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NWA Great American Bash Tour July 5th Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has a worse reputation than WWE right now! It’s NWA’s Great American Bash Tour and we are taking a look at the July 5th edition that consists of 10 wrestling matches that are going to rock our socks off! Headlined by The Nature Boy defending his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ricky Morton of The Rock “N” Roll Express! We also have Tully Blanchard taking on Ronnie Garvin and The Koloffs taking on The Road Warriors! At stated at the end of the last review, these shows are really starting to round out with big names and home-run hitters, this should be a breeze to get through so let’s get it on!


(NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Match) Denny Brown © vs Steve Regal


No, not the one you are thinking of. Mr. Electricity is a fine moniker though, calling everyone rednecks too is just the icing on the cake. Brown is our babyface champion and hopefully, things have gotten a bit better since the last time I saw him in the ring yet I have a sneaking suspicion that this performance may be very by the books and basic. Brown and Regal trade some words as referee Earl Hebnar provides the rules, hoping for a bit more noise in this one. They lock-up, Regal gives a clean break before they go back at it. Brown teases throwing a monster right but Earl is in there right away. Scoop slam from Regal who struts around the ring, feeling pretty good about himself. Hip-toss from Regal, Brown is not impressed with the strut from Regal.


Another toss from the challenger who believes he is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Lock-up, side headlock from Regal. Shoulder block from Regal, hip-toss from Brown and a deep arm-drag followed by a serious of scoop slams. Regal powders, Brown is feeling the energy of the crowd. Regal applies a key-lock, Brown counters for a hammerlock. Snap-mare counter from Brown, Regal claims that Brown pulled his hair. Brown and Regal continue to trade holds with Brown landing a side headlock takedown for two. Regal counters the headlock for a few roll-up attempts with continued twos before the referee gives the competitors a shove. Not exactly my cup of tea, a hot opening match this is not but let’s continue mucking about right?


Regal brings down Brown with a key-lock and a pull of the hair, Regal denies pulling the hair. Brown eats a shoulder block and also a clunky looking elbow, Regal throws Brown into the mat over and over. Two for Regal, rear chin-lock from the challenger. Brown elbows his way free and lands a shoulder block before a knee to the ribs shuts that comeback down. Beautiful suplex by Regal for two, Brown sends Regal into the buckle as these two are definitely putting us through the ringer. Brown whips Regal to the buckle, Regal blocks with a knee and rolls-up Brown for two. Snap-mare into a rear-chin-lock, Regal has no bones about making this the most boring affair possible. Uppercuts and rights by Brown before Regal rakes the eyes and lands a scoop slam. Elbow drop for two, Brown dodges the second elbow and Regal is hurt.


Regal tries an axe handle but Brown counters with a right hand, Regal is pleading with Brown for mercy. Brown stomps the crap out of Regal, Regal is yanked out of the corner onto his back. Measured right hand and a leg drop for a close two, Regal is being staggered by jabs and the bell rings with both men brawling until they are pulled apart.


Hot opening match I think not, desperate is what this match reeked of, two guys doing a whole lot of nothing for 15 minutes, a draw is a terrible way to kick off a hot-show. Shocked that the fans do not seem too pissed about it, I definitely would have been annoyed to sit through this chin-lock clinic by Regal.


Time-Limit Draw!


Black Bart vs Robert Gibson


Black Bart is a big, mean son of a gun who delights in hurting his opponents while Robert Gibson is probably one of the most popular wrestlers in the NWA at this time but Gibson is flying solo as his partner challenges for the richest prize in the game. They lock-up, Bart with the obvious power advantage. Bart can’t hit the quicker Gibson though, Bart catches the fast Gibson with two rights before a press from Gibson gets a quick two. Another lock-up with Bart shoving back Gibson again, gut shots from Bart. Irish whip with Gibson landing a hip-toss and a head-scissors with an added arm-bar for good measure. We just sit in this arm-bar for some time, Bart escapes and clotheslines the head off Gibson. Throat thrusts from Bart, Gibson meets the buckle hard.


Eye-rake from Bart, Gibson tries fighting back but Bart is too strong for now. Back body-drop by Bart with a fist drop, choking from Bart. Gibson begins fighting back, kicks and a right hand but a well-placed throat-thrust downs Gibson. Bart tosses Gibson to the floor, forearm shots to the kidneys. Gibson is dropped onto the guardrail, Bart marvels at this handy work in the ring. Bart shoulder blocks Gibson to the mat, close two for Bart. Gibson blocks the right hands of Bart, Gibson unleashes a flurry of right-hands. Bart whips Gibson to the buckle and Gibson jumps to the middle rope and lands a diving crossbody for the win.


Decent match, nothing much going on here especially when I have to watch an hour-long head-scissors but I suppose an easy pay-day for both men and no harm done with an average match this early into the card. It wasn’t meant to be anything special and it wasn’t, we shall keep this train rolling.


Winner: Robert Gibson over Black Bart via Diving Crossbody!


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn & Ole Anderson) vs Sam Houston & Nelson Royal


Nelson looks well let’s just say overcooked in comparison with his tag team partner, been out in the sun just a little too long. Everyone is wearing red in this one, Arn does not take Houston seriously. Shoulder block from a confident Arn, “Are you kidding me?” screams Arn. Royal is hot, not happy with Arn’s insults but we continue, Houston cannot hip-toss Arn at first but the plucky underdog flips out of Arn’s hold and drops the cocky Anderson. Arn takes Houston to the corner, Houston escapes Ole. Ole is pissed, tag to Royal. Grumpy men lock-up, we go to the ropes. Royal unloads with chops and a right hand, Ole is on the ropes. Side headlock from Ole, in comes Arn who eats chops and an uppercut too. Irish whip and knee from Royal, rear chin-lock from Royal.


Arn starts working the arm of Royal, Royal kicks off Arn. In comes Ole, we reset with Houston too. Lock-up, Ole is too strong. Houston lands right hands that stagger Ole, Arn eats a shot too before Ole goes low with a boot. Houston meets the knee of Arn, The Andersons are going to work. Arn lands a scoop slam and a knee-drop, two for Arn. Arm-bar from Anderson, Houston batters Arn with his free hand but Arn drop toe-holds Houston and that allows Ole to come in with right hands. Hammerlock throw to the buckle, stomps onto the arm. Arm-bar from Ole, straight left from Arn. Ole continues wrenching the arm, Houston kicks off Ole and in comes Royal. Royal is battering both Andersons, Arn is knocked down before tagging Ole. Royal goes down after a clubbing blow from Ole.


Ole works the arm with stomps, Arn continues working Royal’s arm. Royal is in big trouble, Royal decides to use that left hand to pepper Arn. Arn continues his hold and tags in Ole, Ole boots down Houston. Hair-pull to the mat and an arm-bar, Royal kicks away Ole but Ole maintains control as Arn comes into the ring. Standing arm-bar from Arn, hammerlock scoop slam from Arn. Arn decides to climb to the middle rope, Royal hits a big punch and tags Houston. Spinning elbow and right hands, Arn eats a massive bulldog. Ole saves his partner, Royal brawls with Ole. Houston lands an O’Connor roll but Ole clocks Houston in the back of the head for the win as Arn covers the knocked-out Houston.


It was fine, nothing breath-taking when it comes to this. Arm-work was entertaining and engaging, fans never really came unglued for this one though and the hot-tag was over before it began in many ways so a decent tag match which was not bad for third match on the card.


Winners: The Andersons over Sam Houston & Nelson Royal via Diving Axe Handle!


(Bunkhouse Match) Ragin’ Bull Manny Fernandez vs Baron Von Raschke


Oh looks it is Manny Fernandez, I predict blading and a hardcore match. Won’t be long before Ragin’ Bull is bleeding, Baron eats chops and elbows from Ragin’ Bull. Baron powders, Baron is wearing his best yellow shirt and boots, they lock-up and Baron shoves back Manny. Clubbing blows from Baron, Manny ducks and lands a spinning elbow, Manny chases Paul Jones before attacking Baron with a flurry of kicks. Manny is fired up for sure, snap-mare into a knee drop from Manny. Baron takes something out and starts stabbing Ragin’ Bull, this will lead to what I am waiting to see. And there is it, Ragin’ Bull’s forehead is full of blood, Baron takes off his belt and starts choking at the face of Manny.


Irish whip and clothesline with the belt, whipping commences from the evil Baron. Baron’s jeans are falling down, Ragin’ Bull is firing his way back into the match before Paul Jones gets in a cheap shot. Baron takes off his boot and clocks Manny over and over, Manny kicks back at Baron. Big elbow from Manny, Manny whips Baron with his belt but his pants do not fall down. Irish whip and shoulder tackle, Baron has his shirt over his head and his pants falling down, this is quite the visual. Manny is on the middle rope, diving axe handle with the boot and Baron looks finished. Oh sweet merciful God it is going to continue as the flying burrito misses, Paul Jones gets in a stomp as Baron has decided to blade.


His pants are still slipping, Baron’s looks in good shape though. Ragin’ Bull is on the apron, eating right hand after right hand to his big head. Baron decides he wants a scoop slam but Manny counters the scoop slam for a small package and The Ragin’ Bull will walk out of this one victorious as Paul Jones and Baron mope around the ring.


Pretty rough around the edges, I feel like once you have seen one Manny Fernandez hardcore match, you have seen them all and boy, do they go way too long every freaking time.


Winner: Manny Fernandez over Baron Von Raschke via Small Package!


 (Indian Strap Match) Wahoo McDaniel vs Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin W/ Precious


Wahoo wallops Garvin with the strap for continued stalling, Precious is being consoled by the villainous Garvin, Garvin gets a good luck kiss and eats a nasty strap shot from Wahoo. Garvin is hesitant to engage with Wahoo, Wahoo whips Garvin again and again. Talking strategy is not a good tactic as Wahoo continues to shorten the strap, Garvin is not a happy camper. Lock-up and eye-rake from Garvin, Wahoo chops back and lands an elbow and a strap shot. Make it three, side headlock from Garvin. Wahoo puts the straps between the legs of Garvin and yanks it up, Garvin is in trouble. Garvin grabs a front chancery to wear down Wahoo. Wahoo trips into the crowd, falling over a railing that was open. The epitome of bad-ass right there, Wahoo is peppered with right hands and a boot by Garvin.


Back in the ring, Wahoo is a bloody mess. Garvin tries pinning Wahoo but that’s not how this match works you moron. Garvin lands knee-drops and drags Wahoo to three corners, one more but Wahoo kicks down Garvin. Wahoo chops back at Garvin, Wahoo chokes Garvin. Right hands using the strap from Wahoo, snap-mare and Wahoo begins tying up Garvin who is dragged to the corners. Precious trips up Wahoo, Garvin climbs to the top rope but Wahoo drags down Garvin. Garvin is bleeding now, elbow drop from Wahoo. Wahoo touches all four corners despite Precious’ attacks. Garvin gets his heat back at the end, assaulting Wahoo over and over.


Not my cup of tea, they do their best given the gimmick but I have never seen a strap match I have enjoyed other than Rock vs Triple H and that’s purely because the match could end in a pin as opposed to touching all 4 turnbuckles. Serviceable but I needed something more.


Winner: Wahoo McDaniel over Jimmy Garvin via Touching All 4 Corners!


(Taped Fist Match) Rugged Ronnie Garvin vs Tully Blanchard W/ JJ Dillon


Exactly what it says on the tin, Garvin back-drops Blanchard to start the match and nails a massive right. Blanchard is not moving but the bell has not rang yet, the bell rings and Garvin peppers Blanchard who is falling all around the ring. Blanchard goes down hard, JJ Dillon uses some smelling salts to revive Blanchard. Garvin is less than impressed, Blanchard continues to miss and gets decked for his troubles. Body blows and Blanchard is down once more, Blanchard’s bare ass is exposed as Garvin decks Blanchard hard. Eight count and Blanchard is up, Blanchard tries a kick but Garvin catches it and decks him again.


Blanchard is in the corner with his fists up, Blanchard is saved by the bell. Blanchard rushes Garvin after the bell but gets decked, this does not count towards the match as it is the rest period. JJ Dillon wants to wake up Blanchard, Blanchard survives at nine. Blanchard is down and decides to blade off a headbutt, oh lord are we going to enter Starrcade 85 territory? Blanchard keeps getting punched and barely surviving the count, no real suspense after the eighth time it happens in a row. They start wrestling with Blanchard getting decked again, Blanchard is saved by the bell again.


Where’s the drama I ask until finally, Blanchard sends Garvin into the ring-post and to the floor. Garvin is bleeding now, Blanchard finally starts dishing out some attacks. Garvin is in deep trouble but the round is going to stop, Garvin is now saved by the bell as Blanchard recovers in his corner. Blanchard pounces at the start of round four, knee drops and right hands almost take out Garvin but Garvin is a tough son of a gun. Garvin starts walking down Blanchard, a jab wipes out Blanchard but we have brawling on the floor. Wahoo lands an atomic drop on Blanchard and Garvin lands a big dome shot. Garvin is jabbing now, Blanchard cannot stand on his own. Another massive right to the face, Blanchard is up at nine.


Blanchard survives because of the end of the round, Blanchard goes to the top and both men end up clocking one another with massive right hands. No winner? Double count-out? There must be a winner so they say whoever gets up the quickest will win, JJ Dillon starts fanning the shit out of Blanchard which lets Wahoo throw a bucket of water on Garvin and Ronnie Garvin wins the match.


If you cut two rounds, it would have been a lot tighter and enjoyable, watching one man punch the other in the head again and again is not what I really want to spend however long this match was watching, no matter how entertaining JJ and Blanchard may be, it’s not something I want to stay watching over and over again.


Winner: Ronnie Garvin over Tully Blanchard via Knock-Out!


(Double Russian Chain Match) The Road Warriors W/ Paul Ellering vs The Koloffs


It’s ass kicking time, Road Warriors strike the first blow with massive right hands and use of the chain, Hawk chokes Nikita as Ivan goes high on Animal. Animal is smothered with attacks by both Koloffs as Hawk bounces around Nikita, Ivan chokes Animal but Animal comes up and fights back. Nikita continues to be rocked by Hawk, low blow takes down Hawk. Lots of chain shots, I think we shall see some blading shortly. Animal attacks Nikita, Ivan is being choked and is bleeding. Clothesline using the chain by Animal for two, Nikita chokes Hawk with the chain. Ivan goes high again, Animal tosses Ivan to the mat for two. Hawk uses the chain to take down Nikita, Nikita is being whipped with the chain before rolling to the floor.


Ivan is a bloody mess but a low blow takes down Animal, Nikita and Hawk brawl on the floor. Both men using the chain to their advantage, Animal elbows Ivan. Nikita attacks Animal, The Koloffs get in some great double-teams on The Road Warriors, Nikita boots Animal over and over. More chain-shots from The Koloffs, Hawk takes down Nikita with a diving axe handle. Hawk is pushed into the referee who takes a bump, Hawk falls on top of the referee as Nikita clotheslines Animal in the face with an object. Ivan climbs high but Paul Ellering pushes Ivan onto the top rope and The Road Warriors win the match with the heels getting their heat back following the bell.


Good fun match, lots of brawling but it did not overstep its welcome like some of the other matches on this card, will always be a big fan of big nasty bastards beating the piss out of one another.


Winners: The Road Warriors over The Koloffs via Roll-Up!


(Hair vs Hair Match) Jimmy Valiant vs Shaska Whatley W/ Paul Jones


We start with Whatley pummelling Valiant, right hands and lefts. Valiant whips Whatley to the buckle, trip and roll-up for a close two. Big headbutt from Whatley, repeated headbutt from Whatley. Blood who would have guessed? Rear chin-lock from Whatley, Valiant fights out of the chin-lock with an eye-rake but is too weak to take advantage with Paul Jones landing a cheap shot. Whatley gets a two, Valiant blocks being sent to the buckle and rams Whatley into the buckle but it has no effect. Whatley has a big strong head and headbutts Valiant, Valiant lands a series of stomach blows before Whatley lands a headbutt. Elbow to the throat for two, Valiant is in the tree of woe. Paul Jones chokes Valiant behind the referee’s back, foot choke from Whatley. Another headbutt until Valiant goes for a small package for two, Valiant starts hulking up brother.


Valiant shakes off the attacks of Whatley before Whatley lands a big right hand, Paul Jones is furious at ringside. Whatley bites at the head of Valiant, Valiant keeps coming back after every attack, Whatley keeps putting him down. Valiant’s blood has dried up we have been doing nothing for so long, Valiant comes back into the match with three massive rights and applies The Sleeper, out comes Baron but Manny Fernandez is hot on his trail and the two brawl which leaves Valiant with the loaded glove and Whatley is knocked out and has his head shaved by Valiant.


A boring affair that went far too long, showing the worst of The Boogie Woogie Man. Just punches and headbutts, over and over with no urgency or interest from the fans. I am surprised that they stayed with it for as long as they did, a torturous match when all was said and done. Best part is Whatley’s reaction to his loss of hair and his trash-talk throughout the match.


Winner: Jimmy Valiant over Shaska Whatley via Loaded Glove!


(Intergender Cage Match) Dusty Rhodes & Magnum T.A & Baby Doll vs The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette


Bobby gets arm-dragged by Baby Doll and thrown into the cage, the crowd pops big and this might just be the sleeper match of the night. Magnum and Eaton to start, lock-up and Eaton shoves Magnum to the corner. Magnum blocks the right hand and nails one of his own, Eaton regroups in his corner. Lock-up with a cheap right from Eaton, Magnum reverses the whip and military press slams both members of The Express. More strategy talk from Cornette, Magnum sends Eaton into the cage over and over, Eaton is slapped by Baby Doll. Rhodes is in now, battering both Express members. Rhodes rubs Eaton’s face into the cage, blood is everywhere and in comes Condrey. Tag to Magnum, diving axe handle from Magnum.


Condrey is in a side headlock, Magnum sends Condrey into the cage. Eaton thinks about the cheap shot, Magnum says no way. Condrey is bleeding now, Baby Doll shoves Condrey into the cage. Magnum sends Condrey into the cage before a knee from Condrey, Condrey fails at the piledriver which allows Magnum to land some mean rights. Eaton lands a knee and Magnum is down, Cornette comes in and misses an elbow. Baby Doll wants in but Cornette gets out of dodge, Eaton rakes the eyes of Magnum and even Cornette gets in on the action. Magnum meets the steel cage, Eaton lands a big right and climbs the cage for a diving axe handle. Tag to Condrey for a close two, Magnum is a bloody mess now.


Magnum meets the knee of Eaton, right hand to the temple. Eaton taunts Rhodes but Eaton continues to hammer Magnum. Eaton climbs high again and Magnum counters with a massive right hand. Sunset flip from Magnum, Rhodes comes in and Baby Doll attacks Cornette. Massive pop from the fans as Baby Doll slaps the taste out of Cornette’s mouth and pins the manager for the win.


I thought it might steal the show, I was sadly mistaken but a fun match nonetheless with a mix of comedy and brawling, Baby Doll is over strong in this one with the fans going wild for her anytime she gets her hands on Cornette. Big Bubba looks great here at the end after battering the shite out of Rhodes to set up that little angle down the line.


Winners: Team Rhodes over Midnight Express via Slap!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match) Ric Flair © vs Ricky Morton


Being one part of the most popular tag team in the territory doesn’t make you the man, being the world champion makes you the man and now, Ric Flair will be taking on Ricky Morton for the richest prize in the sport of professional wrestling. Flair flies to the ring in a helicopter while Morton watches on patiently in the ring, Morton’s face is protected with a mask, thanks to the champion. First appearance on this review for the big gold belt, looks amazing and it is a shame it was ever scrapped.


Side headlock from the quicker Morton, Flair begs off after hitting the cage courtesy of Morton. Lock-up and another headlock, Flair grabs at the hair and eats a right hand to the face. Flair pulls the hair once more, Morton climbs to the middle rope and tees off with right hands on Flair’s forehead. Flair’s chop does not have the desired effect and Morton lands a huge right. Flair re-evaluates with a side headlock but Morton counters for the hammerlock and Flair tries escaping but has his ass out and ten punches in the corner for his sins. Flair is rocked, off his game here with Morton showing that this will not be a piece of cake. Knee from Flair, Morton blocks the buckle and lands right hands and a big shot to the nose. Flair begs off, Morton grabs at the nose of the champion.


Flair is begging for mercy, knee to the groin from Flair. Massive chop from Flair, Morton fires back and now to the buckle, more right hands from Morton and a headbutt which rocks Flair. Flair begs off again, Morton grabs Flair by the nose. Flair rips off the mask of Morton, O’Connor roll from Morton for two. Morton reapplies the mask and Flair is angry once more, side headlock from Morton. Flair counters the headlock for a shin-breaker but Morton is persistent. Shove off and Flair grabs the mask and hits an elbow to the neck.  Morton ducks the chop and lands a crossbody for two, Flair begs for mercy again. Hip-toss from Flair, Morton lands a right hand for two. Flair chops back at Morton, rips off the mask and sends Morton into the cage.


Morton is bleeding now as Flair applies the mask and mocks Morton, Flair rips off the protective plaster on Morton’s nose and hurls Morton into the cage. Morton’s face is raked off the cage and the rope, Morton is weak now and in terrible trouble as Flair drives a knee across the head of Morton. Flair lands a right to the head, Flair continues raking the nose of Morton. Flair continues chopping and raking the nose of Morton, snap-mare and Morton refuses to stay down. Flair lands a vicious back-breaker for two, measured right hands from The Nature Boy. Textbook suplex from the champion and Flair calls for the end, Figure Four Leg-Lock from The Nature Boy. Flair uses the ropes for leverage behind the referee’s back, Morton is in serious danger.


Morton cannot even stand as Flair tees off with right hands to the nose of the challenger, Morton is a bloody mess. Morton applies a small package out of nowhere but its only two, chops from Flair but Morton is shaking it off with each hit. Right hands from the challenger with Flair backing up, Flair meets the steel cage. Morton is fired up, Flair meets the steel cage again. Morton is on the top rope, sending Flair into the cage. Axe handle from Morton, measured right hands in the corner from Morton. Morton rakes Flair’s face off the steel cage, Flair begs for mercy once more. Sleeper from Morton, Flair is down in the middle of the ring. Morton lands a diving crossbody for two, Flair tries running away from Morton. The two brawl in the air, Morton punches down Flair. Morton lands an axe handle for two, another knee by Flair who chops and elbows at Morton but Morton smacks down Flair again.


Irish whip from Morton, Flair meets the cage wall. Flair is not happy about this, Flair is begging for mercy again. Morton grabs at the nose, Morton continues decking Flair with right hands. Morton lands a missile dropkick but Flair manages to kick out and press Morton onto the referee. Flair crotches Morton onto the top rope, Flair uses the ropes for leverage and pins the valiant Ricky Morton.


A fun end to the show with these two putting on a very entertaining match, I didn’t think it hit that sweet spot but I don’t think it was meant to, this feud was a lot of fun on television and the match was good don’t get me wrong but didn’t have what it needed to take it to the next level. I thought Flair seeing the smaller man get the better of him was great stuff, the frustration slowly boiling over in Flair, outraged that this tag team wrestler was giving him a hard time for his championship. I like how Flair took off the mask and started working the ever-loving shite out of Morton’s nose but the thing is I never really bought into how vicious it could be, I thought Flair could have been more cruel and stomped on the nose or did more. Morton’s selling here is fantastic as always and the crowd is sympathetic for sure but it didn’t strike a chord with me, I guess I am not the biggest fan of Flair on offense, it just never feels dominant to me but it is what it is, the crowd loved this match and everyone had a good time!


Winner: Ric Flair over Ricky Morton via Roll-Up!


This show was a fine show for all in attendance, you got to see the big names mix it up in some fun matches but nothing really note-worthy went down on these shows, glimpses of what was coming is here with The Koloffs and Road Warriors brawling, Midnight Express being involved with Magnum and Rhodes and Flair continuing to shine as champion. Little strange to watch without commentary but I adjusted rather quickly and it was a fun watch when all was said and done, no complaints from me. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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