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WCW The Great American Bash 1989 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that mouths off on anyone and everyone on Twitter! It’s WCW’s Great American Bash 1989: Glory Days! A sold out arena in Baltimore, Jim Ross and Bob Caudle welcome us to the action. Terry Funk and Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, a War Games Match, a Tuxedo Match between Jim Cornette and Paul E. Dangerously as well as Sting vs Muta and Steamboat vs Luger. This match is absolutely stacked, no doubt about it and this PPV has a reputation as one of the best of all-time. Will it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!


King Of The Hill Triple Crown Battle Royal

Winners of various battle royals meet in one ring, you have to eliminate your opponent by throwing them out of the ring. When thrown out of the ring, the losers go to ring B for their own battle. The winner will receive 50,000, there are 14 competitors in that ring including The Steiners, The Varsity Club, The Skyscrapers but also the likes of Steve Williams, Eddie Gilbert, a young Scott Hall and even Flyin’ Bryan Pillman. Ranger Ross is dumped out and must wait for other people to be dumped out, Ron Simmons is dumped out next.


Simmons and Ross start brawling, Simmons murders Ross with two clotheslines. Ross lands his Combat Kick on Simmons, Simmons clotheslines Ross again before Ross dumps out Simmons. Scott Hall is dumped out next and Terry Gordy, Ross and Hall combine against Gordy. Wild Bill Irwin is dumped out next, lots of people begin being dumped out with Dan Spivey powerbombing people left, right and centre. Pillman and Sid are in the winners’ ring, they are the final two for that ring. Pillman fires up on Sid but Sid ducks a flying crossbody and we have our first winner in Sid Vicious. In the other ring, it has emptied quite quickly so we only have three men left. Spivey, Rotunda and Williams.


Williams powerslams Rotunda, Rotunda misses a clothesline and goes sailing over the top rope. Williams lands a corner clothesline on Spivey, another clothesline staggers Spivey. Williams continues to clothesline Spivey who is down but Gordy is at ringside, Gordy has been standing there for quite some time. Rotunda trips Williams, Williams is distracted and it looks like we are going to have The Skyscrapers against one another. Teddy Long comes to the ring and says his partners will not fight and they will split the money.


Well that sucks as a finish, there is a lot of things that they could have done here. Williams vs Sid would have been an interesting contest, I would have liked to see Williams vs Gordy II but it is your standard battle royal for the time. No real spots or finesse like your later Royal Rumbles but a decent opening match.


Winners: The Skyscrapers!


Brian Pillman vs Wild Bill Irwin

Irwin jumps Pillman before Pillman uses his speed for hip-tosses and dropkicks to stagger Irwin. Head-scissors which sends Irwin to the floor, baseball slide and two arm-drags into an arm-bar from Pillman. Irwin lands a hip-toss but Pillman dodges the elbow drop and applies the arm-drag into the arm-bar. Irwin escapes and lands a great suplex, Irwin steps on the face of Pillman. Clubbing blows from Irwin, Irwin talks a lot of trash. Pillman is hurled to the floor, Irwin clocks Pillman before stepping on his throat with his boot. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock, Pillman comes up before Irwin starts landing elbows to the neck. Pillman fires up but lowers his head off an Irish whip, kick to the face and a clothesline by Irwin.


Clubbing blows from Irwin again, choke using the rope from Irwin. Irwin lands a massive knee to the spine and more rope-choking from Irwin, boots to the ribs from Irwin. Pillman is dumped to the floor, more rope-choking from Irwin. Irwin misses the knee though, massive dropkicks from Pillman. Flying clothesline from Pillman and a splash for two, headbutt from Pillman. Pillman climbs high, missile dropkick misses as Irwin dodges. Stomps to the head from Irwin, gut-wrench suplex from Irwin. Pillman is thrown into ring two, the referee and Irwin are having words. Pillman is on the top rope from the second ring, Flying Crossbody from Pillman for the win.


A little long for my liking but a solid win for the exciting new babyface in WCW, Pillman was going to be a big star no doubt about it and Ric Flair could see it from a mile away. Irwin was very vocal during the match which made me laugh a good bit, fun stuff but shave a minute or two off and I would like it more.


Winner: Flyin’ Brian Pillman over Wild Bill Irwin via Flying Crossbody!


The Skyscrapers W/ Teddy Long vs The Dynamic Dudes

All you ever hear about is how bad The Dudes were but at this point, things are still quite bright for the team. Solid tag team matches on PPV so far but this might be a different case as The Skyscrapers are going to beat the piss out of these two and between Spivey & Sid Vicious, I have no clue who is going to sell in this match. Spivey and Ace to start, dropkick from Ace but Spivey sets erm no I won’t be selling that shit. Forearms and eye-rakes before a vicious clothesline on Ace, shoulder block does not work for him either. Ace slides through the legs, double dropkick and monkey flip. Spivey boots down Douglas, Irish whip but Ace blind tags in, flying crossbody and trip for one.


The crowd wants Sid, this is not good as Spivey lands a double clothesline. Crowd reacts big for Sid, clubbing blows to Ace. Massive chop from Sid, Sid is just oozing confidence and charisma. Spivey comes in and we have boos again, Irish whip with Ace eating a clothesline. Scoop slam but Ace dodges the elbow drop, in comes Douglas. Right hands, Spivey lands a scrap-buster on Douglas. Spivey lands forearms to the spine, powerbomb from Spivey. Douglas is dumped to the floor and attacked by Long before Sid lands a massive kick to the head. Tag to Sid and the crowd erupts again, one clothesline and the crowd wants him badly. Whip to the buckle, Douglas collapses down.


Sid clamps down on the back, tag to Spivey who lands a sidewalk slam. Douglas tries a flying crossbody but Spivey lands a back-breaker. Spivey misses a middle rope headbutt, tag to Ace who comes in with a dropkick. Right hands and elbows to both, Spivey is booted in the head. Diving clothesline that Sid interrupts, Sid throws Douglas to the apron. The Skyscrapers hit one another before Sid eats a double dropkick. Double hip-toss on Spivey, Ace tries a head-scissors but Sid pulls down Ace and Spivey lands a Powerbomb for the win.


Anti-climatic finish for sure, I think this went far too long also. Sid is a star in the making though, you can see it already. Spivey is big and that’s about as nice I can be to Spivey. The Dudes are up against it if this feud is going to continue.


Winners: The Skyscrapers over The Dynamic Dudes via Powerbomb!


(Tuxedo Match) Paul E. Dangerously vs Jim Cornette

An angle that could have been something, The Original Midnight Express vs The Midnight Express. Great kick-off with Dangerously bloodying Cornette with a cell-phone to the head. Ultimately, the angle would fall apart with the appeal being stripped away as Dennis Condrey would be gone by the time the big match was going to go down. So, Dangerously brought in The Samoan Swat Team and the feud continued until now, we have the two mangers going at it trying to strip one another to win this match. Trish and Lita this is not folks, the match starts with Cornette pulling off the jacket of Dangerously before Dangerously throws powder in the eyes of Cornette and smashes the knee of Cornette with his phone.


Cornette loses his jacket as Dangerously lays in the shots now, Cornette’s leg is the target of the attacks here. Dangerously looks to readjust, a boot floors Cornette. Cornette is choked with the tie, Dangerously is mostly stripping himself which is not a great strategy. Cornette comes back and chokes Dangerously, Dangerously backs Cornette to the corner. Dangerously slaps and talks trash before Cornette collapses because of his knee. Dangerously stomps all over Cornette, Dangerously continues booting Cornette before sending Cornette into the ring-post. More slaps from Dangerously, Dangerously misses a massive elbow drop.


Right hands from Dangerously, Cornette fires up with Dangerously panicking. Beautiful right hands from Cornette, right hands to the dome of Dangerously. Cornette calls for the end of this match, Dangerously is being stripped. Shoulder block and both men go down, Dangerously has something. Cornette kicks the powders into the eyes of Dangerously and the winner of the match is Cornette as Dangerously has been stripped.


For a comedy stipulation match, this was a lot of fun. Lots of psychology with Cornette selling the shit out of the knee and delivering some awesome right hands. The powder backfiring on Dangerously was great too, wonderful stuff from the two legendary managers in a match that should have never been good at all.


Winner: Jim Cornette!


(Texas Tornado Match) The Varsity Club vs The Steiner Brothers

I hope this is the end of this feud because I am still mad at how Rick was made to look like a joke as Rotunda regained the television title only to drop it to Sting. This is tornado rules so I imagine this will be a brawl. Sullivan and Rick are on the floor, a chair-shot does not work on Rick. Sullivan crotches Rick on the guardrail, Rotunda wrenches Scott’s arm in the ring. Rick meets a table, Rick returns the favour for Sullivan. Rotunda and Scott are brawling, Sullivan is running from Rick. Scott lands massive punches in the corner, hip-toss across the ring before all four men are in the ring. Scott misses a clothesline and sails to the floor, Rotunda takes off the head of Rick with a clothesline. Diving clothesline from Sullivan on Rick, Scott sends Rotunda to the buckle. Belly to belly suplex from Rick to Sullivan, Rotunda is in the tree of woe. Powerslam from Rick for two, more brawling.


Ten punches from Rick but Sullivan dumps Rick to the floor, apron boot to the face from Sullivan. Make it double, Rotunda applies a sleeper to Scott. Double clothesline on Scott, leg-drop by Rotunda for two. Rick headbutts Sullivan down low while trying a sunset flip, Steinerline on Sullivan. Scott rolls-up Rotunda for two, Sullivan pulls Rick to the floor. Double back body-drop on Scott, Sullivan as a chair and Rick is cracked in the head. Scott is dumped to the floor, Rotunda is sent to the floor. Sullivan tries to slam Rick but Scott comes off with a flying crossbody and The Steiners pin Sullivan for the win.


Brief but physical, lots of fun here. Sullivan and Rotunda are willing to hit hard and The Steiners always bring the heat so we have a very physical brawl here and maybe the best of the bunch here when it comes to matches featuring The Varsity Club and Rick Steiner. Hope both can move onto new things because I could go without seeing these two brawl for a long time now.


Winners: The Steiners over The Varsity Club via Flying Crossbody!


(NWA Television Championship Match) The Great Muta W/ Gary Hart vs Sting © W/ Eddie Gilbert

Two young athletes and two rising stars, this should be absolute madness. Muta is undefeated while Sting is the uncrowned Ace of the company. Muta stalls so Sting flies from ring one to ring two. Right hands by Sting, Sting chases Gary Hart. Muta lands a diving chop onto the head of Sting, chop and boots from Muta. Handspring elbow from Muta, back-breaker and Muta wants the finish. Moonsault and Muta lands on his feet, Sting no-sells a spinning sole butt so Muta goes low and then high with kicks before landing a plancha. Sting fights back from the apron with a clothesline and a diving clothesline for two. Dropkick before Sting goes right after Muta, clubbing blows from The Stinger. Scoop slam from Sting, two for the champion. Muta blocks the suplex, sleeper from Muta. Massive chops from Muta, Sting reverses an Irish whip and gorilla press slams Muta but Muta dodges the elbow.


Flashing Elbow from Muta, Gilbert looks on concerned for Sting. Reverse chin-lock from Muta, Muta transitions into an abdominal stretch while using the ropes for leverage. Transition into a cradle for two, elbow to the neck and a hurl to the floor. Sting has fired up though, eye-rake from Muta. Measured kick to the ribs from Muta, Muta misses the handspring elbow. Clotheslines from Sting, massive bulldog from the champion. Dropkick with Muta rolling to the floor, Irish whip by the champion. Muta mists the referee as Sting ducks, The Stinger Splash misses. Muta lands a snap-mare and a beautiful moonsault for a close two. Gary Hart is irate as Gilbert is running around ringside, belly to back suplex from Sting with a bridge for the win.


Controversial finish as Muta had his arm up, Nick Patrick is saying that Muta is the winner for the match. What is happening here? Muta is leaving with the championship! Regardless of what the finish is, this match is explosive and fantastic as Sting and Muta bring everything to this in the brief amount of time that they were brawling for, they set the tone from the beginning with Sting diving from one ring to the other while Muta wipes out Sting with his handspring elbow and plancha to the floor. Just brilliant stuff, the finish leaves us looking forward to the next match, I cannot wait for the rematch!


Winner: The Great Muta over Sting via Belly To Back Suplex!


(NWA United States Championship Match) Lex Luger © vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Luger was pissed at being ranked number two in the top ten contenders’ list in WCW for the world championship, Luger let the anger eat away at him before erupting at Clash of The Champions and taking out The Dragon. We have this match now and Steamboat is destroying Luger, quick pins bamboozle Luger as long as dropkicks and back body-drops. Luger crawls to the floor, chops on the floor before Luger turns the tide in the ring with a massive knee. Luger continues the punishment with boots before Steamboat rocks Luger with chops. Luger is bounced off the table at ringside, Luger is rolled into the ring. Luger blocks the diving chop with a right hand, massive back-breaker from Luger. Clubbing blows from Luger, right hands to the face. Military press slam from Luger, Luger goes to the apron to talk trash.


Elbows to the spine, two for the champion. Schoolboy by Steamboat for two, Luger lands three clotheslines in quick succession. Steamboat is dropped across the top rope, Steamboat chops his way back into the match. Irish whip by Luger and a powerslam from the champion for two. Luger is visibly frustrated now, Steamboat ducks the elbow and lands a flying crossbody for two. Inverted atomic drop from Luger, Luger continues to talk shit at a fan which I am a big fan of for sure. Steamboat lands a desperation neck-breaker Luger slips out of a scoop slam but Steamboat ducks and Luger ends up sailing over that top rope. Steamboat is battering Luger who is on the apron, Luger blocks Steamboat with a boot.


Luger is climbing high, Steamboat catches Luger and yanks him off the top rope. Dropkick from Steamboat, right hand floors Luger. Make it two, Steamboat is going to the top. Diving Judo chop for two, Steamboat is back-dropped into the second ring by Luger. Luger goes to the floor and grabs a chair from ringside, Tommy Young is trying to stop Luger. The champion is threatening Steamboat, Steamboat catapults Luger into the corner and into the chair. Steamboat gets disqualified and batters Luger with the chair.


This was a lot of fun despite the stupid finish but perhaps we an excuse The Dragon who wanted to batter Luger for what he did at Clash of The Champions Guts and Glory. This was a lot of fun though, Luger makes Steamboat look like a million bucks while Steamboat does what Steamboat does best and that is make his opponent look awesome. A highlight for Luger here, thought he was brilliant as an arrogant ass during this match. Good stuff here!


Winner: Lex Luger over Ricky The Dragon Steamboat via DQ!


(Wargames Match) The Fabulous Freebirds & The Samoan Swat-Team vs The Midnight Express & The Road Warriors & Dr. Death Steve Williams

Can you say stiff? This is going to be absolutely bonkers, you have some of the hardest-hitting wrestlers in wrestling locked in a cage during a heated feud on PPV. Jimmy Garvin is in the ring, who will he face from the other team? Eaton jumps in, knees from Garvin. Massive rights from Eaton, neck-breaker from Eaton. Elbow drop misses as Garvin comes up with a big fist. Scoop slam from Garvin, Eaton lands an atomic drop before Garvin boots Eaton in the face. Eaton meets the cage wall, Hayes is pulling the hair of Eaton. Foot choke from Garvin, boot to the face. Eaton fights back, massive hip-toss before Garvin lands a massive forearm to the head. Sleeper from Garvin, multiple right hands from Garvin.


Right hands and back-breaker from Eaton, Eaton looks for a Boston crab. Terry Gordy comes in now, Bam Bam Gordy hurls Eaton into the cage wall. Scoop slam from Gordy, Eaton is kicked across the ring.  Double elbow to the face of Eaton, Gordy decks Garvin by mistake. Eaton meets the cage hard though, who will come in to aid Eaton? It’s Dr. Death Steve Williams. Double clothesline from Williams, Gordy is thrown to the other ring. These bulls are going to brawl now, I am all for this. Williams lands a military press slam on Gordy, Gordy corner clotheslines Williams and lands multiple punches. Williams punishes Gordy, sending Gordy into the cage again and again.


In comes Samu, spinning kick and headbutt to Williams. Belly to back suplex from Gordy, Samu helps attack Williams. Eaton tries fighting off Garvin but the numbers are too much for now, Samu lands gut punches to Eaton. Williams is the victim of a double suplex as Eaton starts fighting everyone, big punches all around. Who is coming in? Animal! Animal comes in and starts kicking serious ass, clothesline for Gordy. Make it two, Animal goes after Samu. Slug-fest before a boot to the head, Animal dives in with a massive shoulder block. Animal continues destroying everything in sight, Eaton continues waffling Samu with rights. Bulldog by Eaton, in comes Fatu who goes after Animal.


Double headbutts to Animal, choke in the corner. Double clothesline on Animal, wishbone-split. Headbutt after headbutt on Animal, Garvin continues waffling Eaton. Large Hawk chants who wants in bad, Gordy and Williams continue to brawl in the other ring. Sweet Stan Lane comes in, sending everyone into the cage. Good stuff here, everyone is just brawling now. We still have two men left in here, Lane decks Samu. Williams and Animal are clotheslining Fatu, Eaton boots Garvin in the head. The Samoans batter Animal before Eaton makes the save, Hayes is ready to enter the ring for his team. Hayes goes for Lane and Williams, DDTs all around. Everyone is down, Hayes celebrates and struts around the ring.


Hayes teases Hawk, bad idea from Hayes. The heels are in complete control but Hawk is coming into this ring now, crowd explodes at this. Diving clothesline and clothesline to Hayes, Hawk is battering everyone in that ring. Gordy eats a massive clothesline, Garvin is tossed into the turnbuckle. Eaton DDTs Hayes, DDT on Fatu too. Hawk dives across the ring to shoulder block The Samoans. Hawk is booting everything in sight, Fatu and Hawk are brawling with Hawk winning that war. Gordy is taken down with a clothesline, Garvin knees Animal but Hawk decapitates Garvin with a diving clothesline. Neck-breaker from Hawk, Hangman’s Neck-hold from Hawk for the win.


Heated contest here, you could feel the hatred from both teams. Love the concept of The WarGames, this might be my favourite one that I have seen so far, Gordy and Williams brawling with one another was just brilliant as was Hawk running wild on everyone, surprised there was no blood here but maybe that is being save for The Main Event, I think it would have added to the drama here but take nothing away, this was hard-hitting and a war. Loved it!


Winners: Team Williams over Team Gordy via Hangman’s Neck-Hold!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Terry Funk W/ Gary Hart

The Nature Boy Ric Flair had defeated Ricky The Dragon Steamboat to end their trilogy, Ric Flair stood in the middle of his ring and was congratulated by Terry Funk. Funk used the time to challenge Flair, Flair brushed off Funk saying with all due respect, you are not an active competitor here like Sting or Luger you are in Hollywood making movies. Funk was offended and furious which led to Funk attacking Flair and piledriving Flair on the table at ringside, almost breaking the neck and ending his career.


This starts hot on the floor, Flair chops the bejesus out of Funk who is throwing a tantrum at ringside. Flair comes to the floor and drills Funk with right hands, Funk continues to stall. Funk throws chairs in the ring, we get back inside the ring and we have more chops and right hands. This has been all Flair, apron diving axe handle before Funk runs Flair into the ring-post. Right hands to the forehead by the challenger, nice headbutt there too. Slaps from Funk, suplex to the ring. The challenger gets two, Funk decks Flair who rolls to the floor. Flair suplexes Funk to the floor, looks like a nasty fall for both.


Funk wants the piledriver but Flair back-drops Funk to the floor, Flair wrenches at the neck of Funk. Funk complains about the attacks, Flair lands a knee-drop to the neck. Make it two, piledriver by Flair in a nice twist of fate. Funk is in serious pain, Flair says one more time. Flair plants Funk with a second piledriver, Funk falls to the floor and is looking to leave the arena. Flair brings Funk back to the ring, Flair slaps and kicks Funk. Chops but Funk jabs his way back into the match before Funk eats a massive forearm. Flair lands a belly to back suplex, Flair wants the figure four. Funk’s leg is yanked and here it is, Figure Four Leg-Lock from The Nature Boy.


Funk attacks Flair with his branding Iron, Gary Hart distracted the referee. Flair is bleeding and Funk lands a massive Texas Piledriver for a close two as Flair puts his foot on the ropes. Funk grinds his boot into the face of Flair, Funk rips up the safety mats. Flair back-drops Funk to avoid a piledriver on the concrete, Funk regains control though. Neck-breaker in the ring, make it two. Flair fights back, Funk meets the ring-post and is bleeding now. Ten punches in the corner, right hands stagger Funk. Flair misses a corner knee, Funk grabs the knee. Spinning Toe Hold but Flair counters and goes for The Figure Four but Funk counters for a small package but Flair rolls back and covers Funk for the win. After the bell Muta mists Flair and the villainous duo double-team Flair. Sting comes down to a monster pop and makes the save, Flair and Sting side by side?


Wrong of me to say I wanted more? Flair starts this match exactly how he should by going straight after the man who nearly ended his career, Funk flips and flops all over for Flair and then we get to the heat, Funk goes after the neck. Neck-breakers and a tease of piledriver on the floor, it wasn’t meant to be but this was the drama and violence you want from two men who want to destroy one another. Would have liked a little more drama introduced when Flair was bleeding, felt things moved very fast from that point on with the finish being a finish we have seen before from Flair but I guess it leaves thing open to continue between the two. The end of the show sets up the big match for the next PPV and Flair teaming with Sting should be very interesting.


Winner: Ric Flair over Terry Funk via Small Package!


WCW’s Great America Bash 1989 is a very good PPV with three strong matches at the end of the card that make up for some lacklustre opening matches. Reading through more reviews online, I saw that the earlier matches were clipped so if they were shorter, I would not have had such a problem with them but yes, Pillman vs Irwin and The Dudes vs Skyscrapers would have been better if shorter. The Tuxedo match tells a great story for a match featuring two non-wrestlers, the Steiners vs Varsity Club match is action-packed and balls to the wall for the brief time it is on there. Muta vs Sting was short but oh so good, they have a chemistry with one another, they are fearless and they are both over. More of that thank you very much, Luger has a great match with Steamboat. Finish is a little wonky, I don’t want to believe Steamboat was so irate he would cost himself the championship but the match was so much fun, I will let it slide on this occasion. The WarGames match is a war and delivers ten-fold, it doesn’t have the star-power of other matches but when Gordy collies with Williams or The Road Warriors go after The Samoans, you believe they hate one another. Violence and hatred are the theme of the night as it continues into the main event that is a lot of fun and has good psychology, things are heating up in WCW and while the company has been hit and miss for the earlier parts of the year, I like this direction for the company. Promising stars in the likes of Pillman and Sid, the rise of Muta and Sting along with Funk injecting life into a babyface Flair. This was a good show, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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