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NWA Starrcade 1986 Review!


Hello and welcome to another sensational review from Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is stranger than Orlando Jordan’s TNA run! It’s Starrcade 1986: Night of The Skywalkers! The Midnight Express vs The Road Warriors, Nikita Koloff vs Ric Flair, The Andersons vs The Rock “N” Roll Express inside of the steel cage. Plenty of epic wrestling matches with big names all over this card, this is going to be a good on for sure and I cannot wait to see if this show lives up to the hype considering all the big names and feuds on this card. Let’s get it on!


The Kernodles vs Tim Horner & Nelson Royal

This ain’t my boy Denny Brown, Horner and Rocky start. Both men trade arm-drags and drop-downs with dodges here and there. Arm-drag from Rocky and in comes Don, Horner slams him down before Don is going to return the favour with a big powerslam. Royal and Don are going to square off, shoulder block from Don. Abdominal stretch from Royal, hip-toss counter from Don. Don whips Royal to the corner, Don misses a splash and eats a knee. Horner schoolboys Don for two, side headlock from Horner. Hip-toss from Don, shoulder block before Royal applies a sleeper. Rocky tags in and dives off the top rope with a sunset flip for two, Rocky misses a flying crossbody though and Royal tags in Horner. Powerslam for two, small package for two before both men bang heads in the middle of the ring.


Who will gain control? Delayed vertical suplex from Don for a close two, back body-drop from Don. Falling headbutt misses as Horner dodges, Royal wants in the ring. Dropkick from Horner for two, Don lands a vicious clothesline. Don tags in Rocky, military press slam from Rocky for two. Horner flips out of a back suplex with both men trying an O’Connor roll with Horner reversing Rocky and picking up the win.


Fine opening match, they work at a fast pace and waste no real time with getting down to business, some meaty looking shots in there too with Don dealing most of them out but yes, short and sweet probably the easiest opening match of the Starrcades to watch so far!


Winners: Nelson Royal & Tim Horner over The Kernodles via O’Connor Roll!


Brad Armstrong vs Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin W/ Precious

They lock-up, neither man gaining control with the crowd really into Armstrong. Garvin can’t maintain control, Armstrong lands a side headlock but Garvin counters with his legs. Side headlock from Garvin, Armstrong breaks free and looks for a top wrist-lock. Lock-up and side headlock from Garvin, Armstrong wants the top wrist-lock again, it pays off with Garvin down and complaining he grabbed the hair. More leg-work from Garvin, Armstrong escapes and uses his speed to drop toehold Garvin and work his arm with an arm-bar. Garvin tries escaping but Armstrong has that hold in strong before Garvin uses the hair as Precious distracts the referee. Armstrong escapes and lands a hip-toss and a side headlock.


Garvin uses the hair to reverse the control and apply the head-scissors, Garvin chokes the referee behind the referee’s back as Precious watches on from ringside. Side headlock from Armstrong, Garvin punches the ribs to escape. Garvin’s atomic drop does not pay off but Garvin reverses the side headlock and holds the tights for a close two. Armstrong continues wrenching but Garvin delivers a beautiful belly to back suplex, knee-drop to the head from Garvin for two. Armstrong is thrown to the floor and Precious is talking massive amounts of trash as Garvin keeps Armstrong out of the ring with boots to the head. Snap-mare into a cover for two, Armstrong is showing signs of a comeback. Garvin drops Armstrong across the top rope for a close two, backbreaker from Garvin for a close two.


Shove off from Armstrong, both men bang heads after a drop-down and leapfrog spot, Garvin tries a scoop slam but Armstrong is too heavy and gets the two. Armstrong goes low with a right hand, Garvin is whipped to the buckle but kicks Armstrong square in the face for a close two.  Knees from Garvin and a small package for two, Armstrong reverses for two. Garvin slaps on a sleeper, scoop slam from Garvin who climbs high. Garvin misses the splash and we have a time-limit draw.


Seemed like it was going that way considering how long we teased out the side headlock spots, it just went on and on but I felt this could have been something a little more considering how much the crowd was into Armstrong and absolutely despised Garvin.


Time-Limit Draw!


Hector Guerrero & Baron Von Raschke vs The Barbarian & Shaska Whatley

I am guessing the story here is that Paul Jones and his Army must have turned on old Baron Von Raschke so Baron found himself a partner in Hector Guerrero. Amazing how alike the Guerrero family looks, it’s ridiculous. The heels jump Guerrero, Baron attacks Whatley. The old Irish whip into one another goes wrong for the heels, Guerrero lands a back body drop and a springboard crossbody. Dropkick too, Whatley goes for the headbutt and tags in Barbarian. Middle rope chop, Guerrero dodges the boot but is dropped across the top rope. Barbarian has Guerrero in the ropes but Guerrero dodges the clothesline, plancha to the floor from Guerrero.


Guerrero meets the ring-post, Barbarian drops Guerrero on the guardrail. Military press slam from Barbarian who tags in Whatley, back body drop from Whatley. Tag to Barbarian, back-breaker from Barbarian. Middle rope headbutt from Barbarian, Guerrero is choked against the middle rope. Double back body-drop to Guerrero for two, Whatley grabs Guerrero by the hair and drags him to his corner. Tag to Barbarian who chokes Guerrero behind the referee’s back. Big boot from Barbarian for a close two, back-breakers from Barbarian. Headbutt from Whatley, Guerrero escapes and tags in Baron. Baron runs wild with a noggin-knocker, Irish whip and The Claw Hold.


Barbarian boots down Baron, Guerrero goes after Barbarian. All four men are brawling, Whatley misses a corner splash and Baron gets the win after an elbow drop. The heels get their heat back though by attacking Baron after the bell, big boot to the face of Baron after a double clothesline and a beautiful diving headbutt from Barbarian to the chest of Baron. Guerrero makes the save but the damage has been done.


Decent, Guerrero is fantastic, no surprise there really with the legendary pedigree that the family has, Guerrero is exciting and like nothing we have seen at this point and we get a pretty good heat segment and it’s over before overstaying its welcome so happy days, this card has been delivering so far!


Winners: Hector Guerrero & Baron Von Raschke over The Barbarian & Shaska Whatley via Elbow Drop!


(United States Tag Team Championship Match) Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khrushchev © vs The Kansas Jayhawks

Dutch and Ivan to start, lock-up to the corner and Ivan beats down on Dutch before Dutch sends Ivan to the corner and lands a back-drop. Tag to Bobby who lands right hands and an elbow. Ivan is pin-balled between the babyfaces’ corner, Dutch whips Ivan and lands a boot before tagging in Bobby. Schoolboy for two, Ivan grabs a front chancery but Bobby is too quick, tag to Dutch. Ivan tags in Khrusher, what a ridiculous outfit by the way. Knee by Khrusher, big right hands work over Dutch. Ivan helps too, Irish whip but Khrusher lowers his head, The Jayhawks double-team Khrusher. Bobby lands a massive right to the face, side headlock from Bobby. Punches and punches, knee from Dutch. Khrusher dodges the drop toehold, Ivan receives the tag. Clubbing blows in the corner, Dutch dodges and lands a massive forearm. Bobby has a headlock, Dutch tags right back into the match. Double elbow for two, Khrusher pulls the leg of Dutch.


Khrusher comes in, Dutch eats a big knee to the back. Khrusher crotches Dutch on the guardrail, Khrusher works over Dutch with Ivan, diving axe handle from Ivan. Dutch escapes the beatdown and tags in Bobby, right hands and noggin-knockers all around, clothesline from Bobby. Khrusher makes the save, things break down and Ivan has his chain but Dutch takes down Ivan with his whip. Khrusher is whipped down and sent to the floor, Bobby and Ivan remain in the ring. Khrusher steals the chain and clocks Bobby in the back of the head for the win.


Not much to this one, lots of brawling and some decent reactions when Ivan was taking a beaten but not a stellar contest by any means, bare-bones tag team match with lots of brawling.


Winners: The Koloffs over The Kansas Jayhawks via Chain To The Head!


(Indian Strap Match) Rick Rude W/ Paul Jones vs Wahoo McDaniel

Could this top the strap-match with Garvin?? Rick Rude is here just mere months before going to the WWF, let’s see if we can see what the WWF saw in The Ravishing One. Rude looks to be in magnificent shape while Wahoo whips Rude before the bell, Wahoo looks to shorten the distance while Rude seems cautious and out of his element, Rude tees off with forearms before meeting the strap to the jaw. Rude begins choking Wahoo before Wahoo chops back at Rude. Rude delivers big right hands to Wahoo who is staggered in the corner, Rude grabs the strap and whips Wahoo before landing some sickening rights to the skull of Wahoo.


Rude continues to deliver shot after shot to the head of Wahoo, Rude celebrates prematurely which is not a wise choice. Boots and eye-rakes follow from Rude, Rude continues the punishment as it appears Wahoo is bleeding from these shots. Rude continues the punishment with a big scoop slam before tying up Wahoo, we have seen this strategy before from Wahoo. Rude gets two buckles before Wahoo boots down The Ravishing One. Elbow to the head from Wahoo, make it double. Wahoo chokes and elbows Rude with the strap, Paul Jones tries to revive his wrestler with little success. Rude is bleeding now, Wahoo looks for the win with a massive chop. Hog-tying time, Wahoo drags Rude, touching three of the buckles before Rude kicks down Wahoo.


Fist-drops from Rude, Rude climbs high looking for something devastating. It connects, a massive fist-drop. Wahoo kicks Rude with both his heels but a knee-drop from Rude is enough to stop Wahoo for now. Rude climbs high again and Wahoo drags Rude off the top rope. Elbow drop from Wahoo and Rude is all tied up again, Rude accidently punches Wahoo into the fourth buckle so the heels get their heat back and beat the piss out of Wahoo in the corner. This is eventually thwarted by Hector Guerrero and Baron Von Raschke.


Carbon-copy of the other strap matches that I have seen, Wahoo was never a man of many holds at this stage in his career but the fans love them, Rude does fine like Garvin before him, a nothing match that I am numb to at this point having seen a strap match every Starrcade.


Winner: Wahoo McDaniel over Ravishing Rick Rude via Touching All 4 Corners!


(NWA Central States Championship) Superstar Bill Dundee vs Sam Houston ©


I have seen Sam Houston get eaten alive on every NWA show I have watched but here he is as a champion, the crowd behind him but still looks waver thin like a long centipede. Superstar Bill Dundee is here, a short little man but a gifted athlete inside of the ring who has many a fantastic match in Memphis. Both men trade holds to begin with Houston working the arm, Dundee uses the hair to pull down Houston. Side headlock takedown from Dundee for two, Dundee uses the hair to maintain control. Head-scissors and arm-drags keep Houston in firm control, a dropkick floors Dundee. Dundee grabs that arm, driving a knee into it before Houston fires back with big right hands. Right hand by Houston floors Dundee, side headlock takedown from Houston.


Dundee comes up, the bulldog is blocked though. Houston flips out of the suplex, O’Connor roll from Houston but Dundee pulls the trunks down to create separation. Dundee pulls Houston to the floor, Houston meets the ring apron before Dundee misses a right hand. Houston lands an atomic back drop which sends Dundee to the floor, Dundee is slow to get back into the ring. Houston pulls Dundee into the ring for a two count, Dundee shoves Houston onto the bottom rope. Houston lands a massive right but Dundee lands a boot to the face, Dundee is on the top rope and lands a massive diving fist-drop for a close two. Dundee stretches the jaw of Houston before landing a snap-mare into a rear chin-lock.


Houston escapes but eats a lot of elbows to the back of the head, big right hand from Dundee into a Boston crab. Dundee chokes Houston using the bottom rope before tossing Houston to the floor hard. Dundee climbs high but the referee says no, Dundee walks the top rope Taker style and lands a diving axe handle for a close two. Front chancery from Dundee, Houston fires up though with massive rights and an elbow for two. Houston lands a knee drop and calls for his bulldog, scoop slam from Houston who misses a knee drop. Dundee starts working the knee, Dundee drops all his weight on the knee. Spinning toe hold from Dundee, Houston shoves off Dundee into the referee but Dundee clocks Houston with his boot. Referee disqualifies Dundee for using the boot, Dundee is irate and destroys Houston with the boot after the bell.


Houston wins in a fairly standard wrestling match, nothing special about this match too with seems to be a real theme at this point. However, I do like the idea of the referee bump happening and the referee actually catching the heel in the villainous act, doesn’t happen often so a treat when I saw it here.


Winner: Sam Houston over Bill Dundee via DQ!


(Hair vs Hair Match) Jimmy Valiant W/ Big Mama vs Paul Jones W/ Manny Fernandez

Paul Jones had beaten Valiant at The Great American Bash and shaved the luscious locks of Valiant, Ragin’ Bull had turned heel which makes me sad because I thought Ragin’ Bull could have done more as a babyface but maybe ego among other things led to Manny turning heel. Regardless, the hair of Big Mama and Jones are on the line in this match. This feud has nearly spanned three years at this point, possibly longer so I am fairly excited to see its conclusion.


Valiant’s hair has grown back nicely with his punches still being the drizzling shits. Jones is begging for mercy already, another right from Valiant. Jones in backpedalling bad, hip-toss from Valiant. Eye-rake, corner choke before the referee tries to break it up. Ragin’ Bull is in a cage above the ring, Jones reaches into his tights and decks Valiant in the face with the foreign object. Jones loses control after missing a knee-drop but brings out another object and cracks Valiant in the face with it. Valiant is bleeding because of course it is, more knee drops from Jones and his Indian Death-lock does not work out for him. Valiant slugs back with rights and lefts to knock down Jones, should this be going this long with no back-up in Jones’ corner? Valiant slaps on the Sleeper! Jones takes out something again but drops it and now Valiant has the object, Jones has no clue and is decked and we finally have the happy ending we have been looking for I believe. Valiant shaves the head of Jones while Rick Rude and Manny get their heat back by leaving Valiant out-cold after the match.


I mean I saw this match down to a tee the last time I did a review, this feud was stretched out for as long as humanely possible and the pay-off is worth it if you really cared but I did not need to see this comedy matches go so long or this many times when reviewing these shows. Thankful it is over.


Winner: Jimmy Valiant over Paul Jones via Sleeper!


(Louisville Street Fight Match) Big Bubba Rogers W/ Jim Cornette vs Ronnie Garvin

Cornette’s bodyguard who does not move and mows down everyone in his sights take on the man with the hands of stone. Big Bubba looks like a monster and definitely has that star presence about him, love the whole look also while Garvin is dressed for war. Big Bubba stares a whole through Garvin, Garvin is sizing up the competition. Garvin is going for the hit and run strategy, using his speed to avoid Bubba and pepper Bubba with shots to the face. The big man is pissed, Garvin manages to knock Bubba after 3 big punches to the face. Cornette talks strategy with his man, Bubba comes back in looking for the kill. Garvin is tossed to the floor, Garvin is slow to re-enter the ring. Bubba starts clubbing Garvin, Garvin tries to stay in the ring but its not possible.


Garvin grabs some water and blinds Bubba, right hands from Garvin. Bubba’s selling is interesting but we will put that down to the big man being green. Garvin sends Bubba to the floor, Bubba is angry and runs into a front chancery. Choke from Garvin, knee-lift from Bubba. Corner splash and a right hand, Garvin meets the buckle. Garvin is clocked with the roll of nickels, Bubba slams Garvin and lands a massive splash. You can win by pin-fall or a ten-count, Garvin is a bloody mess which would be effective had I not seen it in the last 3 matches. Garvin takes a rope out of his boots and starts choking and hog-tying Bubba which is a smart strategy. Garvin starts biting the head of Bubba who is staggering around the ring, Bubba lands a boot and clubbing blows to Garvin. Bearhug from Bubba, Garvin headbutts his way out and sends Bubba to the floor. Bubba gets back in the ring, Garvin tees-off with more rights and lefts. Bubba falls to the floor, Bubba marches down Garvin and lands a big headbutt. Bubba climbs high, Garvin yanks Bubba off the top rope with a massive thud and covers for one with Bubba pressing Garvin on the referee.


Garvin spikes the shit out of Bubba with a piledriver but Cornette delivers a racket shot to the back of the head of Garvin, we have a double-down with neither man moving and neither man beats the ten-count so it will be first man to his feet will be declared the winner in this one. Cornette tries helping Bubba but referee Tommy Young stops that shit right away while Garvin begins to stir. Bubba grabs the referee so Cornette takes out the leg of Garvin and Bubba manages to beat the count and win.


Alright, Bubba is green and gassed immediately which makes the match interesting to say the least but fair-play to Bubba for being spiked with that piledriver and Garvin doing his best to put over Bubba as unstoppable. The finish is good old wrasslin’ with Cornette screwing babyface Garvin with shenanigans. Enjoyable albeit a bit long in the tooth, the serious matches are coming now though so I shall let it slide!


Winner: Big Bubba Rogers over Ron Garvin via Beating The Count!


(NWA Television Championship First Blood Match) Dusty Rhodes © vs Tully Blanchard W/ JJ Dillon

Having held onto the world championship briefly, The American Dream rebounded to take the Television Championship from Tully Blanchard. What sucks about this right here is the stipulation, a fun stipulation under other circumstances but considering I have seen blood in the previous three matches, I don’t really feel it so much anymore. However, Tully does his best to win me over by wearing headgear so that it is more difficult to bust open Tully Blanchard. JJ Dillon and Earl Hebnar are arguing, Dillon eats a Bionic Elbow and is bleeding. That’s a start for sure, Blanchard is not happy about this because all his cheating tactics have been thwarted. Rhodes is on the defensive, throwing leg kicks and running from Blanchard.


Dream is nursing a knee that was destroyed by The Four Horseman, Blanchard and Rhodes are being very defensive when it comes to their big fat heads. Rhodes struts around the ring, luring in Blanchard. Rhodes headbutts Blanchard, really not a bright strategy, snap-mare and Rhodes stomps the leg. I do like how cautious they ae about their heads considering the stipulation. It is not something I have seen in many first blood matches which is crazy when you think of it but I guess that’s just WWE rubbing off on me. Rhodes stretches the leg and delivers an elbow to the leg. Blanchard rakes at the face but cannot stop The Dream. Blanchard achieves control briefly, scraping the head of Rhodes but Rhodes snaps off Blanchard and delivers more elbows to the head.


Right hands and body-shots, JJ Dillon trips Rhodes with the referee going down too. Blanchard wants to drill Rhodes with the shoe of Dillon but Rhodes blocks the shoe. Rhodes suplexes Blanchard into the referee and delivers punches and elbows to the head, Blanchard is bleeding with Rhodes celebrating but the referee is down. Dillon cleans up the wound of Blanchard, the referee is none the wiser to this change. Dillon hands Blanchard a foreign object, cracking Rhodes in the face with said item. Rhodes is bleeding while Blanchard is fine, we have a winner in Tully Blanchard. Rhodes is irate, Rhodes throws the referee to the floor.


This was so bland for what I would expect to see from these two men, it comes in under ten minutes too which was another surprise and Blanchard beats The Dream which is an even bigger surprise for this viewer right here. Rhodes and Blanchard never went past gear one, it was so meh.


Winner: Tully Blanchard over Dusty Rhodes via Handful of Nickels!


(Scaffold Match) The Road Warriors W/ Paul Ellering vs The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette

You have to throw your opponent off the scaffold, seems straight-forward but also dangerous as it looks like a flimsy piece of shite while also hindering any sort of actual match. This will be a spectacle, so just sit back and watch this ridiculous match take place. The Road Warriors are afraid of nothing and hunt down The Midnight Express, Eaton goes low and attacks Animal before we see a couple of elbows and such. Hawk batters Condrey, fuck wrestling in this match it looks so shaky. Condrey blinds Hawk with powder, Eaton does the same to Animal. Condrey almost sends off Hawk but Hawk holds on, a railing falls down behind Condrey which would make me shit my pants if I am honest. Like professionals, these guys keep going like absolute mad lads.


Eaton is almost knocked off by Animal but survives, thank God for that while Hawk goes back to demolishing Condrey. Eaton regains his balance and is back up on the top rope, Eaton is bleeding which sucks for him as Animal continues dishing out the blows. Condrey gets a little closer to the mat, looking ready to take his bump. Animal and Eaton are in the middle of the scaffold, Condrey is battering Hawk but Hawk battles back. We have a chicken fight in the middle of the scaffold and both Midnight Express members crash to the mat while Cornette almost decks Paul Ellering. Cornette climbs high to escape, Cornette is caught so Cornette decides he is going to swing from the scaffold before falling and shattering his knee in a sickening bump.


Pure spectacle, impossible to rate. Looking at those who did this match, it’s a miracle none of them got hurt because this could have ended a lot nastier than just Cornette getting hurt. To be honest the wrestlers took more safer bumps than Cornette who took a mad bump. Very interesting to see, not that exciting but you try and have an interesting match on a tiny patch of scaffold without hurting you or your opponent.


Winners: Road Warriors over Midnight Express!


(NWA Tag Team Championship Cage Match) The Rock “N” Roll Express © vs The Andersons

These two had a fantastic twenty-minute draw the last time at The Great American Bash, I was dying for a finishing stretch with a definitive winner, let’s hope we get something special here again. I have no doubts with a cage being the stipulation, Ole and Gibson to start. Gibson is too quick for Ole who misses blow after blow, a tag to Arn does little to stop Gibson before the referee stops Morton from getting involved. Arn is bounced off the cage and in the corner of the babyfaces, Arn falls back to tag Ole. Gibson pummels Ole and Morton gets the tag and throws punches at Ole, Ole goes down. Elbow from Ole, snap-mare but Morton kicks off Ole. Arn locks-up with Morton, a knee goes well for Arn but Morton won’t be meeting that cage wall.


Hammerlock counter from Morton who drills Arn with a right hand, Arn recovers staying near his corner. Morton takes the arm and tags in Gibson, Gibson tries a corner knee but Arn dodges. Arn sends the knee into the cage over and over, in comes Ole. Leg-working time boys, Ole wrenches and stomps the bejesus out of the knee. Ole drops all his weight on the leg, tag to Arn who stomps the knee too. Gibson is in serious trouble here, Gibson kicks off Arn and sends him into the cage but Arn holds onto the leg. Ole comes in and does more damage to the knee, Ole continues working the knee with big stomps and a stretch of the leg. Gibson uses right hands to stagger Ole but Ole holds onto the foot and Arn comes in dropping massive elbows and knees to the leg.


Gibson screams out in pain with each attack, Arn eats an enzugiri with Gibson tagging in Morton who tees off with rights and lefts before Ole says screw that and sends Morton into the cage hard. Ole sends Morton into the cage again, snap-mare into a two-count. Ole works the arm with Morton using his free hand to pepper Ole but they are too close to The Anderson corner, Arn comes in and goes to work biting the head of Morton. Morton is bleeding, Morton’s pretty face is raked across the cage as Ole comes in for a cheap-shot or two. Morton comes alive in the corner but Arn works the arm, elbows to the elbow. Ole comes in and stomps all over Morton, the left-arm of Morton is the focus. Arm-bar from Ole, Morton screams out in pain.


Morton hits the steel cage hard, seated arm-bar from Ole. Ole and Arn combine for a nice knee to the head, hammerlock scoop slam and knee-drop from Arn who climbs to the top turnbuckle. Arn’s axe handle goes wrong as Morton drills Arn. Ole comes in illegally sending Morton into the cage, the referee holds back Gibson drawing massive heat from the crowd. Ole lands a shoulder-breaker for a close two, Morton dodges a right hand and lands a knee-lift. Could this be the moment? Crowd can feel something but Arn grabs that hand and tags in Ole who cuts off Morton with a vicious boot. Another arm-bar from Ole who wrenches and wrenches, Morton will not quit though. Ole ties up Morton in the ropes, Arn attacks behind the referee’s back. Morton is so close once more but The Andersons are in control, Morton ducks a right hand but is drilled with a vicious spinebuster. Gibson saves the match for his team, Ole climbs high and wants a knee-drop on the arm.


Ole is so happy as it connects, seated arm-bar from Ole. This is on the verge of torture as Morton has been beaten time and time again, how much longer can he last? Morton kicks off Ole who grabs a headlock, shoulder block and both men are down. Can this be the moment? Arn tags in and stretches the jaw of Morton, Arn tries working the arm but Morton uses his good arm to rock Arn. Arn is punch-drunk, the crowd comes alive again and this time we are denied again as Ole lands a huge knee to Morton. How many more times can they tease it? Morton drills Ole with a flurry of punches, Morton almost steals it with a small package. Gibson has had enough and kicks the crap out of Arn before Ole goes to slam Morton but Gibson dropkicks Morton on top of Ole for the win.


What a match, was not expecting that ending for sure because they had build the anticipation so high for that hot-tag but take nothing away from this, it was so easily the best match of the card by a country mile. The Andersons are absolutely vicious, especially Ole who is just a great heel. An awful looking man who looks like he enjoys crushing his opponents, a pure delight to watch him go after the smaller Morton. The match builds up to a hot-tag that never comes but the way the people come up every time Morton knocks one of The Andersons down is tremendous, they have them in the palm of their hands and I was so into this match. I want to see more, I don’t care if these two fought every night for the next 3 years, I would be there to watch them because they have killed it twice, tremendous match.


Winners: Rock “N” Express over The Andersons via Dropkick!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Nikita Koloff

It was meant to be Magnum’s moment, Magnum T.A. was primed to be the next big thing in The NWA but a car crash would leave him unable to wrestle ever again, scrambling to decide what to do the company turned Nikita from a despised heel to a man who was fighting on behalf of the fallen Magnum. Standing across the ring from Nikita was the man known as Ric Flair, the man who had dominated The NWA throughout the 80s. No bigger challenge than this, no bigger obstacle than this. Sink or swim for Nikita, let me say this though after having watched so many NWA Events that Nikita is so much bigger and well built compared to the majority of the roster it is not even fair.


Flair stares down Nikita, the referee Tommy Young explains the rules while Nikita never breaks his gaze. Intimidating as hell, Nikita shoves down Flair with the power advantage. Flair takes a breather, comes in and tees off with no effect on Nikita. Nikita stands tall with Flair talking massive amounts of trash. Flair chokes Nikita before Nikita tosses Flair across the ring, Flair is re-evaluating. Nikita tosses Flair again, scoop slam from the challenger.


Make it double, Nikita applies a bearhug and spears Flair with shoulder thrusts before Nikita misses a running splash. Flair lands a vertical suplex and celebrates before Nikita pops right back up, Flair powders again. Side headlock from Nikita, Flair drives Nikita to the corner and lands chops and big punches to the head. Shove-off, Flair runs into a brick wall before Nikita takes down Flair with The Russian Hammer, Nikita misses the sickle though as Flair dodges. Nikita may have hurt his hip or his leg, either way Flair goes to work. Nikita’s leg is sent into the ring-post, chop-lock from The Nature Boy. Chops and a Figure Four Leg-Lock from The Nature Boy with the ropes used for extra leverage. Nikita being an absolute monster decides to turn the tide, Flair is in pain as the hold is reversed so Flair must relinquish the hold.


Nikita hobbles to his feet, Flair goes right after the leg. Nikita’s face is raked across the ropes, chops and punches in the corner but they are shaken off as Nikita starts limping forward. Chop after chop, Nikita shakes off Flair who is down on the floor. Side headlock from Nikita but Flair side-steps Nikita who crashes to the floor, Nikita is bleeding after being sent to the ring-post. Knee-drop from Flair for two, belly to back suplex from Flair for a close two. Closed fists from Flair, Nikita is shaken but keeps coming back for more. Shoulder thrusts from Nikita, massive scoop slam with Flair begging for mercy. Hip-toss from Nikita, Flair continues begging but does his flip to the floor. Flair has met the scaffold and is bleeding too, Flair and Nikita trade shots in the ring.


Nikita has momentum though, side headlock with the referee being wiped out by a flying shoulder tackle. Eye-poke by Flair, Nikita is whipped to the buckle but explodes out with The Russian Sickle. Nikita has the pin, there is no referee though. Nikita wants a referee up, Flair knees Nikita in the back and covers for two. Nikita lands the sickle on the other referee, Nikita chokes Flair in the corner. Nikita shoves down Tommy Young, we have a DQ as Nikita cannot be contained.


Biggest match of the year on the biggest card and we have a none-finish. Definitely not their fault with what happened with Magnum but surely they could have had something different to end the show but then again, nothing was going to top the cage match in my eyes. What I will say is Flair leads Nikita to a very fun match, the best of Nikita’s career to this point. It truly is amazing how good Flair can make anyone and everyone look good inside of that ring, it’s a testament to his abilities despite peoples’ perception that he wrestles the same match over and over. Nikita looks good here, the finish is shite for such a big card but they wanted Magnum and unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.


Double DQ!


That was Starrcade 1986, a disappointing show if I am being truly honest, I thought that with the talent growing ever more popular and the roster deepening, things would be excellent or at least very fun top to bottom but I didn’t get that on this card. The first 8 matches are largely forgettable with nothing of note taking place, a time-limit draw even takes place so it tells you all you need to know while the big matches didn’t deliver for me bar the tag team cage match. The scaffold match was a spectacle, I had low expectations going in so that was not a problem at all, I did have an issue with Dusty vs Tully, I thought it was a piss-poor match for two stars of their magnitude especially with the stalling that led-up to the match and the interesting psychology it had to begin with, it pretty much finished immediately and I thought really? That’s it? So yeah, not a good match in my book. Cage match is fantastic fun, a great tag team match and the crowd is rampant for the champions, great stuff all around there and the main event up until the finish is very solid too with the crowd buying into The Russian Nightmare. Ultimately, I wouldn’t bother checking anything but the cage match unless you are a historian or die-hard fan. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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