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WWF Royal Rumble 1998 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that brings the house down more than D-Generation X! It’s WWF Royal Rumble 1998, the road to Wrestlemania is in full swing. Shawn Michaels reigns supreme as WWF Champion after surviving Ken Shamrock at the last PPV but now, HBK must face the man who he escaped at Bad Blood: The Undertaker and Kane seems to be on the side of his brother so how can Michaels survive The Brothers of Destruction? Also we have Ken Shamrock vs The Rock for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, Vader going after Goldust for what happened at Survivor Series 1997 and we have The Royal Rumble itself with the winner going onto Wrestlemania to challenge for the WWF Championship! What a night it could be!


The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust W/ Luna vs Vader


Goldust has a psychotic break following his divorce from Marlena, The Bizarre One dumped his wife and started acting more bizarre than ever before because Goldust wanted everyone’s attention once more. Vader wants to kill Goldust after his attacks with a coconut and walking out on Vader at Survivor Series.


Goldust jumps Vader as Vader enters the ring, right hands from The Bizarre One. Vader Hammer and a corner splash, Goldust powders to survive. Vader knocks Goldust into Luna, not expecting that bump this early into the match. Vader spanks Goldust and throws Goldust into the steel steps, back body-drop from Vader in the ring. Vader runs the ropes, Luna grabs the foot of Vader and this allows Goldust to land a clothesline. Sunset flip from Goldust, Vader tries a hip splash but Goldust dodges and lands a clothesline. Goldust lands a middle rope elbow to the groin of Vader. Goldust hurls Vader into the steel steps, Luna stabs Vader with her high heels. In the ring, Goldust lands ten punches in the corner. Goldust kisses Vader and Vader clubs the life out of Goldust.


 Eye-rake from Goldust, the scoop slam does not work for Goldust. Vader boots Goldust and lands a massive suplex, big splash from Vader for two. Short-arm clothesline, Vader wants The Vader Bomb. Goldust lands a low blow as Luna distracts the referee. Vader splashes Goldust after Goldust misses with the sunset flip. Vader Bomb attempt two, Luna tries choking Vader but Vader carries Luna on his back and lands a Vader Bomb for the win.


Mercifully it was brief, Goldust may be beloved now but during his initial run in the Federation, I doubt I have ever seen a good Goldust match. Sliding up and down the card would be a good way to describe both men but the odd time like Canadian Stampede, Vader delivers the goods and this was a good night for Vader.


Winner: Vader over Goldust via Vader Bomb!


Battalion/Tarantula/El Torito vs Max-Mini/Nova/Mosaic


Could they not have put Sunny with a top heel faction at any point? I mean she’s so good on the mic, was she that much of a wreck at the time? They did try again though with LOD a few months after this. Tarantula lands a clothesline on Nova, arm-drag from Nova. Headscissors and dropkick from Nova, Max-Mini and Battallion are in. Arm-drag from Mini, make it two. Make it three, Torito throws around Mosaic. Flapjack from Torito, flapjack countered for an arm-drag, make it two. Tarantula clotheslines Mosaic, tag to Battallion. Nova hip-tosses Torito, arm-drag and make it double. Tarantula boots Mini, clothesline from Tarantula. Tarantula misses a corner splash, Mini lands a top rope hurricanrana. Back body-drop, Tarantula eats an arm-drag.


Torito boots Mini in the back of the head, Mini eats another boot from Battallion. Torito lands a fist to the head, Mini lands a big gut punch. Torito counters with a massive fist, Mini brawls back into a leg drop. Mini uses Sunny to kick and attack the heels. Battallion beats on Mosaic, arm-drag from Mosaic who lands a middle rope tope con hilo. Torito lands a plancha, corkscrew tornillo from Mini. Tarantula lands a suicide dive and Nova lands an Asai Moonsault. Torito misses an elbow drop after wiping out Mini, Mini lands a top rope diving hurricanrana and a great arm-drag into a cover for the win!


Harmless if not overstaying its welcome, lots of arm-drags that are impressive take nothing away from the performers but much like the audience in attendance, I am rather immune to what was going on inside of that ring.


Winners: Team Mini over Team Tarantula via Roll-up!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Ken Shamrock vs The Rock ©


The Rock is getting over ladies and gentlemen and he is your WWF Intercontinental Champion but The World’s Most Dangerous Man is running through everyone and is over like rover so what does the future hold for The Rock? Who knows but people want to see Shamrock snap him like a twig so you could not ask for more really.


Rocky sucks chant fill the arena, Rock stalls wanting no part of Shamrock. Shamrock throws a kick that sends a shiver up Rock’s spine who backs away at the speed of light. Lock-up, Rock misses the cheap shot. Rock goes low with a boot, right hands from the champion. Shamrock lands a massive kick to the chest, right hand sends Rock to the floor. Eye-rake and right hands from Rock, corner clothesline from Rock. Right hands in the corner, Shamrock explodes out with a clothesline. Make it two, Rock counters the hurricanrana and sends Shamrock into the top rope throat first. Stomps from Rock, Shamrock fights back but Rock cuts off Shamrock and lands massive rights and delivers a foot choke to Shamrock.


Shamrock fights but Rock goes to the eyes, Shamrock ducks a clothesline to land a flying crossbody for two. Fisherman suplex from Shamrock for two, Rock pops right back up and lands a clothesline. In the ring, Shamrock lands right hands before Rock nails his floatover DDT for a close two. Reverse chin-lock from Rock, Rock drills Shamrock again to land the chin-lock once more. Rock tries the DDT again but Shamrock lands a northern lights suplex throw with both men down in the middle of the ring. Right hands and powerslam from Shamrock, Shamrock is feeling it right now before Rock goes to the eyes. Hurricanrana from Sahmrock, Shamrock calls for the finish with The Nation running down to ring-side. Rock drills Shamrock with the brass knuckles while the referee was with D’Lo Brown. Smash to the face with the brass knuckles, 1….2… Shamrock kicks out! Belly to belly suplex from Shamrock for the win but Rock tells the referee that brass knuckles were used to secure the win. The referee reverses the decision after finding the brass knuckles, Shamrock snaps accordingly at this injustice.


A decent match between these two, the two would build up a tremendous amount of chemistry over the months with their numerous encounters but this first affair was a little rough around the edges. Was it right to put the championship on Shamrock at this time? Yeah Shamrock was white-hot but it’s understandable if they wanted to hold it off until Wrestlemania. Eye-pokes seem to be the weakness of Shamrock, it is all they go after when facing The World’s Most Dangerous Man. Different finish, works for me to extend the feud, looking forward to the Mania match that has to be on the horizon.


Winner: The Rock over Ken Shamrock via Reversed Decision!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The New Age Outlaws © vs LOD


The champions try jumping the challengers, it does not go well as Animal powerbombs Road Dogg to the floor, Hawk tosses Billy to the floor and the champions take a walk. Road Dogg and Hawk kick us off officially, Hawk nails a shoulder block. Road Dogg wants a tag but nobody is there, corner clothesline from Hawk. Following with a big boot and a fist drop, Hawk tags in Animal. Double elbow and a neck-lock from Animal, hangman’s neck-breaker from Hawk. Hawk smacks Billy off the apron, eye poke from Road Dogg and tag to Billy. Billy runs into a hip-toss and a Lou Thesz press from Hawk, hair-pull throw from Hawk. Tag to Animal, belly to back suplex from Animal. Billy dodges an elbow drop, Animal delivers a massive powerslam to both champions.


Animal is tripped up by Road Dogg, Billy sends Animal to the floor and Road Dogg hurls Animal into the steel steps. Road Dogg lands massive kicks to the spine, the spine of Animal is supposedly injured from a powerbomb through the announce table on Raw. Hawk clubs Billy in the ring, Road Dogg comes in for the double team. Hawk lands a clothesline on both champions, Hawk sends Road Dogg to the buckle and misses a corner spear. Hawk is handcuffed to the ring-post, Animal begins fighting back against two men. Animal flips out of the back suplex and lands a clothesline, flying shoulder tackle from Animal. Billy eye-pokes Animal and climbs to the top rope, Billy dives for a powerslam and Animal reverses into a powerslam. 1…2.. Road Dogg cracks Animal with a chair across the back, match ends in DQ as the champions batter the back of Animal.


Another case of LOD being protected when it comes to the finish of the match, LOD have been screwed at every opportunity when it comes to the championships, could they be setting up for something big at Wrestlemania? It was very possible but maybe politics/addictions caused those plans to go awry. LOD have been the most popular tag team in the WWF for the year that they have been there so their booking has always been a mystery for me but here we are once more with LOD looking like it’s time to put the championships on them only for those championships to be taken away, at some point it does get dull.


Winners: LOD over The New Age Outlaws via DQ!


The Royal Rumble Match


Thirty men fighting for the opportunity to be the number one contender for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania, it’s all rather simple: Thirty men with two participants kicking off the rumble, there is a new entrant every ninety seconds and superstars can only be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. Who are the favourites for the rumble? Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vader, Ken Shamrock, Owen Hart and The Rock have to be big picks to win the rumble.


Entrants 1 to 5


Number one is Cactus Jack, Cactus Jack brings down trash cans to the ring so I guess we are getting a little hardcore to kick this rumble off, number two is Chainsaw Charlie! The two tag team partners are going to go at it, Terry Funk and Mick Foley are going to batter one another like they have done so many times in Japan & ECW. Cactus starts the match by battering Charlie with the chair, Charlie smashes Cactus back with the chair. Charlie backs off, Charlie wants the chair-shot and takes the best shot of Cactus. Charlie is allowed to crack Cactus, both men are trying to prove who is the toughest. Charlie almost dumps out Cactus, number three is Tom Brandi. Brandi is battered by the tag team of Cactus and Charlie and Brandi is immediately eliminated!


Tom Brandi has been Eliminated by Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie!


Charlie tries a piledriver but Cactus blocks that action, Cactus suplexes Chainsaw onto two chairs. Number four is The Rock, Charlie and Cactus knock one another down before Rock comes in and starts hammering both men. Loud Rocky sucks chants, Rock forgets about Cactus and is drilled with the trash can. Cactus and Charlie take turns battering Rock who has a trash can on his head before Cactus cracks Rock with a chair. Charlie low-blows Cactus in the corner, number five is Headbanger Mosh who almost gets decked by a thrown chair from Charlie. Charlie misses a moonsault as the war rages on in the ring.


Entrants 6 to 10


Number six is Henry Godwinn, Godwinn goes after Mosh which is a nice bit of continuity. Charlie and Rock are brawling before Henry comes over, number seven is 8-Ball. The worst of 1997 is coming out here to annoy me, I just know it. Savio Vega has to be next for sure, Cactus Jack tries eliminating Chainsaw but Chainsaw ducks and Cactus goes sailing over the top rope.


Cactus Jack has been Eliminated by Chainsaw Charlie!


Rock almost dumps out Charlie but the veteran holds on, number eight is Blackjack Bradshaw. Lots of clubbing and brawling with all of these tag team members battering one another. The crowd seems to have dulled a little, Bradshaw continues battering 8-Ball. 8-Ball survives elimination as number nine comes down to the ring and it is Owen Hart who is attacked by Jeff Jarrett with Jim Cornette. Racket to the back of the neck, Owen Hart has been attacked brutally by Double J. Officials get Jarrett out of there, number ten is Steve Blackman. Blackman kicks and punches Chainsaw, Blackman almost dumps out Chainsaw.


Number 11 to 15


Number eleven is D’Lo Brown, D’Lo brawls with 8-Ball as Bradshaw batters Chainsaw Charlie. D’Lo and Rock brawl after some teamwork, the Nation is looking out for themselves on this night. Number twelve is Kurrgan, this should be a clearing of bodies or at least, I hope it is a clearing of bodies. Kurrgan dumps out Mosh confidently, Blackman is the next to try and face this giant.


Mosh has been Eliminated by Kurrgan!


Number thirteen is Marvelous Marc Mero who is overshadowed by Sable as always, Mero looks confident. Mero starts boxing Blackman, Sable chants all throughout the arena. Kurrgan shoves out Blackman with ease, Bradshaw starts teeing off on the monster.


Steve Blackman has been Eliminated by Kurrgan!


Number fourteen is Ken Shamrock, Kurrgan does not even move so Shamrock kicks and takes down Kurrgan. Everyone gangs up and dumps out Kurrgan, the monster has been thrown out but Shamrock took the monster down.


Kurrgan has been Eliminated by Everyone!


Shamrock and Mero are battling one another, Bradshaw boots D’Lo. Rock knocks down Chainsaw and delivers his elbow. Number fifteen is Headbanger Thrasher, Bradshaw clotheslines Thrasher. Shamrock chants are circling around the arena, Shamrock should be clearing the ring to be honest. Mero is standing in the middle of the ring before 8-Ball smacks Mero around.


Number 16 to 20


Sixteen is Mankind, Chainsaw has been eliminated by the alter ego of Mick Foley!


Chainsaw Charlie has been Eliminated by Mankind!


Shamrock has been pummelling Rock in the corner, Mero is talking to Sable instead of wrestling while number seventeen is The Artist formerly known as Goldust. Mankind and Goldust are brawling, Goldust dumps out Mankind in probably the most surprising elimination of the night.


Mankind has been Eliminated by Goldust!


Number eighteen is Jeff Jarrett who returned to the WWF at the end of 97, big right hands everywhere in the rumble before Owen Hart batters Jarrett. The Black Hart has sprinted to the ring and destroys Jarrett with right hands, spinning heel kick from Owen on Jarrett. Owen continues to tee off on Jarrett, Jarrett thinks he dumps out Owen but Owen skins the cat and hurls out Jarrett for a massive pop! Number nineteen is The Honky Tonk Man!


Jeff Jarrett has been eliminated by Owen Hart!


Ken Shamrock has been eliminated by The Rock!


Owen Hart has been eliminated by Hunter Hearst Helmsley!


In a massive flurry of events, The Rock low-blows Ken Shamrock and dumps out The World’s Most Dangerous Man while Triple H comes down to ringside on crutches with Chyna. Chyna distracts Owen and it leads to Triple H eliminating Owen with the crutch to the back of the head.


Number 20 to 25


Number twenty is Ahmed Johnson who does not look happy to be there at all, the reaction says it all from the fans with no reaction whatsoever. Number twenty-one is Mark Henry, smiling and ready to kick some ass. D’Lo and Rock have quite the back-up now, Ahmed is getting blasted by D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Everyone is pairing off not doing much, kind of crazy Honky Tonk is in there considering his 2001 appearance is so memorable while brief whereas here he is competing and staying in there with nobody caring. Number twenty-two does not come out, there is no music and nobody appearing on the ramp. The fans act confused, Ahmed Johnson is dumped out by The Nation. Phineas is dumped out by Mark Henry.


Ahmed Johnson has been eliminated by The Nation!


Phineas Godwinn has been eliminated by Mark Henry!


D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry are brawling, why? Ahmed and Phineas battle their way to the back, why? Very strange circumstances as number twenty-three is Kama Mustafa. Bradshaw is clubbing everyone in sight,  Kama is battering D’Lo with nobody reacting which means nobody cares haha. Number twenty-four is Stone Cold Steve Austin! Everyone wants to batter Austin, Austin comes through the crowd to jump everyone. Mero and 8-Ball are gone!


Marc Mero & 8-Ball have been eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin!


Austin’s red-hot running through everyone phase doesn’t come, I am bitterly disappointed as we see Henry Godwinn at number twenty-five. Henry goes for Austin, stomping and choking The Rattlesnake! Austin almost dumps out Henry,  Nation members are brawling with one another which is a shock to nobody considering they wasted that tease way back.


Entrants 26 to 30


Savio Vega is number twenty-six but all Boricuas come for Austin, Austin dumps them all out except Savio. Mark Henry goes after Austin, Thrasher gives Austin an assist. Bradshaw is still roughing up everyone in sight, nothing interesting is going on as per usual though. Number twenty-seven is here it’s Faarooq. The ring has 5 Nation members in there, will Faarooq bring everyone together, Faarooq goes after Rock and all members of The Nation. Rock and Austin are not eliminated, they go through the middle ropes. They brawl on the outside with Austin being smashed into the steel steps. Number twenty-eight is Dude Love, Foley just cannot stop making appearances in this rumble. Dude dances his way to the ring and bumps out Bradshaw!


Bradshaw has been eliminated by Dude Love!


Rock nails D’Lo with The People’s Elbow which leads to Austin punching the face of The Rock, Austin chokes Rock with the ropes. Leg across the back from Austin, Austin continues to choke Rock before an eye poke stops that attack. Savio attacks Austin and number twenty-nine is Chainz, this is such a lacklustre roster I swear. Number thirty is Vader! Could we have a clear-out? I sure hope so because I am not loving this match too much! Vader starts clobbering people, Honky Tonk is dumped out by The Man They Call Vader!


Honky Tonk Man has been Eliminated by Vader!


Austin back-drops two men over, Kama Mustafa and Thrasher.


Kama Mustafa & Thrasher have been eliminated by Steve Austin!


Savio Vega has been Eliminated by Steve Austin!


Vader has been eliminated by Goldust!


Henry Godwinn has been eliminated by Dude Love!


Goldust has been Eliminated by Chainz!


Chainz has been eliminated by Steve Austin!


Mark Henry has been eliminated by The Rock!


Faarooq, Rock, Austin and Dude Love remain. Everyone is thrown out in such quick succession, we barely have time to process or react because it just goes by in a flash. Dude Love applies the mandible to Austin but Austin nails the low blow and Faarooq dumps out Dude Love before Faarooq goes after Austin but Rock dumps out Faarooq. Austin almost tosses out Rock before Rock holds on, Rock runs into a Stunner and Austin tosses out The Intercontinental Champion for the win!


Definitely one of the weakest rumbles I have seen, I hold 95 and 96 up there as very weak rumbles but 1998 be damned, the roster is not in a good way with the amount of reactionless individuals making it into this rumble. The format of big moments being spaced out or dream confrontations seems to be a non-factor at this time. You couldn’t pick out 3 memorable moments in there to be honest, I think Shamrock should have had a bigger role as well as The Black Hart considering that reaction for Owen when Jarrett was dumped out of that rumble. Rocky was the right choice to be the marathon man, not many wrestlers in there could even generate a reaction from the fans so right final two but as I said, a weak rumble that seemed to just drag on for most of the time before abruptly ending. It was setup for Austin or Vader to clear house with all those lower-card talent in there at the end but nope, it simply never came together as I had envisioned or believed it should have went. However, maybe I am spoiled by the more choreographed rumbles but definitely not the crowning moment you would want for The Rattlesnake, I’d argue 1997 was much more fun!


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over Everyone Else!


(WWF Championship Casket Match) Shawn Michaels © vs The Undertaker


All beginning at Summerslam, these two have been on a collision path with Undertaker looking to destroy the arrogant Shawn Michaels! The two brawled at Ground Zero which setup the legendary Hell in a Cell match with the perfect ending to debut Kane. In a beautiful twist to this saga, D-Generation X wanted to make use of Kane but it appears that The Brothers of Destruction have been reunited. How could Shawn Michaels possibly survive Kane and Undertaker? A casket match, the speciality of The Deadman. It seems all the odds are stacked against the champion but HBK always has a trick or two up his sleeve so let’s see how this plays out.


Michaels uses his quickness before being caught, Michaels dodges again though and jabs at The Deadman. Taker shoves off HBK who comes back for more each time before getting caught again, Michaels goes to the knees and tees off again. Taker snatches Michaels out of thin-air but Michaels escapes once more, Taker back-drops Michaels onto the casket. A spot which would live on in infamy for how it would change wrestling in the WWF in the months to come. Taker military presses HBK and boots Michaels into the casket but Michaels scrambles out of the casket. Michaels avoids Taker again and again before eating a massive right hand, scoop slam from the challenger. Taker misses an elbow but sits-up, Michaels wants to work the arm but Taker is too big for that. Old School connects with Michaels looking like a beaten man already, Taker pummels HBK in the corner.


Michaels does his corner bump to the floor, hot-shot from HBK. HBK climbs high, diving crossbody is countered for a powerslam. Michaels is placed in the casket but Taker cannot close the lid, Michaels throws powder in the eyes of The Deadman. HBK goes to work with stinging jabs, Michaels rakes the eyes to avoid a chokeslam and lands a diving moonsault to wipe out Taker. Clothesline to the floor and Taker drags out Michaels who was skinning the cat. Taker is sent into the steel steps though by HBK, HBK piledrivers Taker on the steel steps. Hunter gets in a few crutch shots while Michaels recovers, Taker is battered with the crutch. Michaels grabs the chair, Taker is waffled in the spine. Michaels attempts to put Taker in the casket, Taker comes up though and smashes HBK back into the ring with Helmsley getting knocked down too.


Undertaker ducks his head off an Irish whip, big mistake as Michaels lands a neck-breaker! Sleeper from Michaels, brilliant strategy from the champion. Taker fights out but Michaels lands his flying forearm, Michaels is looking for his elbow drop. It lands right in the hot of Taker, Michaels calls for his finish. Sweet Chin Music almost decapitates The Deadman, Taker is rolled towards the casket. HBK tells Taker to suck it before Taker grabs Michaels by his balls, Taker is alive and kicking. Back body-drop for Michaels, whip to the buckle with Michaels bump and a clothesline. Big boot from Taker, Taker misses his flying clothesline. Michaels decides to nail an elbow drop into the casket, both men are in the casket so what happens now? Michaels is dragged into the casket with Taker, Taker pummels Michaels down. Chokeslam straight to Hell! Taker Tombstones Michaels into the casket, Chyna wipes out the referee while here comes The New Age Outlaws and The Boricuas to attack The Deadman. Fans scream for Kane, Kane’s music hits!


Ask and you shall receive boys and girls! From monster heel to gigantic babyface, panic is across the face of all involved as Kane steps into the ring. The Outlaws and Boricuas are decimated by The Big Red Machine, Taker is pulling himself to his feet. Kane decks his brother, battering The Phenom. Chokeslam into the casket and Michaels closes the casket, the champion retains before Kane brings the casket to the stage locking it on all sides and they light it on fire!


Michaels and Taker have fantastic chemistry, that’s no surprise as they always have had it and whether it was the brawl at Ground Zero, the iconic Hell in a Cell or even this match here gimmick of the casket and all, we get some awesome moments of wrestling between the two. Michaels was on top of his game and while I have not seen the Wrestlemania XIV match in quite some time, I think it is important to say that this might have been the last great match of Michael’s first run in the WWF and it’s such a shame his career was cut short by that bump on the casket because nobody was more on the ball/better than HBK in 1997 (Maybe Bret Hart but he’s not in the WWF anymore either). So, the match is entertaining as Michaels is so arrogant and you are just praying that Taker gets his hands on him and demolishes him which Taker does and then we have the heels putting the boots to Taker with Kane making the save, all good fun here and then, it all slows down with Kane’s attack on Taker, very poor in execution as Kane’s pyro fails him and I think this could have been a lot tighter and produced/co-ordinated more. Example: Taker and Kane synchronised Chokeslams before the pyro and Kane attacking his brother, something small like that which could have fed into the deceit or portrayed the angle better. Regardless, chickenshit Michaels survives again, building heat for his eventual demise and we get the lock of Taker vs Kane at Mania if Taker survives being murder which I have a sneaking suspicion that The Deadman will!


Winner: Shawn Michaels over Undertaker via Closing The Casket!


That was WWF’s Royal Rumble 1998, not the big kick-off to 1998 you would hope for. Usually I would be angered by a rumble not finishing the show, I think the drama and suspense and excitement that comes with a rumble is unrivalled when executed well but it was the right decision not to end the show with this rumble. However, let’s start at the beginning with Vader delivering one of his better performances in the WWF taking out the turncoat and very bizarre Goldust, went in thinking this would be a horrid affair and was pleasantly surprised. The mini-match was horrible, I thought it was a little fun the first time but as it has continued, I have grown progressively bored and angered by these matches, this match possibly being the last straw for me as it was utter garbage. LOD chasing the tag team titles is a story as old as time itself at this stage in the WWF, you never pulled the trigger at the right time and you make me watch DQs, count-outs and screwjobs galore and you know what? After the tenth time, it doesn’t even leave an implant on my mind it just rolls together like all the other times whether it be Godwinns, Bulldog and Owen or The New Age Outlaws, I just don’t think I can make myself care anymore, congratulations WWF I don’t care about LOD. Rocky vs Shamrock was decent, both men are over and the feud can continue so not the worst piece of business in history. The rumble is weak filled with wrestlers who just aren’t that interesting, imagine having Chainz in there as one of the last few wrestlers? Chainz! It was dull, no monster clearing house, no monster babyface tearing through everyone. Austin was not a house of fire who took out everyone, Shamrock, Owen and Vader were all dumped out before we had fun and even simple things like having The Nation gang up on everyone was screwed up as they battered one another within seconds of entering the ring. Imagine how much better had it been The Nation operating to take everyone out, Shamrock gaining revenge on Rocky for earlier, Austin actually dumping out lower-card talent in quick succession, Stunner after Stunner. It all seems so easy to book yet they messed it all up. Thankfully, Austin was so over that we can just forget that giant blur of nothing and enjoy Austin’s journey to the top. Meanwhile, the main event is Michaels vs Taker tearing it up and a dramatic ending that makes you want to watch RAW that next night. A weak card overall, not befitting of a Rumble but two important things do happen on this show and you can’t skip this one if you want to see Austin’s big win or the beginning of the end of Michaels’s career. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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