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WWF Survivor Series 1995 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that appears more infrequently than Mojo Rawley! It’s WWF Survivor Series 1995, WWF has been quite the interesting company to look at during the year of 1995. I have lambasted most of the big PPVs which featured some of the most awful content that I have had to ever stomach while praising some of the shorter In Your House PPVs but I have turned sour on those now too. Could Bret Hart be back on track? The Hitman will be challenging for The WWF Championship after their brawl at In Your House 4. Diesel has been leaning towards the heel side of things which is perfect for the big man who’s best work against Bret came when Big Daddy Cool was a heel. We also have Goldust vs Bam Bam Bigelow which I hope is a lot shorter than Goldust vs Jannetty which sucked the life out of me. We also have the Wild Card matches where heels and babyfaces could team up with one another in Survivor Series action. Can WWF end 1995 with a good PPV from one of the big five? Let’s find out!


The Underdogs (Hakushi/Bob Holly/Marty Jannetty/Barry Hororwitz) vs The Bodydonnas (Skip/Rad Radford/Dr. Tom Prichard/The 1-2-3 Kid) W/ Sunny & The Million Dollar Man

This is a little too on the nose right? Look at that Underdog team but the story here is The 1-2-3 Kid has been bought out by Ted Dibiase. Razor Ramon is out here already, wanting to murder The Kid. The Kid wants a piece of Razor, Razor is so close to getting his hands on Kid. Mr. Perfect is also here on commentary, that’s a nice change of pace but Vince Mcmahon is still on commentary who bellows and shouts over everyone else.



Prichard will start with Jannetty, Prichard backs Jannetty to the heels corner. Jannetty clotheslines and strikes everyone as Prichard nails Kid by mistake. Back body-drop and right hands from Jannetty, Prichard tags in Radford. Jannetty takes the arm, in comes Holly. Holly and Radford will reset us here, side headlock from Holly. Shoulder block and hurricanrana from Holly, right hands before Radford grabs the head. Shoulder block, Radford tries a hurricanrana but Holly lands a powerbomb. Scoop slam and arm-drag from Holly, leg drop onto the arm from Holly.



Tag to Hakushi, Hakushi wrenches the arm. Throat thrusts from Hakushi, spinebuster from Radford. Tag to Kid, Kid lands a top rope frog splash for two. Kicks in the corner from Kid, tag to Skip. Skip places Hakushi on the top rope. Super back suplex is countered as Hakushi lands a crossbody, tag to Holly. Holly and Skip leapfrog one another before Holly lands a back-drop, two clotheslines from Holly. Skip grabs the hair and tags Prichard, Dr. Bomb for two. Scoop slam from Prichard, Prichard misses the moonsault. Holly goes to the top rope, Diving Crossbody and Prichard is gone. Skip pulls down Holly by the tights and scores the elimination.


Bob Holly & Tom Prichard Have Been Eliminated!


Hakushi and Skip are in the ring, Hakushi misses his springboard splash. Skip slaps Hakushi hard twice, top rope Frankesteiner from Skip who landed on his head and knocked himself out. Hakushi crawls for the tag, Kid is in and stomps Hakushi down. Throat thrusts and spinning sole butt from Hakushi, handspring elbow and tiger chop from Hakushi. Diving shoulder block from Hakushi for two, scoop slam from Hakushi. Springboard headbutt misses for Hakushi, Radford is in and Kid illegally smacks Hakushi in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick. Radford grabs the tights and Hakushi has been eliminated!


Hakushi has been Eliminated by Rad Radford!


Horowitz is in the ring, Radford pounds on Horowitz before Kid kicks the face of Horowitz. Boot by Horowitz who kicks and elbows Kid, Kid kicks his way back into the match. Tag to Radford, Radford stomps Horowitz and lands a gut-wrench suplex for a close two. Jaw-breaker from Horowitz, Horowitz ducks his head on an Irish whip and eats a boot and a clothesline for two. Headbutt to the groin from Radford, snap-mare and neck-breaker from Radford. Northern lights suplex for two, Radford mocks Horowitz, Horowitz cradles Radford for being a twat and eliminates Radford.


Rad Radford has been Eliminated by Barry Horowitz!


Horowitz finally gets his hand on Skip, right hands and right hands. Big back body-drop from Horowitz. Another whip with Kid blind-tagging in, kick to the back of the head and a leg drop from Kid for the elimination.


Barry Horowitz has been Eliminated by The 1-2-3 Kid!


Jannetty is all alone, Jannetty dodges a corner splash from Skip. Skip counters with a knee, Jannetty tries leap-frogging Skip but Skip wants snake eyes, Jannetty dodges but Skip wants the powerbomb. Victory roll for two, Rocker-Dropper on Skip. Jannetty is crotched as Sunny shakes the ropes, Jannetty recovers to deliver a top rope powerbomb to Skip for the elimination.


Skip has been Eliminated by Marty Jannetty!


Jannetty gets up and immediately, Kid attacks with a clothesline followed by a spinning heel kick. Kid goes high, Diving Top Rope Leg Drop and Jannetty manages to kick out. Whip to the buckle, corner dropkick from Kid. Jannetty fights back on his knees, Kid lands a scoop slam. Somersault leg drop misses for Kid, Jannetty is hurting too though. Jannetty scores with right hands, Kid is begging off but there is nowhere Kid can go. Dropkick from Jannetty for two, right hands from Jannetty. Sid is here! Flying reverse elbow from Jannetty, Kid is slammed into the mat head-first. Rocker-Dropper in the middle of the ring, Kid places a foot on the ropes. Kid won’t let go of the ropes, Sid hurls Jannetty into the ropes by the throat and Kid covers for the win.



Remarkably, I didn’t totally hate this match. I am shocked by that as you but I really cannot say I hated this match. The “depth” of the roster is really shown here with jobbers all around, strange they would not have Horowitz as the last man on his team considering the amount of fans screaming his name during this match. Hakushi looked amazing the brief time he was in there, super talented and will do great things back in Japan. Right call for Kid to cheat his way through the eliminations and need help from Sid to win the match. Hopefully, they pay this off in a big way considering how much time has gone into The Kid now.


Winner: The Kid over Marty Jannetty via Hot-Shot!


Team Blayze (Alundra Blayze/Kyoko Inoue/Sakie Hasegawa/Chaparita Asari) vs Team Faye (Bertha Faye/Aja Kong/Tomoko Watanabe/Lioness Asuka) W/ Harvey Wippleman

Blayze and Faye’s feud continues with a bunch of Joshi pro wrestlers coming in here to round out the match. Aja Kong, Kyoko Inoue and Lioness Asuka are familiar to me because of their work. Beyond that, I am sorry I am not as familiar with everyone else.



Asari and Asuka kick us off, massive spinning heel kick and giant’s swing from Asuka. Asari escapes a scoop slam and tags in Blayze, scoop slam from Blayze and tag to Asari. Corkscrew splash from Asari, tag to Blayze. Blayze gets caught with a chop, Blayze ducks a chop and lands The German Suplex for the elimination.


Lioness Asuka has been eliminated by Alundra Blayze!


Watanabe comes in but Blayze dodges the moonsault, diving crossbody to the floor. Sakie comes in and lands multiple double-arm suplexes before whipping Watanabe who squishes Sakai with a senton followed by a diving top rope senton for a close two. Watanabe tags in Kong, massive chop from Kong. Sakie lands a spinning sole butt and two uranages for two, Sakie goes high. Kong blocks the crossbody with a kick, massive back-drop driver for the elimination.


Sakie Hasegawa has been Eliminated by Aja Kong!


In comes Asari who tries a crossbody and Kong bounces her back, massive scoop slam from Kong. Middle rope splash from Kong for her second elimination.


Chaparita Asari has been Eliminated by Aja Kong!


Blayze and Kong trade kicks before Blayze lands an enzuigiri, tag to Kyoko Inoue. Two clotheslines from Kyoko and Kyoko tries a sunset flip which does not work as Kong sits down on Kyoko and that’s Kyoko gone from this match.


Kyoko Inoue has been Eliminated by Aja Kong!


Multiple snap-mares from Blayze on Watanabe, snap suplex for two. Piledriver from Blayze and Watanabe has been eliminated!


Tomoko Watanabe has been Eliminated by Alundra Blayze!


In comes Bertha, whip to the buckle and a corner splash. Snap-mare, Irish whip and chop-block. More kicks to the leg, Blayze misses a kick but Bertha and Kong bang heads which leads to a German Suplex and elimination for Bertha.


Bertha Faye has been Eliminated by Alundra Blayze!


Blayze is whipped to the buckle, superplex from Kong. Kong tries for the backfist but Blayze dodges, no German suplex though as Kong sends Blayze to the buckle. Hurricanrana from Blayze for two, massive missile dropkick from Blayze. Standing moonsault from Blayze for two, Kong throws Blayze off the middle rope as Blayze was thinking moonsault. Kong is on the top rope, Blayze lands a kick but Blayze is shoved off, no superplex. Vader Hammer from Kong, make it two. Spinning Back-Fist and this match is over!



I mean it was as good as we were going to get with the WWF, the talent took the most of the occasion with Asari busting out one of the most insane corkscrew attacks I have ever seen. Kong is put over like a beast and that could lead to a potential match but I am not sure considering what we know about where Blayze goes next.


Winner: Aja Kong over Alundra Blayze via Spinning Back-Fist!


Bam Bam Bigelow vs Goldust

The Bizarre One takes on WWF main-stay Bam Bam Bigelow, The Beast From The East takes on the newest addition to the WWF Roster with a gimmick that is truly wild. The mannerisms are starting to come together now as Bigelow looks on very confused at Goldust.



Lock-up is stopped as Goldust hammers Bigelow, throw thrust from The Bizarre One. Bigelow is choked using the top rope, Bigelow reverses an Irish whip but Goldust hangs onto the ropes and decides to take a breather. Lock-up, hammerlock from Goldust. Slap from Goldust and Bigelow retaliates with a right hand, Goldust dodges an oncoming Bigelow but Bigelow lands a dropkick. Bigelow jaw-jacks with the referee, Goldust pulls Bigelow to the floor. Goldust tries a clothesline but nails the ring-post, Bigelow is stomped on as he re-enters the ring. Clothesline to the floor, choke in the corner from Goldust. Bigelow tries to fight back but Goldust scores with a massive knee for two. Front chancery from Goldust, Goldust rakes at the face of Bigelow.



Bigelow is thrown to the floor once more, Bigelow meets the steel steps hard. Bigelow is back in the ring, Goldust kicks Bigelow over and over. Bigelow grabs the boot of Goldust, belly to back suplex from Bigelow. Bigelow misses a falling headbutt, Goldust stretches Bigelow and rakes at the face. Goldust applies a camel clutch with Bigelow countering with the electric chair drop. Goldust whips Bigelow, flying clothesline from Goldust. Knee drop to the head for two, reverse chin-lock from Goldust. Bigelow counters with belly to back suplex again, clotheslines all around from Bigelow for two. Corner whip from Bigelow, Bigelow misses the corner splash as Goldust scores with the running bulldog for the win.



While The Goldust character and gimmick is certainly an interesting one in 1995, the in-ring work is not drawing me in just yet. Bigelow gets hardly any offense in during the match which means it relies on Goldust to really help sell this match to me and it is just not clicking with me. Hoping thins change as the year progresses.


Winner: Goldust over Bam Bam Bigelow via Running Bulldog!


The Royals (Jerry The King Lawler/Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Isaac Yankem/King Mabel W/ Sir Mo vs The Darksiders (The Undertaker/Henry O. Godwinn/Fatu/Savio Vega W/ Paul Bearer

Well this might be the most random match on the night, did Jerry Lawler target one of the men in this match? I guess it is built around Undertaker looking to murder Mabel, perhaps a waste of Hunter considering how much momentum The Connecticut Blue Blood was building up. Mabel had crushed the face of Undertaker with a splash which leads us to the Phantom of The Opera Undertaker.



Fatu and Helmsley to start off, Fatu hammers Helmsley with right hands. Back body-drop, clothesline but Helmsley almost lands the pedigree but locks eye with Taker. In comes Godwinn, Helmsley tags Lawler who tags in Yankem. Helmsley distracts Godwinn, Yankem goes to work with clotheslines. Irish whip and hip-toss by Godwinn, scoop slam and elbow drop by Godwinn. Godwinn slaps on a headlock, Yankem sends Godwinn to the buckle and lands a belly to back suplex. Helmsley comes in and lands uppercuts on Godwinn, Godwinn is choked on the middle rope. Foot choke by Helmsley, high knee from Helmsley for two.



Uppercut again rocks Godwinn, Godwinn sends Helmsley to the ropes. Military press slam from Godwinn, Helmsley tags in Lawler. Savio wants Lawler, hip-toss from Savio. Eye rake from Lawler, Savio whips Lawler but Savio lowers his head and is kicked in the face. Savio dropkicks Lawler and Fatu comes in, headbutt from Fatu. Lawler is bounced off the buckle ten times, headbutt from Fatu. Yankem knees Fatu from the apron, Lawler floors Fatu with a right hand. Yankem lands a big leg drop, tag to King Mabel. Mabel misses a corner splash, tag to Savio. Rights and chops, big spinning kick. Savio runs right into a sidewalk slam.



The heels stomp Savio before Mabel lands a northern lights suplex, Mabel tags in Yankem. Double headbutt rocks Savio’s world, Lawler and Helmsley batter Savio behind the referee’s back. Dropkick from Yankem, tag to Helmsley. More cheating from the heels who batter Savio, crowd seems largely indifferent to all of this. Knee drop from Helmsley for two, Helmsley stomps and punches Savio in the corner. Irish whip with Mabel landing an apron clothesline, in comes Jerry Lawler. Burger King chants ring throughout the arena, piledriver connects for Lawler. Lawler is very proud,1….2.. Savio manages to kick out! In comes Yankem, Savio chops back at the monster. Yankem drags Savio to the corner, Helmsley tags into the match.



Eye poke from Helmsley, Irish whip but Savio counters the clothesline for a massive uranage. Tag to Lawler, Lawler wants the piledriver and it connects again but Savio no-sells and tags Undertaker. Nobody wants a piece of Taker, two-handed throat toss from Taker. Lawler has been abandoned by his team, Tombstone Piledriver and Lawler is eliminated[SOC1] . Yankem comes in and eats a flying clothesline and a Tombstone for the elimination.


Jerry Lawler has been Eliminated by The Undertaker!


Isaac Yankem has been Eliminated by The Undertaker!


Helmsley tries running away from The Undertaker, there is nowhere to go though as Undertaker Chokeslams Helmsley all the way to hell for the elimination.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley has been Eliminated by The Undertaker!


Mabel lands a belly to belly suplex on Taker, massive leg drop but Taker sits-up which leads to Mabel leaving the ring and Undertaker Chokeslamming Mo while Mabel gets counted-out!



So pretty boring Survivor Series Elimination match with the match being a whole lot of nothing until we have The Deadman come into the ring and eliminate everyone inside of 5 minutes. The finish allows us to build toward Undertaker vs Mabel but can I just see Taker work with someone who can actually work inside of the ring?


Winners: The Darksiders over The Royals via Count-out!


Owen Hart/Yokozuna/Dean Douglas /Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels/Ahmed Johnson/Sycho Sid/British Bulldog

So what makes this match interesting? We have heels and babyfaces combining, we have Razor Ramon teaming with the likes of Owen Hart & Yokozuna against The British Bulldog and the likes of HBK and Ahmed Johnson. This could be a whole load of bullshit or a whole load of fun depending on how things play out with the booking.



Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels to kick us off, side headlock from HBK. Shoulder block, drop-down and hip-toss from Owen. Counters from both, Michaels skins the cat after head-scissoring Owen to the floor. Cornette is kicked in the ribs and waffled with his racket. Irish whip reverse by Owen, belly to belly suplex from The Rocket. Tag to Douglas, right hands from Douglas. Delayed vertical suplex and stomp from Douglas, stinging left jabs from Douglas. Michaels sends Douglas to both buckles off an Irish whip, flying forearm from HBK. Michaels goes high, diving axe handle from Michaels for two. Irish whip to the buckle, Douglas counters with a knee. Scoop slam from Douglas, Douglas tries a splash but Michaels dodges. Moonsault from HBK for two, Michaels tags in Ahmed.



Ahmed lands scissors kicks before wanting to slam Yokozuna, the heels batter Ahmed. Headbutt from Yokozuna, Yokozuna rakes the back. Tag to Douglas, rest-hold from Douglas. Owen swaps in behind the referee’s back, Owen has the referee as Ahmed gets roughed up by the heels. Tag to Douglas, double clothesline with Owen for two. Ahmed reverses an Irish whip and powerslams Douglas, tag to Michaels. Ahmed presses Michaels onto Douglas for two, Douglas powders to avoid Sweet Chin Music. Douglas almost rolls up Michaels, Douglas is shoved off and Ramon decks his partner, Michaels scores the elimination with a roll-up!


Dean Douglas has been Eliminated by Shawn Michaels!


In comes Owen and in comes Bulldog, the brothers-in-law stare one another down. They shove one another, Bulldog asks for a handshake before they batter one another. Bulldog leap-frogs Owen and lands a monkey flip, Owen drop-downs and lands his spinning heel kick. Two for Owen, Bulldog tags in Michaels. Now we have Michaels vs Razor, fans want to see these two go at it inside of the ring. Lock-up, shoulder block from Razor before Razor is side-stepped by Michaels. Big clothesline from Razor, Michaels lands an elbow to knock Razor.



Irish whip but the clothesline is ducked, Michaels lands a forearm and kips-up, Razor catches Michaels ducking his head. Razor’s Edge connects in the middle of the ring, Ahmed makes the save with a forearm. Razor sells being knocked hard by the forearm of Ahmed, Razor and Michaels bang heads after some drop-downs. Michaels tags in Sid, massive axe handles from Sid. Right hands to the ribs from Sid, choke in the corner from Sid. Massive hip-toss from Sid, Sid measures for a boot to the face. Yokozuna has enough, Yokozuna attacks Sid but Sid shakes it off. Forearms to the spine of Razor who looks to be in a bad way, Razor answers back with right hands before Side reverses, massive double clothesline spot.



Sid is climbing to the top rope, Razor manages to pull down Sid for a close two. Right hands from Razor, Sid ducks and chokeslams Razor. Sid tags in Michaels, Sid holds onto Razor. Razor ducks and Michaels kicks off the head of Sid, Sid is eliminated.


Sid has been Eliminated by Razor Ramon!


Bulldog attacks Razor while Sid yanks Michaels over the top rope and Powerbombs Michaels into the canvas. Bulldog allows Michaels to be the legal man, Razor and Michaels are both down. Razor crawls into the cover and gets a close two, Razor tags in Owen. Owen stomps the chest out of Michaels, back-breaker from Owen. Stomps to the spine over and over, back body-drop from The King of Hearts. Tag to Yokozuna, right hands in the corner. Michaels is whipped hard to the opposite buckle, shoulder claw from Yokozuna. Ahmed is with the referee which allows Owen to stomp The Heartbreak Kid. Michaels fights back with elbows, Yokozuna misses a clothesline but connects with an elbow that wipes out Michaels. Tag to Owen, double headbutt floors Michaels.



Snap suplex from Owen, diving headbutt misses as Michaels moves out of the way. Tag to Ahmed, clotheslines for Owen and Razor. Yokozuna is walloped too, Owen rakes the eyes. Owen ducks off the Irish whip, Pearl River Plunge and Owen Hart is out of this match.


Owen Hart has been Eliminated by Ahmed Johnson!


Razor comes in with right hands, Ahmed eats a boot from Razor and a bulldog. Razor knocks out Team Michaels, Ahmed reverses an Irish whip and spinebusters Razor. Ahmed is on the buckle celebrating, Razor’s Edge wipes out Ahmed. What was that? Bulldog interferes and is the legal man now, here comes Sycho Sid and The Kid. Bulldog is caught by Razor, fallaway slam for two. Clothesline by Razor, Kid grabs the ankle of Razor. Razor waffles Kid with a right hand but Bulldog drops Razor with The Running Powerslam for the elimination.


Razor Ramon has been Eliminated by The British Bulldog!


Michaels and Yokozuna are in the ring, right hands stagger Yokozuna before a palm thrust floors Michaels. Scoop slam from Yokozuna, massive leg drop from Yokozuna. Yokozuna wants a Banzai Drop, Michaels dodges at the last second. Tag to Ahmed, Ahmed slams Yokozuna but Bulldog breaks up the pin. Bulldog is decked by his partners, Sweet Chin Music for Yokozuna and Ahmed lands a splash for the win.



Interesting enough match, easily the best match on the card so far as the quality of workers in the match are off the charts. Sad that Sid is little more than a sidekick for The 1-2-3 Kid in his feud with Razor Ramon. Owen Hart was sacrificed for Ahmed, I can buy it though as Ahmed looks like as long as the big man is healthy, his matches will have some really fun moments. Ahmed Johnson did look dumb getting caught in that Razor’s Edge! Apart from that, the dynamic of the wild card match mixes things up and you have a match that might not be super satisfying but was far easier to sit through than anything else on this show. We continue the feud of Kid vs Razor, Bulldog gets a big pin-fall on Razor setting up his challenge for the WWF Championship and Ahmed looks strong off the bat with a dominate performance.


Winners: Team HBK over Team Razor via Sweet Chin Music & Splash!


(WWF Championship Match) Diesel © vs Bret Hart

Almost a year ago, Diesel captured the WWF Championship and this would be the third encounter between these two men, neither men have beaten the other in their previous encounters. KOTR 1994 ended in a disqualification while Royal Rumble 1995 ended in a no-contest as the referees lost control. However, there is no escape this time there must be a winner.



Diesel exposes the turnbuckle from the get-go, Bret Hart does the same thing. Bret tackles Diesel, shooting for the leg but Diesel uses forearms to club down Bret. Elbows in the corner from Big Daddy Cool, knees for good measure. Bret takes some big hits here, Bret cannot escape the corner as Diesel continues wearing down the challenger. Diesel lands a massive liver blow, Bret falls to the floor looking to catch his breath. Diesel stalks Bret, axe handle to the spine. Diesel batters Bret on the floor before sending Bret back into the ring, Diesel chokes Bret against the guardrail. In the ring, Diesel continues to forearm The Hitman inside of the ring.



Bret spills out to the floor, hard Irish whip to the steel steps. Diesel smashes a chair across the spine, a call-back from The Royal Rumble. I do love me some call-backs, Irish whip to the buckle. Short-arm clothesline from the champion, Diesel is talking shit too. Diesel calls for his finish, Jacknife but Bret holds onto the leg. Bret avoids the powerbomb, elbow to the nose and Bret bites the arm of Diesel. Right hands from The Hitman, Bret bites the head of Diesel. Eye rake from Bret, Sleeper from The Hitman. No it’s not Bret is ripping at the face of Diesel, Bret goes to work on the knee of Diesel. Multiple kicks to the left leg of Diesel, leg trip from Bret. Bret attempts everything to snap the leg of Diesel, Bret drops all of his weight on Diesel’s left leg.



Figure-four from Bret, Diesel crawls and crawls to make it to the ropes. Bret wants Sharpshooter but Diesel rakes the eyes of The Hitman. All is fair in love and war, Bret is shoved off smashing his neck off the exposed buckle. Clubbing blows on the back of the neck, Diesel is suckered in though as Bret lures Diesel to the ring-post. Diesel’s leg is smashed into the ring-post twice, Bret drops an elbow on Diesel’s leg. Bret uses a mic cable/camera cord to tie Diesel to the ring-post, Diesel drops a leg across Bret’s face to break free but the cord is tight. Bret lands a Bret’s Rope Elbow to the back of the head, Diesel cannot move. Bret rolls to the floor and grabs a chair, this is no DQ.



Diesel manages to boot away The Hitman, Bret steps on Diesel’s hand. Bret waffles Diesel in the back and now Bret goes after the knee with the chair. Diesel can be heard screaming, elbow to the head from Bret. Bret is on the top rope, chair in hand but Diesel crotches Bret. Diesel yanks Bret off the top rope, Diesel can now untie himself from the cable. Diesel is free! Bret backs Diesel to the corner, Diesel bears down on Bret. Sidewalk slam from Diesel for two, Bret is whipped sternum-first into the exposed buckle. Bret is on the middle rope, Diesel drops a massive leg across the back of The Hitman.



Snake eyes from Diesel, Diesel wants to do it again. Bret slips out and rams Diesel’s head into the exposed buckle, Bret hammers away with right hands. Flying neck-breaker from Bret for two, middle rope bulldog from Bret. Russian leg-sweep for two, Bret clotheslines Diesel to the floor. Plancha from Bret misses as Diesel dodges last second, Bret is climbing up to the apron. Diesel charges Bret at the apron and shoulder blocks Bret through the table! Fans rush to ringside, this is as close as you will get to ECW in the WWF. Diesel picks up Bret who can barely stand, clubbing blows from the WWF Champion.



Diesel throws Bret into the ring, Diesel looks at the fallen Hitman. Diesel calls for the end, this could be over in a matter of seconds. Diesel drags Bret to his feet, Diesel poses for the fans before Bret collapses. Diesel looks at Bret, not capitalising. Bret lures in Diesel and small packages Diesel for the win. Diesel snaps though, Jacknife Powerbomb from Diesel. Referee after referee is decked by Diesel, Bret is Powerbombed again.



What a match that might be the best Kevin Nash match you ever see, there was so much to this match. The taking off of the turnbuckles at the beginning to say this is it. No DQ, we can do whatever we like and I will not hesitate to send you into the buckle, I will do anything to win. That idea is developed further by both men using the chair and Bret using the cable to tie up Diesel. Both men showing they will do absolutely everything to win this match, both men attempting to destroy one another. Diesel sells the leg and Bret works the leg, it’s not all rest-holds like Bulldog and Bret shows us that the Sharpshooter might not work on Big Daddy Cool because even when Diesel is in the middle of that ring, Diesel is still only one step away from reaching the ropes. Diesel fights so hard not to give up his leg, only falling victim to Bret’s attack when his arrogance would takeover. And Diesel’s arrogance is his undoing as Diesel falls for the trap of The Hitman who was playing possum and gets rolled up, costing him the championship he held so dearly and so tightly to his chest. Angered by Bret’s clever plan, Diesel snaps and powerbombs Bret into oblivion, Big Daddy Cool has lost his cool and there’s a new heel in town. Great stuff!


Winner: Bret Hart over Diesel via Small Package!


That was WWF’s Survivor Series 1995, a massive improvement over everything else 1995 had to offer from the WWF. If anything, this PPV over-delivers because you have Survivor Series Elimination Matches which can always be hit and miss but on this night minus one Undertaker vs Team Lawler match, everything over-achieves. The opening match has a bunch of wrestlers who you never would think would give you an interesting match but Jannetty pulls it out here with a huge powerbomb spot with Skip, Kid looks like the biggest asshole walking the planet as he cheats his way to surviving and even Hakushi gets to shine so very happy with how the match played out, perhaps more heat could have been gotten if Horowitz was the last man eliminated. The women’s match is a lot of fun too, it only goes badly for Kyoko Inoue, I think she was meant to kick out but something went wrong. Either way, Kong looks dominate and if you need a challenger, Kong is the answer.


Goldust vs Bam Bam Bigelow does not deliver, Goldust is not there in terms of having the character completely figured out while Bigelow is leaving the WWF. Hopefully, things will click soon for The Bizarre One because Ahmed Johnson and Hunter Hearst Helmsley are looking like your brighter stars for the WWF’s future. Team Undertaker vs Team Lawler dragged for me because I knew what they were going for and was waiting for it and it just didn’t seem worth the wait. I felt so much could have been gotten out of Lawler being Tombstoned by Undertaker but Lawler was gone first, Yankem was tossed aside like garbage and Helmsley suffers his first loss but it’s to Undertaker so I can accept that but I really feel they could have made more of it but bottom line, they got Undertaker over strong which is what they needed to do at the end of the day.


Wild card match is interesting for sure, I like some developments and others I am not as keen on. To see Sid taken down by a superkick after not taking any damage in a match is a tough one to digest. Especially when Team Michaels was going to win so easily, why eliminate Sid? Did you have to go there? Also, what was Bulldog doing when Sid was being pinned? Completely screwed up the spot, Michaels is on fire again though. Looking everything look great and selling his ass off when taking Razor’s Edge or being powerbombed. Sad to see how Owen was treated, I feel they really dropped the ball with The Rocket but the winners are wise choices and the booking makes sense. We then end with an excellent main event, the best of Diesel with these two just leaving it out there and a finish which is so perfect which leads into a heel turn that Big Daddy Cool desperately needed to gain back lost steam. This is easily the best show of 1995 with a classic in Bret Hart vs Diesel. 1996 might not be that bad for the WWF, we have weathered the storm, there have been some absolute awful matches in here but things are looking a little brighter now with 1996 to come. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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