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WCW Fall Brawl 1993 Review!


Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to be more raunchy than Fightful Select’s Twitter after Dark! It’s time for WCW Fall Brawl 1993: War Games! We have a lot of big matches on this card so what do we have coming up? We have The War Games Match between Team Sting and Team Sid which should be a fantastic match, we also have Ric Flair defending his NWA World Championship against Ravishing Rick Rude which is strange because I thought we would have the United States Championship angle conclusion between Rick Rude and Dustin Rhodes? Did that happen on TV? We also have Ricky The Dragon Steamboat defending his WCW Television Championship against Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. The Horsemen are defending their championships against the returning Nasty Boys? The talent continues to come into WCW! We shall see if this is a home-run for WCW, 1993 has been quite poor so far.


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Lord Steven Regal W/ Sir William vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat ©

Steamboat has tape on one side of his body, an injury from previous assaults from Regal. Steamboat starts hot with chops but he is feeling the effects of the assault early, Regal lands forearms to the ribs to turn the tide. Regal lands forearms and knees to the ribs, Steamboat chops back into the match. Regal is thrown over the top rope onto the ramp, Regal is tossed back into the ring and Steamboat climbs high, diving chop from the champion. Steamboat sells the ribs though, throat thrust from Steamboat. Regal goes to the ribs with elbows and shoulders, boots from Regal. Thrust kick from Steamboat, corner choke from Steamboat. Steamboat sends Regal to the buckle and applies a modified hammerlock.


Steamboat works the arm, Regal lands a massive forearm. Steamboat plays possum and tricks Regal into a short-arm scissors. Regal kicks Steamboat in the ribs, more forearms to the injured ribs. Steamboat twists Regal down on his arm, repeated knees to the spine. Hammerlock from Steamboat, Regal reverses an Irish whip. Triple drop-down but Steamboat comes back with a crossbody for two, back to the arm we go with the champion extending the arm. Regal looks to counter the short-arm scissors but Steamboat rolls through and continues working the arm. Regal finally reaches the ropes and the hold is broken, Regal dumps Steamboat to the floor. Steamboat is back-dropped on those ribs, the challenger has regained control. Knee-drop to the ribs, Regal places his elbow in the ribs of Steamboat. More knee-drops from the challenger, beautiful senton into a reverse chin-lock.


Regal has the camel clutch like hold but Steamboat is powering up and we have a massive electric chair drop, Steamboat tries a splash but Regal blocks with his knees. Steamboat chops and chops, Regal takes down Steamboat and lands another knee to the ribs. Argentine back-breaker from Regal, Steamboat slips out and lands a massive chop to the head. Regal drop toeholds Steamboat, Romero special from Regal? Yes but Steamboat escapes but Regal goes back to the ribs, forearms and elbows to the ribs. Butterfly suplex for two, Regal is sent into the turnbuckle. Steamboat tries a slam but Regal lands on top for two, Regal works a hold a modified abdominal stretch on the champion. Regal gets caught with the tombstone, two for the champion.


Regal sends Steamboat into the buckle by the ribs, Steamboat flips out of a belly to back suplex. O’Connor roll for two, Steamboat chops down Regal after that for two. Small package for two, Regal reverses an Irish whip but Steamboat lands a massive suplex. Diving Crossbody from Steamboat for two, the champion could not capitalize like usual because of his ribs. Steamboat attempts to skin the cat but Sir William waffles Steamboat with the umbrella and Regal lands a German suplex for the win!


Very good professional wrestling match here, these two put on quite the clinic here. Steamboat is tremendous here as always, establishing the ribs as hurt immediately from the first move. From that point on, Steamboat never stops showing how his ribs are damaged and Regal goes after those ribs viciously. The get down to some really nice technical wrestling then which I am a big fan of, Regal outplayed at his own game and then the finish, I thought Sir William was not doing much but right at the end, Sir William gets involved and rocks Steamboat in a very natural organic way as Steamboat often skins the cat in his matches so I am all in on liking this match. I am sad that Steamboat’s reign was so short because again, Steamboat has so much to offer but I guess WCW did not see things that way. Hoping Steamboat rebounds in a huge way.


Winner: Lord Steven Regal over Ricky The Dragon Steamboat via German Suplex!


Big Sky vs Charlie Norris

What the fuck is this shit? Who are these guys? Why do I look at both of these men and not know who is meant to be the guy going over, they are both so generic. I am guessing we are meant to see Norris as a big star, they lock-up with neither man showing any weakness. Arm-drag into an arm-bar from Norris, Norris continues working the arm before Big Sky boots Norris. Chokeslam by Big Sky, choke from Big Sky. Big Sky goes to the middle rope and misses a knee-drop, Norris comes in and lands right hands. Massive chop from the Native American, Pump Kick and it’s over. Hot hot Garbage!


Winner: Charlie Norris over Big Sky via Pump Kick!


The Equalizer & Paul Orndorff vs Marcus Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio

Equalizer and Bagwell to start, Bagwell is shoved to the buckle and clubbed over and over again. Irish whip and shoulder block by Equalizer, Bagwell misses an enzuigiri but dodges an elbow drop. Flying shoulder block, tag to Scorpio and double dropkick sends Equalizer to the floor. Equalizer roughs up Scorpio, double back body drop and elbows from a fresh Orndorff. Kicks to the ribs, Orndorff elbows Scorpio hard on the apron. Scorpio ducks Orndorff, forearm shots all around and a diving crossbody but Orndorff rolls through for two, drop toehold into an arm-bar by Scorpio. Bagwell is in now, suplex from Bagwell. Bagwell ends up on the floor though, clutching his knee. Equalizer slams Bagwell on the floor, Scorpio looks on concerned. Bagwell comes back into the ring, sunset flip attempt does not work as Orndorff lands a right hand. Equalizer is in now and they choke Bagwell using the ropes, two for Equalizer. Orndorff and Equalizer wear down Bagwell, sleeper from Orndorff but Bagwell lands a belly to back suplex. Bagwell makes the tag to Scorpio, spinning kick to Equalizer, dropkick to Orndorff. Diving crossbody on Equalizer for two, pier-six brawl as all men are in the ring.


Scorpio is almost beheaded by Orndorff with a clothesline, Scorpio is kicked to the apron. Equalizer and Orndorff batter Bagwell, double elbow. Scorpio is kicked to the ringside area, Equalizer holds Bagwell but Orndorff drills Equalizer with a knee by mistake. Equalizer goes down and Scorpio lands his 450 Splash for the win.


Well that was underwhelming, it seems they are committed to Scorpio and Bagwell as a team, Scorpio is so explosive and solid when given the chance to shine but there are just too many big names at the top of the card for poor Scorpio to break through. Bagwell seems to be floundering, not developing at the rate you wish he would considering how long he had been in WCW at the time but you have to remember that Bagwell was not exactly a veteran of the scene so I will give him a bit of a pass but I can’t see this as a team chasing the championships.


Winners: Team Bagwell over Team Orndorff via 450 Splash!


Ice Train vs Shanghai Pierce W/ Tex Slazenger

More debuts, Ice Train is massive. Test of strength, kicks and clubs by Shanghai. Irish whip and Slazenger grabs the foot of Train, kicks and clubs by Shanghai. Ice Train lands a massive suplex, back body drop. Eye poke by Shanghai, Ice Train runs through Slazenger and Shanghai and lands a Powerslam for the win. Garbage but hopefully Ice Train will improve!


Winner: Ice Train over Shanghai Pierce via Powerslam!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) The Horsemen (Paul Roma & Arn Anderson) © vs The Nasty Boys W/ Missy Hyatt

So Missy Hyatt has been a part of WCW since 1987? Coming over with Eddie Gilbert’s first family and she has been a host and babyface all that time and now she will be managing The Nasty Boys. The Horsemen continue to be an odd-pairing as babyfaces, Knobbs and Roma to start. Roma throwing up the Horseman symbol and suckers in Knobbs who gets decked with a right hand. Saggs and Knobbs talk strategy, we reset and Knobbs tees off on Roma with right hands etc. Irish whip and shoulder block by Knobbs, make it two. Roma lands powerslams to both challengers, the champions control the ring.


Saggs and Anderson in now, Saggs tees off in the corner. Anderson turns the tide, left hands and elbow. Saggs’ leg is sent into the ring-post, Anderson stomps all over the ankle of Saggs. Tag to Roma, Roma drops all his weight on the ankle. Roma teases Knobbs, Saggs is tripped and eats elbows to his leg. Roma stretches the leg, Saggs breaks away to tag in Knobbs who eats a drop toehold and has a wish-bone split. Anderson works the leg of Knobbs, Indian death-lock from Anderson. Roma comes in and eats a knee to the ribs, Roma trips up Knobbs and roughs up the leg again. Knobbs rakes the eyes, Roma is sent to the buckle but Roma kicks down Knobbs. Knobbs blocks a figure four, Roma knocks Saggs on the apron.


Knobbs clubs down Roma, Saggs clamps on a reverse chin-lock. Roma tries powering up but it does not work, Knobbs is tagged in and applies the hold again. Roma manages to make the tag, Anderson starts kicking left and right. Sleeper on Saggs, Knobbs is on the top rope. Anderson shoves Saggs to the apron, Anderson misses his vader bomb as Saggs blocks with his knees and Knobbs lands a massive clothesline which sends Anderson to the floor. Knobbs scoop slams Anderson on the floor, Missy Hyatt mocks Anderson on the floor. Saggs has a chair and waffles Anderson in the spine, two for Knobbs in the ring. Tag to Saggs, headbutt to the spine. Abdominal stretch from Saggs, Knobbs swaps places with Saggs.


Anderson reverses the hold but Knobbs tags in Saggs who clotheslines Anderson. Roma comes in but the tag is missed as Knobbs distracted the referee, double clothesline to Anderson. Saggs lands a suplex for two, bearhug from Saggs. Anderson hits elbow after elbow to the ribs, Knobbs is tagged in though. Another double elbow on Anderson, Roma is knocked off the apron. Knobbs wants a back body-drop, Anderson lands a massive shot to the back but Knobbs grabs the leg and tags in Saggs. Saggs spits on Roma, Anderson ducks the double clothesline and lands a face-buster. Roma gets the hot-tag, clotheslines all around. Dropkick to Saggs, Knobbs is powerslammed.


Noggin-knocker, Roma lands a missile dropkick for two as Saggs makes the save in awkward fashion. Ten punches from Roma, The Nasty Boys wants that diving bulldog but Anderson shoves Saggs into Knobbs. Roma almost scores the win with a victory roll, Anderson lands the Spinebuster on Knobbs. Diving Splash by Roma, Saggs comes off the top rope with a diving elbow to the back of the head and Knobbs covers for the win!


Fuck me that was rough, Missy Hyatt never did a thing so what a great addition to this team I guess? Knobbs and Saggs can be fun when it comes to brawling but there was nothing special to this match, shocked by Arn Anderson’s efforts in this one. Usually one of the most reliable wrestlers in that ring but he was poor here and Roma continues to be as bland as humanly possible. 24 minutes long and it felt like an hour long match, crazy to think how high I was on the tag team division a year ago with The Steiners, Windham & Rhodes and now we have this.


Winners: The Nasty Boys over The Horsemen via Diving Elbow Drop To The Back Of The Head!


Cactus Jack vs Yoshi Kwan

Cactus Jack was living with the homeless and had amnesia after a powerbomb on the floor, these segments look like glorious cheese. Not sure what they were trying to achieve here, Harley Race talked massive amounts of shit on television about Cactus Jack and Cactus Jack did make his return at the previous Clash so now we have Yoshi Kwan and Cactus Jack as Kwan is a hired assassin.


Cactus attacks Race and attacks Kwan, this seems right out of the 80s but no we are right here in 1993, Cactus lands a knee across the back. Cactus lands his Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor, Cactus wants his bag from Race. Kwan lands his karate kick to the back of the head, chops because of course the Asian wrestler does chops and kicks. Cactus is on the ramp now, enzuigiri from Kwan. Kwan lands karate kick after karate kick in the ring, spinning heel kick from Kwan. Pump kick misses, Cactus lands right hand after right hand. Choke from Cactus, rope rake from Cactus. Inverted atomic drop and elbow, Race trips up Cactus. Kwan misses a spinning kick and nails Race, Double Arm DDT and it’s over. Terrible but it establishes Cactus as a threat and a man on a mission to take out Vader.


Winner: Cactus Jack over Yoshi Kwan via Double Arm DDT!


(WCW World International Championship Match) Ravishing Rick Rude vs Ric Flair ©

Rick Rude should have been world champion in 1992, injury had dented Rude’s dreams and his war with Dustin Rhodes seems to have been pushed aside so that Rude may challenge for Flair’s world championship. This is interesting because of two reasons, Flair is a world champion in a company with two world champions which you would think would raise the prestige but it’s been pretty piss-poor and it’s the NWA World Championship no longer because WCW finally withdrew from the NWA so we have this funky International championship as the name of the belt now.


We start in a great way as Rude takes the piss out of Flair with his airbrushed tights, they lock-up and we have a clean break. Side headlock from Rude, top wristlock from Flair but Rude holds onto the headlock. Flair tries to wriggle free but Rude continues to hold on, shoulder block and elbows from Rude. Rude goes high and tries a knee-drop, Flair goes after that knee early. Figure Four Leg-Lock in the middle of the ring but Rude scrambles to the ropes and powders. Eye poke from the apron by Rude, clothesline to the floor. Rude grinds his hips at Fifi but Flair lands a diving axe handle. Chops and a wristlock from Flair, Flair stretches the wrist and fingers of Rude.


Transition to the hammerlock and Flair drives knees into the arm, Flair is rocked with an elbow and right hand by Rude. Rude bounces Flair off the buckle, corner chops from Rude. Whip to the opposite buckle, Flair dodges and chops the challenger. Right hand floors Rude, wristlock from Flair. Flair sends the arm of Rude into the ropes, more limb work from Flair. Right hands from Rude to break free, the scoop slam does not work as Rude’s arm is messed up. Flair lands a knee-drop to the arm. Rude uses right hands to break free, Flair tries a backslide for two. Flying crossbody with both men spilling to the floor, Rude clotheslines Flair to the floor.


Rude sends Flair into the apron, suplex from Rude. Two for Rude, forearms to the spine from Rude. Fist drop from Rude for two, Rude has the reverse chin-lock applied in the middle of the ring. Rude swivels his hips before reapplying the hold, Flair rallies but Rude is too strong for Flair. Flair flip to the buckle and Flair ends up down on the floor. Bearhug back in the ring by Rude, Flair reverses the hold on the ground and pounds away with right hands. Rude reverses and lands two diving chops, Flair manages to block the third axe handle. Belly to back suplex from Flair, knee-drop from the champion. Butterfly suplex by Flair, Rude kicks out at the last second! Flair lands rights and lefts to the ribs, right hand to the head.


Flair is feeling it, Irish whip to the opposite buckle. Rude blocks with a boot to the head, DDT by Rude for two. Rude tries another cover but Flair survives, knees to the ribs. Rude Awakening is countered as Flair uses the ropes to block, Flair bites the hand. Rude Awakening from Flair for two as Rude places his foot on the ropes, Flair chops Rude. Rude reverses an Irish whip and applies a sleeper but Flair reverses for two shin-breakers and some leg work, Flair snaps the leg hard. Flair lands a knee to the groin, Rude kicks out of the hold. More knees to the hamstring, Rude counters the figure four with a small package for two.


Flair stomps the knee and sends Rude to the floor, the referee and Flair have a few words before Flair goes after Rude on the outside. Rude is dropped throat-first onto the guardrail, Flair climbs to the top rope. Diving chop from Flair, Rude is looking like this could be goodnight for the challenger. Rude is chopped in the corner, right hands from The Nature Boy. Flair is sent to the buckle, Flair flip and Rude lands a clothesline. Rude climbs high, diving fist drop for two. Rude sends Flair to the floor, Fifi slaps Rude but Rude forces himself on Fifi. Rude says you do not ever slap me, Flair is irate. Back body-drop by Flair, inverted atomic drop and chops by Flair. Flapjack from Flair, Figure Four Leg-Lock from Flair. Rude pulls brass knuckles from his tights, a massive right hand and Rude pins Flair!


Man this just was not that good, I think Rude has a serious problem with facing opponents for the first time. Same thing happened with Steamboat, the first match was rough but when they faced one another again, Rude and Steamboat had an amazing match. So I am hoping if there is a rematch it is better than this match but it starts like most big Rude matches, Rude sells a body part for quite some time, the arm work really does not go anywhere and even the leg work is not a major factor by the end. Flair’s shtick works better when he is a heel but it can be great as a babyface but this was a poor match, it just goes and goes. Sad to see two greats put on such a nothing match.


Winner: Ravishing Rick Rude over Ric Flair via Brass Knuckles!


(War Games Match) Team Sting (Sting/Dustin Rhodes/British Bulldog/The Shockmaster) vs Team Vader (Sid Vicious/Vader/Harlem Heat)

Two rings and two cages, two men enter before a man enters from one of the teams following a coin toss, you cannot win until all men have entered and the only way to win is surrender or submission. My favourite War Games Match was the year prior and it involved The Dangerous Alliance and Nikita Koloff solidifying his face turn. The intrigue in this match is that Dustin Rhodes is injured so how will that affect Team Sting going into this match.


Dustin Rhodes with taped ribs is taking on Vader to start this match, Vader clubs the shit out of the boy. Rhodes sells every punch though, excellent stuff. Right hands from Rhodes, Rhodes is going crazy. Rhodes takes off his boot, Vader is waffled in the face twice. Vader is still on his feet, Irish whip to the buckle but Vader blocks with a boot and lands a clothesline. Vader lands fists to the taped ribs, headbutts from Vader. Rhodes fights back with big boots, clothesline. Vader Bomb connects to the ribs, Rhodes manages to break free and uses his boot to rough up Vader. Rhodes counters a middle rope crossbody for a powerslam, in comes Stevie Ray as the heels have won the coin-toss.


Stevie Ray waffles Rhodes with the boot, Rhodes meets the cage as Sid talks massive amounts of trash at ringside. Rhodes is bleeding now, Rhodes’ decision to enter first has backfired massively for The Natural. Who is coming in now? It’s Sting! Sting clotheslines Vader and Stevie Ray, right hands all around. Stevie Ray meets the cage, Stinger Splash on Vader. Samoan drop into the cage, Sting is taking out everyone. Sid Vicious is in for his team now, Sid and Vader club Sting. Chokeslam by Sid, Sid clubs down Rhodes. Vader uses Rhodes’ boot to attack Sting, Sting lands a desperation face-buster. Sting is launched like a rocket into the roof of the cage. Davey Boy Smith is in now for Team Sting, massive clothesline to Sid. Powerslam to Vader, right hands to the head of the champion.


Sid is sent into the roof of the cage, Booker T is in the ring now. Forearms to the face of Rhodes, shocking how Rhodes is the only man thus far to get colour in this match. Very big contrast to the prior year’s War Games match, Harlem Heat rough up Sting. Bulldog is yanked off the top rope, Rhodes cannot take down Sid. However, the final man is on his way! It is The Shockmaster! Shockmaster comes after Harlem Heat, people are hurled into the cage. Shockmaster is clubbing Vader, Booker T is caught in The Bearhug from Shockmaster. That’s it? Booker T gives up??


You have to be joking me? Where was the drama? The excitement? Shockmaster comes in and instantly locks in a Bearhug, no drama and that’s it. Game over just like that? I cannot believe that was it, the heels are screaming in the ring for the babyfaces to get back here and fight and the babyfaces are turning their backs and walking to the back. This is atrocious honestly, I have no idea why Dustin Rhodes bladed for this because it was not worth it at all. Arguably the worst War Games I have ever seen from WCW, it was just there and I cannot believe it really ended like that. You took one of the most fun matches and turned it into slop.


Winners: Team Sting over Team Vader via Bearhug!


That was WCW’s Fall Brawl 1993 and this was an all-time bad PPV, the cool thing about reviewing WCW is seeing how many shit-shows the companies were putting on during their respective eras. I talked briefly about how people always bring up KOTR 1995 or ECW’s December to Dismember but nobody talks about Bunkhouse Stampede 88 or The Great American Bash 1991 but we have another proud contender to the list of terrible WCW PPVs with this entry into the series. Steamboat and Regal have a very good match to kick off the show, Steamboat delivers as always. You could give the man nothing and he would still give you 100%, I love Ricky Steamboat and Regal holds his own here, they have good chemistry and the finish leaves it open to a continuation of the feud. The match quality takes a nose-dive from that point on, three matches that would be at home on The Clash with a Charlie Norris squash, Ice Train squash and a Cactus Jack squash. They did nothing and weren’t necessary, Rude vs Flair just never clicks. I like both men, I really enjoy Rude with the right opponent and Flair’s formula is like a lock for solid matches but it was just not there for me in this one. The arm-work was not that interesting to me, Rude’s control segment never took it up a notch and by the time it was over, I felt like I had a birthday. That being said, the tag team championship match was rougher. I don’t get why Roma is there, I don’t get why I should be taking note or caring about Roma, he drags down matches and this match was rough. With The Road Warriors back, how long before they run through everyone? The main event is a very poor War Games match, Rhodes blades and makes it feel like it is important but nobody else got the memo. You do not have to bleed to make it interesting but it really felt like we were just waiting for the ring to fill and the Bearhug is so anti-climatic. Awful PPV, I do not recommend checking anything out on this card, WCW in 1993 continues to crash and burn! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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