Monday 9 May 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XXIV Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to decline in quality more than each new season of The Simpsons! It is time for WCW Clash of The Champions XXIV! We have a World Championship match, a World Tag Team Championship match and some interesting tag matches and mystery partners. Will it be any good? Maybe I am not too sure as poor old WCW continues to be hit and miss!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) The Horsemen ( Paul Roma & Arn Anderson vs The Hollywood Blondes ©

Brian Pillman is injured, a broken foot possibly so we thought there would be no championship match but that is simply not going to happen as we have a replacement in Lord Steven Regal. Anderson and Austin to start, this is quite disappointing because this could mean the end of The Blondes as champions.


Austin sends Anderson to the corner, Austin gives a clean break. Shoulder block by Anderson, Austin answers with a clothesline. Snap-mare into an elbow to the face, two for Austin. Snap-mare into another elbow from Austin, Anderson trips Austin and lands right hands to the head. Anderson catapults Austin over the top rope, Austin holds onto the ropes but gets back-dropped to the floor on the opposite side. The referee was with Regal, missing the big bump and the DQ. Austin pulls Anderson to the floor, knees and left hand blows by Anderson. In the ring, Regal is brought into the ring. Anderson works the arm and brings in Roma.


Right hands by Roma, Roma works the wrist before Regal escapes for a side headlock. Shoulder block and front chancery by Regal, Roma escapes and lands a big scoop slam followed by a dropkick. Regal is rocked in the corner, Regal shoves off Roma. Austin lands an illegal knee from the apron, Regal takes control. Tag to Austin, massive axe handle from Austin. Irish whip and elbow by Austin, massive suplex by Austin. Austin chokes Roma before Pillman chokes Roma behind the referee’s back. In comes Regal with a measured kick to the ribs, Roma tries a sunset flip but Regal counters and lands a senton for two. Regal lands kicks in the apron, gut-wrench suplex for two. Tag to Austin, Roma blocks and sends Austin into the buckle. Right hands by Roma, Austin reverses an Irish whip and lands a knee to the ribs. Middle rope elbow, tag to Regal.


Regal is in, shoulder thrusts from Regal. More knees to the ribs, knee to the chest. Regal lands left forearms, tag to Austin who stomps all over Roma. Small package by Roma, Austin kicks out and clubs down Roma some more. Anderson lands a left as Austin was too close to the corner, Austin continues roughing up Roma. Austin is caught with the Stun-Gun! Regal interferes illegally for a big kick to the head, Anderson tags in but the referee was with Regal, it will not be allowed! Regal lands those European uppercuts, Roma lands a sunset flip but Regal flips out but Roma lands a massive enzuigiri. Hot-tag to Anderson, back body drop on Austin.


Anderson’s DDT is blocked as Regal clubs Anderson in the back of the head, Sir William is on the apron with a crutch but Anderson blocks being sent into the crutch. Austin collides with Sir William and Anderson schoolboys Austin for the win! We have new tag team champions!


Yeah not great. Sorry Roma, I just feel like you stick out like a sore thumb in The Horsemen. I am not sure what they saw in him but Roma is bland, doesn’t have the charisma or that cool factor needed to pull it off so the whole heat segment on Roma is just dull. Crowd loves Anderson though, crowd loves The Horsemen but I cannot wait until Roma is no longer a Horsemen. Sad for The Blondes, not sure how long they would have held those championships but The Blondes are very fun inside that squared circle and I hope those are still some good days ahead for the duo.


Winners: The Horsemen over The Blondes via Roll-Up!


Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs 2 Cold Scorpio

Anytime I get to see Bobby Eaton is a good day, he is simply one of my favourite workers of all-time and his slide down the card frustrates me because every time I see him in that ring, he reminds me that Eaton is awesome and that he should be pushed higher up the card. They lock-up and we have a clean break to start. Eaton grabs the wrist before Scorpio flips out of the hold but Eaton lands a knee. Massive right hand from Eaton, Scorpio is sent to the floor. Scorpio is on the apron, shoulder thrust into an O’Connor roll for two. Eaton comes right back with a clothesline, right hand to the face. Massive right in the corner, Eaton misses a corner splash. Diving crossbody for two, dropkick and an arm-drag into the arm-bar.


Scorpio lands headbutts before missing a flying crossbody, Eaton chokes Scorpio using the ropes. Eaton is caught as Scorpio lands big punches, dropkick to the floor. Plancha from Scorpio, Scorpio sends Eaton to the buckles over and over before Eaton lands a DDT to the arm. Swinging neck-breaker and elbow drop from Eaton for two, Scorpio fights back with right hands and chops before a spinning heel kick into the 450 Splash and this match is over.


Finish came out of nowhere, wasn’t expecting it to go like that but the result was never in doubt, I wonder where Bagwell is because it is like WCW are not sure what to do with Scorpio. They can recognize they have a star but are they going to be a tag team or just let Scorpio be a singles’ star. Either way, this match was a lot more tame than I thought it would be, a disappointing Eaton match is a rare sight.


Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio over Bobby Eaton via 450 Splash!


(Mask vs Guitar Match) Johnny B. Badd vs Maxx Payne

These two had a horrific match at a prior PPV, the stakes have been upped here as we have a Guitar vs Mask match. Even though we have seen Badd without a mask, we are meant to believe that it would be horrific for Badd to lose his mask and have his scarred face exposed. The match starts with Badd being dragged to the apron and having his leg smashed into the ring apron, Badd rallies with gut punches and clotheslines before Payne ducks a crossbody. Sidewalk slam and Payne rips off the mask but Badd had another mask underneath. Gut punches and head-scissors by Badd, Payne responds with a clothesline. Hammerlock scoop slam, small package by Badd for two. Payne lands a clothesline, Payne lands two elbow drops. Payne goes to the middle rope and misses a splash which Badd covers for the win.


The feud that continues to suck, hopefully that is the end of it. Watching Badd in WCW, you have to be wonder where does Badd start to put on those matches and show that charisma that Vince wanted so badly because I have yet to see something good from Badd inside that ring.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Maxx Payne via Missed Splash!


(WCW World Television Championship Match) Paul Orndorff © vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Before this match, you get to see The Shockmaster debut. I am not going into detail on that, everyone knows about and how horribly it went, it definitely shows how bad WCW was at the time though. So, Steamboat and Douglas looked like they were going to be a great tag team going up against The Blondes before Douglas left WCW to get extreme so finally we have Steamboat back on track as The Dragon looks to capture the championship held by Orndorff.


Side headlock and shoulder blocks from Steamboat, Orndorff struggles to break free from the hold. Steamboat lands a shoulder block, Orndorff ducks down and Steamboat misses a crossbody. Orndorff lands boot after boot on the ramp, diving elbow to the head for two. Another side headlock, Orndorff lands a scoop slam for two. Reverse chin-lock from Orndorff, Steamboat escapes but Orndorff lands a face-buster. Steamboat is sent to the floor, Orndorff is sent into the buckle and eats a diving chop for two. Steamboat lands a massive right for two, belly to back suplex. Steamboat chops Orndorff to the floor, Steamboat dives to the floor to wipe out Orndorff. Orndorff is on the apron and lands a shoulder thrust and a slingshot splash with the feet on the ropes for two. O’Connor roll from Steamboat for two, Orndorff wants the piledriver but Steamboat counters and Orndorff is caught in a pin for two. Backslide by the challenger for two, Orndorff lands a clothesline.


Steamboat is whipped to the buckle, Orndorff is caught with a boot to the face. Diving Crossbody from Steamboat but Orndorff rolls through, 1..2… Steamboat kicks out! Orndorff goes for the scoop slam but Steamboat counters with a small package for the win! Orndorff gets his heat back by Piledriving Steamboat on the ramp on the championship.


I think it was the right move to get the championship off Orndorff because without the Cactus Jack feud and Simmons not winning the championship, I was curious as to what they were wishing to accomplish with Orndorff as champion. Having Steamboat as champion can lead to a number of good quality matches and Steamboat helping to elevate the talent in WCW. I am still shocked at how they dropped the ball with Steamboat though, Steamboat came back white-hot to WCW and was on fire every time you needed him.


Winner: Ricky Steamboat over Paul Orndorff via Small Package!


Ric Flair & Sting vs The Colossal Kongs!

Harley Race brought in two fat bastards to take down Flair and Sting, they are named Awesome Kong and King Kong, that tells you everything you need to know. Sting dropkicks and slams both the big fat bastards as Flair flips out on the apron. Match breaks down, Flair is brawling on the floor while Sting batters one Kong in the ring before Harley Race grabs the leg of Sting. Sting avoids an elbow drop, massive dropkicks and a clothesline to one of the Kongs. Stinger splash and Sting climbs high, diving splash and this is over. What a waste of my time!


Winners: Team Sting over Team Kong via Diving Splash!


Ravishing Rick Rude & The Equalizer vs Dustin Rhodes & Mystery Partner

Dustin Rhodes might be the king of this mystery partner gimmick, Rhodes brought out Ricky Steamboat against The Enforcers in 1991 but this time, Rhodes may have brought someone even badder. It is true because it’s none other than Road Warrior Animal! Hawk is here also and scares the life out of Rude and The Eqaulizer!


Hawk and Rude to start, Hawk wants the test of strength but Rude is hesitant. Rude is on his knees and has his hands stepped on, Equalizer comes in and locks up with Hawk. Irish whip and dropkick by Hawk, Hawk brawls with Equalizer on the floor before Rude and Equalizer double team Hawk. Rude applies the camel clutch, Hawk fires up and tags Rhodes. Doomsday Device, Rhodes runs wild with back body drops and right hands. Rude avoids a monkey flip and clotheslines Rhodes, Rude climbs high and lands a diving chop. Equalizer and Rude stomp on Rhodes, elbow by Equalizer. Chokeslam by Equalizer, Rude tags into the match. Throat thrusts from Rude, tag to Equalizer.


Equalizer clotheslines Rude by mistake, Hawk comes in and clubs everything in sight landing a massive double clothesline. There was no tag but we have a double face-buster, Rude and Equalizer are clotheslined to the floor. Rude is suplexed into the ring, Equalizer clotheslines Hawk to the floor. Equalizer tries a scoop slam, Hawk lands a diving shoulder block to push Rhodes on top and we have winners. Notable for The Road Warriors coming back to WCW, will definitely be interesting to see how they integrate into the tag team scene.


Winners: Team Rhodes over Team Rude via Diving Shoulder Block!


(WCW World Championship Match) Vader © W/ Harley Race vs The British Bulldog

No DQ match because of what took place at Slamboree, they battled again in the tag team main event of Beach Blast. Their previous match was good in parts and dull in others, hopefully with this being a Clash main event they cut out the stalling and just annihilate one another for 8 to 10 minutes. This match starts with a takedown on the ramp, Bulldog lands right after right while Vader does the same. Short-arm clothesline on the ramp, suplex on the ramp by Bulldog. Absolutely disgusting bump there, Vader takes control in the ring with massive corner rights and lefts. Headbutt by Vader, Bulldog is out on the floor. Harley Race looks to aid his champion, Vader misses a splash against the guardrail.


Bulldog suplexes Vader onto the apron, Bulldog lifts up Vader for a Samoan drop. Two for Davey Boy, Vader manages to club down Bulldog and lands a massive elbow to the groin. Vader lands rights and lefts, clothesline from Vader. Samoan drop from Vader, diving splash for two. Vader misses a sit-down splash, Bulldog covers for two. Vader whips Bulldog to the buckle, Bulldog is down and Vader splashes Bulldog on the back. Irish whip and Bulldog ducks a clothesline, crucifix pin for two for Bulldog. Right hand by Vader, clubbing blows in the corner. Vader is on the top rope, Bulldog lands a dropkick and Vader crotches himself and falls down. Bulldog pummels Vader in the corner, stomps from the challenger.


Corner foot choke from Bulldog, Vader lands a foot to take down Bulldog. Vader Bomb connects! Could this be the end of Bulldog? 1…2.. Bulldog kicks out! Harley Race cannot believe this has happened! Vader calls for the end of this match, middle rope crossbody but Bulldog counters for a powerslam. The referee is hit by the legs of Vader, Bulldog looks for a suplex but Race clips the leg of Bulldog with Vader falling flat on top of Bulldog and Vader retains his championship while Race brawls with Bulldog. As Vader takes down Bulldog, we have Cactus Jack back in the WCW.


So Clash of The Champions XXIV is rather infamous due to the Shockmaster making his grand debut but they are other things of note here, we have Cactus Jack returning to go after Vader and we also have new tag team champions and a new television champion in Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Once again with WCW looking like they are on the decline, they bring in The Road Warriors, Sid Vicious and The British Bulldog on top of the likes of Rude, Sting and Flair so based on the amount of starpower at the top of the card, they should be delivering great matches so let us see where it goes!



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