Thursday 16 December 2021

NWA Clash of The Champions II: Miami Mayhem Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling reviews series on the internet that is more of a waste of time than who stole Mr. Mcmahon’s Egg! It’s Clash Of The Champions II: Miami Mayhem! I do love the championships being zapped by lightning as the opening package but let’s get down to business. We have Sting & Dusty Rhodes going after The NWA Tag Team Champions, Barry Windham takes on Brad Armstrong and The Varsity Club continue to wage war with The Garvins! Potential here but not as stacked as the first Clash, this seems more like a build-up to The Great American Bash!


(NWA United States Championship Match) Barry Windham © W/ JJ Dillon vs Brad Armstrong

What a shock it was to see Barry Windham double-cross Lex Luger and join The Horsemen. Almost unthinkable considering how over the duo was as babyfaces but Windham slots into that role like a glove because that’s Barry Windham for you, Windham has a glove on one hand for his new manoeuvre: The Claw. Armstrong is considered a great worker so I imagine this will be lots of fun, Armstrong is the aggressor here with Windham remaining passive as Armstrong lands an arm-drag. Clean break from Windham, arm-drag into an arm-bar from Windham. Armstrong lands a massive scoop slam counter, Windham regroups on the floor. Windham misses a right hand as Armstrong slides through the legs and lands a hip-toss and head-scissors.


Windham counters the side headlock takedown with his legs, Armstrong pops up full of fire with Windham stalling for time. Dillon talks strategy, Windham continues stalling in this one. Lock-up and Armstrong wants the clean break, Windham lands a massive right. Armstrong is rocked, scoop slam and the fist drop misses. Windham powders, Armstrong has control in the ring with a massive headlock. Armstrong runs up the buckle for leverage and continues wrenching the neck of Windham. Windham is slammed hard, another arm-drag into a headlock. Armstrong tries running the buckle but Windham lands a massive belly to back suplex. Powerslam from Windham for two, measured right from the champion.


More strategy talk, scoop slam from Windham. Windham applies the figure four, Dillon gives Windham a hand behind the referee’s back. Armstrong’s knees are damaged badly because of the hold but the challenger is still in this match. Windham sends Armstrong to the floor and drops the challenger across the guardrail. Armstrong is dragged into the ring, scoop slam and the champion climbs high but misses his diving elbow drop. Armstrong lands massive right hands, dropkick takes out Windham. Irish whip again, gut shot and a knee-lift. Scoop slam, Armstrong lands a diving crossbody for two. Armstrong goes up again, make it two but Windham rolls through and applies The Claw. Windham squeezes the head and picks up the win.


Fun opening match, Armstrong shows a lot of fire in this one. Not a fan of neglecting the leg selling considering how long that figure four was locked in, probably should have factored into the finish but that was a fine opening match with big star Barry Windham picking up the win!


Winner: Barry Windham over Brad Armstrong via Claw Hold!


(NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match) The Sheepherders vs The Fantastics ©

The Sheepherders would have some of the most hardcore brawls in tag team wrestling during the 80s before ending up in the WWF as the comical Bushwhackers, don’t get it twisted it though as these two can work. Rogers and Butch go at it, Luke tags in and beats down Rogers. Rogers comes back with a flying crossbody before tagging out to Fulton. Luke re-evaluates, lock-up and a side headlock with Butch tagging into the match. Boot from Butch, a throat shot knocks down Fulton. Irish whip and elbow from Butch for two, tag to Luke. Clubbing blows to the back of the head, Fulton is ready for Butch before an eye rake. Side headlock takedown from Butch, Luke headbutts Fulton hard.


Shoulder block from Luke, dropkick counter from Fulton. They brawl on the floor, the flag-bearer takes out Fulton before Fulton ducks a clothesline. Noggin-knocker on the floor, the champions are in control with Luke begging off for mercy. Luke manages to boot down Fulton, rights and lefts. Fulton dodges a military press slam for a sleeper before Butch clubs Fulton in the spine. Rogers comes in scoop slam and elbow drop on Luke for a close two. Arm-bar from Rogers, crucifix cover for two. Luke rakes the eyes and headbutts Rogers, in comes Butch who stomps away on the head. Rogers begins running wild with dropkicks and scoop slams, noggin-knockers and the heels are down. Butch comes in with a snap-mare and a knee-drop to the neck, rear chin-lock from Butch.


Rogers comes up, gut shots from Rogers before Luke enters illegally and wipes out Rogers. Luke tags in legally and applies an abdominal stretch with some leverage from his partner, Butch comes in and clobbers Rogers with a knee. Two for Butch, Fulton manages to tag in and tees off with right hands before we have the heels regain control. Knee-drops from Luke, throat thrust and elbow drop for good measure. Knee-drops to the ribs, rear chin-lock and elbow from Luke. Knee across the throat and stomps to the spine from Luke, Fulton lands a shoulder and knee-lift to get back into the match. Shoulder block from Fulton, Butch is kicked in the face from Fulton. Butch cuts off the tag though, Fulton lands a flying crossbody with a series of pin-falls from the champions ending in twos.


Rogers stretches the arm of Luke, Luke comes up into a side headlock. Shoulder block and Rogers goes to run the ropes, Butch pulls down the ropes. Butch sends Rogers into the guardrail, Butch clubs Rogers’ spine over and over. Headbutt from Luke floors Rogers again, Luke and Butch batter Rogers in the ring. Luke rips at the face of Rogers, tag to Butch. Middle rope axe handle goes wrong as Butch takes out Luke by mistake, Rogers staggers to his feet. Luke lands big shoulder blocks, Rogers meets the knees of Butch. Butch comes in, clothesline by Rogers. Knee to the ribs from Butch, elbow to the throat for a close two. Rear chin-lock from Luke, Butch grabs a chair and Rogers sends Luke into the chair. Fulton gets the tag, massive kick and hard Irish whip to the buckle. Slide through the legs and an O’Connor roll for the win!


Not for me, thought it went a bit longer than it needed to be with an abrupt ending that didn’t let me really enjoy the hot-tag, I have no doubt that these two can have good matches but the match length is crippling here.


Winners: The Fantastics over The Sheepherders via O’Connor Roll!


The Garvins W/ Precious vs The Varsity Club W/ Kevin Sullivan

Match starts with double sleepers from The Garvins, Ron and Steiner to start I believe. Kevin Sullivan is locked in a cage at ringside and may have some sort of hold over Precious, what could it be? Pictures? Contract? Who knows? Ron lands a big shoulder block on Steiner, massive right hand staggers Steiner for two. Tag to Jimmy, arm-wringers from Jimmy. Knees into the arm in a hammerlock position, repeated knees over and over. Steiner escapes and tags in Rotunda who wrestles college-style, Jimmy lands his own firemen’s carry in response. Rotunda says he pull his tights, not going to fly here ladies and gentlemen. Ron comes in, Sullivan keeps talking to Precious.


Ron and Rotunda are in, Rotunda pulls the hair to gain control and swap places with Steiner. Steiner works the arm as Jimmy looks on concerned over what the hell is going on between Sullivan and Precious. Rotunda is back n and working the arm, Jimmy is not focusing on the match and helping his brother, he is too distracted with Sullivan. Jimmy misses the opportunity to help Ron, Steiner and Rotunda continue working the arm of Ron. Referee misses the tag of Jimmy, Jimmy is irate as The Varsity Club continue to double team Ron Garvin. Ron is battered by Steiner before chopping back into the match and tagging Jimmy, Irish whip and dropkick.


Snap-mare and leg-drop to the arm for two, front chancery from Jimmy. Ron is tagged in, roll-up for two. Ron nails Rotunda and roughs up Steiner. Jacknife cover for two, Rotunda gets caught with a sunset flip. Steiner makes the save, back body drop by Rotunda with a leg drop for good measure. Leg-drop to the groin, Rotunda chokes Ron with the tag rope. Steiner hurls Ron to the floor, Jimmy batters The Varsity Club before Sullivan batters Ron from inside the cage. Ron headbutts Steiner and tags in Jimmy, Jimmy tees off with right hands. The Garvins clean house, Sullivan steals the key from Precious while Jimmy rolls up Steiner. Sullivan attacks Precious, Dr. Death has seen enough and batters Sullivan away.


More of an angle than a match because I really was not feeling this one, Ronnie Garvin ain’t a babyface in peril for me, the work inside of the ring was decent at best. Just an angle that happened to have a match going on around it, camera mostly misses the finish too which is always a great sign.


Winners: The Garvins over The Varsity Club via O’Connor Roll!


Nikita Koloff vs Al Perez W/ Gary Hart

What happened to my boy? I will tell what happened, Nikita got off the gas and grew his hair out. It’s literally shocking to see how Nikita went from 1986 to 1988, looks like a totally different person. Still a big dude but so much muscle mass is gone, they lock-up. They shove a little before locking up once more, Nikita brings him to the corner. Perez grabs the head, scrappy looking affair. Irish whip is reversed by Nikita, Nikita is caught in the arm-bar. Arm-wrenches from Nikita, Perez tries a hip-toss but Nikita holds onto the arm. Perez backs Nikita to the corner, shoulder thrusts from Perez before Nikita stops an Irish whip by working the arm. Perez breaks the hold but misses the elbow drop, we reset with both men backing away from one another.


Nikita works the arm again, Perez backs Nikita to the corner. Forearms to the face from Perez, Nikita sends Perez to the corner but Perez dodges the shoulder block. Nikita hits his shoulder hard on the buckle, Gary Hart slams Nikita off a table at ringside. Perez chokes Nikita across the bottom rope and Gary Hart chokes Nikita with the bottom rope. Perez axe handles Nikita down and scoop slams Nikita on the floor. Nikita rolls in and gets locked in the sleeper, Nikita tries escaping but Perez has that hold in tight. Nikita shakes him off but misses an elbow drop, Perez takes control with a camel clutch. Nikita powers up and electric chair-drops Perez. Nikita is caught with a takedown and a knee drop, Perez hurls Nikita to the floor.


Nikita tries an apron sunset flip, Perez uses the ropes to survive. Shoulder thrusts in the corner, Nikita blocks the suplex and drops Perez with a devastating suplex. Nikita starts firing up with right hands and an elbow, flying shoulder block. Ten punches in the corner, whip to the opposite buckle and Nikita sends Perez to the floor with an elbow. In comes Larry Zbyszko who misses a clothesline and Nikita lands a Russian Sickle as the referee calls for the bell.


Alright match, Nikita is gradually getting less explosive and fun for me, it seems that Nikita needs a good opponent to truly have a fun match because the last few times I had to see Nikita, it has not been a pleasant experience. Perez is a solid-hand in the ring and it looks like the master of stalling Zbyszko will be a part of this moving forward so we will see what happens at The Bash.


Winner: Nikita Koloff over Al Perez via DQ!


(NWA World Tag Team Championship Match) Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard © W/ JJ Dillon vs Dusty Rhodes & Sting

Anderson and Blanchard are so much fun to watch while Sting is an explosive ball of energy but the interesting part for me is how Rhodes will do in this match, will it be Rhodes doing the selling for the Sting hot-tag? I have my doubts but we shall see, lots of little Stingers in the crowd tonight. Large Dusty chants in the arena, Sting is going to start with Anderson in this tag team championship match.


Lock-up, illegal left fist from Anderson. Sting is tossed to the floor, Anderson clotheslines the ring-post as Sting ducks. Sting stretches that arm as Anderson is rolled into the ring, arm-wrenches from The Stinger. Anderson looks for the tag but Sting is in firm control, Anderson boots the head of Sting and tags in Tully. Tully comes in and gets caught in a hip-toss, head-scissors from Sting. Tully is down, tag to Dusty with the crowd erupting for The Dream. Tully is battered with stinging rights, Tully is whipped to the buckle. Knee from Tully but Rhodes sends Tully to the corner, rights and lefts from Rhodes. Elbow and right hand from Sting, figure four from Rhodes. Anderson rakes the eyes of Rhodes, Tully tags Anderson. Dillon chokes Rhodes behind the referee’s back, Sting is irate.


Rhodes and Tully square off, flying clothesline from Rhodes. Dropkick from Rhodes, tag to Sting. Sting comes in and batters both Horsemen, military press slam from Sting. Whip to the corner and Stinger Splash, Anderson stops the death-lock. Tully jumps Sting from behind, Anderson drops Sting on the barricade. Tully shoves Sting into the ring, Anderson lands an elbow to the back of the head. Two for Anderson, scoop slam and Anderson misses a body splash as Sting blocks with the knees. The champions stop Sting from making the tag, Irish whip to the buckle and tag to Anderson. Sting blocks the suplex but Tully does a sunset flip with Anderson’s clothesline for a close two. Sting is pulled to the floor by Tully, Anderson comes in and attacks Sting. Brutal DDT on the floor, Sting may be unconscious.


Rhodes looks on concerned, Dillon lifts Sting back into the ring. Tully covers for a one, Anderson tags into the match. Sting begins fighting back into the match, Sting blocks the hip-toss for a backslide. Tully comes in and cuts off Sting, stun-gun from Sting. Sting makes the tag to Rhodes, Rhodes comes in and elbows everyone in sight. DDT on Anderson, elbow to the jaw and a massive Elbow Drop with Tully getting involved. Sting shoves down the referee to attack Tully, brawling on the floor and at ringside. Bionic Elbow from Rhodes, Ric Flair and Barry Windham are here. Windham uses his Claw Hold on Rhodes, we got big problems. The Horsemen batter Sting while Windham takes his frustrations out on Rhodes.


Well it hardly got cooking did it? Man this company is baffling at times, how could we go from the unforgettably hot Clash of The Champions I to this? How could this show be booked like this? Why bother with an event like this just to make people see The Bash? Would I want to see more of this following this show? No thanks Tom Hanks! Very disappointing end to an already disappointing show!


Dusty Rhodes & Sting over The Horsemen via DQ!


Clash of Champions II is one of the safest most vanilla cards I have ever watched I think, the disappointment I felt watching this after watching how fun Clash of The Champions I was insane. It’s right back to Bunkhouse Stampede except this might be more boring I don’t even know and I don’t want to find out for sure, this company looks like it’s going to have an interesting 1988 and it’s very possible that 1988 will be interesting for all the wrong reasons, what scares me more is that Jim Herd is not here yet, that’s when the real stupidity is going to kick off but let’s keep an open mind ok? This was such a downgrade from the first Clash, I am not sure why this event took place. It didn’t sell the concept of the Clash to me nor did it make me interested in seeing The Great American Bash. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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