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WWF In Your House 5: Seasons Beating Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has a better Twitter Game than T-Bar! It’s WWF In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings! We have Bret Hart taking on British Bulldog for the WWF Championship, Owen Hart battling Diesel and Sycho Sid and The 1-2-3 Kid against Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty! WWF Survivor Series 1995 was a huge step up for the WWF, can the momentum train keep rolling here? Let’s find out!


Sycho Sid & The 1-2-3 Kid W/ Ted Dibiase vs Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty

While Jannetty has a legitimate issue with Kid due to the Survivor Series, I can shake the opinion in my mind that Jannetty is here as a sacrificial lamb. Goldust watches on, very interested in Razor Ramon. I will leave it at that, Jannetty vs Kid to kick us off. Kid comes out with big kicks, Irish whip but Jannetty slides through the legs and lands an enzuigiri for two. Arm-wringer but Kid squirms out, Kid sends Jannetty to the buckle. Jannetty shoves down Kid, shoulder block from Jannetty. Clothesline from Jannetty for two, arm-wringer with a drop toehold. Kid scampers away, Kid shoves Jannetty again. Massive atomic drop from Jannetty, tag to Razor. Kid tries running away, Jannetty throws Kid back in the ring.



Slaps from Razor, atomic drop but Kid tagged in Sid. Sid catches Razor with a clothesline, forearm shots to the back. Sid chokes Razor on the middle rope, tag to Kid. Kid lands kicks to floor Razor, chops in the corner. Razor is shaking it off though, Sid lands shots from the apron. Massive gut shots from Sid, boot to the face from Sid. Razor answers Sid with right hands, Sid reverses the Irish whip and both men are down off the double clothesline. Jannetty and Kid come in, Jannetty sends Kid into the mat head-first. Kid ducks clotheslines but eats a powerslam for two. Whip to the corner, Jannetty lands a Diamond Dust for two as Kid places a foot on the ropes. Camel clutch from Jannetty, Kid escapes but Jannetty slaps on a front chancery. Kid backs Jannetty to the corner, Jannetty knees Kid and slaps on a reverse chin-lock.



Sid clubs Jannetty with a clothesline from the apron, spinning heel kick from Kid. Tag to Sid, Sid roughs up Jannetty in the corner. Jannetty fires back with right hands before Sid ends that with a powerslam for two. Scoop slam from Sid, Sid shoves Razor which allows Kid and Sid to double team Jannetty. In comes Kid, scoop slam and Kid climbs high. Frog Splash connects for two, tag to Kid who lands a massive big boot. Razor is with the referee as Sid and Kid decimate Jannetty with a corner dropkick and clothesline. Sid slaps on a reverse chin-lock, Jannetty tries fighting back but Sid is too strong. Elbow knocks down Jannetty, in comes Kid. Snap-mare and leg drop from Kid, tag to Sid.



Quick tags from Kid & Sid before Kid whips Jannetty to the corner, Kid misses a splash and in comes Razor. Right hands to Kid & Sid, Kid is whipped into Sid. Fallaway slam on Kid, Sid back-drops Razor to avoid the finish. Sid misses a leg drop, Sid whips Razor to the buckle. Boot from Razor, middle rope bulldog and this match is over! Razor’s Edge is stopped as Sid grabs Kid to the floor, Razor and Jannetty win.



Fuck me what are they doing to Sid in the WWF? From a potential main event feud with Shawn Michaels to jobbing to everyone and everything? A bulldog from the middle rope? My initial thought was wrong so, Jannetty was not just in this match to eat the pin, I am in shock. Happy for Razor to get the win but what a waste of Sid, this company continues to shoot itself in the foot when trying to build its way out of the hell that was 1995. Jannetty’s face-in-peril segment was a little flat to me, I thought Sid could have done more and taken more glee in destroying Jannetty but this seemed very by the book for everyone involved, nothing special here.


Winners: Razor Ramon & Marty Jannetty over The 1-2-3 Kid & Sycho Sid via Middle Rope Bulldog!


Buddy Landel W/ Dean Douglas vs Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed was going to kill Douglas but Douglas has Landel in his place, Landel chops Ahmed who backs down Landel. Right hands by Landel which has no effect, Ahmed picks up Landel and delivers a spinebuster. Pearl River Plunge and this match is over! After the match, Jarrett cracks Ahmed with his gold record and a steel chair, the first proper feud for Mr. Ahmed Johnson!


Winner: Ahmed Johnson over Buddy Landel via Pearl River Plunge!


(Hog-Pen Match) Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Henry O. Godwinn

Helmsley has been feuding with Godwinn for a few months now, their lifestyles being the perfect reason for a feud. Helmsley has avoided being slopped a number of times but there will be no avoiding it this time as the loser of this match must go into the Hog-Pen. Hillbilly Jim is the referee, back-drop by Godwinn. Headbutt and hard right hand, Godwinn ties up Helmsley in the ropes. Helmsley has slop rubbed in his face, Helmsley breaks free and clotheslines the head of Godwinn. Neck-breaker after a lot of right hands and stomps from Helmsley, knee drop from Helmsley for two. Irish whip and high knee from Helmsley, Helmsley eats an elbow from Godwinn who rams Helmsley into the steel steps.



Godwinn begins carrying Helmsley towards the pen, Helmsley slips out and lands a right hand. Godwinn is rammed into the guardrail, Godwinn blocks the second time and throws Helmsley into the guardrail. Godwinn wants the Irish whip before Helmsley reverses, sending Godwinn into the gate. Helmsley wants The Pedigree, Godwinn wants the back-drop but Helmsley hangs on and delivers an elbow drop onto the chest of Godwinn. Back in the ring, Godwinn whips Helmsley to the buckle but Helmsley blocks with a boot to the face. Helmsley tries a monkey flip but Godwinn stops and slams Helmsley face-first into the canvas. Helmsley flips when hitting the buckle, taking his bump to the floor.



They battle towards the pen, Slop-Drop on the floor is countered as Helmsley grabs onto the guardrail to survive the drop. Godwinn’s back takes a beating with this bump, Godwinn whips Helmsley into the gate. Slop Drop and Helmsley is out-cold but Godwinn is in a lot of pain too. Godwinn tries a clothesline but Helmsley ducks and back-drops Godwinn into the hog-pen. Helmsley shoves Hillbilly Jim which leads to Godwinn military pressing Helmsley into the Hog-Pen.



Helmsley’s momentum continues but like a true heel, Helmsley gets covered in more pig shit than the actual loser. Helmsley throws a tantrum and it’s hilarious to see Helmsley be so good at comedy wrestling. Anyways, this match was decent, I thought it would have dragged more but things get down to business quite quickly.


Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley over Henry O. Godwinn via Into The Hog-Pen!


Owen Hart vs Diesel

So Diesel took out Bret and is acting like an absolute tool but Diesel will always stand up for his friend Shawn Michaels and since Owen Hart is claiming he was the one to take out Shawn Michaels, Diesel has signed on to batter Owen Hart.



Diesel starts off with knees and a toss for Owen, hard Irish whip and a sidewalk slam. Whip to the buckle, Owen leaps over Diesel. Right hands from Owen before Diesel shoves off Owen. Clothesline to the floor, Diesel throws Owen back into the ring. Diesel pulls Owen up by the hair, Owen ducks the big boot and lands his spinning heel kick. Missile dropkick from Owen, Owen begins softening up the legs. In the corner, Owen kicks the leg of Diesel. Enzuigiri from Owen for two, Owen goes after the leg. Spinning toe hold from Owen but Diesel kicks off Owen into the ring-post. Snake eyes from Diesel, leg across the back from Big Daddy Cool. Irish whip and big boot, Diesel says this is over. Jacknife Powerbomb and a foot on the chest for two, Diesel is not done yet. Diesel pie-faces the referee and Jacknifes Owen. DQ!



While it is quite confusing that Diesel is being cheered despite being a massive dickhead, there is some great story-telling here with Diesel pie-facing the referee and costing himself the match, showing his aggressive side and continuing down that darkpath. Big Daddy Cool is not the man that he once was, what will be next for Diesel?


Winner: Owen Hart over Diesel via DQ!


(Casket Match) King Mabel W/ Sir Mo vs The Undertaker W/ Paul Bearer

The Undertaker dominated at Survivor Series, it leads us to this moment as Mabel was the one to break the face of The Deadman. The match kicks off with headbutts from Mabel, Taker pummels Mabel with rights and lefts. Corner choke from The Deadman, whip to the buckle and corner splash from The Deadman. Mabel reverses an Irish whip to the buckle and lands a sidewalk slam but Taker sits up, clothesline and Taker sits-up again. Scoop slam from Mabel, middle rope splash misses as Taker sits up. Boot from Taker and a throat thrust, clothesline rocks Mabel. Make it two, Sir Mo grabs the foot of Taker. Taker eats a belly to belly suplex, leg drop and splash from Mabel. Mabel hands Taker to Mo, Mo wants to put Taker in the casket.



Taker is dumped inside but the two twats do not close the lid, Mabel dances towards the coffin and Taker stops the lid from closing. Mabel does not notice, Mabel is terrified of the charging Deadman. Boots and thrusts, clotheslines from Taker. Flying clothesline from Taker, Chokeslam from Taker. Taker boots Mabel into the casket, Mo attacks Taker to save Mabel. Mo’s attacks have no effect, Taker grabs Mo and Chokeslams Mo. Mo and Mabel are in the casket and Taker takes the remnants of the urns and buries Mabel & Mo.



Mercifully short which is a wise choice and Mabel would be gone from the WWF soon enough so I can’t really complain about a lack of offense for someone who was not long for the WWF. Undertaker is one of my favourite characters in the WWF and Thank God for that because Undertaker will hopefully soon have some interesting opponent to work with because after suffering through Bundy, Kama, IRS and Mabel, I would like a good match now.


Winner: The Undertaker over King Mabel!


(WWF Championship Match) The British Bulldog W/ Diana Smith & Jim Cornette vs Bret Hart

Bret Hart and British Bulldog are brothers in law, Bret’s sister is married to The British Bulldog and Bulldog turned his back on Bret when The Bulldog aligned with Camp Cornette. Bulldog has scored some big wins over the likes of Bam Bam Bigelow and even Razor Ramon on his way to challenging for the championship. An interesting affair due to the family issues but also the victory that The British Bulldog holds over Bret, their epic encounter from Summerslam 1992.



They lock-up, Bulldog shoves away Bret. Lock-up again with Bulldog showing his power, side headlock takedown from Bret. Drop toehold into an arm-bar, Bulldog flips out of the arm-bar but uses the hair for leverage. Bret backs Bulldog to the corner, clean break from The Hitman. Arm-drag into the arm-bar from Bret, Bulldog escapes but Bret continues his advantage with a crossbody and arm-bar before Bulldog changes everything with a massive knee. Bulldog slams Bret to the mat with his hair, Bulldog places Bret in the tree of woe. Stomps from Bulldog who clamps up a reverse chin-lock to keep The Hitman at bay. We get shots from Diana mixed in with the match, Bret fights his way out attempting a crucifix but Bulldog counters with a Samoan Drop.



Two from Bulldog, reverse chin-lock from Bulldog. Cornette cracks Bret with the racket when the referee was not looking, more reverse chin-locks from Bulldog. Bret backs Bulldog to the buckle, shoulder thrusts before Bulldog sends Bret into the buckle sternum-first. Irish whip and back body-drop from Bulldog for two, reverse chin-lock again. Bulldog continues to hold onto the headlock, Bret eats a shoulder block but Bret monkey flips Bulldog. Inverted atomic drop and right hand from Bret, headbutt to the groin. Running bulldog from Bret for two, Bulldog reverses an Irish whip and lowers the head. Bret piledrivers Bulldog for a close two, Irish whip and gut punch.



Russian leg-sweep with Bret’s Rope Elbow Drop, Bulldog blocks the suplex by crotching Bret on the top rope. Bret spills to the floor, Bulldog clotheslines the champion into the steel steps. Bulldog rams Bret spine-first into the ring-post, headbutt and hard Irish whip from Bulldog. Bret is bleeding, piledriver from Bulldog for a close two. Delayed vertical suplex from Bulldog, two for Bulldog. Military press slam from Bulldog for two, scoop slam from Bulldog. Bulldog climbs high, diving headbutt to the spine of Bret for a close two. Bulldog applies a bow & arrow but Bret flips out, looking for the sharpshooter. Bulldog scrambles to the ropes, Bulldog was limping but Bulldog runs the ropes and shoulder blocks The Hitman.



Bulldog clubs Bret on the apron, apron suplex is countered for a German suplex, two for Bret. Irish whip reversed by Bret, Bulldog ducks and we have a double clothesline. Bulldog charges Bret who back-drops Bulldog to the floor, Bret planchas onto Bulldog and pummels the challenger. Bret tries a springboard splash but Bulldog catches Bret and lands his Running Powerslam on the floor. Bulldog rips up the protective padding, suplex is blocked though and Bret puts Bulldog on the guardrail. Massive clothesline from Bret, back-breaker from The Hitman. Irish whip from Bret, Bulldog flips into the corner.



Bret picks up Bulldog, Bret wants that superplex. Bret connects, Bret covers for a close two. Bret is furious, O’Connor roll from Bulldog but Bret rolls through for two. Gut punch from Bret, massive forearms in the corner. Bulldog sends Bret to the buckle, Bret blocks with the knees. La Magistral and Bret retains his WWF Championship.



This was an excellent match, the first time I viewed it, it didn’t click for me. Something was wrong so I decided to take another look and I am so glad I did, this match has an awful lot going for it. You have the hatred between Bulldog and Bret, Bret’s sister being involved at ringside. It’s personal and the bumps reflect the hatred between the two, Bret being busted open is a great addition to the match. I believe it’s the spinebuster into the ring-post, if not it looks great. You also have Bret being crotched on the top rope by Bulldog and The Running Powerslam on the floor, Bret drops Bulldog on the guardrail and flips Bulldog into the buckle. A lot of aggression and intensity which adds so much to this match, Bulldog’s cheating ways work well in this match. You can contrast it so easily with their 92 Summerslam classic and see how Bulldog pulls hair and grabs tights in this one. Bret sells his ass off for this, the blood is just so perfect because Bret looks and sells like it’s a miracle that The Hitman is still conscious and then the finish. A hold that is inescapable for Bulldog, just like in 1992 when Bulldog caught Bret, Bret returns the favour and retains the championship.


Winner: Bret Hart over The British Bulldog via La Magistral!


That was WWF’s In Your House 5: Season Beatings, a very good showing from the WWF for hopefully a sign of things to come. So this is the end of my viewing of the WWF in 1995, at times it has been as bad as described by so many people in the industry. Some gimmicks are ludicrous, some matches have been very boring while finishes in the main event scene have been quite the mixed bag. I do think the biggest hinderance to the year was the lack of pushing certain talent with the company. I think Owen Hart has been wasted in his tag team with Yokozuna, I think Diesel is a much better fit as a heel or babyface badass with an edge as shown here, Razor Ramon, Jeff Jarrett and Sycho Sid could have all had major feuds going in the year but only Razor has something coming out of the year and that is his feud with The 1-2-3 Kid. So, I think proper care was lacking when it came to the talent as a whole, too much time invested in Mabel for sure. Anyways, let’s talk about this card now that I have finished ranting about 1995.


The show opens with a tag team match to further the feud between The Kid and Razor Ramon. Shocked by the finish, I thought for certain Jannetty was added to the match only to eat the pin-fall. However, it’s Sid and how this man will become WWF Champion during the year that follows I have no idea because Sid has slid further down that card with each and every match. I think Sid vs Razor could be its own feud so to see Razor pick up the win here was surprising and I am not sure it was a welcome one. Ahmed Johnson vs Jeff Jarrett can be a fun feud, Johnson looks like a tonne of fun and his explosiveness could make him a real star in the WWF. Hunter Hearst Helmsley continues to be one of my favourite gimmick-driven wrestlers in the WWF with top-notch facials and just the most smug look on his face all the damn time. The hog-pen was fun for sure, Diesel vs Owen was what it needed to be with Diesel getting a very intense character overhaul that made Big Daddy Cool look like a beast. Shame it was at Owen’s expense considering how awesome Owen Hart is inside of the ring. Undertaker destroys Mabel as it should be, nothing more needs to be said. Finally, the main event is a classic for sure. Was not expecting it but it delivers so well with Bret and Bulldog putting on an intense and heated contest which feeds off the blood that drips from Bret’s head and climaxes with The Hitman avenging his Summerslam 1992 loss in satisfying fashion. Easily digestible WWF Show here, might be the best of 1995 considering how hit and miss the year was, let’s see 1996. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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