Monday 20 December 2021

NWA Clash of The Champions IV: Season's Beatings Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that cycles through more gimmicks than Ed Leslie! Clash of The Champions IV: Seasons Beatings! Well, things have changed and not for the better as WCW continues to survive through turmoil. No Sting on this card, no more Horsemen but we do have Flair & Windham and they ae going up against The Midnight Express! Where is Luger? Who is Dusty Rhodes facing? Animal of course because The Road Warriors are heel now which I am sure was easy to convince the fans on that one Dream. Looking up and down this card, I am not super thrilled at the prospect of reviewing it but I must so let’s keep a positive mind and have a look at this event!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) Ron Simmons & Eddie Gilbert vs The Fantastics

Vacant championships as The Midnight Express moved up the card to be tag team champions defeating Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. Exciting to see Ron Simmons starting out, Simmons and Fulton to start out. Simmons shakes down Fulton, Fulton uses his speed which Simmons respects before a shoulder block does nothing for Fulton. Simmons lands another shoulder block, Fulton slides through the legs and lands two dropkicks. Fulton runs into a back-breaker, crowd is big into Simmons too. Military press slam on Fulton, Fulton scrambles to the ropes. Simmons says you want a test of strength? Fulton lands an arm-drag with a dropkick from a now legal Rogers. Simmons is caught in a side headlock, tag to Gilbert.


Rogers escapes the corner, Gilbert looks to take the ankle of Rogers but Rogers is too fast. Side headlock from Gilbert, hip-toss from Gilbert but Rogers dodges the elbow drop for two. Arm-drag from Rogers, tag to Fulton. Sunset flip from Gilbert, Gilbert struts around. Fulton dodges the hip-toss, strutting from Fulton. Fireman’s carry by Gilbert, hip-toss from Fulton. Side headlock from Fulton, Gilbert reverses with a head-scissors. Fulton and Gilbert are getting heated in there, it seems to be a little heated. Hammerlock from Gilbert, tag to Simmons who wrenches the arm. Rogers and Simmons trade control with slams and dropkicks, Rogers misses a top rope elbow drop before Simmons lands a massive shoulder block. Tag to Gilbert, Gilbert works the arm. Rogers rolls-up Gilbert for two, Gilbert sweeps the legs of Rogers. Hammerlock from Gilbert, Fulton comes in and works the arm of Gilbert.


Fulton continues to work the arm until Gilbert makes it to Simmons who comes in with a roll-up for two, Simmons grabs a front chancery. Simmons backs Fulton to the corner, Irish whip to the opposite buckle and Fulton dodges with Simmons hitting his shoulder hard on the buckle. Rogers comes in and works the arm, Fulton comes in and stomps on the arm. Short-arm scissors from Fulton, tag to Rogers who lands a slingshot stomp. Simmons whips off Rogers and lands a back body drop but Simmons misses the elbow drop, Rogers lands an arm-drag and works the arm. Short-arm scissors, Simmons escapes and lands a big elbow. Tag to Gilbert who lands a neck-breaker for two, vertical suplex for two.


Rogers suplexes Gilbert who lowered his head off an Irish whip, Gilbert tags in Simmons who slams Fulton. Simmons misses an elbow drop and eats a leg drop, two for Fulton. Fulton clamps on a reverse chin-lock, tag to Rogers who lands a massive knee-lift. Elbow to the face of Simmons for two, Simmons runs Rogers to the corner, shoulder thrusts and a tag to Gilbert. Stomp to the knee, atomic drop and knee drop to the spine from Gilbert. Belly to back suplex from Gilbert for two, Simmons comes in and so does Fulton which leads to a powerslam from Simmons. Gilbert goes for an O’Connor roll on Fulton but Fulton shoves Gilbert into the ring-post, Rogers kicks Gilbert to the floor. Gilbert is in a bad way, the arm is weak now. Rogers drop toeholds Gilbert and knee drops Gilbert’s injured arm over and over.


Single arm DDT and hammerlock snap-back from Fulton, Gilbert is in serious pain. Tag to Rogers, Rogers drops all his weight on the arm. Gilbert is in trouble now, arm-breaker from Rogers. Fulton comes in and slaps on an arm-bar, Gilbert is whipped into a hip-toss followed by a short-arm scissors. Gilbert tries getting back into the match but Fulton cuts him off, hammerlock scoop slam. Falling headbutt from Fulton misses, Gilbert cannot escape just yet. Hip-toss but Fulton tags Rogers who works the arm some more. Crowd comes alive for Gilbert, they want that comeback. Gilbert backs Rogers to the corner, elbow to the ribs from Gilbert. Rogers stops the tag with an arm-bar, Fulton kicks Gilbert to the floor. Irish whip and Gilbert hot-shots Fulton, right hands by Gilbert. Whip to the buckle, Gilbert hits his shoulder off the ring-post and Fulton rolls-up Gilbert.


Far too long for my liking, not a comfortable situation where you have 2 babyface teams going at it unless the plan is to turn one, the match doesn’t really have a flow for the first part until Gilbert starts selling the arm and The Fantastics start working the arm. We never see Simmons again once the actual business of the match goes down so yeah, not a big fan of this opening match. Could have shaved off about 15 minutes of this, can’t believe this went 27 minutes!


Winners: The Fantastics over Simmons & Gilbert via Roll-Up!


The Italian Stallion vs Dr. Death Steve Williams W/ Kevin Sullivan

So, Dr. Death one of the hot babyface prospects from The UWF is now a heel member of The Barsity Club, wrestling in a singlet that covers up his amazing physique. Probably not what I would have done but then again, I was not the booker. So Williams is battling The Italian Stallion who has been a jobber any time that I have seen him, Williams out-wrestles Stallion before Stallion lands a big dropkick which makes Williams rethink his attacks. Williams gabs the arm but Stallion reverses, arm-wrenches from Stallion. Williams counters and works the leg, Williams start clubbing down on Stallion. Stallion explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, Williams picks up Stallion and slams him to the mat. Scoop slam but Stallion dodges the elbow drop, leg drop from Stallion for two.


Williams ties up Stallion and uses the ropes for leverage, flying crossbody from Stallion but Stallion gets a two and is sent to the floor. Williams goes to work, Stallion meets the buckle hard as Williams rubs his face into the mat. Williams sends Stallion to the floor, Sullivan stabs Stallions with something while the referee is with Williams. Stallion tries getting back into the ring but Williams kicks him down, Stallion is sent into the guardrail. Float-over suplex from Williams, Stallion fires back with right hands before Williams knees Stallion in the ribs. Irish whip and a sleeper, Stallion fires up but Williams uses the hair to bring down Stallion. Stallion fires up and nails a left-arm clothesline but misses an elbow drop. Enzuigiri and schoolboy for two, Williams goes after the ankle. Stallion is sent to the floor but fights back in the ring, ten punches in the corner.


Front chancery from Williams, Stallion looks spent. Williams goes around to the back, Stallion runs Williams into the corner. Williams climbs high after a scoop slam, Stallion dodges the splash. Stallion is on fire now, right hands to the face. Dropkick from Stallion, powerslam from Stallion. Williams reverses the Irish whip, Stallion tries the flying crossbody but gets caught in The Oklahoma Stampede for the win.


This has to be a rib? A 15-minute match between Dr. Death and The Italian Stallion? This is was a joke, Williams should have killed Stallion in 2 minutes.


Winner: Dr. Death Steve Williams over Italian Stallion via Oklahoma Stampede!


Ivan Koloff vs Paul Jones

Babyface Ivan taking on Jones, Ivan Koloff was kicked out of the army by Paul Jones. Ivan has one arm behind his back, this was meant to lead to Ivan and Nikita Koloff reuniting and having a match at Starrcade but Nikita’s wife was ill so Nikita left the company to take care of his wife during that time so we have Junkyard Dog joining with Ivan against The Russian Assassins.


Koloff dominates with one arm before Paul Jones uses an object to take control, knee drops and throws to the buckle follow. Koloff comes back with his right hands, Jones powders. Jones stabs Koloff in the throat with the weapon, Koloff takes the object from Jones and cracks him with the object for the win, The Russian Assassins attack Koloff before JYD makes the save. Seen it before done better with Jimmy Valiant, hard pass on this.


Winner: Ivan Koloff over Paul Jones via Object To The Head!


6-Man Championship Match) Animal W/ Paul Ellering vs Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes decided to turn The Road Warriors after The Powers of Pain left the territory so it would be Dusty Rhodes teaming up with the rising star Sting to take on The Road Warriors but on this night, it would be Rhodes vs Animal for the 6-Man championships held by The Road Warriors and Rhodes. Rhodes comes down with his eye taped, Rhodes has been stabbed in the eye with the spikes of The Road Warriors which led to Rhodes being fired as booker which made things much more interesting. Rhodes charges the ring and takes out Paul and Animal at first with elbows before missing his own elbow, Animal takes over briefly before Rhodes works the knee of Animal. Animal’s leg meets the ring-post over and over, figure four by Rhodes.


Rhodes wiped out the referee for some reason, no idea about that. Paul eye-rakes Rhodes which allows Animal batter Rhodes. Low blow by Rhodes and Rhodes rips at the face of Animal, Hawk is here to help Animal. Sting comes down to the ring, we have a brawl on our hands. Rhodes uses a chair on the leg of Animal, the chair falls apart as Team Sting & Rhodes stand tall.


Just an angle to lead up the Starrcade match, hopefully that is something fun.


Winner: Animal over Dusty Rhodes via DQ?


The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette vs Ric Flair & Barry Windham W/ JJ Dillon

The best tag team in the territory versus the big two in Flair and Windham, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard had left the NWA following their loss to The Midnight Express in September. So, we have what is left of The Horsemen taking on the premier tag team in The NWA at the time. Everyone in this match is a stud in that ring and I expect nothing but absolute madness in this one. Ric Flair to start with Bobby Eaton, this should be excellent. Flair struts around the ring, trying to throw off Eaton. Clean break and Eaton slaps the taste out of the mouth of Flair. Windham tries intimidating Eaton, it does not work with Eaton styling and profiling as this match starts. Flair says alright you son of a gun let’s do this.


Windham hypes up Flair, they lock-up. Flair chops away at Eaton, Eaton throws those fantastic rights. Irish whip and back body drop, Windham does not help Flair. Right hands by Eaton, Flair flip into Lane. Tag to Lane who lands a superkick, Flair catches the leg of Lane and a tag to Windham. Enzuigiri from Lane to Flair, Windham eats a dropkick from Lane. Windham sends Lane to the corner, massive rights from Windham. Scoop slam, Windham climbs high but misses the elbow drop. Dropkick and superkick to the floor from Lane, Windham meets the ring apron and the right hand from Eaton. Windham begs for mercy from Eaton, Windham tags in Flair. Side headlock from Eaton, hip-toss from Eaton on both Horsemen. Scoop slams on both men, low shot from Flair. Eaton nails a double clothesline on both, Flair powders to the floor.


Lane comes in and applies a figure four on Flair, Eaton does the same on Windham. Crowd is going nuts at this stage, Cornette keeps away Dillon but Flair goes low on Lane. Lane comes back in with an elbow for two, Flair goes low with a right again. Chops from Flair, kicks from Lane. Tag to Eaton, Flair is begging for mercy from Eaton. Knee from Flair, measured right to the face of Eaton. Flair and Eaton brawl, Eaton wins the brawl and tags in Lane. Shoulder block from Lane, elbow from Flair. Tag to Windham, powerslam for two. Tag to Flair, chops in the corner. Snap-mare and Flair goes high, Lane yanks Flair off the top rope. Lane tags in Eaton who tees off, ten punches in the corner. Flair flip to the corner, Flair runs up the buckle but eats a fist and a neck-breaker from Eaton. Double flapjack from The Midnight Express, two for Eaton as Flair puts his foot on the ropes.


Flair goes low with a gut-shot, Eaton rolls up Flair with an O’Connor roll, Windham elbows Eaton in the back of the head. Windham is legal now, inverted atomic drop from Windham. Measured right hand from Windham, Lane checks on Eaton. Irish whip and powerslam from Windham, tag to Flair.  Knee-drop and some slaps from The Nature Boy, Eaton is tossed to the floor while Windham drops Eaton on the guardrail. Flair chops Eaton hard on the floor, Flair drags Eaton into the ring. Chops on the apron, tag to Windham. Flying Lariat from Windham for a close two, gut-wrench suplex from Windham. Knee drop and a sleeper from Windham, Windham breaks the hold to maintain control. Tag to Flair, Flair eats a right hand but chops down Eaton.


Not for long though, Eaton lands a massive right. Eaton cracks the nose of Flair who goes down, tag to Windham. Lane tags in, thrust-kicks to everyone in sight. Back body-drop to Windham, same for Flair. Noggin-knocker, tag to Lane. Clothesline/Leg-sweep combination on Windham, Lane superkicks Flair to the floor. Alabama Jam on Windham, Flair cracks Eaton with his shoe and Windham is thrown on top. The Horsemen or what’s left of them pick up the win.


What a fantastic match from these two, fantastic tag team wrestling match from four amazing wrestlers, Flair and Windham do a great job of making Lane and Eaton look legit, loved the finish because it made me absolutely livid, I wanted a clear winner in this match and the use of the shoe is just the icing on the cake. Tremendous promo from Cornette after the match, completely puts over everyone and they deserve it, I cannot praise this match enough it was simply awesome.


Winners: Ric Flair & Barry Windham over The Midnight Express via Shoe To The Head!


That was WCW’s Clash of The Champions IV, a one match show if I have ever seen one but my god, was it a great one match. The tag team match that opens the show goes far too long, not enough going on to keep me interested but I don’t think it’s the fault of the wrestlers, it was a poor decision to leave them out there that long. Dusty Rhodes vs Animal was a setup for the match coming at Starrcade, Dr. Death had an awful match. Cannot believe he went that long with Stallion, baffles me and of course, Ivan Koloff and Paul Jones is awful too. The Main event kicks all sorts of ass and is a fantastic match, you should watch it because it is tremendous. I want to see Bobby Eaton going for the World Championship, it was brilliant. Kudos to all four men, tremendous stuff. Watch for the one match, skip everything else. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!


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