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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event March 11th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that snitch tags wrestlers on twitter for validation! It’s the Saturday Night’s Main Event before Wrestlemania V, a decision of a lifetime for Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth must choose who she will accompany to the ring for Wrestlemania. Will it be Randy Macho Man Savage or Hulk Hogan? This is also the debut of The Million Dollar Championship as Ted Dibiase meets The Blue Blazer. Tonnes of matches on tonight’s cards with high stakes and star-power. Rude vs Beefcake, Brainbusters vs The Rockers and Hogan vs Bad News Brown.

Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake

Lock-up, intense one that ends with Brutus nailing Rude with right hands, big back body-drop by The Barber. Rude begs off in the corner but Beefcake continues to attack Rude. Ten punches in the corner, Rude is caught in The Sleeper. Rude is slammed into the corner by Beefcake, Rude meets the turnbuckle again. Punches in the corner is countered with an inverted atomic drop, Rude stalks Beefcake. Massive right hand, Irish whip and a knee to the ribs.

Beefcake meets the turnbuckle, clubbing blows from Rude. Snap suplex with a float-over for two, reverse chin-lock from Rude. Beefcake shakes it off before Rude yanks Beefcake down by the hair. Here comes Andre The Giant, jaw-breaker from Beefcake breaks the sleeper hold. Inverted atomic drop from Beefcake, Irish whip to the corner. Beefcake charges in and eats a knee to the face, Andre crushes Beefcake multiple times behinds the referee’s back. Choke-hold from Andre, here comes Jake Roberts to even the score. Rude attacks Robert from behind, we have a disqualification. Andre holds Roberts as Rude attacks The Snake. Beefcake grabs Rude and atomic drops The Ravishing One. Beefcake attacks Andre who shakes it off, massive headbutt from Andre. Here comes Big John Studd, the Royal Rumble winner and even Andre has to stop, this could be quite the fight. Roberts throws in Damien which scares Andre off.

Fine match based on what we saw, two very over superstars of the WWF colliding. Rude is quality inside of that ring, egotistical to the max. The gimmick is never in doubt, selling is quality and I like how they incorporated the Andre vs Jake feud into the match, thought Rude could have used the win going into Wrestlemania but Beefcake was very popular and the segment was still awesome.

Double DQ!

Hulk Hogan W/ Miss Elizabeth vs Bad News Brown

Brown has been spreading lies about Elizabeth and Hogan being the man that he is, is here to defend Elizabeth’s honour. Brown starts off on the right foot with a cheap shot to Hogan, Brown clubs Hogan over and over, stomping the life out of the challenger for Savage’s WWF Championship. Throat thrust from Brown, Brown misses elbows as Hogan shakes it off. Right hands from Hogan, massive right hand sends Brown to the floor. Hogan is in pursuit, right hands from Hogan. Hogan brings Brown back into the ring, Axe Bomber from Hogan and a series of elbows.

Irish whip and a big boot, Brown is down. Hogan drags Brown to the corner, Brown no-sells the turnbuckle. Headbutt from Brown, Irish whip to the corner but Hogan blocks with the boot. Atomic drop to the floor, Brown and Hogan brawl on the floor. Hogan sends Brown into the railing, eye rake from Brown. Brown whips Hogan into the ring-post, Brown measures Hogan but Hogan ducks, Brown smashes his hand off the ring-post. Infuriated, Brown grabs a chair but Hogan blocks the chair-shot. Hogan waffles Brown with the chair, Brown no-sells the chair and gets angry, Brown goes looking for a weapon.

Brown has his own weapon, looks like a giant shovel. Hogan blocks the weapon, knees to the ribs. Back in the ring, right hands by Hogan. Irish whip to the corner, Brown explodes out with a clothesline. Clubbing right hand from Brown, Hogan is rammed into the mat. Another one flattens Hogan, headbutt from Brown. Scoop slam and leg drop from Brown for two, Hogan kicks out powerfully. Brown boots down Hogan, Elizabeth is cheering on Hogan. Brown is stalking Elizabeth, Elizabeth is running scared but Hogan saves the day. More right hands from Hogan. Brown sends Hogan into the ring-post, Russian legsweep from Brown for two.

Elbow by Brown, throat thrust from Brown. Brown has the microphone, Brown makes fun of Hogan. Brown calls for The Ghetto Blaster, Hogan ducks it. Hogan begins Hulking Up, those right hands are having no effect on Hogan. Jumping Knee from Hogan and An Atomic Leg Drop from The Hulkster, it is all over!

That was a tonne of fun between Hogan and Brown, Brown had bucketloads of potential in the WWF as a heel, loved the way Brown carried himself inside of the ring, not one thing was likeable about the guy. The promo skills were on show too, short and sweet from Brown but I loved it. Hogan knocks it out of the park like always, sells everything and sends the fans home happy, awesome stuff.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Bad News Brown via Atomic Leg Drop!

Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase W/ Virgil vs The Blue Blazer

Dibiase debuts his beautiful Million Dollar Championship, putting himself over as the best of the best while stating that The Blazer is going to get the ass-kicking of a lifetime. Dibiase jumps Blazer to start, clothesline from Dibiase. Back elbow by Dibiase off an Irish whip, scoop slam. Elbows drops by Dibiase, Irish whip and Dibiase lowers his head, small package from Blazer for two. Backslide pin for two, clothesline from Dibiase. Middle rope axe handle from Dibiase, Dibiase jaw-jacks with the fans. Vertical suplex from Dibiase, more jaw-jacking from The Million Dollar Man.

Elbow to the head, chops by Dibiase. Irish whip, back drop fails for Dibiase as Blazer lands on his feet. Dropkick with Dibiase falling to the floor, suicide dive from Blazer. Right hands, atomic drop into the ring-post. It is all Blazer now, Blazer to the top rope. Diving crossbody from Blazer for two, Dibiase begs for mercy. Blazer lands a big back body-drop, dropkicks by Blazer. European uppercuts for two, side headlock from Dibiase. Blazer shoves off Dibiase but tries a leapfrog which leads to a beautiful powerslam by Dibiase for the win.

Interesting look at the talent of Owen Hart here, not much offence but still you could see the talent that Owen Hart had, flying around that ring like nobody else in the WWF at the time. Dibiase continues awesome character work inside of the ring, sickened by the fact that he was not WWF Champion, Dibiase created his own championship. What an egotistical mad man, love me some Million Dollar Man.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over The Blue Blazer via Powerslam!

Elizabeth’s Choice

Who’s corner will Elizabeth be in for Wrestlemania, The Macho Man Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan. She can only corner one man at Wrestlemania, Savage comes out as Elizabeth says she will not be in Hogan’s corner. Elizabeth pulls a shocker saying she will not be in Savage’s corner either, Hogan comes out as Savage puts his hands on Elizabeth.

The Brainbusters W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Rockers

Brainbusters jump The Rockers, Jannetty avoids a slingshot suplex for a roll-up, multiple pin attempts behind the referee’s back. Eventually, The Rockers clear the ring. Michaels and Anderson kick us off, Michaels yanks Anderson off the top rope. Boston crab from Michaels, Tully tries to interfere but Michaels catches Tully coming in, double Superkick from The Rockers. Brainbusters powder as Heenan talks strategy, suplex into the ring by Michaels. Tully and Michaels trade blows, hiptoss from Michaels. Flying headscissors from Michaels, Tully tags Anderson. Lock-up, side headlock and shoulder block from Anderson. Drop toehold from Michaels, Anderson boots Michaels.

Tag to Tully, Irish whip and Heenan pulls down the rope sending Michaels to the floor. The referee ejects Heenan from ring-side, atomic drop from Jannetty on Tully but Anderson blind tagged in, massive clothesline from Anderson. Snapmare and boots to the face, tag to Tully. Rope rake from Tully, Irish whip to the corner from Tully. Sunset flip out of the corner from Jannetty, Tully smacks Jannetty with his heels. Anderson is the legal man now, Anderson tosses Jannetty to the floor. Cheap shots from Tully, apron sunset flip from Jannetty but Anderson has tagged Tully. Big kick to the head, Jannetty eats a snapmare from Tully but great bridge from Jannetty, backslide for two.

Inverted atomic drop from Tully, tag to Anderson. Rake of the boot to the eye, Irish whip and Spinebuster from Anderson. That’s it says Anderson, Michaels saves Jannetty. Scoop slam by Anderson, splash is blocked by Jannetty with both knees. Jannetty tags Michaels, dropkicks and right hands, double noggin-knocker. Jannetty saves Michaels from being pinned, we have a brawl on the floor between both teams and both teams have been counted-out.

These are two quality teams, The Rockers cut their teeth in the AWA coming into the WWF as their version of The Rock N Roll Express while The Brainbusters are two components of The Four Horseman, one of the best factions in the history of the wrestling business. These guys know their tag team wrestling and despite the finish, this has the makings of a great feud.

Double Countout!

The Red Rooster vs The Brooklyn Brawler W/ Bobby Heenan

Brawler rips at the face of Rooster, Irish whip to the corner. Brooklyn dodges and admires his work, right hands and dropkick from Rooster. Hiptoss from Rooster, Small package from Rooster and this match is over, simple as that. DUD!

Winner: Red Rooster over Brooklyn Brawler via Small Package!

Another WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event finished, an eventful edition based solely on The Elizabeth announcement, cannot wait for Wrestlemania V. So much to look forward to with Hogan vs Savage, Warrior vs Rude and Andre vs Jake, big matches and big pay-offs are in order, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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