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WCW Clash of The Champions VI: The Ragin Cajun Showdown Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that always trusts the dirtsheets! It’s time for WCW Clash of The Champions VI: The Ragin’ Cajun Showdown! Ric Flair vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. JYD takes on Butch Reed like we are in Mid-South again and The Samoan Swat-Team battle The Midnight Express as Paul E. Dangerously looks to regroup following The Chi-Town Rumble! Let’s get it on!


The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette vs The Samoan Swat Team W/ Paul E. Dangerously

Samu and Lane to start, clubbing blows from Samu. Irish whip with a draw off a shoulder block, shoulder block by Lane. Samu misses a crossbody but Lane does not miss, two for Lane. Samu backs Lane to the corner, Fatu eats a punch by mistake as Lane escapes. Chops from Samu, massive scoop slam and a tag to Fatu. Arm-drags from Lane, tag to Eaton and we have a drop toehold and elbow drop combination. Eaton climbs high, missile dropkick from Eaton. Side headlock and a tag to Lane, snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock. Lane has a side headlock while Samu is clocked on the floor by Cornette with the racket. Lane continues to arm-drag and arm-bar Fatu. Tag to Eaton and a double elbow, Lane comes in but Fatu rakes the eyes and tags in Samu. Samu lands a massive headbutt, Irish whip but Lane counters for a sunset flip.


Two for Lane, we reset with Samu sending Lane to the heels’ corner. Fatu is clocked again by mistake, Eaton slaps on a headlock. Samu cannot escape the headlock, crowd chants Paul E. sucks. Lane tags in but is back-dropped into oblivion, leg-drop from Samu for two. Tag to Fatu, massive chops before a scoop slam for two. Lane fights back on his knees, dropkick from Lane. Eaton lands massive right hands, back body-drop. Small package for two, headlock again from Eaton. Eaton smashes Fatu with a right hand, tag to Lane who leapfrogs into a crossbody. Lane pins Fatu but Samu rakes the eyes, headbutt to the corner. Eaton is dragged into the heels’ corner, Samu lands a massive clothesline.


Eaton eats a massive superkick to the face, Eaton sells greatly by barely surviving the pin-fall from Samu. Samu works the shoulder with a claw, Eaton fights out but Fatu pulls the hair from the apron. Lane argues with the referee but The Samoan Swat Team double team Eaton, Fatu nails an elbow for two. Samu and Fatu double team Eaton, shot after shot to the face of Eaton. Corner choke from Samu, Samu rakes the back too. Superkick from Samu who continues choking Eaton, Eaton comes back with massive rights and tags in Lane. Lane lands kick after kick, Fatu is dragged into the ring. It breaks down, The Samoan Swat Team crack heads but it has no effect and they fire up, Dangerously trips up Lane but Lane dodges the headbutt. Cornette trips Fatu, Samu superkicks Lane.


Lane kicks out at two, Samu and Fatu strike Lane down. Eaton has seen enough and brawls, everyone is brawling. Lane is down though, the heels batter Lane in the corner. Powerslam by Fatu for two, Eaton is distracted again as The Samoan Swat Team double headbutt Lane. Lane ducks a clothesline but eats a superkick for two. Eaton is knocked off the apron, the Samoans batter Lane again. Scoop slam by Fatu, Fatu misses the middle rope headbutt. Lane drags himself to his feet and Eaton gets the tag, right hands all around. Noggin-knocker and it does not work, Eaton eats a double headbutt. Fatu clubs Samu by mistake, flying headbutt to Fatu. Neck-breaker on Samu for two, match breaks down. Rocket Launcher connects, Cornette is with Dangerously. Dangerously hands the phone to Fatu who cracks Eaton in the back of the head and Samu covers for the win.


Solid stuff here, Midnight Express continue to steal the show when it comes to tag team wrestling, they work a great pace and all their moves are great. Eaton is a fantastic puncher, every time he throws that haymaker I think it is great and the formula is there, they get the match over every time. Great stuff all around, we can continue the feud too as The Samoan Swat Team steal the win.


Winners: Samoan Swat Team over The Midnight Express via Phone To The Head!


The Great Muta vs Steve Casey

Muta and the man who had a competitive match with Butch Reed the last time around, I hope this is nowhere near as bad or as long. Muta stretches and blows mist right into the eyes of Casey, Muta starts thrusting away on Casey. Handspring elbow from Muta into a snap-mare, Casey escapes and lands an arm-drag into an arm-bar. Muta backs Casey to the corner, jumping mule kick from Muta. Casey is thrown to the floor, Muta teases diving to the floor. Turning missile dropkick from Muta, throat thrust from Muta. Eye-rake from Muta, Muta works the arm. Casey works the arm back before Muta flips out and stretches the leg, Casey has his leg yanked all over the place. Casey battles back for a massive clothesline, elbow to the face of Muta. Muta kicks out at one, dropkick from Casey.


Throw across the ring, Muta swats away the dropkick though. Casey eats a spinning sole butt, plancha to the floor from Muta which the fans react big too on the floor. Handspring elbow against the guardrail, back-breaker and it is time for The Moonsault. Beyond beautiful and this match is over!


Good extended squash with Muta’s offense getting oohs and ahhs from the fans, they know this guy is going to be a big deal and I cannot wait to see what they do next with Muta.


Winner: The Great Muta over Steve Casey via Moonsault!


The Junkyard Dog vs Butch Reed

These two shove one another and start brawling, massive right from JYD. They made magic together in Mid-South but will it be the same case here? Reed is not happy with this development, they lock-up with JYD getting a side headlock. Shoulder block, headbutt from JYD who hits those headbutts and knocks Reed out of the ring. Stalling before JYD grabs the arm, Reed pushes JYD to the corner. Punches by Reed before JYD lands a hip-toss followed by a scoop slam. Reed is yanked out of the corner, Reed rakes the eyes and starts throwing bombs and jabs. Reed jabs JYD and stomps all over Dog before applying a sleeper, JYD fights back into this match though but misses his headbutt after a snap-mare. Reed goes high and lands his Diving Shoulder Tackle, JYD has his foot on the ropes. Matsuda is on the apron, Reed is whipped into Matsuda and JYD pins Reed after the collision.


Terrible match with a terrible finish, not a fan of Reed post Mid-South in the slightest, guy is killing me inside of that ring.


Winner: Junkyard Dog over Butch Reed via Clash of Heads!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) The First Family © W/ Missy Hyatt vs The Varsity Club

The challengers jump the champions, Spivey batters Gilbert with a scoop slam and a hard Irish whip. Powerslam from Spivey, Gilbert meets the boot of Sullivan. Gilbert is dumped to the floor and sent into the ring-post, Steiner cannot get in the ring to help. Sullivan double-stomps Gilbert, Sullivan headbutts Gilbert down. Spivey uses his boot on Gilbert, Gilbert tries fighting back but Spivey is too big. Massive clothesline, Sullivan tags in but misses a corner knee. In comes Steiner, powerslam and clothesline on Spivey. Ten punches in the corner from Steiner, Spivey walks into the belly to belly suplex. Sullivan makes the save and Gilbert decks Sullivan, Sullivan decks Gilbert. Steiner clotheslines Spivey to the floor, Gilbert nails Sullivan with a Gucci bag and Gilbert covers for the win. The heels get their heat back again with a Powerbomb!


Guess the rules were not important in this one, not sure what to make of this feud as Gilbert seemed to have come from nowhere after months of not being featured on PPV, Steiner’s feud with Varsity Club seems ever ending and I would like something more here but I feel it is not coming which is disappointing but eventually when it does end, it means I am going to see Scott and Rick together and I am pumped for that, Spivey does nothing for me in the ring. Big dude who is not fun in any shape or form. Maybe this being brief was a blessing.


Winners: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner over Varsity Club via Small Package!


(NWA World Championship Two out of Three Falls Match) Ricky The Dragon Steamboat © vs Ric Flair

Two out of three falls, the two very best in the company tearing it up inside of the ring. Flair does not care about what happened last time, this is what matters. Flair and Steamboat trade wrestling holds, Steamboat sits out and takes the back. Flair scrambles to the ropes, shove from Flair and slap from Steamboat. Side headlock from Steamboat, Flair wants the shin-breaker but tries the wristlock. Flair takes down Steamboat using the leg, Steamboat comes up and puts Flair down. Flair wants Steamboat to come down to the floor, Flair talks about Steamboat pulling the hair. Lock-up, side headlock by Flair. Shoulder block by Flair, hip-toss and side headlock takedown from Steamboat. Flair backs Steamboat to the corner, chops from Flair. Steamboat bears it though and comes back with massive chops of his own.


Hip-toss and a flying head-scissors from Steamboat followed by a dropkick. Side headlock takedown again, snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock. Flair backs Steamboat to the corner, elbows to the ribs from Flair. More chops by both men, Steamboat wins that war.  Whip to the buckle, back-body drop by the champion. Dropkick for two, Flair begs for mercy. Time-out is what the challenger wants, Flair lures in the champion. Right hand to the face, O’Connor roll by Steamboat for two. Clothesline and a side headlock takedown for tow, crowd is reacting big to a headlock which is madness. Flair lands an inverted atomic drop to slow down Steamboat, chop by the champion for two. Steamboat has the headlock, Flair shoves off and eats a shoulder block. A second shoulder block for two, double chop for two. Flair rolls to the floor, Flair chops Steamboat in the ring.


More chops, Steamboat fires back. Massive shots from both, Flair goes down but is too close to the ropes. Suplex into the ring, Flair blocks the splash with his knees. Flair chops away at Steamboat, double stomp from Flair. Double arm suplex for two, Steamboat will not stay down for Flair. Flair tries forcing Steamboat’s shoulders down but Steamboat is too strong and starts to out-muscle Flair. They trade shots again, Steamboat sends Flair across the ring but Flair dodges the dropkick. Flair looks for the figure four, Steamboat goes for the small package but Flair counters for his own small package for the first fall!


Winner of The First Fall: Ric Flair via Small Package!


Sixty seconds to think it over, sixty seconds to rethink your strategy. Flair struts, the personification of calm. Steamboat has to attack, Flair does not have to do anything. Side headlock from Flair, shoulder block before Steamboat answers with a military press slam. Steamboat lands a diving judo chop for two, Steamboat grabs on a side headlock but Flair answers with a beautiful belly to back suplex. Flair lands a massive knee-drop, Steamboat dodges the second knee-drop. Steamboat works the knee with massive elbows, Steamboat applies the figure four on Flair. Flair survives the hold but gets caught in a Boston crab, Flair manages to get there in the end. Steamboat lands strike after strike to the head of Flair, Flair goes to the gut.


Clubbing blows from Flair, side headlock takedown for two. Steamboat uses his legs to take down Flair, tremendous strength from Steamboat to bridge up and backslide Flair. Flair kicks out at the last second, Flair rolls to the floor and drags out Steamboat. Steamboat hits the railing hard, scoop slam by The Nature Boy. Flair looks for the suplex back inside of the ring, beautiful delayed suplex for two. Abdominal stretch into a pin from Flair, Steamboat continues to kick out and refuse to lose his championship. Flair transitions into using the ropes to try to steal the win, Steamboat is resilient and refuses to give up. Right hands to the jaw with Steamboat looking vulnerable, belly to back suplex is countered by Steamboat for an O’Connor roll. Two for the champion but Flair kicks off Steamboat, Steamboat trips up Flair and jacknifes him for two. Irish whip and Flair chops down Steamboat after a boot to the head, two for the challenger.


Flair decides to climb high, this might need be a wise choice by the challenger. Steamboat grounds Flair on the top turnbuckle, superplex from Steamboat. Chops to the spine from the champion, Double Chicken-Wing from Steamboat with Flair screaming out in pain and Steamboat takes the second fall!


Winner of The Second Fall: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat via Chicken-Wing Hold!


Steamboat applies the abdominal stretch before Flair pokes the eyes, chop-block from Flair. They trade shots before Flair lands the shin-breaker, Figure Four Leg-Lock from the challenger, Steamboat makes it to the ropes immediately. Flair works the knee now, vicious stomps to the leg. Flair pushes Steamboat to the corner, the chops begin to the chest. Steamboat is battling back though, Flair flip to the buckle and Steamboat cuts off Flair with a massive double chop. Flair tries stealing the win with his feet on the ropes, Steamboat is almost chopped out of his boots. Steamboat hops over Flair but meets a boot, knees to the thigh now. Steamboat has his leg tortured by The Nature Boy, Flair drops all his weight on the leg of Steamboat.


Steamboat is yanked to the middle of the ring, Flair takes a running knee-drop on the knee. Figure Four Leg-Lock by the challenger, Steamboat rolls to the ropes with Flair smashing the leg off the ring apron. Steamboat chops back, Flair flips to the apron and climbs high, diving crossbody for two. Scoop slam almost ends up going wrong for Steamboat, flying headbutt from Steamboat. Falling chop to the skull from Steamboat, Diving Crossbody for a close two! Flair dodges the elbow drop, Flair elbows and gut-punches Steamboat. Steamboat lands a neck-breaker for two, Flair tosses Steamboat to the floor. Steamboat shoulder blocks from the apron and tries the sunset flip for two, Flair eats a shoulder block before Flair slaps on a sleeper. Steamboat almost fades before coming up, Steamboat runs Flair’s face into the buckle. Flair falls to the floor, Steamboat has no idea where Flair is which is a nice little spot. Flair grabs the leg but Steamboat enzuigiris Flair for a close two.


Flair drives the knee into the mat, two times and it’s just brutal as Steamboat screams out in pain. Knees to the thigh, Flair shoves around Steamboat who is spent at this stage. Steamboat chops back, double chop floors Flair. Steamboat pulls strength from somewhere, Flair begs for mercy. Chops in the corner from Steamboat, Steamboat dodges the inverted atomic drop and nails a clothesline. Irish whip and Steamboat ducks his head, Flair lands an elbow and a belly to back suplex. Flair goes high to the top rope, taking a lot of time though. Flair is caught by Steamboat who punches and punches, Flair is yanked off the top rope. Double Chicken-Wing by Steamboat who collapses under the weight and his injured leg but Flair’s foot is on the rope. Referee Tommy Young could not see the foot of Flair, Steamboat may have squeaked this one out!


Tremendous wrestling match, they made this 50 minute plus match feel like 10 minutes. It is just a fantastic match, Steamboat’s selling is off the charts here, completely hooked on the story they are telling here, I 100% buy into Steamboat being spent, all his energy gone and his limping around the ring is great. Really liked the nice touch of Flair falling to the floor and Steamboat not knowing where he was, little things like that I really liked a lot. The chops, the shoulder blocks, every exchange feels heated and dramatic. A headlock becomes a big thing and it just continues to be non-stop action with the crowd not knowing which way it was going to go, an all-time classic some of the best wrestling I have ever seen. I did think the second fall finish was set-up a little poorly, the move perhaps was not established by this point for Steamboat so the crowd was not expecting a submission but not going to knock them for something different and I like how Steamboat went back to it to try and take down Flair for the second time. Really tight wrestling match that just kicks all sorts of ass.


Winner: Ricky Steamboat over Ric Flair!


That was WCW’s Clash of The Champions VI: The Ragin’ Cajun Showdown, a card with one hell of a main event. It’s important I note here that the WWE Network version is missing up to 3 matches from the official card which is both sad and interesting. Nonetheless, this kicks off with a big tag team match that is very entertaining between two fun teams, The Midnight Express always deliver in the big match situations and The Samoans can work which they do here, fun tag team match that makes me want to see more between the two. The Great Muta in a squash is good, Muta is talented and it’s only a matter of time before they let him in there with some of WCW’s best. Butch Reed vs JYD is tough, no doubt about it. Not a fan of either man at this point in their career, it makes for rough viewing and nobody looked good when this was finished. That main event though is absolutely a masterclass in how wrestling should be done, big fan of this match and you should seek out the trilogy as it is easily one of the best feuds in wrestling. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!



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