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WWF In Your House 19: D-Generation X Review!


Hello and welcome to another wrestling review from Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that won’t suspend talent for tasteless comments on air! It’s WWF In Your House 19: D-Generation X! The main event is Shawn Michaels defending his championship against Ken Shamrock, what a match that will be ladies and gentlemen while Stone Cold Steve Austin defends his WWF Intercontinental Championship against Rocky Maivia! We have the return of Jeff Jarrett and the crowning of the first-ever WWF Light Heavyweight Champion! Solid In Your House card that you do not want to miss to be honest, looking forward to quite a few matches on this card. Let’s get it on!


(WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Match) Taka Michinoku vs Brian Christopher

The winner of this match will be the first-ever WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, we have fan favourite Taka Michinoku who displayed great skill and agility in his previous PPV appearance at Canadian Stampede and hated heel Brian Christopher. Scoop slam to start us out from Christopher, lock-up and arm-wrench from Christopher. Taka flips out of an arm-hold before Christopher hip-tosses Taka, Christopher tries a German suplex but Taka lands on his feet and nails a spinning heel kick. Two dropkicks and a clothesline to the floor, springboard crossbody from Taka. Taka wants a suplex into the ring, Christopher suplexes Taka onto the top rope. Clothesline and Taka lands hard on the floor, Christopher climbs high but misses the axe handle to the floor. Christopher dodges the diving crossbody from Taka, slap from Christopher.


Christopher rubs his blood in the face of Taka, whip to the opposite buckle. Corner splash misses, big slap from Taka and a tornado DDT for two. Hurricanrana from Taka, springboard moonsault from Taka to the floor. Jerry Lawler checks on his son, fans chant Jerry’s Kid as Lawler helps Christopher. Snap-mare and two dropkicks from Taka, Christopher ducks twice and lands his full-nelson face-buster. Choke from Christopher, sit-out powerbomb for two. Taka counters the pin-fall for a close two, elbow to the head from Christopher. Christopher is on the middle rope, missile dropkick to the back of the head. Rocker Dropper from Christopher, back-breaker for two. Slaps from Christopher, Christopher takes a karate style pose. Eye-rake from Christopher, pump kicks from Christopher.


Irish whip and a clothesline from Christopher, Christopher covers for a close two. Fist drop to the head, make it two. Taka flips out of the belly to back suplex but Christopher counters and delivers a sickening German suplex. Leg drop from Christopher for two, powerslam and Christopher climbs high for his Diving Leg Drop but Taka dodges and drills Christopher with a beautiful Michinoku Driver for the win.


So many people would be unfamiliar with Brian Christopher’s Too Sexy run in the USWA but as shown here when Christopher was allowed to showcase his personality and work, Christopher could go inside of that ring. Taka has bursts of offense and the crowd reacts big to everything that Taka does inside of that ring, the precision of his dives and the beautiful Michinoku Driver dare I say more? Perhaps it would have been wiser to put the championship on Brian Christopher and have Taka win the championship at Mania? Perhaps wishful thinking on my part, an enjoyable match for sure definitely worthy of being an opening match.


Winner: Taka Michinoku over Brian Christopher via Michinoku Driver!


Los Boricuas vs DOA

Starting to think someone hates me because why in the name of God do I have to watch these brawl again? I am contemplating skipping this “match” but I cannot unfortunately, the Boricuas do not even have matching outfits anymore. Chainz and Miguel to kick us off, lock-up with Chainz being pushed back to the corner. Miguel tees-off before eating a boot and a hip-toss, big clothesline too. 8-Ball and Jesus square off, elbow and boot by Jesus. 8-Ball drives Jesus’ face into the mat, tag to Jose. 8-Ball powerslams Jose and Skull lands a knee drop for two, tag to 8-Ball. Double clothesline on Jose, right hands by 8-Ball. Spinning sidewalk slam by 8-Ball, two for 8-Ball. Tag to Skull who has his eyes raked, Jose eats a neck-breaker but Miguel boots Skull from the apron. DOA are with the referees, 8-Ball is battered by The Boricuas. Miguel lands a massive scoop slam before landing a diving top rope axe handle and Miguel goes down clutching his ankle, rolling out of the ring and there could be an injury on this show which sucks. Jose and Jesus cut off 8-Ball, chops from Jesus do not work as 8-Ball comes back with right hands before missing a corner splash. Jesus tags in Jose who applies a rest-hold to buy time.


 Irish whip and flying elbow by Jose, tag to Jesus who helps his partner with a hard fist to the face. Jesus misses a corner spear, Miguel has to be legit injured. Jose comes in with Chainz wiping out everyone, Death Valley Driver from Chainz but Miguel pops up and lands a senton leg drop and we have our winners!


Well that might be the best fake of all-time because I bought it and could totally see Vince Mcmahon not sending anyone out to help Puerto Rican talent. All jokes aside, the match was not terrible where in the past, a combination of these men has caused me great pain and annoyance because this feud seems like it will never end and none of the workers involved are over but I guess we are going to continue seeing these groups feud.


Winners: Los Boricuas over DOA via Senton Leg Drop!


(Tough Man Match) Marvelous Marc Mero vs Butterbean

Going back and discovering 1997 allows me to learn things I never knew like Butterbean made a WWF PPV appearance before Wrestlemania XV and he’s going to compete against Mero in a worked contest. Butterbean is a thumb in the form of a human. Mero obviously has a new attitude since returning and has become devoid of all personality since shedding The Wild Man gimmick. Mero jabs Butterbean over and over, Butterbean closes the gaps before Mero is in the ropes. Was this the template for Brawl for All? What is with the obsession with boxing, Butterbean wallops Mero who was in the ropes. Mero complains, Mero survives round one and thumps Butterbean in the back of the head.


Pull away and we get going for round two, Mero chokes Butterbean with glove tapes to gain control, Butterbean is on the defensive. Butterbean fights back, Mero is cornered before Mero grabs a hold of Butterbean. Eye rake with gloves by Mero, rights and lefts from Mero. Fans are not happy, this is not a surprise. Am I really going to say that DOA vs Boricuas was not the worst thing on this PPV? I think I am because this is a joke. Mero dropkicks Butterbean at the end of round two, next will be a chair-shot to the head. Butterbean asks Mero to knock him out, Mero can’t knock him down. After a lot of slugging, Butterbean waffles Mero but Mero survives because the round ended. Round four, Butterbean drills Mero but Mero nails a low blow and attacks Butterbean with a stool. Butterbean wins by DQ! Awful, you couldn’t even give us Butterbean knocking out Mero? What a waste!


Winner: Butterbean over Marc Mero via DQ!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The New Age Outlaws © vs The Legion of Doom

Sickening is all I have to say, I waited months for LOD to win those championships, nobody in that division is more over than these two individuals and you are telling me that they held those championships less than a month? Crazy but it is nice to see two individuals who were directionless and looked likely for release to find one another and make something very special and succeed. The Outlaws talk massive amounts of shit on the microphone before we get this match underway! Animal brings in Road Dogg, what are these early New Age Outlaws attires? Animal beats up Road Dogg with the tag team championship, clothesline from Animal. Tag to Hawk, right hands from Hawk. Dropkick from Hawk, Road Dogg powders before attacking Hawk who was re-entering the ring. Hawk shakes off the attacks of Road Dogg, neck-breaker from Hawk.


The Outlaws try leaving, Hawk dives off the apron onto both champions. Billy Gunn is clotheslined hard while Road Dogg eats a massive boot, noggin-knocker from Hawk. Road Dogg is bounced off the announce table as Animal is tagged in, massive boot and Irish whip from Animal. Leapfrogs and drop-downs before Animal powerbombs Road Dogg, Billy Gunn has to save Road Dogg. Hawk chops Road Dogg on the floor, the champions request a time-out. LOD give chase and we have a brawl in the aisleway, not sure who is legal at this stage but we got some serious brawling going on, Road Dogg smashes a cooler over the head of Hawk while Billy Gunn lands a killer low-blow. Billy tags in and lands a right to the ribs, Billy chokes Hawk. Boot from the apron by Road Dogg, measured right hand from Billy. Billy applies a reverse chin-lock, Animal starts LOD chants in the arena.


Hawk powers up, elbows from Hawk but Billy cuts off Hawk with a kick to the ribs. Knee drop from Billy for two, both men collide in the middle of the ring with thunderous clotheslines. Billy has the tights of Hawk, preventing the tag. Billy sends Hawk to the buckle and Hawk bounces off Billy with both men down. Tag to Animal, clotheslines all around, powerslam on Road Dogg. Flying shoulder block on Billy, same move for Road Dogg. Corner clotheslines on Road Dogg, Henry Godwinn cracks Animal with a bucket but Hawk takes out everyone with the bucket which leads to a DQ. The champions retain their championships by pure fluke!


As if I needed to see anymore of The Godwinns feuding with LOD, have we not crossed this bridge before? Still a lot of gas in the tanks of LOD, The Outlaws are finding their feet but they are heat magnets with the fans looking forward to watching them get battered. Certainly can live to fight another day but I did enjoy this match.


Winners: The New Age Outlaws over LOD via DQ!


(Boot Camp Match) Sgt. Slaughter vs Triple H

We start with a special video package putting over how badass Sgt. Slaughter was in his day, important because we are going to see Slaughter take on none other than Triple H. One of the members of D-Generation X who has continuously disrespected Sgt. Slaughter, the transformation of Triple H from Connecticut Blue-Blood to man constantly talking about his dick and telling people to suck it is quite the transformation. Can the old man still go? Can Slaughter hang with the athlete in his prime? Nine times out of ten this would not work in real-life but this is professional wrestling where anything is possible and Slaughter starts battering Helmsley immediately with massive rights and his stick.


Riding crop to be exact, Helmsley is whipped like a government mule with said crop. Low boot from Slaughter, gut-buster from Slaughter. Slaughter stomps on Triple H, Slaughter stomps on the fingers of Helmsley. Low elbow from Sarge, Helmsley is dumped to the floor. Slaughter drops Helmsley on the guard rail, Chyna looks on from ringside. Helmsley meets the steel steps hard, kick to the ribs from Slaughter. Sarge has his belt and Helmsley is beaten with the belt, belt to the throat takes down Helmsley. Sarge Chokes Helmsley with the belt, all Sarge so far with little happening on Helmsley’s part to change that. Whip to the buckle and a clothesline for two, Helmsley kicks away Sarge to stop the clutch.


Helmsley sends Sarge to the buckle and over the top rope, we are fighting in the crowd now with Helmsley landing a massive right hand to the face. Choke from Helmsley, the timekeeper is wiped out by Helmsley. Sarge low blows Helmsley to stop the ring-bell, Helmsley is undeterred and lands the bell to the back. Now, Helmsley whips Slaughter and chokes him too. The belt is around the neck of Slaughter and Helmsley tosses Sarge around the ring. Chyna’s necklace is now around Helmsley’s right hand, Sarge is tattooed in the head with the chain.


Middle rope knee drop from Helmsley for two, Helmsley measures for the biggest right hand of the match. Sarge blocks and starts throwing bombs, Helmsley is in trouble but Sarge may not have enough in the tank to finish this match. Helmsley elevates Sarge to the floor, big bump for Slaughter. Helmsley is on the top rope, Sarge blocks the dive with a boot. Suplex from Sarge, Chyna is looking concerned. Sarge is going to the top rope, Helmsley yanks Sarge off the top rope. Sleeper from Helmsley, Sarge survives and clamps on The Cobra Clutch. Chyna is in, she rakes the eyes of Sarge. There is no DQ, so what authority does the referee have over Chyna? None as Chyna drills the referee with a forearm, she takes a chair from ringside.


Chyna is in with the chair, Sarge is slow to his feet but Sarge blinds Chyna with powder. Chyna is down, Helmsley uses a boot to nail Sarge in the head. Sarge ducks the second attempt, Cobra Clutch from Sarge. Chyna is back in the ring,  Helmsley almost passes out but Chyna boots Sarge as hard as possible in the gonads. Helmsley recovers to Pedigree Sarge on a chair for the win.


Fair play to Sarge for taking those bumps at his age, that’s probably the one positive I can give this match. Heatless and dull at times, the fans don’t really seem to care about either performers which is disappointing considering looking at the trajectory of Helmsley, Helmsley’s momentum has been stalled in my eyes. That feud with Mankind was fantastic for Helmsley but things like this do no favours for Helmsley, the fans clearly were not into it and it was just a chore to get through to be honest.


Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley over Sgt. Slaughter via Pedigree!


The Undertaker vs Jeff Jarett

This kind of came from nowhere, Jeff Jarrett’s return to the WWF which resulted in a worked shoot where Jarrett destroyed his own chances of working soon to be top guy Stone Cold Steve Austin has somehow led to a match between Jarrett and The Undertaker because Jarrett believes himself to be a top guy. There’s no way Taker loses this so why would you debut a new star in this fashion on PPV? Also Jarrett did have some ridiculous looks before chopping off his golden locks but what in God’s name is that singlet that Jarrett is wearing?


Jarrett lands a right hand with Taker shaking it off, Jarrett lands a second right hand. Jarrett continues to tee off before Taker turns the tide and pummels Double J, headbutt from The Phenom. Clothesline and arm work from The Deadman, Jarrett is in deep trouble. Old School across the shoulder blades of Jarrett, corner choke from The Deadman. Whip to the buckle, Jarrett elbows away Taker but his axe handle does not work. Taker’s leg gets kicked twice before Jarrett dodges a boot and chop-blocks the leg of Taker. Jarrett goes after the leg with great precision, massive kicks to the thigh from Jarrett. Jarrett misses as Taker dodges, staggering rights from The Deadman. Back-breaker from Taker, leg drop for two.


Taker throws Jarrett to the buckle but the lights go out, here comes Kane. Kane is not going to leave his brother alone before they do battle, Paul Bearer is by the side of Kane. Taker watches on from the ring, will Taker do battle with his brother? Jarrett is in the corner, recovering before Jarrett directs Kane to attack Taker. However, Kane Chokeslams Jarrett to give Double J the victory over Taker, Kane and Taker meet eye to eye. Kane just slapped Taker, will Taker fight his own flesh and blood? Just like that, Kane leaves with his job accomplished. Jarrett attacks Taker after the bell, Figure Four is blocked as Taker grabs the throat of Jarrett and delivers a sickening Chokeslam.


More of an angle than a match which again makes me wonder why would they use Jarrett in this spot? Not the biggest fan of Jarrett by any means but I think if you are going to re-debut someone, don’t have them as a background character to the actual angle you are trying to sell, I would say Jarrett deserved better but Jarrett gets announced as the winner at the end of the day.


Winner: Jeff Jarrett over The Undertaker via DQ!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ©

The Rock holds the Intercontinental Champion as Stone Cold drives a pickup truck to ringside, this would be quite the match in a year’s time but for now, Rock has to try and hang with the very popular Austin, Austin stomps The Rock before The Nation start laying waste to Austin. Faarooq, D’Lo Brown and Kama Mustafa continue to batter The Rattlesnake, the referee has not rang the bell. D’Lo Brown is back-dropped onto the truck, Stone Cold Stunner on top of the truck. Rock starts hammering Austin with big right hands, Austin tees off with a massive Lou Thesz press, they trade pin-fall attempts before Rocky sends Austin to the floor. Faarooq and Kama batter Austin on the floor, D’Lo is down on top of the truck.


Austin ducks a chair-shot, Kama waffles Faarooq and Austin whips Faarooq hard into the truck. Rock stomps all over Austin, Austin eats an elbow to the face. Rock lands a massive shots to the nuts of Austin, Austin begins fighting back with big right hands before Rock lands a scoop slam. People’s Elbow, two for Rock. Reverse chin-lock from the challenger, Austin escapes and hits a shoulder block before Rock lands a knee to the ribs. Rock goes for the elbow once more, Austin dodges. Right hand from The Rattlesnake, stomps in the corner from Austin. Rock reverses the Irish whip, Austin ducks the clothesline and smashes Kama. Austin Stunners the referee by accident but Rock has the brass knuckles but Austin blocks the brass knuckles and lands The Stunner!


Another quick match and it is a good thing for someone recovering from a broken neck in retrospect, I was critical in the last PPV (Survivor Series) about Austin not giving us that quality match with Owen Hart but the more you look into it, the more of a risk it was to even have Stone Cold Steve Austin competing so soon after his neck injury. However, despite the brief time that this match took place for, it was clear to see that the crowd love Austin and they want as much of The Rattlesnake as possible and Austin continues to build momentum towards that WWF Championship!


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over The Rock via Stone Cold Stunner!



(WWF Championship Match) Ken Shamrock vs Shawn Michaels © W/ Chyna

The World’s Most Dangerous Man vs The Heartbreak Kid for the richest prize in the game. Shamrock has had a phenomenal few months since returning from his injuries, injuries would be his downfall in the WWF but at this time, Shamrock was a great choice as a challenger for the WWF Championship. And if you ever want someone in the ring to guide someone who is inexperienced, it would be Shawn Michaels in the year 1997 as The Heartbreak Kid is damn near untouchable during this year.


The bell rings with Shamrock stalking HBK, Michaels is hesitant to do anything with Shamrock. Eye rake and right hands rom HBK, Michaels ducks and ducks to start out with Shamrock landing a massive kick to the chest. HBK flops to the floor, HBK talks with Chyna & Helmsley before slowly re-entering the ring. Shamrock is rearing to go, Michaels is stalling. Michaels is covering up in the corner, Michaels takes the arm and hammers down on the arm but Shamrock grabs the throat and starts throwing rights and lefts. Massive biel from Shamrock, back body drop. Michaels bumps to the floor off an Irish whip, Helmsley tries to calm down the champion. Chyna distracts Shamrock but Shamrock sees HBK coming, HBK spits on Shamrock. HBK tees-off with right hands, Shamrock shoves down HBK.


HBK comes back for more, elbow and right hand from Shamrock. Eye-rake from HBK, snap suplex is blocked by Shamrock. Shamrock delivers a brutal suplex and a clothesline to the floor. Shamrock is irate, Shamrock smashes HBK into HHH. Eye-rake from HBK, right hands from Michaels. Sunset flip is blocked from Shamrock, two-handed throat toss from Shamrock. Irish whip to the buckle, kicks to the ribs from Shamrock. Michaels uses the referee to block the belly to belly, Shamrock is clotheslined to the floor as Michaels skins the cat. Helmsley lands massive rights to Shamrock, Michaels lands a diving crossbody to the floor. Shamrock recovers to take down HBK and HHH but Chyna shoves Shamrock into the ring-post. Helmsley stomps on Shamrock, Chyna slams Shamrock on the floor.


HBK works the spine with clubbing blows before a middle rope diving elbow drop. Foot to the face, dropkick from Michaels for two. Helmsley lands more rights to the face of Shamrock, HBK is sent to the buckle by Shamrock though. There is life in Shamrock, rights and lefts. Shamrock rolls through a middle rope crossbody for two, eye-rake from Michaels and a straight right takes down Shamrock. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock, Shamrock escapes and rolls into a cradle for two before Michaels lands the clothesline to maintain control. Sleeper from Michaels, Shamrock fades before popping up and sending Michaels into the turnbuckle. Shamrock rams Michaels again and again to free himself, elbows from Shamrock.


Irish whip and corner clothesline from Shamrock, make it two. Irish whip and back body-drop, flying elbow from Shamrock. Powerslam for two, hurricanrana from Shamrock and mounted rights and lefts from the challenger. Crucifix from Michaels but Shamrock counters with a pin-fall for two. Michaels wants the hurricanrana but Shamrock nails the sit-out powerbomb for two. Michaels has the referee, Helmsley batters Shamrock on the floor. Scoop slam from the champion, diving elbow drop to the heart of Shamrock. Sweet Chin Music time says HBK, Shamrock staggers to his feet. Belly to belly suplex, Ankle Lock and Helmsley & Chyna make the save. Owen Hart comes down to attack Michaels, the last remaining member of The Hart Foundation in the WWF is here. Owen batters the shite out of Michaels, Owen Hart escapes through the crowd.


In terms of a main event, Shamrock did not do half-bad. Michaels protected Shamrock well and Shamrock got some nice shots in there for sure. His inexperience shows through his selling and body language at the time which looks as if he is always thinking about how not to mess up what is coming next. In good news for Shamrock, he will be working with a man who arguably he had his best matches with next which is The Rock and that shall be a lot of fun to see those two build one another as the year progresses. The finish is disappointing considering everyone and their mother knows Helmsley and Chyna will cheat to help HBK win, Slaughter could have sent people out to get involved and finally, a main event of a PPV ending in a DQ does nobody any favours. We do have a vengeful Owen Hart gunning for Shawn Michaels due to what happened to Bret Hart which could make things interesting but this main event feels like an afterthought when all was said and done.


Winner: Ken Shamrock over Shawn Michaels via DQ!


That was WWF’s In Your House: D-Generation X which might be the worse PPV name of all-time and another disappointing entry from the WWF in the year of 1997. A poorly executed boxing match which hints at a possible rematch is not what I wanted to see when it came to Mero vs Butterbean, I wanted to see Butterbean kill Mero! The action never kicks into third gear on this one, you could easily call this an episode of Raw that you had to pay for because there’s nothing redeeming about this card. Taker vs Jarrett is an angle disguised as a match, Jarrett is the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter while we continue Kane vs Taker which I am excited for, don’t get me wrong but for a PPV the way that match was put together was just disappointing. Austin vs Rock really didn’t hit the spot either, I get that they are being careful with Austin and Austin is very over but that’s a big money match people paid to see and it’s not even close to a PPV quality match while the main event feels right at home for Raw. Not even Michael’s magnificent 1997 could turn me on that match, the instant DQ the second Shamrock snaps on the ankle lock sums up the night. Nothing special from the WWF here to end the year, In Your House PPVs are not must see events once more after the magical Hell in A Cell match.


As I have finished up 1997, I thought I would summarize my thoughts on the year. Dare I say underrated? It very well could be, I do believe Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had the best runs of their careers during this year, both had been staples of The New Generation Era and were the bright spots on cards filled with Mabel, Giant Gonzalez, Godwinns and Bodydonnas etc. However, they are fantastic characters on top of being fantastic wrestlers during 1997, Bret Hart’s slow snap from babyface to heel who feels wrong done by the company was tremendous to watch unfold. Bret’s descent into madness is just so much fun, the promos, the matches and of course, the double-turn at Mania were all so much fun to watch and Bret was a joy as always inside of that ring. As for Michaels, HBK achieved a level of heat that I didn’t think were possible for the boytoy by winning The European Championship in the UK against Bulldog, disrespecting Canada at every chance and running from every fight that came his way. Michaels put performances on that rivalled any of his babyface work from the prior year with the Hell in A Cell being the pick of the bunch but Cold Day in Hell, One Night Only and Survivor Series 97 all standout for HBK who sold and flew around that ring for the likes of Taker, Bulldog and Bret Hart. We also saw the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, being made in The Wrestlemania match with Bret not the KOTR tournament like WWE would want you to believe, Austin came into his own as the rebellious figure who spat in the face of authority and tradition, something resonated with the fans and Austin never looked back, Austin also managed to overcome a career-ending injury and become more popular while being in the sidelines, how many wrestlers can you say that about?


We also saw Undertaker be allowed to work with wrestlers who could go inside of the ring, reviving his rivalry with Mankind to deliver a solid WWF Championship match and Taker’s pursuit of HBK along with the angle involving Paul Bearer gave Taker his best year in the WWF to this point in my eyes. Speaking of Mankind and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, these two men made one another during this feud which kicked off at King of The Ring. We were able to have a fantastic Cage match as well as the unforgettable anywhere falls match on Raw that saw Cactus Jack make his way to the WWF. Ken Shamrock would prove to be quite the addition to the WWF roster along with the likes of Owen Hart, British Bulldog and The Rock all showing their worth to the roster by stepping up and delivering the matches that the company needed those wrestlers to have. Was it all good? No of course not, no year is perfect. The gang warfare angle has robbed The Nation of their bite and led to terrible matches between Boricuas and DOA, LOD could have been booked much stronger throughout the year, the likes of Headbangers, Godwinns, Blackjacks, Flash Funk, Leif Cassidy, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and many more were either lost in the shuffle, dead in the water or had no real place/gimmick going for them and the loss of Brian Pillman was quite the blow for the WWF.


However, I would still argue that this year had a lot of positives, Canadian Stampede being one of the best pay per views that the WWF had ever done to this point. The booking of The Hart Foundation as heels in America and babyfaces in Canada was an interesting dynamic for sure and so many wrestlers became larger than life personalities than you could not miss. Whether it was Austin, Michaels, Bret or Taker, I would say the WWF was building something special in 1997 and it is truly disappointing that we never had a trilogy for Bret vs Shawn and the fact that both men would be gone from the WWF in 3 months time! This has been my review of 1997 and D-Generation X, thanks for taking the time to read and remember: there’s always another night!




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