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NWA Starrcade 1985 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that goes longer than a NJPW Main Event! It’s Starrcade 1985! We are getting into the thick of it now, Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes inside a steel cage, The Rock N Roll Express taking on The Koloffs and Magnum T.A vs Tully Blanchard. Big names galore all over the card and this might be the best Starrcade yet based off of the matches announced but will it deliver? That’s the key question so let’s get it on!


(NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Match) Sam Houston vs Krusher Krushchev


What a name eh? Krusher Krushchev who would later become Smash and Repo Man against very popular babyface Sam Houston competing for a vacant championship. Dusty Rhodes had a dispute with then champion Buzz Tyler over money and thus, we have this situation upon us. Houston has been called young at least 4 times before they have even touched so I think I can tell what way this is going to go based off of that alone but I digress, Krusher throws down Houston with his power advantage.


Houston sends Krusher to the floor, right hands from Houston. Krusher begins to use his power to torture Houston, Krusher misses an elbow drop though. Back to square one with both men trading control, knees from Krusher. Houston escapes the scoop slam and pops Krusher in the face twice. Krusher is getting frustrated, side headlock from Houston. Krusher shoves off Houston, leap-frogs and drop-downs follow but Houston cannot toss the big man so Houston uses his legs to nail a headscissors. Krusher grabs at the hair, looking for a way to escape. Krusher puts Houston in the corner, Houston is climbing high to escape and lands a big right before leaping over Krusher and landing a big dropkick into an arm-drag with an arm-bar.


Krusher escapes and flapjacks Houston, the crowd is not happy about that at all. Krusher jaw-jacks with the fans, massive right hand for two. Military press slam from Krusher, Houston slides through the legs of Krusher but eats a right hand to the face. To the buckle we go, bearhug from Krusher. Houston escapes and kicks Krusher in the face, scoop slam from Krusher. Krusher climbs to the buckle, Houston lands a dropkick and right hands that have the big Russian in trouble.


Ten punches in the corner and an Irish whip to the corner, Running Bulldog from Sam Houston who thinks he has won, he did not see the foot of Krusher on the ropes, Russian Sickle decapitates Houston and the referee misses that Houston’s foot was on the ropes, what a twist!


These two will continue to feud it seems, fairly standard stuff though. Nothing particularly amazing here in this opening match and the announcers do not seem to pull any attention to the cheating ways of Krusher.


Winner: Krusher Krushchev over Sam Houston via Russian Sickle!


(Mexican Death Match) Ragin’ Bull vs Abdullah The Butcher W/ Paul Jones


Only way to win the match is climb a pol and grab the hat? Vince Russo be damned, two hardcore brawling specialists though. Hoping that Ragin’ Bull can offer something a little more in terms of story-telling after watching his match the year prior with Black Bart. Abdullah jumps Ragin’ Bull and Ragin’ Bull is bleeding already, fuck yes no messing around. Abdullah scrapes and bites and claws at the face of Ragin’ Bull. Ragin’ Bull starts firing back with boots and a monkey flip to Abdullah. Paul Jones is going insane at ring-side, Ragin’ Bull leaps off the top rope and cracks Abdullah in the head with his boot. Again and again, Ragin’ Bull cracks Abdullah in the head who is bleeding also. Abdullah battles back, catching Ragin’ Bull in the ribs and uses the boot on Ragin’ Bull.


Abdullah almost reaches the hat but Ragin’ Bull lands one hell of a low blow, both men are feeling the effects of this war. Ragin’ Bull is battering Abdullah with his other boot, Ragin’ Bull almost makes it to the top rope before Abdullah cracks Ragin’ Bull with the boot. Ragin’ Bull takes off his belt and starts whipping Abdullah, massive belt shot to the face.  Abdullah lands a throat-thrust, boot to the throat. Headbutt and massive elbow drop incoming, Ragin’ Bull musters up the strength to dodge the elbow drop. Flying clothesline from Ragin-Bull, Abdullah is only sitting up thanks to the ropes. Ragin’ Bull suplexes the massive Abdullah The Butcher! Ragin’ Bull was close but Abdullah stabs Ragin’ Bull with a foreign object, headbutt from Abdullah. Flying Burrito from Ragin’ Bull and a middle rope diving clothesline. Ragin’ Bull climbs high once more, Abdullah avoids the diving splash.


Abdullah waddles over to Ragin’ Bull, Irish whip to the buckle. Abdullah comes charging in but misses the spear, Ragin’ Bull sprints up that rope and grabs the sombrero, ending this match as Paul Jones freaks out!


Well having this sort of stipulation in what was called a Mexican Death Match is odd to me but they give you what you would expect, Ragin’ Bull is a bloody mess within less than 30 seconds, Abdullah and Ragin’ Bull beat the piss out of one another, it’s bloody and sloppy and looks like a train-wreck but I will be damned  if I didn’t enjoy this spectacle.


Winner: Ragin’ Bull Manny Fernandez over Abdullah The Butcher via Retrieving The Sombrero!


(Texas Bullrope Match) Cowboy Ron Vass vs Black Bart W/ JJ Dillon


If Bass wins, it’s five minutes alone with JJ Dillon. Black Bart and Bass are going to brawl, Bart is cracked with the bull-rope ten seconds in, I guess we are getting hardcore back to back. Bart is bleeding already, cowbell to the head does damage as always. Bas chokes Bart with the rope, Bart has been battered the entire match. Bart begins to brawl his way back in, Bass chokes him with his cowbell. Irish whip and a right hand, Bart slugs his way back into cracking Bass in the head. Bass is bleeding, Dillon winces as both men continue to batter one another. More cowbell shots over and over, Bass knocks out Bart with three right hands but somehow Bart kicks out, Bart comes back into the match with throat thrusts. Irish whip with both men banging heads, Bass clocks Bart eventually one more time and wins the match.


So we will continue the review as JJ Dillon jumps in immediately to attack Bass as it should be, Dillon takes off his shirt exposing his “physique” as it should be. Cowbell shots to the head over and over, I doubt they even hurt as this stage because I saw Bart and Bass clock each other at least 500 times. Dillon tries choking Bass, Bass powers up and Dillon shits himself. Dillon tries running, Dillon is pleading. Massive cowbell shot to the head, Dillon is bleeding now. Bass chokes Dillon who is on dream street, shot after shot with Dillon rocking back and forth. Bass cracks the referee by mistake though, Black Bart drops Bass with a piledriver and Dillon gets the pin.


Well if this is your big show, is this not the time and the place to pay-off your big angles? Would this not be the time for Bass to slaughter both and stand tall? Not that I cared too much, Bass vs Dillon was far more entertaining than the previous match with Bart and Bass just hitting one another time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done and I just saw it with Manny and Abdullah but I am going to get numb to it if it continues to be like this and unfortunately for Black Bart and Ron Bass, neither of them come close to the level of charisma or fan reaction that Ragin’ Bull Manny Fernandez has which leaves us with a rather boring affair.


Winner: Ron Bass over Black Bart via Cowbell To The Head!


Winner: JJ Dillon over Ron Bass via Piledriver From Black Bart!


The Barbarian W/ Paul Jones vs Superstar Billy Graham


No more kung-fu Billy Graham? Disappointing for sure, Barbarian is here and looking like an animal, no surprise there. We have an arm-wrestling contest to kick us off, Graham wins that contest before Paul Jones cracks Graham with his cane. Graham is bleeding, for fuck sake is everyone going to bleed on this card? Barbarian bites at the head of Graham, not a fun time for The Superstar. Graham comes back but Barbarian is too strong, Graham dodges the diving headbutt. Stomps to the head from Graham, Irish whip into the bearhug. Barbarian almost fades but Paul Jones attacks with the cane again. Graham grabs the cane and cracks Paul Jones, Barbarian eventually saves his manager.


Goodness gracious can we stop with everyone bleeding? I don’t think it means anything if everyone is bleeding on the card, for the hardcore matches ok I get it, it’s brawling and that is expected but must everyone bleed on this night? Anyways, it was alright, nothing has been awful on this show like the prior years. It has been quite watchable so far and it’s only going to get even better as we get to the more serious matches on the card.


Winner: Billy Graham over The Barbarian via DQ!


(NWA National Championship Match) Terry Taylor © vs Buddy Landel


Madness how I only see The Red Rooster when I look at Taylor but Taylor was quite good inside of that ring and had some very interesting angles during his tenure. Buddy Landel could be mistaken for a Ric Flair rip-off but Landel could work inside of that ring too, his demons would ultimately get the better of him though. Tremendous athletes who are young is the description of this match from Bob Caudle. Lock-up, Landel shoves Taylor to the corner. Taylor is fired up, Landel looks hesitant. The challenger complains about hair-pulling etc, slap from Landel which sees Taylor fire up with a slap. Landel stalls and stalls, lock-up again.


Wrist-lock from Landel who works that arm, Landel talks trash as Taylor looks for a way out of the hold. Arm-drag from the champion, Landel pushes Taylor to the ropes. Taylor blocks the punches and decks Landel, Landel has been rocked by this turn of events. Side headlock takedown from Landel, Taylor works the arm before Landel shoves Taylor to the corner. Massive chops and shots before an Irish whip to the opposite buckle, Taylor rocks Landel with a boot. Back body-drop, Taylor lands a knee-drop to the head for one. Wrist-lock from Taylor, Landel spins out and nails Taylor with a brutal forearm. Landel goes to work with stomps, right hand to the jaw. Jabs in the corner and chops from Landel, snap-mare into a rear chin-lock. Landel stops the comeback of Taylor with a massive clothesline, two for Landel.


Suplex is countered into a small package for two, Landel pops up and applies a camel clutch. Taylor shoves off Landel, Landel misses a right hand as Taylor fights back once more. Chops and a right hand, snap-mare and a face-walk. Suplex for two, right hand to the jaw from Taylor. Landel is bounced off the turnbuckle, Landel swings back at Taylor and down goes the referee. Referee is wiped out a second time because the first time was not enough, Dillon is on the apron. Landel is whipped into Dillon, forearm from Taylor. Taylor wants the superplex, Landel is not doing too well. Taylor went for the superplex but Dillon tripped his leg and Landel crushes the head of Taylor and secures the victory.


Solid match from these two, enjoyed the heelish antics of Landel in this match, had the routine nailed down to a tee while Taylor showed a lot of fire when given the chance, would have benefited from a little more action on the part of Taylor but maybe that’s why Landel is the man who went over, Landel seemed to have more to offer in this one. Finish was good, not sure why referee had to be obliterated twice but it is not all doom and gloom, an entertaining match for sure!


Winner: Buddy Landel over Terry Taylor via Shenanigans!


(NWA National Tag Team Championship Match) Ole & Arn Anderson © vs Billy Jack Haynes & Wahoo McDaniel


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Ole and Arn mixing it up against Wahoo and Billy Jack. Billy Jack and Arn to start, Arn is thrown back to the corner. Announcers hype up the full-nelson, nobody can escape it they say. Side headlock from Billy Jack, shoulder block and a military press slam. Arn is retreating, in comes Ole. Lock-up and these two big bears brawl to the ropes, Billy Jack out-fires Ole who is against the ropes. Ole is in the challengers’ corner and is whipped around, in comes Wahoo who chops everything in sight. Ole tags in Arn, Arn is cautious but ready to mix it up with Wahoo. Wahoo ducks the left and slaps on a side headlock, takedown from Wahoo. Arn reverses the hold, dragging Wahoo to his corner. In comes Ole who works the arm, no surprise there.


Boots to the ribs, Wahoo chops back at Ole. Ole tags Arn and leg-laces Wahoo who cannot escape, Arn works the arm. Billy Jack is trying to get the crowd involved, Arn continues wrenching the arm and stomping on it repeatedly. Hammerlock from Arn, Wahoo is firing up though. Ole comes in from the tag, more arm work from Ole. Massive stomps to the ribs and arms, scoop slam and elbow drop for two. Knee from Ole, tag to Arn. Billy Jack has had enough but the referee stops Billy Jack from coming in, Wahoo starts chopping with his one good arm. Ole comes in, Ole is trading with Wahoo but Wahoo rolls away and tags in Billy Jack. Rights and lefts, noggin knocker from Billy Jack. Coconut crush from Billy Jack on Arn, Wahoo chops out Ole.


Ole grabs Billy Jack illegally, Arn takes control before Billy Jack tags back in Wahoo. Irish whip and massive chop, Ole makes the save for the championships. Billy Jack and Ole might brawl but the referee stops it, Ole trips up Wahoo for a close two, Billy Jack is still in the ring. Wahoo chops at Arn, Ole drops Wahoo near the ropes and Ole holds down the legs of Wahoo allowing Arn to steal the win.


That was a little tough around the edges, The Andersons work the tag formula very well but I didn’t get my Billy Jack running wild moment, it seemed a little abrupt which was sad to see, thought we could have had a little more from this match. First time I have been disappointing on this card, a shame but we march on!


Winners: The Andersons over Billy Jack Haynes & Wahoo McDaniel via Roll-Up!


(NWA United States Championship Steel Cage I Quit Match) Tully Blanchard © vs Magnum T.A.


The match boys and girls, the one you are meant to know about when it comes to this card, Tully Blanchard one of the biggest dickheads to ever lace up his boots, a true heel who draws such hatred from every person in that crowd. Never would you ever mistakenly cheer this individual or admire his heel work because he was just that antagonizing while Magnum T.A. is the next big thing in wrestling, nobody has more fire than this man right here.  On top of all that, both men despise one another and it’s a damn steel cage I Quit match. Crowd is rampant before we even ring the bell, this is going to be a war.


Lock-up, Blanchard backs Magnum to the corner but Magnum sees the right hand coming, right hand floors Blanchard. Magnum is staring down Blanchard, it’s great stuff. Blanchard goes for the leg twice but Magnum sees the double-leg coming. Tully goes to the eyes and starts laying in the shots, rib shots to Magnum. Magnum fires back though, Tully is not going to win that war. Tully is in between the cage wall and the ropes, Magnum is teeing off now. Clubbing shots to the throat, Tully blocks the cage and a low shot saves the champion from tasting the cage wall. Axe handle from Tully who delivers an elbow to the head, Magnum meets the steel cage hard. Camel clutch from Tully, Magnum is bleeding lightly. Magnum is coming up though, Tully goes to the ribs with a knee.  Irish whip but Magnum drops Tully on the top rope with a military press, massive right from Magnum. Boot and kicks from Tully, the champion is rocked by rights from the challenger. Tully pulls Magnum into the cage, Tully dives onto Magnum with the microphone but Magnum will not quit.  Knees from Tully, Magnum sends Tully into the cage wall. Hammerlock throw from Magnum, Magnum starts going after the arm of Tully which is bleeding. Low headbutt from Tully, both men are on their knees dishing out the shots.


Magnum bites the arm of Tully, anything to get his arch-rival to utter those words. Tully bites back at the head of Magnum, kicks from Tully. Tully stabs Magnum with the microphone. Diving axe handle from the champion, Tully has the microphone, pleading with Magnum to quit. Magnum will not quit, Magnum avoids the elbow drop from Tully. Right hand and forearm shot from Magnum, Magnum tries to choke Tully with the microphone but Tully will not quit. Another shot with the microphone, Tully continues to refuse to quit. Tully claws at the eyes of Magnum, Magnum claws at the face of Tully. Tully rakes the eyes, ten punches in the corner before Tully lands the inverted atomic drop and down goes the challenger. Magnum says no, Tully drops more elbows and punishment.


Tully has a chair now, Tully breaks apart the chair looking to drive a stake into the head of Magnum but Magnum sees the stake coming, Magnum blocks and fights with all his strength to stop the evil Tully from stabbing him in the head. Magnum kicks off Tully, Magnum dives for it and stabs the head of Tully, Tully screams out in pain and Tully screams I Quit! We have a winner, Magnum T.A. is the new United States Champion, Babydoll looks on in horror as Magnum walks away victorious!


Now that’s a hardcore match right here, you can feel the hatred between these two the second the bell rings, these two want to take one another apart in the most brutal ways possible, Tully is so good at being completely unlikeable, the guy is slimy and disgusting and you are on the edge of your seat waiting for him to experience pain at the hands of Magnum, they waste no time in brawling before the cage is introduced, they are stabbing one another, torturing one another and battering one another all around the ring. Magnum’s fire is on full-display here, fans love him and he is a star waiting to happen and that ending is top-notch stuff. Tully who is utterly frustrated by the resilience shown by Magnum snaps and decides I am going to stab this son of a bitch only for Tully to fall victim to the very weapon he introduced and a wonderfully violent moment takes place with Magnum standing over Tully who screams I Quit. Excellent wrestling match, loved it!


Winner: Magnum T.A over Tully Blanchard!


Jimmy Valiant & Atlanta Lively W/ Big Mama vs The Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette


Jimmy Valiant is over, a fact of life that does not matter what year it is. However, what is going on here at all? Midnight Express all in tuxedos while Ronnie Garvin is dressed in drag as Atlanta Lively, who is Big Mama? I wish I had a bit more context to this one but I am stumped unfortunately, the heels try to jump the babyfaces and it backfires big time as Atlanta batters Bobby, choking and theatrics ensue. Valiant is beating up Loverboy with a chair, Bobby kicks back at Atlanta. Loverboy has got colour brother, I think Bobby is opened up too. Lots of punching going on with both members of Midnight Express bleeding all over the ring, Sleeper from Valiant. Dennis and Bobby pull out powder and a foreign object, Valiant is bleeding now I believe. Lots of powder being thrown, Dennis whips Valiant while Lively is being stripped.


What in the Lord’s name am I watching here? Valiant saves Lively, there is more brawling going on, I have never seen so much blood in a comedy match in my life. Beautiful Bobby has been stripped while Lively attacks Dennis. Lively is being attacked now, Cornette cracks Lively in the head. Bobby lands a diving axe handle, Valiant cannot make it into the ring. Valiant cannot make an impact on the match, Big Mama continues to cheer on Valiant. Valiant fires up and goes after Bobby and Dennis, right hands before a double clothesline takes down Valiant. Lively saves Valiant with a huge right hand for the win!


Garbage match that probably would have been passable as a buffer to the man event but this positioning was rather poor and the amount of blood for a comedy match like that is just overkill at this point.


Winners: Atlanta Lively & Jimmy Valiant over The Midnight Express via Right Hand!


(NWA World Tag Team Championship Match) The Koloffs © vs The Rock “N” Roll Express W/ Don Kernodle


Can you say popular babyface tag team? The Rock “N” Roll Express challenge The Koloffs, Kernodle is in the corner of the challengers. Another cage match after Magnum vs Tully is a bad idea but it’s important to remember that this event was held in two different cities so not all in the one location on the same card did the people have to see the cage matches.


Ricky and Nikita to start, Ricky throws down Ricky with ease. Shoulder block does not work for Ricky but a dropkick sure does, we reset with both men staring one another down. Boot and clubbing blows from Nikita, Ricky meets the cage. Ricky is dragged to the champions’ corner, Ivan is too slow for the quicker Ricky. Flying crossbody from Ricky, Ivan drops Ricky on the top rope for a close two. Robert is in, dropkick from Gibson. Knee drop from Gibson for two, side headlock and a tag to Ricky. Snap-mare into a fist drop from Morton, two for Morton. Another quick tag, schoolboy from Gibson for two. Tag to Morton, tag to Gibson who lands an elbow to the back of the head. Ivan rakes the eyes of Gibson, they go to the ropes.


Clubbing blow from Ivan, Gibson shoves Ivan into the cage. Morton climbs high, diving fist-drop by Morton. Ivan meets the cage again, Morton climbs high with a diving axe handle for two. Gibson comes in but has his eyes raked once more, Nikita comes in and clubs Gibson but Gibson trips up the monster. Nikita returns with a mean flapjack into the cage, Ivan is a bloody mess and I imagine now that Gibson has donned the crimson mask. Ivan lands a diving axe handle to the head of Gibson. Gibson meets the cage again, elbow drop from Ivan for two. Nikita comes in and bites the head of Gibson, scoop slam from Nikita. Ivan comes off the top rope again with a fist to the head, Morton saves the match with a boot to the head.


Morton has to watch on as the champions torture Gibson, snap-mare into a leg drop for two. Gibson avoids the second leg drop but Nikita is in fast, rear chin-lock from Nikita. Ivan batters Gibson with right hands, both Russians decimate Gibson to cut off the fiery babyface. Morton continues to save his partner, Ivan is dealing out the right hands, Gibson slips through the legs and dropkicks Ivan but the referee is down too. Russian Sickle to the head of Morton, shoulder tackle on Gibson. Ivan is on top but the referee is rocked, Gibson tags in Morton. Ivan back-drops Gibson but Morton comes in with the O’Connor Roll for the win. The heels get their heat back after the match, decimating the new champions.


Very good match but very hard to top what I saw previously in the night in that cage, Morton and Gibson are ridiculously popular and make for the perfect foil for the big nasty Russians but nothing inside of that cage was going to come close to Magnum and Tully unfortunately so maybe on a different night, they could have stolen the show but it was not meant to be on this night. Fun tag team match but overshadowed!


Winners: Rock “N” Roll Express over The Koloffs via O’Connor Roll!


(NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ric Flair © vs Dusty Rhodes


These two men main-evented the previous year’s Starrcade and it did not deliver with a finish that had me scratching my head considering it was for excessive blood loss/injury when everyone on the card almost bled, it seemed like overkill. Yet, maybe they needed more time, maybe they wanted to spin a finer story well tonight is the night. Put up or shut up, Nature Boy vs The American Dream II for the richest prize in the game.


Intense stare-down to begin, cautious approach from both challenger and champion. Lock-up, Flair has Rhodes in the corner. Flair goes to trade punches, bad ideas as Rhodes jabs his way and knocks down the champion. Elbow and big thrust sends champion to the floor. Flair hops over the guardrail for his breather, re-evaluation time for The Nature Boy. Knees from Flair, right hand to the face but Rhodes lands elbows to get back into the match. Shoulder block and elbow from Rhodes, Flair is begging off and powders once more. Flair steps in for round three, Rhodes is confident at this point. Lock-up and side headlock from Flair, Rhodes counters for a hammerlock. Flair runs around the ring before going to the mat, Flair makes it to the ropes before attacking the leg of Rhodes. Rhodes sells it, a point of weakness for sure.


Flair goes low and starts chopping, Rhodes eats a mean right to the head. Snap-mare into that knee-drop which finds the mark, Rhodes is in trouble. Barely one for Flair, Rhodes takes one kick to the leg and jumps over the guardrail, perhaps a little exaggerated but maybe Flair is as deadly as Jose Aldo with those lethal leg-kicks. Flair tries attacking Rhodes who re-entering the ring but Rhodes blocks and delivers massive elbows to the back of the head, Rhodes stomps the leg of Flair. The fans love that, Rhodes giving Flair a taste of his own medicine. Massive elbow to the knee from Flair, Rhodes asks the fans if they want to see and delivers a big elbow to the knee but Flair rakes the eyes. Flair sells the leg, Flair wants a suplex but the leg gives out on the champion.


Rhodes suplexes Flair, Rhodes delivers another elbow to the leg. Flair slaps on a sleeper to take out Rhodes but Rhodes runs Flair to the corner. Rhodes slips out of the ring and grabs Flair’s foot, Flair begs for mercy as Rhodes wraps that leg around the ring-post. Elbow to the ankle from Rhodes, Rhodes chops Flair and with a snap-mare, misses a crucial elbow drop. Flair decides to climb to the top rope, bad idea for the champion. Figure four is blocked by Flair, Rhodes is kicked off and clutches his knee. Chop and Figure Four does not connect for Flair, Flair is persistent though and tries again. Flair decides to work the leg first, Rhodes clubs at Flair with a giant headbutt. Irish whip with Flair flip to the floor, Rhodes smacks Flair off the guardrail.


Flair is bleeding, all drama from that has been lost on me unfortunately. Flair is dragged into the ring, chops from the challenger. Flair kicks low and sends Rhodes to the floor, Rhodes decides to climb to the top rope. Diving crossbody for two, fans are in uproar as the referee was dealing with something. Rhodes lands right hands to the head of Flair, Flair wriggles free. Bionic Elbow decks Flair, ten punches in the corner from Rhodes. Flair flop to the mat, Rhodes is feeling the energy in the building at this point.  Jabs stagger Flair, Flair is backing away. Flair flip to the apron, Flair tries an axe handle but Rhodes catches Flair with a gut shot. Rhodes tries a kick to the gut, Flair dodges and Rhodes hurts his aggravated knee. Flair begins to work, Flair drops all his weight down on the leg.


Knee-drop on the ankle, Flair lands a right-hand to the face. Figure Four in the middle of the ring, Rhodes is in terrible pain. Rhodes fights and fights, reversing the pressure and forcing The Nature Boy to release the hold. Flair chops at Rhodes, Rhodes is firing up now. Right hands and elbows from Rhodes, flying clothesline from Rhodes. Flair kicks out at two, Rhodes pulls Flair into the corner but takes out the referee by mistake. Rhodes and Flair scramble, Bionic Elbow and a figure four from Rhodes. Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson are here, a giant knee flattens Rhodes. 1….2… Rhodes kicks out! Scoop slam attempt by Flair but Rhodes counters into a small package, 1..2….3!


Lots of fun here in this main event, it may not be the first time that Rhodes has been champion but you might not hear a louder reaction that this moment right here, two legends at the top of their game. Working the fans and making us believe that wrestling is real ladies and gentlemen. Loved the pacing, loved the intensity they brought and loved the little things like Rhodes tweaking his knee and Rhodes going after Flair’s leg. Thought the ending was a little abrupt but take nothing away from this match, it was a great way to cap off the PPV and it left room for a rematch if need be, quality right here.


Winner: Dusty Rhodes over Ric Flair via Small Package!


Starrcade 1985 was a fun show with some great matches on the card. It could be the fact that I had watched two prior Starrcades back to back before watching this but this was miles better than both. The only worthwhile match I can pull from the other two for me was Piper vs Valentine, this has a main event that lives up to the hype, a career-defining cage match between Magnum T.A. and Tully Blanchard and the undercard is not all that bad, I think I only groaned when two matches came on and they went too long and had no business on the card all things considered. I also want to note that commentary was bizarre on this show, you had I want to say minutes of silence before Tony or Bob would chime in, really took me out of the experience because I didn’t have those commentators filling in the blanks and providing that extra depth and drama but this was the best Starrcade I have seen thus far and the talent is red-hot, the crowds are red-hot and I can only imagine what is coming next in the year of 1986! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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