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WWF In Your House 3: Triple Header Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that wants a percentage of your Twitch channel! It’s WWF In Your House #3 with Double Jeopardy being the main theme of the night. The WWF Championship, The Intercontinental Championship and The Tag Team Championship all on the line in one match. Owen Hart and Yokozuna against Diesel & Shawn Michaels, the stakes could not be higher in the WWF. We also have Dean Douglas vs Razor Ramon, Sycho Sid vs Henry O Godwinn and much more!


Savio Vega vs Waylon Mercy

Well this is something new, we have Waylon Mercy aka Dan Spivey a character heavily inspired from Robert De Niro’s character in Cape Fear. Mercy wants to shake Savio’s hand, Savio dodges the attacks of Mercy. Right hands and a massive kick, chops too. Mercy misses a corner splash, Savio works the arm. Big arm-drag, make it two. Mercy comes back with a knee, Savio is tossed to the floor. Chops on the floor, scoop slam on the floor. Cravate hold from Mercy, massive stun-gun from Mercy for two. Measured left hands from Mercy, choke-hold from Mercy. Irish whip and sidewalk slam from Mercy for two, Savio dodges the elbow drop.



Savio comes back with right hand, Mercy applies the sleeper. Mercy is looking out into the crowd like a mad man, Savio escapes by running the head of Mercy into the buckle. Mercy slaps on the sleeper again, Savio counters with a belly to back suplex. Irish whip and a big boot, spinning kick from Savio for two. Mercy eats a massive bulldog for two, cradle from Savio for a close two. Irish whip, Mercy kicks Savio and delivers a clothesline. Brainbuster from Mercy for two, belly to back suplex for two. Scoop slam counter from Savio for a bridging German suplex for two, Spinning Heel Kick from Savio and this is over!



You talk about an upset for sure, all we hear from the commentary team was how undefeated and great Waylon Mercy was, Savio wipes out Mercy with a beautiful spinning kick. The reaction towards Savio is still not at the level the WWF had hoped for, things are improving though. Never been impressed with Spivey whether it was in AJPW or as part of The Skyscrapers, I never cared for Spivey. This match reinforces my view that Spivey just isn’t that good.


Winner: Savio Vega over Waylon Mercy via Spinning Heel Kick!


Sycho Sid W/ Ted Dibiase vs Henry O. Godwinn

Godwinn was rejected by The Million Dollar Coporation which led to Godwinn slopping Sid with his slop bucket. Godwinn also got Dibiase twice with his slop bucket, Sid powerbombed Godwinn on the floor. Good Sid shit right there, this should be a slaughter I assume.



Lock-up, Sid has Godwinn in the corner but Sid misses. Right hands from Godwinn, Sid is driven into the mat. Big right hands, Sid is knocked to the apron. Clothesline and Sid is on the floor, Godwinn suplexes Sid into the ring. Godwinn cannot slam Sid though, Sid knees Godwinn to the floor. Dibiase attacks Godwinn behind the referee’s back, Sid continues battering Godwinn. Apron diving axe handle to the back from Sid, clubbing blows from Sid. Sid batters and boots Godwinn around the ring, Dibiase is loving this at ringside. Sid is attacking Godwinn in the corner, more kicks from Sid. Camel Clutch from Sid, Godwinn tries firing up but Sid crushes Godwinn with axe handles.



More axe handles and a cross-face from Sid, another camel clutch from Sid. Sid sends Godwinn to the buckle, Sid misses a corner boot. Sid climbs to the middle rope but Godwinn stops it with a fist. Big boot on Sid and a Slop Drop but Dibiase pulls out Godwinn. Dibiase begs off from Godwinn, Sid takes control. Godwinn continues to batter Sid, Dibiase trips Godwinn from the apron. Leg drop from Sid, Powerbomb from Sid and this is over.



Did Godwinn get too much offence in this one? I thought so for sure, the possible pin-fall on Sid was a bit much. The action was ok, nothing special from either man. Dibiase has grown on me as a manager at ringside, almost as good as Dibiase was inside of the ring. Sid rightfully picks up the pin, things should improve for Sid, I can’t see Sid staying at this level of the card for long. And if it’s Sid powerbombing fools all day long, I can watch it easily.


Winner: Sycho Sid over Henry O. Godwinn via Powerbomb!


Bam Bam Bigelow vs The British Bulldog

Bulldog turned heel and cut his hair, Bulldog has replaced his tights too. This new attitude from Bulldog might be for the best as Bulldog has the WWF Championship in his sights with Lex Luger gone from the WWF to WCW. Bigelow continues his babyface push, mixing it up with the top heels in the company. Shoulder block from Bigelow, Bulldog is being outpowered for once. Bigelow misses a right hand, clothesline connects though as Bulldog powders to the floor. Bulldog is sent to the buckle, back body-drop from Bigelow. Bigelow misses the elbow drop, Bulldog is now in control. Snap-mare into a choke, Bigelow pulls off Bulldog but Bigelow misses a falling headbutt.



Bulldog plants Bigelow with a suplex but Bigelow is right back up. Clothesline from Bigelow, Bulldog dodges Bigelow who lands hard on the apron. Great low-bridge from Bulldog, Bulldog stomps Bigelow who is trying to get back into the ring. Bulldog wants an apron suplex, Bigelow lifts Bulldog onto the top rope. Diving Headbutt from Bigelow for a close two, Bulldog chop-blocks Bigelow hard to regain control. Repeated knees are driven into the leg of Bigelow, Bulldog drops a leg on Bigelow’s knee. Bulldog works the leg over and over, Bulldog applies the rest hold to wear down Bigelow.



Bigelow is fighting back, kicks and right hands. Bigelow lands an enzuigiri, Bulldog is up first though and cracks Bigelow again and again. Single leg Boston crab from Bulldog, Bigelow makes it to the ropes. A right hand knocks down Bulldog but Bulldog comes right back at Bigelow, Bigelow lands a headbutt before Bulldog lands a knee to the ribs to damage Bigelow. Reverse chin-lock from Bigelow, Bigelow backs Bulldog into the corner. Right hands in the corner, Bulldog tries a slam but Bigelow falls onto Bulldog for a close two. Irish whip by Bigelow, Bulldog wants the sunset flip but Bigelow drops his weight on Bulldog. Falling headbutt from Bigelow, Bigelow misses his Bam Bam Sault. Bulldog covers for a close two, Bulldog is climbing high.



Diving headbutt from Bulldog for two, Bigelow blocks the right hands and headbutts Bulldog into the corner. Irish whip that Bulldog reverses, Bigelow smashes his face into the buckle and Bulldog uses the momentum from the whip to pick up Bigelow for his Running Powerslam and Bulldog picks up the win in this match clean.



Right choice as Bulldog has a new edge and needs to be established as a credible threat especially with an encounter looming with the WWF Champion. As a match itself, Bulldog needs more experience working heel as this was a big test for him and I think a lot of the match was flat. Bigelow smashing his back off the apron looked nasty and then, Bulldog worked the leg so it made little sense to me why they would highlight the back with replays and Bigelow would writhe around in pain selling the back if it was not established as a target for Bulldog from that point on but Bulldog works the leg and tries to get something going but it’s just a match. Props for the Bam Bam Sault and Running Powerslam though, both looked impressive.


Winner: British Bulldog over Bam Bam Bigelow via Running Powerslam!


Dean Douglas vs Razor Ramon

Mr. Douglas had stints in the WWF and WCW but nothing came of it until Dean Douglas popped up in ECW as The Franchise Shane Douglas, the main man of The Extreme Promotion. Disappointingly, Douglas is here in a singlet and as a Teacher like many of the gimmicks of the time, his gimmick is a profession and the disconnect between ECW Shane and WWF Dean is night and day. Razor charges to the ring, right hands floor Douglas. Clothesline to the floor and Razor is all fired up.



Douglas re-enters the ring, side headlock from Razor. Douglas continues to counter the attempts of Razor before Razor lands a big right hand. Douglas asks for mercy, Douglas rakes the eyes of Razor but Razor hip-tosses Douglas to the floor. Lock-up, arm-wringer from Douglas. Razor reverses, key-lock from The Bad Guy. Hammerlock counters by both men, Douglas flips over and trips Razor. Douglas avoids two clotheslines before running into a fallaway slam, two for Razor. Douglas is on the apron, Razor yanks in Douglas by his arm. Razor slaps on an arm-bar and slaps the head of Douglas repeatedly, shoulder thrusts from Razor and a leg drop to the arm.



Razor whips Douglas to the buckle, Douglas fakes out Razor and lands a sunset flip but Razor counters with a right hand. They trade pin-fall attempts before a clothesline from Razor, Razor continues working the arm. Douglas manages to send Razor to the floor, slingshot axe handle from Douglas and Douglas rams Razor into the ring apron. Scoop slam on the floor for good measure, Douglas lands a running knee which leaves Ramon smashed into the steel steps. Douglas rams Razor into the ring-post, Douglas rolls into the ring and poses for the fans.



 Diving axe handle from Douglas, two for Douglas. Douglas throws forearms to the back, knee added in for good measure. Razor retaliates with a massive right, Razor lowers his head off the Irish whip and Douglas mat slams The Bad Guy. Snap-mare into a stretch, Ramon reverses the hold but Douglas makes it to the ropes. Irish whip to the buckle, make it double. Razor is down on the mat, springboard splash from Douglas for two. Camel clutch from Douglas, Ramon electric chair drops Douglas to escape the hold. Douglas covers for a close two, Ramon is firing up with a discuss right. Belly to belly from Ramon for two, corner clothesline from Razor.



Razor places Douglas on the turnbuckle, no back superplex as Douglas elbows away Razor. Diving crossbody from Douglas but Razor rolls through for two, Douglas pushes Razor into the referee. Douglas nails a forearm but Douglas gets caught, Razor’s Edge which flattens Douglas. 1-2-3 Kid rushes to the ring and counts the three, Razor is like what are you doing. They shove one another, Razor shoves Kid to the floor and Douglas scores the win with an O’Connor roll for the pin-fall.



So this did nothing for me. It’s extremely frustrating to see Razor go from working on top with Michaels to this, Razor’s heel work in that match was quality. So to have babyface Razor again with a heel who has not been established and who is smaller it really does nothing for me. Douglas is no Double J, Bob Backlund never gets involved and to top it off, what was that finish Why would Kid count the pin-fall? What authority would Kid have? Kid is no fool so what possessed him to do so? Douglas is a pure afterthought too, this is all about Kid vs Razor and it looks interesting for sure because Razor pulls Kid by the hair and slaps the shit out of Kid, coming off as a massive jerk which I am all for if I get a more heelish Bad Guy.


Winner: Dean Douglas over Razor Ramon via Handful of Tights!


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs Bret Hart

Lafitte stole the jacket of Bret, that’s the main thing going into this match. Are you telling me that Bret has no other jackets, we are going with that as Bret is not wearing a jacket in his pre-match interview. This match starts out with Bret flattening Lafitte with a suicide dive, right hands stagger Lafitte. Clubbing blows on the floor, Bret rips the jacket off of Lafitte. Lafitte is begging for mercy, Lafitte goes to the eyes. Bret eats kicks but counters the ram to the buckle, Bret lands right hands before Lafitte rakes the eyes once more. Clubbing blows from Lafitte, Bret is rocked in the corner. Hard Irish whip, Bret avoids the corner splash and arm-drags his opponent.



Knees into the arm before the application of the arm-bar, Lafitte misses a clothesline and Bret goes for the crucifix for two. Drop toehold and arm-bar from Bret, Lafitte shoves off Bret and lands a huge knee. Lafitte chokes the life out of Bret with his hands and ropes. Bret tees off though, big Irish whip but Bret lowers the head. Lafitte answers with a boot, Bret sends Lafitte to the buckle but Lafitte dodges which means Bret hits the buckle hard. Lafitte decides Bret should meet the buckle once more, Bret’s shoulder is in bits. Hard whip to the buckle, sternum-first goes The Hitman. Lafitte is back-dropped to the floor but Lafitte lands on his feet. Bret is pulled out and sent into the steel steps hard, Lafitte watches on as The Hitman struggles to his feet.



Apron diving axe handle from Lafitte, Bret fires back in the ring before a spinebuster plants Bret for two. Reverse chin-lock from Lafitte, Bret breaks the hold but Lafitte answers with a clothesline. Big leg drop for two, reverse chin-lock again to wear down The Hitman. Bret fights out, sunset flip for two. Clothesline from Lafitte, sidewalk slam from Lafitte. Lafitte is on the top rope, Diving Leg Drop for two. Lafitte calls for the finish, Cannonball misses for Lafitte. Lafitte runs into an inverted atomic drop, clothesline from Bret. Sharpshooter but Lafitte kicks Bret to the floor, Lafitte misses a tope con hilo landing on the floor hard. Bret hurls Lafitte into the steel steps, Lafitte is whipped into the buckle hard.



Irish whip into the gut punch, Russian leg-sweep for two. Small package for two, back-breaker from The Hitman. Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop is blocked with a boot from Lafitte, Bret gets caught for a rolling fireman’s carry. Two for Lafitte, Lafitte counters snake eyes and lands on top of Lafitte for a close two. Irish whip to the buckle, Lafitte boots down Bret for a close two. Bret lands a dropkick on Lafitte, running bulldog is countered as Lafitte shoves Bret into the buckle with Bret surviving as the foot was on the ropes. Bret ducks a clothesline and lands a forearm on Lafitte, Bret tries a crossbody but Lafitte dodges and Bret smashes into the ropes.



Lafitte is going to the top rope again, this could be the Cannonball. It’s a splash and it’s the same result as The Hitman dodges, both men collide off an Irish whip. On the ground, Bret tries to slap on The Sharpshooter, we have not seen this since Summerslam against Mr. Perfect I think and Lafitte taps out after being caught in The Sharpshooter.



This was solid, the feud is over something totally ridiculous but I did enjoy these two working inside of the ring. I do believe this really was a little filler for Bret’s year at this point but they do work hard. That tope con hilo to the floor was ridiculous from Lafitte but those whips to the buckle strernum-first were tremendous. I think this was much better than Bret vs Yankem but I need something great from Bret again, it’s been a while since I have seen Bret lock it up with someone who is over.


Winner: Bret Hart over Jean-Pierre Lafitte via Sharpshooter!


(Triple Jeopardy Championship Match) Diesel © & Shawn Michaels © vs British Bulldog & Yokozuna © W/ Jim Cornette

No Owen Hart, Owen Hart is not here. Owen Hart is replaced by The British Bulldog, all the championships are up for grabs here with the tag team championships changing hands if Diesel and Shawn Michaels are victorious while if Shawn Michaels is pinned, he will lose his Intercontinental Championships and the same would go for Diesel if Big Daddy Cool is pinned inside that ring. This would be the second time that Diesel is involved as a tag match as the main event for a pay per view.



Bulldog and Michaels to start, they lock-up. Side headlock from Bulldog, both men trade counters as Michaels tries an O’Connor roll. Michaels slides through the legs, both men flip escape from attacks before a back drop from Michaels and Michaels skins the cat. Yokozuna is battered by HBK too as Diesel clotheslines Yokozuna to the floor, the tag champions regroup on the floor. Yokozuna and Michaels reset the match, Michaels eats a big elbow from Yokozuna to cut off the quicker HBK. Scoop slam from Yokozuna, Yokozuna misses the elbow drop and HBK tags in Diesel. Right hands, Diesel eats a massive clothesline from Yokozuna. Another whip, Diesel ducks the clothesline and lands a flying shoulder tackle.



Another tackle has Yokozuna on the floor, Bulldog lands a cheap shot as Fuji distracts HBK. Forearm shots from Bulldog, headbutt for good measure. Stalling suplex from Bulldog for two, Bulldog lands shoulders in the corner. Snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock, Diesel breaks free countering the running powerslam with a shove. Knees in the corner and a corner clothesline, make it two. Tag to HBK, scoop slam and Rocket Launcher for two. Irish whip, Bulldog reverses and military presses Michaels onto the top rope. Tag to Yokozuna who elbows Michaels to the floor, Yokozuna chokes Michaels with his boot in the ring. Michaels is whipped to the opposite buckle hard, Yokozuna stomps on the Heartbreak Kid.



Bulldog lands a few forearms on the floor before slamming HBK, Michaels survives but Bulldog is there with a headbutt to greet HBK. Irish whip and a back body-drop from Bulldog for two, Michaels manages a sunset flip and a crossbody for two before Bulldog clotheslines the head off Michaels. Yokozuna is in, hammering Michaels with right hands. Yokozuna clamps on a shoulder claw on Michaels, Michaels is showing that fire again but Yokozuna rakes the eyes. Throat thrust and Yokozuna wants a Banzai Drop, Michaels dodges at the last moment. Tag to Diesel, back body-drop and snake eyes to Bulldog. Knee across the back too, sidewalk slam from Diesel.



Yokozuna and Diesel are brawling, Bulldog and Yokozuna are whipped into one another twice. The tag champions are down, Diesel lands a big boot on Bulldog. Michaels nails Cornette but Yokozuna flattens Diesel with a Samoan Drop. Sweet Chin Music by Michaels on Yokozuna, Bulldog picks up Diesel for The Running Powerslam. 1….2….. Michaels comes off the top rope and lands his elbow to the back of Bulldog. Wait, here comes Owen Hart and Diesel catches Owen Hart with a punch to the gut and lands his Jacknife Powerbomb for the win.



So Owen Hart comes in despite not being in the match anymore and loses the match for his team? That’s not legal but then again, counting everyone out at once in a Survivor Series match is still the worst finish of the New Generation. This match is a breeze thanks to HBK who outshines everyone in the ring with him, Michaels is lightening quick in this and has the crowd fired up for his spots and when it’s time to sell, Michaels puts over the power of Bulldog and Yokozuna. This also may be the pay-off to Owen Hart & Yokozuna championship win at Wrestlemania which means that championship run has manifested into two other singles’ stars winning the tag team championships which tells you all you need to know about the tag team division in 1995. Using the championships to further a wedge between two people is not my ideal way of building a program, I feel like there’s easier ways to tell the story without discrediting your Tag Team Division.


Winners: Two Bad Dudes With Attitudes over British Bulldog & Yokozuna via Jacknife Powebomb!


That was WWF’s In Your House 3, the weakest of these pay per views for me so far. The previous two were quick and had more positives than negatives but this In Your House, I am not sure. Savio Vega vs Waylon Mercy was very run of the mill, Mercy looks awful and has never impressed me in the ring. Savio is not over enough with the fans to carry this and we have the weakest opening match when comparing this to Kid vs Roadie and Bret vs Hakushi. Things do not get better with Sid vs Henry O Godwinn, I wouldn’t call either man known for amazing matches but Godwinn gets a visual pin-fall on Sid in this match, Dibiase has to save Sid, it’s mind-blowing to me. Bigelow vs Bulldog puts over the right man, considering what’s coming next but Bulldog has to grown into the role and Bigelow is hard to fit in as the sympathetic babyface considering his size.


Dean Douglas vs Razor Ramon is all Ramon vs The Kid for me, Douglas is an afterthought, the gimmick is horrid and I don’t know if Douglas was ever that appealing to me inside of the ring. Douglas definitely did not do it for me in this match, it’s a shame because I enjoyed Razor’s work on top against HBK but then again, I was watching HBK work with Razor and not Dean Douglas. Bret vs Pierre is typical Bret, busting his ass getting me to care despite the dumb storyline and it’s a decent match with Bret building more momentum towards whatever is next for The Hitman. The main event looks to be the standout match on the card as it should be and Shawn Michaels looks to make it exciting and filled with drama. It’s a decent tag team match for sure but the finish is ludicrous. How a man who was not in the match could lose it for his team is a ridiculous decision and Owen Hart deserves so much better considering the high-level of work and time that’s gone into Owen in the year 1994. So I wouldn’t recommend this PPV unless you want to see everything like myself, 1995 continues to be a fascinating year in how messed up and confusing things can get. The ball has been dropped with Sid, Razor Ramon and Owen Hart, all three men should be in important feuds and near the top of the card, I do miss Double J also who was entertaining as Intercontinental Champion. Taker needs something for the fans to get behind too because these matches with the likes of IRS, Bundy and Kama have been quite the chore to get through. Things are bad and could be tweaked to make things more interesting but 1995 is nearly over, I hope things end on a high but I think I will be wrong. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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