they had leading up to the PPV. Also very pissed that Windham’s big heel run has not led to a match with Dustin Rhodes nor has it put Windham in the main event scene as Sid Vicious and Vader are positioned higher than Windham. It just never went to that next level, I feel cheated of my usual Flair experience.


Winner: Ric Flair over Barry Windham via Figure Four Leg-Lock!


Sid Vicious & Vader W/ Harley Race & Colonel Parker vs Sting & The British Bulldog

Vader and Sid are the Masters of The Powerbomb and they are here to destroy your heroes, Bulldog is being pushed hard here since arriving in WCW and I do love the matching colours of The Superpowers with Sting and Bulldog wearing similar gear. Sting and Sid to start this match, Sid talks shit to Sting’s face and shoves The Stinger. Sting tackles Sid and lands massive rights, a big face-buster from Sting. Make it two face-busters and a clothesline, Sid lands a Chokeslam out of nowhere. That easy for Sid to take control, massive right to the face and a tag to Vader. Bulldog cannot help Sting, Sid tosses the babyfaces to the floor before both dive off the top rope with clotheslines and the heels have been knocked to the floor.


Vader and Bulldog are in, Vader asks “who is the man”? Vader continues posing to intimidate Bulldog, Vader clubs Bulldog in the corner. Short-arm clothesline and a headbutt from Vader, Bulldog slips out of a suplex and suplexes Vader. Amazing feat of strength, Vader clubs down Bulldog with a splash. Elbow to the groin, Sid lands a massive boot before applying a camel clutch like hold. Vader comes in and rips off his mask, Bulldog eats more headbutts from Vader. A stiff right hand rocks Bulldog, Sid hot-shots Bulldog. Bulldog tries a sunset flip, Vader tries a splash and misses but an elbow helps Vader maintain control. In comes Sid, middle rope diving axe handle by Sid.


Shoulder claw from Sid, Bulldog fights out and lands a scoop slam but Sid holds onto the leg and it looks like Bulldog will be roughed up some more. Race holds onto Bulldog on the apron, Vader splashes Race by mistake and in comes Sting. Sting lands right after right on the two monsters, dropkick floors Vader. Sid is knocked to the apron, Vader misses a splash but lands a clothesline on Sting. Sid and Vader continue to rough up Sting, Vader lands body and headshots in the corner with Sting staggering around the ring. Vader is on the middle rope and lands a clothesline, Vader poses for all the fans again. Sting avoids the superplex and sends Vader to the mat, Vader squashes Sting with an elbow drop. Tag to Sid, rib kicks from Sid.


Bulldog manages to receive the tag from Sting, Bulldog is cut off immediately which sucks. Sid slams Bulldog and tags in Vader, Vader chants in the arena which is not a great sign. Samoan drop from Vader, two for Vader. Vader Bomb but Sting makes the save, Sting and Sid brawl to the ramp. Vader climbs high, Vader Bomb again? No wait, Vader lands his Vadersault for the first time but Sting dives over the top rope to breakup the pin. Crucifix pin from Bulldog for the win!


Big props to Vader for nailing the moonsault, that was incredible for a man of that size to land a move like that. Everything else about the match was meh for me if I am being honest. A tag match main event makes this feel like a filler match, there is no great hot-tag/comeback where the babyface goes wild, the finish really comes out of nothing. You think Bulldog will duck and roll and tag Sting for the big comeback but nope, Sting watches on as Bulldog lands the win with a crucifix pin. Glimpses of good stuff but very tame for a main event, noteworthy only for that very first Vadersault.


Winners: Team Sting over Team Vader via Crucifix Pin!


That was WCW’s Beach Blast 1993, a disappointing PPV from WCW. We kick things off with a DQ, not exactly the best way to start a show but also an interesting booking decision. I like Paul Orndorff but from the angle of Orndorff holding onto the championship through count-outs etc and how Ron Simmons has been side-tracked, you would think this would have been a slam-dunk in favour of Simmons finally capturing the championship but no, Orndorff continues to hold the championship and I fail to see the benefits of this. Things do not pick up as we have a nice tag match to establish Bagwell and Scorpio, the tag team division needs bodies, never mind credible challengers so good win for them but the match is nothing to write home about. The slog of finishing this PPV continues with Maxx Payne vs Johnny B. Badd and Steven Regal vs Erik Watts. Regal is being pushed but his technical style with a relatively young rookie does not mash well and the lack of a finisher is so strange to me, Regal continues to squeak out wins which is hardly the hallmark of a wrestler who is going to be pushed. What wrestler does not establish his finishing move from the get-go? Payne vs Badd is just rough, I am not sure what they saw in Payne but I would love to know because he’s not doing anything in there for me and Badd is kind of an oddity to me because Badd has been there for 2 years at this point, was pushed and then a jobber to the stars, a co-host for PPVs and an interview guy and now back in the ring again and I still feel they do not really know what is best for him. The Blondes vs The Horseman is just disappointing, Roma is not Ric Flair and it’s not even close. Roma looks disinterested as Anderson is selling his ass off, he’s a good athlete but has none of the cool charisma needed to pull off the Horseman gimmick. He’s such an odd fit it is truly baffling why he was chosen other than the fact he was young.


The show finally picks up with Rude vs Rhodes, it’s a very good Iron Man match that breezes by and becomes very dramatic towards the end, I have seen it done better at the previous Beach Blast but it was still a very fun match. Not sure of the booking here either, this should have been the blow-off but it was a draw so not sure how that will be resolved but it makes little sense in my eyes to have this big match to prove who the better man is after all the previous encounters only for this match to be a draw. Ric Flair vs Barry Windham was disappointing, I thought it would be great but it did not do it for me. Flair is not a brawler but I have seen him go up against Terry Funk, Flair can do it if necessary and make it look very good and considering the history and the attacks during TV and Clashes, you would think ok big brawling match but nope, it’s treated like a championship match and that edge to the match is lost plus the finish is a shit-show and Windham being a tour de force looks to be over now which annoys me because Windham was excellent in the role and I never saw Windham vs Rhodes. The main event is a standard tag match, nothing memorable outside of the Vadersault. I like all 4 men that are involved and I think they could deliver considering I watched a six-man where it was balls to the wall action but this was just meh, I am not interested in Vader vs Bulldog again and I want Sting to earn his victory over Vader for the championship but I oddly feel like we are not heading in that direction with all this Cactus Jack talk and of course, Flair holding a world championship but not the WCW world championship. 1993 continues the pattern established by WCW throughout my coverage, there is good but a lot of bad and I can’t grasp what they are trying to achieve or where they are heading whether it be due to departures or stupid booking decisions. I have seen them lose Flair and run with Luger which was a disaster, I have seen them blow The Dangerous Alliance angle and create concepts like Battle Bowls and Legend Reunions but they always manage to have a few signings here and there to keep you engaged and interested but this could be another year that looked like there was a vision and an idea but it never came together. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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